dan_fagundes @jubalinha vc me insipirou a ouvir Kravitz! hahahaha Vou trabalhar um pouco, depois eu volto!
zhan this song always gets me SKANKIN...

Alfa Blondie - Alpha blondy - Coco de Rasta

| play
shaggylive waking up and getting ready to go to the show... today should be interesting
shaggylive today's the anniversary of the death of Freddie Mercury... All Hail the Queen!
jalove looking for the love getaway

B52's Love Shack

| play
jalove when a problem comes along

DevoWhip It

| play
jalove jus blows my mind, thinking of you all the time
jalove always gotta play this one really loud
jalove all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jalove is anybody alive in here?
shaggylive I believe in redemption

Bob Marley - Redemption Song

| play
shaggylive Memories of Myrtle Beach and WKZQ... makes me home sick. Last song I played for 2 years in 98!


| play
jalove maybe its because it was the first time in what seams like ages that i watch shaggylive
jalove still so alone! $$$ in my pocket


| play
jalove hey friend, what's your name?


| play
jalove i always want you near...everyminute
shaggylive @cee1 ... I found a fellow reggae head! FOLLOW THEM NOW!
jalove got all the time in the world
jalove thicker than water....blood!
zhan im gonna be HOT in 09!!!
jalove remember where you come from
Sweetland This one is dedicated to @jalove...may her car find "full service" soon! :)
jalove chant it loud


| play
jalove yes bob marleys birthday is a big deal
jalove i know one when i see one
jalove are you sure you are suppose to be here!
jalove you can spend hours just............
shaggylive What reggae is like to work in.... same principle!
jalove got to love the roots children
jalove yes I! are you hot as this
saharabloom All I wanna do is zoom zoom zoom in da boom boom
jalove rough mood!

buju Banton - Driver (Taxi Riddim)

| play
jalove All I wanna do is zoom zoom zoom in da boom boom (reblip)
jalove its not my birthday!come give me a hug
jalove can you hear me ????
jalove splendid!


| play
shaggylive Double shot of Queen music ... because they were that damned good to deserve one today!
shaggylive One of the hottest songs on @Q103 right now
shaggylive @mellomatic ... fourplay you say? hehe .. this is a very true song for southern guys!
jalove put on your red shoes and .....
zhan when a guy calls you beautiful its like when he kisses your forehead instead of your lips...it just makes you melt...
zhan OMG FCKN TWITTER IS EVERYWHERE IN THIS KRAZY WORLD!!!...haha oh yeah POUR SOME TWITTER ON ME!!! oooooo sexxxiii time ;-)


| play
jalove oh i found one of my faves!


| play
jalove but it was such a good one today
jalove move it shake it love it
jalove yes i! i have a picture on the wall! praises
jalove hey friend, what's your name? (reblip)


| play
saharabloom in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the floor, on the counter, in the closet, on the back porch....
jalove when a guy calls you beautiful its like when he kisses your forehead instead of your lips...it just makes you melt... (reblip)
saharabloom like hot melty buttered love.... Let's get it on
saharabloom 2 Live Crew... 3 guesses which one.... #nibbles
jalove ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AC DC - Ballroom Blitz

| play
peachcherub @jalove I've been wanting to blip this for days and didn't know what it was called! I went with a diff version though.
GrizzlyGroundswell Simple Man by Skynard! cures what ills you!
saharabloom @aphalloides I have the same problem with this song... It's like an auto-blip thing. Haven't figured it out.
jalove BAM

The Police - Syncronicity II

| play
jalove oh Mississippi she's calling my name
shaggylive heavy believers of the Rastafari faith are the most ardent celebrators of the benefits of "Kaya" and its healing properties #420
saharabloom There is something about Mraz that I find soothing.
peachcherub But really, I believe he's everyone's Personal Jesus. (reblip)
rainbowgirl oooo oooo eeeee


| play
jalove we are all a little of this
valdezign 'Operation Aloha'. Read about them in People magazine. Members of Maroon5 and Phantom Planet met in Maui and made a band.
trezure Listening to my ipod @ works and this song is playin... so i thought id put it in for @musicmonday everyone get up and dance @ your desk lol
JRey Ohh this song is perfect for my tornado dream LOL #musicmonday

Johnny Nash-I Can See Clearly Now

| play
bubblegumjo Always good ::::::) Good Morning, Day, Night world ::::)

Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gin N Juice

| play
valdezign Q: Have you ever loved someone so much you thought you'd die? A: Yes!
saharabloom You say you want a revolution......

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours (Official Music Video)

| play
jalove no matter how much you think we have each other
jalove she has this tune to a tea!
jalove this is what i went through this morning

Saturday Morning Confusion/Bobby Russell

| play
Upcountrysmiles I remember dancing to this song...long long time ago!
jalove crazy ass days doing disco! move it now!
Upcountrysmiles Another great one!! Freddy Mercury rocks!!
jalove do it now....til ya die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jalove @Upcountrysmiles: "Love his voice..." >the one and only!!< (reblip)
Upcountrysmiles Molokai Living - - Kanaka Vibez
jalove crazy freaky days

Rick James | Super Freak | Live | [ Widescreen ]

| play
jalove well i thought they were a bunch of cutties
Upcountrysmiles OMG! Check out these voices! Pure Hawaiian:) My dad's favorite music group!
Upcountrysmiles This one's for my daughter on Kauai
jalove @Upcountrysmiles: "The lovely Akaka Falls" classic slack key! (reblip)
jalove @Upcountrysmiles: "This one's for my daughter on Kauai" (reblip)
Upcountrysmiles Love this one!!


| play
jalove remember these words LMAO

Big Hawaiians Andy Bumatai

| play
santamistura @ekman c´est la message in the botlle?? (reblip)

Matisyahu-Message In A Bottle (Dub Version)

| play
JRey @anuheajams I love you for this song! TY!

Anuhea, Charismatic S.O.B. (acoustic)

| play
DJEnrico @krystynchong: "One of my fav MJ covers, Brandy & Heavy D funk it up w/Quincy Jones "Rock With You" " (reblip)
jdomingo in a Hendrix kinda mood right now. big UPS to the foxy ladies. chea! :D you know who you are, I don't even have to say your name ;)
h0neyb Lynyrd Skynyrd - Red White & Blue (Such a good song.. Love it, love it.. love it)
valdezign RB @Onomojave: "Happy Bday America!!! Love, James Brown...." (reblip)
webnelly I think I'm hooked on this song.

Deeper Blue by Kohala at KMF 08

| play
bkGirlFriday currently obsessed with this song by MAOLI! i wonder if they have a twitter acct.
bkGirlFriday i dont think they sang this one. or maybe they did and i didnt notice b/c of the "cigarette smoke" lol #mauimassive

Ooklah the Moc- Spliff Mood

| play
jalove time to meditate on I and I

Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus SNWMF 2009 'Holy father/fly away/rasta chant'

| play
jalove all thru the generations ...fly away home

Emperor Haile Selassie I

| play
jalove hear the calling! calling all HIS children
HostelColonial @sandraew: "Feel funky, feel good..." (reblip)

Kiki Dee I've got the Music in me

| play
jalove no better way to be


| play
jalove i missed the show last night but enjoy this song!


| play
jalove to keep some sort of sanity
jalove you got the love i need

Led Zepplin - Over The Hills And Far Away (1)

| play
jalove has anyone seen the bridge ?
Simchabe Thanks @KlasO Haven't heard this in a few weeks. (reblip)
jalove feel the healing. i love you michael!
jalove just when i kept my black curtains closed
jalove is it the same as when you were born,did you change it?
HostelColonial Jimmy Page playing Gibson Les Paul

Immigrant Song1972

| play
santamistura somos duas @patbarcelos: "Adoro os achados do @Diordan. :)" (reblip)

08 Encounter In Bahia

| play
cubanchino anybody ever ride bike to this? Pretty epic bike ride lol
jalove i thought i knew you but you are a stranger lol #musicmonday
jalove give thanks and praise to the most high jah rastafari #musicmonday
jalove pretty little sugar pie #musicmonday

The Melody Makers performing "Sugar Pie"

| play
h0neyb Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
c_chan808 Norah Jones – What Am I to You?
valdezign Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder – Ebony And Ivory
webnelly "Jack Johnson - Upside Down" - certainly been upside down lately, but nothin' a week in Maui can't fix
Rocque Herb is a gift from the earth

Ben Harper "Burn One Down"

| play
ZenpunK I want to get away, I wanna fly away...

Lenny Kravitz "Fly Away"

| play
jalove dance with the boogie get down

M.I.B - Boogie Nights

| play
jalove only good love

Collie Buddz "She Gimme Love" (Paradise Riddim)

| play

Collie Buddz ft. Roache "Sensimillia"

| play
jalove what will we do with it...try jah love
jalove because of @neenz video, i want the 80's tunes

BRIGHT Free Your Mind

| play
jalove one more time for the womankind
jamarilyn @jalove, @BohlianSunshine @misternoodle I'm listening to Anuhea on my iPhone while I blip this to twitter. Learning her songs by heart, now! Love it.

AnuheaBig Deal

| play
stoner_stuff Stuff Stoners Like has got the stalk of sinsemilla growing in our backyard
stoner_stuff Prohibitionists the table has turned...catch a fire...or you WILL get burned!
jalove #musicmonday telling me lies when the truth is clear

Shaggy And Rayvon Big Up

| play
jalove we flying high now #musicmonday

The Expendables Bowl For Two Lyrics

| play
jalove it can be the best hour #musicmonday


| play
jalove sweetness under the moonlight #musicmonday

Ooklah the Moc- Spliff Mood

| play
bkGirlFriday my favorite Marley song. when you hear it, you just have to get up and dance.
sengseng the time has come to raise the roof & have some fun (Lionel Richie – All Night Long)
valdezign Thievery Corporation – Mandala
jalove invitation is out there.........
jalove the great escape.............................come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jalove for the world to see!
jalove if you got them,i will melt when we look at each other
PeterTosh On 1/18, dedicate MLK day to equal rights icon PETER TOSH! Blip the song EQUAL RIGHTS @PeterTosh to show your support. @klitoria @jalove @andreas_f

BUBz, SuperDub5, and David of Kohomua jam sesh in Paia

| play
shaggylive Happy Month of Marley kiddies! Listen to @Q103 all month for great songs from him
shaggylive I'm all about THIS stuff... Happy Month of Marley
shaggylive This song made me realize that I didn't owe the world a damned thing. Thanks Ziggy

Ziggy Marley: True to Myself

| play
shaggylive more 80's video goodness ... How many people danced to this?!
shaggylive 80's music video fest continues. Name the movie this was on the soundtrack of

Honolulu City Lights-Beamers

| play
jalove getting excited for tomorrow @Matisyahu concert in lahaina
jalove sometimes the best hour there is

midnight hour w/lyrics

| play

John Browns Body, Sweet Ambrosia, Madison WI, May 9, 2009

| play

Indubious: Psy Fi

| play

Give Me The Roots

| play

Turn Your Lights Down Low

| play
jalove the cowboys on amazing race are gonna win lol
jalove forever more

Alaine ft Taurus Riley Forever More (HD)

| play
jalove another one i miss listing too until now
jalove it is just about that time LOL
jalove i wanna smoke it with you
jalove my favorite pick me up song
jalove if you love JAH set a little example
Ukuleleuniverse Aloha. i day to your birthday, 6 days to Hilo. ;-)@harmony60: "The Wings (Paul McCartney) – Band on the Run" (reblip)
jalove this is where it can happen and has
jalove you can start bowing
jalove :)

Princess Smile by Inna Vision

| play
jalove #musicmonday got to have to keep high :)


| play
ZenpunK It's American folk music day! Kicking it off with James Taylor.
jalove #musicmonday watching the same birds going by
reggaeloversocal Classic rockin w/ Steve Miller Band – Take The Money And Run

One On One-Natural Vibrations

| play
jalove #musicmonday @twitter only 1 more night for me upcountry
jalove @jalove is pretty little ehu girl

Ehu Girl by Kolohe Kai

| play
jalove always with the feeling @kingkekai
jalove @tenfeet such a pretty sound
jalove than there's this rasta who finally came to maui for his 1st time in mid 2000. i did not miss it! Big Up #music monday
jalove than these guys hit maui a few times #musicmonday
jalove than this ras dubbed out in wailea in the mid 90 , was a crazy night! back when tsunamis was @grandwailea #musicmonday
jalove #Musicmonday remember this, i was so in love with this guy! :)
jalove #musicmonday chant it up

Rasta Man Chant por Busta Rhymes & Julian Marley

| play
valdezign Damian Marley – Love and Unity
jalove #musicmonday @daniakatz get moving to the music
jalove #musicmonday All of it and nothing less

All of my love Led Zeppelin-Lyrics

| play

Give Me The Roots

| play

Chris Oana-Everyday

| play

Princess Smile by Inna Vision

| play
jalove @kpuou have a good day too! #musicmonday

J BoogGanja Farmer

| play

The Melody Makers performing "Sugar Pie"

| play
santamistura i have a busy day but beforeeeeeeeeeeee.... i want to wish a HAPPY DAY for allll
Ukuleleuniverse Sam Cooke, YES! TY@IrishMountain: "That's Lou Rawls on the call and response." (reblip)
Sandalicious Damian Marley – Love and Unity rb@Snuffpuppy: "Would skank if i wasnt so tired :0) @MusicalDragon" @2Tall (reblip)
jalove lets get together ,do it again
jalove won't you come over love
jalove i'm falling in love with a KING

AnuheaCrown Royal

| play

Chris Oana-Everyday

| play
jalove it really was a fun time seeing this live. ROCK OUT!
jalove i am the old lady too LMAO
jalove quarter,quarter,quarter,quarter,soon get dollar

David Lindley ~ Quarter Of A Man

| play
jalove it's been a while for me to hear her tunes,sultry voice


| play
jalove sweet darlin

Sly Dog In the Mood

| play
jalove i'd like to spend with you
jalove it's about time to stir it up
jalove happy birthday #bobmarley

Bob Marley Rastaman Chant

| play
Dillin_Chillin Bow Wow Wow – I Want Candy


| play

Ganja Smuggler- REGGEA

| play
jalove CHANT IT UP

Bob Marley Rastaman Chant

| play
jalove NICE

Trench Town Rock

| play
The_Swin I am visioning a t-shirt @LaHaine: ""@LaHaine 'cause she don't like the rain." vi@The_Swin yes, rain is for emos" (reblip)
Sandalicious Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind (Feat. Alicia Keys)
Sandalicious Michael Franti & Spearhead - Say Hey (I Love You)
jamarilyn Aloha, Anuhea Come Over Love @anuheajams @jalove @tikitales How's it everyone? @shane @Roxannedarling @MakikiGirl @ChickenKatsu @Melissa808 @MistyGirl

Anuhea Come Over Love (Official Video)

| play
Sandalicious Bob Marley - Burnin And Looting #live #bob @Snuffpuppy @bankaiAP

Bob Marley Burnin And Looting Tonight

| play
jalove #musicmonday please write me a letter haha SNAIL MAIL FTW :)
Ukuleleuniverse Great Hawaiian music - look for Willie K. mele (songs) Ku`uipo means sweetheart.
jalove i love singing this song at the top of my lungs #musicmonday
jalove oh they are real rockers alright, don't let this acoustic fool you @owaila

Owaila &ndas