jamreilly From excellent Raindogs album and also found on soundtrack to offbeat and excellent Jim Jarmusch movie - Down By Law.
Diordan @Shrip I love Mulatu Astatke, thank you!!!! Grande @miguesme! obrigado pelas músicas!
ladypn Interrupting my planned New Music kick to reblip @andymooseman LOVE this song! & its new to me, so it qualifies! :) (reblip)
djacedj Pump Up The Volume – MARRS - Old Music Label
Diordan Pra mim é um prazer arrumar uma desculpa pra blipar essa música. E ontem eu arrumei uma das boas : ^ ) Conforme prometido: @LilyBraun e @Lalá! beij
DJKissMyAster very early synthesizer... and also pretty strange
Diordan @jamreilly Let's go over this sumertime matter again!
QuicksandRangero Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II; excursions in dub techno # 2
QuicksandRangero Rhythm & Sound - Distance; excursions in dub techno # 6
QuicksandRangero Maurizio - M6[b] edit; excursions in dub techno # 8
Diordan I know is rough and tough out there blipsters! But you have to walk tall! WALK TALL!!! ANDAR ACIMA DAS NUVENS! @ric
trepanado hehe, forgot this existed - a dub version of Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Games'. wicked remix. Business Man is Trentemøller
QuicksandRangero Back to the beginning of Chicago house # 8

Farley ''Jackmaster'' Funk - Love Cant Turn Around(dub mix)

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DrDisk In desperate need of some chilled vibes after last night. Let's go baleric.
SST entführung - gute idee! @Casualty. nice image, by the way. so wagneresk...
trepanado this ain't the dub but one of my fav reggae records ever. this is so much mellow. "I've been wanting you for so long it's a shame"
QuicksandRangero tks@jamreilly for Santogold; this song was often blipped in the last days, but has to be played again and again
threebears You see the sky... you don't know why. Something about traveling and bridging the big global gaps. :-) You go girls ...re-blipping @Musing ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
QuicksandRangero Talib Kweli - Beautiful Struggle - "I speak at schools a lot cause they say I'm intelligent No, it's cause I'm dope, if I was wack I'd be irrelevant"
QuicksandRangero thanks@Schnuchten for Pole's Achterbahn - here a more minimalistic track from Pole


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klitoria ohh what a great view....can you see it too ???
QuicksandRangero The video to this song was filmed at Ruhr-University Bochum; it has nice optical effects which are fitting excellent with the music
davidwatts1978 heard this many yrs ago on a vertigo 'new wave' album
Diordan @clonazepam ahh é? com um nick desses vens me dizer isso? Ora francamente Hahahahah! (reblip)
ladypn @antenaweb No, not partying today at all! Just CLEANING! :( Have to take a blip break though! :) (reblip)

AdultNite Life

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QuicksandRangero Markus Guentner - one more artist off the Cologne based Kompakt label, again a moody track, germ. title maybe transl.: If music is food for love
QuicksandRangero Jörg Burger & Wolfgang Voigt off the famous Kompakt-label (2007)
QuicksandRangero Gurtz aka Gonzalo Urtizberea with an track off 2006


| play
JTB ADA "Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover)"


| play
ladypn @BarrysLounge Can I borrow a cup? I'm out of props for you, had to reblip! ;) (reblip)
QuicksandRangero Detroit techno at its absolute best - produced by Juan Atkins (aka Model 500) and Martin Bonds
QuicksandRangero Groovy, groovy, groovy, although with a rather often used sampling
ooabikoo これもけっこう好きですな。

Aphex TwinFlim

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ooabikoo He is 1 of Japanese electronica artists. In addition, I think "joy" is more nice.
jamreilly ...reblipping thanks @ooabikoo "He is 1 of Japanese electronica artists. In addition, I think "joy" is more nice." (reblip)
ooabikoo やっぱ近年ではこれが一番だな
gigia hi @evablue! we're taking a part of www.blipathon.com 14th♥Feb / take a part you too, blippng to help gaza's children. ask @briangreene for more inf
gigia @briangreene Count me in www.blipathon.com //// @antenaweb you really are something special, dude!! (reblip)
threebears white boy in town make black blue sound..black man rhythm with a white boy beat.... feel bad sad night neva saw red light
alapinto Symphony No 5 (Death In Venice) – Gustav Mahler (reblip)
QuicksandRangero Gurtz aka Gonzalo Urtizberea - Luna (2008) - crackling, pumping, dubbing

Gurtz07 - Luna

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QuicksandRangero Lomov aka Axel Bergk (b. 1960) with a track from his Mountain Stags Ep (2005)
richol Os móveis novos jamais serão tão confortáveis e bons quanto os antigos... ficadica. (reblip)

BentMagic Love

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ladypn Hi @thrak! This is ENERGIZING!! Love it! (reblip)
QuicksandRangero Hermético aka Jaume Muntsant (b. 1980) this time more uptempo using looped string arrangements
trepanado ultra tense music from one half of Daft Punk. from the soundtrack of 'Irreversible' (he's the DJ on the party before the rape). check the clavier!
ladypn Blip find of the day for me!
ShyTrbleMaker @briangreene Loving this concept so props for putting it together. (Charity of choice for this blipaton is Northern Ireland based) Typo here though!

DJ SpookyTypo

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klitoria for you my most beloved blip Dj...warm hug...big thx...@formalhaut
budesigns sounds nothing like the one from Amon's Foley Room mix, but still pretty rad.


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ladypn You seem to make the same mistakes everyday. Sometimes its hard to open your eyes. You want to be the only cake on the table...
QuicksandRangero Is it William S. Burroughs who speaks at the beginning? Technopop at its best!
QuicksandRangero Great track by Murcof off his album "Martes" (2002)


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QuicksandRangero Pyrolator aka Kurt Dahlke (b. 1958), german techno legend, clicking and cutting and breaking
klitoria Guten Morgen...Bester...sieh...ich habe den strahlenden Morgenstern entdeckt...komm setz Dich und lass uns geniessen...@formalhaut
ladypn Had to reblip @MeeJong! This song makes me WANT to do just that! :) (reblip)
Wavidus Like this too ... thanks @QuicksandRangero .... :-) - "Nathan Fake was born and brought up in Norfolk and now lives in Reading." (reblip)
Diordan fingers crossed @lub @formalhaut is this the correct complete file?

jazzanova fingers crossed lub formalhaut

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ladypn Gliding back to 1986, I'm only human after all. ;)
DJFrankie Mid-afternoon stretching music.


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salleegal Good Afternoon Wall Street....dedicated to ya'll..Corporate Cannibal by none other than Grace Jones.I'd like for her to gobble ya'll up! <burp> (reblip)
threebears yay!! found another on blip - from @yoz's playlist from 17 years ago today!! (not on blip - Fluke - Philly (jamorphous mix) :()
threebears girl ... tonight we're gonna make love - you know how I know? bcoz it's wednesday ...there's nothing good on TV ...& whisper something sexy in my ear
QuicksandRangero @ChristofferMalling - the original to the popular Snap! charts hit by the underrated Chill Rob G (reblip)
QuicksandRangero The Daktaris were an Afro-beat group on the New York-based funk revival label Desco, recording compact, Fela Kuti-style grooves (Wiki)
ladypn @antenaweb & @YoniBeat Great Goldfrapp!! (reblip)

GOLDFRAPP - Ride A White Horse Ewan Pearson Disco Odyssey Pt 1

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Wavidus ... @JTB ... this is amazing, where do you get it from???? (reblip)
alapinto as if this would work if a bomb landed....!
DJFrankie Very glad that the blip.fm outage was temporary. I hadn't realized just how much I enjoy this site. Glad you're all still here!
chiron08 @Stendhal .. so cool...⊂ * ⊃ ☀ ⊂ * ⊃ ☀ ⊂ * ⊃ ☀ ⊂ * ⊃ ☀ ⊂ * ⊃ ☀ ⊂ * ⊃ (reblip)
Reckon The body is an instrument which only gives off music when it is used as a body...so sensuality traverses the body and reaches up to ecstasy. (Nin) (reblip)

Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Full Version)

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SST great! thx @Casualty - music to get rid of my raufasertapete now. can't stop working ;) (reblip)
QuicksandRangero Fax aka Ruben Alonso Tamayo - 20W (2003); tks via @JTB


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QuicksandRangero Yagya aka Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson - Icelandic producer, member of the Thule Musik collective
HappyInBag Which is more impressive- the crowd or the horn section?
DJFrankie In Gaza, and everywhere. Peace everybody.
geo_ e o blip não morreu. "mas não tenho pressa, a velocidade é essa. não há nada nesse mundo, cumpadi, que me estressa!"
GR8FL this is dedicated to @briangreene - your selfless & tireless efforts are outstanding for www.blipathon.com & hope you get well-deserved sleep soon ♥
QuicksandRangero Aril Brikha (b. 1980) in the tradition of Detroit Techno
HappyInBag But Mr. Shorter is, in fact, speaking. His soloing here is like a sermon.
trepanado @jamreilly : incredible 10 minute remix by the norwegian disco don of that Jape track. when the break comes and there's a lot of room for floating...


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threebears Q1. Who am I? Q2. What am I? Q3. What is Life? Q4. What is another? Q5 What is Love? Q6. What is What? Q7. When is tea time?
DJFrankie Talk about cheezy 80s soundtracks, this song is the underscore from the best montage sequence of that decade: "Real Genius."

Chas Jankel Number One

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Stay19 Even Spring – Plaid<><>
davidwatts1978 been playing this today, on a nice gibson hollowbody and a class A valve amp, such a great song
klitoria ooohhhh...danke....da kann ich doch gar nicht als mich entspannt zurückzulegen....weitermachen bitte....das wird heute dauern...@formalhaut
trepanado oh boy, that 'A Tribute to Jack Johnson' album by Miles Davis is probably my fav from his electric era. it was recorded on Miles' own boxing gym
QuicksandRangero thanks @APB1 - great track, reminds me of the early A Guy Called Gerald (reblip)


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QuicksandRangero Listen to this incredible organ sound to explore the roots of reggae
DJFrankie George Clinton singing about William Jefferson Clinton. Perfect.
Telekon Shiny sleek machine believe it, I've got to blow your horn:-)
GR8FL @patita sounds like Clash doing soul/rap... what do you think @abarbosa @bendrix (reblip)

Chemical Brothers with Mazzy Star -Asleep From Day

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Stay19 The Album Leaf – Red-Eye<><> one amazing tune. Certain songs you can never hear enough. one of em.
QuicksandRangero tks @jamreilly - Inner City - Big Fun Just a funky beat and you to get it started

303 inner city big fun

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Stay19 Toy Dolls – The Final Countdown / <><> AWESOME ! Just Awesome!!! Classic. Brought a big SMILE to my face. vi@knitta (reblip)
Stay19 We will always be together... Worth repeating.<><>
QuicksandRangero Modern electronic dub by the Twilight Circus Dub Sound System
trepanado if trance was like this, I'd be more than ok with it. sublime ambient music. shame there's no Trans Asian Express Mix by The Orb here.
JTB 就寝前に若干うとうとした状態で書き込んだ前日の文章がちょっとおかしなことになっていてわれながら苦笑。
Diordan pra @DesertLily Obrigado @FernandaW que beleza de música!
fuzzygroove @Yan thanks buddy. It's not till tomorrow... I'm not really celebrating... you don't need to get me anything... unless, you know... you want to...
LeSamourai three things to be happy about: new Siriusmo remix, new remixes of modeselektor, and new Modeselektor/Aparat colab album. perfect. :) :)
LeSamourai slow it down.... slo...w....i....t....dow....n.
threebears wicked title for a track.. it sums it all up, really.. ;) .... quoting and re-blipping @Lambchop ^_^ thanks - and thanks for the follow! (reblip)
Lambchop My fucking central heating's bollocksed... Tits! :(
Stay19 Trentemoller – Miss You Pascal (Feos Remix)<><>
threebears @Dillin_Chillin er ... ahem... forgive me sweetie, I'm a little bit lost here ... or I've lost the thread of hangin on this line.. ?
DJFrankie Xylophone intro! 6th grade French! "On va monter la escalier!"
Reckon via @oneup Where could we go if we could drop the empty pursuit of props and ego (reblip)
GR8FL here is some more oxygene for you @ManaJunkie - take what you like and leave the rest behind.
QuicksandRangero tks @UltraMarin - great song - I'm gonna put on a iron shirt, and chase satan out of earth I'm gonna send him to outa space, to find another race (reblip)
lub speech debelle!!!!!! so dope, can't believe there's no more tracks!
threebears hope this doesn't happen to ANYONE guy or girl tonight. .... re-blipping @onemyke ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
QuicksandRangero A million times sampled in Hip Hop and elsewhere
DJFrankie I could teach you, but I'd have to charge. rb @sadalit (reblip)


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steno Nannou an und nu? :)

Aphex Twin - Nannou

| play
QuicksandRangero Time for some uplifting Detroit Techno - Martin Bonds alongside Juan Atkins (of Model 500 etc. fame)
steveking Anyone got anything by the incredible string band?
steveking if you build up a new me of flowers and blood -- say you will (reblip)
QuicksandRangero Thanks @JTB - great finding, have looked after Gas for a while (reblip)
driczz merci pour lre"props" et bienvenue @saint ; ) (reblip)
steveking 友川かずき Tomokawa Kazuki – Storms In The Dead Of Night im stil getting the hang of this,only my sevond day hello@you99 and@santamistura (reblip)
klitoria may I introduce to blipworld, the fabulous mashup master...... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiGadget.........applause........
QuicksandRangero Searching for "Atmospherique" by Metro Area I only found this one which is really worth listening to


| play
trepanado I'll be debuting an acid house party in april 7th in Sao Paulo and this one should be one of the first records to get a spin
formalhaut @intinet i try to u/l my TG collection soon. as long as there are you, @toxea and a few other industrial enthusiast!
espantosa you want to sit down but you've sold your chair, so you just .... stand there ... inner city pressure. Very Funny song! (reblip)
steveking Timothy Leary With Ash Ra Temple - Seven Up - Time HEE hee (reblip)

Timothy Leary With Ash Ra Temple - Seven Up - Time

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QuicksandRangero The genius of Detroit techno - Juan Atkins aka Model 500 aka Infiniti
trepanado stashed! perfect deep deep disco. Tony Orlando is to disco music what Lee Hazleewood is to rock
kKobold Thanks @Veronique =)))) and Im petty sure you will enjoy it @CarlaMarin =) (reblip)
estrogen @aLxA cocotte and hystereo is the perfect mix for a grrrlllady ;) (reblip)
espantosa Ahhhh, geek love! This is just pure genius! (reblip)
budesigns @invisible I can't even find this in the search results... you are a true ninja ;) (reblip)
chiron08 just got the new trak of @JosephDisco -- thaaannxxxx
trepanado @jamreilly : another perfect Ashford & Simpson jam, it's hard to pick one of their disco singles I like better.

0390 Ashford & Simpson - It Seems To Hang On

| play
QuicksandRangero Brian Eno - Music For Airports 1/1 (1978) - absolute ambient classic


| play
humbert15 in celebration of TB's most excellent RA podcast this week
DJFrankie "I'm not the landlord's wife."


| play
formalhaut thanks a lot for listening. had a good time as always. hope you too. good night dear steppas, lovers, dreamers & blipsters. cheers!
GR8FL [Happy sunday @newwaveclassics @paeix GR8FL And sorry my mistake @howdystranger! Howdy =)] thanks for this @mastercelo (reblip)
steveking morning blippers i'm cooking at the mo better keep eyes on the stove
QuicksandRangero Great song!!! Bongo thrill! Bongo kiss! Bongo beat!
steno thanks everyone for listening - "keep moving, keep changing, keep flowing with the sun.....rivers rise, oceans rise, people rise with the sun"
trepanado uploade this killer Killing Joke track, a single from 1979, before the 'Eighties'. This is such a class tune, what post-punk is all about: DUB

Gavin Herlihy - Okay No Disco

| play
DJFrankie rb @hoheheinbon. Still love this. And if you have ANY chance to see them live, do yourself the favor. (reblip)
SST hey @jenna_ :D and a big hello to mr @angrybob. have a great day!
trepanado rare brazilian disco track by Freedom Machine - produced by the infamous Mister Sam!! acoustic guitar and hi-hat that peaks on a girl's throat
humbert15 @anjuscha yes I'm not sure what's going on.. I'm having fun though :)

Allerseelen (Jeff Mills Remix) - DJ Hell

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DJFrankie @xtcdukes. Delayed reaction. Now is the time on Schprockets when we dance. (reblip)
iceblink More Death Note, I listen to this piece when I am driving home as it calms me down from the idiot drivers who are in a rush to get nowhere quickly.

Gavin Herlihy - Okay No Disco

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QuicksandRangero Deep Haki - Earth Waves; Dub Techno
b_age schräges teil. aber stresslos. mir gefällts
QuicksandRangero Thanks @LarsErik - great track!!! (reblip)

Zsa Zsa La Boum-Something Scary

| play
b_age Gurtz – Klok (deluge Rmx)
salleegal Loves Animal Liberation Orchestra -- Girl I Wanna Lay You Down......@jamreilly

Grand Puba - I Like It

| play
Trilobitten Rachid Taha - Rock el Casbah (yes, just like the Clash)
SST i've got the strange feeling that everything that i wanna hear is unavailable today?! so i leave it for today... g'night!


| play
QuicksandRangero Kit Clayton on the traces of Detroit techno
JTB Todd Osborn aka Osborn aka SoundMurderer


| play
trepanado one of the tracks I requested to Daniel Wang - and he played it, I knew he would, it's one of his staples
lub scratching & mellowness
Stay19 <><>Apparat Organ Quartet – 5- Ondula Nova
driczz Hi & have a nice day @all c´ya!!!
HappyInBag Chaotic, beautiful and jarring- just like life.
Ono1969 Golden Find for tonight: $tinkworx, following the Drexcyian tradition of aquatic techno
ladypn Yet another from @tirebouchon. If you're not already signed on to listen, you should add as a fave DJ! Hear this one out - unusual, yes - but wow! (reblip)
DJFrankie Top 10 Tracks Discovered (by me) on blip. #5.
Stay19 @redroulettes T&S all day all night. love em love em love em. cheers.<><> (reblip)
QuicksandRangero Hi & thanks @jackola for "Techno vocals" - good luck for your DJing! (reblip)
QuicksandRangero Rise From Your Grave - continuing with low techno vocals
spacescape Happy St. Paddy's Day!!! -- here's Delhi 2 Dublin, putting traditional Irish & Indian music in a contemporary jacket :-)