190east from the Marie Antoinette soundtrack, good stuff

Cure - All Cats are Grey

| play
190east going to see Camper tomorrow at Bowery, set the way back machine
190east more Camper, memories of driving Route 17 to Santa Cruz in my '72 MGB
strombo the models will have children

MGMTTime To Pretend

| play
theadb @jessfrank (new song) - The Fear - Lily Allen (reblip)

Lily AllenThe Fear

| play
190east made it to Friday, bring on the weekend
190east getting ready for the meeting
190east Eddie Vedder where are you?

Pearl JamAlive

| play
190east st. patrick's day donuts from krispy kreme - yum!
190east hang in there baby, Friday is soooo close
theadb because it's friday and i love all of you <3
johnpapa @strombo - This is the best love song about a buck-toothed girl from Luxembourg, if that applies. #twunes #thehour #love #notsomuch

The SmithsAsk

| play
theadb booya!


| play
stephanieem there are no events but thoughts, the heart's hard turning, the heart's slow learning where to love and whom. The rest is merelytales for other times.
190east where's my peeps with the requests?? don't leave me to my own devices on this #rzcs
musicla @strombo liking this version - thx! ~ Wilson Pickett – Hey Jude
190east first skype spanish class tonight after two weeks off, ay papi!
PaigeSaid @strombo - for landing and take off vinnie pauleone and da big bang orchestra theme from Sopranos. that's who. safe trip! #twunes (reblip)


| play
GregEh Theme for BC election night.
ycswid Tell us how you feel...

P!nkSo What

| play
DJLeesaK toad the wet sprocket – before you were born
DJLeesaK Hard times! Spreading just like the flu. Watch out, homeboy, don't let it catch you.

Run DMCHard times

| play
DJLeesaK This one goes out to the one I love.
financialrunner My 4 year old sons favorite song. Not sure why...

StyxMr. Roboto

| play
lunanola Wondering where the freakin' thunder storm we're expecting is... I'm waiting!
lunanola 'Cause I remember hearing this song when I was a youngster and I never imagined living the band's namesake city way back when.
hummingbird604 A rock-infused version of "You Spin Me Round" by Dope
DJLeesaK Another good theme song for Twitter/Facebook. Tell me what's on your mind.
DJLeesaK I saw you and him walking in the rain. (1986)
DJLeesaK @hopei91: "♫ Torn Between Two Lovers - MARY MacGREGOR" Wow -- I'd almost forgotten about this overplayed song from my youth. Good job! (reblip)
hummingbird604 I used to consider myself one of these - Some Guys Have All the Luck (Rod Stewart)
hummingbird604 #musicmonday I'm a big fan of @Collective_Soul - I think @frodofied introduced me to "Vent" :) awesome tune!
DJLeesaK This is my all time favorite halloween costume.
DJLeesaK C is for cookie. That's good enough for me.
DJLeesaK I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end.
DJLeesaK use this to rinse the creepy eraserhead music out of your brain.
lunanola Because the person who made me aware of this song deleted his page & I don't want to lose it when the brain cells that remember it die off.
DJLeesaK Trying to figure out why it feels like Friday when it's only Tuesday.
GregEh sunny, windy day, taking a break from listening to almost only downtempo chill
DJLeesaK @organicsue: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps – George Harrison" (reblip)
DJLeesaK Madly! Because you held me tight.
hummingbird604 I have a feeling @TrisHussey is going to like Depeche Mode's "World In My Eyes" :)

world in my eyes depeche mode concert bucharest

| play
DJLeesaK @Donovan71: "OMD BABY!!!!" (reblip)

Pretty In Pink-If You Leave

| play
DJLeesaK @TheDiva: "it's an Intergalactic Safety Dance! Woot! [mashup]" (reblip)

Beastie Boys vs Man Without Hats-Safety Intergalactic Dance

| play
DJLeesaK The Romantics – What I Like About You
jazzdolphin "are you holding on, are you holding on ... Is this the part where you let go ... i am holding on, i am holding on ... you find out i'm there for you"
jazzdolphin Oh my.. brings back memories of JH! "Yeah & 40 ounces was never enough ... I want to hear that fucking noise." ~Damn. (reblip)
jazzdolphin Damn. This is such an AWESOME song! Thanks to Strombo for intro'ing me to this version. ♥
jazzdolphin This may be my favorite song right now. I seriously ♥ it in a big way. "Are we human? Or are we dancer?" I say dancer! Play count=HIGH!
hummingbird604 When my ex broke my heart, I packaged every single photo of him and me. I forgot where I placed those "Pictures of You"

The Last Goodnight-Pictures of You

| play
stephanieem "Why don't you give your little voice a rest, climb on up inside my bed, and just pretend you need me."


| play
hummingbird604 "I believe this is heaven to no one else but me" Sarah McLachlan and Paula Cole (Elsewhere)
lunanola Ooohhh... Even Sinatra weighs in and plays along with his take on today's theme!

I'm A Fool to Want You (Frank Sinatra)

| play
lunanola And now, a word from Elvis on today's theme!

Elvis Presley A Fool Such As I

| play
DJLeesaK pogues – dirty old town

poguesdirty old town

| play
slicedgeek The Kinks – She's Got Everything
financialrunner Holding Out for a Hero? I am the Hero and I want you to be my sidekick. :) #songoftheday

Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler

| play
DJLeesaK Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got 'til it's gone?
DJLeesaK @PeaceDiva: "Sometimes I feel I've got to run away....Soft Cell...Tainted Love " (reblip)
slicedgeek Meat Loaf – "Two Out Of Three Ain`t Bad"
DaveDoyle Kinks – Lola....loadsa thanx @dustpony (reblip)


| play

hinder lips of an angel

| play
hummingbird604 "All this time, I'm falling into you..." by Turn Off The Stars. Wonderful, energetic and sweet song. Happy Monday!" (reblip)
thehour Had no idea Classified did a collab w/ Royce da 5'9 & B.o.B - it's been on replay 4x in a row so far this aft..
GetOutOfDebtGuy Although I much prefer to not be killed softly, this is a great version of this tune. (reblip)
GetOutOfDebtGuy Probably one of the best songs to listen to while you are riding your motorcycle, at least for me.
culturite Honestly, what are you saving...? Aesop Rocks – "Save Yourself"
lunanola Another favorite cover tune that adds something into the mix...

Sympathy for the devil by Guns 'n' Roses

| play
lunanola I love the explosiveness & raw timbre of this version.

Pearl Jam- Love Reign O'er Me, live

| play
jazzdolphin #musicMonday: Thx to @strombo for playing this on an awesome Sunday afternoon on #theStromboShow So good! Like listening to The Beatles.
GregEh my blip will have two predominant themes - electronic chillout and classic canadian rock
thehour I love The Boss, but had no idea "Trapped" was a reggae cover until recently - Jimmy Cliff wrote it, I'll post the original next...
thehour Here's the original version of "Trapped" by Jimmy Cliff - Which version is better???

Jimmy CliffTrapped

| play

Lady Gaga "Poker Face"

| play
Allison1j @ImNickArmstrong - I've always loved this song. Pretty much I love any Massive Attack
JBritt blipping: Funkadelic – I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a Thing
J2ad @xtcdukes I thought this was your show. =)
vicepezz gets me Jacked up for the gym
quadrathon Time to go a little upbeat @ciemon @snowshadow...no vid but a great tune!
kleinblue one of the first and only songs i learned to play on the guitar...

Men In Tights

| play

Boys Dont Cry : The Cure

| play
PsychedelicBabe @Dantonio: "the reason i did no work today lol @Gebbie @masterninja "I think this might actually be better than the first. o_O" (reblip)
Autblog ''I can't believe that this is over again pieces will carry away pieces of you in me''
JamilahandCatz Simply said: a classic. And brilliant.

The Beatles If I Fell

| play
LisaWorld beautiful version! I almost like it better than the original...shhhh RB@verawooten & Howdy 2 @ManifestIntent @abaars@DJ_2POUND @red_hot_mim @freehiro (reblip)
thehour The Beatles ain't got shit on Wilson Pickett.
lunanola For @DaveRobison just for fun (yes, I do remember AM radio, m'friend!) - Meatloaf!
lunanola Another that I've wanted to blip but couldn't find before; happy girl, me! (Good times!)
lunanola (I want to eviscerate the fool who used Duffy's cover of "Little Piece of My Heart" for this blasphemous Constantine montage.)
190east last night of vaca in Woodstock

Patti Smith's "Because the Night"

| play
hummingbird604 Natasha Bedingfield`s "Who Knows`" - I am feeling this way - "who knows if we are ready to make this something" :) (reblip)

Natasha Bedingfield-Who Knows

| play
financialrunner Let the good times roll. Tap your foot to the music and set the tone for you day. #songoftheday
hummingbird604 Ah, good ol' @Mozy - he reminded me of Rage Against the Machine (Renegades of Funk). A fave! (reblip)
hummingbird604 You Really Got Me by The Kinks. A song that's going to get me going!

"You Really Got Me" by The Kinks

| play
190east new running mix in full effect
thehour 2 Questions: 1. Can you believe Perry Farrell is 50? 2. Can you believe he's on the show tonight? Incredible interview BTW...
hummingbird604 Pearl Jam's "Not For You". Yeah, 'cause I'm in that kind of mood (rock)

Pearl Jam ''Not For You''

| play
DJLeesaK Stormy weather in the San Francisco bay area in JUNE? Clearly the end is near! (reblip)
thehour Bongo Rock. Everyone should have this song with them at all times.
hummingbird604 I never let anyone defeat me. Never did when I was doing martial arts either - Scandal and Patty Smyth's "The Warrior"" (reblip)

Scandal"The Warrior"

| play
hummingbird604 Shirtless boy in the video and wonderful song - Sex Type Thing by Stone Temple Pilots.

Stone Temple Pilots *Sex Type Thing" House of Blues 2000

| play
musicla Bachman on @heHour shares story with @strombo about helping VAN MORRISON - here's – Gloria


| play
DJLeesaK Thievery Corporation – The Heart's a Lonely Hunter Featuring David Byrne
DJLeesaK The lights in the harbor don't shine for me.
DJLeesaK Sir Alfred Lord Tennyson spins in his grave...@jrshouseofmusic (reblip)

Gordon Lightfoot The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald lyrics

| play
hummingbird604 I got introduced to Placebo's "Every You Every Me" by @StacieBee :) you rock! (reblip)
financialrunner Turn up the stereo and pump it! #songoftheday

Black Eyed Peas-Pump it

| play
hummingbird604 Wow, I never thought I would be this grungy - "Stone Temple Pilots - Down" (reblip)
hummingbird604 I Hate Myself For Loving You by Joan Jett - though, frankly, I don't hate myself.
hummingbird604 My dear friend @danudey has great musical taste - I love this song "Love and sex and magic" :) kudos, my friend! (reblip)
190east did they get you to trade your heroes for gold?
hummingbird604 Well, this is "Another One Bites the Dust" :)
DJLeesaK James Taylor – Something In The Way She Moves
DJLeesaK Billie Holiday – Gloomy Sunday
stephanieem im armed and im equal, more fun for the people....

M.I.A.- Bucky Done Gun w/ lyrics

| play
lunanola My favorite moment from last night's New York Dolls show; Johansen's wry smile throughout the night was sublime!
lunanola Missing the manic energy and the amusing surprise gems offered up by the Ramones, me!
financialrunner This song will start your day off right. Crank it up and dance! #songoftheday
DJLeesaK @ElizziebethDawn: "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind" (reblip)
DJLeesaK Someone give me a prop! I am stuck at 666 and it's freaking me out!

Johnny CashHelp Me

| play
DJLeesaK Pink Martini – Sympathique
leafybear going out the door with A Punk - Vampire Weekend in her ears

Vampire WeekendA-Punk

| play
JodyneL I'm totally digging this song right now. I can't put it into words yet. We'll sea.
ycswid Better version - No bleeps!!
financialrunner Ain't Goind Down Til the Sun Comes Up! This my pace today make it yours and get lots done. #songoftheday

Ain't Going Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)

| play
GregEh I've had a classic Canadian east coast sea chanty stuck in my head all day. godsdamn they all, I was told, we'd cruise the seas for american gold!
jazzdolphin #motorbikeMusic: This song f-ing rocks... "Ride, ride, Hold on tight". It's like techno punk or something... LOVE it. Can't say I 'get' the video tho.
financialrunner Let's Get it Started In Here. #songoftheday

black eyed peas (lets get it started in here)

| play
Shaman777 @shadow7777: "Joshua Kadison – Georgia Rain=HMMMMM SOOOO NICE :-)" (reblip)
sandydelight This song gets me going for some reason... I'm all over the map on the whole music thing. Awesome.
sandydelight This song is an easy one to learn and SO FUN to play on acoustic. I recommend everyone LEARN IT!!!!
DrPants Public Enemy. Welcome to the Terrordome.
DrPants The Smiths. Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before.
hummingbird604 ZOMG. The Michael Zager Band's Let's All Chant - para los mexicanos, se acuerdan de La Carabina de Ambrosio?
astroboy Because I haven't blipped for a while, here's some Moby for y'all. #twunes

MobyI'm in love

| play
financialrunner Let's get this day started right. If you don't like what you got why don't you change it? #songoftheday
hummingbird604 Since @Miss604 is going 2 Death Cab for Cutie on July 16th http://bit.ly/3yv7O - "Here Comes The Rain Again" (reblip)
ZachsMind Here's my submission to "I Hate My Ex" http://www.ihatemyexsomuch.com/view/Ex%20Wife/45 Lemme know what U think.

Rob MichaelsHate

| play
briancorcoran Heading to NY tomorrow, can't think of a better tune to summarize how I feel right now...

KISS New York Grove 1979

| play
hummingbird604 In loving memory of Farrah Fawcett (Charlie's Angel's theme) (reblip)
hummingbird604 This is an absolute fave - Massive Attack's "Disolved Girl"
lunanola Another one of those little nostalgia kicks going on tonight (watching "Singles" on DVD)...
financialrunner Here we belong. Fighting to survive.... #songoftheday

Princes of The Universe

| play
financialrunner Such a beautiful sound track for the movie Braveheart.

Braveheart Soundtrack

| play
jessica_klaver "If you believe in me, I'll believe in you"
stardustnf The incomparable Imogen Heap...and yes, she is wonderful. @Sweetnessnf: "Wonderful, she's just wonderful!" (reblip)
hummingbird604 This is such an anthem for me "Living After Midnight" by Judas Priest, thx to @thepetshopboy (reblip)
hummingbird604 Yeah I love matchbox twenty - even though their lyrics are SO weak :( "Disease" by MB20

Disease Matchbox Twenty

| play
hummingbird604 I love Montrealer Sam Roberts - 'Every Part of Me'
financialrunner Crank this and get your body moving to the music. #songoftheday
financialrunner Push your limits and get your day going right. #songoftheday

2 UnlimitedNo limit

| play
stephanieem this is in my head more often than not......
hummingbird604 My favoritest Burnaby jazz singer - Michael Buble's Moondance #CanadaMusic
hummingbird604 Rufus Wainwright's "The Man That Got Away" - for LG, who was the one who got away #CanadaMusic
hummingbird604 Our pride of Vancouver, @bifnaked with "We're not gonna take it" #CanadaMusic

Bif Naked We're not gonna take it

| play
hummingbird604 Canadian band Turn Off The Stars' "Falling Into You" Happy Canada Day

Turn Off The Stars "Falling Into You"

| play
hummingbird604 Eres Inolvidable.. (Reik).... I can't forget him even though I've tried :(

inolvidable reik

| play
lunanola Just putting this out into the universe as wishful thinking 'cause the condo next to mine is for sale. <Cheshire cat grin!>

Pearl Jam-Porch

| play
FineNGood @DirtyUrine I can blip Tesla ALL DAY. Don't get me started, one of my top 10 bands of all time.
DarrylMobley Happy 4th of July. Check One Nation Under a Groove. Get your fireworks on! Check my thoughts on Independence Day > www.MobleyTrainings.com/july4.mp3

One Nation under a Groove -1978 Parliament Funkadelic

| play
Tsauro I have a maraca & I am very afraid to use it.
SamThereforeIam It makes me sad that she lost the reggae and ska influences on the newer album.
yoyesno thx @VicenteSM: "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell." (reblip)
djdeziree Donna! what can I say... great dance beat
gchance Hey, @Kelownagurl look what I found! Billy Joel, "Only the Good Die Young"

Only the Good Die Young

| play

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

| play
comawhite "I just made you up....."

Nine Inch NailsOnly

| play

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts -"I Love Rock and Roll" Video

| play
K4luv Hittin' the pillows because tomorrow morning all my girls n' I are headed to...... 'Viva Las Vegas!' =D

Elvis Presley Singing Viva Las Vegas

| play
ourladybeth Cannot find the comfort in this world. Artificial tear ... @johndpoole

Pearl JamImmortality

| play
toosweet4rnr [Led Zeppelin – That's The Way]

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

| play
norkaman @Suzed: On my knees I'll ask, Last chance for one last dance, Cuz with you I'd withstand All of hell to hold your hand. (reblip)

NickelbackFar Away

| play
starrsgalaxy Another one of my favorites is Billie Holliday.

Summertime Billie Holiday

| play
TimbrePitch "Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess?" by Miles Davis - @lindyhobbit
dreamspirals As long as I'm taking a trip down memory lane...

Dukes of Hazzard Theme

| play
FPS I can feel it, baby. I feel like I'm falling for you,but I'm scared to, let go. I'm scared coz my heart has been hurt so

JemFalling For You

| play
donskeyrae ben gibbard, you rocks in the least rock-possible ways! lol

Death Cab For Cutie -The Sound Of Settling

| play
LeaHendryValle Adele's great but no one beats Amy...I only hope she kicks her bad habits and stays around a while. This tune heard on Season 1 of "MadMen".
lydiawesome Ameerrrrrrrriiicaaaaaaaaaaaa Amerrriiiccaaaaaaaa. Oh Jimi, you great American.
Tropicsz4 Natasha Bedingfield – Soulmate
Lil_Wing Norah Jones ~ Turn Me On "Like a lightbulb in a dark room "

Norah JonesTurn Me On

| play
Harmonie Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved..
Houdinial Watching some tickets to go see Madonna in concert tomorrow night - how much to bid that is the dilemma!!! Anyone been to see the Sticky & Sweet tour?

MadonnaHung Up

| play
LeaWhiteFeather @EMarketingGuru @chapasasa @twiprodigy005 @nicebio Thanks for the #FF/special mention. Here's one of my favorites for you.
simply Presuntos Implicados-Esperarè
powerhealths Kelly Clarkson Because Of You -:¦:- http://tinyurl.com/rbjd9y -:¦:- "I suffered with cellulite until my friend sent me this report" (reblip)

Kelly Clarkson Because Of You Lyrics.

| play
ApocalypsenoW1 "...But I can't help the feeling I could blow through the ceiling If I just turn and run. And it wears me out, it wears me out..." (reblip)
MaxB !Siouxsie and the Banshees (thanks @LauSta) (reblip)
financialrunner Just a man and his will to survive...you must fight just to keep them alive. #songoftheday
hummingbird604 I didn't mean to turn you on. But hey what can I say? I'm sexy like that. (reblip)
EclecticVagabond The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Death Cab for Cutie (2007 Digital Remaster)
sonti @amien: "but we have to :-)" - last blip, or last last blip, or the one before the last?! (reblip)
bumble_b @leaferi ...and this one amazing // danke @chiron08: "✪" det is ne kombi: DM / henke (reblip)
financialrunner I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket. #songoftheyday
hummingbird604 Yeah. I'm definitely not okay today. Work, DemoCamp, meet with PhD student, work. *sigh* (reblip)
TruthMama ~God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.. the courage to change the things I can.. and the wisdom to know the difference~
hummingbird604 For @thepetshopboy who loves Deep House - Matthew Dear - You Know What I Would Do
lunanola "Always keeping things real by playing the clown..." (here's to aspiring to being a beautiful fool). Miss you, Mom.

Jackson Browne For A Dancer

| play
financialrunner I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night. This song is stuck in my head. (reblip)
briancorcoran Mercy Arms - Half Right. Reminds me of The Walkmen mixed with indie, brit-pop 80's. Haven't heard any of their other stuff... #music

MERCY ARMS | half right

| play
elinejv Good Morning! Manic Street Preachers – Motorcycle Emptiness (Acoustic)
lunanola Because John Hughes is a cultural touchstone in my life, what with my own personal "Jake Ryan" & all (minus the Hollywood ending). R.I.P., dude.
hummingbird604 David Bowie (w/NIN) I'm Afraid of Americans #musicthursday #legends @Kiwi05 @city912 @mozy19 @erin_gee @kdmurray
hummingbird604 This songs brings tears to my eyes. And yes, that means I'm teary-eyed RIGHT NOW. (reblip)
financialrunner I wanna rock right now; I wanna dance in the lights; I wanna rock your body; #songoftheday
hummingbird604 For all of you A-HA lovers - The Blood That Moves The Body

A-HA / The Blood That Moves The Body / Video-Music (1988)

| play
financialrunner You better start swimmin; Or you'll sink like a stone; For the times they are a-changin. #songoftheday

watchmen: Bob Dylan (The Times They Are A Changing)

| play
HardCoreDJ Hmmm...wonder what kind of mood I'm in?

Jimi HendrixHey Joe

| play
jkne Great fast paced rave track from 1995. Can you really dance? One of my all time favourite tracks.
DriveAndDish Used to really like the Beastie Boys ('87-'95), but ultimately got tired of them (they got pretentious). But the beat on "Paul Revere" never gets old.
financialrunner And I ran, I ran so far away; I just ran, I ran all night and day. #songoftheday
financialrunner @NetChick the sun will come out tomorrow. Cheer up your the only one that controls your moods :)
eaonp special request for @neilperkin

The Donnas-Living After Midnight

| play


| play
musicla love is a burning ring - a song a lot of musicians sing - willie should have played not sang here - Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson – Ring of Fire (live)
musicla pull out your fiddle - Thank God I'm a Country Boy - John Denver

Thank God I'm a Country Boy:John Denver

| play
musicla I like this version better than Len's version with Judy Collins: Adam Cohen & Serena Ryder – Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye
crowjane Fact: Page's early style drew so heavily on the blues that Willie Dixon later won a large settlement for the copyright infringement.
musicla this song title reminds me of @strombo - Ramones – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
smedina Wow, this takes me back to Jr. High days...

The SmithsAsk

| play
financialrunner When you wish upon a star; Makes no difference who you are; Anything your heart desires; Will come to you. #songoftheday

When you wish upon a star- Louis Amstrong

| play
financialrunner #Canucks Old Intro Song in honor of their first preseason game today (7:30 on sportsnet). #songoftheday

Where The Streets Have No Name (Studio Version)

| play
musicla Odetta - Do you know my mind

You Don't Know My Mind / Odetta

| play
musicla Odetta – Hard, Oh Lord

OdettaHard, Oh Lord

| play
fluffbrain one last blip before bed. . . promise
jennecy my cat actually hates this song. the yowls and screeches make her growl.
HannahShaya ♫•*¨`*✶ Hey! .... @Bhas @KristyRNinAZ @matriax @Fluter @bradysbeau @ROSIEOLIVEIRA --- Rogue Wave "Maps" (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Rogue Wave "Maps" (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

| play
SgtMac Johnny Cash - "Solitary Man" Happy Humpday Campers!
blipfm Tomorrow we'll again be selecting 3 lucky DJ's to win free iPod/iPhone accessories from @griffintech! Details here http://bit.ly/BayCT please reblip
blipfm This weeks lucky picks to receive iPod/iPhone accesorries from Griffin Tech and Blip.fm are in! We've emailed the winners, check your inbox!
Miss604 #MusicMonday inspired by our @strombo chat - some Sparta 'cause Jim Ward is pretty great
Miss604 Thanks to @ThePeak for introducing me to Phoenix - #MusicMonday (I'm in a French kinda mood)


| play
harryhaller Nah, it's too good for Jian to ruin @amsiebee: "stupid f'in jian ghomeshi has forever ruined this song for me..." (reblip)
harryhaller B side - pretty good bass hook on this one too.
XBreed Johnnie Taylor. "Stop Doggin' Me Around"
harryhaller Nice. Haven't listened to this band in about 20 yrs; this is new to me. @amsiebee: "just the mellow i needed..." (reblip)

Violent Femmes-Color me once (slideshow)

| play
harryhaller I have no idea what brought this to mind for the first time in 20+ years.
evablue just noticed that the @strombo is on blip. kinda. #canadianpersonality --> 4 blips, 52 props and 4 pages of replies before he even signed up
harryhaller And you know it's time to go... I think that's all for me tonight.
harryhaller So being a DJ is a way of life for you, then? Not just a day/night job? :) rb@ashleighbee: "best song!!" (reblip)
hummingbird604 Hotel by Broken Social Scene *is* a very sexy song. I'm not 100% sure how i feel about Blipping it *drips sweat*
lunanola Because there are no other words that fit.

SiaBreathe Me

| play
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