jeff Don't know why I was drawn to this somewhat obscure Billy Joel tune, but it seems perfect for a foggy day in San Francisco.

Billy JoelVienna

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jeff Yeah, I know I'm biased, but these guys are absolutely awesome. They are one of the finalists to perform at the Treasure Island Music Festival
patch615 a slight diversion from what I'd been listening too, but the guitar lines have a good deal of similarity to the horns in the other songs.
Miss_Bella the guys from this band are awesome.

Veruca SaltSeether

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labfly did i play this just a few days ago? oh yeah - and will i play it again & again & again? oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
djinfrisco Well Thought Out Twinkles – Silversun Pickups
BleepingExpletives @tangledcord @biff Late of the pier @ulu was easily one of the best gig i saw this year- brilliant live band! loving your work!
jeff Another East Bay underground champion - these guys are incredible! Go Gab...


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banale stavolta vi sorprende con una serie sulle macchine 1/3
disconnesso - but we never give up!


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briangreene I heard their version of 'stairway to heaven' tonight on 162LW (french station) btw 252LW returned. & me in the city of their record company, Dublin.
muddyhandprint I have no idea what this sounds like. Hopefully good.

ToolThe Grudge

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disconnesso - poi uno crescendo rischia però di sviluppare un certo gusto per le robe più tamarre :p (il peggior remix dei crystal castles comunque..)
fuzzygroove Best cheeseball band evar... another blast from the past in a minute
jackola @Breaksmith I like this Pendulum track too. The issue with Pendulum is their tracks sound too much alike. Good sound but needs to branch out a little.


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Hnomad for some reason this reminds me of chris farley's "fat man in a little coat" .. probably not cake's intention..
ckras Tap the Bottle – Young Black Teenagers FYI: all of these cats were white
iaintait Too early. Half awake. Half asleep.
clarkowitz @mmemaledicta I missed you. I may need a vacation, soon, again. ;) Peace.
Gaspar Vamo puxar pro eletrônico? Vamo então. Esse cara é foda.
Jormanks It's a God awful small affair ... David Bowie, 1973.
jeff @Jormanks @craigz I've maxed out on props I can give you two today - but you guys have done good job 2nite on blip. Not Bowie, but Calexico rocks!
fizaster I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can... I'm afraid of Americans [Bowie/Reznor remix]


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MikeTrap Just found this. U2 + The Church + Hothouse Flowers. Great stuff.
jeff Just came across this GREAT band today. The Legendary Shack Shakers. Duane Denison from USSA and the Jesus Lizard is touring with these guys now!
jeff I love songs that start with an atmospheric fuzz and break out with a badass rhythm section. No band is a great band without drum and bass locked in

KasabianClub Foot

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Dillin_Chillin The Woolly Bully...The Ventures/Stones/T-Rex
auf Raise our heavenly glasses to the heavens!
NitroSlippers But Josh is upset, cause the weed man is taking his time.


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thismortalshade Who doesn't get the urge to just run, drive, or fly; just to move and feel like somethings changed.
musicmakinginagin absolutely one of my fave songs! thanks for reminding me @jeff!!
soundmangroupie @musicmakinginagin forgot to tell you I saw these guys at the airport after Lolla!
hufeisen Good morning! Now a coffee and then I'll start…

MapsTo The Sky

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jeff It's a trip that I'm about to crash and there are folks blipping right now to cup of joe and trying to get their morning started...
melodyofurlife Rose Marie puts it to me plain as day.
jeff @melodyofyourlife NICE. Just added your blip to my playlist. I love the guitar riff followed by the drums and bass rush coming in at once on this...
Elisa fffffffffffiiiiiiiiii ffffffiiiiiiiii
jeff I heard the Fratellis had an awesome show last week in SF. Too bad I missed them... solid song..
jeff @nixe EVERYONE has been asking about t-shirts! Maybe we'll print and see who wants one. The more interest, the lower the price. Thoughts?
jeff @nixe No I haven't but I've heard about the Friday thing. We've been hitting the zoo a LOT lately. My little guy can't get enough of the choo choo.

VoxtrotKid Gloves

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hootmama my favorite hour of any day is "happy hour"
BrianCarter One for those of you who don't know The Pixies. "Monkey Gone To Heaven" If man is 5... Cobain said Nirvana owed them... they need to reform and tour
melodyofurlife Albums I love: Boys and Girls in America
rabidj how do you hide money from a hippie? put it under the soap!

GwarSick of You

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BestBuy One of the most successful DIY bands... way to go guys. Brooklyn!!!
denkschema far above our heads are the icy heights that contain all reason
clarkowitz @jeff Thanks, man! So, are there some keys that go with the MOB honor? ;) Much peace.
jeff These guys are just great - saw 'em at the Fillmore with Wolfmother. Enjoy y'all. Just blipping a few before grabbing a few post-Turkey Day drinks
JRex778 @by_starla I used to live in Austin and enjoyed every minute of it -- you need to come to Texas baby....they have something for everyone in Austin ;) (reblip)
Bertux Esto siempre me ha encantado..... no se porque.....


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mian dis-a-ppe-ar! ar! ar! ar!
jeff My pal from Songkick tells me Metallica is playing in Oakland on the 20th...

Metalica Metallica Nothing Else Matters

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Jacqueline126 goes great with a glass of red wine
jencvs Death cab for cutie were one of the most played bands in my ipod this year... (reblip)
gigia isso é bom de se ouvir. fala serio.
IndieJones ok the live version was shite!
threebears Copeland's new album is one of the best albums of the year @RyanRotz ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
bdisaster blisssss

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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jeff Been digging The Botticellis lately. Gonna try to check them out at Cafe du Nord next week!
Ruxputin Easily the best unearthed reissue of the year .. 70's, hippie-folk, sung by a Mexican immigrant .. can't get more esoteric than that!

RodriguezSugar Man

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Ruxputin I'm not even sure if this is too mainstream for me to love, but i do anyway (p.s. arctic monkey side project)
jeff Keeping with the "Tokyo" theme, Tokyo Police Club is an awesome band too...
christhenlee Catchy song. Last blip for tonight, I'm off to bed:
naoyuk Wilco流ブレイクビーツ的な
dansampaio Caetano Veloso - Você não me ensinou a te esquecer
jeff @miketrap - it's late nite in Boston, but thanks for the prop my man. Hope you are well. BTW, crazy RATM re-mix here...
jeff This Flaming Lips song always cracks me up... BTW, I love how that "stalled vinyl" thing going on in the intro... she's a black-belt in karate...
ZachsMind "I think something is burning. Now you've ruined the whole thing." (reblip)
aoi_zero Hip Hop verも良いすなぁ


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jeff Is anyone checking out Social Distortion in Oakland in a few weeks?
dangerluke Its 1.32am, I'm eating Corn Flakes and listening to this. Epic.
Ruxputin It doesn't get hookier than this ...
jeff Holy Jesus... I just remembered how GREAT this theme song is... I bring you Sanford and Son... Oh yeah, you can't stop - the Hammond and harp combo!

Sanford and Son

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christinamcc david bowie + phat beatz. "and I, I'll drink all the time" (reblip)
epizoic heard this on a radio a couple times
sandraew [What else is there to do on a Friday Night? Jump your Ass'es off Blip'ers!] I came to get down, so get off your seat and jump around! (reblip)
jeff @speedxkills Missed these guys at the Fillmore recently... (reblip)
jeff Bringing back memories of being a skate rat...
virginia66 Hi @Jeffie-- you're playing some of my favorites tonight! :)Simon and Garfunkel - "I Am A Rock" (reblip)
jeff This is an INSANE mash... needed a pick-up after dealing with a fever all weekend during b-party in Sin City...
jeff I've been listening to these guys a bit lately. I've heard this sound before, but I like these guys - Ambulance LTD.
jeff Been enjoying Kasabian quite a bit these days for some reason
jeff Love the mellow piano intro on this song... then the build... then the rush... the National is seriously one of my favorite bands lately
jeff Really have been enjoying this band. Believe it or not, but these cats are from the UK?!?
Rennn Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Yeah Yeah YeahsZero

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jeff This what we do here... all day long.
wurst @jeff HOLY AWESOME. I love the new youtube feature!!! sure beats ads of man crotches flying around! :D great work! + best video ever by michel gondry
aplusk i think I'm gonna use this tune for the Trailer of my new movie Spread... thoughts?

One Night Only 'You And Me' music video

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jeff Lefsetz did a post on this tune today. I gotta say I really like this and it's totally hilarious.
Aluciel When I awoke today, suddenly nothing happened.
ayogafriend (rb) well said @avivamagnolia: "Stan Getz – Once Again (Outra Vez) More warm 'n' cozy music for a frigid night...ahhhh. Relief. TY@ZONE @Gioca " (reblip)
jeff Bummed I missed these guys last time they came through the Bay Area


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West Indian Girl "To Die In LA"

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