jencvs Sometimes I think I should've looked for a warning sign.... The truth is ...I miss you, but I am letting go
jencvs so many stories & situations with just one song...// yup, I still can't believe *someone* didn't know it


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jencvs I like John Lennon's version best , but this will do it...// I don't expect you to understand, after you've caused so much pain...
jencvs I need light in the dark as I search for the resolution...
jencvs Can't wait until the new cd comes out!
jencvs Another billy joel song a 2am rush
jencvs Honesty is such a lonely word....Everyone is so untrue.
jencvs From the CD "12 memories"- Love will come through...
jencvs I do deserve better than you
jencvs Sonic Youth's Carpenter's cover...from Juno OST
jencvs Oasis song with John Lennon's comment right in the middle...from the cd: Dig out your soul
jencvs I look around at a beautiful life...Been the upperside of down, been the inside of out...But we breathe
jencvs I used to treat you right, give you my time...Mr Writer, why don't you tell it like it is? Why don't you tell it like it really is?
jencvs I wonder if we'll meet again, and talk about life since then...Talk about why did it end
jencvs barely surviving has become my purpose
jencvs After all...You'll never forget my name
jencvs Turn my face to the wall...If he's gone I can't go on Feelin' two-foot small...
jencvs I do feel good with the choice I made...a new life for me...and I'm feeling good (reblip)
jencvs It's the one you can't erase...You should have made it right, so you wouldn't have to fight
jencvs Music for the night // Its that little souvenir of a terrible year, which makes my eyes feel sore
toosweet4rnr March 4 birthdays - Patrick Hannan, drummer, The Sundays {we missed @kobennum8lvr bday? Happy belated birthday :) }
saamantha is there a chance that there might be traces of her that you carry under the surface?
jencvs Its for the best...!( least for me :P) Goodbye!! (reblip)
jencvs Yesterday seems like a life ago,cause the one I luv Today I hardly know...You I held so close in my heart. Grow further from me with every fallen tear
jencvs Goodbye for good...

Pete YornEZ

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jencvs I know I can't be with you. I do what I have to do.
jencvs But I said you and me we don't have honesty...The things we don't want to speak
jencvs Maybe then honesty need not be feared as a friend or an enemy...This is the distance, and this is my game face

The FrayVienna

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jencvs Some things are better left unsaid, but they still turn me inside out. Turning inside out turning inside out... Tell me...Why?
jencvs Sorry, this one was playing in my I might as well just blip it
jencvs If you always knew the truth then the world would spin around you...Are you dizzy yet?
jencvs We’ve no other choice but Belief...// well, there is always the truth
jencvs Acoustic Bad day...its like a depressing bad
jencvs I need a sunrise... I'm tired of sunset
jencvs The best thing you've had has gone away. ** Your loss not mine
jencvs this can't be happening....hide & seek.... it's all for the best?
jencvs Of all the things I believe in...I just want to get it over with... Goodbye to everything I thought I knew...goodbye to you...
jencvs As time passes by I find things never seem to change...


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jencvs You are standing still, but I won't look back...And I won't regret...Though it hurts like hell Someday I will forget...


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jencvs I only wish my words could just convince myself...That it just wasn't real...but that's not the way it feels
jencvs When you start the day just to close the curtains You're thinking 'bout what I've given up
jencvs Just because I'm hurting doesn't mean I'm hurt....


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jencvs It's only lies that I'm living , It's only tears that I'm crying It's only you that I'm losing...Guess I'm doing fine
jencvs When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on...// I'm trying...


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jencvs I'm falling apart...I'm barely breathing...With a broken heart...though I still have my doubts
jencvs Tell me you love me...Come back to haunt me, Oh when I rush to the start .... nobody said it was easy...Its such a shame for us to part
jencvs Waiting for that 2nd chance, a break that would make it ok. Its hard at the end of the day, I need some distraction maybe I'll find some peace tonight
jencvs Cause sooner or later it's over....I just don't want to miss you tonight...
jencvs @joykoping yo me volví fan de el con esta
jencvs Sang this song today, it's recalling your pictures all in my mind...I miss you now

Stereophonics I Miss You Now

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jencvs In my life, I love you more...
jencvs however far away, I'll always love you...
jencvs Tears stream down your face When you lose something you cannot replace
jencvs Is there nothing left now? Nothing left to sing Are there any left to haven't kiss the enemy? Is this the New Year or just another desperation?
jencvs How long?...And the battle just begun...theres many lost, but tell me...who has won? (reblip)
jencvs I wish you'd feel this way about how things ended...
jencvs It aches...your heart it breaks. And you can only take so much Walk on, walk on...

U2Walk On

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jencvs Now I got that feeling once again...I cant explain, you would not understand. This is not how I am. I have become comfortably numb.
jencvs It had to end to begin....


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jencvs I can still let it go, I can still learn to grow... You don't even know me...silence is easy

Starsailor - Silence Is Easy

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jencvs It's not my style to lay it in on the line, but you don't leave me with a choice this time. Why weren't you true?...You know I trusted you
jencvs only the end of the red...


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jencvs It's the best thing that you've ever had; the best thing you've had has gone away.
jencvs maybe all you mean, is leave me alone...At least that's what you said
jencvs If all you're seeing is your lies. You had your chance, but now you've blown it. It's a have chosen your own
jencvs All these visions in my head. And I can't stop crying...
jencvs Well As for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs
jencvs Well the truth hurts,and lies worse... How can I give anymore? When there's nothing left to save
jencvs The nights are cold and lonely... I shouldn't be holding on
jencvs I know it isn't true...Love is just a lie made to make you blue Love hurts...
jencvs I can't believe this could be the end...And if it's real...well I don't want to know...
jencvs I've put my trust in you...Pushed as far as I can go... I had to fall to lose it all...But in the end It doesn’t even matter
jencvs It's been so lonely without you here....Like a bird without a song Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling
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