tobaccoflower for my west coast ladies on the east coast :)

Gipsy Kings - Hotel California (Spanish)

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jenn_aqui que bonita

12. Hotel California - Gypsy Kings

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tobaccoflower nice... never heard this before
crmac50 wow, this is really great. i think i'll have to listen to more david gray... (reblip)

Gomez - Tijuana Lady

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MassimoFarina Followed by another cover - this time with Jay Z - courtesy of Minty Fresh Beats.
MassimoFarina To cheer me up - thank you Billie Holiday
MassimoFarina Great track @ladypn - haven't heard this in a while - thanks. (reblip)

The ShinsNew Slang

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MassimoFarina In an international mood today. Some electro-salsa for ya'll. Enjoy.
jenn_aqui In an international mood today. Some electro-salsa for ya'll. Enjoy. (reblip)
MassimoFarina An old Beastie Boys track to get me into a Saturday night mood. "people always say my style is wild"
fnono Contrary to popular believe ...this is not a love song

K-OSThe Love Song

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fnono Federico Aubele no final da tarde para relazar
shortygal The White Stripes – The Denial Twist
DudaFurio Acho que meu domingo vai ser como ontem... :/
ninjen The Beatles (GR8FL) – Here Comes the Sun
MassimoFarina An interesting cover of The Strokes - Last Night
sugarspun ...don't tell me what to do...and don't tell me what to say
Miss_Bella @jeff were did you come back from? and what the hell is a Shaft strut!?

Lady GaGaPoker Face

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jenn_aqui love love (reblip)

Gomez - Tijuana Lady

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jenn_aqui JuaCa

Matt Costa - Astair

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jenn_aqui the other one stopped working?? and i am loving this song right now...
SeanFrame Iron & Wine – House By The Sea
MapleLeaves i certainly do... it's a pity she's in ecuador...
jenn_aqui ...don't tell me what to do...and don't tell me what to say (reblip)
Jinder The 21st Century Dylan whips out his spiritual thesaurus to maximum effect on this piano-driven belter.
Jinder No matter what's happening, this song will pull you through it! Reblipping this heartbreaker. (reblip)
Jinder "I want to rest my heavy head tonight, on a bed of California stars..." beautiful.
Jinder @Cyad this has to be one of the best songs ever. A necessary reblip! (reblip)
Jinder @misslazarou I had to reblip this. One of my favourite songs ever! (reblip)


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jenn_aqui almost hate to admit that i do love this song...

Faith HillFireflies

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jenn_aqui last one stopped working...

Beth OrtonOoh Child

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MassimoFarina Enjoy the hand claps and guitar riff in this Feist track. (reblip)

FeistSea Lion Woman

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MassimoFarina This track always gets me - Paco de Lucia - Entre dos aguas. A nice track for a nice sunny day.
jenn_aqui ...

Michael Jackson Ft Biggie Smalls- Billie Jean (Remix)

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jenn_aqui ...

You Don't Know Me Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor

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MassimoFarina Just got home and felt like a little Kid Koala. Skanky Panky anyone?

Kid KoalaSkanky Panky

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kerita Ely Guerra – Quiereme mucho Esta tarde esta como para oír a Ely Guerra vdd @Lizzy52
GCesquire The path illuminates onward...
uncccq23 maybe my favorite atmosphere song, makes my head stop banging after a long night which i can use right now
braxley "Good Ol' Fashion Rump Shaker (Beastie Boys vs Matt & Kim)" (reblip)

Good Ol' Fashion Rump Shaker (Beastie Boys vs Matt & Kim)

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kerita MANU CHAO "Me Llaman Calle"

MANU CHAO "Me Llaman Calle"

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TrixieTreats via @bunnyreview: "gonna fuck up your ego" (reblip)

Le Disko By Shiny Toy Guns :)

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TrixieTreats "I want a girl with lips like morphine..."
jenn_aqui ...

Its Tricky- RUN DMC

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JJDaddyO all the town clocks,and marching soldier's socks,i say, "let's go let's go let's go,to this magic wonder show"
ElekTro4 Yaaaaaay! and damn, I never knew what she looked like, me likes! @pagemac: "ok.. one more.. just cause i havent heard it in foreverrrrrr" (reblip)
DirtyUrine hurting!! @RuiFelix: "Hello my friend, how are u??? Pearl Jam – Jeremy RB...@DirtyUrine" (reblip)

Pearl JamJeremy

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honeygirl watching the x-games.... LOVE the skateboarding!!
DJRoy1 Eels – Trouble With Dreams
jenn_aqui always love me some pixies
jenn_aqui me encanta esta tambien

Blind MelonChange

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TrixieTreats moby ~ one of these mornings

Felony The Fanatic 1982

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DJSkillet can't wait to see these guys again. enjoy.

Kings Of LeonFans

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gogogoma he didn't even say goodbye. he didn't take the time to lie.
nextstopsf Oooo a little Lily Allen 2 help - @Bostongirl1212 you likey??
jenn_aqui ...

Lily Allen-Shame For You

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Leksi I love this song and Ryan Adams! :) thanks, @manugue (reblip)
jhidalgo para los que pasaron el fin de semana como embrujados
zamfir Paolo Nutini – Alloway Grove
zamfir Anna Nalick- Consider This ::: I clicked the wrong one on that last blip. So sue me.

Anna Nalick- Consider This

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zamfir Thievery Corporation – Until the Morning
zamfir Violent Femmes – Please Do Not Go
zamfir The Be Good Tanyas – For the Turnstiles
zamfir Catie Curtis – Dandelion
zamfir Lovage – Stroker Ace

LovageStroker Ace

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cwundershine drinkin down your pain, turn that whiskey into rain, wash it away, wash you away....

Tori AmosBig Wheel

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jenn_aqui ....


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zamfir Peter Bradley Adams – Always
jenn_aqui holy old school

Sublime- waiting for my ruca

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Lovebreath Sting w/David Sanborn - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone (reblip)
mark_till @ladypn My most favorite coldplay that I have ever found. Coldplay-The Scientist (Acoustic)

Coldplay-The Scientist (Acoustic)

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