jimmybog I wasn't a big Elvis fan, but this one was his most sophisticated, and perhaps maturest song.

Suspicious Minds

| play
jimmybog A young friend included this on a mix cd she gave me several years ago when I retired. I'd never heard of him. Work with me, I'm an old fart!
jimmybog OK. It's Vegas. It's over the top. But his Hot August Night album had some good stuff. This was the finale.
jimmybog CCR's Cosmo's Factory. I've still got the vinyl LP. This cut was the best. Marvin Gaye, eat yer heart out! (reblip)
jimmybog Gotta thank Leigh for this one too! I love this gal's voice.
jimmybog The #1 hit in the UK in 1966. I was hitchhiking around the Isles as the Beach Boys toured to support this album. There's those harmonies again!

Good Vibrations Beach Boys (with lyrics)

| play
jimmybog Van and Cassandra? What a combination. Close the door!
jimmybog Some humour here from Mr. Cohen, but it's also the anthem for all those sad bastards out there!
jimmybog Great harmonies from this Canadian duo--along with some playful "coming of age" lyrics.

DalaMarilyn Monroe

| play
jimmybog A good friend pointed me toward these guys via the Harry Patch tribute. I like this one a lot.
jimmybog It was 40 years ago today folks! Hard to believe.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young "Woodstock" 1970 Album- Deja Vu

| play
jimmybog She penned the song even though she wasn't there. She's a true poet, even though her voice can grate.

"Woodstock" Joni Mitchell

| play
jimmybog He's sold out in his relentless pursuit of the almighty dollar. However, he wrote some great tunes. Here's one now!
jimmybog Another one for the Parrot Heads.
jimmybog OK, Heath. He's pretty danged good! ;-))

Nick Drake'Cello Song

| play
jimmybog No matter what you thought of the Beatles--a seminal album from the 60s. Here's one of the highlghts

The Beatles Within You Without You, With lyrics.

| play
jimmybog Some irony here from a tortured but very talented "supergroup" from the late sixties. Watch for Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. I'm a sucker for harmony!
jimmybog A classic, haunting Irish tale of unrequited love. Getting ready for my trip to Erin with this one.

Sinead O'Connor Raglan Road

| play
jimmybog I'm loving the Celtic lilt in Delores O'Riordan's singing. She's quite the hoot!
jimmybog She's been living in the shadow of brother Rufus for too long!
jimmybog A highlight from a great soundtrack based on a damn fine Roddy Doyle novel.
jimmybog These guys were huge in the UK back in the mid to late 60s. A fun video to accompany a quirky, novelty ditty!
jimmybog Another great tune from The Commitments. Dublin Soul as you might say.
jimmybog For all you folkies out there--if you still exist--a classic tune from the heart of the hootenanny era
jimmybog From my radio days at 'SC--had to program the Cancon!

Joni MitchellCarey

| play
jimmybog So happy to find Jane Olivor on Blip! Where's she been?! Chopin provided the tune and Jane a haunting interpretation of an old classic "pop" song.

I'm Always Chasing Rainbow ... Jane Olivor

| play
jimmybog The poor werewolves are losing out to all the vampires these days.
jimmybog Everybody and his uncle has recorded with the Chieftains--even the Stones with this old C & W classic. Good stuff!

Long Black Veil

| play
jimmybog I love these guys when I'm on the treadmill--drowns out my gasping. Baba O'Riley is the correct title, yes? If so, why?
jimmybog More ammo for the treadmill! Anthemic to be sure.

The Who Won't Get Fooled Again Lyrics

| play
jimmybog These guys were great!

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Long As I Can See The Light

| play
jimmybog OK. Nobody ever better sing this song again. The late Eva does it best!
jimmybog It's been flogged into the ground, it's a cliche, but once again, dear Eva takes it to another a level.

Danny Boy by Eva Cassidy

| play
jimmybog Ever so relaxing listening to these lads, yes? ;-)
jimmybog I'm off to Ireland tonight with this heartbreakingly beautiful favourite rattling around in my brain. Back in a couple of weeks. Slainte!
jimmybog An oft recorded Celtic tune about the Irish famine of the 1840s. Lovely melody. It's a popular tune in the pubs for all to join in.
jimmybog We were singing this song in Kyteler's Inn in Kilkenny a week ago.

Paddy Reilly, The Fields of Athenry.

| play
jimmybog The sad journey to America. Some made it, many didn't.

Long Journey Home by Elvis Costello

| play
jimmybog A steel string guitar genius is John. Alas, gone too soon.
jimmybog Canada's Paul Anka wrote it. Buddy Holly had a hit with it. As usual, the late Miss Eva steals the show.
jimmybog My favourite cut from this album. I wore it out listening to it back in high school. Desmond's sax is so mellow.
jimmybog Dylan + The Band= Great music

The Band-When I Paint My Masterpiece

| play
jimmybog Not selling trucks here!
jimmybog Stan tries to untie the Gordian knot that was/is the Irish question. The powerful voice underlies his anger. Great song!

Stan Rogers The House of Orange

| play
jimmybog Good one for the treadmill. A fun video too.

Paper in Fire

| play
jimmybog From Frank's best album...and for all the insomniacs out there!
jimmybog From my 'SC days


| play
jimmybog Here's Canada's prairie troubador. Good stuff from Mr. Tyson.

Brahmas and Mustangs

| play
jimmybog Another song from my radio days@Heather_Horton: ""Where Do You Go To My Lovely" ~Peter Sarstedt. #song #music." (reblip)

Where do you go to my lovely by Peter Sarstedt

| play
jimmybog Has there ever been a better female singer? Not in my books! Here's one of her best.

Ella Fitzgerald Embraceable You

| play
jimmybog From the Threepenny Opera. Ella's having fun here, especially when she gets lost!
jimmybog A jazzy "take" on one of Bach's best known ditties. I love how Loussier interprets the classics in new, interesting ways.
jimmybog Here's another Loussier offering, this one on Satie's Gymnopedie # 1. Quite mellow.
jimmybog There was a lot of crappy music at Woodstock. Not so here. One of the highlights from a very young looking Carlos.
jimmybog He had his critics, but I thought Mr. Peterson knew his way around the 88 ivories. Here's one of his signature tunes.
jimmybog Another Canadian pianist here. This, from Gould's later recording of the Goldberg Variations. He's quirky but prodigiously talented.

Goldberg Variations 1-7

| play
jimmybog Bossa nova for a Sunday morning with thnx for prps and reblips @wisewoman
jimmybog Accidentally deleted this beauty!
jimmybog With the factory farms that rule our lives today, this one sounds sadly out of date. Too bad. Oh well, no harm in reminiscing with Murrman.

THE farmers song, Murray McLaughlin

| play
jimmybog The video is jarring and distracting but the song is a dandy.
jimmybog A lovely, bittersweet song for you @wisewoman

Maria Dunn, shoes of a man

| play
jimmybog You lucky dawg! It's the Kyteler's Inn. Very close to the Playwright. Let me know if you find it. When do you go? Slainte @wisewoman
jimmybog Wise advice from Mr. Murdoch I should think!

Alexi MurdochBreathe

| play
jimmybog Here's Doc's take on Hoagy's classic.
jimmybog My late dad's favourite pianist--the also late John Arpin. One of the best of the ragtimers IMHO.

John Arpin plays Easy Winners at the Bohem Festival

| play
jimmybog Something for you, Heath after your hectic weekend @Heather_Horton
jimmybog It all came through this morning..mellow... and beautiful @wisewoman: "blipping this again...the other won't play...hey what's the deal, Blip.fm?" (reblip)
jimmybog Not all Irish music is jigs and reels.I saw these guys in a Dublin pub sing this song 25 years ago about Bobby Sands and his fatal hunger strike.
jimmybog Recorded with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra back in the 70s.
jimmybog I've always loved this haunting tune. There's hundreds of different takes on it. Van the Man and the Chieftains do a pretty good job of it.
jimmybog Song with a message inspired by a great book and film.

Eddie VedderSociety

| play
jimmybog Sultry and cerebral--a good combination!

Patricia Barber

| play
jimmybog Isn't it amazing how a simple tin whistle can produce such lovely music? Thanks for this @wisewoman: "for @jimmybog ...Altan' tune (reblip)

Altan-the sunset

| play
jimmybog Somber but beautiful--played at JFK's funeral @ wisewoman
wisewoman oh.. @jimmybog ..ye got me started on Mr. Coulter w/ "Peril on the Sea" so this one (one of my favorite O'Carolan's) is for you w/ thanks
jimmybog Have you heard Phil's Highland Cathedral? Considered walking my daughter up the aisle at her wedding to this one @wisewoman
jimmybog Bitter coming of age tune from Ottawa's Janis Ian. Big hit for her "way back when."

At seventeenJanis Ian

| play
wisewoman Love this blue grass/smooth jazz fusion..hey... @JDProuty @jimmybog and @JosieMK
jimmybog Not exactly a T'Giving tune nor everyone's cuppa, but happy Thanksgiving from two Canucks, Alanis and Jimmy to my American friends@wisewoman@KcMarMar

Alanis Morissette Thank You VH1 Storyteller

| play
jimmybog I love this one too, and goodnight! @tiofyra

Yo-Yo Ma plays the prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1

| play
jimmybog She's no Jim Cuddy, but she's pretty darned good! ;-)) Just kidding! I see why you like her, so a big thanks @KcMarMar (reblip)
jimmybog We play Houston in our book shop a lot. More mellowness for a Monday @wisewoman
jimmybog Nothing mellow about this one. Emmylou singing an Anna McGarrigle tune at one of the Lillith Fairs.
jimmybog Sorting the Blip list for something by the UK's Mr. Shearing. It's a start.
jimmybog I throw these guys on the car CD, crank up the volume and sing along. I have no idea what they're singing. Hope nobody's watching!
jimmybog One of my favourites. A poignant tribute to the sad news of Liam Clancy's death. RIP Liam! Thanks for all the great memories.

The Dutchman-Makem & Clancy 7/10

| play
jimmybog Right back at ya' Heath. Here's one you may not have heard! ;-)) @Heather_Horton

#14. "SONG FOR BOB" by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (The Assassination of Jesse James OST)

| play
jimmybog Heard them on a concert on our CBC on my way to work this morning. Jimmy was singing this song. Enjoy! @KcMarMar
jimmybog Bonne soir--watch for a blip or two on the weekend @tiofyra: "@jimmybog - much fun!! loveliest good night!(be easy & free when you're drinkin' w/me)" (reblip)
jimmybog The quintessentially Canadian rock group. Give 'em a listen and hopefully you'll enjoy. Remember, they're not Cuddy and the Boys! @KcMarMar
jimmybog Working my way through Mr. Gray's discography, enjoying many of the stops along the way.

david gray Nemesis

| play
jimmybog No bitterness here from Mr. Dylan! ;-)) Another one of his best IMHO. @Heather_Horton
jimmybog I'm back after computer problems since Dec. 24! Happy new year! @wisewoman: Samba??!! ;-))>>You the teacher? @ jimmybog 's Samba lesson" (reblip)
jimmybog Great Lewis tune from the mid-60s. Trying to find Since I Fell For You on Blip, unsuccessfully ;(( @jet333

The In Crowd-(Long Version)-Ramsey Lewis Trio-1965

| play
77ozzie song...it's been a long time coming...I wonder what you're doing here...you feeling like just a fool- oh...let me touch you for a while...sigh" (reblip)
jimmybog Is it World? Folk? Country? Roots? These three Canadian ladies are great, whatever the label.
jimmybog Such a hoot to watch these two on this one!
jimmybog Followed by the Chairman of the Board.
jimmybog Such a mellow, pleasant listen from two of the best in their fields.
jimmybog More from the two amigos. Makes me feel good.
jimmybog Woke up to this lovely, haunting tune this morning. So sad she's gone.
jimmybog Try Jacque's jazzy take on this lovely bit of Bach. @jet333

Jacques Loussier Trio "Choral Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring"

| play
jimmybog Je t'aime Monsieur Brel! Merci beaucoup! @SabineWe: "Jacques Brel - Les désepérés. Merci ! Rb @LeParadis" (reblip)
jimmybog Neil sang this one last night at the closing ceremonies.
jimmybog How's my dancin' coming you ask? I'm the third guy on the right in this, my first attempt. How'm I doin'? @wisewoman
jimmybog From Newfoundland, The Once perform a lovely a capella arrangement of Cohen's haunting Coming Back to You.
jimmybog Can't imagine how many couples started their marriage off with this one! @wisewoman

Could I have this dance by Anne Murray

| play
wisewoman My Home Town (Armagh) for @jimmybog ... William again.
jimmybog Loved their fusion...off to the Windy City later this week.
jimmybog More fusion....taken from one of my Desert Island Discs.
jimmybog Out of the dark we came...
www_StroumDesign_com @Alvaroxx: "Chile, play a horrible 1 half...@backtoback: "well Chile didn't work up a sweat trying to get the ball either RB@Alvaroxx: "" (reblip)

The DoorsThe End

| play
diamondgal : "Sloop John B – The Beach Boys:) >>>1ST MATE<<<" (reblip)
diamondgal Good Vibraaaaatiooonnssss:):) <3Beach Boys <3
jimmybog Not a big Elvis fan--sacreligious I know, but this was one of his most sophisticated tunes. Thx for listening. @texman2: "Elvis - Suspicious Minds" (reblip)
jimmybog Looking forward to your musical return....@tiofyra: ""if I prove false to thee"" (reblip)
jimmybog Amen to that....@tiofyra: "Thank you lovely listeners - another rendition of this beautiful classic!! :)) loves @kristenboyd @jimmybog" (reblip)
jimmybog A good friend of mine is struggling...this seems apt...thx @wisewoman: "For.... @CaughtTheKaty ... another version of the Stephen Foster classic." (reblip)
jimmybog TY for this one Heath.It's now on my playlist.Like it lots @Heather_Horton Paradise Circus" Massive Attack feat. Hope SandovalOne more for you...enjoy (reblip)
straywebsurfer ♫ Carlos Santana & Dave Matthews - "Love of My Life"...TYSM! rb@marieinmusicland: @Buzzz (reblip)
sir_edward_ross RB @ladyb2kool: The Who ~ Teenage Wasteland (reblip)

The Who ~ Teenage Wasteland / Baba O Reily (Lyrics)

| play
jimmybog Sir Paul looks mighty young here!

Paul McCartney & Wings-Mull of Kintyre

| play
fede_duarte @fxp123: @EdgeOfNow: "@fxp123: "ty @antoforever: "ANOTHER BRICK!!! @fxp123: "rb @RACERJJJ: "♫ Pink Floyd / Another Brick In The Wall"""""" (reblip)
Lady_Bastet "Do"~Do Make Say Think TY for all of the sweet RBs! @Doggonahogg @gspcdfm @Event_Horizon @jimmybog

Do Make Say ThinkDo

| play
Lady_Bastet My favourite guitarist...remember walking the streets of London, England to this >'.'< "Only The Lonely"~David Gray
Lady_Bastet @jimmybog That was excellent, thanks J! Here's more grist for the (tread)mill :) "The Name Of The Game"~The Crystal Method
jimmybog Great tribute to the early rockers...@DjHansi: "faaast -> I'm Going Home ->Ten Years After #nowplaying #goodmusic" (reblip)

Ten Years After- I'm Going Home (Live at Woodstock 1969)

| play
fridayschild Whatta flashback! BcksFzz was '81 & very diff from this '73 tune @naharuddin: "@fridayschild: "Believe & make a dream: sounds likes Buck Fizz"" (reblip)

Chuck Mangione (feat. Esther Satterfield) - Land of Make Believe

| play
jimmybog For a rainy Saturday evening...

Johnny Hartman -- "It Was Almost Like a Song"

| play
jimmybog September Song for an October evening...

September song - Johnny Hartman

| play
jimmybog A great combo@smaclaren: "Thank you @inlighted: "ty all@gadamer: "rb@russasis: "rb @avivajazz: "John Fahey + Leo Kottke | Sunflower River Blues""""" (reblip)
jimmybog From her best album..@sefrond: "Wow, can I have the same? :) @1brwneyedgirl: "craving Fried eggs.. with old cheddar.. @sefrond: "Constant Craving""" (reblip)

k.D. Lang - Constant Craving

| play
jimmybog Another haunting Clancy Brothers song about the futility of war

Willie McBride

| play
kirkill Gr8! THX, and Thank U Veterans! @Jaxtraw12: "Shout Out to @Souljur & other brothers in arms on this Veterans Day. Stay Safe!" (reblip)
mrsalbrecht Of course Grandma was talking about you at Thanksgiving Dinner. You're memorable like that. (reblip)
straywebsurfer ♫ Led Zeppelin - "Stairway to Heaven"...TY~ rb@ruudvl (reblip)

Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven

| play
scotlandlover nooo :) hi rb @barrypartington: "i'm guilty of bad timing w/ (reblip)

Blue RodeoBad Timing

| play
jimmybog I saw Christy in Toronto many moons ago. He's great. Not exactly Shane and the Pogues!
wisewoman Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Duit @jimmybog (A prosperous new year to you) thank you for sharing music in 2010 as well.

Altan Aingeal An Oileain Island Angel

| play
smaclaren Thanks and happy new year to both of you @philsalt: "Thank to you. Best wishes ahead. Be well @emroc" (reblip)
Dancer12 Hugs♥Ty♥RB@Hotyoungmom Tysm both..Hugs!@Dancer12 So glad I know U On/Off blip!@Greenfields47 TY joe walsh @Da12@Hotyoungmom@dangel (reblip)

The Tragically Hip: Coffee Girl (acoustic)

| play
jimmybog Some Prairie Wheat here

The Guess Who- Running Back To Saskatoon / Share The Land

| play
jimmybog More sound track music...this from the brothers Coen's True Grit
jimmybog I agree!@avivajazz: "Keith Jarrett, jazz pianist, performing at Köln in the winter of 1975. Entrancing, deeply meditative, otherworldly solo piano." (reblip)

Keith Jarrettpart I

| play
smaclaren Great line by Tom Paxton '.. since the day in a quarry in Germany, when I followed Black Sabbath, I have not known the meaning of fear,' Farewell all.
Flying_Roundhouse The Guess Who ~ No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature ~ RB @aprildax (reblip)

The Guess Who No sugar tonight / new mother nature

| play
SabineWe Such brightful and particular sound on this piano. *✿* (reblip)
jimmybog My favourite instrumental of this great tune. What's a beguine anyway?@dirtylittlesecret
rachidkas YVWTY Clariz!㋡@DjblueClariz: "GM,thank you:)): "The Soggy Bottom Boys – I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow"" (reblip)
wisewoman ...thanks for the William Jackson tune @jimmybog this one's called 'My Home Town' (Ard Mhacha to me and mine)
jimmybog One of her best! Thx. @smaclaren: "Ella sings Cole Porter." (reblip)
jimmybog Oh but it's been a few years...played the Hell out of this one at college.
jimmybog Happy birthday to my favourite painter!@Lady_Bastet
jimmybog Saw these lads in a noisy Dublin pub many years ago--love 'em. Thanks for listening!@verbena (reblip)
jimmybog I remember the lads singing this one back in '84!@verbena
smaclaren Goodbye.

Oscar Peterson - Every Time We Say Goodbye

| play
jimmybog She's great...almost as good as Buble?! ;-))@dirtylittlesecret (reblip)

Patsy ClineCrazy

| play
Lady_Bastet Wicked-rad. "Dueling Banjos"~Deliverance OST
jimmybog Fleeing town for Pennsylvania for a few days. Back on the weekend. Keep the culture coming, OK?@wisewoman
jimmybog I know it's been played to death, but k. d. put on the best live show I've ever seen. If she's ever in your area, go and see her@KcMarMar

KD LangHallelujah

| play
jimmybog Not sure what they call female troubadors, but Joni's one of them. This is perhaps my favourite Mitchell ditty.

Joni MitchellCoyote

| play
jimmybog Some great guitar work on this video.The video's kinda fun too.@KcMarMar
KcMarMar I heard about your heat wave....hope it's cooler today. I tried weeding yesterday, it lasted about 15 minutes!!!! ;-) @jimmybog

Garden StateToday

| play
jimmybog Another Today from the folkie era. Loved this group@KcMarMar
kirkill Procol Harum – Conquistador (reblip)
smaclaren Goodbye for now.

Oscar Peterson - Every Time We Say Goodbye

| play
verbena ...there are people dreaming of the hills of Donegal
smaclaren Oscar plays Cole Porter.

Oscar Peterson - Every Time We Say Goodbye

| play
jimmybog ...for the old man has come home from the forest...

Gordon Lightfoot / Home From The Forest

| play
jimmybog From a good friend no longer blipping....

Do Make Say ThinkDo

| play
jimmybog Reading Sinatra's bio "The Voice" at the moment. Great insights into a monster talent.
jimmybog Another great arrangement of this dandy tune about a burg you may have heard of...;-))@tiofyra

Christy Moore : Fairytale Of New York

| play
Rocketron @JerryTheK: "@kobiswim: "Jeff Beck & Imogen Heap - Rollin' And Tumblin'"" (reblip)

Jeff Beck & Imogen Heap-Rollin' And Tumblin'

| play
jimmybog I need some cheering up this morning so this will do it! TY again. @dirtylittlesecret" (reblip)
jimmybog Straight to my playlist. TY!@smaclaren: "Dunmore Lassies." (reblip)

The Chieftains & Ry cooder

| play
morganh rb vi@Flying_Roundhouse: "The Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin' (reblip)
mojoatelier #nowplaying ♪~ boats to build ~♫ #labor #day #bbq #follow ʞɔɐqʍolloɟı# #meow #monday ♪♫~✽.¸♥¸.✽~♫♪
jimmybog Some Sharon Shannon fer ye. Just discovered her@wisewoman
jimmybog Something peaceful for you to listen to under the boardwalk@wisewoman
jimmybog Love the way the lads from Toronto do this old standard@tiofyra
jimmybog From a great album. I think I wore our the grooves! Thanks for listening!@moonflowernco: "dave brubeck ~ take five" (reblip)

Darlin' Corey By The Kingston Trio

| play

Highland Cathedral

| play
jimmybog Here's another version for you@verbena...love it

PETER, PAUL & MARY ~ Stewball ~.wmv

| play
jimmybog So appealing from the first note.@wisewoman: "Rbs @JosieMK via @jennyleepenny .......perfect to the day............" (reblip)
jimmybog Ignore the annoying video, just enjoy the big "O."@verbena

In DreamsRoy Orbison

| play
jimmybog Chagall was not a woman but this a favourite of mine@JosieMK

The Painter Neil Young

| play
DJRosaNava Stairway to Heaven

Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven

| play
jimmybog Carlos looks to be about 15 here. Until he starts wailing away on his guitar@sir_edward_ross: "Soul Sacrifice" (reblip)
jimmybog Another version of this tune from Liam and the boys@verbena
jimmybog A bittersweet coming of age oldie. Love it. Thanks for listening@vintagemama (reblip)
verbena at his "F'well"gig in small venue & got to speak -brill writer RB@jimmybog: "Yeppers. Eric's so good@verbena (reblip)
sir_edward_ross rb @Gaz50: "Procol Harum – Conquistador" (reblip)
jimmybog Love these sitting room pieces@wisewoman: "Aly Bain and friends" (reblip)

Elanor of Usen

| play
jimmybog Passed quite close to Teelin according to my journal...Killybegs to be precise@wisewoman...tanks for this lovely tune (reblip)
jimmybog Title track from one of the best pop albums ever.
antoforever Hope everything is goin' well with you @c3p0

VincentDon Mclean

| play
jimmybog Happy Thanksgiving weekend from one of your Canuck fans@tiofyra
jimmybog In memory of a good friend who died a year ago. He loved Ronnie Milsap

Ronnie Milsap-Lost In The Fifties Tonight

| play
verbena thans for this! RB@pulsar (reblip)

Mark Knopfler Theme from Local Hero

| play
jimmybog Was it really 27 years ago? Check out the big hair on these guys!
SabineWe Patricia Spero – Celtic Christmas Spero
wisewoman rb ty @smaclaren: "another one from the Transatlantic sessions, a song sung in Gaelic by Julie Fowlis with Aly Bain, Jerry Douglas and others." (reblip)
jimmybog This duo is so good!

Rodrigo Y Gabriella cover of Metallica's Orion

| play
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