jlw3rd quiet thoughts for quiet dreams...


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jlw3rd the man can dance but always underated as a singer
jlw3rd big easy mojo going on here
jlw3rd my fav mountain girl straight from L.A.
sudaca70 para mis amigos de Tartagal... ojalá estén todos bien
jlw3rd South of the border bound

Gomez - Tijuana Lady

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jlw3rd fall,winter,spring and summer
mazo Buenos días Vietnam!. Hoy empezamos con algo suave, Glen Miller nos deleita con Stardust.


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jlw3rd OH !!!! Demon alcohol !!!!!

The KinksAlcohol

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jlw3rd shakin' out the cobwebs
jlw3rd I am just living to be lying at your side...
jlw3rd one of my fav bands

Gomez - Tijuana Lady

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jlw3rd he influenced elton john's work
jlw3rd staying with the old stuff
jlw3rd don't hear this one much
jlw3rd going further back

Donovan Sunshine Superman

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jlw3rd another wife fav, mine too.

Jesse MalinBrooklyn

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jlw3rd let's skip work today
jlw3rd partie dessus !!!!


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jlw3rd it's gonna blow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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jlw3rd gonna roll you in duct tape
jlw3rd what kind of ... "what" ????
cabrochette ter que sair de casa num calor desses acaba com a perspectiva de civilização do brasileiro. vou lá suar a camisa. sem botas, 'course. bondia.
jlw3rd We can be thankful...


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dymphie thanx @adbert hope you're doing fine too
jlw3rd Staying an eastern course

Ed HarcourtShanghai

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jlw3rd We don't need no stinkin' badges.


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jlw3rd blah,blah,blah.... pour me a drink.

Nellie McKayDavid

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jlw3rd a beautiful day is upon us.
jlw3rd greet the sun even if it's cloudy.
jlw3rd my heart goin' boom, boom, boom..


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jlw3rd steppin' back today. Hope u don't mind.
jlw3rd sorry to see this band go.
jlw3rd re-blipping billy again cuz the first one sucked
jlw3rd thanks for listening today. have a good nite.
jlw3rd here's one fer my fellow blipper Mirage347


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jlw3rd thx Mirage, trying to go with some horns fer a few songs
jlw3rd one last horn, one of my fav Bruce songs
jlw3rd G20 yesterday

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK

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jlw3rd i know it's not the season and everybody wants spring to come but i just love this song. happy memories and some good jazz to boot.
jlw3rd Great Jeff Beck guitar here. a classic.
jlw3rd In the 70's a GREAT road band and this is one of their best.


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Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Harum

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jlw3rd tryin' again here. first blip sucked
jlw3rd Another from Sly Stone

Family Affair

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Edwin Starr - War

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Big Country - In A Big Country

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jlw3rd from ronnie wood's first disc w/the stones. A GREAT album !!!
jlw3rd Little known band in the 70's but Bill Nelson was one of the best guitarists of his day.