joebug ewwwww @space_cadet luckily he wasn't around or he probably would have tried
joebug @space_cadet black mold (the 'electronically deviant side project' of mr. chad vangaalen!)

Black MoldUke Puke

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joebug see the light in your eyes

The BalconiesLulu

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joebug come to think of it, i think frog eyes sounds more like sunset rubdown (just not as good) ;P

Small Black- Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)

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anonymoose @OneA plays the best indie music. Just thought I should share that with all of you.
OKnightmare Music of my 1/4 century : 2008. A Why? track? Who would have guessed? :D
joebug ugh. i'm going to have to get my snow brush out at lunch :(
joebug hey all, i'm looking for songs for a not-so-obvious halloween playlist, any ideas?? this is what i have so far
joebug another good dark moody song for my halloween playlist, i think.
joebug OH SWEET i think i just found some more music for my (not-so-obvious) halloween playlist!

Revenge -- Danger Mouse Sparklehorse (Flaming Lips)

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joebug ooh i'm liking this danger mouse and sparklehourse thing - how did i not know about this? And david lynch is involved? - GOLD.
joebug if we were children i would bake you a mud pie
joebug valery gore - shoes of glass (kidstreet remix)


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joebug sweet! @MsBojangles I've been looking for this song for days! (reblip)
joebug @sandyriverside perfume, makeup, booze, cigarrettes, got it. Perfect recipe for romance, if you ask me ;)
joebug one of my all time favorite songs <3
joebug patrick watson has the most beautiful voice :) *sigh*
joebug there's the one that got away and the one that's in the way - i just want to be the one that got away with it
joebug i jumped in but i was too late
joebug it's highly unlikely i will ever get tired of blipping this song :)
joebug @space_cadet who i do believe is a sucker for great lake swimmers :)
joebug excellent Friday afternoon song
joebug tessellate: fit together exactly.
joebug i'm outta here, have a fantabulous weekend you beautiful people you!
dharshaw @penfabulous: "rb vi@OneA «:::T:::» «:::H:::» «:::A:::» «:::N:::» «:::K:::» «:::S:::» " (reblip)
joebug if anyone can blip me the new said the whale song 'girl with the black heart' i'd love them forever ;)
joebug you don't need poltergeists for sidekicks
joebug lunchtime! later taters :)

COEUR DE PIRATE -Comme Des Enfants Lyrics

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joebug you reminded me of this @NotAsPunkAsYou - good tune :)

Royal CityBad Luck

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Eazy Speaks by Apostle of Hustle

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Grand Analog I play my kazoo

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joebug :) @santamistura: "@GR8FL woo-hoooooooooooooo" (reblip)


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joebug thanks :) @space_cadet you're pretty awesome yourself lady!
joebug these are three cool dudes ;)
joebug i'm so cheap i might as well be free
joebug in the battle of sun vs. curtains, sun loses and we sleep until noon
joebug little bit of love (cute video)

Jon and Roy "Little Bit Of Love"

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joebug here i go again smiling too sweet, can't seem to hold it in every time that we meet
joebug you wore your sunday suit and i wore lace
joebug thanks for listening :) @jp41

The AntlersTwo

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Ragged Wood- Fleet Foxes

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joebug she runs guns everyone wants guns? whatever, it's damn catchy!!
joebug what's shakin'? @sarzipan -- i'm going to mexico in 6 sleeps!
joebug OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT for @sarzipan the sexiest blippin blipper around ;) (reblip)
joebug they think they know us
joebug it's so awesome to see these guys doing so well lately - thanks :) @CLARITY
joebug i like to listen to tinariwen and imagine i'm walking the plains of africa with a herd of elephants <3 @megg @space_cadet
joebug devastatingly sad and beautiful
joebug @megg Oh...Canada (oh oh oh Canada!)
joebug my favorite music video EVER.

Hey Ocean!"Alleyways"

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joebug last blip for a while, gotta get to work! thanks for listening :) @lowflyingkiwi
joebug still here! trying not to let this mean old work day swallow me :)
joebug always a reblip on this one :) @santamistura: "thankssssss @smartard" (reblip)
joebug less than an hour and i'm free!
joebug better version

Luke Doucet-Long Haul Driver-Live

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joebug yay! back from vacation and back surgery on the same day, I feel awesome :P
joebug i think carolyn mark is from Victoria BC on the west coast, not sure about NQ Arbuckle - they're both canadian indie darlings, though @MsBojangles :)
joebug what my car was this morning
joebug adaline - whiter/straighter

Adaline Official Music Video "Whiter/Straighter"

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joebug i love the way you sleep when you're angry the way the moon reflects such a beautiful light
joebug love these two - definitely can-indie royalty
joebug there is xxxx (within my heart)

You Say Party ! We Say Die ! -There Is XXXX (Within My Heart)

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joebug currently researching the benefits of cooking christmas dinner vs. buying from a restaurant :) @NotAsPunkAsYou
joebug the day begins just like any other
joebug nice one that came up on shuffle on my dog walk at lunch :)

Classified-Breaking up

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joebug pink mountaintops - vampire (let the right one in)


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joebug #beachparty my contribution - and i actually do love to listen to this album at the beach :)
joebug it is me and my dog! @megg sorry for the delay-coworkers all stand around my desk like it's the freakin' water cooler, really messes with my blipping!

Dear ReaderNever Goes

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joebug it's hip hop time yo

DrakeSay Whats Real

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joebug i felt you in my legs before i ever met you
megg @OneA: "just do what parents do @c_vanoverbeke, tell us both we're your favorite ;)" God damn, you have great taste in music! (reblip)
joebug i've been trying to find this for a while too, jackpot!
joebug OOH! I wasn't expecting to find this! !!!!!
joebug this deserves another play today (reblip)


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joebug brand new song from the deep dark woods!
joebug i'm a little in love with this song lately
joebug one of the most instantly recognizable songs to me <3
joebug blip is weird for me today too @indieearcandyforeveryone, must be the new features glitching?
joebug this might be the prettiest thing you hear today
joebug gimme that beat (beat beat) stuff
joebug i'm partial to this version <3
joebug new to me (and from calgary too!)

Tunng - Tale From Black

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joebug this is so awesome, thanks! @sadluckserenade: "Cool acoustic version of this song." (reblip)
joebug funny you just blipped fleetwood mac @JumpinjEllybean -- i just had to pop by to blip this new discovery! eisley covering stevie nick's silver springs


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joebug ooooh i haven't been able to find this before!!!
joebug <3 new basia bulat <3

Basia BulatGo On

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joebug the boy was an old cat, the girl was a clever mouse
joebug dear 8billion ppl who sat in front of your computer with your guitar, sang this song & put it on YouTube -- NO ONE CARES!!! (dumb blip searches)
anonymoose Hey @OneA I thought of another vampire book for you:

Band of SkullsBlood

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joebug not sure if "I love the chapped skin above your eyes" is that great of a compliment...
joebug ooooh i've been waiting for this to show up <3 <3 <3
joebug this is one of the awesomest things i've ever seen.
joebug haha sure! (as long as it's chocolate peanut butter) <3 @spicy_snuggle_rat
joebug me too :) #yyz thinks it's so great, but E-town has always been where it's at :) haha @anonymoose: "I love you #yeg" (reblip)
joebug if i was 8 inches shorter i'd probably stalk sam roberts ;) @VeryEmerald @nastysurprise
joebug morning sir :) @nastysurprise: "Good morning/afternoon/evening (reblip)
VeryEmerald oh my lord. I needed a laugh. This will do. @joebug: "ahaaaahahaha #coversthatdontsuck" (reblip)
joebug an old favorite :)

"sigh" Music video-downwiththebutterfly

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anonymoose the bitterness inside is growing like a new born

MuseNew Born

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joebug having a rb kind of afternoon :) @Alvaroxx: "Pixies – Here Comes Your Man..." (reblip)
joebug smiles on all sides! :) @nastysurprise :) "joebug Thanks for including me in your :) sandwich." (reblip)

Sam RobertsParanoia

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joebug my cat peed in my papasan chair at lunch and i had to throw out the cushion, little pisser! (free cat anyone?!?)
joebug shoulda played this yesterday - i am working for the weekend, though ;)
DependableSkeleton Nice one. RB vi@jong: "Sunset Rubdown – I'll Believe In Anything You'll Believe In Anything" (reblip)
joebug it was me, mwuhahahahaaa! @RunRunItsHim

USS - Stationary Robbery

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joebug morning :) lovely to be back with you all.
joebug dear ferraby lionheart, consider my love affair with you on, as!
joebug I don't have a problem with some (real cowboy skills competition) but think they should do away with pure-entertainment events (chucks) @muffinlab

Jeremy FisherJolene

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joebug every time they look at us we'll blow their minds @Mysterymix @anonymoose @beap @nastysurprise @sliddy @Indie_Tunes @MyCosmicRebellion :)

Joel Plaskett A Million Dollars

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joebug i'm developing a born ruffians addiction...
joebug ohhhh hayden i want to jump yr bones xoxo

The Temper Trap Soldier On

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joebug haven't listened to this in a while :)
joebug fruit bats...just, yes. lovely.
joebug yep this one is great:) @TheSteadyDrifter: "liking in a very serious way r/b @indieearcandyforeveryone: "inspiration joebug ;)"" (reblip)
joebug i have those! (low blood pressure.)
joebug all my troubles on a burning pile, sounds nice :)
joebug :D @muzicmajic: "pardon me while i close my door, crank up the volume, and head off into musical ectasy..." (reblip)
joebug it's freezing dark and rainy here today :(

'Take a Minute' by K'naan on QTV

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joebug you might like this too :) @Mysterymix

Emma-Lee covers Skeeter Davis "The End of the World"

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joebug just love her, thx :) @Mysterymix: "joebug ^)^" (reblip)

Emma-LeeBruise Easy

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joebug i wonder if said the whale and or the whale know each other...
joebug oh man mine too :) @Literati: "my idea of that is" (reblip)
joebug jenn grant - the prettiest voice in all of Canada <3
joebug dunno @designcrush us Canadians kind of pride ourselves on our ability to withstand cold, I might melt down there =)
joebug anyways it's only +16C -- like balmy summer weather up here :) @designcrush
joebug I would say a first step is to put better candy out in your office ;) @revbeatman
joebug one of my favorite names <3
joebug one more before lunch, later taters ;) xoxo
joebug jealous! @beap (mohawk lodge)

Phoenix Acoustic "Lisztomania" on SIRIUS XM

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joebug new to me and nice :)

Alan Pownall Chasing Time (acoustic)

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joebug OH MAN! Your ears are going to be in musical ecstasy! @McJools: "TONIGHT at the legendary Horseshoe tavern!" (reblip)
joebug !earshot's number 21 album of 2009: gentleman reg - jet black
joebug indeed @thesearejams !earshot is a big source for my blipping :) number 18 album of 2009: shout out out out out - reintegration time
joebug !earshot's number 13 album of 2009: sunset rubdown - dragonslayer
joebug !earshot's number 12 album of 2009: the bicycles - oh no, it's love

The Bicycles: Oh No, It's Love-Directed by Joel MacLeod

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joebug aahhh !earshot's number 9 album of 2009: ohbijou - beacons <3

OhbijouBlack Ice

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joebug !earshot's number 8 album of 2009: formerly YSP!WSD! now just you say party! - XXXX
joebug !earshot's number 7 album of 2009: great lake swimmers - lost channels
joebug !earshot's number 6 album of 2009: grizzly bear - veckatimest ... top five coming up!
joebug !earshot's number 5 album of 2009: neko case - middle cyclone
joebug !earshot's number 4 album of 2009: pink mountaintops - outside love
joebug !earshot's number 3 album of 2009: julie doiron - i can wonder what you did with your day
joebug !earshot's number 2 album of 2009: metric - fantasies ... who will be number 1?
joebug and a JP triple play to celebrate !earshot's number 1 album of 2009: joel plaskett - three!
joebug no one can deny deny deny joel plaskett belongs on the top of the charts :) now that's a number 1 i can get behind. hi :) @space_cadet
joebug Savage is a badass last name ... hello!
joebug feat tony dekker (of great lake swimmers) <3
joebug so does the tallest man on earth :)

Barmitzvah Brothers the Commute

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joebug Point Of View: Man's World by Emma-Lee

Point Of View: Man's World by Emma-Lee

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joebug morning blip ... i try to stay away to be more productive but i just can't, so here i am ;)

Jenn Grant - Paper Airplanes ft Buck 65

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joebug ha @megg but the practicing sure is fun isn't it ;)


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