stevetuf And don't let forget the Aussies... @hesa ?

Crosby, Stills and Nash- Southern Cross

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Tom Waits - Cold cold ground

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FOGGIELOANER the great Christy Moore, #1 on the list of singers I haven't seen but need to @BobOstwald: "This whole show seems to be available @OldCeltMan (reblip)
FOGGIELOANER no clapping! Casey Casey, you're the divil @BobOstwald @richardcymru
FOGGIELOANER Christy got better looking as he got older, Still a good 1, tho. I'll have to find James Connolly @JimmyStagger @OldCeltMan @richardcymru @bobostwalt
joeclassic @avard: """@avard: ""GOT TWO KEEP MY ANGELS HAPPY""" (reblip)

the pretenders -just call me angel of the morning

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joeclassic @loupnoir: "welcome -hope all good in ur neck of blip! rb @talpo" (reblip)
sir_edward_ross RB @Gidyean: "Janis Joplin – Buried Alive In The Blues (HQ) ♯5" (reblip)
TheJan @rsmac: "[Black Crowes – By Your Side]" (reblip)
sir_edward_ross Have a couple of brews on the deck & enjoy @hankpoints: "fucking 70 huh, shitass got shit about that!!! good song @sir_edward_ross: (reblip)
sir_edward_ross RB @Gaz50: "Elvis Costello & The Attractions Watching The Detectives" (reblip)
sir_edward_ross RB @BlipStarr: ""Ringo Starr- It Don't Come Easy" (reblip)

Ringo Starr- It Don't Come Easy

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katterfelto @BRIGLIASONGS: "Blip a reply to @Dancer12 ♫God bless you, please, Mrs. Robinson,Heaven holds a place for those who pray Hey hey hey, hey hey hey.♫" (reblip)

Mrs Robinson Simon And Garfunkel 1968

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Jeffie Peter Frampton - "Show Me The Way" (reblip)
Jeffie Johnny Burnette - "Dreamin'" (summer/autumn, 1960) (reblip)
Jeffie Diana Ross & The Supremes - "Reflections" (1967) (reblip)
Jeffie The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - "Fire" (autumn, 1968) (reblip)
Jeffie The Everly Brothers - "Let It Be Me" (early 1960) (reblip)
Jeffie Todd Rundgren - "Hello It's Me" (late 1973 and early 1974) - you're welcome - thank you too :D [thanks for the gr8 songs!!@Jeffie] (reblip)
Jeffie The Allman Brothers - "Ramblin' Man" (autumn, 1973) (reblip)
katterfelto @Nessa1972: "I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (reblip)
katterfelto @AngelGab: "it blows my mind and breaks my heart that people can treat living beings with such hatred. Tolerance is what I want.." (reblip)
katterfelto one of my personal favorites @ShannonGrissom: "Thank you @katterfelto" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- Over the Hills And Far Away (STUDIO VERSION)

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katterfelto @Nessa1972: "My Favorite One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (reblip)
katterfelto @nosetu: "I gotta figure something to do today~sometimes rain makes me feel so snugly :) @ShannonGrissom" (reblip)
Jeffie The Eagles – "Best Of My Love" (spring, 1975) (reblip)
katterfelto @abarbosa: "It's going to be alright... When times get rough you can fall back on us... Don't give up" (reblip)
blues_b_us CCR – The Concert, 1970 (Part 2)
cpcdiniz @TheLenzyme: "Yes, woohoo! tx for following me!!@readmylipstick: "ur gettN close 2 5k badge! @TheLenzyme: "Deep Purple – Knocking At Your Back Door (reblip)
De_Ann @NicoleVSanchez: "@vidabatine: "Wow! 5 more, c'mon folks RB@TropicsZ4: "This Awesome DJ Crispast > needs 5 more listeners for her 25K badge (reblip)


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joeclassic @FernandaW: "to keep up with me you've got to walk like a panther tonight..." (reblip)

Walk Like a Panther, Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders

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BestYet2B Ive Got a Rock 'N' Roll Heart ~ seriously

Eric Clapton- Ive Got a Rock 'N' Roll Heart

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Unaturalsoul "A Good Version of Jimi's Song...Exactly The Opposite For Me...From Texas To Cali...@Sylak "


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Unaturalsoul "Hugzz....>>{@DirtyUrine:} "That's my girl!! ==>@Unaturalsoul: ""Like I Said Before..Jesus Frowns On Chicago...Luvs Texas & California """ (reblip)
smilecin sweet, sweet, sweet......belated thanks @LisaDiggityD @kundenphei @popr333 @locomotion ;-)

Ronnie Lane. Ooh la la

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Creep by The Pretenders

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MusicWithMsB Another great oldie@Jalapeno: "1966 Billboard Number One Hits... ? And The Mysterians – 96 Tears" (reblip)
MusicWithMsB Boy, do I need a miracle@Blipdjj: "TYrb@ImpossibleWoman: "I believe in miracles ..." (reblip)
joeclassic @Blipdjj: "@DamnTheMan: "Shhhhh, don't say it so loud......they'll hear you hon rb@EllenaG: "~Black Sabbath – Paranoid~""" (reblip)
joeclassic @joeclassic: "@LindaTomRadio: "Jimmy Page liked this song too!"" (reblip)


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Sylak ‡‡Blue Öyster Cult - "Veteran of the Psychic Wars"‡‡ (reblip)

Blue Oyster Cult: Veteran of the Psychic Wars

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Jalapeno 1974 Billboard Number One Hits... Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown
TrainWreckRadio @JanetSEyre [Just like children sleeping we could dream this night away] auto-re-blip (reblip)
RafaelCortines [Sir Douglas Quintet - Dynamite Woman]
ElZorro Bill Withers – Just the Two of Us
Sylak Hey my GWAR partner! ☺ @Damiana: "rb loves hey @Sylak! :) "‡‡The White Stripes – "Seven Nation Army"‡‡"" (reblip)

Everly Brothers Wake Up Little Suzie

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mcdemattos Sorry @joeclassic I rebliped one of your songs without a credit....
avard ""@avard: ": """"your thumb out""""""" (reblip)

Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler Duet of John Lennon's Imagine form the Secret Policemans Ball

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joeclassic @DesertLily: "RB@LocoStavos: "And if two, why not three!"This is a show tune. But the show hasn't been written for it yet. (oddly "..."" (reblip)
joeclassic @DeAnn: "<Easy Rider Soundtrack – 07 The Jimi Hendrix Experience - If Six Was Nine>" (reblip)
joeclassic @Sylak: "‡‡Motörhead - "Louie, Louie"‡‡" (reblip)


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Jessica_Rabbit rb!!@EllenaG: "~Black Sabbath – War Pigs~" (reblip)


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sir_edward_ross Roadhouse Hooker & Doors


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ShebaJo rb@DJMcMe: "Thx for the memories!! Remember walking around as a kid singing this song!! Love it!! @ronnieron: "Boxtops – The Letter""""" (reblip)
Jeffie Thin Lizzy - "The Boys Are Back In Town"
cpcdiniz RB@sweetromance: "Now who could that be knockin' at my door? Is an old favorite when ducking Mother-In-Laws lol" (reblip)

Who can it be now?- Men at work

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HorseShitWally @BBWolfey: "@ledvolta: "@joeclassic: "@BBWolfey: "Nice@ledvolta: "yeah! @BBWolfey""" I'm Mitch, as well"" (reblip)

Jack Bruce, Mitch Mitchell, Larry Coryell live 1970

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cpcdiniz RB@jujube1: "i see i've lost a listener ... sadness abounds... so i'll blip me some Stones :)" (reblip)
fxp123 Gary Wright - Dream Weaver I think it is time for a nap thanks everyone
StillStacy @Oculuris: "@Annaleise: "ty @innoutwindows: "I've got a tombstone hand and a graveyard mind~ @sir_edward_ross: "I walk 47 miles of barbed wire ..."" (reblip)
ladyb2kool @CarolinaRick It's been 14days since I don't know when... Lee Michaels – Do You Know What I Mean

MC5-Rama lama fa fa fa

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Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes great white buffalo

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Call Me The Breeze Lynard Skynard

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ladyb2kool TY @Greenfields47 & @sir_edward_ross Tomorrow is another day... >> Gary Wright – Dream Weaver

Small Faces- Sha La La La Lee

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The Who , La La La Lies , Substitute (BBC Sessions)

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joeclassic @ladyb2kool: "Thx 4 the prop luv @doubleknockout78 >> Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll" (reblip)
joeclassic @ladyb2kool: "Good pick TY rb@dafish: "your independence is half-assed deliverance" >> The Black Crowes – Sting Me" (reblip)
joeclassic @ladyb2kool: "Nice change of pace TY rb@MedeaVIII ♫♪ Golden Earing – Radar Love" (reblip)
Vyxen007 @eubieland: "One more to go...@sooze27: @shiloh62: "@DavidL1313: "Cheers we could keep on going blip after blip till this record is all played out!" (reblip)
ladyb2kool Hope you have a great weekend rb@dj_lbd >> Pink Floyd – Welcome To The Machine
ladyb2kool Good News *** The 2 yr old Indonesian Smoking Baby Calls It Quits after a 30day Rehab Program

The Rolling Stones, Happy 1972

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bytera hmm x 2 TYVM for Rb@O_Afflicted: "hmm, @bytera: "for those of you who like Dire Straits and superb songs ... this one is one of his very best. (reblip)
bytera Glad to be, dear! =) @biap: "♥ ♥ ♥ To my top-prop DJs (of the week) I love and appreciate: @Ttddman @n4t @bytera @dANGELofLOVE @c3p0 ♥ ♥ ♥" (reblip)
Greenfields47 ty rb@BBlanca: "Phil Collins. Another day in paradise" (reblip)

another day in paradise

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The Rolling Stones, All Down The Line 1972

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ladypn Thats because the distance keeps me together... ;) TY rb@TheSteadyDrifter: "ty @ladypn, but i can't see you ever falling apart ;)" (reblip)
ladypn email me on ning if you still need answers rb@RadioFreeIllinois: "Miles Nielsen, son of Cheap Trick Rick, musician wants on Blip How does he upload" (reblip)
ladypn TY rb@Gidyean: "@ladypn A little soundtrack George did that not too many people know about. a great album. Very original." (reblip)

in the park Wonderwall George Harrison

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bytera Ladies and Gentlemen and DJs, Mr. Frank Zappa . . .
badbabygirl2 RB Thank You Ria For Adding ME, I Added You Months Ago>@RiaLaurens: "@hippiechick: "ZZ TOP – Jesus Just Left Chicago"" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE ♥♥♥♥ [[Soldier Of Love]] Wishing My #Tweet #Friends#Blip #Listeners A #Fabulous #Weekend ♥♥ (((♥Hugs♥))) ♥♥♥♥ Bye4Now...♥oxoxo♥ (reblip)
ladyb2kool A Fav TY rb@lostndanet: "Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water" (reblip)
westham999 "They stand up and sing about what it's like up there They call it paradise I don't know why You call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye.."


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Jeffie Hi - you back home? [@scotlandlover: well helloo rb @Jeffie: Bob Lind - "Elusive Butterfly" ...Don't be concerned - it will not harm you...] (reblip)

Bob Lind and Elusive Butterfly

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ladyb2kool Many Thanks For Top Props #4 @BethLidd #5 @LindaTomRadio >> The Who – Baba O'Riley
joeclassic @lostndanet: "Ryan Adams - Touch, Feel & Lose" (reblip)

Ryan Adams Touch, Feel & Lose

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22Crystal22 @BBlanca: "Hi my friend, the same to you!! @Greenfields47: "hi bblanca, good day 2 u..@BBlanca: "Thanks!!!"" (reblip)
22Crystal22 @Gidyean: "ty @navyblueblood: "rb tks to @divadonna5: "TY@Gidyean: "The Lovin' Spoonful – Summer in the City"""" (reblip)
22Crystal22 @THEORDEROFEARTH: "@DORKVADER: "@antoforever Associated acts Plastic Ono Band, Thunderclap Newman, The Small Faces,The Faces, Deep End, (reblip)
22Crystal22 @JonathanDune: "G'day misinformed@alexparr TY Rbs!..."What A Fool Believes..." (reblip)
sandiegogil i'm your captain grank funk railroad

Grand Funk Rail Road- I'm Your Captain

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joeclassic @ladyb2kool: "Many Thanks For Top Props #4 @BethLidd #5 @LindaTomRadio >> The Who – Baba O'Riley" (reblip)
joeclassic @ladyb2kool: "A Fav TY rb@lostndanet: "Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water"" (reblip)
sandiegogil you've got some evils woman,,lol carlos santana

Tell The Truth (Specter version) / Derek and the Dominos

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alexparr TY RB @BattLady: "Otis Redding – I've Got Dreams To Remember ~~#soundtracks ~~Dream a Little Dream 1989" (reblip)

Bobby Darin-Things

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The Beatles- You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

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joeclassic @RadioFreeIllinois: "The Call - The Walls Came Down c/o @newwaveclassics <<RIP Michael Been 1950~2010>> #nowplaying" (reblip)
joeclassic @TheJohnC: "ty both @jas13: "Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder – Dust My Broom @jet333:"" (reblip)
alexparr Duracell bunnies R pink & fluffy! @cjh: "A pink robotbunny?@me 4 @c3p0 whether he is Santa Clause or a pink fluffy bunny bot - HELP!@Dancer12 (reblip)
alexparr That was me!! ROFL :)) @cjh: "Oh U was 1 inblack coat!@c3p0: "it was really close :-) @me "It was dark - she couldn't CU!we danced remember ?? :-D (reblip)

Tina Turner Private Dancer (Original Album Version)

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Vyxen007 @EarwaxOfSatan: "@zoomie112: "Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Crimson & Clover"" (reblip)
DDPlay Thx much! @Grazesto: "RB @donnadontplay: "~ REM - Everybody Hurts ~"" (reblip)
DDPlay YVW hun! Hugs! @Ttddman: "thx hun@donnadontplay: "~ Knocking on Heavens Door ~"" (reblip)
joeclassic @comicmama: "@oldbastard: "@cpcdiniz: "rb@aflow: "born to be wild - steppenwolf RB @comicmama ...she just rock on! lol!"""" (reblip)
DDPlay YVW sweets! @throughthetrees: "could be better, could be worse. haha. thanks for asking! glad to hear you're okay. @donnadontplay: (reblip)
Vanzetti YES THEY HAVE@Coffeenuts: : Bob Dylan – Things Have Changed" (reblip)
Vanzetti @ed_dietryin-i regret i never saw the Wolf-OLE BILL DOES MELODY VERY WELL (reblip)

Don't Step On The Grass, Sam by Gov't Mule Lyrics

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DDPlay Goodnight! @whatevertunes: "GN all...tks for props/RBs and that offer for either a trip to mtns or her bed (never did get a clear answer on that one) (reblip)

AC/DCNight Prowler

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joeclassic @kaw1216: "yes, best Who track evah! *Sparks* RB @jenime" (reblip)

The WhoSparks

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joeclassic @donnadontplay: "YVW sweets! @throughthetrees: "could be better, could be worse. haha. thanks for asking! glad to hear you're okay. @donnadontplay:" (reblip)
joeclassic @donnadontplay: "Hi hun! @bytera: "because everyone needs a little John Lee . . ."" (reblip)
joeclassic @donnadontplay: "AUTO RB! @TropicsZ4: "2nd most popular artist always near the top David Bowie .David Bowie – Modern Love"" (reblip)
joeclassic @donnadontplay: "Thx much! @Jeffie: "Billy Squier - "Lonely Is The Night""" (reblip)
fxp123 ty @JAMESX: "RB @fxp123 "Peter Gabriel – Shaking The Tree""" (reblip)
fxp123 rb @cjh: "My Girl – The Temptations - my answer for @bobscopper" (reblip)
joeclassic @fxp123: "Joe Walsh - The Eagles - 1977- Walk Away" (reblip)
Neruda65 Ella Fitzgerald – "Always"
joeclassic @22Crystal22: "@StillStacy: "Ok, finally heading out for my ride. Had to light the fire, you know."" (reblip)
joeclassic @22Crystal22: "@Loba_Negra: "Edwin Starr - War Absolutely nothing - War aint' nothing but a heartbreaker, War - friend only to the undertaker" (reblip)

Edwin Starr- War (Lyrics)

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joeclassic @ladyb2kool: "A Fav TY rb@LPClassen: The Rolling Stones – Angie" (reblip)
joeclassic @FOGGIELOANER: "great workers' songs @BobOstwald: "Sade – When Am I Going To Make A Living"" (reblip)
joeclassic @22Crystal22: "@Natp55: ""See the stone set in your eyes...""" (reblip)
diamondgal <3 <3 Neil Diamond – Solitary Man
joeclassic @Neruda65: "The original: Love – "Alone Again Or" (1967)" (reblip)

LoveAlone Again Or

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Steve Earle on Letterman 1988 (Copperhead Road)

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Larry McCray "That's How Strong"

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joeclassic @StillStacy: "@lukesharp: "don't count on it ..u will be pushed away .." ((I love The Carpenters!!))" (reblip)
joeclassic @StillStacy: "@lillianwong: "Losing My Religion – REM" **dang, been doing this in REAL LIFE!!**" (reblip)
joeclassic @StillStacy: "Summer's almost gone, AND SO ARE MY CREDIT PROPS!!! Spending them like a sailor on shore leave ain't too smart." (reblip)
joeclassic @StillStacy: "Headed out for a ride. Lovely day here in the Mile High." (reblip)
joeclassic @StillStacy: "@ForeverInYourSmile: "Got My Mind Set On You, George Harrison #smile" ***love this song***" (reblip)
joeclassic @joeclassic: "@StillStacy: "Sorry all, I'm a busy gal today. Everyone have a nice day."" (reblip)
joeclassic @MzTrysRiddim: "nice...some vintage Boss ... inspired by @innoutwindows this song" (reblip)

"Honey" Hole/Courtney Love live 2/17/10

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joeclassic @DukesMusic: "...this is one fine piece of guitar playing..." (reblip)

The Doors: The Soft parade

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BluJulius oh we are friends then!-.o@crazydv: "Don't fit my acoustic songs.But never have played by rules! Ha!Ha!Ha!@droolius: "@crazydv"" (reblip)
22Crystal22 @DaveL: "1968 Interestingly, this song charted only for a short time at only no. 97/USA, and gained notoriety in later years." (reblip)
BluJulius yes!cooking chili to this!@redoctopus: "TYRB @rocket1206: "TY RB@Zjosman: "ty rb @redoctopus: "Miles Davis – Zimbabwe"""" (reblip)
amphore Pat Metheny Group – Naked Moon
joeclassic @greentrees: "RB/greets>>>>@TroyHolder: ""Vampire Blues" by Neil Young (Canada)1974"" (reblip)
fridayschild WOW moment in N'awlins: Dave Matthews covering Talking Heads Burning Down the House w/Trombone Shorty, Kermit Ruffins & Mardi Gras Indians. HOT!
DavidL1313 Hi just wanted to say a proper thank you for all the lovely stuff you have sent me today ty@Ezmerelda109 You are so kind so I wrote this for you! :>)
joeclassic @kapri: "Happy Birthday Lol Creme, born Sept 9, 1947" (reblip)

HONOLULU LULU (1977) by Godley and Creme

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Jeffie Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Cotton Fields" - When I was a little bitty baby, my mama would rock me in the cradle - in them old cotton fields...
joeclassic @kapri: "Terry reid – Rich Kid Blues" (reblip)
StreamingMimi Jackie Wilson – Night (1960)
syn44 Thanks to everyone who contributed to the 219 props I recieved this past week.
chelseagirl19 Just don't do it around me, I'll punch your lights out.. @greentrees @eliott_is_dead- I can argue that this is the single greatest rawk song (reblip)
chelseagirl19 Nothing makes a bad day better than dragging through the streets of Baltimore and having this come up on the iPhone Puts a marked strut in your stroll (reblip)
chelseagirl19 Don't jump to any conclusions. I have a very slap-able face. @greentrees: "of course you'd win, I would never hit you. @chelseagirl19" (reblip)
joeclassic @thedigitalbee54: ""KIDJO WAS HERE ON LABOR DAY, SHE WAS OFF THE CHAIN'"@Pascalguilbert: "ANGELIQUE KIDJO (feat. Peter Gabriel) – Salala"" (reblip)
joeclassic @DukesMusic: "@Eclecticist: "rb @bytera: "Good track! Thanks, dear Kari =) rb@karironisGEOcafe ~hope you're enjoying the music this evening....""" (reblip)

The Standells on The Mike Douglas Show (5/27/66) LIVE!!!

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NewBalance @cpcdiniz: "@antoforever: "WOMEN, THERE'S RAY CHARLES! @lauzuluf: "::Ray Charles - I've Got A Woman:: great!"" (reblip)
joeclassic @dankitti: "Here's Jackson Browne with a song better known by The Eagles, Take It Easy." (reblip)
joeclassic @cpcdiniz: "@leschaises: "rarity to see this great song!tY@cpcdiniz"" (reblip)

It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

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NewBalance @cpcdiniz: "rb@PollysMusic: "Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song. Valhalla I am comiiiiiing..."" (reblip)
joeclassic @stormy: "Enjoying the nice weather! And my favorite Blipster???@tokool4u: "Hi, how's my fav weather girl in the whole world,"What Can I Say"@stormy" (reblip)

peter tosh -johny be good

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joeclassic @thisdmnhouse: "From a movie with a fab soundtrack (Jackie Brown)@PollysMusic: "The Delfonics - Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)"" (reblip)
joeclassic @NewBalance: "@Travvybear: "arguably the BEST harmonies in rock n roll"" (reblip)
kapri Off to work Blipsters, have a great day!
joeclassic @DukesMusic: "@queenofhearts11: "one of my fave. Ray songs of all time. thx RB @nbztunes: "Van Morrison- You Don't Know Me""" (reblip)
joeclassic @Ttddman: "yw lilli@fun4lilli: "{{Hugs}} back Todd, good to see you and thx for all the shoutouts during the week. I didn't get to blip much" (reblip)
joeclassic @scotlandlover: "hi ty @fluffyboots: "Mott the Hoople – All the Way From Memphis" (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Silver, Blue, and Gold – Bad Company ~ Thank you! @DJ_DenverCO
joeclassic @kapri: "Stevie Wonder – Living for the city 1974" (reblip)
joeclassic @comicmama: "The night Chicago died !!" (reblip)


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joeclassic @StreamingMimi: "Little Anthony & The Imperials -- Tears On My Pillow" (reblip)

Little Anthony And The Imperials-Tears On My Pillow

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joeclassic @Cribs66: "Wire - 1 2 X U" (reblip)

Wire- 1 2 X U

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joeclassic @kapri: "Rufus & Chaka Khan – Ain't Nobody" (reblip)
paulaprincipe ♫ ♫ Rb♫@BetoSchneider: "➜ JJ Cale – These Blues" (reblip)

JJ CaleThese Blues

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paulaprincipe :D ♫ ♫ ♫@FrankvRoosendaal: "rb!grt!@22Crystal22: "@joeclassic:TY for being a top propper:) "@paulaprincipe: "keep on tryin' ♫"""" (reblip)
ShebaJo rb@fxp123: "ty and I'll catch up later guys great @ladyb2kool: "Feel like walking @fxp123 How ya doing >> Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side"" (reblip)
lillianwong Where did all the fun go? Love FZ! tyrb@SGMan: "Frank Zappa ~ What Ever Happened To All the Fun In the World" (reblip)