jsae coolest song about cosmic flavor i've ever heard

Tori AmosFlavor

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jsae epic and cinematic, love me some white lies!
jsae this is a fantastic song, from an equally fantastic album

The Doves House Of Mirrors (High Quality)

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jsae "it's just a trick of the light she says...." damn, i love love love this song!!!

The CinematicsBreak

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jsae "dripping with alchemy...." such a badass track

IT'S BLITZ! Heads Will Roll

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jsae love the 'rapture' influence....these guys are simply brilliant


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jsae not only is this a sweet track, but the video is the best kind of strange i've seen in a long while!
jsae yoav has some haunting tunes...i really dig the video, too

Yoav "Adore Adore" Official Music Video

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jsae couldn't find the studio version of this one, but luckily she's one of those performers who's live versions are just as top-notch
jsae feist's rendition is a total jam...!

Sea Lion Woman

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jsae if this song doesn't make you want to move, you're dead inside.
jsae ahhhhhh, this is what warm and fuzzy sounds like...
jsae i don't think i could ever get tired of listening to this song. "flow sweetly, hang heavy....you suddenly complete me...."
jsae just discovered this band not too long ago, and this song is like, totally dreamy...."can't you feel the knife?"

Grizzly BearKnife

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jsae this is just one of those songs that has so many great cover versions. of course, the knife's original is classic...
jsae this is a totally different (yet just as good) take on 'heartbeats'

Scala & Kolacny Brother Heartbeats (Cover)

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jsae then there's this fantastic mashup of 'heartbeats' by the knife with 'knife' by grizzly bear
jsae can't get enough of this song, and for that matter UTIOG in general.....sadly, i think they've broken up :(

UTIOGHuman touch

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leaferi Sasha & Digweed/Rabbit in the Moon - Out of Body Experience

Trance/Anime-Out of Body Experience (Rabbit in the Moon Remix)

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jsae k&d's trans fatty acid @GR8FL: this is one of my favorite end-of-a-rainy-day songs...perfect for when the sun's barely breaking through the clouds
jsae hot damn, karen o. is a genius! catchy, frenetic, and raw...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Dull Life

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jsae this song makes me wish i was a drummer....
jsae such a fun song! one of my favorite new albums


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jsae embrace is pretty deft with the whole epic-sounding, sprawling arena rock thing...
jsae little boots = synthtastic sounds to shake yer ass to.

Little Boots 'New In Town' ...NEW SINGLE OUT NOW!

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jsae some more retro-electro-brit-pop goodness

Uh Huh Her-Wait Another Day (with lyrics)

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jsae quintessential 80's retro...the soundtrack to a long lost john hughes movie
jsae this is a total guilty pleasure...just love this song, reminds me of being a kid....
jsae catchy? yes. guilty pleasure? definitely.
jsae obviously, both this song and video were plucked out of a wormhole to the 80's. ...just the way i like it.
jsae speaking of the original version....

HeartbeatsThe Knife

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jsae how's that for a segue?


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jsae this song makes me smile :)
jsae ottoman. the best stair-climbing music around!
jsae i swear to god this song is aural crack--so addictive! i highly recommend their album, manners...it makes me 12 kinds of happy :)

Passion PitSleepyhead

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jsae one day a man will spring worth loving...
jsae saturdays = youth = :)

M83- We Own the Sky

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jsae an gorgeously understated song from a grossly underrated band...

Bell X1Amelia

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jsae this is one of those songs that will play at my hypothetical wedding...
jsae "and if i'm wasting all your time this time, i think you never learned to take. and if i'm hangin onto your shade, i guess i'm way beyond the pale..."
jsae another great all-acoustic-like guitar cover...

Ryan AdamsWonderwall

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jsae listening to simon & garfunkel takes me back to my childhood and singing in the car...
jsae get inside their beds with my green gloves....get inside their heads, love their loves...
jsae and the perfect song to follow it...


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jsae wish i could find the studio version, such a sad, beautiful song.... "oh, say the word...i've been waiting for too long..."

the whitest boy alive done with you

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jsae perfect song for a seaside sunrise...

Far From GraceDoves

| play
jsae another song off the soundtrack from a dream...
jsae sarah slean is pretty darn sweet...
jsae please sir, can i have some more?!?

Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks"

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jsae more fun from passion pit

Passion Pit- Moth's Wings (Manners)

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jsae hells yeah's all i can say....

The Kids Don't Stand A Chance-Vampire Weekend

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jsae this is probably my favorite song of hers...just love it when the band kicks in
threebears my baby don't mess around because she loves me so and that I know for sho.....hey ya! .... nothing is forever ... then what makes love so special?

OutkastHey Ya

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jsae may gray go away...


| play
jsae pure fantasy fuel....

Blonde Redhead23

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jsae doves are totally my heroes...
jsae if you need a little pick me up....
jsae these guys are way underrated....it's crazy, sometimes he sounds *exactly* like david byrne of talking heads
jsae what a great tune this is...."have you ever wanted to disappear?"
jsae another fun little piano song by mr. ben lee....

ben lee, cigarettes will kill you

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jsae a cheery song for a gloomy day...

ColdplayRainy Day

| play
jsae more fun from the peanut gallery
jsae great tune with a cheeky video to boot...
jsae this song reminds me of the 90's for some reason...love it.

Breakeven-The Script

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jsae this band can do no wrong..."my god, it takes an ocean of trust in the kingdom of rust..."

Doves Kingdom of Rust music video

| play
jsae "i'll be there, i'll be there, i'll be there..."
jsae "you've met your match."

Los Angeles Waltz

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jsae "the lightnig strike, part I"....what it would sounds like if the rain was stalking you.
jsae "cause are you such a dreamer? put yourself in my shoes, careful what you wish for love...."
jsae she says, "oh boy, oh boy, count your lucky stars..."
jsae more bands should be making music like this...
jsae getting into the groove yet?! this remix is the sh*t! another great gray day song...
jsae this is quintessential driving with the top down at sunset music....!

no good advice girls aloud with lyrics

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jsae such a great track. tori + bt = yes yes yes.
jsae buddy akai is a badass san diego band that should be so much bigger...

Buddy Akai-Cut Me Up (Villains Remix)

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jsae whoever made this video gets props....

MGMTTime to Pretend

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jsae such a rad song by such a rad band


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jsae now this is music.

Bloc Party "Talons"

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jsae i luv hard-fi.

Hard-fi Suburban Knights HQ (song)

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jsae what a beauty of a song....
jsae "i know better, i know better...still i wish i was by your side" gorgeous.
jsae this song (and band) are pure sonic badassery. "meet me in the clouds...!"
jsae "when we get down...."
jsae this guy's an incredible songwriter
jsae butterflies are passive aggressive and put their problems on the shelf....
jsae one of the wittiest lyricists ever
jsae how many other rock songs feature a harpsichord like this?!? brilliant.
jsae @jennyleepenny: whoa! talk about a blast from the past...i used to love this record (reblip)

CrackerGet Off This

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jsae @bunq something so ethereal about this track, hadn't listened to it in a while, thanks! (reblip)
jsae what a sparkling, sun-shiny song....."i wanna shine in the eye of orion, but i sold my soul to the black hole....i wanna be a star"
jsae this is what longing sounds like.....beyond gorgeous.
jsae "since we got the interweb these hardly get used...."
jsae i've spent ten years singing gravity away...

The Cure For Pain

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jsae oh, jenny, you speak my language...! (reblip)
jsae @Cod: this has to be my favorite frightened rabbit tune...
jsae though i love their new album (esp. lisztomania), this is STILL my #1 phoenix track
jsae so i'm a day and a couple hours late....sue me!

PulpMonday Morning

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jsae "ain't no party in the sad sad city...." but this song is a party in and of itself!


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jsae to all those who love 'em wild...!
jsae i could listen to this song forever

Blonde Redhead23

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jsae wow, what a well-done remix....i'm blown away!
jsae gorgeous song, killer piano riff
kbuech Bob Marley & The Wailers – "Work". Haven't heard in ages, nice call! rb@jilliansaint (reblip)
jsae grass is always greener.... (reblip)


| play
jsae this is the sound of a heart breaking....

The Verve- History (full version)

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jsae goin' for one now!

C@ry Br0thersRide

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My One and Only Love (by Sting)

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jsae this song reminds me of moving to california....awww
jsae how can such a big sound come from such a tiny woman?


| play
jsae another great song called 'bachelorette' (from another petite lady!)
jsae check out 'the reeling' 'moth's wings' and this one @kbuech: "Passion Pit – "Sleepyhead". This is new2me and very cool. Thx, and for props and rbs!
jsae this song is crazy wonderful!!!! (if you like deathcab/radiohead)

ClimberAlways Right

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jsae such a badass song....justine's a total firecracker, yo


| play
jsae who doesn't love a little virtual insanity?
jsae oh bobby, you're the man, man!
jsae i'm not just blipping this cuz i'm half japanese....!
jsae better than you average band......MUCH better
jsae if you like electro-girl-brit-pop, look no further....
bettershelter You make me love the world even more.

Zero 7today

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bettershelter Just keep doing what you're doing!

Little DragonTwice

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bettershelter You have the coolest style of anyone I know.


| play
bettershelter You are an amazing individual. No one is like you.
jsae this is the only pitty sing song i can find on here :( ....but i will keep blipping it until they get back together and record a new album. seriously.

Pitty SingRadio

| play
jsae love the carribvibe going on in this one!
jsae always loved this one....


| play
jsae "jesus is just a spanish boy's name..." great song and vid, too
jsae my god, this song is all kinds of get-up-and-dance-tastic!


| play
jsae haven't been to florida in a long time...but this song'll definitely do in lieu
jsae blippin' some blips...
jsae lol, this better? @leaferi:"Like it but don't love it. Nice intro though. I never quite understood how people could dance to drum & bass"

Jonny LI Let U

| play
jsae because i know i won't have time to blip this song tomorrow morning. (i know myself all too well!)
jsae 'cuz strange can be a good thing...
jsae my fav song on the very first cd i ever owned....
jsae if only the studio version sounded like this...

Regina Spektor 'Blue Lips' On Jools Holland 29th May 2009

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jsae "voice of an angel, that one..." -gladys leeman
jsae how many children of the 80's claim this kickass song as their anthem?!?
jsae @jennyleepenny: yeah, blips are all wonky for me too ???
jsae i always hear traces of breeder's "cannonball" in this one....

Tori AmosMountain

| play
jsae speaking of which....
JosieMK enjoyed that SO much, I HAVE to re-Blip it! Hope you don't mind! :o (reblip)

Moonchild by King Crimson

| play
Stay19 Plushgun – Let Me Kiss You Now (And I'll Fade Away) <><> @Evelyn Killin it with your Blips!!! WoW. All about it over here. Cheers. (reblip)
jsae more dreamy delight

Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender

| play
jsae this time i'm gonna rise into the light...!!!

The VerveThis Time

| play
jsae nobody does it like the cure...
jsae was always impressed at how this song fits so perfectly with the production of madonna's "the power of goodbye"
jsae because you can't resist it....


| play
jsae talk about a song i hadn't heard or thought about in over 15 yrs...wow.....
KeachyMama afternoon refresh. stat.

The VerveSlide Away

| play
jsae can't get enough of this one....hot damn, girl's got pipes!
jsae arguably my favorite of hers. much thanks @Surreality: "rb @Classic_Girl They say you are something in those formative years... " (reblip)
jsae a song for sunset....

Passion Pit- Seaweed Song (Manners)

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jsae what i wouldn't give for a studio version of this song....though this one definitely is breathtaking
jsae just "rediscovered" this one after over a decade....oh the 90s....
jsae 81 seconds of unadulterated, well-lubricated fun!


| play
feiticeira Metric - "Help, I'm Alive. My heart keeps beating like a hammer, beating like a hammer." Love this song!
jsae the horses are coming, so you'd better run...!
jsae this song is autotunetastic!
jsae this song is just that....

Little Boots Stuck on repeat (Radio Edit)

| play
jsae pure retro goodness...


| play
jsae in keeping with the female-fronted, fantastic throwback sounds....
jsae the steel-drum sound of this song is sooo catchy
jsae love me some beck...


| play
jsae listening to this band's music just make me smile... :)
jsae speaking of fun bands....

Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks"

| play
jsae sometimes i feel like throwing my hands up in the air...
jsae love this guy.....rad video, too
jsae i don't know that i'll ever get tired of this one...

M83We Own the Sky

| play
jsae tip: this song is best experienced at full volume at night under the stars.
jsae another nightscape song....
jsae any version of this song is a good one, and this one is truly exceptional...
jsae still not quite sure why it's called 'publisher,' but i likey
jsae best song off her new album, imho...

Blue Lips [Studio Version] by Regina Spektor with On-Screen Lyrics

| play
jsae ahhhhhh....yes, i must say that karen O lives up to her name...
jsae "i'm in the grip of a hurricane..."
jsae "take it slow, take it easy on me...."

FeistMy Moon My Man

| play
jsae it's too late to call back yesterday....
jsae i really like this one.

Armour LoveLa Roux

| play
jsae a truly amazing, atmospheric song...
jsae *another* truly amazing, atmospheric song...
jsae @ everyone: gonna try to pry myself away from blip....until tomorrow--!


| play
jsae "i'll clone myself like that blond chick who sings 'bette davis eyes'"! @TimbrePitch

Tori Amos, Glory of the 80's, 7-18-09

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jsae a little creepy, a little retro...the children's choir sends this track over the edge!
jsae this band.....this band!

athlete the getaway + lyrics

| play
jsae slow it down to the groove....
jsae perfect song for a grey day....
jsae i know that it can save us all...
jsae sometimes i wish for falling....
jsae gorgeous dreamscape soundtrack
jsae some things you just don't forget

Memory TapesBicycle

| play
jsae she can turn dust into champagne....
jsae the dog is always barkin' at the mailman....
jsae i've felt it for some time...

The Big PinkVelvet

| play
jsae a little tune to brighten a gloomy day
jsae very nice

Broken Bells- 'The High Road',

| play
jsae can i call you mine?

Laura VeirsJuly Flame

| play
jsae a fantastic song from a fantastic album....
jsae you have me thinking about the things that i've become...

Things I've Become by Hello Operator

| play
jsae can i call you mine? can i call you mine? ....such a great song

Laura VeirsJuly Flame

| play
jsae @Mysterymix just keeping the washed out love going...!

Washed OutHold Out

| play
jsae big fish, little fish swimming in the water....
jsae there's a fever...

Starsailor- Fever

| play
jsae only heard change of time. am totally digging this, too ! @kristenboyd: "Super awesome! Love his different sound :) My day just got 10x's better, Thx! (reblip)
jsae there's no shortcut to a dream....

Broken BellsOctober

| play
jsae awww yeah! @tammik howya doin', eh?
jsae i'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun...
jsae an ominously melodic treasure...
jsae i can hear it calling....
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