jtabz "God, I love you, but you trouble me" ... I kinda feel the same way about this song. Painfully pretty.
jtabz (I can't say enough awesome stuff about this song. So I'm not even gonna try.)


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jtabz ditto, @ruthfish. hope our blip-paths cross this weekend, @robotnik!

Dntel - The Dream Of Evan And Chan

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jtabz @handstamp--it feels very appropriate to be obsessed about a song about an obsessed guy.
jtabz @katost--I'm sorry... I can blip some Megadeth if you need me to. [Faun Fables--I'd Like to Be]

i'd like to be

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jtabz trippy finnish folk (@Fated--it kinda kicks ass with or without the color. good luck on the job interview!)
jtabz @Fated, that tattoo is awesome. are you going to do it full-color eventually? I've wanted a full-color koi on my back forever but keep chickening out.

AuRR vs. D

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jtabz @minmae--you introduced me to this band yesterday. love them! thank you.


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jtabz [piano magic--vacancies]


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jtabz @handstamp--sounds like a pretty sweet line-up. Speaking of, I'm kind of rabid for the Dan Deacon/Deerhunter/No Age tour. Holy wow.
jtabz @minmae--teleporting! as long as I could do it without having to have blue skin. (I think I could deal with the tail.) (reblip)
jtabz Corin Tucker, younger and angrier.


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jtabz @handstamp--now I'm feeling all foals-y.


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jtabz hehe. thanks, @ElizaHerp. must admit the series-of-tubes that we call the interwebs is responsible for me finding most of it. go, blip, last, etc...!

Port O'Brien- I Woke Up Today

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jtabz gotta go for now. later all y'all!


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jtabz hey, there, @cadmium. how goes the week?
jtabz My goodness, I love this song. (turn up the volume a little)

PJ HarveyDry

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jtabz 'till later, @DaHilster! (Love this, @blackkites... the whole tone changes when the female vocalist comes in.) (reblip)

Me SucceedsHis Story

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jtabz @bluddysavaj--Tuesdays were once my Saturdays, so I feel your pain. My schedule's more 'normal-like' these days, but Friday's deadline day. boo.


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jtabz @doubledrat--strawberry pie always makes me feel better. up there with sunshine and kittens.
jtabz hehe, @FunkShoi--Alas, I think Four Tet and Caribou are the magical ones. How goes the Friday?
jtabz hey there, @DaHilster!


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jtabz via@TomServo--noise, glorious noise! (I have made the same opening band mistake... They're on a US tour right now. Wonder if they're going to Europe?) (reblip)
jtabz I ran out of props for you ages ago @happymooncake ... so reblips for you! (reblip)
jtabz oh, dear, @CLARITY--that is no fun. I hope you feel better.
jtabz (just heard this for the first time, kinda loved it, and had to share.)

Sin Fang Bous covers Fleetwood Mac's Landslide

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jtabz @theblackenedair--thank you for always playing some really cool song I have never heard before. (reblip)

Toro Y MoiTalamak

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jtabz @TomServo--so sorry to hear it didn't work out. I don't think I'd have been able to get past the political differences.
jtabz @minmae--I am. Just a little freaked out. I think it hit me more this morning that we were really lucky.
jtabz @sandra__--no, thank goodness. It was just past my stop, though. So we are a little freaked out but mostly just really lucky. How are you?
jtabz hehe. don't worry, @Nymph--I'll bring the beverages. And I know this great little house on the ocean...!
jtabz reblipping via@CreepyGirl--I see your original icon has returned!(hola, @TomServo) (reblip)
jtabz Yawn, stretch. Happy Friday morning, guys and girls.
jtabz @blackkites @minmae--so, so happy it's Friday! even if it's a cloudy one. (it's going to start raining here any minute.)
jtabz @sandyriverside--slay those deadlines! [Ghost Mice--Critical Hit]

Ghost MiceD and D

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jtabz @sandyriverside--I'm putting my money on CMYK. It always seems to have the final say.
jtabz hey, there @redredbeard @Sh8ysides (and welcome back, a less-robotic-but-still-not-quite-human@robotnik)
jtabz hehe, @sandyriverside @CreepyGirl @TomServo--true, if you're not paralyzed upon seeing the decomposed warlock corpse that's just reanimated nearby.
jtabz cellos! @Echo_L--sometimes I wish I was a secret Canadian, too.
jtabz @TomServo @sandyriverside--Too early in the morning for me to talk about zombies or Jumpin' Jack Flash. It's a personal weakness, I know.
jtabz @robotnik--knew it! haven't seen that cover in years, since I used to play it at my college radio station. but he still haunts me. muahaha.
jtabz no more props for you, @okmusic, but this is great. (reblip)
jtabz (@Arth--I reckon you've got some musical secret, too.) (reblip)
jtabz (hehe, @sandyriverside--Guess we like our movies either smart or really dumb.)
jtabz I absolutely love this song, @sandyriverside, and I haven't heard it in ages. (reblip)
jtabz (thanks, @RHYTHMjunkie--one nice tune deserves another.)

Me Succeedsglimmer

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jtabz (off for a bit... have fun, @all!)
jtabz @sandyriverside, morphine and beer sound like a, ah, (shuffle through flashcards) specious remedy. (Yes, flashcards. Yes, I know how hot that is.)
jtabz @sandyriverside--do it! then we can pursue largely unmarketable, overpriced degrees together!
jtabz (swim time already? be back, @all)
jtabz @cadmium, last summer I went to Paris with a class I was in. It was the antithesis of romantic. And there was homework. So this trip should be nice. (reblip)
jtabz @sandyriverside, I suppose that's yet another sign of the pending apocalypse. How goes your novel-writing month?

ZazaSooner or Later

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jtabz Good to see you, @blackkites! // via@MarinaDelRay. Welcome to blipland. (reblip)

The Pity PartyHots

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jtabz Ah, @FunkShoi. And here @sandra__ and I were thinking you were getting soft.
jtabz another gem via@sandra__ // Time to roll up my sleeves here. 'till later, @all! (reblip)
jtabz Hello, there, @sandra__ // Thankfully, I haven't had any work travel in a while, @QuicksandRangero ... Good luck with your correcting!
jtabz (heart) this, @CreepyGirl: "This is a blank dogs / dum dum girls love child if youre jonesing like me." (reblip)
jtabz @okmusic, stuff's finally calming down over here. It's lovely. And how are things by you? // Hello, @Echo_L @MyHearts Beat
jtabz Sounds Valentinestastic, @Arth! We had friends over for bad movie watching and I baked a festive cake: http://tinyurl.com/yz4hl7y
jtabz Another nice one via@MateoMuhammad (reblip)

Hide Me The Golden Filter

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jtabz Big sloppy hellos, @ViralStyles @cadmium // Hehe. I know, right, @thesearejams? Cause that cover would be freaking awesome. Speaking of awesome... (reblip)

Pick A PiperRooms

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jtabz Another great find via@mutant_john: "This is noisy dream pop with a folksy vibe." // Hehe, @Echo_L. Stamps, indeed. And fancy stationery! (reblip)
jtabz How exciting, @ViralStyles! Do you think you'll want to stay in the Boston area for school or apply all over?
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