Time Has Come Today Chambers Brothers (long version)

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minkamu RB @Drewbephone Yes, this is a man dressed as a zombie signing to a song about zombies (reblip)
juanitamoose I forgot all about this band. Thanks! Good morning, Blipland. (reblip)
juanitamoose @lenaphrodite: Hello, cherie. Haven't blipped with you for a while. Hope you are well. ;-) (reblip)
juanitamoose From the playlist of @yrockonxpn - love it! [Crocodiles – Sleep Forever]
juanitamoose [The Drums – Let's Go Surfing]
juanitamoose [Codeine Velvet Club – Hollywood]
juanitamoose @enard: Pleased to meet another Lhasa fan [Lhasa de Sela – Anywhere on This Road] (reblip)
juanitamoose @SuzySue Never heard this before - nice song! [The Go! Team - The Ice Storm] (reblip)
juanitamoose [Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang]
juanitamoose Sorry about the hairy legs in the video [Sun Airway - Put the Days Away]
sliddy Morning to you! I love this song. Thx :) rb@AprilJ: "morning @sliddy : )" (reblip)
juanitamoose Minnesota Power Pop. Have you tried @thecurrent yet? What are you waiting for? [Jeremy Messersmith – Dillinger Eyes]
juanitamoose Voting for my 10 favorite songs of 2010 @thecurrent, and I keep getting distracted by all the great choices.
juanitamoose @Versh: Yes it is ├╮╭┼╯╰┼╮╭┤├╮╭┼╯╰┼╮╭┤├╮╭┼╯╰┼╮╭┤├╮╭┼╯ ╭┼╯╰┼╮╭┤├╮╭┼╯╰┼╮╭┤├╮╭┼╯╰┼╮╭┤├╮╭┼╯╰┼ ├╮╭┼╯╰┼╮╭┤├╮╭┼╯╰┼╮╭┤├╮╭┼╯╰┼╮╭┤├╮╭┼╯ ╭┼╯╰┼╮╭┤├╮╭┼╯╰┼╮╭┤├╮╭┼╯╰ (reblip)
kvstr yes, me 2! @Alvaroxx: "Muchos!! lol; love the bass line! RB @kvstr:esta cancion tiene huevos!!rb Alvaroxx:Three Mile Pilot – What's In The Air. (reblip)
by_starla [Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Ocean] hello @Lovecat and @OneA :)
maurilao Gooooooooooooooooooood moooooooooooooooooooooorning, blip.
spacespencer (from off and already far away: did you know, that scottish merman keep the lower human part? fortunately! ;) @mettee )
DareToEatAPeach I'm still not tired of this #mashup yet. Probably because of it's everlasting terrificness. Yeah, I know terrificness isn't a word.
juanitamoose If you like Kele Okereke, you'll love Y-Not Radio - A new alternative rock internet station. http://ynotradio.blogspot.com/
juanitamoose I've been waiting for this song to be available on BLIP.fm for months! Love it.
juanitamoose Never heard this before - good stuff. :-) (reblip)
by_starla RB and hi @photogurrl-loving AB as well :) : "[Avi Buffalo – Whats In It For?] can't stop listening to this. :)" (reblip)
juanitamoose One of the last cd's Jaap was listening to. I didn't make the connection until recently. "Nobody noticed the slipping away" Happy birthday Jaap.
derkrauss // Surfer Blood – Floating Vibes //
spacespencer // Wild Nothing - Your Rabbit Feet
SlipperyDistortion @humming_bird: Wow! The bass and keys remind me of an old song. Can only remember the lyrics, "When the lights go down in this California town." (reblip)
juanitamoose I saw Strafe open for OMD in the mid 80's - Beacon Theatre, NYC
SabineWe ♥Lhasa De Sela♥ – What Kind of heart

The Soft Moon "Parallels"

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CargoCulte how ya doing @honeygirl, this hits the spot. ;)

Mariachi El Bronx "I Would Die 4 U" (Cover)

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juanitamoose Good morning Blipsters [AC Newman – I'm Not Talking] #2012
juanitamoose Inspired by @bektrekker. À bientôt [Radiohead – Paranoid Android]
Versh And now a message from The North American Hallowe'en Prevention Initiative...

Do They Know It's Halloween ?

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The101HiWay Tru~would be 81 today~left us 2 soon :( rb@kobiswim: "Ray Charles – Song For You #birthday" (reblip)
jfgill A favorite cover. Thanks! rb@Alvaroxx: "Calexico – Ocean of Noise..." (reblip)
juanitamoose @wejazz: This sounds like a "party's over" song. [The Caretaker - Camaraderie at arms length] (reblip)
juanitamoose [From A Motel 6 – Yo La Tengo]
by_starla [The Asteroid #4 - Wicked Wire]
juanitamoose @opus111: "From the 'Bringing it all Back Home Again' EP. This always struck me as something of an homage to 'El Condor Pasa.'" (reblip)
juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: Heard this The Current, didn't like it at first. But it grew on me.Then I started reading about alt-J. Agree about internet hype.

alt-J (∆) Fitzpleasure

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juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: Did you get your eggs dyed? [Her Space Holiday – I'll Believe in Anything] (reblip)
Versh ▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅ █▇▅▃▂█▇▅▃▂█▇▅▃▂█▇▅▃▂█▇▅▃▂█▇▅▃▂█▇▅ ▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅▇█▂▃▅ █▇▅▃▂█▇▅▃▂█▇▅▃▂█▇▅▃▂█▇▅▃▂█▇▅▃▂█▇▅
natasjadb rb @nlanja Everyday Should Be a Holiday – Dandy Warhols (Lyrics) (reblip)
juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: I got one for my son. He always gets cold when it's time to do homework. [Matthew Dear - You Put a Smell On Me] (reblip)
bigredneckhead old pixies always makes me warm and fuzzy…

Pixies "Havalina"

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juanitamoose @2_O_2: Love it, thanks [Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anemone] (reblip)
kevinantonius Ultravox – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
juanitamoose @craigz: Very nice, thanks [Weekend - Mirror] (reblip)

Weekend | Mirror

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psycheundrock2 This Mortal Coil – Alone
SoMuch ...the piano in the hall resonates a note.

Urbs To Moi Aussi

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juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: Grateful for the $20 shows but my knees complain. [Coma Cinema - Caroline, Please Kill Me] #Decrepit (reblip)
juanitamoose @Scott_hn: Greetings from the Megalopolis. [Titus Andronicus – Still Life with Hot Deuce and Silver Platter] #NewJersey (reblip)
juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny I'm a sucker for a good drum intro [Pretty Heart - Toy] (reblip)

Pretty HeartToy

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PJharvey brings back memories...ty@pcurl: "Lloyd Cole - "A Long Way Down"" (reblip)

Lloyd Cole, 'A Long Way Down', 1991

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juanitamoose @noralina: Love it, thanks. Hope things are going well on your side of the planet. [Mazes - Skulking] (reblip)


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Alvaroxx Mogwai – I Know You Are But What Am I?... ?... ?... .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
DareToEatAPeach Love when I go to give props to a song and it's something I played earlier. =P
Will_the_bloke Highasakite – Son of a bitch .. signing off with this interesting Norwegian indie band
juanitamoose @nemesisurchin, @xtranguy: I'm rather jovial at times myself. Really nice song, merci. [Born Ruffians - Little Garçon] (reblip)

born ruffians little garcon

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juanitamoose Thinking of my old friend @wejazz and this song for some reason. [Modern Rivals – Defenestrate You]
pcurl Doves - "Snowden" // I have friend name Snowden, but I don't think this has anything to do with her.


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juanitamoose @Versh: Haven't heard most of your selections this morning. I think my 20 year-old would like this one. [Paprika – The Girl in Byakkoya] (reblip)
jfgill Foals ~ Bad Habit

FoalsBad habit

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juanitamoose Just realized the beginning was shot at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. "You could be laughing 65% more of the time" [John Grant – GMF] #2013

John GrantGMF

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juanitamoose @Fangbaby: The sunlight hurts my eyes too. Better dust off my bike. [Modestep – Sunlight] "old people partying... this will be me someday (soon)" (reblip)
SoMuch Nice, thanks! Hi dK :) rb@die_Kalte: "following more groups that replace U's with V's V_V" (reblip)

MVSCLES | where you are

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Versh ↳╱↰╲↱╱↲╲↳╱↰╲↱╱↲╲↳╱↰╲↱╱↲╲↳╱↰ ↳╲↰╱↱╲↲╱↳╲↰╱↱╲↲╱↳╲↰╱↱╲↲╱↳╲↰╱↱╲↲ ↱╱↲╲↳╱↰╲↱╱↲╲↳╱↰╲↱╱↲╲↳╱↰╲↱╱↲╲↳╱↰ ↳╲↰╱↱╲↲╱↳╲↰╱↱╲↲╱↳╲↰╱↱╲↲╱↳╲↰╱↱╲↲
ScottHN The Feelies ▶ Let's Go // Aunt's paging me for a child-care assist (left alone w 4 tiny grandkids, lol); gotta go save her; back in a bit Blip-fam!
Versh ┌┐╔╦╤╤╦╗┌┐╔╦┌┐╦╗┌┐╔╦╤╤╦╗┌┐╔╦┌┐╦╗ ╞╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠ ╞╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠╪╪╣╠ └┘╚╝└┘╚╩└┘╩╝└┘╚╩╧╧╩╝└┘╚╩└┘╩╝└┘╚╩╧╧╩╝
juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: We have an old family scrapbook about Vicky, full of newspaper clippings. Long live the Queen! [Postiljonen – We Raise Our Hearts] (reblip)
juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny Come out and play (after you finish at the dentist) [Splashh – Today (Fade Away)] (reblip)
jfgill ...and RB@SoMuch: "Annuals -- Sway" (reblip)


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juanitamoose @mimnsee: Lovely to hear you too. I'm in the mood for some good drum songs. Got anything? [Say Lou Lou – Maybe You (Shelby Grey Remix)] (reblip)
juanitamoose @doyler29 Hello up there [Sigur Rós – Olsen Olsen] (reblip)

Alt-J, Matilda

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Versh #new (to me at least) Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – 'Ripely Pine' released February 19th
nitologic these guys have alot of albums. i don't think i have a fav. which one would you say is one of the best? :) @katost
juanitamoose @Versh: Love it, thanks [Handsome Furs - When I Get Back] (reblip)
jfgill Small Black ~ Free At Dawn
nemesisurchin :) @Will_the_bloke i'm a little garcon in my head

born ruffians little garcon

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Versh "We are the syncronizers/ Send messages through timecode/ Midi clock rings in my mind/ Machines gave me some freedom/ Synthesizers gave me some wings"
juanitamoose @katzinspace Love it! Thanks. [Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)] (reblip)
juanitamoose @2_O_2: Love this, thanks. [Grimes - Feyd Rautha Dark Heart] (reblip)
jfgill Princeton ~ Remembrance of Things to Come
juanitamoose @jfgill, @SoMuch: Speaking of tan lines and zzzzz's, when's @snuggle_bunny due back? [Tanlines - Z] (reblip)

Tanlines Z (featuring glasser)

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juanitamoose You could be laughing 65% more of the time [John Grant – GMF] #2013

John GrantGMF

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juanitamoose [Wavves – Demon To Lean On]
Alvaroxx The Smiths How Soon Is Now?... ...I am the son & the heir/ Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar/ I am the son and heir/ Of nothing in particular...

The Smiths How Soon I Now Italian 12inch, studio outtak version

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juanitamoose [Wire - Ahead]


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juanitamoose Good morning Blipsters. Back in Baltimore today. [The War On Drugs – Baby Missiles]
juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: Some of my online acquaintances were named Creepy Internet Friends (CIF's) by one guy's son. [Telekinesis – Imaginary Friend] (reblip)
juanitamoose @rock2monster, @DjLerica, @Oculuris: Good stuff, thanks [UNKLE • With You In My Head (ft. The Black Angels)] (reblip)

UNKLE • With You In My Head [ft. The Black Angels]

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juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: Ok, ok, you've convinced me. [Menomena - Queen Black Acid] (reblip)
jfgill Chvrches ~ The Mother We Share

CHURCHES : "The Mother We Share" ( Music Video )

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jfgill Menomena ~ One Horse

MenomenaOne Horse

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Versh ◥◣◥BEST ALBUMS of 2012◤◢◤ 31 Wymond Miles – ‘Under The Pale Moon’

Wymond Miles "Pale Moon" Official Music Video

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juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: Does it smell like perfume? And why have I never listened to this before? Very nice song. [Perfume Genius - Dark Parts] #Interrogative (reblip)
keefee @peacefrog2100 Thanx for brill G/C Cry reblip. Here's sumfink to get those little grey cells active whilst being amused Regards keef in overcast SthOz

The Problem by Godley And Creme

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juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: Break's over. Love this, adding to playlist [Snowblink – Rut & Nuzzle] (reblip)

Talking Heads "Television Man"

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juanitamoose [Love and Rockets – Haunted When The Minutes Drag]
juanitamoose Okay, nobody give me any props. I want to enjoy that perfect 10,000 for a while. [Icky Blossoms – Perfect Vision]
xtranguy vi@queenofhearts11: "need this on my ipod. ty!@DJBadBilly: "Peaches..SEX, A remake of Berlin's Hit in the 80s"" (reblip)

PeachesSex (I'm A)

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Versh ✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶ ✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷✷ ✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹✹ ✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺
juanitamoose @doyler29: Sunny - perfect for this morning [Beck - Electric Music and the Summer People] (reblip)
juanitamoose [The Mountain Goats – This Year]
juanitamoose @SofiaFada: Lovely to see you here [Cut Copy – Need You Now (Architecture in Helsinki Version)] (reblip)
juanitamoose @nikolaiwhite: Hola [White Denim - Mirrored and Reverse] (reblip)

White Denim, Mirrored and Reverse

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juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: Same as the old error? Good song, thanks. [Moderat – A New Error] (reblip)

ModeratA new error

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juanitamoose @BeardRock: Greetings, bearded one [Perfume Genius – Dark Parts] (reblip)
juanitamoose @HappyUpHere: Love Frank and his dimples [Frank Turner – Photosynthesis] (reblip)
midnightwalker Good afternoon. @juanitamoose This remix is very nice too. Like this more than the original.
Versh ➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲ ➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱ ➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲ ➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱➴╲➶╱
MiguelCabrita [#duplex | 126.1] rb@shoez: "Dirty Beaches - True Blue" (reblip)


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jfgill Love the Radiohead sample. Today is as good a day as any to get into The Roots people.
juanitamoose @jfgill: Love it, thanks. The vocals on the chorus remind me of Elbow's Guy Garvey (one of my favorite r&r names). [Twin Shadow - The One] (reblip)

The One Twin Shadow

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juanitamoose @jfgill: I sent you a literary message via FB. [Phantogram - Turn It Off] (reblip)
Fuzzyfacedbandit @kvstr: "John Cale ~ All My Friends - (LCD Soundsystem cover)" (reblip)
jfgill Menomena ~ Skintercourse

And One- Traumfrau with Lyrics

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Leika Winterpills – Want The Want
juanitamoose Good morning Blipsters. If you can never remember what the hell this song is called (like me), voilá. [Thao & Mirah – Eleven (ft. tUnE-YarDs)]
juanitamoose [VHS or Beta – Can't Believe A Single Word]
juanitamoose @Matericia Hi neighbor. Official French Toast Emergency, Code Yellow. 1" of snow for Burlington County. [Brian Jonestown Massacre – Malela / Salaam] (reblip)
juanitamoose [The Envy Corps – Fools (How I Survived You & Even Laughed)]
juanitamoose @erroneous: Hello music lover [John Cale & Brian Eno - Spinning Away] (reblip)

John Cale & Brian Eno / Spinning Away

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juanitamoose @muzicmajic: Quite good indeed [Mikal Cronin – Weight] "Mikal's new album is quite good... :)" (reblip)

Mikal CroninWeight

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muzicmajic this band has an *unfortunate* name considering the name of the media's favorite former NSA analyst who's been on the run...Edward should <title>

SnowdenKeep Quiet

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juanitamoose @DareToEatAPeach: The Bahamas! My husband won a trip from his job. I plan on doing a lot of nothing. [Vacationer - Trip] (reblip)

Vacationer- Trip

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juanitamoose @erroneous: Cool, thanks [Galaxie 500 – Fourth of July] (reblip)
juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: I guess that makes you, and the all the Blipsters, drug dealers. [Ice Cream – Muscles] #Pushers (reblip)

Ice CreamMuscles

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Versh Some of these "Couldn't get past 5 tracks" LPs have a few good tracks among filler, or may occupy a unfamiliar genre I just couldn't get into

Jon Hopkins "Open Eye Signal" (Official Music Video)

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juanitamoose @axefield: Greetings. I love a good #edit. [First Aid Kit – Wolf (MATZINGHA Edit)] (reblip)
jfgill Grimes ~ Be a Body

GrimesBe a Body

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juanitamoose @LindyLuv: Glorious piano! Thank you. [The Veils - Wires To Flying Birds] (reblip)
juanitamoose @TropicsZ4: Adding this to my playlist. And greetings. [Washed Out - New Theory (RAC Mix)] (reblip)

Washed Out -- New Theory (RAC Mix)

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pike360 The National – This Is The Last Time
juanitamoose [Silversun Pickups – Cannibal]
juanitamoose @LaxtonsSuperb, cc @obz: Not actually a moose either [Raveonettes – Love in a Trashcan (Funkstörung Remix)] #Imposter (reblip)
Versh ╤░░╧╕╘╤▒▒╧╕╘╤▓▓╧╗╘╤██╧╕╘╤▓▓╧╕╘╤▒ ╚╤▒▒╧╗╘╤░░╧╕╘╤▒▒╧╗╚╤▓▓╧╗╘╤██╧╕╘╤▓▓╧╗ ▓╧╕╚╤▒▒╧╗╘╤░░╧╗╚╤▒▒╧╕╚╤▓▓╧╗╘╤██╧╗╚╤▓ ╘╤▓▓╧╕╚╤▒▒╧╗╚╤░░╧╕╘╤▒▒╧╕╚╤▓▓╧╗╚╤██╧╕
juanitamoose @obz: Hello up there [Chemical Brothers - Out of Control] (reblip)
juanitamoose @Versh: A common sight around Washington Sq Park in NYC, what with all the film students, but the cameras are real [Forest Fire – Fortune Teller] (reblip)
juanitamoose @spacey_boy: Slushy Monday hellos [Joy Division – Ice Age] (reblip)
mimnsee The Knife – Silent Shout
Versh ┼┤╭┼╯┼╰┼╮├┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┤╭┼╯┼╰┼╮├┼┼ ┼┼┼┤╭┼╯├┼┼┼┤╰┼╮├┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┤╭┼╯├┼┼┼┤╰┼╮├ ┼┤╭┼╯├┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┤╰┼╮├┼┼┼┤╭┼╯├┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┤╰┼ ╭┼╯├┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┤╰┼╮┼╭┼╯├┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┼┤

White Denim "Pretty Green" (Lyric Video)

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juanitamoose @spooky_boy, @DeliciousD: My new favorite cover. Thanks, kids. [Elastica - Da Da Da] #covers (reblip)
juanitamoose @TropicsZ4: Love it, thanks. And greetings. [King Krule - Easy Easy] (reblip)
juanitamoose @spooky_boy: Time to get spooky up there. Whatcha got? [Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric (Hybrid #Remix)] (reblip)
juanitamoose #2014 #MercuryPrize Short List: "First Mind" [Nick Mulvey – Nitrous]
RHYTHMjunkie my favorite Dutch - Latin surf band
juanitamoose @Picturedom Thoroughly enjoyed this, thanks [Four Tet - Lion (Jamie xx Remix)] (reblip)
ScottHN "I like cows..." // Spent > $100 yest. on thick cow slabs. Lunch can't get here soon enough (° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hi back there @juanitamoose

The SuburbsCows

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SoMuch <3 Botany -- Laughtrack (feat. Father John Misty) <3
ScottHN 999 ▶ So Greedy (ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

999So Greedy

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juanitamoose [UNKLE - With You In My Head (ft. The Black Angels)]

UNKLE • With You In My Head [ft. The Black Angels]

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juanitamoose @doyler29: OMG. I love this song. Time machine attack may be on the way. [The Buckinghams - Don't You Care] (reblip)

The Buckinghams DON'T YOU CARE

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juanitamoose @TropicsZ4: Love it, thanks. I have visited family in MT many times - one of my favorite states. [Tycho - Montana] (reblip)


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just_itty rb@juanitamoose: "@c0rts: I like your edict [Calexico – Maybe On Monday (Alternate Version)]" (reblip)
juanitamoose @jfgill: Wow - love this, thanks. Any news? [SOHN - Lights] #Playlisted (reblip)
juanitamoose @animationblock: Love it, thanks (the music, not the underwear) [Warpaint – Undertow (Night Plane Remix)] (reblip)

Vertigo by Anya Marina+lyrics

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Versh ▏▓███▏▀███▏▓███▏▀███▏▓███▏▀███▏▓ ▄██▓▏▄▓██▏▄██▓▏▄▓██▏▄██▓▏▄▓██▏▄██▓▏▄ ▀█▓▒▏▀▒▓█▏▀█▓▒▏▀▒▓█▏▀█▓▒▏▀▒▓█▏▀█▓▒▏▀ ▄▓▒█▏▄█▒▓▏▄▓▒█▏▄█▒▓▏▄▓▒█▏▄█▒▓▏▄▓▒█▏▄
Versh ▃▂▁▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▁▂▃▅▆█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▆▅▃▂▁▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▆▅▃▂▁▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▁▂▃▅▆█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▁▂▃▅▆█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▆▅▃▂▁▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▁▂▃▅▆█▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▁▂▃▅▆█▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▆▅▃▂▁▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: You should probably switch to flat heels. [Explosions In The Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care] (reblip)
juanitamoose @mimnsee: Thoroughly enjoyed this, thanks [Soulwax - NY Excuse] (reblip)


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juanitamoose @FreeSkier Just heard about these guys the other night. I laughed at the title "Fester". [Dutch Uncles – Flexxin] (reblip)
juanitamoose @Alvesaf: Hello music lover [Cut Copy – Free Your Mind] (reblip)
juanitamoose @jfgill: Tag, you're it [Tanlines - All of Me] (reblip)

Tanlines "All of Me"

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jfgill CHVRCHES ~ You Caught The Light
juanitamoose @psycheundrock2, @AnotherLeaker: Excellent, thanks [Love and Rockets - Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven] (reblip)

Love and Rockets Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven

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Versh Compiling the "Song Doppelgängers" or "Audio Homonyms" playlist was harder than I thought... perhaps I'm too familiar with some bands to generalize


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juanitamoose @Versh: Unfortunately most of the people over there do not share our taste in music [Morningwood – NTH Degree] (reblip)
jfgill MGMT ~ Astro-Mancy


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die_Kalte Danke mehhhh frennnn! :D @jfgill - and hi spiny! @nemesisurchin ;) (reblip)
juanitamoose @snuggle_bunny: Snowing in the Megalopolis. Aloha. [Bloc Party - Tulips (Club Version) (Minotaur Shock Remix)] "can't wait for Spring" (reblip)
eubieland Widespread Panic - "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" (Traffic Coverluv)
juanitamoose @kevinantonius: Hello over there. Love this album. [The Stranglers – Ice Queen] (reblip)
alterkate nice of you to say so. thx :) @mmemaledicta: "@tuned: "_just.liked_ thank you @alterkate" yeah, nice! and alterkate is always a winning blipper, BTW" (reblip)
juanitamoose @Scott_hn: Love it, and good morning [The Psychedelic Furs - India] (reblip)

The Psychedelic Furs India

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juanitamoose @xtranguy: Very nice, thank you. [Cranes - Astronauts] (reblip)


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juanitamoose @kaltasosdark: Hellos [Thievery Corporation - In Love] (reblip)

Thievery Corporation In love

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juanitamoose @rock2monster: Greetings. Another #DrumIntro [Temples - Keep In The Dark] (reblip)
juanitamoose @Scott_hn: Good version It takes a bit of weeding, doesn't it. [The Jam - That's Entertainment (live)] (reblip)
juanitamoose @Robs_Blips Heard this on a documentary about Mr Coward, and never forgot it [Noel Coward – Matelot]

Noel CowardMatelot

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juanitamoose @Scott_hn: Btw, love this song. It's very you. [Hoodoo Gurus - Miss Freelove 69] (reblip)
juanitamoose [Viva Voce – From the Devil Himself]

BLOOD SIMPLE The Four Tops It's The Same Old Song

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juanitamoose [Section 25 - Looking From a Hilltop]
juanitamoose @DarkLady: Adding this to my playlist, thanks [Mazzy Star – Bells Ring (Acoustic Version)] (reblip)
juanitamoose @wejazz: Good morning/good weekend [Bibio – Dye The Water Green] (reblip)
juanitamoose @mimnsee: Looking for something with energy. This will work, thanks. [Cheatahs – Murasaki] (reblip)
pike360 Elliott Smith- A Fond Farewell

Elliott Smith- A Fond Farewell

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Illicite The Silent War – Setting Sun.. ..Hello!
juanitamoose Blue #lullabye. The #genius of Joey Burns & Paul Niehaus [Calexico - Bisbee Blue]

Calexico live 3Sat-Festival "Tonträger"

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Will_the_bloke nice one @eloy13: "danke Dir, here the same..but i have some air-props for U@ZONE .. The Avener - Fade Out Lines (reblip)
Illicite  Speak – Modern Art ..Hello!

Da Funk-Catch The Wave (Subsky's Galaktik Mix)

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MariTama Hot Chip's full set! Let's dance!

Hot Chip | Full Set | Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2013 | PitchforkTV

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juanitamoose @sufferin_jukebox Have a good weekend [Paul Banks – Young Again] (reblip)
juanitamoose @erroneous: Greetings. I will have the lovely Lhasa sing me to sleep. Sweet dreams, Blipsters near, far & gone. [Bïa et Lhasa de Sela – Los Hermanos] (reblip)
juanitamoose @wejazz: Hello music lover. Hope all is well. More rainy morning music, thanks. [Loose Fur - Chinese Apple] (reblip)

Chinese Apple

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juanitamoose @MsMercurial: Good today - watched Midnight in Paris with my boys. Talked to them about art, and their own l'age d'or [Tame Impala - Mind Mischief] (reblip)
Versh ░╛╒╧╕╘█╛╒╧╕╘▓╛╒╧╕╘▒╛╒╧╕╘░╛╒╧╕╘█╛ ╘▒╛╒╧╕╘░╛╒╧╕╘█╛╒╧╕╘▓╛╒╧╕╘▒╛╒╧╕╘░╛╒╧╕ ╒╧╕╘▒╛╒╧╕╘░╛╒╧╕╘█╛╒╧╕╘▓╛╒╧╕╘▒╛╒╧╕╘░╛ ╘▓╛╒╧╕╘▒╛╒╧╕╘░╛╒╧╕╘█╛╒╧╕╘▓╛╒╧╕╘▒╛╒╧╕
juanitamoose @die_Kalte: Oh yeah, I'm all about the snazz here, and about 40 miles south of Princeton. Love this, thanks. [Princeton – Florida (Cosmic Kids Remix)] (reblip)
juanitamoose @Versh always played interesting "new to me" music [K H U S H I – You Say] (reblip)

K H U S H IYou Say

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juanitamoose @BastardBunny Hello up there. [Mark Ronson – Daffodils (feat. Kevin Parker of Tame Impala)] (reblip)
juanitamoose God bless WFUV [The Amazing – Flashlight] #TheBronx
juanitamoose From the playlist of #IndieRockHitParade on @wxpnfm. Going to see these guys next week in Baltimore w/Beach House. [Yo La Tengo – Ohm] #2013

Yo La Tengo"Ohm"

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juanitamoose I don't know who made this video, but that's the wrong Julia. Apology in the youtube comments [Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised]
juanitamoose Sweet dreams Blipsters [Calexico w/Takim - Stray]

CALEXICO feat.TAKIM (2014)

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juanitamoose @DjCaliSun Love it, thanks. NJ monsoon about to start. [Puscifer – Monsoons] (reblip)


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juanitamoose [Matthew Dear - Elementary Lover]

Elementary Lover

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djilo The deeper the better! Have a good one luv :) RB@badbabygirl: "We go deep for the weekend!..I have to get some work done! later!...;) djilo" (reblip)
elyss . Bye All DJs Have A Wonderful Day :)
juanitamoose [Ought - Beautiful Blue Sky] #2015

Ought | Beautiful Blue Sky

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juanitamoose @reincarnation: Lovely day for ducks and worms. Happy New Year! [Alt-J – Lovely Day] #covers (reblip)
juanitamoose [Los Hijos de La Montaña - One Breath, One Soul]

One Breath, One Soul

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juanitamoose @pratinsky Bonsoir [SUUNS – Minor Work] (reblip)

SUUNSMinor Work

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HobbeLink The Chemical Brothers + Beck ~ Wide Open

The Chemical Brothers Wide Open ft Beck lyrics video HD

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juanitamoose [The New Pornographers – Myriad Harbour] (reblip)
juanitamoose From the playlist of v0.2 on KGLT [The Clean – Psychedelic Ranger] www.kglt.net/
juanitamoose Long intro by Joey Burns, but beautifully recorded version of the song [Calexico featuring Gaby Moreno - Moon Never Rises]
awakening_man NOVO AMOR............................Nite!
enard mee threee @pulsar: "Me too! @badbabygirl: "I love these shadowy..eerie..songs and video..strangely captivating!..tyrb;)@pulsar: bbg Another goodie!"" (reblip)
juanitamoose Good morning Blipsters [Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners – This Girl]
juanitamoose @doublemint: Love it, thanks [Can - I Want More] (reblip)
juanitamoose Good morning Blipsters. Who's got a life preserver? [Dawg Yawp - Lost At Sea] #favorites

Lost At Sea

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juanitamoose @Verdoux: Love this movie. Bought the soundtrack. [Midnight in Paris Soundtrack: Stephane Wrembel - Bistro Fada] #14Juillet #BastilleDay (reblip)
juanitamoose Anybody protesting this afternoon? 5 pm. Find your nearest location here: TrumpIsNotAboveTheLaw.org [Local Natives - Warning Sign] #covers (reblip)

Local Natives-Warning Sign (lyrics)

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juanitamoose Dedicated to Blipsters, past & present, near & far [John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts] (reblip)
juanitamoose [Robyn Hitchcock - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue] #covers #Dylan

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

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juanitamoose @pratinsky: Hello friend, hope you are keeping well. [Cass McCombs – The Same Thing] (reblip)
juanitamoose @pratinsky: Hello, music lover. [The Handsome Family – Far From Any Road] (reblip)
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