junie12e Absolutely! thank you :) @motthoople: "Pipeline Sequence by Honk from one of the best surf films ever, Five Summer Stories" (reblip)
junie12e And I'll try to see things your way ~ nice! :) @christy_of_beaumetz (reblip)
junie12e This ship is sinking, I gotta swim for it ~ love this song :) @Vifke: "Wish I could help :( Rb@sefrond" (reblip)
junie12e breaking the day in two ~ pretty! @jojatk: "I can't argue with Everlong, @bryans_armywifey, but this one ain't bad, either... thanks for listening!" (reblip)
junie12e But now we've found it ~ @Alvaroxx: "The Temper Trap – Love Lost..." (reblip)
junie12e There's a time for every star to shine ~ love love love this song! :) @russasis: "@blip_tsf" (reblip)
junie12e Imagine what is possible ~ @tenderlee: "Liam Finn + Eliza Jane – Long Way To Go" (reblip)
junie12e Even the best fall down sometimes ~ @StacyAnn: "~Collide~" (reblip)

Howie Day- Collide- With Lyrics

| play
junie12e I've been waiting for someone to love ~ beautiful @dANGELofLOVE: "Hi! Wishing You A Fabulous Sunday! @LacedRadio: "Lenny Kravitz – Calling All Angels" (reblip)
junie12e Compare where you are to where you want to be ~ love this song! TY Sweetie! @kittycat62 (reblip)

Sara Bareilles Uncharted

| play
junie12e Live for the moment ~ @pstans: "@zamfir: "Imogen Heap – I Am In Love With You"" (reblip)
junie12e Stuck under this ceiling I made ~ thank you sweetie! :) @ladycatlady: "jumpstart my kaleidoscope heart ~ thank you for the love @dreamingmoon3" (reblip)

Sara Bareilles Uncharted

| play
junie12e Back to the sky on your own ~ beautiful song, beautiful dj! :) @ladycatlady: "ready to fly, you and i, here we go ~ thank you for the love" (reblip)
junie12e just trying to stay on the ground ~ I love this song :)

Peasant Raise Today

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junie12e And you threw me a life line ~ @ladycatlady: "Sarah Harmer ~ Captive" (reblip)
junie12e and it's something we all hide it inside ~

Set FreeKatie Gray

| play
junie12e Like I'm walking up surrounded by me ~ thank you to one of my fave djs! :) @rachidkas (reblip)
junie12e But this is the way I need to wake ~ to you :) @ladycatlady: "Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson ~ Sky" (reblip)

Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson: Sky

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junie12e Come and make your move ~ @TarinnAdaria: "Mission – Van She" (reblip)

MissionVan She

| play
junie12e wonderful way to start the day! :) @Loba_Negra: "The Allmann Brothers Band - Jessica" (reblip)
junie12e Dedicate her favourite song ~ @innoutwindows: "Buy her some moonlight to wear~" (reblip)
junie12e Foot in the door and my face on the page ~ @Koshka: "Body of Years" (reblip)
junie12e Needles in my heart, spell on my mind ~
junie12e Always searching for adventure like Pandora's box ~ inspired by @DJNickPapag
junie12e In a looking glass I see me looking back ~ great song! @ladypn: "Will you miss me ever? Just LOVE her & this song! Thx & rb@madeleine_n!" (reblip)

YouTube Anna Nalick Drink Me Acoustic

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junie12e We had a promise made ~ good night everyone, see you tomorrow!
junie12e We all get the slip sometimes every day ~ hope you had a great day too! @georgeinthecord: "She & Him – In the Sun" (reblip)
junie12e Or don't give it to me at all ~ love this song! @THEWHITELION (reblip)
junie12e All I needed for another day ~ lovely! @Greenfields47: "thanks, good day 2 u..@indyh: "╰•♪∘✿∘ღ•╮"" (reblip)
junie12e When the morning comes I'll be there by your side ~ love love love this movie & music! @The101HiWay (reblip)

Harry Nilsson Narrates, "The Point":Chapter 7

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junie12e Don't even try and find a line this time ~ :) @zamfir: "Ok Go - You're So Damn Hot" (reblip)

Ok Go ► You're So Damn Hot (+Lyrics)

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junie12e Who died and made you king of anything ~ great song! TYVM! @ladycatlady: "you got the talking down, just not the listening..." (reblip)
junie12e tell me what you see ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ Superfly! TYVM @yuuhi_hajime: "iTunes play ♪Superfly - i spy i spy♪ #nowplaying " (reblip)
junie12e Everything step i take, every day i live, everything i see ~ just love this song and video!

One eskimOkandi

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junie12e Open the floodgates up ~ morning Sweetie! It's always a great day with -> @ladycatlady: "Sara Bareilles ~ Let the Rain" (reblip)
junie12e Drinking champagne, going insane ~ love this :) @r0bb3rt: "Good Charlotte ~ Like It's Her Birthday" (reblip)
junie12e you have to choose what you win or lose ~ love this song and this dj --> @Sly_dog: "happy 'healing' thoughts 4 u :))) @sefrond" (reblip)

Leona LewisHappy

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junie12e The morning sun shines on the dew ~ beautiful! thank you :) @Coffeenuts: "You Are This Perfect" (reblip)

Petracovich You Are This Perfect

| play
junie12e got a red light, got a green light ~ cool :) @JerryTheK: "%<>?!" (reblip)
junie12e You wake a little different ~ great song, great dj --> @ladypn: "Everything you ever did, everything you ever said... love it! Thanks rb@RHYTHMjunkie" (reblip)
junie12e Who made the rule that I should always play the fool ~ ♥ this song & movie :) @ladycatlady: :) loved the movie as a kid...still love it. :) @Naestopaz (reblip)
junie12e Today and every day ~ love this song and video :) thank you! @GypsyFM: "oops!@carla_ferrarezi: "Marry Me"" (reblip)
JackieYunTweets Sending you both ☼☼☼ ~rb @junie12e: "Like the sunshine warms the sand ~ love Jesse and Stella! @StellaBears: "Sunlight ~ In Your Hair"" (reblip)
junie12e it's just this day ~ love this song :) 10Q! @lenaphrodite: "Tegan & Sara – I Know I Know I Know" (reblip)
junie12e Sometimes living out your dreams,ain't as easy as it seems ~ love it! @AutumnPerception: "Good Morning! I wish you all a great day. rb @yuuhi_hajime" (reblip)


| play
junie12e I could hold you forever ~ thank you :) @Tuneaholic: "~>@ladycatlady ~ Hold You In My Arms (this is exactly what I have in mind : )" (reblip)
junie12e What about what's good, what's true ~ beautiful @AutumnPerception: As I heard this song again I had to think at you @ladycatlady ~ Carry Me Ohio... ;) (reblip)
junie12e Shine through the darkness ~ two of my faves! @JackieYunTweets: I see your sweet smile & hope you're keeping warm in Boston, Stella! ~rb @StellaBears (reblip)

Eva Cassidy- I Know You By Heart

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junie12e You’ve just got to trust me ~ beautiful! morning you two! :) @AutumnPerception: "@ladycatlady ~ then I’ll just be waiting here…right here." (reblip)
junie12e we'll find a way ~ pretty :) @Gidyean: "☀Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Stick With Me Baby☀ @frspirit" (reblip)
junie12e You hadn't lost the one thing ~ your wonderful heart! *smoochies* Jackie! @JackieYunTweets: "Life goes to those who are true..." (reblip)
junie12e Now the story's played out like this ~ one of my faves inspired by @kimme23
junie12e I fall asleep to your serenade ~ good night all! :)

ordinary day by emilie mover

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junie12e If you ever turn around, you'll see me ~ thank you my friend :) @Coffeenuts: "Can't Go Back Now" (reblip)

Can't go back now- the weepies

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junie12e I'm still here listening ~ morning & thank you :) @Coffeenuts: "►GN◄ ~ Down With The Ship" (reblip)
junie12e and all the times slipping away ~ have a wonderful Aloha Monday everyone!

Peasant Raise Today

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junie12e All the planets are lining up for me ~ good morning Sweetie! :) @ladycatlady: "this year is gonna be incredible... Chantal Kreviazuk ~ This Year" (reblip)
junie12e One fine day we'll fly away ~ love it! :) @BBlanca: "Morcheeba – Rome Wasn't Built In A Day <Que tous tes désirs se réalisent... @rachidkas" (reblip)
junie12e But what are we waiting for? ~ :) @BBlanca: "Ty rb @jesusalbertoaraujo: "Excelente°!!!"" (reblip)
junie12e Weren't you adored? ~ beautiful! two of my faves! :) @innoutwindows: "might have to run-->@lostndanet: "~ Walking After You ~"" (reblip)
junie12e gonna make it allright but not right now ~ one of my faves inspired by another one of my faves -> @innoutwindows
junie12e 'Cause I want just one love to be enough ~
junie12e you're worth waiting for ~

FM RadioBe My Only

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junie12e And you threw me a life line ~ love it :) @ladycatlady: ":) @dreamingmoon3: ":)))) rb@ladycatlady: "Sarah Harmer ~ Captive""" (reblip)
junie12e Hunting high and low to seek revenge ~ nice :) @Stephan1o2: "Their new album is really good.." (reblip)
junie12e Makes you stronger than you know ~ great song, great dj! Morning Sweetie! Have a great one :) @Sheribaby_SPH: "Each Tear" (reblip)
junie12e Open my eyes I see sky ~ two of my fave djs! Good morning! @ladycatlady: "ty rb @JackieYunTweets: "♫♪♬ I wake to you. [Good Morning!!] ♫♪♬ " (reblip)
junie12e It doesn't get better than this ~ Happy Aloha Friday eve everyone :)

Doesn't Get Better Than This

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junie12e You know the reason I can't hurt ~ two of my faves! Raveonettes and -> @BBlanca (reblip)
junie12e Don't even try and find a line this time ~ great song, great dj! @lillianwong (reblip)
junie12e In my dreams, we'll be happy together ~ TYVM! one of my favorites inspired by @kirkill


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junie12e I'm just a little bit caught in the middle ~ Love Lenka! inspired by @JonnyWilson

LenkaThe Show

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junie12e oh I wish you well ~ love the Weepies! @zamfir (reblip)
junie12e Have faith in both of us ~ inspired by @MANFORD
junie12e ‘Cause I’m being taken over by ~ always rb Lily Allen! @taisniffi (reblip)
junie12e but I'm a sucker for his charm ~ tyvm @6km
junie12e if there's one thing that we know ~ tyvm! love your blips! @MANFORD
junie12e I can see like nothing else ~ great song and great dj @DJMcMe (reblip)
junie12e shine a little light


| play
junie12e That I could fly from the highest swing
junie12e Fade it out into the light ~ great song tyvm! @JonnyWilson (reblip)
junie12e I get high on a buzz ~ TYVM, you are too kind and a great dj @SBarhite ~ keep those great blips coming! (reblip)
junie12e A broken heel like a heart ~ love Goldfrapp @MANFORD

GoldfrappOh La La

| play
junie12e here's a hand to hold on to ~ always must rb Lenka! @MANFORD (reblip)
junie12e But with a little help from my friends ~ hope that's better :) @DJMcMe
junie12e When you can't remember the last breath that you took
junie12e I just watched you smile today ~

PJ Olsson: She Says To Fly (Studio Session)

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junie12e It's the thought that moves you upwards ~ inspired by @foxy_kida


| play
junie12e The spark in your eyes sets my soul on fire ~
junie12e I always will ~

"Poison & Wine" | The Civil Wars | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO [HD]

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junie12e You got the ways and means to make it all right ~ inspired by @TechieTiks
junie12e Give me a push, a little push in one direction ~ one of my faves! @octoberland (reblip)
junie12e @DJMcMe ~ TYVM! And just when I thought it couldn't get any better
junie12e If it's fate or if it's just dumb luck ~
junie12e Still looking for the new thing ~ nice! @zamfir (reblip)
junie12e It seems that you live in someone else's dream ~ tyvm inspired by @straywebsurfer
junie12e Cheated by the opposite of love ~ inspired by @djpuggie
junie12e Everyone has a secret ~ inspired by @alexparr
junie12e for always

Ryan Huston-Love you forever

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junie12e Beautiful way to start the day listening to Spyro Gyra and you! @innoutwindows: "@ShariShari" (reblip)
junie12e All that I dreamt had been untrue ~ thank you so much, you are so sweet! beautiful song! @ladycatlady (reblip)
Fortharrison TY RB@junie12e: "Every smile you gave ~ tyvm!"// its a fav ☺ (reblip)

One eskimOkandi

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junie12e Every regret I have will go set free ~ beautiful! @mizdemeanor (reblip)
FatDaddy2 ty for prop. Be a listener? I'll add you 2@philsalt: "Good evening to you@ZONE" (reblip)
junie12e There's a time for every star to shine ~ thank you to all the stars out their! Have a wonderful weekend!
innoutwindows I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it, we can dig it, they can dig it, you can dig it Oh, let's dig it. Can you dig it, baby?
junie12e Just what is it all worth ~ @Alvaroxx: "Depeche Mode – Useless..." (reblip)
junie12e Spoken like a melody ~ your kindness overwhelms me! TYVM! @divadonna5 (reblip)
junie12e and we know the show must go on ~ new one for me, thank you! @kirkill (reblip)
junie12e But is this how it's really meant to be ~ thank you and have a wonderful Aloha Wednesday! @RavenGirl (reblip)
junie12e Haven't heard this song in a long time! @VelvetCharmer (reblip)
Coffeenuts Little Bird

Little Bird by The Weepies

| play
junie12e In my heart, you'll stay ~
junie12e Like Pandora's box ~ one of my faves! @CamelWalk
junie12e We've all become the same ~ have a nice day! @VelvetCharmer @SBarhite: "Eclectic and fabulous tunes direct from Italy - that's @mammara #FollowFriday" (reblip)
dj_lmb Finger Eleven – One Thing
biap How sweet is that? Thanx, baby! @junie12e: "You can’t have everything ~ TYVM! inspired by @me" (reblip)
junie12e It's like one of those bad dreams ~ TYVM! @DjRuca (reblip)
junie12e But see how deep the bullet lies ~
junie12e That's where you're supposed to be now ~ great song! TYVM and Happy Aloha Wednesday @purplemaniac777 (reblip)

311It's Alright

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junie12e But in the end, the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself ~ love the Weepies! tyvm @zamfir (reblip)
junie12e Call it luck, call it fate ~ one of my faves inspired by @ladycatlady

Had I Known You Better Then.mov

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junie12e Suerte que despierto junto a ti ~ beautiful song! tyvm @jesusalbertoaraujo (reblip)

Jason Mraz Feat. Ximena Sariñana Lucky ("Suerte")

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junie12e In life's dance, take a chance

Adrina Thorpe -Give You My Love (acoustic)

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junie12e I been down and out, but I'll come around ~ nice :) @innoutwindows: "In a minute everything is gone~ @skatingandbroken" (reblip)
junie12e such a long way ~ have a great day everyone! *hugs*
junie12e It’s a beautiful night ~ watching way too much Glee *grin*

Glee Marry You Full Video HQ

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junie12e I'll head straight for the stars ~ have a wonderful Aloha Friday eve!
junie12e Strange things are happening everyday ~ lovely! :) @Coffeenuts: "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us" (reblip)
AutumnPerception @shellartistree I know you're not ~wasting precious time. But I love this song so much. Have a wonderful day.
junie12e Well there's nothing left to say ~

the narrative-waiting room

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junie12e i wanna be here and nowhere else ~ love this song and dj --> @ladycatlady: "hi @czybulski" (reblip)
junie12e Time goes by from year to year ~ lovely, just like you :) @DJ_EstherSterre (reblip)
junie12e Sometimes I wonder where you've gone ~
junie12e You send me spinning ~ love you sweetie :) @lostndanet: "TY MIL ;) @Kiltweaver: "♥"" (reblip)
junie12e gonna make it allright but not right now ~ one of my faves inspired by @BattLady thank you :)
junie12e It's all going just so perfectly wrong ~ trying again *grin*

Joy Williams | One of Those Days | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

| play
Hotyoungmom Who I Am Hates Who I've Been – Relient K
AutumnPerception @junie12e If you fall ~ I’ll keep the area clear… ~ When you find your way back down…in one piece. ~ Then I’ll just be waiting here…right here.
junie12e and I embrace you for your faith ~ love you both!!! @AutumnPerception: "@ladycatlady Enjoy your weekend and take the time you need. *HUGS*" (reblip)
junie12e Life - don't let it pass you by ~
junie12e Bet you never think it feels right ~
junie12e And there in a golden ray of light ~ *BIG HUGS* to you too! @AutumnPerception: @ladycatlady ~ He seems so at ease ~ A strange inner peace ~ *HUGS* (reblip)
junie12e Good morning and Happy Aloha Tuesday everyone!

"Honey Bees" by Rachel Platten, Music Video

| play
junie12e It's a perfect world ~ good morning!
junie12e looks like we made it ~ love it! tyvm :) @hairgirl (reblip)
Unaturalsoul ........@yellowstar2000: ""you have stolen my...hearrrrt..."<3" (reblip)
junie12e I see the sun beam the perfect ray ~ have a wonderful day!
junie12e Still love's all I see ~ another pretty one! thank you my friend :) @Coffeenuts: "Catalyst" (reblip)
junie12e Believe me it’s true ~ love you Stella! :) @StellaBears: "G'nite!! thx4 Gr8 music and props SuperBlips! ...sweet dreams!" (reblip)

JewelSweet dreams

| play
junie12e It wasn't long enough together ~ love this song and dj -> @StellaBears: "forever..." (reblip)


| play
junie12e Your heart can see what it missed before ~ love this song and dj ->@Flying_Roundhouse: "The Softies – These Sad Times" (reblip)
junie12e You have stolen my heart ~ tysvm :) @yellowstar2000: ♥♫ ♪♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ¸ ¸♥ "Dashboard Confessional – Stolen" ♥ ๑ ❀ ✿ ♪ ♩ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♪♪ ♫ • * ¨ * •. ¸ ¸♥ (reblip)
junie12e It was no loss ~ so pretty! thank you my friend :) @Coffeenuts: "Philharmonics" (reblip)
junie12e The sun is getting high ~ but it's always time for a rb@yellowstar2000 *smoochies* (reblip)
junie12e But now we are free ~ so pretty had to rb@Coffeenuts: "again,afav,thx,rb" (reblip)
junie12e I'll be there ~ beautiful! tysvm :) @Coffeenuts: "Not A Lullaby" (reblip)
junie12e nothing else will do ~ happy Aloha Friday Nick! always a rb@DJNickPapag (reblip)
junie12e Suddenly everything changed ~ wonderful song and video! tysvm :) @WithOutMakeUp: "Bright Eyes – "First Day of My Life" :)" (reblip)
junie12e I can't help but reminisce ~ so pretty, tysvm :) @AnneMarieD (reblip)
junie12e I sit and think about you ~ hope everyone had a great weekend :)

Erin and her Cello-- "On My Stoop"

| play
junie12e Laid out low, nothing to go ~ love it! tysvm :) @JessieDows: "Sneaker Pimps RB @golfnovels: "@SpinningDiscs: "Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground""" (reblip)
junie12e All the others scattered upon the floor ~ love it and ->@ladycatlady: "pieces falling from me, you can have them for free" (reblip)
junie12e Still love's all I see ~ love love love this song and @Coffeenuts: "Catalyst" (reblip)
junie12e It's always darkest before the dawn ~ love it and ->@straywebsurfer: "♫ Florence + The Machine - "Shake It Out" rb@n4t" (reblip)
junie12e flash flood under my bed ~

Can't Stand The Rain by The Rescues

| play
junie12e I think I'd rather misbehave ~ have a wonderful day sweetie :) @lostndanet: "TY #Classics! @mrrodd: "Classics! @lostndanet" (reblip)
junie12e Here I am ~ love it! tysvm my friend :) @rachidkas: "TY!;))@S4W2E0D:@r:TY!@feranto: "rbb!!!!!!@JessieDows: "Louise – Stuck In The Middle With You" (reblip)
junie12e It's the joy in your heart ~ a fave inspired by another fave @lostndanet *SMOOCHIES*

Waters of March [Aguas de Marco] by Anya Marina

| play
junie12e Time to redefine me ~ love you! ->@lostndanet: Let the word out I've got to get out... Oh I'm feeling better now... that I'm going home. Smooches!!!! (reblip)
junie12e Well you need a blue sky holiday ~ *hugs* :) @auticomics: "@TropicsZ4: "Daniel Powter - Bad Day"" (reblip)
junie12e All things come, all things go ~ so pretty! thank you my friend :) @rachidkas: TYSM!@Regina_@carlnat@carmen1943 (reblip)
junie12e Is where you are, is where I belong ~ *SMOOCHIES* @lostndanet: "Dave Matthews Band – Where Are You Going" (reblip)
junie12e I'm going to hold on to that ~ you're AWESOME -> @lostndanet: "Need to sleep... G'Night all! Leave you with ~ Five for Fighting - Something about you" (reblip)
ellendiane Ruby d is right here beside me- she loves the music:) xx rb@bobscopper: "for you my dear" (reblip)
StellaBears Mornin' glad UR here 4beautiful music dear friend, so am I:) tY @fuuji: good morning:) how are u?:)/ constellation is one of my favorite songs..tyrb@S (reblip)
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