kareliz That's gonna have to be a double blip! Very nice...! "RB @messinwiththekid: "very cool performance, ..just forget about Dave at the beginning :)"" (reblip)
lipsync Goodnight everyone..thanks so much for the music and replies, much appreciated..see you in a few days :-))))
ShiaoMei @kareliz -- u might like this one also...:D~

On the Ocean -K'Jon

| play
star45 Phoenix – Too Young – hi @kareliz awake yet? - 'morning @Zarabeth @SylentSyd @AnitaBreakSoon
kareliz Haha! You are too funny! @kaaeyl: "vi n@IBlameTheParent: "I'm, like, gag me with a spoon." (sheer perfection prop this all day)" (reblip)
ttimechitchat Yes it's a party 2nite these ✰ listener/djs will make U☺ w/ their ♫ ✓out @ecocity @guitargray @hawaiibuzz @calabash11 @cg_2001 @duffboy @kareliz
ocliao COMPLETELY taken!!@BarbieRay: "This is such a great song, great video, I know you will dig it @BLUESBOOGIE@ocliao for my Sis@patita" (reblip)
crispast for dancing? yeahh! \o/ @lipsync: "Hey boy hey girl!!!!!..nice to see you both today @paulastudio @DOCSTIMULAS XXX"<---me too! :D (reblip)
crispast ahahah ..yeahh@rerkaizen:D just for a bit! ;D "glad you've finished dancing with yourself crispast :)) ".. \o !!" ciao@patita@sheryonstone@antenaweb! (reblip)
EndSpiele PJ Harvey – A Place Called Home
thatgreenmaid The Cure – Icing Sugar *Slack jawed Green eyed Rub my nose in Icing sugar*
thatgirlmegan "corona & lime" (shwayze) -- our poolside song...
kareliz Gavin Rossdale – Love Remains The Same
Coyoteguy Lets end it with this one... Till the morning...
TakeFive @kareliz,,, Ry Cooder - Crazy `Bout An,,,,,,,!!
LilFili Dunno if I have done this one yet or not *giggles*
Yeraze Mellow & "Big".. I like it.


| play
Ahhme10 Okay Jake I love it too..Hawthorne Heights – Ohio Is For Lovers

so alive love and rockets

| play
DJDreamy Third Eye Blind – How's It Going To Be {video} rb@girlpiper (reblip)
star45 Dream Theater – Blind Faith
star45 Candlebox – Arrow


| play
crispast how much i love this one?? i can't measure.. tnx and hi@LadyFantastick:) ciao@star45 and@Jeffie! (reblip)
star45 Incubus – The Warmth – thanks rb@18_karat: "Going to see in August. Can't wait!" (reblip)

Savoy Brown Train To Nowhere

| play

The Puppini Sisters-Wuthering Heights

| play
DoanDoDat @pinkpolkadots: "lol@alexsolo9: "tomorrow won't do...tks @pinkpolkadots"" (reblip)

Depeche Mode - I Want You Now

| play
EndSpiele Silversun Pickups – Catch & Release
EndSpiele Satya Graha – Night Horses and Daydreams > hi rb@samodiva (reblip)
DJDaJam "♥ ♪ The Tubes – She's is a Beauty ♥ ♪" (reblip)
MandyPenn Meet me in outer space . . .


| play
Tropicsz4 @NicoleVSanchez: "#1 Favorite Will miss you all. Loading up car to leave, kids waiting :-) Beautiful Song will miss you too :) Have fun and enjoy (reblip)
cosita it's never a bad time for some nickelback. i never thought i'd ever say that, lol. shoot me. please. (reblip)
kareliz The Stone Roses – This Is The One
CrouchingNegroHiddenWeave LOL are women this materialistic?

De La Soul

| play
CrescentMoonglow I'll go ahead & pour myself a drink.Let's give this trainwreck one more ride.Don't want to know it's over.Hi @cArtPhotography@organicsue@pinkpolkadots
Dieuxdeluxe Had to take the Kid Cudi feat. Wale This is the cut! (reblip)
saint242 STP was the first band I ever saw in concert. It was at the Aladdin hotel in Las Vegas. My mom was with me. LOL.
capngeech The groove is impeccable, the flow of the lyrics astound, and the falsetto in the chorus is superb. You, my friend are a musical genius.

John MayerVultures

| play
kareliz U2 – Endless Deep

U2Endless Deep

| play
kareliz Puff Daddy Feat Sting – I'll Be Missing You [LIVE]
star45 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – 20 Hours – ciao @crispast nice day! - hola @kareliz g'morning! - thanks @pinkpolkadots
kareliz Lupe Fiasco Feat Jill Scott Daydreamin

Lupe Fiasco Feat Jill Scott Daydreamin Official Music Video

| play
kareliz Thanks...means more than you know @star45: "Don McLean – American Pie – 12 year old Alex died of cancer last February, this was his favorite song! (reblip)

Tasmin Archer-Sleeping Satellite

| play
lipsync @market007 as I try to sleep I saw you blip Bell X 1....I love them so thanks,one for you...XX
EndSpiele Missing Persons – Hello, I Love You
star45 The Swear – Vampire – rb@Tsauro you're right a must RB! (reblip)
kareliz Cool! Thanks :) @Pallete RB The Gossip – Heavy Cross (reblip)
Yesha @star45 @stephinfection @CagedButterfly @market007 - "You try to hit me just to hurt me So you leave me feeling dirty. Because you can't understand."

John Mayer Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

| play

Dream Catch Me =Newton Faulkner=

| play
EndSpiele Laura Pursell – When You Smile
EndSpiele Frente! – Most Beautiful
kareliz me too :) rb @sethec: "love this song..."come to my window"... i will dial numbers just to listen to your voice..just to reach you... ARGH!!! C",)" (reblip)
kareliz Nice! Thanks! Good morning :) rb@storylet: "@AninhAForster: "Something wrong, with every plan of my life... Lacuna Coil - Heaven`s a Lie (reblip)
squidbrain @Shukitty not true I always let you do Paramore when we play. Not my fault there's no cello peripheral.


| play
travelingcircus Can't say I don't miss being serenaded, it was quite lovely. Incubus - "I Miss You"

I miss you by Incubus

| play
star45 Late of the Pier – Mad Dogs And Englishmen – vi@Lambcop excellent pick! - hi & thx @MusicIsMySunshine @ilbis @digitpt @samodiva @bruun @whistlepunch
LeandroAzevedo beautiful Girl play bass guitar ... love !

Sick Puppies "All The Same"

| play
star45 Opeth – Remember Tomorrow – hey @patita nice day to you! - hi @LexiePixie & thanks @MusicIsMySunshine I'll pick up! - hey @TropicsZ4 @elocio
digitpt @Yesha: "@Mr_Brightside @star45 @GemmaEcclesiastica If you let me, I'll show the world to you. Yes, if you let me, I'll know just what to do" (reblip)
kareliz Jamie Cullum's 'I Only Have Eyes for You'

Jamie Cullum's 'I Only Have Eyes for You'

| play
kareliz Tears For Fears – Memories Fade
EndSpiele The Spill Canvas – The Tide
Divvzz It's so unbelievable, and I don't wanna let it go... Its something so beautiful... Morning morning @josephh777
sugarsmack72 United States of America Looks like another silent night As we're sung to sleep by philosophies That save the trees and kill the children
smoky ♫I Remember Now - Queensrÿche
kazitoshi it's a gorgeous song. what can i say. the eels are underrated.

EelsFresh Feeling

| play

Wolf Parade I'll Believe in Anything

| play
kareliz Absolutely beautiful! Thank you! :) @sonioushka@digitpt @joechapman @MonicaOnline @rerkaizen @Lobsterdemon @kareliz @melodyforyoulife vi@crispast" (reblip)

Andrea Bocelli- Con te Partiro

| play
Jinxie_G FYC baby

Fine Young Cannibals "Good Thing"

| play
Muuuzak From Lutha!........"dont give up, try again"

Luther Vandross--Second Time Around

| play
DJDreamy Pills ~ Gary Jules ==> Following Eminem SONG with this song seems appropriate:) @DeAnn @kareliz @star45 @GR8FL @lipsync @kbuech @djwttw @storylet (reblip)

Gary JulesPills

| play
kareliz Out of props for you, thanks!@loganzito Back at ya @Edainsmom! "Free – All Right Now"
elocio Soul II Soul ~ Keep on movin' [1989]
DoanDoDat @mamamiaellen Tom Petty – Stevie Nicks - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around - I Need to Know (reblip)
Digimuse Hooverphonic - Mad About You ♫MP3
Digimuse Manu Chao - Me Gusta Tu ♫MP3 (reblip)
digitpt @Olga: The Dandy Warhols – Everyone Is Totally Insane - I totally agree :))) (reblip)
EndSpiele Limp Bizkit – Eat You Alive
Gamera I love the literal videos. (reblip)

Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal (upholding the exact meaning of a word or words) Video Version

| play
star45 Rick Bain – Orlando
asterion @Surreality: "very dreamy beautiful song from a little known 90s band any Bedazzled records fans out there besides @Alliemamma and @jennyleepenny? " (reblip)
OFUMedia @pjredd @californiamade @marijaanadj @Annggel @MetalRocks @kareliz Good morning, afternoon whatever or wherever!

slipknot snuff and lyrics (HQ)

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AgentSpymonkey Good night Blippers and Tweeters...thanks for all...here's one so you don't forget me=)

Code Monkey

| play
Vikinggirl I Wanna Kiss You All Over :) Oh I do, I do!! :)
T_DeBarros Pat Benatar. Precious Time. ~life is too short, so why waste precious time...~*hi @patita @TheLenzyme @mushka @messinwiththekid @MrChampu @kareliz
EndSpiele Silverchair – Suicide Dream
Punched :: New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Live) ::
star45 Supergrass – Beautiful People
kassandria13 i love his voice very very sexy ... sends sivers down my spine... yep out for blood today (reblip)
kareliz Holy flashback! Thanks! rb @mdelfs "Nik Kershaw – Wouldn't It Be Good" (reblip)
DJEmpire1 Last one for now. This is such a beautiful song that I have to end here or suffer by comparison.
T_DeBarros Me'Shell Ndegeocello. Untitled. ~you make me feel so good...so good..must admit u often cross my mind..ooh, baby cant u see..make my ♥ stop~HOT DANG!
Keltois one of my fav. Thx.!!@GinaDunc: "Ty!...@djLop: "привет@alebur: "Hola! @djLop""" (reblip)
adverb This song is so good, I'm going to re-reblip it @CoSlive @HellenKellersIpod (reblip)
TakeFive Eric Burdon – Spill The Wine,,,WOULD BE ASHAME !! (reblip)
diptychal @scorpionkiss listen to the lyrics on this one baby
diptychal @scorpionkiss this is one of the songs by APC i was telling you about. it sounds like your kind of song habibi
dailystendhal gotta go blippers - designated driver duties call... have a great nit everyone! :)
BackstagePass The Black Ghosts – Full Moon – very well @sarahcarina thanks!
Keltois coidado cos ghosts ;)@SilviaS: "@djLop Um dia pleno|Placebo|«Sleeping with ghosts»" (reblip)

Sleeping with ghosts

| play
FashionNugget Who let it end up on the ground? How am I gonna know I'm letting you down?

Metric Glass Ceiling, acoustic

| play
JamSamCreative ((Handsome Boy Modeling School – I've Been Thinking))
mollena This makes my brain go China Syndrome. Cutting Crew, Jay Z?? Really?! *get my head ringin*
NotTheBlood Lacuna Coil's new single...and funny video!

P.M. Dawn -- Die Without You

| play
YayaDiamond A little island flava for you Reggae lovers out there. Peace


| play
GlowieThePixie Hello Muddah Hello Faddah (Camp Grenada) - Allan Sherman

camp grenada with lyrics

| play
Silverfire I'm a peasant in your princess arms...
djsurfer RB !!! @CLARITY: "you love the people that love you, you hear the music they move to... " (reblip)
TheFreshPrincess @djsurfer these lyrics are brilliant "But give me your hand and you will see Your heart is keeping time with me"
ttown67 I've got to get busy c'ya later guys..Sloan for now
effinmitch quiet quiet quiet LOUD LOUD LOUD!!!!

Brand NewLuca

| play
Gen22 G'Nite:) [Massive Attack feat. Portishead & Tricky - Dissolved GI]

"MASSIVE ATTACK" featuring portishead & tricky-"DISSOLVED GI

| play
worldonastring @dirtylittlesecret: Well, you wanted a drinking buddy....name calling comes free with it!


| play
HERDE @mairsplaylist: "Great reggae out of Bermuda! (reblip)

Collie Buddz "She Gimme Love" (Paradise Riddim)

| play
MusicIsMySunshine It's definitely an Imogen Heap Day! Love this new album

Imogen Heap2-1

| play
star45 Alice Cooper – Is It My Body


| play
MaggyTheBrave I wanna be the shower in the morning that wakes you up and makes you clean.
djsurfer Now that I have found someone, I'm feeling more alone than I ever have before
HERDE 2 good~@aloudhendo: "My favorite (??? MAYBE...PROBABLY...but not DEFINITELY) song about the rain." (reblip)
star45 The Music – Human

The MusicHuman

| play
star45 The Faint – Birth

The FaintBirth

| play
Gen22 Unkle - 'Lonely Soul'

UnkleLonely Soul

| play
eag_ape "note the trees because the dirt is temporary more to mine than fact face name and monetary "

"Staring at the Sun" by TV on the Radio

| play
Faddic Don't let a day go by in doubt... The answer lies within.
Faddic It wasn't in a dream..A film or on tv,This ws really happenin 2me,Though I may protest Suggest I neva kw,The ghost comes bk 2Haunt me..TheGhostOfSex&U

The Ghost of the sex and you (Psv)

| play
ReggaeLover "That am falling, hoping that you feel this way too".


| play
djilo Funky Lowlives - Irreplaceable
ZachsMind Just heard this over at www.kevinpollakchatshow.com and felt like blipping it. We're T-minus 1hr 5mn to @robcorddry interview!
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ Music Perfect For Those Right Wing 'Fear-Mongering, Paranoia-Inducing' Pundit Nutjobs Like Anne Coulter/Sean Hannity/Rush Limbaugh & Glenn Beck ~

Red-Pieces with lyrics (good song)

| play

MewithoutYou-In a Sweater Poorly Knit

| play
pirx007 My personal fav.

Pixies-I Bleed

| play
vanwas A little something to get you moving this morning :)
jivedanson I really shouldn't like this song. It's not a song I should like. And yet, here we are.
Atomik Radiohead – The National Anthem
qlulu I'm practicing your name so I can say it to your face

Bic RungaSway

| play
arcticarab (bat for lashes - sweet dreams (eurythmics cover)} "Some of them want to.... use you, get used by you, abuse you, be abused"

DreamTheater / Through Her Eyes (Metropolis 2000 Live)

| play

Dream Theater -The Spirit Carries On

| play
arcticarab (the white stripes - i'm finding it harder to be a gentleman} lesser known treat!
DJmDub SXSW Playlist - Vampire Weekend "The Kids Don't Stand a Chance"
jringro11 Jon Schmidt – Bells of Freedom
Sadkinz We set fire in the snow...
Nicoline Such an amazing song, and true for me today- as I don't have time to blip much today. Oh well, there'll be other days...I'lljust listen to you! THNXS
CarlosLuna ... i need your love, i need you love :P

Jamiroquai, Alright

| play
Gen22 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Dull Life'

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Dull Life

| play
row1e Muse – United States of Eurasia
narcolepsy_slds this album rules me at the moment, I could listen to it all day long
robayre for my boys. you wanna hear this.
Curacao58 Paranguaricutirimicuaro by Michael O'Neill - smoothjazz

Paranguaricutirimicuaro by Michael O'Neill

| play
DjLove7 "Muse - Falling away with u" (reblip)

my New Moon Soundtrack #2-Falling Away With You-Muse-w/ subtitle lyrics

| play
nastysurprise @chris_is_cool How do you know these guys? Nice. I have an EP around here somewhere. (reblip)
nastysurprise @MissDiggity @dochugo "plus stuff they haven't even thought of doing yet" Have I got the shirt for you: http://bit.ly/380tt3 (reblip)

Faded Paper Figures- Metropolis

| play
nastysurprise @MissDiggity @dochugo "HOWEVER fpf as a fraction of all your blips nasty, let's round that down to 0%" Parts per million counts!
arcticarab !i! @threebears: "@mammara!!Black Star★ 25k!!! Yay! Well done & congrats to you & all of us your 25 thousand listeners!!Fireworks★✶✵☆ (reblip)
gradiva Yesterday my troubles seemed so far away. And now there’s nothing left to do but watch the choices slip away. And all the voices ricochet..
star45 Slash's Snakepit – Serial Killer
DJErmjizzle @tinadiggsit..I can't wait. Lots of good shows coming up!
Jungstir You see i figure...the reblippers will take advantage of this music..is it new to your ears?
Jungstir Hi ya..thanks for the props!@mirocanog@jaytoddmartin@mtojek.Always happy to get new listeners-you might have heard some of this music before-enjoy
star45 Muse – Falling Away With You
star45 Your Favorite Enemies – Left Behind
OrangeCrush @OrangeCrush: "from Cake's kids album--LOVE IT!" (reblip)
star45 Rachael Yamagata – I Want You
AliceBrandon [with an inquisitive twist in my lips] Every song... @JazzWhitlock is in every song I hear. Where has he been today? (reblip)
heyjo Stereophonics – It Means Nothing
jlamoree I don't think I've heard Sister Suvi before. Great sound. (reblip)
angelheart LOVE it@Radiata: "This song goes in like Coldplay, out like Metallica." (reblip)
OkamiMars ~The Sun kisses the Earth and I hush my urge to cry~
Divvzz Who'll be my love? You'll be my love! You'll be my sky above, Who'll be my light? You'll be my light,

Ruby love

| play
SkyeCebh Great pick! :D RB vi@imcfdean: "~“Temptation” by Moby~" (reblip)
ximon Thx!!!@joe61: "New Order - Dreams Never End" (reblip)
Gen22 @ximon :) [The Black Keys - The Lengths]
crispast one of my favs and my fave version ..tnx@isqueirobic :) (reblip)
Stephydel Thx @extrenergy: "a song that is a perennial favorite. works on so many levels for me." (reblip)
crispast idem.. <3 it! rb@idril: "This is one of the songs that makes me cry...." (reblip)
DJEmpire1 Ayna and Lucas in the video?

Uh Huh HerExplode

| play
star45 The Cure – Alt. End


| play
onesanz keep in touch please @GR8FL I'll hope to share again our music passion
star45 Passion Pit – Swimming In the Flood

Pat Benatar - Never Wanna Leave You.mp3

| play
BallotBoxer Classic Literature As Songs mix [1/3] :: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
nastysurprise Thx @RandyElliott for pointing this out // @AlyG needs to be on here telling us about last night
nastysurprise Sorry it's imeem, but this is the song I wanted
soprano @AsherAnthonyS If we're talking favorites, this would be mine.
EFR56 I luv this gal. She can bring me down anytime. She does it so sweetly. @kareliz @WakeAppMusic @Thaiangel
Gen22 [Thom Yorke and Beck - I'm Set Free (Velvet Underground Cover)]" (reblip)
Anomaly just put down those scissors baby
NyQuilDriver My birthday is tomorrow, I'm getting to be an old man
UKDad Listening to Underworld - Born Slippy by - subscribe to my high quality audio ONLY playlist (reblip)

Underworld - Born Slippy

| play
star45 VAST – Is It Me? . . .


| play
mammara i've never loved too much hard'n'heavy rock, but i've always loved this song.
Gen22 @shiverspt what do you think of this? [Royksopp ft. Fever Ray - This Must Be It]
CHaDmAn "She was shakin' her hips and that was all that I need!" (reblip)
Faddic although this song hurts me deep.. i couldn't avoid the rb.. i tried! Rb@kami_usha (reblip)
CHaDmAn "The m-m-m-m-monkey on my back, back, back! Gonna change my ways tonight!" (reblip)
walrusgumboot This video is awesome @randyhate: "the cover & amazing video." (reblip)


| play
CHaDmAn "How do you do it? It's better than I ever knew!" (reblip)


| play
preppystar talking shit about a pretty sunset. change my mind so often i can't even trust it

Modest Mouse-Talking shit about a pretty sunset

| play
SoljahSherry How I'm feeling:) It's on the Thicker Than Water soundtrack...
biskeeee more Zero 7... "In The Waiting Line"... from the Garden State sdtrk, the album that made every1 a self-styled indie hipster
ximon Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) @amoilcaffe: "@ Relaxing song...dedicate to @ximon Enjoy #TheTemperTrap - Sweet Disposition"" (reblip)
codaofchoice I am in LOVE with this song. Autumn music.
YumiSpewns Foo Flighters - Disenchated Lullaby (reblip)

foo fighters disenchanted lullaby

| play
indieearcandyforeveryone this anti-war tune always gets me... ["How long will we have to sing until you finally bring our sons, our daughters home?"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Shinedown - "Sound Of Madness" ♥ Straight up Excellence in this song.. man I love it!
nastysurprise @snugglebunny Good idea. Haven't listened to this today yet. (reblip)
rachidkas I hope for you better days!@BBlanca: "I'd like to bring a little light. To shine a light on your life. To make you feel loved..." (reblip)

Hamburg SongKeane

| play
its4am For The Love Of You ... I sing it this way ;)
saga - out of the fire. higher and higher!

The Killers Bling Confession of a King

| play
saga - spreading the new video. :)