Lewy I see now u are now a real 'Csillagok csillagok' fun! :) @katarinax: "@Lewy: I am also today, and listen to the melody. Thinking of Music in Hunga.. (reblip)
katarinax They look very happy! I also want to dance! rb @Junchai: "Good feeling to see men spent time together this way.@katarinax: "ソトマリ タンツォーク SZATMARI (reblip)
katarinax Hi! Im fine! :D I'll eat UDON(うどん) noodles now! @DJMikeBoscia
katarinax 眠い。寝る。おやすみなさい。Im so sleepy. good night. bye.
katarinax @cassowary rb @lordlancaster: "@katarinax: No Doubt, Just a Girl. It was a smash hit, nice music. " (reblip)
katarinax これは何度も見ずにいられない!ゾンビ的な。 (reblip)
katarinax サンダンスコホロ
katarinax Hello! @derby


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katarinax Im glad to see you. this song so cute! rb @puntito: "@katarinax thank you and welcome you too!" (reblip)
katarinax ♥Thanks for listening!♥ @ironButterfly @Barbarellalala @Atomik @MiraSan

Tokyo Jihen-Dynamite Out-Marunochi Sadistic

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katarinax so cool!

Space Maudi by Besh o droM

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マキシマムザホルモン ぶっ生き返す

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katarinax COOL! RB @DuncanDogg: "Just found out this band is going to play in my home city (Madison, WI). Wanna go, Seigen?" (reblip)

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Official Video

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Junchai Yes, I always love Bulgarian music. Very peaceful even when in the fast song, you still can hear the peaceful melody in it. Thanks@katarinax (reblip)


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katarinax 頭wwwからwww離wwwwれwwwwwwなwwwwwwwいwwww  http://workingnews.blog117.fc2.com/blog-entry-2045.html

Tunak Tunak Tun (Best Copy)

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katarinax この曲は!!タイトルもバンドもわかんなくて諦めていた曲だ!thx! RB @mizchi: "Guns N Roses – Welcome to the Jungle" (reblip)
katarinax Thanks for prop,reblip and replys! @LuckySong @Vinha @liminal


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katarinax WOW!!! You saw them? great!!! RB @gogin: "@katarinax: I saw them live in Louvain! Great experience!!" (reblip)

finnish folk band värttinä

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boamorte vi@katarinax thx! great tune!!! don´t have a clue what they´re talking about though... (reblip)

僕は特急の機関士で 三木鶏郎 丹下キヨ子 森繁久彌

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katarinax folk meal? I like to feel like this.
katarinax hello @shanti45 ! Im still half asleep。 Yayaayayaayaa! Yayaayayaayaa!
katarinax France Gall – J'ai retrouvé mon chien // so cute! girly and pleasant.
katarinax これはイイ! This is good! very good!
SgtMac Good night/morning all thanks for great tunes, props, RBs & Blips, u guys rock!!!!!! Thanks to all my friends listening on twitter!

VAN HALEN - Happy Trails

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katarinax なにこれすごい! rb @vega_w: "なんとなく見つけたHindi song" (reblip)

Rang De Basanti

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Lewy It's the original song. @katarinax thank you! I like Besh o droM very much! @zaqrack
katarinax これはいいものを教えていただきました。ありがとう rb @nakatake: "Amatsu norito:天津祝詞" (reblip)

Amatsu norito

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katarinax Im so sleepy today,but I heard this song, Im very excited. now Im feeling good.LISTEN!!
katarinax これ楽しくなるね。初めて聴いたよ。たぶんこういうのはやってた時中島みゆきばっかりかけてたんだと思うw rb @kzythm: "Wake Up Boo!..."Boo Radleys - Wake Up Boo!"同じ時期に流行ってた様な。@katarinax " (reblip)

Boo Radleys Wake Up Boo!

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katarinax これなに?!すごい好み!超好み! I met this tune now, and was thunderstruck! I love this kind of atmosphere. thank you!  @Hanike: "I dunno... (reblip)
katarinax 鎖というのは何かを縛るためだけじゃなくて、大切な何かを守るためにあるんだ。人間の鎖だって同じさ。
katarinax wow! I got excited! @Hanike: "My favorite German Folk Metal band: Schandmaul... hope you like it! @katarinax @rafasirotheau" (reblip)
katarinax Ability of India.Tunak Tunak Tun !Tunak Tunak Tun ! feel like dancing. / インドパネェ.これ流してる とどんどん病気が治ってめきめき勉強の成果が出る気がしてくる (reblip)

Tunak Tunak Tun (Best Copy)

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angiece RB @katarinax: "この気持ち悪さが癖になるッ!(ならない)" (reblip)


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Lewy it's my favorite from them for singin', millionare jazz drummer... @katarinax
katarinax 超楽しい!何この曲すごい! so nice! I love this! RB @amphore: "@Blippo: "Gustav – Neulich Im Kanal @mangoli @alienfresh @thelema2009 @amphore" .......... frösche a (reblip)
dancemasterb Ha Ha!!!! just joking.... :9

AbbaMamma Mia

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katarinax WHAT IS THIS?! This song is too attractive!! Lewy! You dont allow me to study the bookkeeping LOL! @Lewy: "bubamara (Ladybird) @katarinax (reblip)
katarinax I see. thx! so beautiful. I become interested in Croatian music. @Lewy: ""Cacak (Serbia and Montenegro) - Dani Estrade - Award for best Croatian and E (reblip)

Severina in Cacak (2006)

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katarinax Let's get hammered tonight!!!!!!
katarinax Great song! I This tune has flowed from the radio 20 years ago. It met again now. これ好きだわ!二十年前ぐらいに聴いた!すごいうれしい!

バングルス 「エジプシャン」 PV

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katarinax Welcome new listeners! @TheCode @BKPROD Addict coming out one after another In Japanese twitterer.I hear this 「せねばのん」 (reblip)
PavlovsStepson Fun new song from Regina Spektor's new album just released today.
kiyopon このCelldwellerって歌手はスクウェアのCGみたいな容姿してて面白い
katarinax hey @Lewy How are you doing? unza unza is my top tune! thanks! and I hope to chat to you again (*゚ー゚) / (reblip)
pacoxxi .... al fin; ¿viernes?


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katarinax なにこれすごい!! Great movie!! rb @mmeixide: "Taraf de Haidouks - Latcho Drom" (reblip)
katarinax thanks! =) I love this kind of music.よろしくー! @TPJK: "LAST BLIP until later.Tanks for listening.You're very cute! :) @katarinax: "カロタセグ・レゲニェシュ "" (reblip)
mmeixide Taraf de Haidouks - Latcho Drom
Yanilsama Specially for my first listener @katarinax Welcome to the club by Manian. "Music is my galaxy" ;-)
katarinax これかな? @TidyCat (reblip)


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katarinax Wow!たーのしいー!Joyful! RB @Corts: "rb @mairsplaylist: #76 "#75 tryin' to reach 100! rbs!------>@MissM773#74: "loooove this"#72@marijaanadj: "rb@SkyeCebh: (reblip)
katarinax Romano Koktel – Kel Borije
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