libraregular when you make love to a woman you get revenge for all the things that defeated you in life


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lpowars Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

Fleetwood MacDreams

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felle I don't think we have to work for love. But I dig this song.
kbuech William Goodman and Twig: thanks!!

The FaintViolent

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kbuech The Faint – Hypnotised

The FaintHypnotised

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kbuech Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion. 1987, Goth for ya!
kbuech Zeppelin. Still unique, still da blues, man! Whole Lotta Love.
kbuech For @Billywynn. Watch out for those streaming alloy aircars, man!

RushRed Barchetta

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Billywynn Okay here's lullaby Steve Earle wrote as a tribute to Townes van Zandt
kbuech F__in White Stripes from another Detroit native, @kbuech! (reblip)
kbuech Yo @Billywynn, you goin to Wichita? Every single one's got a story to tell. One of my all time fav drivin tunes. White Stripes.
kbuech Wake-up music, people! I'm Southbound, at least in my head!!
kbuech Zooey and M. Good mellow tune.
kbuech Sweet heroin-influenced jammin' These guys looked like death on the album cover! What guitar tho!!


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kbuech I fell right into the arms of Venus do Milo #fb


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kbuech Why does this song always lift my spirits? Strange with the lyrics being what they are...
kbuech Nice groove. Back when Prince played all of the instruments on his albums. Memories...
kbuech @Billywynn BB King – Chains And Things. Well-worth the scratchy vinyl noise! (reblip)
threebears electric banana club with 'candy lips' brush up on your japanese with this *blips lips*
threebears Black Lips with Take My Heart - another *lips blips*
kbuech Sure like this version better than Adam Lamberts. The world is getting pretty crazy.....
kbuech Sunburn makes me feel violent..... What a party tune!!

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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kandiappl6 !only because i love the name of the band
kbuech A rather sad happy song. For my friend Virden. Beautiful harmony. That darn ham sandwich....
kbuech Just love the drums, and that voice....
kbuech Any girls with this sort of outfit? Search underway...... (reblip)
kbuech Since I'm visiting her hometown, Philly, she's singin' about it, and I dig this former music-promoter. Nice!!!!!
kbuech Fun, fun, fun memories. Wish I could play bass like this, and had the courage to streak around town like these dudes!!!!!
kbuech Just try and not get this tune stuck in yo' head!!! What a cute Scot Amy is ;)
kbuech My fave tune right now. Hope ya like this exotic woman's singing too.
kbuech Ben's songs are so fun. And man, can he play pie-anno!!!

Ben FoldsDog

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kbuech Hope you don't find this depressing. If so, call me, I'm a Psychiatrist-for real. lol.
kbuech @NikkiPixel THX!! What an recording of this tune :) (reblip)

Amanda PalmerCreep

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kbuech I agree, @NikkiPixel, Mas y mas...SI!!!!!!!! (reblip)

KinkyMas (blip.up)

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kbuech Love the groove by Peter here, great drums!
kbuech There is no doubt about this, oh romantic ones....
melloregina @Lucas_Lima se vc fosse gay te dedicaria essa música...seu hetero! hahahahahaha
kbuech @threebears Well, I got it all screwed-up, SO SORRY! I'm new at this tweet and deal, and having a bit of trouble following tweet conversations

FeistSo Sorry

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kbuech I agree with Mick's response to Mary Clayton's backup vocals in this classic, "wheeew!!" Wish I coulda been there.
stockmanmarc @folkmusicdude Dated song but it fits well with the anger, outrage, and defiance theme tonight... @J2ad @crispast @swilson @wapael @2fast4u
kbuech Not quite ready for bedtime yet, so I'll rock wit chu :)
kbuech Word to all of ya' Including yo mutha!

CameoWord Up

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kbuech Oh yeah, for all of us latenighters ^ _ ^
BubblesToGo @DJTOFT thanks for blipping this song and David Soul! (reblip)

Roberta Flack - The Closer I Get To You

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BubblesToGo @naapstermaan How did I miss this song? Thanks so much! Good night everyone! (reblip)
kbuech How I feel on a nice Fri morning in Philly, ska/reggae groovin"

UB40Good Situation

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kbuech Gettin' things going, slowing, on this Fri AM on a sunny day in Philly
kbuech One of the most beautiful songs EVER!!!
kbuech Another from the film classic "The Harder They Come"
kbuech The first of my Philadelphia-themed tunes today. Why Philly for this one? Radio show "World Cafe",a Philly show,and David Dye 1st I heard this beauty
kbuech This found this one.Like it a bit.A bit country-ish for H&O.Elton John rip-offish?
kbuech Nice. Didn't know Liv. Drums are cool....
kbuech It's the city of brotherly love, so this is Philly-ish I think. You?
melloregina Aaaaai George @Lucas_Lima mais tarde blipo nossa "irmã" George Michael e te dedico. Vc é hetero mas é legal ta cherrí! rsrsrsrs (reblip)
kbuech @CarlyCanadian Here you go, girl, @kbuech is from Detroit, across from Windsor. Where are you located in sunny ON?
kbuech Friends, gotta get outdoors on this beautiful Philly day. I'll be back later today. Have a wonderful day all!
kbuech No reason, just love this tune!
BrownBaby I think of the cold winter morning of my childhood: I am sitting at the table with a hot bowl of oatmeal, and brubeck plays on the radio
save_the_wolves a bit early...but the track is sooo dirty sweet'n smooth ...@Sparkles1980 T-Rex - Bang a Gong (Get it On) (reblip)
De_Ann @TGIF!!! Keep'n in light 'n fluffy this mornin, lalala...@Kapa1
kbuech Nasty, I know, but it fits with my French mood. :)
marquinhodengo pra lembrar Lucio Maia tocando no DVD Propagando
kbuech @ save_the_wolves A really NICE version of Here Comes The Sun. THX!! (reblip)
kbuech @BubblesToGo Not sure if you found this one last night. ENJOY, and have a great weekend!!

Let's Groove tonight

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gracefrog Gah, I freakin LOVE this song!!


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Suzn1177 I love ice-cream! & Van Halen

Van Halen - Ice Cream Man

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rjmarmol The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreaming ~ california is the most sung about place in the world, seriously~ #music
mushka @rogue_fm... I would walk through the snow barefoot .... to lift your heart ...

k.d. langBarefoot

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mushka heard this while I pumping... gas that is... on my way home...

Tell Me Something Good

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De_Ann so now...who's got 'em??? LOL

AC/DCBig Balls

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De_Ann @Flying_Roundhouse Hey DeAnn, tried to RB yours and practically brought the earth to its knees. So let's hear this one! ;-)
Shashisan I'll take another helping of Paul Weller Please
Shashisan Highway 101...thunderstorm....wild horses running over the hill..and this song was on my radio..a Divine moment
LisG Like balls in yo face ... lmao!!! DeAnn :)) @RadioRider @BarbieRayDeAnn@kbuech@LisG@storylet
De_Ann this thing called love...I just can't handle it :o @shimmerblue (reblip)
kbuech @LisG. A fave track o mine. THX!! (reblip)

Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider

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De_Ann I missed their concert in LR in January!!! :((

AC/DCHells Bells

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kbuech @LisG. Get those lighters held up high, blippers!! (reblip)
De_Ann ermmm...lalala....@Gen22 DJ Kool 'Let me Clear My Throat' (reblip)
Billywynn This is one of my guilty pleasures. There is something about those songs you listened to in the third seat of the station wagon facing backwards
TMR Thanks @planetparker...reblip failure ---- Silent Lucidity
De_Ann ahh's after midnight again here....
De_Ann y'all can sing along with me now...
kbuech @DeAnn. Don't fade on us, girlie!! Fire it up!!
BubblesToGo Hi All, I'm back with tunes from 1981, enjoy.
venussuz Loved the video with the sexy lolita neighbor and the freaked out geek guy! @TheLenzyme HUGE workout tune for me--brb (reblip)

Stray Cats - Sexy And 17

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kbuech "And I could say oo oo oo, As if everybody knows What Im talking about"
BubblesToGo This is one of Blondie's greatest songs.

Blondie - Rapture

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TMR It happens (all too often)

SugarlandIt Happens

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Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl

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LisG Crank it up!

AC_DC - Highway_To_Hell

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kbuech Good night all y'all. This was BIG FUN tonite!!
Billywynn Rick Danko and Levon Helm have two of the most honest voices ever
venussuz @ThinSurvivor An apology for missing your name "Wondering and dreaming. The words have different meanings... Yes they did..."
venussuz Love, great way to relax and unwind @kbuech NICE! @save_the_wolves (reblip)

Etta JamesOne Night

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Billywynn Duane Allman and Eric Clapton?????? SICK
Billywynn Okay Okay I went through a little Pogues faze at one point in the 80's
Shashisan I know it's smarmy as all get out ...but ain't it fabulous??


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Shashisan @kbuech...I see your dream weaver and I raise you...
MRL Squeeze - Black Coffee In Bed - yes for the coffe, no for the bed [from @digitpt] (reblip)
venussuz "Thats the price that we all pay, Our valued destiny comes to nothing. I cant tell you where we're going, I guess there was just no way of knowing"

New OrderTrue Faith

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kbuech My kids sure would call this smarm, so what! @Shashisan !!!
Shashisan @kbuech and @QUEENRO...take that! and I have to sign off....good night.
kbuech @sashisan. I AM THE CHAMPION OF CHEESE!!/SMARM!! Olivia Newton John.

Have You Never Been Mellow

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kbuech Another tasty tune, @TMR !!!!!!!! [It happens (all too often)] (reblip)

SugarlandIt Happens

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gracefrog Last one today, I promise I wont blow up your page till tomarrow! xoxoxoxo
lipsync @Heartfelt_Strings...@superbadcharly,thx for all the music.hi@kbuech,thx 4 everything.... @suzesinc,gotta go for a while,but will bblater vi@patita X (reblip)

Snow PatrolRun

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folkmusicdude RB@shortygal What is it with this song? It gets stuck in your head and you can't get it out... (reblip)

The FixxRed Skies

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folkmusicdude A little clarinet now - one of my favorite instruments. I don't play - maybe I should take it up... @avivamagnolia
folkmusicdude @Simon_IG I dunno - these guys have a lot of requirements... (reblip)
kbuech Message here, @suzesinc (LOL!!) lady? @kbuech is a shrink, watch yoself' [We blippers are all in music affairs... (reblip)
save_the_wolves Warren Zevon -- Werewolves of London. "His hair was perfect." (reblip)
lipsync @kbuech LOL LOL hidden message in affair song??...maybe you're right...ah I'm so messed up!!!!!LOL LOL... please don't shrink the violets XXX
kbuech Sure, any night you say, @Heartfelt_Strings and I'm your newest listener too!! ^_^ [Thanks @kbuech... would you Save the Last Dance for Me <3] (reblip)
MRL Sarah Brightman - whiter shade of pale [from @digitpt] (reblip)
lipsync A last goodbye to my new blip pal@kbuech..thanks for the :--)))))) see you later XXX
kbuech HA! thanks @suzesinc ^O^ A last goodbye to my new blip pal@kbuech..thanks for the :--)))))) see you later XXX (reblip)
venussuz As a Philly girl in MI, I'm jealous @unfinishedperson It's not Summertime but it sure as heckfire feels like it today in the 80s F in northern Pa (reblip)
MRL Jason Mraz - 02 I'm Yours
Suzn1177 enjoying the sunny morning on the beach...sweet memories...
kbuech @gracefrog Try reloading the page. Or quitting your bowser, or restarting/rebooting your computer. Good luck!

B SoulReload

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kbuech I'm in a Parrothead mood. Thanks @Suzn1177 !!! (reblip)
kbuech Another fave tune o mine, @Suzn1177 , THX!!!!!!!! enjoying the sunny morning on the beach...sweet memories... (reblip)
kbuech I certainly hope she does, @patita !! ^O^ @RobertoFendler, muito bom ne? adoro essa (eu ja volto) (reblip)
kbuech @suzesinc . NO WORRIES, girl! Please. This is fun stuff here. :)))
kbuech An anthem indeed @desilvat . And here's another!!
kbuech Anyone obsessed with Don't want no healin' yet tho!! ^O^
De_Ann's warm and a bit overcast...but...
De_Ann songs are still crossing out but playing? lalala...whatevaa :) thx for the great LZ track@smtatertot13 (reblip)
kbuech Nice hair-band rocker @sonofkeya !! Welcome to blippin' (reblip)
De_Ann @kbuech: how come you know Pinnacle??? U also know that Evanescence is from Little Rock? ;-) (reblip)
MRL The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell
kbuech Love it, @MRL The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell (reblip)
kbuech This is one of the most beautiful songs ever as well, @patita, always gives me chills, hope it's new to you. Enjoy!!
TMR What would you do with a Million Dollars?
kbuech LOVE Radiohead @libraregular thx!!!!......when you make love to a woman you get revenge for all the things that defeated you in life (reblip)


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TMR For @Kbleuch, Forever Young, Hair is overrated ;)

Forever Young-Rod Stewart

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gonzodave Maybe we can all be there _When the World Ends_.
Sparkle1980 The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black....Only 2 blips today *sad face* - will have to make up for it tomorrow!
MasterWolf How bout another Michigan brother!@GeneBrady Ted Nugent - Great White Buffalo....Damn Fine Sound by the Motor City Madman (reblip)
drica_aandra I grew up with my mom singing this song!
Suzn1177 born in motorcity too!thnX @ kbuech
threebears Offering the taste of Soul Coughing's Super Bon Bon
MasterWolf Oh the Fab 4 the BIG Group in The British Invasion
venussuz "Go on over there and turn on the, all the lights Now come back here and stand on this chair...thats right" LOVE this song! Gr8 2 strip 2!
lipsync Kick it!I'm back--@dswancanada and hello to@SunsetMom yes still here,I always have late parties coz my man works late XX (reblip)
Punched :: Oasis – Don't Look Back In Anger :: Slip inside the eye of your mind.
Punched :: Oasis – Wonderwall :: Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you.
KiddRock Little Stevie Wonder - Fingertips (1963)
Shashisan @Punched:: OMD – Enola Gay :: what a classic! (reblip)

OMDEnola Gay

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KiddRock Great Blipage @mnelson Derek and The Dominos-Bell Bottom Blues (reblip)

Derek and the Dominoes - Bell Bottom Blues

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Shashisan It's gorgeous in Vegas today...72 degrees and clear


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MasterWolf The Stones and Satisfaction ;o) :o)
stockmanmarc More Oasis for the Crew!!!!


| play

Aerosmith - Dream On

| play
MaddyTheSongWhore You make everything...GROOVY!!!

TroggsWild Thing

| play


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stockmanmarc The lyrics tell the tale of a poor laborer working long hours while his boss at the oil refinery gets rich


| play


| play
MaddyTheSongWhore What did I do?...What did i say? turn your Angel Eyes my way......absolutely one of my faves!!!

Jeff Healey Band - Angel Eyes

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designsbybriana Last one for now. Need to clean the house (throwing it all the way) Wow, bad pun :)
MaddyTheSongWhore My Maserati does one-eighty-five...I lost my I don't drive...I have a limo...ride in the back
kbuech F__k the Maserati, I want more @MaddyTheSongWhore !!!

NickelbackRock Star

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Punched :: The Rolling Stones – Lady Jane :: Excellent!
rjmarmol Deep Blue Something – Breakfast As Tiffany's ~ i've always loved this song..who say's we got nothin' in common? :) @StonyTunes, thanks! :) #music (reblip)
vaniakg [Michael Penn – Walter Reed]
nervioso You used to run me away, All while laughing. Then cry about that fact, 'til I returned.
vaniakg [Joe Cocker – Feelin' Alright] welcome @kbuech & @davidherrold, thanks 4 props and replies
De_Ann vi@dutchgrl Excuse me while I endulge myself a little... (reblip)
folkmusicdude @moderntimes My odd mind - flute reminded me of Ian Anderson, which reminded me of Jethro Tull, which reminded me of this song...
kbuech @DeAnn Thanks for that. I'll cheer on Killian for ya'. BTW, I just found this bee-yute-a-ful tune. Like a lullaby. I need it lol!!


| play
gracefrog @kbuech this is to you, you got me thinkin of queen. And now im sure I will be singing it all day!
De_Ann @DjFlavinha @alyssonf @kbuech you almost home yet and ready for a cold beer? :) (reblip)
MrsASoprano @kbuech He's from the Jersey Shore and a buddy of Bruce Springsteen I'm glad you enjoyed it. @MrsASoprano nice tune. Thx (reblip)
Sparkle1980 The La's - There She Goes....
Suzn1177 We love you Pao Botti get well soon!
venussuz Paula Cole raunchy "With my tits soaking through this tiny little t-shirt That I'm wearing and you would open the door And tie me up to the bed."


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venussuz Another song from City of Angels "And all I can taste is this moment, And all I can breathe is your life, Cause sooner or later it's over "

Goo Goo DollsIris

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Billywynn @kbuech I am unable to pull anything up but bad music. Now that I'm on it I'm oozing the cheese
DareToEatAPeach "Over And Over Again (Lost And Found)" by American band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, from their 2005 debut album RB @djxkn & @riverguide (reblip)
Billywynn The most prolific songwriter and arranger og the blues is Vicksburg's Willie Dixon
threebears today's Fever Ray ... I'm not done yet ...
CarlyCanadian Styx - "Come Sail Away" ...Can't wait for boating season, LOL (reblip)

StyxCome Sail Away

| play
CarlyCanadian I got sunshine on a cloudy girl!
MRL The Young Rascals - A Beautiful Morning (From @organicsue) (reblip)
mushka @rammerplex you're right of course... running towards empty for days! A new take on an old fav... thanks friend! (reblip)
stockmanmarc But I might be headin OUT for DESTINATIONS UNKNOWN @crowjane (reblip)


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kbuech Gotta deal with some patient charts and call-backs, bummer!! I will be back on in a few hours.
MrsASoprano You got it @kbuech - that's exactly what it means! Like via I suppose.
kbuech @MrsASoprano Thanks so much, classy lady!! You got it - that's exactly what it means! Like via I suppose.
kbuech @NikkiPixel For you I have vi@va la vi@da :)) ^_^ :O ]
venussuz Signing off for the night with a classic - best seen performed live. Meatloaf is a madman!
venussuz @chicomp Gad, I love this song! "And I don't own the clothes I'm wearing And the road goes on forever And I've got one more silver dollar..." (reblip)

Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider

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Billywynn Jagger/Richards or Lennon/McCartney is the qustion for the day
MRL The B-52's - Private Idaho (From @tubilino) (reblip)
MRL Alison Krauss & Union Station - But You Know I Love You (From @sandraew) (reblip)
MRL Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends (From @CalMa) (reblip)
derwwbdd WOW 600 Listeners! Great! THX!
dickadcock Airplane pilots crossing the Atlantic used to use our local "roundabout" to get their bearings & head south to the city. We call it Latham circle.


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levers42 Some people prefer cupcakes, I for one care less for them.
iSiTi call your someone or message someone you have lost to life...create that happiness that you need...for life is a treasure that we share
iSiTi do something nice for someone today...anyone...just make sure its done with a simple smile...just one thing...thats all i ask...share it
iSiTi do love you....bunches and bunches its just like well you know...its ok....we be friends is beautiful
felle @terrorist @DjFlavinha @SugarDoggy thanks for the props... and terrorist - thanks for the compliment of my work :)
PeaceDiva Thanks@TropicsShake@katsnyder...Shake it, shake it!...Shake Your Groove Thing (reblip)

Shake Your Groove Thing

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dickadcock Thanks. I have 1 song only on iPod! rb@gracieriots @dickadcock this is one I've found myself humming more than once - same album as 2/3 I think... (reblip)
charliebishop Had to throw this at ya before leavin work:)one of my favs of JS.@BarbieRay @kbuech Man @BarbieRay@DeAnn @Betterlucky@MRL
Billywynn @kbuech Gov't Mule does some great covers and Warren is the Guitar god of this century
Billywynn @kbuech And another just to show some range
Berrypunny Tempted by the fruit of another...tempted but the truth is discovered...


| play
Berrypunny @broadwayg, we got the beat! ;) the crazee psychic beat! LOL
broadwayg Hi@Berrypunny. What's happening. I'm up for a little bit to do my lil slo set. Got long week ahead. Call me back.... (reblip)
broadwayg broadwayg sez: how serious U try to take me~Huge mistake~I am a comic24/7~ jester@crowjane No, you're just too smart for your own good, Still love u (reblip)
by_starla [Blonde Redhead - Spring And By Summer Fall] @RockerD yes, sadly appropriate. :)
Babygirlxx8 Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing ~> nice ;)
broadwayg Cranberries – Zombie ~ anyone here ready for a zombie apocalypse? :) @rjmarmol I think so??? (reblip)


| play
TrainWreckRadio No album has ever captured@Gilfeather it must be that 53 Les Paul he has named Pearly Gates...he admits he has never found another that sounds like it (reblip)

Zz TopI Thank You

| play
Babygirlxx8 No Doubt – Don't Speak.. ~> fav <~

No DoubtDon't Speak

| play
Morganna42 thanks @Mr_Steve - still getting the no props till tomorrow msg, sorry man (reblip)
venussuz "No one knows what its like, To be hated, To be fated, To telling only lies. But my dreams They arent as empty, As my conscience seems to be" (reblip)
broadwayg @impossiblewmn. Hi how u doin? Lookey what I found? Willie Nelson singing your song. What do u think?
Billywynn Townes Van Zandt - pancho and lefty
LisG Thank!@ kbuech SO sweet. (still) @LisG
venussuz For all the guys! "Some balls are held for charity, And some for fancy dress. But when they're held for pleasure, They're the balls that I like best"

ACDC - Big Balls

| play
kbuech Welcome to your new addiction, Lee, (LOL!!)rb@levers42 I covet @kbuech 's 100 gold star (reblip) (reblip)
venussuz She's no fool! @kbuech @broadwayg @LisG damn Lis....I'm out of PROPS for you, too! I guess you'll just have to wait :-( (reblip)
Morganna42 thx @Mr_Steve 1 of my fav songs (u know I'm a totally hopeless romantic so that = lots of crying into my pillow listening to this, wow, such a dork!) (reblip)
venussuz Heck yeah! Allman Brothers are awesome! @justgraham More than worthy of a reblip ! from @avivamagnolia (reblip)
Punched Good Morning. :-) :: The Killers – Human (Single) ::
avivajazz Stevie Ray Vaughan with Albert King | Pride & Joy
Berrypunny We can blip almost all night long...ain't not stoppin' us now! ;)
avivajazz Supertramp | School // rb@justgraham // "Nice" is right! That harp is ... so desolate, so lonely ... And then the voice is even more chilling... (reblip)


| play
broadwayg @Berrypunny. Actually about to call it a night, You're right this can be addictive. See you later and take care.... (reblip)
MRL The Be Good Tanyas - When Doves Cry (reblip)
iSiTi where u at....

The Go Gos - We Got The Beat

| play
MRL Radiohead - High And Dry (reblip)
kbuech You DOG, @LisG! Whatcha do anyway, that you're off tomorrow?
estrogen oh my.... @28apple_chic, dear... it's cold, it's rainy... I think it's gonna snow today again ?!?
Babygirlxx8 :)Radiohead – Creep.. from tha files xo (reblip)


| play
venussuz What I got ya gotta get it put it in ya...Humpday with Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away Now (reblip)
brigidhaywood Not quite a heat wave today in London, but things are definitely warming up...Martha & the Vandellas
brigidhaywood I'm totally in the mood for this one: Cecilia, Simon and Garfunkel
brigidhaywood Great track @hetty4christ, takes me back to love songs til midnight! Peter Gabriel, In Your Eyes (reblip)

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
Billywynn Saw Ben Harper at Bonnaroo and didn't expect much but I was blown away
felle I'm going dancing in SF this weekend - so I'm into some dance tunes today... here's another by Moloko
felle tired of the little brains?
lipsync @iridescentsun...don't worry clumsy girl I will fix you...I have done a first aid course :-)) XXX

ColdplayFix You

| play
KiddRock Thnx! Great Steely Dan tune rb@poochiesan24 you can't hide from what's inside of you (reblip)
designsbybriana Crazy ass song from the 90s...We'll make great pets, we'll make great pets.

Porno For PyrosPets

| play