lilu_mann Rb@NO1sAsaint: "well i must be getting tired i can listen to this..." (reblip)
keefee Maddy's banter is just so funny and then it morphs into songs that reflect... LUST, LORE AND A BIT OF ROUGH, Bye All


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keefee @traceyr: "Of course I girding me loins figuratively speak'g cos I've been in oz long enuf 2 know what happs during ashes series 2 internash mateship (reblip)

HEY HEY RICKY -Englands Barmy Army

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"Lordly Nightshade" the Incredible String Band

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keefee @LuvGunn Hope you like the PF music & artworks - Keep blipping good stuff @lulutwi:@harmony60:@ladypn:@mark_till:@fridayschild@DavidL1313:Dancer12

Pink FloydIf

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DavidL1313 Great track ty @keefee ...a bit in the same place as this merry tune... Makes Leonard Cohen seem like Harpo Marx
keefee @sheryonstone Love your sense of irony. Hope you enjoy Kate being wonderful as only Kate can. Regards K
keefee @DavidL1313 Thanks 4 2 planks. yeah planks prob us but at least we're pure 1000 y.o. Oak Planks from an English royal forest.

Classic Albums Live-Sid Barret/Have A

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keefee @DavidL1313:"I fink vis is the ultimate example of folk/rock by Steeleye"
keefee @ladypn:@romanus:@Eclecticist:@wetrust:@77ozzie:"Good morning(SAT) Heady days. It was so great... Sad the new lot won't experience it" (reblip)

Good Day Sunshine- The Beatles

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DavidL1313 Ha ha you are a funny man :>) @keefee How could I follow that!? This is the best I can do at 3am...if you need translation let me know!
keefee @DavidLayfield: "You can always use a bit of Latin as a useful pickup line if your eva doaawn ve 'Ackney Empire or ve Grey'oun' as me muvver sez" (reblip)


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Abbey Road Medley part1

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keefee "Anthem of a caring generation who were rapidly absorbed by a society that valued Soccer Moms and Mortgages more than freedom"
DavidL1313 She has a great voice...glad you put my watch right... @keefee So it's yesterday...shall I tell you what happened? Could send you a video ;>0

Roy Harper One Of Those Days In England

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DavidL1313 Cheers...he was describing my wardrobe I feel...Syd had a different mind to all others @keefee amazing but different and the World was better for it
keefee @DavidL1313:@lulutwi:@ladypn:@Eclecticist:@Flying_Roundhouse:"This is ealy PF stuff with SB so put this away somewhere safe cos it's bloody rare!"

pink floyd-vegetable man,lucy leave

| play
luna1124 Jethro Tull- With You There To Help Me ~~ I love this album!

Jethro Tull- With You There To Help Me

| play
LOVE4ME and maybe breaking the mirror in the bathroom if you are not seeing a great reflection .. LOL ... @pbriggsiam ..
keefee @DavidL1313:"Hi, This has always stirred emotions as did later film. As Ozzies r die overseas there's an irony about ppl who dont die r safe in Oz"
Douryeh great sound Ahmad Jamal Trio - Darn That Dream 1959 @Snarky_Love_Songs: "RB @lillianwong" (reblip)
DavidL1313 A bit of something different with a Zeppish favour... @krisp Yes that Austin band were cool..did you see them? Hiya @keefee Good huh?
Araps WOW it's late .... I'm running to bed ... Good night , see ya all later!!!

Benny Hill TV show theme song

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keefee @ladypn Thanks for greeting, Hope you like short film of my heroes Maddy, June, JT, MO and of course Steeleye Span. I've seen em all many times Keith

"Woman In The Wings" & "Gutter Geese" / Maddy Prior with Jethro Tull

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DJRosaNava Love... Thank You and Smiles... Goodnight! Whish You Were Here - David Gilmour
keefee @scotlandlover:@Debra_Templar:@amphore:2@Wes_H:@Dancer12:@fxp123:@pulsar:@Sheribaby_SPH:"Bruvver giggd with AP Fri Night - Yet to hear how it went"

I Put A Spell On You- Alan Price Set -1966

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scotlandlover TYVM for your blipluv~here's some for you~:) rb @michellepdx: "Steve Winwood - Give Me Some Lovin'" (reblip)
kittycat62 ty Keith!@keefee: "@DavidL1313: Ty David, I was transfixed by lights didn't see it lst nite so sincere thanx @scotlandlover@killahtunz@mizhelena" (reblip)

Madness Perform at The Diamond Jubilee Concert (Our House/It Must Be Love)

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keefee @DavidL1313:@HowieWard1:Just love this. Reminds me so much of John Peel's Top Gear. A Compilation to savour

Roy Harper "Folkjokeopus" 1969

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keefee Liam Clancy & Phil Coulter: Sullivan Ballou Letter "Dear Sarah"

Liam Clancy & Phil Coulter: Sullivan Ballou Letter "Dear Sarah"

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Nostalgic_Notes rb@Robcamstone: "#MaeWest - I like a guy that takes his time #Banned" (reblip)

Mae West on 78 rpm ! ♫ I like a guy that takes his time ♫ & ♫ Easy rider ♫

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HowieWard1 How kind of you!! Your message just made my day! TYSM! :) @stage_hand: "Hello & welcome @HowieWard1 God Bless and thanks again" (reblip)
keefee @scotlandlover@kittycat62@DavidL1313@EchoesJai:Just heard this 1st time in 40 yrs (expletive deleted) bastard LP was scratched.
scotlandlover rb @playalongjon: "For all the old hippies out there and perhaps some younger ones ? ....... 1967 The Summer Of Love – One Summer Dream" (reblip)
scotlandlover rb @TaxiBob: "Cream – Disraeli Gears (Full Album) "Strange Brew".. Sunshine of Your Love" .. and more great songs!" (reblip)
AlienThomas rb @garbageman01: "Dunno how HQ it can be on a computer . . . but it's still worth a spin . . ." (reblip)

Eric Burdon & War ~ Spill The Wine (Complete Original 1970 Studio Version) HQ Audio 720p HD

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keefee Fort this was such a brill TV series made yer think. Not usual formulaic crap of cops & robbers.

Deadwood Theme

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keefee Bye all. More Rissotto a la jill e fungi tonite See Yas all... Don't yer just luv Nyman's work

Michael Nyman the Greatest Hits

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keefee @GeorgeSand: Hope you see the humour in this. Regards Keith

Kate Rusby-The Yorkshire Couple

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keefee @jenfromhell@scotlandlover: Thnk it's whole Album so grabbit, puttit safe cos it's A Comp'n to keep by anyone oo really rem'rs 60s & wot they stood 4 (reblip)

Roy Harper "Folkjokeopus" 1969

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LABELLE Lady Marmalade (Live Midnight Special 1975)

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kavonk @smaclaren: "Hello and thank you @ginhollow" (reblip)

Waterloo Sunset ~ The Kinks ~ Live 1973

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kapri rb via @ericsradio: "Sandy Denny – "By The Time It Gets Dark"" (reblip)
keefee @kittycat62@mizhelena@JonathanDune@arvard@jazcan@HowieWard1@Dancer12@pulsar:So gawjus taken me ages to find... but Ta Ra anyway cos gotta cook (reblip)

Sounds Orchestral Cast Your Fate to the Wind

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keefee @avard: "7:45P.M.ah, but it's yesterday innit? And thers a prob wiv gttg daylite svg rite (reblip)
keefee @HowieWard1:G'day squire (eng slang) anuvva version this time by composer. So different Regards Keith on a sunny Sth Oz mrng

Vince Guaraldi Trio Cast Your Fate to the Wind

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keefee @rocket1206: Asolutely terific. Tysvm 4 gr8 Rb missed em at dunstable 40+ yrs ago, still sad about it Regards Keith (reblip)

Sounds Orchestral Cast Your Fate to the Wind

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keefee @HowieWard should've also mentioned it's Sunday, 1/1/2012 UK/Oz date format

Steeleye Span : The Old Maid In The Garrett / Tam Lin (Reel)

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keefee @Flying_Roundhouse: "Caetano Veloso — London London – Ta, st8 in me playlist Ta 4 gr8Rb Keef:) (reblip)


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Led Zeppelin-kashmir...the real video

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keefee @LuvRainyDaze Not quite 80s but it's more a perennial with Steve. Even used to sell burgers in Aust (wot a joke). just love it Regards Keith

Deadwood Opening Theme (Perfect Quality)

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Eclecticist rb @pluckydaddy: "A week before the Battle of Bull Run....Dear Sarah, ..." (reblip)
cedyboy Great use of the brass line, still don't know what the title means :P
keefee @DavidL1313@scotlandlover@Dancer12@traceyr@HowieWardHow could I not blip SS b4 i cook especially a rarity like OMITG - such a fun tune

Steeleye Span : The Old Maid In The Garrett / Tam Lin (Reel)

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keefee @gBird_gerald: "Brilliant! Abs love it so will pass RB on thanx Best Regards Keith @canjaz@avivajazz@amaretto (reblip)

Holiday Music from the Middle Ages

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keefee @HowieWard: just found & now Luv it. Luckily we lived in Beds. where 1 didn't get ruffians. mind you me famly came from areas like shown in pix. Keith

Life In 1960's Britain

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keefee @scotlandlover Hi, I think this is a phen'l album but iv'e only eva eard it on CD will put into playlist asap. Clip at low vol @jazcan@kittycat62

Don't Get Married Girls

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maryness been digging for this in my playlist. great stuff, tyrb@HowieWard: "Yes I do! Searching on youtube turned up several of these! Thanks>>>@keefee" (reblip)

Jazz Women of the 30's and 40's

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Keefoo @Poochie7060:@MrJazz:@smegg@ukgal:"such calming music from the maestro Miles,Benny (Bass), Marilyn Mazur> percussion,joe Mccreary etc"
Keefoo Something different from the crap we're exposed to on commercial radio.
Keefoo This is so very pleasant that I'm now of a mind to get better speakers and play it loud.

Liz StoryHymn

| play
Keefoo @Poochie7060: "Probably from the soundtrack for Lift To The Scaffold" (reblip)
Keefoo Can't you just see it all 'appening in the dimly lit Marquee Club in Wardour Street, London
Keefoo Still one of me faves cos ee torks like me family doanee
Keefoo We all thought life would be so nice and we all just wanted to live in Haight Ashbury or Notting Hill - then reality hit.
Keefoo I sort of remember these questions in O Level maths. So inventive of G&C

The Problem by Godley And Creme

| play
Keefoo A montage of album covers & publicity shots but still so much excitement in Maddy's voice
RetroGirl Gotta play this one now! The Clash – The Magnificent Seven
Keefoo @poochie7060: @fxp123: "one of my fave Miles tunes when played ultra loud - Tutu"
Keefoo @Eclecticist:@Dancer12:@1970s:@1980s:@RetroYeti:@hippiechick:"This really is so very nice > Even better as it's the live at Pompeii version."
hippiechick rb @DJBern: "Joe Cocker – A Little Help From My Friends - Woodstock 1969" (reblip)
Eclecticist rb @fxp123: "yw ty @Wes_H: "Thanks this is my fav Pink floyd song:) rb @fxp123: "ty @Wes_H: "Pink Floyd – Fearless"""" (reblip)

Pink FloydFearless

| play
Keefoo @Ecleclicist:@Dancer12:@1970s:@1980s:"This is a track of pure nostalgia - remember the days of Rupert Bear, Noddy and Un P/C speaking"
Keefoo @hipiechick:hippychick:"I can almost imagine this as Pink Floyd meets rap backbeat with jazz overtones in a Morroccan/african setting"" (reblip)
fri das weckt die alten hippie-zeiten in mir, heute für fritz teufel
Keefoo @Dancer12:@ampm:@Eclecticist:"This is bloody great and easily suggests the realism of life with a Tory Gov't - all that's missing is the odd-ball sex" (reblip)
Keefoo @jet333:@Dancer12:@Wes_H:@harmony60:"I can almost imagine this as Pink Floyd meets rap backbeat with jazz overtones in a Morroccan/african setting"
Keefoo @hippychick:@Dancer12:@hippiechick:@avard "TY4 continuing trip and RB of this classic Floyd - was it live at Pompeii? or Meddle?"@pateras: (reblip)

Pink Floyd -Echoes

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Keefoo See, it weren't just a feme toon for an incredibly funny series it was represented a culture

Handbags and Gladrags, Chris Farlowe

| play
Keefoo I got so excited when I found this that nearly dropped my zimmer-frame
Keefoo Remember that little girl in a red dress singing about ghosts - she grew up.
Keefoo I just love this piece

HKPO:Fanfare for the common man

| play
Keefoo I'm terribly sorry if any of you wanted surtitles but...
Keefoo Red always emphasises presence don't you think? Even more so when accompanied by a devine voice.
Keefoo Although there's no clip his voice was so ethererial it's not missed. This really fires memories of Woburn with Peregrine Took as Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Keefoo Corse vis would keep anybody from Bilaricky well sauced wouldn' it
Keefoo If you thought Mick Jagger could sing this just listen to Chris' soulful voice belting out Paint It Black
Keefoo England 'ad won the World Cup in '66 an' everyfing was rite wiv the world - Then Motown crashed!
Keefoo those were the days - Brilliant music from John Peel, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Syd Barrett with a sprinkling of Peace and Love

Pink Floyd-Point Me At The Sky (BBC Session)

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Keefoo Gives an idea of large scale production
Keefoo What can I possibly say that your ears haven't already said?
Keefoo Absolutely just what we've come to expect from Slowhand.
Keefoo The gestures are just so distinctly Kate (or is that Cat) like

Kate BushBabooska

| play
Keefoo You'll want to hear this over and over again until those around you become angry - that's my experience anyway
Keefoo Just let the poetry of your imagination take you to Glastonbury
Keefoo I had a 450SE once & it was like a money black hole
Keefoo Anyone who can handle those pipes should be blipped

Kathryn Tickell--Rothbury Hills/Holey Ha' Penny

| play
Keefoo Yeah, I know it's like yesterday's fish-n-chip paper but I like it.
Keefoo Isn't this what we were saying so long ago only to be called tree-hugging greenies in a parjorative fashion? Well, even developers are 'green' now.
Keefoo Just watch her - so demonstrative in her movements
Keefoo I love this because as a probable decendant of the victors it stirs me. Also I like the humour at the introduction
Keefoo Easy pidgin-latin for we non speakers of the real language
Keefoo This soprano version was a complete surprise to me, one who prides himself with having heard so much music.

Nessun Dorma

| play
Keefoo Not to be judgemental but is it any wonder she toured with Miles

Marilyn Mazur Live 2005

| play
Keefoo For those who want to know where Cool originated
amancool5 Aap Yoon Faslon Se #nowplaying

Aap Yoon Faslon Se

| play
keefee @sooze27:@Dancer12:@BleakMouse:@ginhollow:@Eclecticist":@pucci7060:@hippiechick:"This is such a watermark piece that I've Blipped it again as keefee"

Pink Floyd-Point Me At The Sky (BBC Session)

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keefee @D_Doyle:@WayLo:@sooze27:@jet333:"Absolutely bloody brilliant song for all old style teachers (at least that's wot i tell er indoors - a teacher) (reblip)
keefee @Dancer12:@sooze2:@romanus:@Eclecticist:vmishep:@jet333:@scotlandlover:"Never was a tune harder to separate from the cover tossers - Enjoy It Please"
keefee @fxp123:@DirtyTammy:@cecci:"Many views of the Maestro from Cool Jazz to when I saw him in Adelaide"
keefee @D_Doyle:@ampm:@WayLo:@Dancer12:@Eclecticist: "Steve &me bruvver are doing a gig in august wiv steve as the backing singer - daft or wot? But true"
keefee @Eclecticist:@Dancer12@pucci7060:@RobotGhost:"Easily in the TOP 5 Best songs EVER & ranks with Crazy Diamond as a must have TY4BrilliantRB"@EchoesJai: (reblip)
scotlandlover hiya :-) rb @harmony60: "Supertramp – Bloody Well Right" (reblip)
keefee @scotlandlover:@Dancer12:"'Bye for today cos it too bloody cold in my office. Thanks for listening or as we English say merci tous mes amis"

Sex And Drugs And Rock n Roll Ian Dury & The Blockheads (Live Sight And Sound 1977)

| play
Lafnalot Theres my kind & generous friend HUGS! rb @elocio: "Jackie Wilson – (Your love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher" (reblip)
Eclecticist rb @dANGELofLOVE: "★*¨¨*•.☆.•*¨¨*★ ღღ ★*¨¨*•.☆.•*¨¨*★ ●•●• Pink Floyd – Us And Them •●•● ★*¨¨*•.☆.•*¨¨*★ ღღ ★*¨¨*•.☆.•*¨¨*★" (reblip)
jroack Simply superb! Thank you for posting it :) rb@pacha17: "miles davis...summertime..." (reblip)

Miles Davis "Summertime" (1958)

| play
keefee @ampm:@Dancer12:@pulsar:@D_Doyle:@Busylizzie:"Pictures of how us in 1969 b4 economic rationalism & xenophobia took over & we all became conservatives"

Tchaikovsky Symphony #6 "Pathetique" : movement #3

| play
keefee @jet333:@ampm:@sooze27:@zoja01:"Heard JA last night & was blown away again by whole thing - Please ignore intro tosser & just enjoy"" (reblip)
Keefoo @SomeMoSir:@harmony60:@Daeflyn:@BLUESBOOGIE:"What else need be said (SFA) this is just so good i get goosebumps Sincere Thanx4RB"@fxp123: (reblip)
Keefoo @hippychick:@fxp123:@jet333:@pulsar:@DeAnn:@Epicrates:@Eclecticist:"So different from Cream's versions - It's pissing with rain & cold today"
Keefoo "@Eclecticist:@Dancer12:@ysseo21:@LittleC:"1 of my all-time favorite classical pieces - complete with vocals. play this loudly on a good HiFi system"" (reblip)

Music for the funeral of Queen Mary Henry Purcell

| play
Keefoo @elecio:@Wessexman:@Mike33:"1 of my all-time favorite classical pieces - complete with vocals. play this loudly on a good HiFi system" (reblip)

Music for the funeral of Queen Mary Henry Purcell

| play
Keefoo @fxp123:@jet333:@poochie7060:@Wes_H:@Dancer12:@Gen22:@hippychick: "If you listen to the underlying backbeat it's going 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3 etc" (reblip)
TJim Thanks for this @Araps "Dream tune .. @Aeosdur: "'Mr Pastorius' Miles Davis & Marcus Miller tribute to the late great Jaco Pastorius #bass #jazz"" (reblip)
Keefoo @poochie7060:@Eclecticist:"@prescottscott: "Great jazz - will RB 2 ppl who'll appreciate it Thanks4Gr8RB. "violetp:@scotlandlover:@prescottscott: (reblip)

HERBIE HANCOCK, The Prisoner (The Track)

| play
Keefoo @Dancer12:@fxp123:@bilda: ":)TY4RB of a great writer/singer it's just so very pleasant" @LittleC (reblip)
Keefoo @Electicist:@Dancer12:@Wes_H:@cosmicomics:@zoja01:"saturday nights at the marquee, dunstable cally and many more come flooding back- GENO,GENO,GENO"
keefee @jet333:@sooze27:@Dancer12:@ampm "Such a lovely time for us all - there may be repeated reblips cos I had to change my ID causing loss of history

Pink Floyd- Julia Dream/See Emily Play

| play
keefee @ampm:@hippiechick:@fxp123:@Dancer12: "Love it to bits. If only I could stir this bloody Camel - Thnx4GrtRB"@D_Doyle: (reblip)
keefee @ducks2007:@sooze27:@GR8FL:@Wes_H:"Miles and Gil What a team but then you might say 'So What'"

Miles Davis and Gil Evans in 1959 So What

| play
keefee @Eclecticist:@WayLo:@fxp123:@avard:hippiechick:@ampm:@Corts:"Love it, the grammar is so perfect init"
keefee @Eclecticist:@WayLo:@Dancer12"Gawd, its only young Tel and vat lovable rogue Arfur. Great innit, I mean its right 'appy music doanI"

Tv Theme Minder Dennis Waterman

| play
keefee @fxp123:@jet333:@hippiechick:@koiheart:@Eclecticist:@Corts:"So happy making that I'm just sitting here smiling and tapping my foot"
keefee @ampm:@avard:@Dancer12:"Remember Family at the Marquee - Last band I saw B4 coming to aus. After all who wouldn't remember Roger Chapman's voice"
keefee @ampm:@avard:hippychick:@hippiechick:@Caco:"@S75:@Eclecticist:"forgive if you've rec'd lately - trying to sort out Blip ballsup
keefee @ampm:@Dancer12:@jet333:@fxp123:@ginhollow:@WayLo:@avard: "Kate is just wonderfully expressive - She always cheers me up TY4aGr8RB "@JDsRecordShop: (reblip)

Kate BushHoudini

| play
Keefoo @fxp123:@Dancer12:@Ttddman:@DeAnn:@ampm"just off to trim my hairy feet then off we go just me & Samwise Leaving Middle Earth...TY4RB"@willybfrank: (reblip)
Diplopito That's the 2nd one (football teams). We both liked his 1st two novels Martha. It might have become more difficult for him to find a new theme@MZDancer (reblip)


| play
keefee @Dancer12: "♥ ...I get real shy....(no snickers!!) Jill (mrs keef also demands snickers regularly Ty 4 Bril Rb by the way Regards Keef in sunny Sth Oz (reblip)

WANDA JACKSON ~ ~ Tongue Tied (early rockabilly country)

| play
garbageman01 From 1956 (nice lineup) . . .

Elmo Hope Sextet ‎ Informal Jazz (Full Album)

| play
keefee @GeorgeSand: Gobsmacked. Inelegant observation but valid innit? Keith

Queen of the Night one of Mozart most difficult Soprano Coloratura Aria

| play
jimmytheP was just thinking today " ya know , humans are ok , I think I'll keep 'em "@keefee: "@jenfromhell@me: Just blows me away> music,action, (reblip)

Hell On Wheels Theme (Full Version)

| play
Lunaladee thx! rb@keefee: "@Lunaladee Sumfin for MizCleo for being a good model..." (reblip)

"Dizzi Jig" Folk Medieval hammered dulcimer music by dizzi

| play
avivajazz Joe Zawinul | Jazz Jamboree | 1993

Joe Zawinul Jazz Jamboree 1993

| play
keefee @DJBadBilly: Brill Rb.... ta alot. Ovvas tried but usually pissant versions without either voice or phoenix-like fashions Regards keef on sunny morn (reblip)

Labelle ~ Lady Marmalade

| play
keefee @Gidyean Ta for Gr8 BF rb to set a nu direction. If only a Tardis was in me garage instead of a ford. Be back there like a shot. Keef.

Blind faith in Hyde Park 1969

| play
keefee Gawjus stuff specially for ashes this yr & world cup

Oh Sweet England

| play
keefee @Jimmylad maybe blokes fought for economic reasons like in 2nd part of this S/S blip BTW g'night

Steeleye Span : Gentleman Soldier / Fighting For Strangers (live 1994)

| play
keefee @jimmytheP@GeorgeSand@TBFKA@LaxtonsSuperb: Je le trouve... The SBS theme that was so beautiful

deep forrest sweet lullaby

| play

OST Forbrydelsen (The Killing). Frans Bak.

| play
Iskaldur Thank you..! @bytera: "❏The complete performance of the 6 Bach Suites for unaccompanied Cello, by M. Rostropovich." (reblip)

Rostropovich -- BACH (DVD Completo)

| play
USAShopper Hey! smile ty @Greenfields47 Eurythmics – Ultimate Collection [Full Album] (reblip)

Pink Floyd-Another Brick In The Wall [HQ]

| play

Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here) FULL ALBUM

| play
GeorgeSand Excellent music today, as always! :) tyrb@JazzyChazzy: "++OLD Medieval Music++ (For Today/Tonight)++" (reblip)

Medieval Music

| play
scotlandlover have a great night! :) rb @JoanieBeachMusic: "Time for me to go....Wishing you Love, Peace and much Joy today and always.......❀ ❁❀◕ ‿ ◕❀❁ ❀ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (reblip)

John Coltrane A Love Supreme (Full Album)

| play
keefee @olgaD: "Bye ... #ॐ" Brilliant, always got time to relax... Especially on a Saturdy Arvo Keith:) Ty4Gr8Rb (reblip)
keefee @TheTAZZone:@ladypn:@traceyr:@Inelutable:As with so much from ISB it's perfect for a Sunny, Showery Sunday... So sayg, then> Hello, I must be going

Jethro Tull: First Post/Animelee/Tiger Toon (1973)

| play
killerswp @morganh: "Joe Jackson - Another World"..fantastic playlist...thanks for the props." (reblip)
keefee @01dela: Like it? I've been lookin for it again for ages abs gawjus... Ty4Gr8Rb Cheers, keef:) @kittycat62@moonlightandmist@jenfromhell (reblip)
ErnestoGeorge "...Ian was the one who sang this song first, strange to see him on stage - because he's a cripple ..!" rb @keefee: "@rocket1206@echoes (reblip)
flinndc RB @kirkill: "Jethro Tull – Minstrel in the Gallery (1975) Full Album - still my favorite Tull album...probably ;-)" (reblip)
badbabygirl2 RB I am Humbled, Never heard this version, tysm, Love it, on my playlist><@kaaeyl: "peeptime :-) @akacarol ;D" (reblip)

Ted NugentCarol

| play
keefee @morganh Hi, fanx for the LMK Rb wonderful. Reminded of Avebury,Wiltshire where bought Toronto&Paris CD Grim movie this... @musecrossing@Eclecticist

Toni Basil Show Mickey

| play
Surreality Sandy Denny – "The North Star Grassman And The Ravens"
DJBadBilly British Invasion 1-14 @keefee

British Invasion Music clips # 1 of 14

| play
DJBadBilly There's a whole series of these old clips @keefee

British Invasion Music Clips # 5 of 14

| play
keefee @CyndiCane G'day and welcome to the listener and fave clubs. Hope yer like an eclectic mix of 60s/70s stuff incl early Roy Harper, Steeleye, Folk etc
DJBadBilly You're Under Arrest! Great title, great music, TY>>>@keefee: (reblip)
llorentea Gracias, Maravilloso!!!@keefee: "@Usva Abs gawjus Rb... fanx & G'day from windy SAus@yuuhi_hajime llorentea@JazzYogi888@mark_till@luka2810@carmen1943" (reblip)

Dmitri Shostakovich: Jazz Suite, Waltz No. 2

| play
keefee @GeorgeSand@scotland_lover: Just read in Time that Jack Bruce died 25/10/14. Def not Glad but very sad... Brill bassist & influence on me n bruvva

Cream Farewell Concert (without interviews/narration)

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keefee @scotlandlove: G'day, gawjus Rb ta loads 40 bloody 1 C (105.8 F) forecast... sigh in exasperation KnJ (reblip)

Millie Small My Boy Lollipop 1965

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"Bell & Doyle" ("Murder Rooms" pilot) Theme, composed by Jim Parker

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Oh How Happy- The Shades Of Blue- 1966

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keefee @Schmidtbuster: Ta m8 and a G'day to you from sunny Souf Orstraalia (learning ter speak like a native innI?) :) >> @DJBadBilly (reblip)

Ella Fitzgerald : One note Samba (scat singing) 1969

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killahtunz A lot of candles! @reincarnation: "#BirthdayBlip Johannes Brahms (7 May 1833 – 3 April 1897) #Brahms rb @ellendiane: "Happy Birthday J.Brahms (RIP)"" (reblip)
keefee @scotland_lover: Reheated pasta wiv a fresh sauce. Reheated has fewer carbs etc than newly done pasta. Strange but true & you did ask wots on menu k (reblip)

Waterloo Sunset ~ The Kinks ~ Live 1973

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keefee @DJBadBilly: Abs gawjus Rb m8. That bass just phenomenal Haven't heard vis for years. luv tenor sax too cheers Keef in overcast Souf Oz (reblip)

"Memphis Soul Stew" (live) King Curtis & The Kingpins

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JazzYogi888 ~lol~ u lucky man :))@SeanH ~howdy there (reblip)
essjam Elmore James – Dust my broom - 1951
webbedradio Steve Winwood – Gimme Some Lovin'
GeorgeSand Goraidh agus taing gf (Hoping "google translate" doesn't fail me. lol) :) rb @scotlandlover: "," (reblip)
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