melodyofurlife PJ Harvey and Bjork covering The Stones! Awesome, simply Awesome!!!
medina Gaspar @crishirama @Diordan rs, não foi de tudo ruim, o lance é que fui esperando ver outra coisa! Os caras são autoridade em free jazz!
mammara se dovessi fare una top five alla nick hornby questa è una serissima candidata

Bob DylanI Want You

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calamari This is the day your life will surely change.
medina E hoje tem Jazzbo... ska no melhor estilo jamaicano made in germany... No antigo Lov.e! 20 mangos as 21h!

JazzboAfrican Chant

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nakid @Diordan Mais uma vez, esgotando 3 props antes do 12:00. Wildflower – Nostalgia ficou sem.

Raul de SouzaRio

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medina Impossível ouvir Racionais e não lembrar do Jorge Ben!

Jorge BenO plebeu

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mammara (ho scoperto che c'è anche la cover di marilyn manson ma non mi avrà)
craigz tom's leading my way to slumber. night
calamari Ben Kweller covering a great Beach Boys song.
csuspect @carlweaver Back at you with this dope jam

NWAExpress Yourself

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jeff Had a good chat with a handset player and major label dude that totally "get it" today... good times!
craigz windy and dark too early.

BeckLost Cause

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PotatoesRecs É hoje o dia. Etapa final, parte 1.
nakid ex mahmilanezi e agora @xuxu! Ainda não tinha Blipado João.
PeterPan @nobabe, okay, da wechsel ich mal zu einem der ganz großen Endorphin-Produzenten!
DaddyD once upon a time. There is actually a cover version of this song that is censored, but it's because the band is called Cock Ready

The Gun Club - Sex Beat

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she_______ ::: Dickhead - Why are you being a dickhead for? Stop being a dickhead #you #me #who #Kate_Nash

Kate NashDickhead

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she_______ ::: When The President Talks To God Does he ever think that maybe he's not? I doubt it #vote #election08 #bright-eyes

2 When the President Talks to God

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wandersrum UNBEDINGT!!! und zwar sofort
waldonaldo no melody sollte mich wieder in schwung bringen...


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Somerset08873 Good morning tweeples. Are we all ready to move twoards higher ground?
guigaspar Revi "Perdita Durango" ontem à noite.

helge schneider/kleines arschloch

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phreak20 You dont have to wear that dress tonight

Tom Waits Roxane

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Alania Please!!! [Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying - Belle & Sebastian]
sudaca70 hats off to @megmagdah!!! really impresive blips I must say... a Swedish favorite for you.
sudaca70 hi @by_starla! hope you're having a great weekend... I'm about to end it, think I'll need some *blip* hahaha
sudaca70 @megmagdah noticed you blipped Calexico so I blip francoiz breut & joey burns; great album.

FranOver All

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kellerabteil and still, the theme remains the same. the opening to the song could be a jonny marr piece ...
kellerabteil last song for this evening. goodbye song, @nobabe, so the drive is of a different kind again. one of my all time favorite songs!!
mammara wow, finally i've found this song, one of my all time favorites!
sudaca70 siempre paso un ratito por acá para escuchar a Laetitia y sus amigos.
agentorange @sunnysunnysunny lovely! off to do some work now ... até mais, hasta luego et à plus, Blipper buds! (reblip)
agentorange @donkeyrapist. major props for this! Nobody's gonna mess with this little deity, god of ambiguity and paradox - the destroyer and rebuilder. (reblip)
stormgrass One of the first mp3s I ever downloaded. Back when Napster was still an innocent little tool created by a bored college student and I was on dial-up.


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stormgrass @kellerabteil Ah yes, those were the days. Dial-up prevented me from actually stocking my collection with Napster-mp3s though.
digiom Oldie but Goodie... This is d/jamn hot... (reblip)
DaddyD It was a long time ago, but some things stay with you forever
sabyha long, long time ago...


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wandersrum *******************************************************************
sudaca70 I'd say this is interesting and really different from the original; what do you think @CargoCulta & @by_starla?
calamari To @flaviastefani , Feliz Natal! Thanks for all the smiles this year. <3
jeff Couldn't resist... no fog in San Francisco is a rare thang...
she_______ pour me black coffee and I'll come around

VariousBlack Coffee

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sudaca70 @davidwatts1978 check this out - from Argentina, met him once; not only a nice fella but also a great photographer

FacesOoh La La

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she_______ mind sex: via @autumnrecords Its time for some mind sex we aint got to take our clothes off yet before we make love lets have a good conversation (reblip)

Dead PrezMind Sex

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sudaca70 @by_starla change is the key word for 2009, turn and face the strange changes... by the way...

David BowieChanges

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stormgrass It's amazing. The more Oceansize I hear, the more I want to hear.
kertal @DJWege ... RIGHT ... Tricky did a Public Enemy cover .. i've overseen your reblib, well now, 3 Props! Grats to the winner! :)
medina Puuuuutz! Hoje perdi o Zulu Nation... Se pá foi classe!
kellerabteil "Küsse aus der Hölle der Musik" @Gezwitscha @rigardi @quitzlipochtli ... überdruckventil ;-) (reblip)
Overratedsoundsystem Day 3...4 hours of sleep..aaaaaaaahhhhhh I want to finish...don't have much brain left...aloha!
Overratedsoundsystem I'M CURED! I SEE THE LIGHT AGAIN!

The MonksMonk Time

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she_______ I think it's strange you never knew (reblip)
matthias_cremer @jawe immer nur her


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Ugugu Yama yama yama yama yama yama
Karli Sehr schönes Cover von einer tollen Frau, gestern zufällig in einem shop wieder gehört.
LarsAlberth And I am a writer, writer of fiction. I am the heart that you call home.
LarsAlberth Good news will work its way to all them plans. And we'll all float on OK.
LarsAlberth With that, good night everybody
LarsAlberth "it will be too late by the time we learn, what these cryptic symbols mean" #Kodieren
LarsAlberth @sms2sms @dingstweets Wenn ihr jetzt alle den Paul macht, nehme ich halt auch den Teddie, denn der mag keinen Jazz #Adorno
sudaca70 Buenos Aires pasada por agua; llueve y llueve y llueve sin parar... veo a @agentorange; cómo estás, agente naranja?
dieJulia @jawe dankschön! Und jaaaaaaa! Mehr blippen!
dieJulia Ausnahmsweise ein Hörbefehl! Der großartige Rainer von Vielen - Sandbürger
jawe dub side of the moon (thx chrizzle) (reblip)
dieJulia Senile Bettflucht. Gna.

Laid BackBakerman

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dieJulia @kellerabteil @DubFreakz Hier noch mein Beitrag zum Dreigroschenopernabend (Ella live)
she_______ reminder

8. Jason Wade - You Belong To Me

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LarsAlberth There's always a siren singing you to shipwreck #sundayafternoon
nirakatak plays4 @buchmamsell :. everybody knows that life can be wonderfull ..


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nirakatak thanks @Greenie :. Flunk – Blue Monday (acoustic) (reblip)
dieJulia auch schon eine ganze Weile her...

Lauryn HillTo Zion

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sudaca70 @kellerabteil I just couldn't resist... non stop dancing music :)!!!
sudaca70 sudden change... a beautiful Friday morning @pavolo; thanks!
mammara no, i can't go out without sayin' hi to my dears @by_starla & @paintedword. see you tomorrow, girls.
dieJulia klingt nicht so sehr nach Feder. Mehr nach chilischarfem Groovesumpf. Yeah!
wandersrum LALALA good mood!!!!

Paolo Conte - It's Wonderful

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LiesbethCamille I don't know why I came here tonight... here I am stuck in the middle with you.
LiesbethCamille good night/morning. and dear god let this week be finished.
LiesbethCamille Got the first three seasons of grey's soundtracks tonight. If it wasn't for physics it would be a great night.
dieJulia irgendwo auf einem fernen Planeten gibt es noch sowas wie Sommer. Bestimmt. Seufz.
dieJulia @Blippo stimmt! (und ich möchte gar nicht wissen, wie die Kollegen aus GB, US etc. das "die" in meinem Namen interpretieren. Seufz.) ;)
sudaca70 hey @CargoCulte! look... Mark Lanegan was waiting for you
DubFreakz …john

A Day In The Life

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sudaca70 Hope's whispering voice never fails
myrisss Não deixe idéia de não ou talvez. Que talvez atrapalha

( Sin Fang Bous - Carry Me Up To Smell Pine

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dieNagashi Satellite's gone up to the sky.. Things like that drive me out of my mind
wandersrum @lavachequirit...dann eben noch ein Versuch ;-) freu mich auf ein Bier mit dir!!!!

The KinksAlcohol

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dieNagashi think i'm going for a walk now i feel a little unsteady i don't want nobody to follow me..
Marxblog Helden der Arbeiterklasse sind zwar heute nicht mehr so angesagt ...


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wandersrum ....

2. Michel Delpech - Pour un flirt

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raumsinn gross! live überwältigend. support her.
myrisss Graças a Deus sexta-feira!! (reblip)
raumsinn @PBBMarx von eels in den schlaf gesungen zu werden ist auch was ganz erfreuliches (oder von the smiths).

The SmithsAsleep

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DubFreakz the wonderful voice of Bajka.her father Uve Müllrich was a member of the german krautrock legend Embryo and a founding member of the Dissidenten
raumsinn freunde der nacht: heute starten wir wieder mit etwas GANZ grossem (nordische schwermut at it's best)
craigz Another from ATP '08. Anton's on a roll since I don't know when, and the revolution is underway.
raumsinn 'jetzt sehen sie alle nur noch wie idioten aus...'
raumsinn @dollob michael gira ist ein guter alter bekannter (fast so gut wie mein grosser dicker bruder #david_thomas )
dieJulia Juliette Lewis – Hardly Wait
sudaca70 qué se puede hacer salvo ver películas...

Gary NumanFilms

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craigz We Sell Soul - The Spades (Roky got it better this time if you ask me).
craigz Sinead O'Connor joins Matt Johnson on this outstanding cut from Mind Bomb.
raumsinn unruhe unter den einheimischen, don tiki kommt!
stijlroyal Mal wieder Zeit für mein Lieblingslied. (Eine Minute durchhalten, dann gehts los)
mammara @understated i'm fine, thanks, i'm having a relaxin' sunday.
raumsinn zähneputzmusik am sonntagabend. danke @dollob und buonanotte (reblip)
raumsinn @kellerabteil wo du doch grad im wald draussen bist kannst du gleich noch holz mitbringen.
Blippo Melody Gardot – Goodnite @yohanp Having a good blip night ;)
silenttiffy Sonne macht albern! I am a vampire, I am a vampire, I have lost my fangs : {

Antsy PantsVampire

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raumsinn ted 'wild dog' milton

BlurtSome Come

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raumsinn mehr regeneration (mit dem f***-wort)
ReformRevolte @kellerabteil Danke, sehr lieb. Ich hab leider keine passende musikalische Antwort drauf, deshalb fällt der Vorhang heute willkürlich mit "Juice Box".
raumsinn sie ist mein mann (video). bigott!

BigottShe is my man

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raumsinn freunde der nacht: da hab ich was feines gefunden. seine frisur! der sensemann im vorbeigehen! grosses kino.
raumsinn why am i so blind with my eyes wide open?


| play
craigz Hope & Jim via Stoned & Dethroned.
MariTama Brazilian Music Week - Imunização Racional - Tim Maia
Blippo jimi hendrix – angel (acoustic) RB@ko_gianni That's a wonderful version. It's the 40th. Woodstock anniversary ;) (reblip)
sudaca70 @CargoCulte hey! just hanging... went to see Adventureland, great movie, cool soundtrack; how are you doing?
sudaca70 @CargoCulte Chauncey...

Original Basketball Jones

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dollob @kellerabteil - passt scho - woasst, i kimm ja eigentlich aus bayern - s'hod mi hoid irgendwann amoi do hea verschlag'n ;-) pfiati - zeit is...

GERHARD POLT der schubidu

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raumsinn freunde der nacht: if you’re gonna do wrong, buddy, do wrong right (shout out to @kellerabteil @dollob @volante)
Blippo Melody Gardot – Your Heart Is As Black As Night @Cindy79 :)
sudaca70 @randyhate one of the saddest, most heartbreaking songs ever written... yet amazingly beautiful (reblip)

PARASITE (1971) by Nick Drake

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raumsinn ihr habt aber noch nicht vor zu gehen, oder?
diskurs @querfeldein first flush bitte. (reblip)

Polman Reisen "Teezeit"

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sudaca70 now the world's over, what are we going to do?
sudaca70 @finestsuit leaving now... hope you enjoy this gift from Peru; sweet dreams!
FOGGIELOANER @lausen: "Podría seguir toda la noche, pero en algún momento hay que dormir. Me despido con Maggot Brain - Edie Hazel (Funkadelic)" (reblip)
raumsinn freunde der nacht: leben in unterschiedlichen städten
raumsinn you were in trouble right from the start/ so let’s make things hard (für dich @kellerabteil)

balkan beat box-hermetico

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mammara yes, that's all folks, see you tomorrow.
raumsinn platz nehmen zur mitternachtsmesse


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porrporr Feist – My Moon My Man ( Boys Noize Remix) -- this track is too good to be real ! ^^ #music #favorits

12 Monkeys "Introduccion" From Suite Punta Del Este (HQ) (Original)

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kellerabteil @silenttiffy als prophylaktisch prä- und/oder post-entschuldigung. für dies und das und den vergessenen beistrich :/ ;) (reblip)

D'ici d'en bas

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mammara ok, time to sleep. goodnight @all.
raumsinn "death is hanging over me and it could never seem too loud." #nikki_sudden
inadaequat pegel bitte raufdrehen - 1 feines klanggespinst sucht 2 öhrchen +++ Auditory Canvas – Desert Sun +++
befraifone Counting Stars with Nujabes. (at least a full imeem track. yeah!) Props @kiyohero.
amphore Parov Stelar - Lost in Amsterdam
DubFreakz 1970…1st single inspired by Dylans Subterranean Homesick Blues „Bombs are falling/Tanks are rolling/Soldiers dying/Men are crying/It is a good time

Ton Steine Scherben -- Macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht

| play
befraifone Aiiiiiight! Volume up for the Crusaders!!
DubFreakz ❯❯❯❯❯❯❯❯❯❯ THURSDAY NIGHT MIX ❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮❮ #23
kellerabteil me is one Spaced Out Jonny today again
kellerabteil dem vorstandsvorsitzenden des transnationalen vereins der freunde der nacht @raumsinn
raumsinn und jetzt: orchester! geigen! emotion, baby!

Bang Bang (featuring Sophie Hunger & John Parish)

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asko_b You, @raumsinn and @kellerabteil might have had a good time. Am I right? Greetz to Switzerland. (reblip)
kellerabteil @rittinergomez so schrei du nur. aber wisse, wenn du s in genau #140 machst, zählt es triple. ; ) (reblip)

HERMAN DUNE "1-2-3 Apple Tree"

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raumsinn @silenttiffy: wie grossartig ist denn das! reicht mir das riechsalz! (reblip)

Kiss KissMachines

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inadaequat +++ DAB – Words Inside a Cafe +++
kellerabteil die flanken, kanten, grenzen der illusion. via @inadaequat. die ränder, vorsprünge, grate des halluzinativen. (reblip)
kellerabteil "they sentenced me to 20 years of boredom for trying to change the system from within."
raumsinn silence is a dangerous sound: keep your eyes open! (der soundtrack zu @raumsinn) n8


| play
craigz Galaxie 500's Buddy Holly cover would have been a bit too obvious. Hyia @420thoughts long time no see.
raumsinn freunde der nacht: heute im kleinen kreis für @kellerabteil @porrporr @dotcomslash und @PBBMarx
sudaca70 @kellerabteil whenever you have the chance, go see "El secreto de sus ojos" -don't know about English title...-
raumsinn freunde der nacht: bones! bones! bones!
viennawildstyle @DagmarKollaps: "Du hast Beine... ( ja ja )... ich auch" ich auch!! (reblip)


| play
craigz I've been meaning to play some Lou stuff all night. Ira and friends share my enthusiasm, nope?


| play
Feuervogel Das kann schon mal passieren ... ;-) @farfalla: "Und da habe ich beim 1. blipen wieder einmal @Feuervogel mit @Zaubervogel verwechselt! :-) " (reblip)

Esther Phillips

| play
mammara uh, fantastic.

El Vez Xmas!!

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amphore schön das :)) .... danke rb@Ihno Träum Kleines Träum (reblip)
dieJulia ... @kellerabteil oder sag denen, sie sollen den Tyrone anrufen.
kaoruo .

Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

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porrporr pj harvey with the desert session - there will never be a better time! @nanometre <3
Lambchop I know I completely overblip it, but the tune just makes me happy I'm a chick. Hahahaha...
raumsinn freundinnen + freunde der nacht: für alle, die heute nacht nicht live dabei waren (perlen hören).
porrporr Vic Chesnutt - everything I say // RIP Vic ! #blipfm #music
kellerabteil the drugs don’t work, do they?
viennawildstyle "Paper Planes (DFA Remix)" (Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack – #5)
sudaca70 @BarronSherer the many ways Krautrock can take...
offhandle sublime noise. really one good song among many on a brilliant album that is best listened to from end to end.
DubFreakz …thanx¡ vi@steveshelley: "" jesus?, this is iggy..."" (reblip)
kellerabteil pain and the strengh gaining through pain (reblip)
matthias_cremer Aselin Debison / Somewhere over the rainbow. Ich glaube es hätte ihm gefallen. Für meinen Bruder. makes me remembering him.
kellerabteil I realized how I need u; and I wonder if I could come home. But I have to wait and see, who is the u and what is me. And where and what home could be. (reblip)
spacespencer Du? Hier? Nicht nur dein Geist? @DChain

kristin hersh | your ghost (feat. michael stipe)

| play
raumsinn lume, lume. "when they'll nail my coffin only then I'll be sick of life"
raumsinn freundinnen + freunde der nacht: "ich wende mich skeletten zu, weil ich sehe wie gut dir das tut."
raumsinn freundinnen + freunde der nacht: drama, melancholie, jetzt!
clara_l Listen up – and I'll tell you a(nother) story... <3
DubFreakz ■■■■■▶▶▶ #THURSDAY_NIGHT_MIX ◀◀◀■■■■■

Gregory Porter "1960 What" Opolopo Kick Bass Rerub

| play
caranemica Dead Can Dance – The Carnival Is Over
koiheart Boot – Nystan


| play
koiheart rb@jimmytheP: "The Crakow Klezmer Band – Haniel @me Bingo! You have my taste nailed! Kind thanks (reblip)
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