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TweakerRay Remembering how inspiring this was... Jean Michel Jarre - Industrial Revolution - Overture. I just love the strong melody and the composition.

Revolutions, Industrial Revolution, Overture

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khaito Que marciano... que buena rolla... provoca volar
CMFlinn True, I rarely see u here! How r u? :oD @Time2Burn: "How are you? Haven't been blipping with you for awhile now @CMDoria: "Def Leppard – Hysteria (reblip)

Def LeppardHysteria

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khaito You got to be crazy....You gotta keep one eye Looking over your shoulder......y terminás pensando que no hay nadie, que en el fondo no sea un asesino.
khaito Open up the gates and I'll follow!!!!!!!!!
khaito empezemos con lago bueeeno puess

Orgasmatron Motorhead

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khaito I wanna hear your scream!!!!! :D
DirtyUrine TY!! \m/ rb@romanus: "Tks and WOW DU 25K is around the corner!!! Go GO GO! :D @DirtyUrine: "Great song! rb: "Love is all around! :: Tesla – Love Song" (reblip)
S4W2E0D @honeygirl: "rb!! thx @Snuffpuppy: "I have to play charlie without Snoop then Snoop & charlie cuz thats how i work."" (reblip)
DirtyUrine Fabulous?? LMAO!! Ty! rb@romanus: "...some more PF inspired by the fabulous @DirtyUrine :: Pink Floyd – Us And Them" (reblip)
khaito But I'm lonely Lord I'm lonely What am I gonna do... Ride on!!!!

AC/DCRide On

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khaito I've got Heavy Metal music in my blood!!!! \m/

AC/DC Love Song

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ratan_freebird Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here (Studio Version) #PinkFloyd
ratan_freebird Dazed And Confused – Led Zeppelin (Video)
khaito :D


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khaito Time has come to step up ...And take back what you took from me
khaito I live my life, Like there's no tomorrow......

VenomAngel Dust

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khaito \m/... Hail Satanic Majesties....♫♪

Venom Leave Me In Hell

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ratan_freebird my fav ~~~~> @EllenaG: "Hey you! Nice pick! :) rb @Fondello: "Hey You – Pink Floyd"" #PinkFLoyd (reblip)
ratan_freebird dream theater – Hey You - Dark Side of the Moon
khaito ♫♪ Es el opio la flor de la pereza...zzZZ

NazarethLove Hurts

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khaito everything is green and submarine..nadie habla y nadie intenta, nadie vuela alrededor del sol..Y te llamo a travez del cielo
khaito :D

Johnny B. Goode/Back to the future soundtrack

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khaito Waaoo!! q leatra tan profunda, muy buena....Ignorantemente aqui en Colombia lo convertirian en un vallenato :@ (reblip)
khaito Sr. coneeejo T__T

RAMONES pet cemetery (tradução)

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khaito levantate y pelea!!!!!

Quartz: Stand Up And Fight

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khaito apoyando a mi amigo en Desdenia :D
khaito EXCELENTE COVER!!!! banda 100% recomendada
khaito I'll never say goodbye again, no...


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khaito Flicker, flicker, flicker blam. Pow, pow!!!...
khaito O.K |---:::::::::-- There'll be no more aaaaaaaah!
khaito la tengo en la letra es mnuy buena :)
khaito FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

SatanFuck you

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khaito @mwmusic: "@hawaiibuzz: "Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley"" (reblip)

Ozzy Osbourne 'Mr. Crowley'

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StreamingMimi Hi lovely Dancer! Nice to C U! TY!@Dancer12: "Hi, Sweet Mimi, seems days since I've seen U! RB@StreamingMimi The Majestics – Teach Me How To Limbo"" (reblip)
Carpediemjoseph @Sheribaby_SPH: "@Jalapeno I'm at work & this song keeps poppin back in my head, even after listening/re-blippin Queen! hehehe" (reblip)
DDPlay Thx so much! @nicolee73: "Cool, good blip! rb@donnadontplay: "~ Red - Breath Into Me ~"" (reblip)

Red-Breath into me/ with lyrics

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khaito Clasico y excelente!!!! Nobody gonna take my gir!!
khaito :)

Poison- I won't Forget You

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khaito jeeee recordando esa banda tan buena
khaito Si señores!! vienen a Colombia :D

BudgieWhiskey River

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khaito ♫♪You killed the love, you killed the trust♫♪


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khaito ♫♪ d(^ o ^)b ♫♪

Quartz-Quartz-Mainline Riders

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khaito ...Bebes de mi dolor ♫♪
khaito Don`t Talk To Strangers #DIO

DIO Don`t Talk To Strangers Live 1998

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khaito ♫♪ Raining Blood.. \m/ (> . <) \m/ ♫♪
khaito @DirtyUrine: "I need patience! \m/ @crasin2me: TY! Got many, want some? :) DU "Aww! Hugs N' Roses!! \m/ @crasin2me: "You're the sweetest, tyvm dear! (reblip)

Guns N' Rosespatience

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khaito BRUTAAL!! (> . <) @DirtyUrine: "Awesomeness!! \m/ rb@ankita_gaur: "Symphony Of Destruction – Megadeth (Lyrics Included)"" (reblip)
khaito \m/

Judas Priest- Metal Meltdown with lyrics

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khaito uuff i remember this.."Spider's Lullabye"
khaito Gooooodbye Blue Sky, goodbye ♪♫
khaito R\m/B@DirtyUrine: "Judas Priest – The Ripper !! ~ I'm sly and I'm shameless... Nocturnal and nameless... \m/"\m/ (reblip)
khaito @DirtyUrine: "\m/ rb@Lisa_Michele: "~~ Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home ~~ ♪♫•*¨*•¸¸♥#BHT.•*¨*•♫♪"" (reblip)
LeandroAzevedo Megadeth – Sweating bullets (Music Video)
khaito Ozyy en Black sabath, Esta es buena, te gusta? @ratan_freebird
khaito \m/ Civil War!!!!!

Motorhead Civil War

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khaito :D Death Or Glory!!!!
khaito \m/ @ekatherina: "the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams" (reblip)
khaito R♫B♪@LeandroAzevedo: "Opa @biapfreitas ..estou sempre por ae, se for bagunça to dentro //// MEGADETH A Tout Le Monde ( Set Me Free)" (reblip)

MEGADETH A Tout Le Monde

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khaito Hermosa Song!!! PARADISE!!!!


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khaito (y) #ThinLizzy "Parisienne Walkways"

Thin Lizzy-Parisienne Walkways

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khaito JAJAJAA \m/ Los mate con esta, BRUTAL!! pilla @calambas

Ernie and Bert go BRUTAL

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khaito Suaaave :) #PinkFloyd "Interstellar Overdrive"

Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive (scene special)

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khaito #Motorhead No Class

"No Class " Motorhead

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khaito @DirtyUrine:"Hey girl! Just readded you! Lost a few Djs! rb@Metal_Rocks: "@Flying_Roundhouse:"Rainbow In The Dark Live 1983 – Dio ~ Hey @DirtyUrine ~" (reblip)
S4W2E0D @patita: "hello my dear Wes, have a wonderful day!!!! TYfor this, i love!!! @Wes_H: (reblip)

TangerineLed Zeppelin

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khaito #Avantasia Breaking away!! -all we can do now is break away.-
khaito #X-Japan Lucy in the sky I'm whisky frisky...Marry Marry Kiss me Marry

X - Standing Sex[1992.1.7東京ドーム]

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khaito - _ - Buen día "She´s gone" #Steelheart

SteelheartShe's Gone

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khaito rb @CMDoria: "Gotcha! :oP RB@flinndc: "Get a good job with more pay and you're OK"" (reblip)

Pink FloydMoney

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khaito Esta no puede faltar cada mañana :) #X-Japan

Pink Floyd -- Take it Back

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khaito Lastima que cancelaron el concierto aca en Colombia :(

Budgie- who do you want for your love(video-live)

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khaito para empezar el dia :D ...Genial son #X-Japan...♫♪ Merry Merry Kiss me Merry (k)♫♪
khaito Empezo el conteo final, me voy :( de #Collateral
khaito Este es el fin, amigos!!

The DoorsThe end

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khaito :D:D:D:D@LeandroAzevedo: "Sepultura – Orgasmatron (Donington 1994)" (reblip)
khaito Good morning, worm your honor.
khaito |--::::::::-- O.k. Just a little pinprick. (reblip)
khaito RB@Sylak: "‡‡Queensrÿche – "I Don't Believe In Love"‡‡" (reblip)
khaito Buen dia..Buena cancion RB (reblip)


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khaito Accept "Screaming For A Love-Bite"

Accept "Screaming For A Love-Bite"

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khaito guau guau Seamus

Pink Floyd dog song

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khaito rb@S4W2E0D: "@BarbieRay: "Dark Side of Moon was my 1st 8 track!)@Schoork"" (reblip)

Pink FloydTime

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khaito Pa ir levantandome (bostezo)zzZZ

Virgin Black Lamenting Kiss

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Tyrant (UK) -Take it to the dragon

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khaito Que cover!!... #BRUTAL

Arch Enemy Aces High (Iron Maiden Cover)

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khaito jajajaa q buena pieza!!!


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khaito Satan – "Fuck You"

Satan"Fuck You"

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Poison- I won't Forget You

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khaito Q sueeeño u . u zzZ


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khaito Perdido en el ozono de la Capital. :S
khaito Chan chaann, cha channn...raining blood!!!!!!!! (guitar air) > . <
khaito #MetalForMuthas Ethel the frog

Ethel The Frog...Fight Back

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khaito \m/

Judas Priest- Free Wheel Burning

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khaito :( te extraño cabezona!! T___T
khaito Wolfmother – Love train

WolfmotherLove train

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khaito El precio,,, de estudiar esta vaina!!
khaito sera escuchar a Gaias con su cover del titan #kraken

Lenguaje de mi piel gaias pendulum

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AC_DC_ASIC Gamma Ray – Heavy Metal Universe

led zeppeling starway to heaven

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khaito Alison hell, your mind begins to fold!!!
khaito Q tan santa puede ser tu muerte? si retornas a ella
DirtyUrine Megadeth – A Tout Le Monde !! ~ I recently discovered that Dave Mustaine and I share the same B-day! \m/ (reblip)
khaito Jee q belleza, nunca me aburro ...RAIIIIIINING BLOOOD!!! con eneergia HPTAAA!!!
khaito :) buena song, buena pereza (bostezo) u . u zzZZZZ
khaito Excelente canción :) :) :)

Iron Maiden Phanton of the opera 1981.wmv

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khaito Aqui esta pues >> Carry on – #Angra

Carry onAngra

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Tuka_Roberta "What's yours is mine and mine is mine"

Kashmir By Led Zeppelin Orchestra Style (Better Version)

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helloween-Just A Little Sign

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Avantasia-Breaking Away

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The beatles RAIN-Music promo for the Ed Sullivan Show

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Pink Floyd, 1970-08-08, Green Is The Color

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khaito :) #Sadus – Hands of Fate (L)

SadusHands of Fate

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Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

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khaito BRUTAL #FridaysSADUS Merciless Death (Dark Angel Cover)
LeandroAzevedo Back later .. //// Megadeth – 99 Ways To Die
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