kirste Love this cover of Adam & the Ants~
kirste @WillYouAtMe: ""Personal Jesus" - Depeche Mode - #Tunes" One of my favesof all time. (reblip)

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

| play
sheryonstone @LuckySong please dont be sorry. Mine credits have been disappearing overnite and from one second to the next. It's a bug they are working on today (reblip)
sheryonstone @i_Dea yes, thanks. I do LOVE to dance, don't you ? BVSC is great :) (reblip)
tubilino hey hey heyyyy @crispast ..stolen from you and dedicated to @pyrrhoX :) (reblip)
sheryonstone rb@squidbrain ~ I agree, but I would also like some fajitas :D (reblip)

White Stripes Ottawa- Catch Hell Blues

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BryanViper damnit...wanted to see so much more from her!! =[
sheryonstone rb@Corts vi@Nymph I like this one too. [ happy Birthday Morrissey] (reblip)
FineNGood Some Kings Of Leon to start the evening off

Kings Of LeonSoft

| play
Diordan hahahah @daretoeatapeach my past condemns me! You went sooooo far away to find this one han? : ^) Love the gorgeous Yelle! (reblip)
GR8FL Don't cry baby... there's no one but you
gigia via@Rezzie: "Things brings nothing but a smile to my face." (reblip)
karie oh ya...this is what im talking about!!!!

Dead or Alive You Spin Me Round

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cjh The Killers - Neon Tiger - My fav. Band and Song
TrainWreckRadio yer outta props girl! (one of the best video's of all time IMHO) @vixxeninpink you'll like this me thinks (reblip)

Billy Idol Cradle of love

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WillYouAtMe "Personal Jesus" - Depeche Mode - #Tunes - #RockOn

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

| play
WillYouAtMe "Where Is the Love" - Black Eyed Peas - #Tunes
WillYouAtMe "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" - Tears for Fears - #Tunes
WillYouAtMe "Sowing The Seeds Of Love" - Tears For Fears - #Tunes
WillYouAtMe "The Hand That Feeds" - Nine Inch Nails - #Tunes
WillYouAtMe "Boom Boom Pow" - Black Eyed Peas - #Tunes by request @momanissel
WillYouAtMe "Pour Some Sugar On Me" - Def Leppard - #Tunes - #RockOn
WillYouAtMe "Everything" - Michael Buble - #Tunes
WillYouAtMe "Personal Jesus" - Depeche Mode - #Tunes by request for @lau56 (reblip)

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

| play
natalynha @DANIELLA1: "I don't know why but this song just does something to me..Odd Duck..Maybe it's his whispering..shhh shhh" (reblip)

The CureLullaby

| play
Aluciel Back to work! So long, blippers! ^_^

Lily AllenThe Fear

| play

Morrissey - Something Is Squeezing My Skull

| play
GR8FL @Alliemamma I don't even remember the incident, but I do know that freeway & if you want to stay alive, you speed. DC DMV Thieves - you got that right
bkweb "If you love me won't you let me know?"

ColdplayViolet Hill

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Elling_ vi@pipetoro // @djLop Claro, de eso no hay duda! :P Pero buenas si son! (reblip)
natalynha kiss me now that i'm older ;D

Johnny Cash God's Gonna Cut You Down

| play

Snap.-.I've Got The power

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ZOEBOE hehe I was just trying to get a laugh..hope you njoy your bday @co3z and yer still young!
Figgywithit Me loves me some Libertines vi@isopor: "tim festival 2003 i miss you!" (reblip)
sheryonstone rb@tubilino ~ gracias por la basura, pero tiene que poner bien entre mis ojos? ja ja (reblip)

Blue moon Ella Fitzgerald

| play
GR8FL got a notice from DC DMV for a photo ticket from March, SW/SE Frwy entrance at 8th St -$50 ticket plus $50 fine (for not paying 1st note never got)

Linkin Park- Bleed it Out (Official Music Video)

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Figgywithit I was there and this was the song I was hoping to hear. :) vi@rogermexico (reblip)
GR8FL redoing time to work blip...
Jalapeno Morning Blipstars.. Let's kick off another work week w/ this great song from Mel C...

Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

| play
Jalapeno The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades...
Jalapeno Everyday I Write the Book

Elvis Costello Everyday I Write the Book

| play
Jalapeno Brand New Lover..

"Brand New Lover" by Dead Or Alive

| play
Jalapeno This song keeps rattling around in my head..The Call – Regina Spektor
Jalapeno I've been a bad, bad girl I've been careless with a delicate man And it's a sad, sad world When a girl will break a boy just because she can... (reblip)
Jalapeno Cheeseburger in Paradise... deliciouso YUM! :)
Jalapeno Black Coffee In Bed.. one of my fave Squeeze songs :)
Jalapeno Land down under...

Men at work: Land down under!!!! (One of their best songs!!)

| play
Jalapeno Since they used the Xanadu building in the last video, I felt obligated to play this :)
Jalapeno Learn To Fly... (reblip)

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

| play
Jalapeno If you change your mind, honey I'm the first in line.. Take a Chance on Me (reblip)
Jalapeno Mamma Mia here i go again... (reblip)

AbbaMamma Mia

| play
Jalapeno There's a not a soul out there, no one to hear my prayers Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Man After Midnight won't somebody help me chase these shadows away? (reblip)
Jalapeno @erwinc25 if you play that, then you have to play this :)
Jalapeno Check out this great song from Regina Spektor in the movie Prince Caspian... The Call... (reblip)
Jalapeno When I need you, baby you're Never there... if you want me why can't you just show me?... You're never, ever, ever there (reblip)

CakeNever there

| play
Jalapeno What About Love? Don't u want someone to care about you? What about love? Don't let it slip it away. What about love? I only want to share it w/ you. (reblip)
Jalapeno Like any1 would b I am flattrd by ur fascintion w/me Like any hot blooded woman I have simply wantd an object 2 crave But u ur not allowd Ur uninvited (reblip)
Jalapeno Theres more than one answer to these questions Pointing me in a crooked line The less I seek my source for some definitive The closer I am to fine (reblip)
Jalapeno Sleep... @ImogenHeap

Sleep- Imogen Heap

| play
Jalapeno Whatever... @ImogenHeap

WhateverImogen Heap

| play
Jalapeno It's album Wednesday.. Today's album is iMegaphone by Imogen Heap. First song up Getting Scared.. @imogenheap
Jalapeno Wild thing.. u make my heart sing. u make everything groovy ;) (reblip)
Jalapeno I really feel That I'm losin my bf I can't believe This could be the end It looks as though you're lettin go & if it's real Well I don't want 2 know (reblip)

No DoubtDon't Speak

| play
Jalapeno Oh kiss me beneath the milky twilight Lead me out on the moonlit floor Lift ur open hand Strike up the band & make the fireflies dance... So kiss me (reblip)

Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me

| play
Jalapeno Mornin @joechapman & I said what about "Bfast at Tiffany's? She said, "I think I remember the film,& as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it." (reblip)
Jalapeno My gifts my sng & this 1 is for u u can tell evrybdy that this is UR Song i hope dn't mnd that i put dwn in wrds how wndrfl life is now ur in the wrld (reblip)
Jalapeno say what say, do what do,feel what you feel, just as long as it's real (reblip)
Jalapeno Give me more loving than I’ve ever had, Make me feel better when I’m feeling sad, Tell me I’m special even though I know I’m glad I found u (reblip)
Jalapeno If u like Pina Coladas, gettin caught in the rain, if ur not in2 yoga, if u have half a brain, if u like makin <3 @ midnite in the dunes of the cape;) (reblip)
Jalapeno Come on girls... Do you believe in love? Cause I got something to say about it... (reblip)
Jalapeno Cause I can feel u breathe It's washing over me Suddenly I'm melting into u There's nothing left 2 prove Baby all we need is just 2 be...just breathe (reblip)

Faith HillBreathe

| play
Jalapeno Who can say when the roads meet, that love might be in your heart, And who can say when the day sleeps, if the night keeps all your heart.... (reblip)

EnyaOnly Time

| play
Jalapeno Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Voulez vous coucher avec moi? (reblip)
Jalapeno I blieve that fate has brought us here & we should b 2gether, babe But we're not I play it off, but I'm dreamin of u I'll keep my cool,but I'm feignin (reblip)

Macy GrayI Try

| play
Jalapeno I have to rock this town & run some errands.. be back later for some mix tape blippin.. :) (reblip)
Jalapeno It's Mix-Tape Tuesday.. Here's 1 I blipped @ the beginning of my blippin "The Smiths – Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now... this is a great Smiths song" (reblip)
Jalapeno Yes, Rick Allen is AMAZING @verawooten: @pinkpolkadots (reblip)

Pour Some Sugar on Me

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Jalapeno Since the whole week will be off because of the holiday here's a song to remind you what day of the week it is :)
Jalapeno This goes out to everyone who is missing a loved one today.. What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
Jalapeno Happy Memorial Day.. this is the beginning of summer, let's all play it safe.. Wear sunscreen, if u want 2 know why check out my mom
Jalapeno played this one on SNL tonight..

Yeah Yeah YeahsMaps

| play
Jalapeno Killing Me Softly With His Song #3 1973

Roberta Flack-Killing Me Softly With His Song

| play
Jalapeno From one of my favorite movies "Valley Girl" Here's a Young Nick Cage... The Plimsouls – A Million Miles Away
Jalapeno Wheel In The Sky...

JOURNEY "Wheel In The Sky"

| play
Jalapeno Everybody Have Fun Tonight... this goes out to all my listeners..
Jalapeno Time for the cleanest "dirty" ever.. Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

| play
cassiolopes mto boa

King Of Leon Sex On Fire with lyrics

| play
LaKarune This one's going out to @TassiResende. Thanks for the love, beautiful lady! Hey @eightbitkoala @amoilcaffe @sheryonstone @DJFrankie

Regina SpektorLady

| play
DJStaplerStereo Nelly Furtado - Man Eater (reblip)

Man Eater- Nelly Fertado

| play
Sandro_A Aah, aah, aah aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Kings Of Leon Revelry with Lyrics

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oregonblip Aaliyah – More Than A Woman ::: She is being more then a woman... I'm still recovering from the weekend, ha! hi @glueandglitter
lefty35911 Live version is so much better than the album version
CorinaJoyC Thinkin' of you's workin' up my appetite; Looking forward to a little Afternoon Delight from Starland Vocal Band

Starland Vocal Band Afternoon Delight

| play
ARGMayte i want to see movies of my dreams.

Built to Spill"Car"

| play
exuberantfool sums up today's mood #musicmonday

Sufjan Stevens: Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois

| play
dingobee ~ sweet soul sister ~ love this song ...
octoberland this song is beautiful. just listen to the words. pretty powerful for anyone to sing, much less a green frog puppet.
dyannnn Today's Monday? Already?!?! Well, here's something to kick off another Music Monday:
DeeMoz My favorite voice...amazing #musicmonday

AdeleCrazy for you

| play
ilikedginger For effing real. I'm gonna spend the day curled up inside my own brain. (reblip)
digiphoto pausenclip part II...und schön mittanzen...das macht locker...

The B-52's (Rock Lobster Live)

| play
ilbis @SwingingtoDJFox: thanks for sharing, never heard Sixpence None The Richer – Love until now :) (reblip)
shermanhu Here's 1 version of "BOOM!" (TobyMac)
shermanhu Here's the other version of "BOOM!" (Black Eyed Peas) Put your hands up in the air...POW, baby!
organicsue Paul Simon – Kodachrome

Paul SimonKodachrome

| play
rogue_fm When I hear this song I, for one, don't picture John Cusack holding a boombox over his head I do, however, like to picture him in other positions :)

The Kills 'Cheap and Cheerful'

| play
ladypn @DJ13 your blip inspired me to blip THIS Evanescence track! ;)


| play
GR8FL prayers & condolences for the families of flight 447

Enigma - Sadness

| play
Elling_ Uuuuhh!!!! XD Good news!

Blondie-Call Me

| play
rguimaslima See U my friends!!! Bye !!! @JonPaul_Lenczuk @carmenpadron @jimmybradley @cutestfox @glassgnosis @Annimallover @RunningRealtor thxs DJ's !!!
CanadianClassic one of my all time fav songs. TI-My Type

T.I.My Type

| play
ZOEBOE Here's a nice shirley temple from this bartender for @DJTalent :) I bet @MsButterworth could serve ya up something stronger..huh girl :}
ladypn You always will be the taller & the prettier one...
ladypn I don't wanna hurt you but I don't think its about you...
ladypn You look fine, a little strange... working out? Losing weight? 1 little nip, 1 little tuck ooh you're looking hip...
onceacurmudgeon Amanda and Emilyn striking a pose for the camera! @emilynbrodsky @amandapalmer
ladypn There's no point in sittingGoing crazy on my ownDo you know whatI was put here in this world forCould you tell meIn three words or more?
Antenaweb @yonibeat: "remix by stuart price a.k.a the thin white duke a.k.a jacques lu cont a.k.a les rythmes digital (reblip)
ladypn Can't be shortened to put on a badge...
ivanadaime Reina Kate

Kate Bush Cloudbusting

| play
ivanadaime Fiona alrededor del universo

Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

| play
Reverend_Entity I GOT THE DEVIL IN ME - it's a cloud...
ironButterfly "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" GARBAGE (reblip)
Metaplasmico Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn & John ... ^_^ ♪♫♪
cjh The Cranberries - When You're Gone
cjh Berlin - Take My Breath Away

Take My Breath Away... Berlin (Top Gun) [Lyrics]

| play
cjh Robbie Williams - She's The One
cjh Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You - all friends
cjh Adele Make You Feel My Love

Adele 19 Make You Feel My Love

| play
Elling_ @donpe ay señor, que me mata usted con esta canción! @DJLavinator Zombie mood: ON ;) (reblip)
sarah__o aliás, elvis, você é um dos poucos que pode me ligar messsh. intolerância aqui tá alta, credo.
melodyofurlife Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her! NOT a fan of birds at the beach!
KANL k.d. lang – The Air That I Breathe (reblip)
S4Songcrush ***UPDATE: DM in Leipzig, Germany tonight; **SPOILER ALERT**...Let's just say: "One.Big.Ass.Effing.Sigh'oRelief! Click here:
ZOEBOE What up @co3z :)I missed ya too! I'm actually still away from home, but am killin time at the moment..but you may not see me much for a few days.
KANL Lou Reed – Perfect Day

Lou ReedPerfect Day

| play
ElZorro "Pocket Full Of Sunshine"

Pocket Full of Sunshine Lyrics

| play
rkmonkey Come on, come on You think you drive me crazy.......
digitpt @pinkpolkadots : Depeche Mode - I Want You Now (reblip)

Depeche Mode - I Want You Now

| play
FranciscoIV Old skool Parliament – Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker) (reblip)
tardisgrl Peter Wolf has put me in mind to blip some of Boston's finest: The Pixies
Atomik actually woke up with a cough, but whos paying attention vi@DJWonkyWonky (reblip)
Atomik okay, I need to go find some pajamas for a charity event party tomorrow night...wish it wasnt too hot for footies
by_starla [Sonic Youth-The Eternal] speaking of new music-have tickets to see them & planning to give this album a good listen in the next day or2-too tired now
by_starla [X - Breathless [Single Mix]]
Atomik rb@monovolume: "the spiderman is always hungry..." (reblip)

The CureLullaby

| play
AlyG this reminds me of another cure song but i can't place it...i will ask lol. and yes, @A_Quiet_End that is exactly how i feel. :( (reblip)
AlyG rb@Nymph: "RB@spinecut showers/cloudy here and moist! :P " (reblip)
AlyG this is my mood...maybe darker...hmmmmm

RadioheadAll I Need

| play
AlyG i should just blip amnesiac.
by_starla [The Cure - Faith] @deadcowaroma current favs? are you focusing on the Stones today?

The CureFaith

| play

Pretty Vegas By INXS

| play
regineking Christopher Walken rocks.

Weapon Of Choice

| play
paulkies searching for the perfect words.....

BerlinThe Metro

| play
marijaanadj I have slept only 3 hours....I need something fast for rousing!!!
x_traciie_x Beastie boys - Girls. [And I listened to that song empty tears and whatever, IT'S GAY GAY GAY!! hahaha Never again.]

Beastie BoysGirls

| play
bri_z yes, i like buble. judge away.
SnakeLady in case you haven't seen this yet.... there are some really FUNNNNY moments!

fugies - fugees - ready or not

| play
theJazzLounge ah Thursdays... let's all hope it is! RB via @maddercarmine (reblip)

Lou ReedPerfect Day

| play
mooooink Step by step, heart to heart, left right left We all fall down like toy soldiers Bit by bit, torn apart, we never win
Bitterlee @regineking: "Christopher Walken rocks." AWESOME (reblip)

Weapon Of Choice

| play
MarioJr20 Sketchbook 6/16/09 Clipse & Kanye Kinda Like A Big Deal
mdh47 reblip "Kool version.. great song...Mariah Carey Featuring Busta Rhymes, Fabulous And DJ Clue – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" => (reblip)
multifacetsflux oh girl oh girl my problems can't follow me phone calls i take by machine i wander lonely to the sea lonely hahaha what does it mean? rise buildings!
Joffi "Maybe I can stand alone... Maybe I'm strong as stone... Even though the bird has flown... Maybe he'll fly on home..."

Alison KraussMaybe

| play
PAMsLOvE The Killers - Human [Official Video][HQ]
ZOEBOE I got the freaks in the livingroom.. (I really do! They be from Tennessee..) hehe rb@Ad_C: (reblip)
MandyPenn Lovin' your music thanks @judi: "Godsmack – Serenity" (reblip)


| play
MandyPenn I'd give you props, but I reached my limit for you =)@Take Five
MandyPenn Hey there, thanks for listening RB@AaronBBrown: "If you could save me From the ranks of the freaks Who suspect they could never love anyone ♥ " (reblip)

Aimee MannSave Me

| play
MandyPenn Don't know why I like this so much! "Incredible! Thanks @CHaDmAn: ""All I wanted was a Pepsi!""" (reblip)
MandyPenn Kind of funny =) thx@joechapman: "rb@FLASHBACKFREDDIE: "80smusicwarehouse @ Ebay ~~ Frank & Moon unit Zappa"" (reblip)
MandyPenn To my favorite DJs who just got new badges @shadow7777 @BlacDahlia and I think @Caged Butterfly too

Led Zeppelin-Whole Lotta Love(Video)

| play
MandyPenn Their songs are so catchy ♫♪♫ Thanks and Hello @QUEENRO: "@angiece: "RB @SophieAnne1"" (reblip)
MandyPenn M.I.A. – Sunshowers


| play
MandyPenn Couldn't stop laughing when I saw that video on SNL Thanks@glitterdream: "I loved this, LOL, i wish i could blip the video." (reblip)
SamThereforeIam Amazing how many directions you can go with just one song. Love this remix almost as much as the MPage one.
sheryonstone watching conan right now. Do u have it on 2? He just did a thing on President catching the fly..2funny @ladypn~[Incubus will be on Conan tonight] (reblip)
SamThereforeIam Free association blip! Just sit back and think of the first song to come into your head. This was mine. Hahaha.

Salt-N-PepaPush It

| play
feelline this is the last time I'll abandon you and this is the last time I'll forget you i wish i could Muse – Stockholm Syndrome
avivajazz Luiz Melodia – Maura

Luiz MelodiaMaura

| play
tubilino G00d m0rning pe0ple! Buen0s días! :)
ladypn Reblipping my bliplist form the EARLY days! ;) (reblip)
charmstep Me too @DJMicheee! Thx @dianne10jack & @ladypn for the props. @Awannabeangel-you get what you give & that's much love :)

StingSister Moon

| play
TrainWreckRadio @BlacDahlia thanks for the props, and a happy #BigHairThursday to you! (reblip)

Don't Stop Believin by Journey

| play
powerhealths Bread – If... Check it out I'm lost when it comes to eating healthy. Thks 4 props @moonflowerinco (reblip)

BreadIf - Lyrics

| play
ladypn No, @sheryonstone - TV's in another room, its on but can't see it! ;) (reblip)
digitpt @musicla: "Doris Day – Falling In Love Again" (reblip)
tubilino muy buena @sibilapollmann: "...don't make a sound..." (reblip)

Frou FrouShh

| play
tubilino @hype ...vaya! ...ciudadano del mundo! Yo soy blipero (de BlipLand), pero hasta que se dé de alta en la ONU, soy español viviendo en la península ;) (reblip)
tubilino @hype ...tú eres mexicano viviendo en UK, USA o en Ecuador? te tengo desubicado :) (reblip)

Depeche Mode- Personal jesus (Official Video)

| play
TrainWreckRadio @BeautifulPyre ya, we radio peeps took a beating intially, but we got even ! (answer to come later) (reblip)

Video Killed the Radio Star

| play
ladypn I might be wrong but I'm about to doze at the keyboard! Good night to ALL! Thx for sharing your musical loves with me & for lending me your ear! (reblip)
Shukitty they did a pasodoble to Carmina Burana which is just awesome.
FineNGood Guess I'll just close my eyes. Oh yeah. All right. Feels good. Inside.