misamille dont know what East Asian language this is but its kinda funny version of this song and it reminds me of @popculturezoo too for getting it in my head!
liviones Celebrar ano Brasil e França pede uma Edith Piaf.
JasonTH I don't know about you guys, but I like my Metallica hard & fast! (reblip)
zx10r07 @SoulJah: Nine Inch Nails – The Wretched <-- my fav! (reblip)
happy_bunny Sean Paul

Sean Paul Temperature Song And Lyrics

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crowjane @sjsharktank ~this video always tears me up~ a sista just gotta be bold and make it happen~or at least~try~I would have been all over Mos def fine ass (reblip)

ALICIA KEYS you dont know my name with lyrics

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Zarabeth From the soundtrack of an AMAZING movie, Zatoichi, by (and with) Takeshi Kitano. Rent it if you haven't seen it before.

Naruto Festivo (Zatoichi music)

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seizuresalad // thanks for listening @kitt_pupp // * * * * *

fischerspooner the best revenge (autokratz remix)

| play
SnakeLady Swollen Members???? Bwahahahaha!!!
RnBE Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh – time to put on ~The Show ~
anna8687 Kings Of Leon – Soft ... Chilling out music. :)
godzdad i was like ooooohhhhhh shittt....
trinahowe2001 Hilars

The Dentist Song: A funny kids song by Bryant Oden

| play

Save Tonight- Eagle Eye Cherry

| play
H2TEHIZZLE Me covering romeo and juliet.. give it a listen

Romeo & Juliet

| play
JefDrus @chloerose: "@Jazzhole from sex and violence to good clean fun @VeganDrus youll ike these guys they are vegans lol " I love all things Vegan. (reblip)
Crismf Bye @blipers... Sweet Dreams!

Enrique Iglesias Can You Hear Me (Official Video EURO 2008)

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kveebee Reblippin' Blip God @RealtorLefebvre & his review: "The first power chord and intro drum fill are worth the price of admission alone. The rest ..." (reblip)

Hum * Stars

| play
CucumberMouse Tada! Gotta go. Refresh issues = fist shaking @ 'puter.

Lily AllenLDN

| play
palmguru Hubert Kah – Rosemarie (1982)
Lialins well let me hear ya say... 【ツ】
estherNmathies this song gets mad play @ my office cuz my PM likes the beat...LOL love when i can get others to start listening to reggae....1 <3
crowjane @shiner: what up my brotha~loving the new U~~all Kiss' like and all~~ (reblip)
stonermc Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

| play
mikehankes Tenacious D - Dio. Great song, but Ronnie James Dio will never pass the torch.

Tenacious DDio

| play
Aspiren2b remember this? one of my all time favorites....give a listen.
bowleggedandstarving I love this song. It's a Classic. My family used to have a dog named Tuppins. We called him Tupps for short.
atilafer when I listen this woman I just feel love, just love
mhelens "The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony""" (reblip)
PabloM Joy Division – She's Lost Control
Cassiette ~ cannot have a set without The Specials ....~
GypsyOwl I'm Missing My Dad ReBlip @Whitenet: "For all the fathers tomorrow" (reblip)

Luther Van Dross-Dance With My Father Again

| play
Atomik rb@DuncanDogg: "Such a gutsy song to choose, and he pulled it off" (reblip)
MeanieandShuggie For my listeners: @aqui @djjoyful - Some say this is a religious song-I leave it to your interpretation. I love Conan,but Arsenio deserved Leno's job

Whitney "All The Man I Need" Live

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MeanieandShuggie @ningy62 - Thanks for the props. Simple, melodic and beautiful - this is a great song. Enjoy!
JaneDaine #musicmonday lil kim, crush on you this song reminds me of the college years...
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ...Time For Jamiroquai...- "Falling"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ...Time For Jamiroquai...- "Half The Man"
akirazenx Punk Goes Crunk-All Time Low-Umbrella #musicmonday

Punk Goes Crunk-All Time Low-Umbrella

| play
Axels_Angst Coldplay - Trouble. @Houston_Horizon (reblip)


| play
SgtMac @SgtMac: "A great song by a fellow Veteran & Patriot Lisa Mei" Give it a listen! @LisaMei62 u rock!!! (reblip)

Enemy Number One (A DHS Inspired Song)

| play
ormayBE nothing says awesome like the beginning of electronic music.

Gary NumanCars

| play
Jaemie A lil something someone showed me *bs
MeanieandShuggie It's been so long since I seen this video - Take a look - Is Idris Elba the delivery man? Anybody know? I don't think he was known yet then. Enjoy!
toosweet4rnr [Teena Marie – Portuguese Love] how about 2x :) @ambit: "Time 4 some PORTUGUESE LOVE with some LADY~T" (reblip)
DJMees :-) @JosieMK: " LOVES this song........madly! ; )" (reblip)
kitt_pupp what a difference a day made...24 lil hrs :) reblip'd she great (reblip)


| play

Beatnuts- Watch Out Now

| play
kattak20 Nothing like inviting a boy over for treats...
kattak20 And on this note...I'm done for the night! Goodnight!

Jackson five-Blame it on the boogie

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kitt_pupp @sheryonstone: "thanks@crispast: "questa mi è sempre piaciuta.. "" (reblip)

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson

| play
windspiritgirl Bouncin' in the car earlier today to this.
Spookydancer You cant get any funkier than this..Chaka Khan rocks
toosweet4rnr [The Cure – Hot Hot Hot!!!] today, I am literally hot.
LikeAnAngel yeah! i 'd forgotten about this one! nice one, oss! (reblip)
Awannabeangel ♫ Quarterflash – Harden my heart - RARE LIVE
kitt_pupp @HeyAmaretto: "hot hot hot" thanks amaretto (reblip)

Jamiroquai, Canned Heat

| play

DMX ft. Aaliyah -- Back In One Piece

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UberDorkGirlie Best use of a rap song in a movie EVER RB @SaraSantiago: "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. " (reblip)
Mtii The Streets – Fit But You Know It (Remix)
Mtii GrooveVandalz – Bring it real ph10_Astro_Moveo_Mix
sireneatspoetry Dear Blip: Get more Juana Molina!

Juana Molina

| play
TimbrePitch "You Get What You Give" by New Radicals - Hello world! It's a new day! (reblip)
SGMan @Lowell: "Round and round" seriously, this my fav song from that era.. wow (reblip)
Djsoggy Just because I thought it was funny. I actually like her voice though.
ladypn There's this "Shaft" theme running in the background....Great Sax though!
CynDyn i know, right? @Somerset08873 had to actually watch the vid ...then, couldn't stop watching the vid (reblip)


| play
Ribbonlynn Thw Whispers- And The Beat Goes On
Awannabeangel ♫ Mariah Carey – With You I'm Born Again
Roolive JUst for you...

Amy winehouse v Peter Bjorn and John (Young Folks in Rehab)

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kitt_pupp @NicoleVSanchez: "Dream Academy – Life in A Northern Town"hi nicole! (reblip)
bluetyson @NicoleVSanchez: "Hello! Hey are you from La Puente, CA ? I grew up near there. @kitt_pupp: "@NicoleVSanchez: "Dream Academy – Life in A Northern Town (reblip)
rodrigokrug to you ;)

Switchfoot- Learning to Breathe

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djsswant This guy is smoove. He played D-Fest in Tulsa a couple of years ago. Great show. It's hard to play before the Flaming Lips, though. (reblip)
BethToHumans You would not believe how many times I've done this dance in the past week. Thanks, My Job!

CupidCupid Shuffle

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Tess You're such a black lacquer table. Excuse me? You sure talk a lot. Well you're as fake as a beauty shop nagle. Admit it, you want what I got...
Tquan @Tquan: " I'm a firm believer in positive thinking to get what you want... Well listening to this song I booked a big job! Put this on repeat :-) " (reblip)
kitt_pupp @ShutterBugGeek: "RB @Intriguingds: "@ShutterBugGeek: Al Green - Love and Happiness < And Amazing Health all 3 I wish 4 you!"<THX!mind my reblipn'? (reblip)

Al Green Love and Happines

| play
cozbysweater got your black magic and your two dollar love/make my heart beat double time

Fiona Apple :: Across The Universe

| play
twowingsshort i reaallllly like this song...its strong, and it packs a punch and, its infectious. for me anyways. (reblip)

The Dead Weather "Treat Me Like Your Mother"

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kitt_pupp @Daeflyn: "@T_DeBarros: "George Benson. Breezin'. ``` Yeah...the sun is out...☺ ☺ ☺``` ***HELLO TO MY BLIP FAM !!!***"" (reblip)
tigerflight creating a saturday playlist- first, the throwing muses
criskika soh vc mesmo ahahah@dedehkopp: "existem letras muito legais mesmo ! to esperando a versão masculina dessa **só para maiores* #naofalaingles#se vire" (reblip)
leaferi Need for Lords satisfied. Must tear myself from my laptop.

Traci Lords 'Control' music video

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Death Cab For Cutie I Will Follow You Into The Dark lyrics

| play
miraclebabe1 Sheriff - When I'm With You...wow this brings me way back...lol
Pure_Epiphany something more to jump for @LisaTroy - I am not sure if it's political correct... ;)

intifada ska p

| play
RooR @SeanMurphy: "@melodyofyourlife: This is what I need to be doing soon. - Ya I need to start thinking soon 2 :P (reblip)
threebears "hi everyone! happy weekend " ...quote'n'rb @marsbar ^(^ thanx! (reblip)

You Say Yes, I Say Yes

| play
antoine1950 @NicoleVSanchez: "beautiful, thank you :-) @TakeFive: "THE PRETENDERS - HYMN TO HER,,,@NicoleVSanchez,,,Enjoy,,,"" good taste!! (reblip)
kitt_pupp it's been remastered! neat! i heat up...i cool down//the way that i found it//#musicmonday oldies
CFallerRun I'll go backwards, because I know you can handle it...original song please... @tjiddy
TimmyFinn so pumped to see these guys goin places, saw them on a tiny stage in GR now their tunes are rollin credits for entourage
Tiffys Muse FTW


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leaferi @Totengrber Stay away. Nothing good. (looking for) My mind kind of feels like it's in a box right now. (reblip)

Teairra Mari ft. Jay Z- Make Her Feel Good

| play
SkyeCebh Björk - for @Dry_Killlogic

All is full of love

| play
smarty_pants can i call you up when i need someone to talk to?
erroneous current temp here in seattle is a balmy 103 (real hot)
my66 reminds me of COACHELLA & LONDON '04(i think!)...opening 4 the cure...MOGWAI...simply delicious...
pagemac @ElekTro4 yeah i'd say so..haha have to say he was kinda askin for it with taunts

Del tha Funkee Homosapien "Mistadoblina"

| play
charlilynn @ffluxx: "Daft Punk – Face to Face (Night Drugs Rework)"One of my top 5 right now!!! (reblip)
Kaye_Loves_You also Stan for 3LW even though there gone cuz of the damn Cheetah Girls..ughh..."Neva Get Enuf"

Neva Get Enuf By 3LW Featuring Lil'Wayne

| play
JefDrus They're from New Jersey? wow, I think that explains something. @chloerose.

atomic kitten-whole again

| play
GigiYoo Another beautiful song...makes me wanna dance!
laurabee been waaay addicted to this song lately while savoring my last 3 days of summer.
RockinRobot "If I promise you the moon and the stars, would you believe it Games people play in the middle of the night" Games People Play- Alan Parsons Project

Games People Play- Alan Parsons Project

| play
Stay19 Finally watched the movie "Giant" with Rock Hudson, Liz Taylor and James Dean. The vid is clips from the movie. Powerful James Dean intro clip<><>
aivzdog Tuesday Morning...first time hearing this song and I like. (reblip)
smoky ♫A Light In The Black - Rainbow
poeticimmortal "... we would have a fine time living in the night..."

Ed Solo & Skool of Thought- We play the music(Dj Gilligan Remix)

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Betowsky a donde te vas cuando bailas como si te perdieras?
justgeorgeaz I'm sleepy. Bring on the Night – The Police #musicmonday
kitt_pupp ur hair looks pretty in ur pic mello :)@mellomatic @marcelorps // nvr heard this, i likes... (reblip)

DriWhat's Real

| play
Rella some toones....lol..tunes
hotnote Hey @Atomik! Whatcha doing this weekend, Mr. Sexypants??


| play
anna8687 Lily Allen ft. Mark Ronson – Oh My God
myogis A song for procrastinators?? Maybe tomorrow.....
LaSiren Nite-nite! For Anika, Heather, Lisa, my Altar sisters. Sweet dreams!

Fatback Band--Backstrokin'

| play
Ian2813 Enjoy that beautiful vinyl sound!
2HandedJam *** Minnie Riperton - Inside My Love (Live) *** Died @31 What a voice... what a shame!

Minnie Riperton (Inside My Love)

| play
DrewBlood We can go cheesy 80s @DebbieRochon but i will WIN that battle! C'mon...whatchu got? Oh, I love torturing you...
ChanceB Smooth track by Craig David and Mos Def.

Jamiroquai-Little L

| play
Mandor1784 hadn't heard this before rb: @helioTelepop: "One of my favorites from Radiohead !" (reblip)
Mike_Mongoose Nero – Night Thunder --- @Franimal welcome=) @TropicsZ4 @sonicmichel hola! @sandyriverside How're you mate? @kitt_pupp @ezmeralda Hi there!

NeroNight Thunder

| play
FaerieBik #FF @blorio is a very special healer from Area 69. *She Is Love* and even more. (reblip)
Quantumgirl Wait for it... Stevie on Drums... Wicked Amazing!

Stevie Wonder Drum Solo

| play
Ddraig Scenes from Appleseed. Good stuff.
SheilaRock David Guetta Feat Akon – sexy Bitch
marycavalari @marlytcc: "Teardrop" by Massive Attack. " Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word Fearless on my breath Gentle impulsion..." @marycavalari"" (reblip)

House Theme song

| play
NitWits For all the P&O Ferrymasters Ipswich staff that know me esp the ones that transferred from Fleetwood

OJay's Back Stabbers 1972 HQ Lyrics

| play

Pitbull-go girl

| play
susana_ I've seen it all and there's no more to see
BadGerL Love this! @Punitallstar3: "i may be skinny at times, but im fat full of rhymes, pass me the mic and im gunna grab at it" (reblip)

Upside Down jack Johnson

| play

Sahara All Star Band Jos-Enjoy Yourself

| play
ellefresca i gotta be rightgeous. i gotta be meeee. i gotta be conscious. i gotta be freeeee...
cpcdiniz @tigerrrlilly: "@BohlianSunshine: "@indyh: "~♫*✿~∘.∘Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ∘.∘✿*♪~...i saw your brown eyes turning once to fire...~♪*✿∘.∘Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ∘.∘~✿*♫~ """ (reblip)
MrsASoprano I better go or I am going to be late for my manicure. My Jets creamed Tenn. but I have to leave smack in the bottom of the Yankees 7th. ACK! Later.
Naranjita ( ( (d>.<b) ) ) Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll
Grizzly_Emmett_cullen -looking out the window down at the clouds listening to music- (reblip)
KyrasWeekendRide ❀❀❀ *•♫ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃) *♥*♫♪´ ♥♥ BYE EVERYONE AND THANK YOU~Family Party Calls...lol ❀❀❀ *•♫ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃) *♥*♫♪´ ♥♥ Justin Bieber – ONE TIME
ayomac i was six when this was a hit ^^
DJC2 @indyh: "congrats! :-) Thank you! Must celebrate the funness! :-) (reblip)
ellengalvao Life is much too short to sit and wonder. [Ben Harper - Lifeline]

Ben Harper "Lifeline" (studio version)

| play
Pink_Viper Pink is my favorite crayon...


| play
dabruser58 He was THE BEST....fabulous voice...musician...he is missed...so much~~~
werd bayyybeeeeeeeeeeeee...


| play
GinaDunc Ty...1 of my very fav's. ;0) @ShiaoMei: "@GinaDunc ...saw u blipped this the other night & now it's saved in my Playlist! Thank you! Luv it!:D" (reblip)
mafaldaq Have I ever mentioned how much I adore Dolore's voice?
PropsHog I can't get enough of this song, I love it... (Jon B – Paradise in U)
CMFlinn LOL dont get any ideas!;oD@Schoork: "ah, no secret:-P@CMDoria: "But you're rock candy baby: Hard, sweet and sticky LOLLLL@Schoork Montrose- Rock Candy (reblip)

Montrose- Rock Candy

| play
crispast ..with the voltage running through her skin..

MGMT electric feel

| play
sakapfet @snuffleupagus: "@pagemac: "apple juice kissing makes me roll my hips.." ah, yes. thanx for this track. just what i needed!" (reblip)

13 apple juice kissing

| play
CMFlinn Heyyyy!!! :o) rb@shanti45: "Hey there Heepchick!: ) @CMDoria" (reblip)
pcornqueen Thanks Darlin' ~~ @Bighit15: "Maybe this will make @pcornqueen feel more blippy. Dedicated to the ppl you love. " (reblip)


| play
ICEGIRL152 mashy mash 4 U N me!!!

Goldigger + Beethoven's 5th Video Mashup

| play
indyh :-) heyyy all ~*♫~*✿*~ઇઊ~*♪~.. begins to steal the light...confusion throws another mystery it's out of focus with the eyes...~♪*~ઇઊ~*✿*~♫*~

Bonnie Tyler "Here She Comes"

| play
tinadiggsit so diggin this!!TY@dailystendhal: ":)" (reblip)

White Rabbit "Percussion Gun" VIDEO from iTunes

| play
LynnSunshine good song @santamistura: "don´t don´t dont don´t don´t dont (reblip)
nuffced Swingin while I'm singin. You know what I'm sayin' @WIGSTA @DrCocker @FernandaW @ginhollow @DesertLily @ChordOnBlue @djilo @ZOEBOE Gosh I dig dat bad!

Murilley Charles Earland

| play
RockstarBaby "But it was the kiss, it took me away. It's like he knew that I am fragile, he handled me like glass."
Annenonymous @stena: "[U2 With or Without You Live At Slane Castle] "nothing to win, and nothing left to lose."" (reblip)

U2 With or Without You Live At Slane Castle

| play
Travvybear brian eno. i feel like he's a musical genius. who's with me?
jhidalgo para los que tienen mucho en qué creer

I Believe

| play
flinndc excellent intro by Johnny Cash ... bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan ...dedicated to @Ribbonlynn and ALL the working mothers out there

Peggy Lee, I'm A Woman, 1971

| play
LinusOfHollywood Man, this headache won't go away. I might be dying. If so, please play this song at my funeral.
flatliners Currently addicted to this song -- The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
wayoutosphere I got a shiny penny for ne1 that can bring me a 4 shot latte & a cheeseburger. : George Clinton – Do fries go with that shake! : Happy Fryday!!! :


| play
rocksujo Nouvelle Vague – Love Will Tear Us Apart...ele vai nos rasgar ao meio de novo...
joe61 V. Spy V. Spy - Clarity Of Mind
RoxUranus howdy... sorry for the lag...power outages due to some heavy storms in Norcal rb@mettee: "hey @RoxUranus :-)" (reblip)

Nouvelle Vague, Dance With Me (Lords Of The New Church)

| play
SpinningDiscs Black Label Society – Stillborn.... "Blind me.. Erase what was.. Stillborn, I have become."
DamnTheMan I could be your Big Bird and we could Snuffalupagus....LMAO rb@Jedi_Daddy: "Muppets need love too" (reblip)

Muppet Sex

| play
Dysn0m1a Hi:) How's the blip treating you 2day?... @DirtyUrine The Presets – Cookie
juiceboxjones hey ladies.

05 Galt MacDermot-Coffee Cold

| play
rosecryst Ⅼis for the way you Look at me...O is for the Only One I see... V is Very, Very extraordinary... E is Even more than anyone that you { i } adore (reblip)
ferretwho You said you had bronchitis but you were out with some other guuuy...
worldisphat ghost town dj's - my boo


| play

Nas "Mastermind" Kung Fu Style Remix By Smooth Sense

| play
rkmonkey rb.. didn't see you blipt this already..... @photogurrl: "[Wintersleep – Weighty Ghost]" (reblip)
DJLOPZ My most favorite remix. Ever. RIP MJ
muzicgirl39 you said you loved me..or were u just nbeing kind? "@muzicgirl39 I love this song!" (reblip)
westham999 #FF ♥ @BusyGuy2 @JoyceSchneider1 @shutter_mom @seattlespayne @GranaSempre @KamyllaPaula @joel_peterson @nicocoetzee @mgoderre @HempNews @GetFit101 (reblip)

Chill Out Ibiza

| play
Chupie RB @MelBee: "rainy day tunes "PM Dawn - I'd die without you"" (reblip)
iangoole Longview – I Would

LongviewI Would

| play
str8jgirl RB luv! Lost Boys Fan! @JendeMen @Waltz Watching Lost Boys (reblip)
GinaDunc Hey, how was your weekend? ;) @broadwayg: "Ojays Cry Together." You know a relationship ain't nothin without communication.."Slo Jamz @LadyFox (reblip)

Jody Watley I Want Your Love

| play
chubbyjones MC Lyte getting Tuesday started.
A_mo always liked this one

make me better fabulous feat. ne-yo

| play

Frank Sinatra MY WAY

| play
Coffeenuts "Ben Folds - The Luckiest"

"The Luckiest" Music Video

| play
Donta247 @spemberton17 This song sums up your kitty! "Klik Evil Kitty" ;P

klik Evil Kitty

| play
BlondeUniverse It's just the little things...

Danny Elfman "The Little Things" (Music Video)

| play
CMFlinn Heyyyyyyy ;o) How r u? RB@dawoollyman: "@CMDoria hello :)" (reblip)

Cookie Monster Rap

| play
razorfire nice vid, I somehow expected you to live in an apt in the city or something:) @LUSCIOUSDDJA: "GIRLFRIEND IN A COMA~ MY VID (reblip)

HOME ❤42399

| play
SPACEMAN2808 oh yes

Jackson Sisters-Miracles

| play
Dysn0m1a Must Rb..Great to get started with :) @lalunajade (reblip)

FAITH NO MORE Stripsearch

| play
rentedmule The Disco Biscuits - "World Is Spinning"
sweetlilmZmia Destiny's Child – Lose My Breath (Live In Atlanta - Full Version)
Essifer That brings me quite a bit back... Thanks @Per_Iscritto: "D'Angelo - Lady...Rebirth of Cool...can start with this one" (reblip)


| play

Minnie Riperton-Perfect Angel

| play
tbell lots of thank yous :) @rockchalk75: ";) @tbell" (reblip)

The Water Is Wide(Traditional)with lyrics-Karla Bonoff

| play
Cairnmont I knew there was something special about you @tammyphinney: "That's where I was born ;) @Cairnmont: ... particularly those in Nova Scotia"" (reblip)
TsSexyChanel #musicmonday Gato Barbieri – Europa ( another song I used to alwalys walk my evening gowns to)

Semisonic- Secret Smile-

| play
digitpt @amphore: Anja Garbarek - No Trace of Grey - good song from a great movie: Angel-A. #soundtrack (reblip)

Fuel-Falls On Me w/ lyrics

| play
pavolo via @haljam @sudaca70 :0 I can't remember the last time I heard something so fresh and fantastic! I'm shocked I had never heard this before...Amazing. (reblip)


| play

山下達郎 / Merry-Go- Round /

| play
Dutchtown I miss you Grandma Lee! She used to sing this song to me when I was a little boy.
DJJIA start everyday with vetiver