klitoria always keep your tongue straight.....

WoodsTwisted Tongue

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PauloStudio2002 Do You Wanna Dance – Johnny Rivers - I don't have more props for you @klitoria
diskurs knistern im schneematsch
adbert Sailors and the Spinach: [The Little Mermaid - Soundtrack] Ariel! (reblip)

The Little Mermaid

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klitoria Now imagine your pain is a white ball of healing light... Its only after youve lost everything that you are free to do anything... You have to give up (reblip)
klitoria Blossom makes me smile. @klitoria Izzy makes me weep. Love 'em both. she makes me smile too thank you i needed this @Feathers (reblip)
Marzipantarzan @klitoria here something very soft and very sweet :-)
klitoria alias @formalhaut , I want ALL of it! ME TOO Hi @driczz (reblip)

Mind Body Soul

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klitoria coool @Pichi awaiting the weekend...wanna dance (reblip)
klitoria @Pichi....have a wonderful birthday .....full with love

SealLove's Divine

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formalhaut für @magali der: ich-bin-zwar-noch-zerknittert-und-die-zähne-sind-noch-nicht-geputzt-aber -der-kaffee-kocht-und-ich-bin bereit-für-ne-dosis-techno

2007-11-10 - Len Faki @ I Love Techno - MixesDB.com

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klitoria nikotin is wichtisch…Danke jetzt gehts mir schon viiieeelll besser...Rauche erstmal eine auf Dich @formalhaut (reblip)


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formalhaut @klitoria und wenn's ganz hart kommt muss auch schon mal die kaffeedose dran glauben…

Deftypesmoke coffee

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formalhaut とても美味しいです。
formalhaut @magali paulista minimal - check this brasilian netlabel http://tranzmitternetlabel.multiply.com


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paeix best remix ever! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..if you say so @MissBella (reblip)


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formalhaut no problem. relax my dear @gigia ha ha
formalhaut nina persson goes kraftwerk! korrekt!
formalhaut grüße an den elektrofachmann @JamesJoyes23

KatzoKatzo - Robum

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formalhaut good night @klitoria and good night to all blipsters…
formalhaut greetings from HAL 9000


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formalhaut da! ne packung kippen für dich @klitoria geht auf's haus
klitoria "Frank Sinatra, he's dead! HAHHAHAAA!" Lay off the gak, Miss Kittin - and leave that ball of wool alone, godammit! (reblip)
formalhaut mmhhmm… you can see them over here during the day as well ;) @paddy @klitoria @JamesJoyes23 @chiron08
formalhaut hier die BZ für @klitoria und @chiron08 in ermangelung zu verteilender props…
klitoria nix da! hier wird sich nicht ausgeruht @klitoria What a GEIL track.....You are such a fucking geil Blipper Thx @formalhaut (reblip)
klitoria Thx for all the hours of Joy....Keep on blippin...@formalhaut
klitoria dance till the sweat drips off the walls...
formalhaut this song is dedicated 2 all of u…
formalhaut @magali das fernweh überwiegt…


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formalhaut schöner geht's fast nimmer…
adbert @klitoria [Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party (1937) – Billy Murray with American Novelty Orchestra] Hello! For the adorable little angel Li!
klitoria Electronic Pussy Sucker....wish one for christmas...

Electronic Pussy Sucker - Blowfly

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formalhaut sweet mixtape by NY dj & producer Royal Sapien. trying to link to the 2008 tape but failed. here comes the D/L link instead http://is.gd/d5QS enjoy!


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formalhaut great baile funk music documentary coming up soon: »favela on blast« by director Leandro HBL & Wesley Pentz (DJ Diplo) http://www.leandrohbl.com


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formalhaut @klitoria dann horch mal schön anner matratze. nacht!

Morgan GeistLullaby

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tubilino More Than Words – Extreme
czg123 @klitoria: what a great song this is! i would give you more props but i can't give you anymore today! LOL (reblip)

Goran BregovicSex

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klitoria The Sensation Of Orgasm – Momus
klitoria Thx @formalhaut....I don`t like Shortee but I like Faust... (reblip)
klitoria Aphex Twin and Brian Eno – Brian Eno
mellepelle starting a new playlist: LOVE SONGS with the PERFECT LOVESONG

Perfect Lovesong by The Divine Comedy

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threebears had 2 hear some lali puna... ....re-blipping @vanessadaou ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
formalhaut @klitoria hab dich díe tage vermisst… aber nun wird ja alles wieder gut…
formalhaut schönen tach noch @klitoria bis später

BEARBOTDaftest Punk

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formalhaut danke liebste @klitoria jetzt aber abflug sonst holen sie mich…


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stony existiert nur als Single Version
klitoria Du; du dat treibt ma die Schamesröte in....@formalhaut
formalhaut @klitoria guten morgen meine liebe. ich hab da was für dich :) schönen sonntag. bis nachher.
JamesJoyes23 good morning everybody, check da sunday and rock it.....
JamesJoyes23 an alle forscher ,-)


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gReg0r ok not the best title from their album, but the title fits :-P - done flying my spaceship to unknown terretories :) thx 4 props @klitoria @Figgywithit
mindblob @klitoria this one's for ya. Think you're gonna love having it in your playlist. ; )

Il GenioPop porno

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formalhaut @klitoria für dich! oder hattest du den schon gespielt?
formalhaut @klitoria frisch in bliphausen eingetroffen. was zum munter werden… schönen tach noch…
klitoria thx @formalhaut....hatte ich noch nicht....love tejada...


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JamesJoyes23 finaly we can upload our music again! :-) viva blip.fm!! here is a brand new E.O.G. track, taken from a liveset this year......*****

E.O.G.Revival 09

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JamesJoyes23 another E.O.G. track summer 2008, kind of electro punk. Lyrics by *Wild Child* aka @XSBITCHIN
jethostel Shinichi Osawa).)..)....)......)........)............)

Dreamhunt (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

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onesanz of course... blip my mind... @klitoria

FlunkBlind My Mind

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klitoria cool job...multiplier...I love it...
klitoria Let`s take a walk sweetheart...I need new shoes...@formalhaut...
klitoria This one is soo cool, I just had to reblip it...♥ ♥ ♥ thx @formalhaut (reblip)
klitoria SUPERCOOL !!!! LOVE IT !!! thx @SteveO ♥ ♥ ♥ (reblip)
klitoria Somebody wants to play ? ♥ ♥ ♥
Antenaweb 4000 Listeners !!! Thx to All for tune !! Let's Go to 10.000 !! :)
JamesJoyes23 something old.........,-)


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formalhaut remembering @Evelyn who introduced me to Fernanda Abreu. love the hypnotic intro. (reblip)
klitoria It will go away...cause nothing lasts forever...@chiron08....;)
santamistura good morninggggggggg for alll blippersssssssssss
TemporarilyEmontionalConfused love me for this track :P....open your heart
TemporarilyEmontionalConfused hahahahaaaaa, my bassgitaur


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TemporarilyEmontionalConfused friends, this is the best track of this world!!!! Matthew herbert as wishmoutain!!! (reblip)


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bendrix Special Special dedication to U=> @klitoria because I know U dig Bowie and Eno & I know U will use this track as a secret weapon someday :)
bendrix I loved this movie & fell in lust with Jovovich. I had no idea this was on blip. Its a breakthrough track in my opinion & U're cool reblip=>@Shukitty (reblip)
bendrix Wide grin - below my chin - whenever U blip-in :))) reblip=>@lub hello!!!!!!! (reblip)
formalhaut hi @BloodRedMagicWoman whatever happened to icehouse? do you remember this teutonic synthpop masterpiece?
formalhaut @lub thanks a lot!!! my all time 80’s favorite for you.
formalhaut this one for you my dearly beloved @klitoria thanks a lot for the superb music! have a gr8 day. see you later.


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bendrix I can't believe U blipped this with no warning or introduction except "hee hee" I'm furious arrrgggg reblip=> @estrogen (reblip)
formalhaut low-fi quality snippet + sudden ending but deserved to be played.
TemporarilyEmontionalConfused hey sweety, kisses to berlin :*:*:* .....@klitoria

Amon TobinRuthless

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formalhaut waschtag liebe hauptstädterInnen…
DareToEatAPeach Cut Copy is playing with Miami Horror March 12th at 330 Ritch. My fave concert site, www.sonicliving.com, is having a ticket giveaway.

Superpose - Move My Baby (Database Remix)

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lovespirals lovespirals have recorded 2 pink floyd covers which were only released on free digital comps by floyd fans. enjoy this rarity!
formalhaut Von Südenfed = Mark E. Smith & Mouse On Mars = Pure Energy
JamesJoyes23 @pappwixe hi, wow what a name. have a great valentine........
pappwixe ...................

Dark Rendition - Steve Mulder_64

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JamesJoyes23 na dann freunde, fahre ne runde autorennen mit meiner tochter, cu later..........
JamesJoyes23 Saturdaynight **°°**°°**°°**
formalhaut @klitoria bitte sehr!

Karen Finley-Lick It!

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formalhaut wroooooooom…………………

To the Bobmobile

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Will_the_bloke ... i like the yesterday sound of london, the today sound of london, and the future sound of london .. gimme all of it ... cheers @joeparrie (reblip)

Jesse Darlin' -- Porn Star Suite

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paeix from@klitoria ------ So are all you exclnt Brazilians out there going nuts right now?! I think I'll be going to the French Quarter on Fat Tuesday! (reblip)
JamesJoyes23 did u know @tranceatlantico did play the guitar on this track. say hello to him and give some love. he`s singing&playing guitar Afterthewar-Uwek Olam


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formalhaut @klitoria thanks a lot my dear. can you feel it? :)
gigia preguica.... cansei. ____________________________________________________ esperar cansa minha beleza
JamesJoyes23 agaric is anyway cool. swedischer mann! @tranceatlantico
bendrix they can smell your tears they can hear your taste buds chattering they will compromise your intellectual properties they R the Nichts @ladypn (reblip)


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bendrix There's a little town in Kansas where the frightened townspeople will chase U away with pitch forks if U DARE play this track. shhhh=> rb@klitoria

ROMBOY, MarcElif

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bendrix <=he runs at stealth speed to Germany & taps @klitoria on the shoulder - she turns around - I give her hug & pat on head - then its stealth speed ... (reblip)
formalhaut have a guess who made the rmx. yep. you're right! the genius himself Mr. Richard D. James ladies and gentlemen!
adbert [Teletubbies Theme Song] -(:)(0)=8

Teletubbies Theme Song

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DareToEatAPeach Better get out of here so I can watch some Twin Peaks tonight.
paprik Creed – My Sacrifice / Me recuerda a la escuela.... (reblip)
Ono1969 @Cosmix thanks! Remember this one well, great track ^_^ (reblip)

FormatSolid Session

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adbert MY NAME IS BERT... AD BERT [Jonh Barry & Orchestra – On Her Majesty's Secret Service]
bendrix While I'm digN on your track it reminds me of the 80s slightly so I wanted to send U a GR8 contemp. 80s electro rock hybrid @Karuna (@klitoria 4 U 2) (reblip)
bendrix This song has been deeply on my mind I am glad I found it on blip to share with my peepz (reblip)
intinet jjejej first blip hearing today, pretty funny hi there @Ono1969 @anjuscha @klitoria @antenaweb @lwsrc =) (reblip)
b_age zitat @anjuscha: hey my toes vibrate! dem ist nix hinzuzufügen :) (reblip)

fenintoes vibrate

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organicsue Happy Easter Luba! Just talked 2 my good friend in the Ukraine. Luv u!!!! xoxo @>-----------
tubilino sorry sorry @Kingsalien ...I'm NOT from Barcelona ...I'm from Madrid, but I live in west-north of Spain (Galicia) ;)
The_Kraken New My Latest Novel album in progress - this is the first track, inspired by @DJstromer19
fragmente Ich blippe mich mal selbst: "Badewannengedanken", da war ich noch ganz jung. Wegen http://twitter.com/gebenedeite/status/1565054865
liminal Saanso Ki Rawani // Six Ghazals // Lyrics by Arvind Sharma 'Anjum' // 6/6
liminal Khmer Mahori // Khmer Krang Phka
klitoria Komm Süsse...Du singst, ich ziehe mich aus...
Kaleem1966 This song just ooozes sexuality but has no explicit lyrics.A sensual masterpiece!! (reblip)


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ramadanman humber (sven weisemann remix) deep house

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FrankNFurter @klitoria: im not novak

deaprojekt ... Der Novak lässt mich nicht verkommen

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tranceatlantico ☪ good night blip☆s...pleasant dreams...a gente se vê!
bendrix 1 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks @Poulette on 12/19/08 - Poulette's my shero - because of her i became more interested in Bent (reblip)
bendrix 2 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks @Stolen on 12/03/08 - This is one of the most moving tributes to music I've ever heard. & It makes @LYRIC cry :_( (reblip)
bendrix 3 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thank @daretoeatapeach on 12/03/08 - the track feels Depeche Mode vs The Cure (reblip)
bendrix 6 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks to @by_starla on 11/29/08 - Starla & @PlasticRobot were teaching me about Shoegazer music & this was my fave track (reblip)


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bendrix 7 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks to @jaquelinapacks on 11/25/08 - BEAUTIFUL, it sounds like something out of a James Bond Movie & @LYRIC agrees (reblip)

AlphaSometime Later

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bendrix 8 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks to @ladypn on 01/29/08 - This track is deep sea diving to Atlantis Beautiful. Ladypn is a HUGE blip influence to me (reblip)
bendrix 9 of 100 Memorable blips - Thanks to @warantesbr on 12/9/08 - Its like a fusion of Spoken Word vs Telepopmusik vs Murky House music (reblip)
bendrix 10 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks to @Frauke on 11/26/08 - this sounds like a bjork composition vs the Edward Scissorhands orchestra

La Valse d'Amelie (Orchestre)

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bendrix 11 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks @Poulette on 12/02/08 - this sounds like Morcheeba or Martina Topley vs the Kill Bill Violin / Tamborine Quartet :) (reblip)
bendrix 12 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks @Blippo & @LYRIC on 6/22/08 - Nor Elle is one of the GR8 electro chill lounge groups around. Luv the female vocals (reblip)

Nor ElleMagic

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bendrix 13 of 100 Memorable Blips - Thanks @ZOEBOE on 5/13/08 - Blu & Lotus absolutely kill this joint. 1 of the Dopest hip hop trax I've ever heard on blip (reblip)
Stay19 Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum (Tolo Remix)<><>
fabuleuxfab Loud beats + slow BPM = killer track !

Ghislain Poirier feat. Face-T- Blazin (Modeselektor Remix)

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klitoria perfect tune for aerobics warm-up........or for just making another coffee.....lol...

Alejandro Mosso ~ Somebody

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Heike ´n abend @klitoria! migräne is fies... gute besserung!
onesanz <Nightporter> maybe it's too early for this track that I love so much...


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Depeche Mode Lie to Me (Dominatrix Remix 2009)

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Nitramdraddil Dig this vibe @amphore: "wunderschön und smart (*_*) rb@anjuscha sehr schön rb @klitoria" (reblip)
MWeezles @klitoria: "hey my dear mysterious mixer...hugzzz @Mysterymix...." - well deserving of a reblip! (reblip)

KikoSuch Erotic

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Mysterymix Leif – Designed With That In Mind / see ya@klitoria xO
serifenlos @Heike, leichte Nervosität vor dem Wochenende … oder Vorfreude … oder Routine … auf bald … (reblip)
p_ferd A favorite vi@Mysterymix: "Steve Reich – Come Out (Ken Ishii remix) Thx :))! (reblip)


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klitoria lets take this path dear...@formalhaut.......i love this garden......
bendrix This is the sound of mutual respect & renewable energy being exchanged between the synaptic discharge within our aural pleasure centers=> rb@klitoria (reblip)


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powerlevel says . . wait a minute . . where's @klitoria?


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b_age @klitoria: "guten abend mein Lieber....schön, dass Du hier bist...@lwsrc......" ||| dem schließ ich mich an! (reblip)
odakat @klitoria thanks for the reblip. hopefully lots of blips today at work none yesterday ( :
bendrix This is the sound of @chiron08 & @klitoria playN a game of straight jacket tennis in a rubber padded room with a medicine ball the size of their heads (reblip)
Atomik this is a dirty, nasty song. enjoy. :p
toobad may a million rose petals fall like rain on the temple of the goddess @klitoria : ) ram-ram

Ustad Sadiq Ali Khan Mandoo Raag bageshri, Tabla Ustad Shaukat Hussain

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formalhaut hello dear @GR8FL some deep indian vibes. for the weekend. for you. njoy. ;)
p_ferd Mmmmm. Time & Space is a very popular theme in electronic music, did you notice :)? rb@Sakena: "one of my fava deephouse tracks" (reblip)
JamesJoyes23 to the one and only @klitoria you rock!!!!


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formalhaut noch schnell was überdurschnittlich leckerers und nahrhaftes vor dem zu bett gehen auflegen und dann …

QuadronAverage Fruit

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toobad oh my! always loved this song (I have it on an old DJ mix) never knew what it was @taniasonnenfeld: "♥♥♥" thanx : ) (reblip)


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klitoria rbl@JamesJoyes23: "S.N.A.F.U. out now!!! Brand new release of awesome electro. Feat. Sadika.... http://myx2u.com/audiopirats @GR8FL @driczz @rntk " (reblip)
djilo McLloyd – Tembisa Funk (Baggi Begovic Remix)
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