kursaal69 Cheer up music for a murky day, Farley at his best, enjoy
kursaal69 A great Essex rock band even though they were from Canvey. Here playing live on The Old Grey Whistle Test


| play
kursaal69 To our dear Posties who are on strike today

Please Mr. Postman- The Beatles

| play
kursaal69 This was my debut song when I sang in a band, so so long ago and yes I wore clothes like theirs :-)
kursaal69 Couldn't decide which to play, John or Brian, so went for the original + we hear John speak on this track
kursaal69 For those dark winter days or if you're feeling like crap. I bet you can't stop your foot tapping to this

Mr. Blue Sky

| play
kursaal69 Before rap became Crap Rap, there was Tone Loc

Tone LocWild Thing

| play
kursaal69 Just cos it reminds me of an old flame - LISA and I just love this song too
kursaal69 Almost forgot how good they are so gonna indulge with a 12" track remix and will add Ebeneza Good shortly
kursaal69 As promised here is Ebeneezer Goode by The Shamen....Wicked! :-))
kursaal69 Something smooth and easy to ease you into bed, Smokey Robinson & Being With You
kursaal69 To all Twitters (and stalkers) everywhere and especially my followers and those I follow
kursaal69 Before I became an old fart, this was my theme song :-)

BlondieAtomic (remix)

| play
kursaal69 OK OK it's a probably been done before but it is Monday so I'm gonna play it
kursaal69 Off to bed now so here's Wings to say Goodnight. And from me, Goodnight world, stay safe
kursaal69 Nothing to say about this just that I like it and the L Word vid fits it perfectly
kursaal69 Off to bed now so will let Ringo wish you goodnight - stay safe world
kursaal69 The time has come to play the best band ever. Can you guess who they are?
kursaal69 Shown on the BBC in 1967 but don't think it has been shown very often unlike their other films, here's the title track

Magical mystery tour

| play
kursaal69 One of my fav George's number, has some great fun lyrics on a par with Walrus

The Beatles- Piggies (HQ)

| play
kursaal69 OK I 'spect your bored with them now (you Philistines) but fear not they shall return
kursaal69 Just feel like some Queen right now. So many great tracks to choose but let's have this

Somebody to LoveQueen

| play
kursaal69 This is dedicated to @vathenaEU for the Kursaal of the Werewolves ROFLAO

Queen-I Want to Ride My Bicycle

| play
kursaal69 Last Queen for the moment but it's a goodie especially for Halloween + great vid too, enjoy
kursaal69 Lets hope your kids don't meet Michael when you send them out on Halloween trick or treating

halloween michael myers theme

| play
kursaal69 OK one Halloween track just for fun. A great vid with this version of Monster Mash

Monster Mash

| play
kursaal69 How about a touch of Glam Rock to offset all those silly Halloween costumes that are everywhere

T-Rex Top Ten Greatest Hit's 02:Hot Love (HQ)

| play
kursaal69 No apologies for 2 in a row with the great T Rex. Get that sparkly make up on and rock away

T.Rex Ride A White Swan Marc Bolan

| play
kursaal69 The King himself taking me back to before I became a mod.
kursaal69 Bit of classic rock from Thin Lizzy and the great Phil Lynott
kursaal69 Back to when I sang in a band, I used to do the falsetto backing when we did this Kinks song - my poor throat :-)
kursaal69 Like Marmite, you either love it or hate it (I love both) so here's Crazy Frog (beware the dangly bit is showing)

Crazy FrogAxel F

| play
kursaal69 OK here's another Crazy Frog, just love the vid with this - enjoy

Crazy Frog 2008

| play
kursaal69 After posting the last Crazy Frog, I've had this in my head all day so here it is Basshunter and Now You're Gone
kursaal69 As it's Bonfire Night what else can I play but this great version of FIRE. Oh BTW if you got pets keep them indoors for next 3 nights

God of Hellfire

| play
kursaal69 Time for another Beatles. It's how most of us feel in the mornings especially after a good night
kursaal69 Pink Floyd's The Wall could be the story of my life but for now, let's just chill and get Comfortably Numb
kursaal69 @dannynic a dedication to you but I'm sure today's teachers are not like they were in my day :-)
kursaal69 Just had to add this to my playlist seeing as I've been ranting about chocolate becoming a racist word

Snow PatrolChocolate

| play
kursaal69 Remember when this was banned by the BBC? Innocent days long gone, now they ban saying chocolate :-))
kursaal69 Playing The Saturdays cos it's Saturday and they have great legs, ok sexist remark but I'm an old fart so it don't matter

The SaturdaysIssues

| play
kursaal69 Lets have some more eye candy for this old fart - wish I was 40 years younger :-))
kursaal69 I decided on a great love song to ease us out of Saturday and dedicated to all your wives and girfriends


| play
kursaal69 @tonicaek Good luck tomorrow Toni and this track is dedicated to you

Madness : Driving In My Car

| play
kursaal69 Another Marmite moment, hate them or love them, here are Coldplay, before they got big headed
kursaal69 Raise money for Children In Need and destroy X Factor - get this song to no. 1! http://tinyurl.com/CJBuySong
kursaal69 IMHO one of the best Regga bands ever! Here are UB40 with a great feel good track

UB40Here I Am Baby

| play
kursaal69 Another UB40 track to bring back memories of when my knees allowed me to Blue Beat dance properly :-)

UB40- Kingston Town

| play
kursaal69 As it has been raining quite a lot these past few days, here are The Beatles to brighten up the day

The BeatlesRain

| play
kursaal69 With all the gales and now weekend storm warnings, this is just about right. A great version BTW have a listen
kursaal69 Just to cheer me up on this boring Sunday

BlondieSunday Girl

| play
kursaal69 On a day like today I wish I was back on the Amitriptyline so I could feel comfortably numb & pain free
kursaal69 @LloydWoolf a dedication to you Lloyd to cheer you up after not making the list
kursaal69 @stevieeboy great track thanks for introducing him to me, now added to my playlist
kursaal69 @benlocker Will this help you? :)

FugaziWaiting Room

| play
kursaal69 @tonicaek Dedicated to Toni cos she doing an all nighter on her course work AGAIN (coffee and red bull by the gallon)
kursaal69 The first and IMHO still one of the best, House Music to storm the UK - the Steve Hurley classic
kursaal69 Here are the Quo when they could play more than 2 chords =)) God I was so young in those days :((
kursaal69 @Lauralatch a lil dedication to you to match how you are feeling - enjoy :))
kursaal69 @marcusbrig for your long train journey
kursaal69 Sorry for the delay but here at last, the great Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons

Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons- Walk Like A Man

| play
kursaal69 And another, Frankie V and the Fours Seasons live version of Oh What A Night
kursaal69 So so good, another lovely song from Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons, just lay back and enjoy
kursaal69 @ALolaStory Just for you love to keep you going until you get home - enjoy

Taylor swiftInvisible

| play
kursaal69 I resisted for some time but as it is near, here is my 1st Christmas song selection for 2009
kursaal69 My 2nd Christmas 2009 record is a 2 for the price of 1 with Elvis unplugged, solo and live - Great Stuff!
kursaal69 My 3rd Christmas 2009 record is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. Yes, it's Slade
kursaal69 Not really a Christmas song but it was an Xmas No.1 and it did block a twatty Boy Band from the top spot -Bonus

Mr. Blobby Music Video

| play
kursaal69 To make up for Mr Blobby, here is my 5th Christmas record - The Great John Lennon's classic

John Lennon-Merry Christmas War Is Over

| play
kursaal69 Just to get away from Bah Humbug for a lil while, here's Queen with a wonderful song - tears are optional
kursaal69 My 6th Christmas record choice is the best version of Last Christmas plus a great vid with it
kursaal69 My thanks to @lauralatch for reminding me of this great Queen song written in memory of dear Freddy
kursaal69 Cheesed off with Bah! Humbug so my last Christmas selection for a while is the annual outing of Wizard
kursaal69 Even though he knew he didn't have long left to live, Freddie gave the world this

These Are the Days of Our Lives-Queen

| play
kursaal69 In Memory of the great John Lennon, murdered this day 8th December 1980 but his genius lives on

john lennon: IMAGINE

| play
kursaal69 Brings back so many memories of when I was a Mod

quadrophenia my generation

| play
kursaal69 To cheer up @lauralatch - think of yourself as Scully as you do your files :))

The X-Files Theme Song (Techno Trance Remix)

| play
kursaal69 Best theme tune to the best TV series on Channel 4 both are brillo pads
kursaal69 Another great theme song from another great HBO series, The Sopranos

The Sopranos theme song

| play
kursaal69 The wonderful Cyndi Lauper with the haunting True Colour
kursaal69 @lauralatch I found your theme tune for you, you sexy beastie =))
kursaal69 This should be the Christmas Number One!

Merry Fuckin' Christmas

| play
kursaal69 An overlooked classic bit of Beatles humour at Christmas - just listen and enjoy (via @jupitusphillip)

The Beatles 1967 Christmas Record

| play
kursaal69 #nowplaying Some classic rock n roll to get those feet a-tapping and warm those tooties
kursaal69 #nowplaying Some more classic Jerry Lee Lewis - get jiving y'all (that's a dance if you didn't know)
kursaal69 #nowplaying More rock-n-roll great stuff from Little Richard - come on grandads and grannies show these yung'uns
kursaal69 #nowplaying Even more rock-n-roll Little Richard belting out Good Golly Miss Molly
kursaal69 #nowplaying The original rock guitar genius that is Chuck Berry
kursaal69 #nowplaying Human League 'Electric Dreams cos I love the song but most cos Virginia Madson is in the vid
kursaal69 I know I said no more Christmas songs but just had to add this - Queen & dear Freddy - enjoy!
kursaal69 Let's have a lil House Party and to kick things off here's M.A.R.S.
kursaal69 Keep those feet going here's Black Box with Ride On Time

Black BoxRide On Time

| play
kursaal69 Sod your hangovers, Pump up the volume and shake those speakers
kursaal69 OK to finish off the lil party gonna replay my all time fav but the extended version, here's S-Express
kursaal69 Just to bring a lil smile and some tappy toes, here's Mud with Tiger Feet

MudTiger Feet

| play
kursaal69 To mark the end of David Tennant as Dr Who, here's his fav Coldplay song. #nowplaying
kursaal69 Very remiss of me not to have any Stones so let's have a few now starting with 19th Nervous B'down #nowplaying
kursaal69 Here's the most famous Stones' song with great vid of how I remember them #oldfartsliveinthepast #nowplaying

The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction" (rare)

| play
kursaal69 Last Stones for the time being so let's finish with Ruby Tuesday #nowplaying
kursaal69 Marmite moment again but here is ABBA to wish you all a Happy New Year and from me too

Happy New Year (ABBA)

| play
kursaal69 #nowplaying A bit of classic Who bringing back memories of 1967 when I saw them live #oldfartsliveinthepast

SubstituteThe Who

| play
kursaal69 #nowplaying More nostalgia from The Who, were we ever that young? #oldfartsliveinthepast
kursaal69 #nowplaying Remember those dark lonely nights after you broke up with your lover? Did you play this over & over?
kursaal69 #nowplaying My all time fav Rod Stewart track even though it's another one you play over and over after break ups
kursaal69 #nowplaying A lil bit of smooth disco with The Temptations
kursaal69 Apologies to @balloonbaboon but had to dedicate this to you :)) #nowplaying

Von 99 Luftballons 99 Red Balloons Nena German Version

| play
kursaal69 #nowplaying As everybody is tweeting about Blue Monday, let's have a listen.

New OrdeR- BLue Monday HigH QuaLitY

| play
kursaal69 #nowplaying To clear up any confusion about the 'voice of Wendy Richards' in my head, here's the song
kursaal69 Dedicated to the lovely @BeadieJay for all the wonderful things she says about me
kursaal69 Another dedication to @BeadieJay cos a lil birdy told me Neil Diamond is her all time fav
kursaal69 Kung Hey Fat Choy, Year of the Tiger begins next week so Happy New Year to all Chinese Twitters #nowplaying
kursaal69 Just received a request from @mejellybean 's husband - I think your bad feeling was correct :)) #nowplaying

St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1999 Theme Song

| play
kursaal69 Memories of teenage broken hearts way back in the mists of time #nowplaying #oldfartsliveinthepast
kursaal69 Jim asked me to play this for @PPTheBlog ~ the 'Kursaal69 Fixed It For Me' badge is in the post
kursaal69 For @PPTheBlog to make up for the wrong song earlier ~ enjoy love :)) #nowplaying


| play
kursaal69 This is so great, love it! Thanks to @DaisyCottageIRL for tweeting it #nowplaying
kursaal69 A bit of late night rock with The Sweet #nowplaying
kursaal69 The haunting theme from the movie Starman - I cry every time I hear it #nowplaying

♫ STARMAN Slideshow ~ Original soundtrack ♫

| play
kursaal69 The time is 3 o'clock & Radio London is closing down #nowplaying

The Beatles- A day In The Life

| play
kursaal69 Let the 60's fest begin. To start let's have The Stones Get Off My Cloud #nowplaying
kursaal69 Next up original version of Groovy Kind Of Love #nowplaying

The Mindbenders-Groovy Kind of Love

| play
kursaal69 A touch of The Kinks with Waterloo Sunset #nowplaying
kursaal69 The great Otis Reading is up next with Sitting on the dock of the bay #nowplaying

Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay

| play
kursaal69 Motown greats The Four Tops now with Reach Out I'll Be There #nowplaying

Reach Out I'll Be There ~ The Four Tops

| play
kursaal69 The enigma that is Whiter Shade of Pale. No, we didn't understand it in the 60's either :)) #nowplaying
kursaal69 Not heard this for ages The Four Pennies with Juliet #nowplaying
kursaal69 My cousin Alan Clark and The Hollies Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress #nowplaying
kursaal69 Don't Bring Me Down by The Animals is up now #nowplaying
kursaal69 Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich with Hold Tight #nowplaying
kursaal69 One of my fav groups Small Faces with Itchycoo Park #nowplaying
kursaal69 2 in a row from The Small Faces - I'm Only Dreaming ~ some great pics of the 60's in the vid #nowplaying
kursaal69 Written by The Beatles just for Mary Hopkin - Those Were The Days #nowplaying
kursaal69 Coming to the end of my 60's fest here's The Stones Not Fade Away which the 60's never will :)) #nowplaying
kursaal69 To end lets have the greatest of all The Beatles. I hope you enjoyed my lil trip down memory lane #nowplaying #oldfartsliveinthepast

the beatles hello goodbye

| play
kursaal69 After my revalation I was wearing a pink shirt with frills, just had to play this #nowplaying #oldfartsliveinthepast

the kinks dedicated follower of fashion

| play
kursaal69 With 2 sunny days in a row, lets have a bit of ELO before the rains return
kursaal69 A bit of late night classical for you ~ the greatest composer of all time, here's the famous 1st movement of his 5th

Beethoven 5th Symphony (1/4); 1st movement; Haitink

| play
kursaal69 Been searching for this for a while ~ The Turtles with Elenore #nowplaying
kursaal69 Had this running around in my head so I better play it ~ more memories for #oldfartsliveinthepast #nowplaying
kursaal69 Late night classical ~ Beethoven's haunting 2nd movement of his 7th symphony #nowplaying
kursaal69 A taster of my Rude Boy/Two Tone set for tomorrow, enjoy #nowplaying
kursaal69 Lets start the Rude Boy/Two Tone session with Madness & One Step Beyond #nowplaying
kursaal69 Up next for all you vain ones out there in Twitterland ~ Mirror In The Bathroom #nowplaying
kursaal69 Slow the pace just a tad with Desmond Dekker, bet you can't help but jig to this :)) #nowplaying
kursaal69 Lets keep that beat going with The Specials and Ghost Town #nowplaying
kursaal69 They lead the Mod revival, here are The Jam and they're Going Underground #nowplaying
kursaal69 So good so let's have 2 in a row from The Jam, here with Start! #nowplaying

The JamStart

| play
kursaal69 Here's the wonderful Ian Dury Reasons To Be Cheerful 12" version, enjoy and BE CHEERFUL :) #nowplaying
kursaal69 Up next is Gloria Jones with her version of Tainted Love #nowplaying
kursaal69 Mo-Dettes with their twotone cover version of Paint It Black #nowplaying


| play
kursaal69 Touch of great Ska now with The Skatalites and The Guns Of Navarone #nowplaying

THE SKATALITES-Guns of navarone

| play
kursaal69 Here's Busta & Bad Manners, drinking that Special Brew #nowplaying

Special Brew by Bad Manners

| play
kursaal69 Keep those knees up with The Selecter and On My Radio #nowplaying

The Selecter On My Radio

| play
kursaal69 Boomtown Rats now with Banana Republic #nowplaying
kursaal69 I hope you enjoyed this set of Rude Boy/TwoTone and to finish lets have The Kinks #nowplaying
kursaal69 RT @mejellybean: "This is pure class" - had to re-blip this cos it is pure class #nowplaying (reblip)

Once Upon A Time In The West Theme (Ennio Morricone)

| play
kursaal69 Tonight's late night classical is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 1st Movement #nowplaying
kursaal69 Instead of late night classical, tonight lets have a touch of Ragtime with Scott Joplin's The Entertainer #nowplaying

Ragtime Piano : SCOTT JOPLIN . " The Entertainer " (1902)

| play
kursaal69 Tonight's late night classical spot, more of Beethoven's 5th ~ here's the 2nd movement, beautiful #nowplaying

Beethoven 5th Symphony (2/4); 2nd movement; Haitink

| play
kursaal69 To follow up on last night's Scot Joplin, here's The Entertainer again from the movie The Sting #nowplaying

OST'The Sting'

| play
kursaal69 A dedication to @emjric ~ hope you like Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin, enjoy :)) #nowplaying

Maple Leaf Rag Played by Scott Joplin

| play
kursaal69 Another Scott Joplin for @emjric and everybody else to enjoy ~ Pineapple Rag #nowplaying
kursaal69 RT & ReBlip @emjric: Here's a bit of a laid back one to end the day nicely ~ thank you for your kind words xx (reblip)


| play
kursaal69 Tonight's late night classical is 3rd Movement of Beethoven's 5th symphony, so so good #nowplaying

Beethoven 5th Symphony (3/4); 3rd movement; Haitink

| play
kursaal69 Late night classical tonight is 4th & last movement of Beethoven's 5th, hope you enjoy. #nowplaying

Beethoven 5th Symphony (4/4); 4th movement; Haitink

| play
kursaal69 Not heard this in many a long year Amen Corner & If Paradise is Half As Nice #nowplaying
kursaal69 Tomorrow evening's set will be Glam Rock with T.Rex so get your glitter on, here's a taster #nowplaying
kursaal69 Kicking off the T.Rex evening set with I Love To Boogie ~ Let's Rock! #nowplaying
kursaal69 Next up the lovely Ride A White Swan, Marc Bolan at his best #nowplaying

Ride A White Swan LIVE / Marc Bolan / T.REX

| play
kursaal69 Let's keep on with the boogie, T.Rex's Zip Gun Boogie #nowplaying
kursaal69 No resting, keep on rocking with Telegram Sam #nowplaying

T.RexTelegram Sam

| play
kursaal69 A touch of metal now, no silly, not heavy metal but T.Rex and Metal Guru #nowplaying


| play
kursaal69 Marc and T.Rex with Light of Love ~ a nice chocolate cake on the vid :) #nowplaying

T.Rex/Marc Bolan/Light of Love

| play
kursaal69 One of their best known tracks now T.Rex and Children of the Revolution #nowplaying

T.Rex 'Children Of The Revolution'

| play
kursaal69 Up next 20th Century Boy ~ have a look at the audience dancing??? We Brits are funny :)) #nowplaying
kursaal69 Truck On (Tyke) is next. Some good pics of Marc with this vid #nowplaying
kursaal69 Here is Lady by Marc and the boys #nowplaying


| play
kursaal69 Last two tracks coming up, so let's Get It On #nowplaying

T.REX Get it On ( Bang a Gong ) 1971

| play
kursaal69 Winding up the T.Rex set so give some Hot Love for Marc Bolan sadly taken too early from us #nowplaying
kursaal69 Saturday night special this week features Queen, so lets kick it off with their 1st number 1 #nowplaying
kursaal69 Up next it's Under Pressure so get those fingers snapping for the opening rift #nowplaying

Under PressureQueen

| play
kursaal69 Queen at their very best ~ LIVE ~ with Radio Ga Ga. You know when to clap don't you? #nowplaying

QueenRadio Ga Ga

| play
kursaal69 Just slow it a tad with The Miracle and the rather disturbing vid thats goes with it :) #nowplaying

QueenThe Miracle

| play
kursaal69 Listen now to Freddy's great voice as he and queen give you Save Me #nowplaying

Queen'Save Me'

| play
kursaal69 Let's get those feet astomping again with Another One Bites The Dust #nowplaying
kursaal69 Remember the car ad? Here's Driven By You featuring Brian May on lead vocals #nowplaying

QueenDriven by you

| play
kursaal69 Tongue in cheek movie but Queen's theme song is still great ~ here's Flash
kursaal69 Time to start clapping along again with We Will Rock You #now playing
kursaal69 Queen in drag, Roger is a bit too convincing as the schoolgirl ;)) I Want To Break Free #nowplaying
kursaal69 Almost to the end of my Queen night so let's have We Are The Champions because they are #nowplaying
kursaal69 Hope you enjoyed tonight's set and we finish with dear Freddy's last song to us before he died #nowplaying

These Are the Days of Our Lives-Queen

| play
kursaal69 My birthday song to me from me ~ Fool to Cry by The Stones #nowplaying
kursaal69 This is dedicated to all my Twitter friends who are re-following me and to those who have just discovered me :)) #nowplaying
kursaal69 I've found my old Blip.fm station so can send so good tunes your way. Here's one of my favs ~ great song to a great series enjoy :)
kursaal69 Off to bed now so will leave you with this. Goodnight World stay safe #nowplaying

The Beatles Good Night RARE VIDEO

| play
kursaal69 Seeing as my brain is AWOL better just have a Lazy Sunday ~ Small Faces classic #nowplaying
kursaal69 For @shelbel9664 to remind her of the pair she had :)) ~ The great James Brown #nowplaying

James Brown ♬HOT PANTS

| play
kursaal69 We've been very busy with the #hashtagames so lets rest and take five #nowplaying
kursaal69 I'm in the mood for a bit of loving so here's the wonderful Alison Moyet #nowplaying

That Ole Devil Called Love Alison Moyet

| play
kursaal69 Love and Chocolate, is there anything better? #nowplaying
kursaal69 A wonderful extended version of Clapton's classic so get a cuppa, relax and enjoy #nowplaying
kursaal69 Next up dedicated to all my ex lovers ~ such distant memories now :( #nowplaying
kursaal69 To end this little love set, my most favourite love song of all time ~ Lonestar's Amazed #nowplaying


| play
kursaal69 I know we're sick of the constant rain but here's a lil set of rain songs, enjoy #nowplaying

The CASCADES-Rhythm Of the Rain

| play
kursaal69 Next up a cover version of Buddy Holly's hit Raining in my Heart #nowplaying
kursaal69 Here comes The Beatles with their Rubber Soul track ~ RAIN :)) #nowplaying

The Beatles Rain (2009 Stereo Remaster) (Original Promotional Video)

| play
kursaal69 Next up it's Moby and guess what, yep It's raining again :( #nowplaying

Moby-It's Raining Again

| play
kursaal69 The weather may be depressing but Lena Horne's great voice shines through #nowplaying
kursaal69 To end the set, the rain will stop eventually and Mr Blue Sky will be back #nowplaying
kursaal69 To start here's 'Marmite' Popcorn #nowplaying

Crazy FrogPopcorn

| play
kursaal69 So now you know who the featured Marmite artist(?) is, let's go crazy #nowplaying
kursaal69 Are you screaming yet? :)) Here's a big hit, The Ding Dong Song #nowplaying
kursaal69 One for all football fans now (sniggers) Ole Ole Ole #nowplaying

Crazy Frog Ole Ole Ole

| play
kursaal69 OK OK your prayers are answered, to finish here's a great mashup so enjoy :)))) #nowplaying

The Most Annoying Crazy Frog Megamix In The World....Ever!

| play
kursaal69 First up, let's strut our stuff with Stayin' Alive #nowplaying

Bee Gees ♫ Stayin' Alive [High Quality]

| play
kursaal69 Let's keep strutting with The Four Seasons and as an ex girlfriend once said to me, Oh What A Night #nowplaying
kursaal69 Lets slow down with the beautiful Karen Carpenter #nowplaying

Carpenters Close To You

| play
kursaal69 I don't know why but I've been told this was written for me ;)) #nowplaying
kursaal69 Next up the great George Harrison with one of his solo hits #nowplaying
kursaal69 No 70's set can be complete without a touch of ABBA so here's Dancing Queen live #nowplaying

ABBA : Dancing Queen (Live Australia '77) HQ

| play
kursaal69 Slow down and let's take it.... Easy (sorry another live version but blip is being a pain) #nowplaying


| play
kursaal69 I don't know why but I really like this ~ The Knack and My Sharona #nowplaying
kursaal69 To end this trip back, could only finish with the song voted best ever ever ever! Dear John Lennon's Imagine #nowplaying

John Lennon, imagine

| play
kursaal69 Here we go and first up is the haunting Kingston Town #nowplaying

UB40- Kingston Town

| play
kursaal69 Let's thrust those hips to the beat of Here I Am Baby (Come and Take Me) #nowplaying

UB40: " Here I Am Baby "

| play
kursaal69 One of my favourites up next Just Another Girl Enjoy #nowplaying
kursaal69 Up next who could loose Sweet Cherrie, another of my favs #nowplaying

Sweet CherrieUB40

| play
kursaal69 Just up the tempo a little but still thrust those hips The Way You Do etc. #nowplaying
kursaal69 Not really Blue Beat but shades of it in Singer Man #nowplaying

UB40Singer Man

| play
kursaal69 Let's finish off this UB40 set with a song dedicated to all those young girls who blossomed into the beauties you all are today

Ub40Homely Girl

| play
kursaal69 Lets have some decent music and have "Sweet Dreams" #nowplaying

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) ♫ Eurythmics ♫ Lyrics

| play
kursaal69 You want more? Then this will send you to "Heaven" #nowplaying

Eurythmics HEAVEN

| play
kursaal69 More great female voice so "Don't Go" #nowplaying

YazooDon't Go

| play
kursaal69 Here's Yazoo LIVE with Only You ~ sing along #nowplaying
kursaal69 Back to Annie now with an appropriate song for past 2 days #nowplaying
kursaal69 Dedicated to my ex-wife (don't tell her!) Here we go with Rabbit #nowplaying

Chas And Dave Rabbit

| play
kursaal69 Next up, a great word 'Gertcha' ~ (wish slimy #Cameron would) :) #nowplaying

Chas And Dave Gertcha

| play
kursaal69 Feels like we the people are at war with the evil coalition so here's medley of WW2 songs #nowplaying

Chas N' Dave- WWll Medley

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kursaal69 Remember when we had proper summers? Lets have a day trip to the seaside #nowplaying

Chas & DaveMargate

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kursaal69 The attitude of the evil coalition towards us 'I don't care' #nowplaying

Chas And Dave The Sideboard Song

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kursaal69 Do you think slimy #Cameron thinks this when he hears us moan about him? #nowplaying
kursaal69 To end this short Chas & Dave set, with no politics, just a rocking mash up. Enjoy #nowplaying

Chas n Dave vs Drum and Bass (Pie & Mashup)

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