fuzzygroove @tranceatlantico actually, the guys building imeem are just like you and me, and they are doing great things to get music to people. it's tough going.

Veruca SaltSeether

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LolaJRS Yay! Found this great song by a band local to Austin- on some new movie soundtrack.
supernaut Ladies and gentlemen, now the moment you've all been waiting for, the world-famous Jackrabbit Slim's Swist Contest
Audiophile021 The Man The Legend Mos Def, We just recorded him at my studio in Cape Town. Man he loves Music...

Mos DefBrooklyn

| play
jeff Slammin' from Seattle... propz to the Blue Scholars
crispast hey there! how is going?

BLONDIESunday Girls

| play
crispast mine!@Sandman5:D ..ciao@ZachsMind @DeAnn @JJDJ! ..uff i can't remember who was in the ghost blip..so i probably forgot to say hello to someone :(( (reblip)

U2Satellite Of Love

| play
Oldies Steve Winwood – Night Train
sukhjit LOL. Great song intro, it's boy meets girl & she challenges him to a bhangra faceoff!
BohemianChick @RnBE: You should sleep very soundly. lol Wow, I haven't been to coney island in years...been living "down south" too long! ;-)
2Serenity This song features Michael Jackson too which is from Stevie Wonder's album, Characters. Love it!! :)

Stevie WonderGet It

| play

Chambao, Pokito a Poco "RJTV"

| play
pitchforkmedia The Slits: "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"
fuzzygroove Jack White and Jack Lawrence from Raconteurs, Dean Fertita from Queens of the Stone Age and Alison Mosshart from The Kills. Could be epic.
HollyJohnson Those Buffalo Girls rhythms fed back into this classic from Herbie Hancock. Rockit.
wurst @jeff HOLY AWESOME. I love the new youtube feature!!! sure beats ads of man crotches flying around! :D great work! + best video ever by michel gondry
Alec_Empire the king of rock'n'roll. the true king. and there can only be one in this world...who directed this??? the devil in disguise
sukhjit @Secretsushi Here's the song you asked about.The video is fabulous. (reblip)

SnapPower Of Bhangra

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thepetshopboy @Jamesmw78 madonna ? really ? too funny :) this was my first concert...then again i'm quite a bit older then you...lol


| play
briangreene David Devant & his spirit wife ~ Ginger


| play
Trulydoolally you cant really play oasis without giving blur a spin too...

BlurSong 2

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Trulydoolally stuck in a britpop theme...

PulpDisco 2000

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trent_reznor Heard this playing between bands at a festival in SA. Used the Shazam app to find out who it was and now I pass it along to you.
redskyy I forgot about this song as well. Great work @trent_reznor! (reblip)


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jeff My most listened to song this week. Yeah, it's OLD, but it's so incredibly intense. I'm gonna try to convince the band to play this... God help us!
djdangernun my copy of quadrophenia arrived on dvd today - let's celebrate!

The WhoThe Real Me

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De_Ann Ok then...can I have me yellow boots 'n knickerz back plse? ROFLMAO@TradeTunes lol @DeAnn @Oldies (reblip)
Yan this is a chill track, brother ali should get more exposure than he does (reblip)
jeff Gracing the cover of PASTE which just arrived today!
sarahlane Singing twins? They're so cute that I can ALMOST forgive Sara for spelling her name wrong. Happy Friday, ghosts!
sarahlane Every other month I get a brand-new car!

Special Ed - I Got It Made

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Static Stare up at the ceiling. Preview of a screening. Flashback of a feeling.
DJdBRYJ "These guys are amazing..."@Audiophile021 omg so TRU! I don't understand a word they're saying but it is F'ing unbelievable (reblip)


| play
Geo8 None of my FRIENDS will be Helpless as long as I'm alive. And I am. And you know I'm talking of you, and you, and you and... [Neil Young - Helpless]

Neil YoungHelpless

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Miss_Bella this new Green Day on blip already? it just came out today. sweet.
supernaut non mi ricordavo quasi piu' di questa bella "sheer heart attack"
trent_reznor This playlist is dedicated to The Magnetic Fields. Stephin Merritt is one of our generation's greatest songwriters. These are some of my faves.


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Miss_Bella seems we're at our best when we're miles away...

MadonnaMiles Away

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fuzzygroove Hadn't heard this Justice remix of U2 before... not bad.
Donnie44 Aretha Franklin ((((Rock Steady))) (reblip)
nixe This one too.

"High on Life" by Rasputina

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jeff Really digging this band...

The Thermals "Pillar of Salt" music video

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bartleycalder More 80's new wave stuff...

Go Gos - Our Lips Are Sealed

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stena still doing "rec club" project; beyond vu & nico 2 cohen. rb@eviestewart: "is beck not one of the coolest guys ever? what's he doing these days...hm" (reblip)

BeckSoul of a Man

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jeff @PeterTosh: "Dedicate today to human rights icon PETER TOSH! Blip the song EQUAL RIGHTS @PeterTosh to show your support!" (reblip)
lfamous Prince singing "Every day is a winding road" (thanks @Bubbly3) (reblip)
elocio Stray Cats – Built For Speed || Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, all! :)
evablue one of his eyelashes has more talent than all of me RB@Figgywithit: "See his pinky? Yeah he's got more talent there than I have in my whole body." (reblip)
jeff Wow - this is WILDLY clever. Check it out...

SOUR '日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)'

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evablue i stand by my statement that lady gaga can actually sing
jeff @CDWOW: "this is one of the best records of the year, an australian band..." Nice, but I hit my 3 prop limit for you today (reblip)
JohnLW dangerous knitware

The Good, The Bad & The Cardigans (DJ Remould's Mashup)

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elocio Marvin Gaye ~ Can I Get A Witness || Night, all !

Can I Get A Witness- Marvin Gaye (HQ)

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elocio Boney M – Daddy Cool (DirtyBeats Remix)
jeff Here are my interviews with my fave funk band as of late: The New Mastersounds. Enjoy! http://blip.fm/p/nm1
kaydubwillu from the depths of my soul, baby you got it.
jeff Yes, I would like some funk with that...

The BamboosThe Witch

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RafaelCortines rbty&hi @Awannabeangel: "Eek A Mouse – Rude Boy Jamaican"" (reblip)
jeff Gettin' da funk on here...

"Lady Loop" by ALO

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2Serenity When Katrina happened,a friend directed me to this song by Memphis Minnie which was about the Mississippi Flood of 1927. Pray for New Orleans & Haiti
2Serenity Prince was nominated for a Grammy for this song &LOST. He wrote it in honor of Activist Dick Gregory. My poor Princey Poo Poo. Next time! xo


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2Serenity I love this remix. It's cute and FUNKY for me!! ;-)
2Serenity If it weren't for Amel Larrieux, I wouldn't know about Jose Gonzalez's song, "Crosses" Further I wouldn't know about this Zero 7 remix. Sweet!

Zero 7Crosses

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NettwerkMusic #NowPlaying #MusicMonday @djdanmusic "Fast Life" - perfect track to get you moving on Monday.

Bad Boy Bill feat. Alex Peace- Fast Life

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evablue howdy detroit'ers and surrounding area. last minute #blipup sunday 2pm. more details to be confirmed tomorrow. i'm bringing my camera. :)

Beatbox Dub FX 10/10/2008 'Love Someone'

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twiistedblipper Check out http://twiistup.com to find out what we're doing in LA this week. We're bringing fresh swag, come by and say hello. #twiistup
sengseng #andyasks @amcafee listening to this song (She's a Beauty – The Tubes)
twiistedblipper this one sounds like it could've been recorded yesterday. timeless stuff! #twiistup

The Gun Club - Sex Beat

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BetteDillinger Lady Gaga, I have an artist and song for you ;) She puts on these theatrical shows. An icon.
jeff @abcnewsradio: "ABC News Radio: The Daily Dish Entertainment" ABC signs up to Blip.fm - pretty cool... (reblip)

ABCABC News Radio

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djden I like their hair. @SJR: @Pesest: "What are words for, when no one listens anymore?" Very true! (reblip)
Trulydoolally these guys were great in DC last week!
keiki thanks@sheryonstone: "I cant believe the traffic. But I am GLAD I am not in L>A> (trying to think positively) It could be 10 times worse" (reblip)

Traffic (gr8fl)Glad

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Cashiuss In Italian. Sounds like something's wrong ... (reblip)
sarahlane One of my karaoke "go-to" jams. Recreating the echo effect is a real crowd pleaser! I think.
mkhall Tryin' to build up a reserve of positive energy tonight...
BetteDillinger A good friend was obsessed with this band..forgot what they sound like...but I remember liking them
BetteDillinger Damn, these guys are still going strong after all these years. I have read this called the first ever Punk song.

? and the Mysterians / 96 Tears

| play
BetteDillinger One of the most underrated bands EVER! You feel, you know....
BetteDillinger An immaculate song. Beautiful lyrics, and Chrissie Hynde is....Chrissie Hynde!
nixe Okay. I'm going outside to lie on the grass.
jeff Good morning! Blip.fm got nominated for the Twiistup conference. Please vote for us here http://bit.ly/qHcvB. Yes, I mean YOU ;)
jeff Blip.fm gets mentioned in CNN as one of "10 sites to help you navigate the new world of music" http://bit.ly/XhLqM
Yan you're not punk and I'm telling everyone


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Faddic I'll be away 4 a week (back home)..Keep D love alive & stay safe,will surely miss u all & will count u when I come back to make sure no1 is missing :)

Mutiny UK 'Keep Love (Mutiny's Lush Mix)'

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Ez3k Sexta feira! Vamos acordar!
matwater213 Kwassa Kwassa... Peter Gabriel Tune...

Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip | Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa[Vampire Weekend Cover]

| play
matwater213 Blue Monday... Flunk Remixed... Another New Order Cover Tune...
jeff My college band used to play this cover (or at least we thought we could)... nothing like the real thing...

The KinksDo it again

| play
Joscelynd A Song to Dance to at 2 a.m.!

SeetherFake It

| play
KitDakota Chickenfoot – "Sexy Little Thing" Music Video
supernaut Spiritual Beggars - Killing Time (video) I love this band

spiritual beggars killing time

| play
rylab if i stumble they're gonna eat me alive

Sly & the Family Stone-Woodstock-I want to take you higher

| play
we3s wow who is in da haus :) hello! @LexiePixie: "Here I am....:) Have you forgotten about me? Hope not....can't stay for long but I've missed you all..." (reblip)
DrEdge I liked Page, Edge and Jack White doing their version in It Might Get Loud
CMFlinn @SkyeCebh @flinndc @Schoork @JDS442 @Ale_Bruxs @shanti45 Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way

Thelma Houston Don't Leave Me This Way

| play
melodyofurlife RB --> Seeing these guys at ACL fest this weekend too! @TarinnAdaria: "this song fukin rocks xxx rb n ty@bakinrapscallion: "so crazy."" (reblip)
dean @briangreene this is my fave Marianne Faithful song ever - pathos, the voice of a zillion cigs AND a synth!
Mirele You´re gonna die all right! AMANHÃ. morri, de fato.
BabyGhost love how the sparse vocals fill in empty spaces.
BabyGhost yoyo ma and this singer do a really light/sexy version of this, too.
htbomb82 - Jamie (acoustic), now go sing along!

Weezer - Jamie (acoustic)

| play
luthier I Won't Let You Down - PHD... desenterrei e fui o 1º a upar essa aqui...
luthier Drifting – Andy McKee... @plastico, sempre se fez músicas boas, mas atualmente elas se perdem no meio de tanta porcaria...

Andy McKeeDrifting

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mmemaledicta have I said how weird it is being in the city of the DNC? it's a nightmare. It's over though, and now we get our main highway back.
2Serenity Always adore her sincerity through her lyrics and use of real musicians on her albums. India.Arie is a treasure. She recently left her record label
marcelopz Tarantino e suas trilhas fodas....Death Proof!

05 t rex jeepster

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luthier We All Die Young - Steel Dragon... Zakk é foda!
bauhausmensch @djhelcat I add some Love and Rockets... welcome tomorrow. ;-)
agenteinforma Achei essa num arquivo com músicas usadas em episódios da série Cold Case - tem coisas legais de várias épocas, no clima da série (rever o passa
chrishyde The Sugababes - an all-female pop group from England

SugababesRed Dress

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BetteDillinger I just had to play this song. It is so goofy and fun. "Your sista Lola so young she drives a stroller!"

Love-HateOla Mola

| play
rcotta Essa eu nunca tinha escutado: Burning Spear - S.O.U.L.
markmedia wish I hadnt - hope I do (this is Texas too)
agenteinforma Ainda não achei a melhor deles ("Jennifer Lopez entro a mi casa / abrio la heladera / puso su culo junto a las cerezas..."). Mas essa tb é massa.
clarkowitz @Nettys I swear. I'm in bed. Sleeping. Good to see you. This is the ghost of clarkowitz.
adrianapaiva De sua estréia-solo (com o álbum Earthbound) - pós-Zero7 .

Sophie BarkerSecret

| play
tence So und nun zur verabschiedung für 8 monate südamerika


| play
carrieguevara Missin' NOLA bad today. Fess always makes a blue Saturday afternoon better. Coctails too. ;)
yhaht a janis... aparencia de pirralha...
yhaht a d o r o purê de jerimun hehe
TheZonda @giudit : io ora sono alle prese con il consigliatissimo "La Ragazza dello Shopping", regalatomi nel lontano 2001. Uno dei più carini che ho letto.
sid05 qualcosa da dedicare a The Pirate Bay
plannontn needing miracle drug to stop me from reading news and start me being productive.
stewbagz "Peter Gunn" - Duane Eddy and the Art Of Noise - Bostin! :)
TheZonda si chiede se sia una nuova cantante sarda...

AyoDown On My Knees

| play
DBert @DAnieL HAHAHAHA what a funny dude! I'll pay close attention to see if they mess up tonight thanks for the link! Elvis Costello is playin too.. coool!
PrinceJsJukebox @DAnieL Is that what the kids are calling 'em nowadays? Yeah, I'll call tomorrow. Oh, saw This Is England last nite.
bartleycalder what gangster movie was this in?
seeshell who can resist a good whistle?
Maldroid Hey all! Thank you all for making Maldroid Monday a resounding success! Enjoy your prize packs and hopefully we'll see soon! Join or Die! -KosmoBot

Sam & DaveThank You

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DBert @JZLiou yep hella chillin in the bay, im actually goin to LA next week to visit my sister... i'll call ya if i pass by the irv...
rgleeson LOVE THIS SONG. If it's rainy where you are, open the windows, feel the breeze, and listen...
capitano when the time is running out and youre left alone.. all I want is you to know that..
piuma famosa soprattutto per la sigla della trasmissione su MTV...me piace un zacco
ratbreath ...always liked this song though
hjshorter Chrissie rules.

The Pretenders - Talk of the Town

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Fave I'm performing this song next week + I plan to sing and play it like this version!!!
2Serenity Been following Wendy & Lisa since their days with Prince. AHHHH www.wendyandlisa.com Love that they can KILL a GUEETAR & SYNTHESIZER! 8)
2Serenity @BetteDillinger re:DGregory - oh, yes, he is big on health. Remember his diets he used to help people lose hundreds of lbs Love the music choice here!
ItsLikeButtaBaby My heart tells me say no, but my body's saying yes.
JonoKrikkit If I had to pick a song which is unmistakenly British, then this is it.
tinalaze more with the beatboxing. also on board with purchase of new pair of shoes.
freecloud Sounds of summer for a wet day - overdriven take on the old Beach Boys rocker by another bunch of old rockers
Cricketa It's my favourite ringtone.Give it a try :)
laurentlunati je vais peut être en faire le thème du jour.... expansion – lonnie liston smith
flapic this has just been recommended by Emily in York... Ukrainian reggae!!!
TheZonda @giudit ... per togliersi dai coioni?


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TheZonda @disconnesso : cazzo... anche io sono ancora in mutande....
2Serenity Woke up this morning trying to sing Mountains by Prince. I cannot even sing. Help me! 8P
Willemvdh What's good music for editing pics..?
brianhewitt I can't tell you how many papers I wrote in college listening to this song.
fuzzygroove Taking it back old skool. This was my first punk show and my friend thought I was hitting on his GF. He wanted to fight me. But we're cool now. (reblip)
jeff @Tild NICE call on GB! Do you know The Red Elvises?
jeff Is it just me or do you get that Talking Heads meets the New Young Pony Club meets the B52s meets ??? when you hear this band? I like...
nixwebo If you don't like Sublime, there is something wrong with you.
nixe ...and coffee at the Creamery on university downtown p.a...
nixe however, I will not get...
rylab also, dry my iPod please... it's not turning on...
jeff @rsepulveda Thanks for reaching out. Je ne peux pas parler francais. Mais, j'ai pris de la class de francais pour treis ans quand j'etais jeune.
BlairDC mmmmm......nothing like a wilco show.


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RealtorLefebvre I thought ya'll might begin your tour here...
jeff Holy Jesus... I just remembered how GREAT this theme song is... I bring you Sanford and Son... Oh yeah, you can't stop - the Hammond and harp combo!

Sanford and Son

| play
tomsavagetrio angels are everywhere <3 @elfgirl cool sound this band has. (reblip)
nixe ...and then there's the other side of the family...
dk5 ...sometimes...


| play
thewhiteness Drums Beating, Cold English Blood Runs Hot / Lady Of The House Wond'rin' Where It's Gonna Stop
supernaut testament are playing now in Milano, not far from here where I'm workin'
Yan some more propaganadhi because yes I am that excited
fuzzygroove Leo Laporte and Sara Lane like Blip.fm. Interview w/ @jeff on net@night with Amber and Leo: http://www.thisweekintech.com/natn91
nixe I always think this the Steve Miller band initially...sounds just like the intro to...oh what is that song..."hoo hoo"....
Miss_Bella My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why, I got out of bed at all,

DidoThank You

| play
nixe they were doing, that what they were doing was an illusion. (yes, this child actually used the word "illusion!) Upon asking to explain the last part:
nixe @newwaveclassics definitely a new wave classic.

Flying LizardsMoney

| play
nixe @by_starla m. Ward is playing SF tonight (reblip)

M. WardTo Go Home

| play
slidetone @th80 Der Gitarrist der Tornados ist George Bellamy, Papa vom Muse Sänger/Gitarristen.

The TornadosTelstar

| play
adelemcalear @ZachsMind Always fun and great at a party :)

The English Beat - Tears Of A Clown

| play
finestsuit @rebolado that's my introduction to trans am... i like it. i like the drummer. i really wish i was in fu manchu... i wanna play lead guitar like this.

Fu ManchuUrethane

| play
nixe echoes of Janis...kinda goth Janis.

P J HarveyO Stella

| play
supernaut dal primo album solista di Zakk Wylde con i Pride & Glory
damian was summoned by aztec mystics to defend against the conquistadors. seriously.

The WailersLiberty

| play
HostelColonial Please: No more weapons, more backpackers in this black month
HostelColonial Yes old ladie, I´m married with children and hear this music. You don´t?
adrianapaiva The Doors na voz de Astrud Gilberto .
cacaprog Quando 3 virtuoses se juntam - dá um som instrumental animal como esse!
adrianapaiva @marcusm y @Artbel, 'De Ushuaia a la Quiaca' por Gustavo Santaolalla (The motorcycle diaries soundtrack)
nixe @franciscanmonk I'm hearing a total bow wow wow sampling here....
nixe and oddly, I keep ending up in LA this evening...
tusker timeless elegance, simply perfect
nixe Random, but so good.

SweetBallroom Blitz

| play
nixe "What biophysical events occur in the brain and reflect performance and plasticity of the Mind functions you listed in #2?" Thirty of these. Gah.
teukkam @thanks NikNak. Nice rendition. (reblip)
dasgoldenestuck Big band de soul-funk, começou a atuar em 1998, na boate Espaço Anexo e no Blen Blen (SP). No repertório, grooves, m
dtwood I pay the toll fighting for my own soul, Cause the bourgeoisie type of mental sucks like a flat comb

The FugeesVocab

| play
Rubin @fbrahimi They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn...
jeff Been digging Kasabian lately...
jeff Scratchy guitars with that organ - brings me back, way back... how can you not dig the Doors...

The DoorsPeace Frog

| play
spicystu Crazeeee dance time :o)


| play
gabarocha Quando a polícia boer chegava aos vilarejos, as crianças gritavam "kauleza, mama!" - "Corra, mamãe, não deixe que eles peguem você!"
gabarocha Faixa de 1971 de Ike & Tina Turner. Disco 'Nuff Said. Pauladassa pra quem é de funk!
HeshOne Bigger than guns, bigger than ciggarettes
bartleycalder they were a band beyond description...
Crackerwax Better than Bowie and from me that's saying something! Specifically it's saying this version is better than Bowie's, but there you go.
Crackerwax Dust your clothes with talc! Here come Fields Of The Nephilim!
Crackerwax Who doesn't love this song! I mean, come on, really!
jeff Since I'm still in NYC, I gotta blip a great Brooklyn band..
adelemcalear Blues meets Indian ragas. Born in Britain, raised in Canada, nomadic life in Europe, Japan, India, Brazil. Love it.
jeff A buddy of mine thinks these guys are the breakout band of 2009
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