kylecameron Finally! Have been wanting to blip this for a WHILE, didn't realize I could just enter a URL. how did I get that URL?...
kylecameron it only took about 7 seconds to realize how AWESOME this track is

Good Ol' Fashion Rump Shaker (Beastie Boys vs Matt & Kim)

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kylecameron you know I really like it
kylecameron another killer RAC track I've been dying to blip/fave. Kinda fun, adding stuff to blip-at-large database. Is there a Blip equivalent of FIRST!!! ha?
kylecameron what an epic surprise to find this stellar new mix this morning!!! instant fave'd.
kylecameron coworker just introduced me to this stellar track. more to follow


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kylecameron no Gravemakers and Gunslingers, this will have to do
kylecameron stellar stuff. new RAC mix day is always a great day
kylecameron haha bold letters, as if I'm shouting to the world YEAH I LOVE HAIR METAL DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE ME (reblip)


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kylecameron these guys are hard to track down sometimes, very glad I found them here on blip. Absolutely my fave genre: high-energy electronica. hoping for more
kylecameron i can't imagine this song NOT rocking
kylecameron I think this was the first RAC track I found
kylecameron Great for a rainy introspective day like this
kylecameron did i blip this already? eh. its good enough haha
kylecameron want to check out north american scum, too
kylecameron she's covered in flaws, not the supreme girl I thought she was
kylecameron this def belongs on my faves list. Helps show people that I'm hardcore too.
kylecameron this has reigned on as my fave mashup for about a year and a half now

DJPaulV._Do Ya Want My Burning Heart_Final

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kylecameron wish this were available for Rock Band/GH download (reblip)
kylecameron cant believe i havent blipped any Coheed!! ...YET
kylecameron "military intelligence" haha

MegadethHangar 18

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kylecameron I remember waiting by the radio for days (weeks?) trying to capture this onto a mixtape. how embarassing.

The CarsMagic

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pruth Reminds me of some of the best times ever....
kylecameron was hoping for RAC mix...lets see what this one sounds like

The WhipFrustration

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kylecameron okay THIS was the track i was looking for earlier...
kylecameron hope this is the song I'm looking for


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kylecameron "the first 20 seconds of this track" is my Nike+ power song. I love the end. It's so meta.
kylecameron okay I love this now. stuck in head and now going into the faves
kylecameron The Black Mages give inspire an inappropriate amount of emotionally-charged nostalgia in me
kylecameron i haven't loved all AnCo but I dig this (reblip)
kylecameron OH SERIOUSLY!! I can't believe I forgot about this track!! "It's just your time, just my f'n life." Oh hi, memories of Kuwait.
kylecameron track is actually "Circles" not "1985398.0" ha
kylecameron I find it outstandingly awesome that Deadmau5 has launched an album as an iphone app with remixable with in-app audio tools

Deadmau5Not Exactly

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kylecameron MAJOR scenekid props if you remember the original. This is def going in my blip faves
kylecameron Judging from the 1:30 I've listened to, this may be my new favorite track of the week


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kylecameron Didn't realize this wasn't in my faves
kylecameron #listening2 Kelly Clarkson/Pink/Ozzy Osbourne/Daft Punk - My Life On The Crazy Train Sucks (So What?)

Kelly Clarkson/Pink/Ozzy Osbourne/Daft Punk - My Life On The Crazy Train Sucks (So What?)

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kylecameron "We're the scientists of sound...We're mathematically puttin' it down" HAHA quite possibly my fave Beastie Boys line ever

Beastie BoysUnite

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kylecameron New RAC Day just keeps getting better and better. This is def getting fav'd
kylecameron rock on, @daretoeatapeach! My fave Frankmusik track; I've been meaning to get it onto blip but never took the time to ha (reblip)
kylecameron I had a dream & you were in it / The blue of your eyes was infinite / You seemed to be...In love w me / Which isnt very realistic (my fave mag fields) (reblip)
kylecameron I REALLY dig this. Enough to download it. That's a significant amount of effort in the blip world.


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kylecameron as it turns out the only Ra Ra Riot tracks I like are the RAC remixes (reblip)
kylecameron could we have a moment?

kyle andrews sushi

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kylecameron I wish everything about the danger didn't make you such a stranger. I still love this track
kylecameron This might become a new favorite of mine (reblip)
TheAmplifetes @Goul: "from sweden, will be definitely one of the best band of 2010!!" (reblip)
kylecameron i'm not an angel like you

LKDown By Law

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kylecameron just realized I should be able to find this now!! by FAR my fave CoCa

Gravemakers and Gunslingers

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kylecameron so much stellar stuff here


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kylecameron I thought I found my favorite, but this one is taking it. Stellar.
kylecameron Lyrics Stuck In My Head When Waking Up 06.15.09 "baby how it burns me alive, alive, alive..."


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kylecameron this might finally get me listening to Family Force 5. you know I D-I-E-4-Y-O-U
kylecameron of course after listening to this approx 17864 times yesterday, Lyrics Stuck In My Head When Waking Up 06.24.09: "I get wet without even trying"
kylecameron note to self pick up the Generationals
kylecameron RB @daretoeatapeach: "This is an annoying band to search for." (reblip)
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