ladypn @bendrix So glad you blipped this again. I can add to my deleted playlist! ;) (reblip)
ladypn @ranblv Fantastic guitar! Love it! Adding to playlist, thanks for blipping!! (reblip)
JRex @ladypn, I need this in my blip list & TY <3:) (reblip)
onesanz @ladypn if u appreciate Miss You... i love trentemoller
BacklotOPS the sax has a soulful feel to it that kinda reminds me of a Pink Floyd cut.
ladypn I don't watch this series, but now seeing that David Sylvian contributed to its music, wishing I DID watch it! ;)

CSI - David Sylvian - Darkest Dreaming

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ladypn @pgha Welcome to Blip! What a fantastic song for your first blip! Adding to my playlist! (reblip)
CargoCulte @bendrix You don't expect the hunter to get captured by the game. Unless of course, I was the one hunting! (reblip)
ladypn Love the rolling piano, waves surging in the ocean... I'm all at sea, where no one can bother me...
Stolen "I think I kind of lost myself again"
lub the classy sounds of frank maccomb..........
Figgywithit infrastructure will collapse. What if everyone on the site blipped radiohead?
Antenaweb you're wellcome.. Radiohead Time!! (reblip)
Diordan Ai ai ai e isso me leva diretamente para o seio do clan Marsalis..ainda bem que tenho que sair, se não dava assunto pra até amanhã. Wynton Marsalis
musoSF With this and the one by For Stars, I now know two excellent mellow songs entitled "Only Star".

SotoOnly Star

| play
musoSF *gasp* @Skarlett is another member of the Cult of Kent! I'd tried to blip this in the past, but got hung up by that pesky underscore. Thank you! (reblip)


| play
ladypn @antenaweb Ahh, thank you! You are ALL such enablers!! & I love you for it! :) (reblip)
NicLizD @ShyTrbleMaker Here's MY fave song for #strip in fact, the quiz I took even said it should be the one.... LOL
ladypn Ever been on an interstate highway & not see another car anywhere in sight? That's how Blip feels for the moment. Waiting, on a Friday afternoon...


| play
GR8FL @ladypn check this out... I think you will like for sure!!
ladypn @MrsASoprano All I need at this time of night is Radiohead! ;) (reblip)
fabiofernandes @GR8FL and everybody: sorry I can´t stay more tonight. Until tomorrow, and pleasant dreams! Thanks for the warm welcome!!!
ladypn @MelodyELize You're blipping beauty today! Love this Seal! (reblip)
damnredhead No One Else - Natalie Walker ... one of my favorite under-the-radar artists
ladypn You win the rat race if you come in first place, then a rat is all you will be. How long will this take? How long must I wait? I<3 this song. New 2me.
briangreene @ladypn i know, but this is nicer.. its Nottingham/Bristol UK based folk/jazz/trad band Carmina.


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ladypn @berzerkeley YAY! You're first blip!! And I LOVE this track! Because the shoes ALWAYS matter indeed, I have 140 pair! ;) (reblip)
GR8FL Les Miserables was kinda miserable regarding all the misery these people went through... but I love the show and the music!
ladypn @GR8FL You know I'm totally out of props for you, must reblip! Thanks again for all of these!! (reblip)
GR8FL @ladypn drink with me to days gone by.... sing with me to the songs we knew
GR8FL last one 4 now @ladypn - these songs always give me chills! enjoy.
bendrix Here's a Baroque Chill Drum N Bass dreamy female vocal track. Its like Liquid-Draino, you will be sucked in its whirlpool @ladypn @tubilino (reblip)
by_starla @CherryGhost i agree with you--i think if we get less than a foot at a time, there is really no point to snow.
ambit fRESHjAZZ Cafe: Michael Lington Harlem Nocturne!!
ambit Fresh Jazz CAFE: bLASTFrom Z past: Nancy Wilson Save Ur Love 4 me!! @ladypn it's never too late to hang in the CAFE! :)
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe: No evening is complete without a little Metheny. Tell her you saw me!!!
ladypn @2HandedJam I think THIS is a new favorite of mine! Thx for blipping! (reblip)
ladypn @wapael @by_starla I'm like a kid in a candy store here! I get so excited when I discover such gems as this! I'm in AWE of man's ability to create. (reblip)
ambit Marc Antoine: Groovin High
ladypn Love love love Sade, @jerryp007! Out of props for you, must re-blip! ;) (reblip)
Figgywithit @wapael Thanks for this great tune. For a ninja, you're kinda sensitive. :) (reblip)
Figgywithit @tubilino Thanks for props #3900! And to all the blipstars who gave me props 1-3899. :)))
lub @diyei_amilcar creo que esta es mi favorita de hooverphonic! (reblip)
Figgywithit @ladypn In Rainbows is one for the ages. Be sure to get the storebought CD for best quality rather than downloading. And play it LOUD.
lub hello @Reinhoren..... nice 2 meet ya ;)
ladypn You're welcome, @chris_franz70. The appreciation is mutual!

Divine Comedy Our Mutual Friend

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FineNGood @ladypn I know you like this song and I wanted to let you know I remember :)
ladypn Hello @lemerodrigo I DID miss this in the 1st roll around! Absolutely FANTASTIC! Love great guitar! :) (reblip)
ZachsMind Been following this guy since back when meant something. I bought his new CD "Boy Meets Girl." Not disappointed.
bendrix Hello Cindee how R U tonight? Have you heard this track before? This song is soo good U can eat it with a chopstick @ladypn
ladypn Funny, the moon actually did look pink tonight! ;) Love this Nick Drake tune! :)
PlasticRobot From my fav Low album. I saw Low the first time on the Secret Name tour, when Shanon Wright opened for them. @ladypn @by_starla @Figgywithit @skwm
Diordan o ciume lançou sua flecha preta e se viu ferido justo na garganta
2HandedJam *** Roads – Portishead
ambit @ladypn OMG...WHERE HAVE U BEEN! you have been missing!
ambit Fresh JAZZ Cafe: It;s the top of the hour and it's time for some SEDUCTION! Boney!
ladypn @DownLow Good evening, must add this to my playlist! "the pleasure part, the after part"... (reblip)
2HandedJam *** With You I'm Born Again – Syreeta & Billy Preston
ladypn Good evening, @chiIQ! Love this Mayer song! How are you tonight? (reblip)
ladypn Hi @thinkpink! Of course, I LOVE this one! Adding to playlist! (reblip)
loungecreature Thanks @Sherryness Satie: Gymnopédies - 1. Lent Et Douloureux – Aldo Ciccolini (reblip)
thrak good morning @ladypn,don't forget this one -The Road to Graceland – David Sylvian/Robert Fripp (reblip)
ladypn Do you think I'd miss a Sade, @jerryp007? :) Just busy propping all my friends when I saw yours come up! ;) How are you tonight? (reblip)
andykaufman RB @clarkowitz | one of my faves from 'mellow gold' (reblip)


| play
andykaufman ...going to be a busy, hectic week. Time to start fitting all the pieces together.
andykaufman hey man, slow down. time to call it a night.
MeeJong @chiron08 Wow, thanks...I did drift into something more comfortable. I was lying anyway, I'm at work but I was reading web comics. (reblip)
ladypn Had to reblip @MeeJong! This song makes me WANT to do just that! :) (reblip)
ladypn Have to interrupt the 80's retrospective to re-blip this VOICE from @lub! LOVE this guy! (reblip)
sheryonstone @ladypn - for some reason I could not rb last nite, so I hope this does not put you to sleep:) how is our girl this morning ? (reblip)
star45 Tears For Fears - Advice For The Young At Heart – . . .
loungecreature @ladypn Here's the other heartbreaker, made famous in Gallipoli. Albinoni: Adagio in G minor


| play
loungecreature When Sly Calls (Don't Touch That Phone) – Michael Franks
ladypn @emmiekinz I like this! Totally new to me. What I LOVE about Blip, new music discoveries! (reblip)
ladypn Hello @lub! I'm doing just fantastic, thank you! & you? How was your day? :) (reblip)
lub amado mío/my loved one @GR8FL @abarbosa @patricia_coelho, now am all romantic & is your fault @ladypn ;)
ladypn @antenaweb You're welcome & you know the feeling is mutual! ;)
RadioRider sssssexy @leinergroove Never heard this before - Like it ... (reblip)
RadioRider I want to go to bed with arms around me, but wake up on my own.
ladypn OK - can it be? A Beck I don't recall hearing before? Can I wallow in it with you, @Will_the_bloke? :) (reblip)
bendrix This track will leave U're brain contused like a man who tattoos clues to his body to jump start his voluntary bodily functions. @ladypn
by_starla that was very sad--She Dances was cut. i'm working on ULing a complete version now.
loungecreature One of the finest Weller songs, yet not often played. Changing of the Guard – The Style Council
loungecreature Another sweet one from the same album for @ladypn Confessions 1, 2, & 3 – The Style Council
driczz Tô zuper zureta zombie [-ิ_•ิ] ... Z.Z.Z...zzzzzzz ...preciso descansar! (reblip)
GR8FL may everyone close their eyes, lean back, listen to the music and have all kinds of goodies be part of their blessings!

Secret Garden - 06 - Song from a Secret Garden

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ladypn One of my favorites of Mangione's. RIP Gerry Niewood.
bendrix I don't want props or a reply on for this track I want U=> @marilovisky <=to just listen & dig the vibe I'm sendN U :) (reblip)
clarkowitz @ladypn Lovage is great! This song is remarkable for the french horn. What the F, right?
formalhaut hi @ladypn how are you today? maybe you like this precious gem from japan.
sunnysunnysunny thanks for Lovage @clarkowitz @ladypn, i'm just blipping some while working, or working some while blipping rather^^// @elusiveredemtion hi! :)


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EvDJ @ladypn This one make the hair on the back of my neck stand up...
ladypn @kswiggs I had no idea that Lovage was spawned from this! I actually like this song of HBMSchool. Of course Cat Power helps. ;) (reblip)
ladypn Leonard Bernstein conducting, Mahler's 2nd Finale. See the vid, Bernstein's expression is pure joy!


| play
musoSF I love the dramatic, tortured strings on this. It lays the perfect swampy foundation under such silky vocals.
kKobold @ladypn sure you do love air =) its a smple matter of taste =P but ihave to say that this one is for @Jewisha =)
readmylipstick Best slow dancing music ever, ever, ever.
ambit Late Nite with Jodeci~Forever my Lady.
ladypn @Figgywithit I'm getting hooked on this Cowboy Junkies track!! (reblip)
ladypn @ambit I need about 100 more props for you tonight! Sade, what am I supposed to do? I love her!! ;) (reblip)
ladypn I need to be playing this at about midnight... ;)
ladypn @lub (where are you today?) @bendrix (where are YOU today?) Love this Enigma, thought you might too.
clarkowitz Not bad.


| play
ladypn Feeling mellow, @Niem, all the more so hearing this wonderful track! ;) How about you? Did you have to work today? (reblip)
Niem @ladypn oh, of course, though I've been off for a few hours. 10 hours is a long day to be on ones feet... Only 5 days till vacation though. ^^
ladypn You deserve this reblip @Niem! So beautiful. (reblip)
ladypn Reblipping @thatdamnredhead LOVE this! @dickadcock what do you think? ;) (reblip)


| play
ladypn Thinking about you, @Figgywithit @Cable @DesertLily & to any who's heart is heavy today.
ladypn @AmericanGuitarAcademy "I love the classical guitar that anchors the whole piece." 1 of the reasons I so love this too! (reblip)
todoro when the night falls down... @ladypn you'll love this! @perizinuyasha.... rootz natchumaâ (reblip)
ladypn @AmericanGuitarAcademy FOUND IT! This guy's playing I just LOVE. Have you heard him before? @sheryonstone this link works!
ladypn Just blipping so I can ADD to my playlist! @AmericanGuitarAcademy, here's Andy McKee again. :)
AmericanGuitarAcademy @ladypn @sheryonstone You'll also love this guy - very reminiscent of Michael Hedges. BTW I have a Pandora station for this:
FrankieK Love Fiona Apple... (reblip)

Fiona Apple - Slow Like Honey

| play
ladypn I got it bad, u don't know how bad I got it. U got it easy, u don't know when you've got it good. Its getting harder just keeping life & soul together
musoSF Had to follow that one up with this funky little-known excursion from their best-of album. Welcome to my world...
Stay19 "an attempt at capturing the melancholy i felt trying 2 remember w/o much success-my childhood, a happier epoch of which I keep very sparse remnants
Stay19 @ladypn U definitely have ninja capabilities. you seem to gravitate to the music that moves me the most also ! cheers <><>
AmericanGuitarAcademy I've got writing to do...time for a fingerstyle acoustic guitar flood.
by_starla hello @sophie_o--how are you? so good to see you! and thanks for the reply @musoSF--here's another smoldering torch song for you :)
AmericanGuitarAcademy @ladypn @sheryonstone Y'all will love this - Don Ross's tribute to Michael Hedges. (reblip)
ladypn Love this, @pyrrho! LOVE it! Adding to my playlist! Thank you! (reblip)
Stay19 intimate<><>U & U only.


| play
ladypn Interrupting dance Friday to re-blip @GR8FL! LOVE this Enya. So beautiful. Thank you for uploading! (reblip)
ladypn Bye for now, @2HandedJam! Love this Zero 7! Have a great Friday! (reblip)
RocketmanUSA Me love Zucchero too!! @ladypn Here's "My Love" for you. Enjoy! ♥♪♫♪♫ ★RMUSA
ladypn Welcome to Blip! @adamzombie I LOVE this cover, you were right! ;) (reblip)
ladypn It is so windy here this afternoon...
bendrix I have a @ladypn radar that pinpoints her trajectory and submits her coordinates with decisive accuracy. Have U heard this Cindee?
bendrix my @sheryonstone radar pinpoints her location and submits a ripple blip audio signal. She receives the blip & says "WOW! Another GR8 Afterlife track"
bendrix I promise U that U will snatch this from me & put it in your playlist - & this is how ben makes up with @ladypn as she forgives his sneaky ways :)
ladypn Hi @RoguePlanet! Welcome to Blip! What a fantastic choice for your first blip! Love it! (reblip)
ladypn Good morning, @pyrrhoX This is such an interesting song! Truly different, love the vocal orchestration. Amazing really. (reblip)

BellNew Bridge

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ladypn Hello @aLxAa! This is a great song, new to my ears! (reblip)
ladypn You DID IT? Do you KNOW how MUCH I've been wanting to find this on BLIP? THANK you SO much, @chiron08! Love you forever! I think this is MAGNIFICENT! (reblip)
ZachsMind Well, I should probably call it a night. Got work in the morning. Can't believe the weekend's already over. I hardly even noticed it was here. (reblip)
ladypn @PrisHayes Its by a group known as Iron Rig. ;) & you're right, its simply beautiful! (reblip)
bendrix This track is absolutely beautiful - thievery is awesome i never heard this track B4. thanQ for targeting my music radar via@MacDiva (reblip)
ladypn I'm really liking K of L - I could use somebody... someone like you & all you know & how you feel....
ladypn Incredible @photogurrl! Thanks to you & @OneLuvGurl for the 411 on this artist. :) (reblip)
kswiggs @ladypn one of my favorite bands for sure, glad you like them
ladypn Interrupting my Beck Blitz to reblip @toxea this fantastic song! (reblip)
sheryonstone @RonnieBebop~thanks for the awesome, awesome blues. oops for you so rb :D I would have rb anyway though....heheh (reblip)
bendrix Special dedication to @ladypn who can't seem to find any of this beautiful female vocal music anywhere on Blip. U better put this in U're playlist
ladypn Have to reblip this one, @BarrysLounge. Just LOVE Neko & her voice is wonderful! (reblip)
ladypn Glad you were tempted, @photogurrl. Love this song! (reblip)


| play
bendrix U have to warn me B4 U blip me something like this. This is playlist ready legendary stuff. Its Songs like this that get blacklisted from radio @lub (reblip)

CPT205 1_02

| play
code402b rb@Sanitynow We're at our best when its at our hips (reblip)
ladypn You're welcome, @chris_franz70! Seems its sometimes days in between sightings. LOVE this song by the way! (reblip)


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lub i love this guys! neil cowley from zero 7 & ben mynott from blues and soul....
driczz w.h.e.r.e? ...♥...bring him 2me...♥
ladypn A really old one, but a great one! I just uploaded. Anyone old enough to remember this one from the 70's? Pretty much a 1 hit wonder. Beautiful!

Wildflower Skylark

| play
ladypn Another from the 70's Skylark album, incredible orchestration! Beautiful! Have a listen @bendrix@GR8FL@sheryonstone@lub @DJstromer19@clarkowitz@djwttw


| play
ladypn Another from the same album by Skylark. Join the voices in the choir....


| play
ladypn Another Skylark, vocalist is BJ Cook. David Foster, the driving force behind Skylark, later became a successful producer w/whitney houston, Chicago.


| play
ladypn Hi @liligarcia! How have you been? Seems AGES since I've heard you! THANK you for finding this! I'll add to my playlist now! (reblip)
ladypn A new David Sylvian song?! I've not heard! Thanks to whomever added via blip.up!
ladypn My other of this on playlist, didn't work. ;)


| play
ladypn Here's 1 One that does work....


| play
ladypn Too bad I can't find a studio version of this now...
bendrix @ladypn mainstream radio sounds like a monotone sing song reciting of the ABC's - & - a Supa DJ blip sounds diametrically deep like this=>
bendrix My original Flamenco instructor=> @lub has brought me her successor U=> @Bluespanther . My dearest sweet=> @ladypn <=I think U will yummy this (reblip)
ladypn When ever I search for this I can never find it! RB @Aletabird & I'll have to add to my playlist! ;) (reblip)
ladypn Thanks @nirakatak! This draws me in, like a great novel, I want to keep turning its pages to see what happens next! (reblip)
CarolannB "Pretend that I'm still sleepin'..."
bendrix Definitely going in my playlist its DAMN GOOD=> rb@TheHobbyshopHERO (Hey @coloured @steno @BohemianChick <=ya'll really need to listen to this) (reblip)
Stay19 Anna Ternheim – China Girl<><> beautiful, so beautiful.<><>
Stay19 devics – salty seas<><>lushSmasH
hellodance This is my lullaby tonight. Goodnight moon, goodnight world.
MaddyTheSongWhore SongWhoreFav: This has to be my favorite Coldplay song...*sigh*......Such a Rush to do nothing at all...
ladypn Blip find.... looking for something completely different... lets see how it goes...
ladypn Phantom of the opera-ish, quite a diverse sound this guy composes...
Greg_Walters @ladypn...yes - weird, spacey, yet...down to earth(?) thanks for the heads up ...
wapael @ladypn btw Mitsuda also composed the music in Chrono Trigger. One of the best there is.
ladypn I so love this, @pyrrho! Reminds me of watching video I've taken of the hummingbirds around here, in slow motion... ;) (reblip)
DesertLily The softness that flows through the latest work from A. R Rahman
ladypn You're welcome, @soundmangroupie! Thank YOU for this gem. I love it! The vocalist reminds me of KD lang a bit... ;) (reblip)
ladypn @MaddMatt I LOVE YOU! ;) Thank you so much! How'd you find it? Or did you just upload? @sheryonstone, THIS is it! ;) (reblip)

12 Chris Isaak - Cant Do A Thing [To Stop Me]

| play
BLUESBOOGIE @ladypn "Good Tune" gr8t guitar, bout little brown dog
ladypn As a Hoosier born & bred, you know this has a special pull for me. Thanks, @photogurrl! ;) (reblip)
ladypn Trickle down rb of @bendrix@TheHobbyshopHERO Trickle down my sadness... all that we have gone through, can't you see that its enough, fight for us... (reblip)
bendrix (Thanx for the link=> @lub=> Jacidbazz also uploaded this blip, so just in case you wanted it too here it is=> @lub (reblip)

Soulstice - Fall Into You

| play
ladypn You know me so well, @Figgywithit! This is gorgeous! Thank you & @lelapin. (reblip)
JaDoodles Thanks for listening, @rayven! Do you like Moya Brennan? This is her song: Two Horizons.
ladypn RB@420thoughts, No maybe about it, I'm crazy for this song! ;) (reblip)

k.d. langMaybe

| play
elishbajoachim Bem, stand by no 1:6, amanhã há mais...
AbsinthEve Try this on...@Bluespanther posted and @bendrix approved and i reblipped a few last night now again.. just for you @ladypn (reblip)
ladypn Ahhh, @albertsdad. I love this, but I'm not a nurse! ;) How are you this evening? Hi @GR8FL!! (reblip)
ladypn You uploaded this quickly? LOVE it of course! Thank you, @bendrix!! (reblip)
ladypn I can't hear this song without wanting to slowdance & cry. Don't know why. The emotional delivery? The lyrics? Just love it.
ladypn LOVE this via @DJstromer19! @bendrix, I'm sure you're familiar with? (reblip)
bendrix Place de la Bastille Paris, France - The people gather to to the center {they shout to the animated griot} AGAIN! Tell us the story about the...
bendrix The name's James Crumley I'm a Private Investigator and for the right price I will solve the case for ya Schweet Heart @ladypn (more GABIN)
ladypn Oh so beautiful, @Chopinforte! I'm adding to my playlist! (reblip)
ladypn @code402b I knew you meant the group, I just couldn't resist... you left yourself wide open! I love this BTW! (reblip)
ladypn Makes me feel.... ethereal, beautiful, confused, peaceful, warm, loved. RB@bendrix (reblip)
T_DeBarros Cantoluna. ~ my dear @ladypn have a good night and here is a beautiful lullabye to put you in the comfort zone of tranquility.. ☺

Cantoluna 3.29

| play
ladypn Love this guitar work.
essie The 1st time i listend to the mahavishnu orchestra was at the station when a man insisted me to listen to his walkman playing this song,I was hooked! (reblip)
ladypn I'm just going to keep reblipping you're David Sylvian's, @77ozzie! ;) (reblip)
ladypn It don't look right in broad daylight it don't feel right to me, if you run the rat race if you come in first place then a rat is all you'll be! <3 it
bendrix Thanx for the daily luv my sistahz - I hope ya'll thoroughly Njoy this track its delicious @by_starla @gitargirl @photogurrl @Babuxoxoxo @GR8FL (reblip)
ladypn Thank you, @MaddMatt! I love it, of course! What happened to the other one just just @me? Went to click through to listen & was gone... (reblip)
bendrix This track is Massive luv - U have brought a nice surge of energy with U :) => rb@coloured Beautiful sunny Springday for YOU @all :) (reblip)
bendrix Chinese Translation: Wo de piao liang Toria: My pretty Toria - wo hen HEN shi wan zhe ge!!: I like this very VERY much!! => rb@klitoria (reblip)
mushka eve'nin@ladypn, gotcha any flowers for me????
ladypn I couldn't agree more, @Figgywithit. Its got something about it that just cries out to me. How are you?? :) (reblip)
ATG The heart weeps at the beauty.
ladypn I never HEARD of this group before @RonnieBebop and I am LOVING it!! ;) Love the piano work throughout all their tunes. (reblip)
chelbels Dylans version is amazing, but Buckley knows how to make it heartbreaking.
ladypn Has everyone added this song to their playlist yet? Here's another chance! ;) I feel the warmest light comfort me, I've seen the great heights....
ladypn Here it is DMB fans, the NEWEST single from the yet unreleased DMB Album! I LOVE it! Have a listen @MaddMatt@daihard & ALL Dave Matthew fans! ;)
ladypn Unmistakable This is beautiful. We spent the day in central park I wrote my name down on your arm u set off avalanches in my heart This is beautiful
bendrix This might be my fave Tricky track. Last Emp, Bahamadia, Tricky I can go all night with this U R a bad influence => rb@ZOEBOE
bendrix This is from Vanessa's new album it came out April 2009. Its beautiful. One of my fave tracks from the album @ladypn
LYRIC Hi @ladypn--sweetsweet@bendrix has been passing out delicious Bent treasures to a select few (2 B shared, of course) Lucky us :) Here's mine... (reblip)
ladypn If you're brainwashed @bendrix, you've taken me with you. ;) (reblip)
bendrix Vanessa's new album came out last week. I just uploaded this this GEM=> @ladypn @LYRIC @steno @GR8FL @ZOEBOE @Sparklepony @sheryonstone @LexiePixie
sheryonstone here it is for ya @ladypn. posting the url right now ^_^
bendrix Celebrating Vanessa Daou's new Album... reblipN this for U cause U missed it earlier my lovely Cindee=> @ladypn (reblip)
MasaruKondo MUSicAlAnAlyzeCONDOCteR – For whimsical girl この曲は友達を曲にした感じ。途中でアメリカ登場させました(笑)
bendrix Before U go to sleep tonight I want U to Blip this=> put it under your pillow=> when U wake up blow it up & let it fly away=> @ladypn
ladypn @MissMarian this vid is incredible! Thank you! Added to my YT music playlist! (reblip)
ladypn Love me faster than the devil Run me straight into the ground Drowning deep inside your water Drowning deep inside your sound You're always floating
LYRIC "That night I crossed the bridge of sighs and I surrendered..." @ladypn, we have been neglecting our DAVID SYLVIAN ...must remedy :)
f1nderB1nder Beck – Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat ///./ D.grungy.beckstar (reblip)
TimTamashiro Gilberto Gil - Sala do Som This song makes you just "feel" warm... like you were in Brazil. (reblip)
ternoman another one of those slow motion moving beautiful songs.If you think this is pretty,you should check out the video if you haven't seen it yet.
Raffila hopefully @ladypn fell back to sleep, but just in case she needs some lulling...
briangreene @ladypn @djilo TNX i forgot this., the version you blipped was unavailable to me,. this alt. version is here,
ladypn @benderlives This is AMAZING! Some of it sounds RIGHT out of that 1974 Skylark track! What a great ear you have to have caught it! (reblip)
ladypn I'm so thrilled this vid is here! This song was from this movie, which I've not yet seen but this reminds me to rent it!
bendrix I'm truly sleepy & I dedicate this lullaby to myself instead of U=> @LYRIC haha I'm silly, but i LOOOOOVE This song... btw check U're email :)
LYRIC "Behind these clouds, I’m almost home..." for @ladypn :) an intoxicating voice 2 take with U 2 Dreamland~~~~
Kaleem1966 This song just ooooooozes sexuality but has no explicit lyrics.It is a sensual masterpiece! hi @klitoria, @jilliansaint, and @ladypn (reblip)
ladypn I LOVE this @threebears! Totally new to these ears. (reblip)


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Reneesme_Cullen "Watch You Sleeping" <<<< amazing song!

"Watch You Sleeping" by Blue Foundation

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GR8FL chore time... hopeful the crowds are still in bed
ladypn "in a place where no one knows what we have done" rb@DamienRice. You're right, it is crushing, but beautiful.: "this song is crushing ... it guts me" (reblip)


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ladypn Hello @YoniBeat!! You're my hero! do you know how long I've been LOOKING for this song? I used to blip it but the old 1 didn't work! Thanks!! (reblip)
ladypn Good morning @whistlin_indie! If you want me, I'm here... I'm stealing this for my Morning Song! ;) : "[Morningbell – Good Morning, I'm Here]" (reblip)
ladypn TED!!! I love you!! I KNEW someone would know the song from the Knut vid! THANK YOU!@2Tall!!: "@ladypn This is the song from Knut " (reblip)
ladypn This is fantastic! Thanks@RocketmanUSA!: "Peter White – Temptation ~~ #jazz shakin' track...nice guitar by Peter. Njoy! @ladypn " (reblip)
hawk_pl glad you liked it @ladypn. try this one, my favourite from riverside.
ladypn HOW did you FIND this@worryknot? I SEARCHED & SEARCHED!! THANK you SO much! Adding to faves!: "@ladypn - how about this ? =)" (reblip)
AmyIsImaginary Incredibly lovely tune! @ladypn Please enjoy!
ladypn You're so very welcome@TheSteadyDrifter, without question, every prop given was my pleasure!: "Thx to my favourite propsters" (reblip)
ladypn Long distance makes your heart cold it burns me up inside....Its here now, I just bought it...@Fortharrison! Imaginary ships come crahing in...enjoy!
breakshop @ladypn Guessing you may not have heard of these guys yet. From my hometown Sarasota, about to blow up on Interscope - check it
BLUESBOOGIE In My Play List !!! EXCELLENT !!!! Thanks Pamela @ladypn !! "So LOVE this track! Live & wide open... ;) @BLUESBOOGIE (reblip)
BrianSetzerOfficial Check out the new Brian Setzer Orchestra single just released today @organicsue and @jeff and @ladypn and @LeandroAzevedo and @Shaman777.
hawk_pl one more track from the "imaginary friends" compilation. for @lalouve @bthecat @Michizukizuki @ladypn
SHERRYBABY65 ahhhh its now Monday.. a new "RED" fix ;):):):):):)
melodyofurlife To see this performed live is fantastic. Two people playing the xylophone at the same time is melodic.
macroshift @ladypn thx beautiful! James Marsters – Good Night Sweet Girl
GlassRock not yet available, from our forthcoming album
ladypn Let it all out.... Yes, 3 x the mmm!!! Love it! rb@Radiobread: "Phil Selway – Beyond Reason @ladypn 3 times " (reblip)
ladypn Thank you so much rb@bellbtmblues!! Adding to playlist! : "@ladypn Space Between by Dave Matthews Band" (reblip)

Space Between by Dave Matthews Band

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macroshift Lucius – Shenandoah: 2 aspiring singer songwriters from NYC: warmth for the coming winter: @77ozzie @GGDANCE @colourjunky @backtoback @p_conn @ladypn
ladypn Thank you so much rb@hawaiibuzz!! : "sorry about that Pamela! =D @ladypn" (reblip)

Landon Pigg - Take a Chance

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ladypn Oh goodness, I gave you every prop I had to give. Thank you for remembering how much I ADORE this! rb@fun4lilli: " RB @Degringolade " (reblip)
ladypn Oooh yes, SO good! Just LOVE his voice! Thanks rb@Bfarq: "@ladypn love this guest spot by Sylvian" (reblip)


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ladypn I was about to leave but heard this & HAD to rb! I do love, TY rb@Qrobur: "@ladypn :Anaïs Mitchell - Doubt Comes In (Hadestown, 2010) Hope you like!" (reblip)
ladypn I am ingesting, digesting, processing & depositing - right into my playlist! :) Thanks rb@bendrix : " I don't know this track but I ingested it" (reblip)

MiloshYou Fill Me

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ladypn Civil Twilight; Hey Mary, here's an MP3 from my vault if you'd prefer to video! @harmony60

04 - Letters From The Sky

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bendrix She's the 1st to ever perform on the air piano.This video/track I heard on Christmas eve Its among my most memorable intro's ever @ladypn @crispast (reblip)
ladypn So beautifully unique, thank you rb@bendrix: "@ladypn I predict Jo Hamilton will be Mega Celebrated by 2012 (Think movie scores & soundtracks).. " (reblip)

Jo Hamilton 'Gown' EPK 2

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NatCordeaux Bonjour à tous ! quel temps gris....
ladypn I do love this, thank you rb@jeflev I am really moved by his music! : "inspired by @ladypn" (reblip)
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