ErikaTapalla limited Boyz Noize stuff on here. booooo!
Jmoritz OST from Pump Up The Volume...Envoutant !
lafabrock Royksopp - What Else is There (Trentemoller Remix)
lafabrock De la minimale avec un solo de cet hypnotique intrument qu'est le hang
lafabrock Architecture In Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind (Metronomy Remix)
lafabrock En boucle sur mon shuffle.... Metronomy – The end of you too
lafabrock Midnight Juggernauts – Into The Galaxy (Metronomy Remix)
lafabrock En voilà du remix blipé ! Snoop Dogg – Drop it Like it's Hot (dAta Remix)
lafabrock How beautiful when a song tell you a story with no words. datA – Morphosis


| play
FadaFrank shake shake shake


| play
drubloomfield Good morning - Life is a Carnival! (The Band)
lafabrock The best of Africa meets the best of Europe ! Incredible mixtape available for free. Like MIA ? You'll love this album ! Kamphopo !
FadaFrank spin on your back than spin on your knees
jethostel Royksopp, Fever Ray and Rex The Dog,live at London´s Royal Festival this saturday 11th April

Fever RaySeven

| play
lafabrock Incredible Ozzy Osbourne's cover by Infectious Grooves.
lafabrock Led Zepplin's cover with a twist of funk !
lafabrock An another one : this time a David Bowie's cover ! Fame !
killmestop Can't play Flying Nun bands without playing The Clean. They were very influential to New Zealand's Dunedin Sound.
lafabrock Another song called "Oh" that I love ! Boys Noize "Oh!"
avivajazz Heyamo is a beautiful dance to a traditional regional song, sung by women working in the tea-fields. ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪


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AzA @toxiferous thanks for reminding me of this great version of this song (reblip)
AzA Spring Nouveau: Bold and Bright View more of these styles here
ImpatientOne all I wanted to be is a million miles away
daizymalibu ♪Hideaway - Mystery Jets
Shepherds The Heliocentrics & Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu(enzyme glitch mix)
asterion the Masta Mixa for the Beasties!!!
santamistura nossaaaaaaaa que maravilha de cover @Inagaki obrigadaaaaaaaaa e bom dia pra vc!!! (reblip)
lafabrock Another dangerous remix from the Bloody Beetroots.
lafabrock @Nymph Love both Metronomy and Breakbot ! The latter is a talented french dj/producer. Can't wait to lay hands on one of his releases ! (reblip)
Deesound (::) @Jacidbazz .....this song always makes me go ninja ...(::)
lafabrock They made an incredible live version of this song in a street in Paris. It was recorded by La blogotheque :,4511
The_Kraken For @Heike - who is rocking blip today
Deesound (::) @fabuleuxfab ....i've got it on a ninja tune compilation called 'you don't know' .....same as this one btw ...(::)
TheBrettRosenberg funky funky shit right here. great song.
lafabrock A-E-A-E-I-O-U-U I sometimes cry


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NobbyUK Hitting my drums before i hit somebody...
lafabrock Since I left you will always be one of my favourite albums... it is by many aspects a close to perfect album...
johnfromthemob Sexta Feira, parlez vouz français?
lafabrock @Hax A remix of a song by Busy P aka Pedro winter form Edbanger. Originally a Hip Hop track with MURS (LA rap band). Crookers are Italian and insane !
johnfromthemob futureisinayellowsetofdrums...


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melodyofurlife RB -----> @Arik27 Great find! I like a great cover and I dig Beirut's sound, Elephant Gun is a great tune too. (reblip)
Atomik video for tiga's new single on his website, can't wait for new cd
Atomik Atomik dont forget your shoes @zombieFredrik congrats on 30 listeners
AcolorfulmonstR any Aesop fans out there? If not you should be one... now.
83ShellBrown Listening to Eminem - My Band

EminemMy Band

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Midnite looks like it's Metallica overdose time for me today :)
threebears Hi blip friends and everyone blipping! Hope you're feeling better than ok ... spring fever rather than swine flu ;) ;)
AzA trying to find one with some didge in it.... grrrrr.... will find one before i go to bed...
HobbeLink Saw Salif Keita in 'De Melkweg' last night... what a golden voice, and what a lovely rhythms! I enjoyed it.
lafabrock @kellimi I saw you liked Jem. Just got into them last week. Really nice band. I discovered them through this remix.
lafabrock Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Boyz Noize Remix)<><> (reblip)
melodyofurlife Mick Jaggers voice kicks on this track.
Stay19 Modeselektor – The White Flash ft. Thom Yorke (Trentemøller Remix)<><>
formalhaut RB @JasonBohata woohooo! this gives me an instant rush of adrenaline! brilliant fresh reccomendation, mate! much appreciated. <3 it! (reblip)
yumba Troilo y su orquesta - Quejas de Bandoneon
asialakay Kid Cudi f. Kanye West, Common and @Ladygaga – I Poke Her Face (was this released in 09?) The chorus is wicked clever! rhythmically and lyrically:)
Thnikkaman Lets start the afternoon off swingin. (reblip)
lafabrock @FadaFrance Of course I do ! Love the whole album ! I had to download it again ! Should I send it to you ? Upload it ?
lafabrock @stephanosuh Nice one ! They made a song with Ed Bangers mastermind Busy P. Crookers remixed it ! Wicked !
lafabrock @SpinninSara Ah ah you got Megadeth, Stevie Wonder and Sergio Mendes on your profile page... I love you already :) (reblip)
threebears feels good? feels good? (♡genuine 100% pure blip - contains no imeem!)
iceblink Definitely that lull time of the afternoon
Nomentionofkev Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized, gotta love this
lafabrock What's the correct tagging for this one ? Panda Bear-Knife (Girl Talk remix) ?@jonnyrockunit @sammatthews @bunq @kooi @Atomik @VayVay @Nymph @bduubz (reblip)


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lafabrock And now for something completly different : Hot Chip covers Marvin Gaye...
lafabrock The man has made it : world record for the longest concert. Chapeau l'artiste !
lafabrock The way to suck seed, and the way to suck eggs... Jesus built my hotrod
lafabrock Let it rain props ^_^ I just find the perfect cover song. Get ready for the Beatles the soul way !
lafabrock Video is the making of the Burnin video
lafabrock They haven't remixed many songs, but when they do... hmmmm
ladypn Another epic track by Ooshima. These feel like they should be the soundtrack for a grand movie.
lafabrock Green Velvet are really a band apart. This is old but it's still real catchy and funny

Green Velvet - The Stalker (I'm Loosing My Mind)

| play
SpinninSara now I'm in a Marvin Gaye mood @fabuleuxfab

Marvin Gaye Lets Get It On

| play
lafabrock This song is super good. Another Joakim remix worth listening to @Atomik
lafabrock Such a classic tune ! So funny ! Stomp your feet !
lafabrock Nassau's gone funky, Nassau's gone soul ! Funkier and Funkier ! Oversampled tune ! + Feel the vinyl !
lafabrock Real good ! Real groovy ! Kind of disco too !@ffluxx: "RB@tometty: "[James Brown – Sex Machine (Fantastic Plastic Machine Mix)] (reblip)
lafabrock This is nuts man! I so wanted to see you playlist that kind of tunes ! Huge SW fan ! Awesome pick ! I gladly give u 3 props for that !@Deesound (reblip)
lafabrock This is more like it ! Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra – Super Mario Brothers ~
lafabrock Sorry I lied :S @ffluxx I'm gonna see them live on saturday and I'm afraid my favourite song from them is actually four tet's remix :)
lafabrock I love this one ! You always drop some serious stuff !@yonibeat: "b u s y * P)" (reblip)
Deesound (::) ...Good nite @ffluxx ....this will get you out of bed in the morning ...and thankz again ...(::)
DareToEatAPeach @cdub @headshaker The opposite of Passion Pit—band inspired by an album he wrote to a girl from Montreal he broke up with.
lafabrock @Deesound Yeah I'm off. It's midnight here, I'm tired. Thanks for everything ! I'm leaving you with this song@chiron08 suggested to me earlier on (reblip)
lafabrock Peter Tosh & The Wailers – Jumbie Jamboree The perfect moorning song ? (reblip)
Metal_Rocks Slipknot – Sulfur. Great tune. The 'All Hope Is Gone' album gets better with every listen!
lafabrock Antony Hegarty voice brings a new dimension to this disco house track ! A personnal favourite !

Hercules & Love Affair-Blind(Original video version)

| play
lafabrock This is CSS #remix of Likke Li's Little Bit ! vi@duo: "via @deedes foda!" (reblip)

Little Bit (CSS Remix)

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lafabrock Here's a guitar and voice cover I like a lot @hosh
lafabrock This is a piece of genius. Jackson and his computer band - a WARP recruit. Intelligent Dance Music @ its best @ScenicKK @djilo
ScenicKK Filthy Dukes -This Rhythm (Fred Falke Remix)

Filthy Dukes -This Rhythm (Fred Falke Remix)

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lafabrock Bang our head to this ! Santogold over a FreQ Nasty/Switch instrumental ! Nasty !
lafabrock #Samples The Main Ingredient - Everybody Plays The Fool Sometimes vi@ SpinninSara @SwingingtoDJFox @kbuech @playalongjon @star45 @patita @joechapman
lafabrock LOL. vi@kaaeyl: "here's one for the ladies mmwooaaahh" (reblip)
lafabrock A little fun this African Tune to finish with... It's really humoristic provided you understand french :)

Francis Bebey Agatha

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lafabrock Estelle is not gonna stop quite yet. Here's a very positive song feat Kardinal Offishall. Mark Ronson Producer. A very good surprise !
lafabrock Used for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind OST thanks@Atomik @RustyB- Korgis did the song originally, covered by Beck, Erasure and a couple others (reblip)
lafabrock Vi@pokeken: "and it burns, burns, burns...." to@GR8FL What's wrong ? I'd like to help ! (reblip)
lafabrock @guybingley Thanks. Dont hesitate and sending me stuff like this ! Love it ! Great find ! Crookers remixed everybody anyway LOL (reblip)
lafabrock Love it@squidbrain: "Earth people: I do not care about your favorite sports team. I do not care what a shithead that ref was last night." (reblip)
lafabrock French dudes ^_^@guybingley: "rb@Atomik Now that takes me back :-)" (reblip)
lafabrock A-trak remixing Stevie Wonder o_O ? Yes indeed ! (reblip)

A-TrakSir Duke

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lafabrock Funny that my favourite songs from the last 2 days are from <Cut Copy> and <Hercules Love Affair> - Imagine how bless I feel to find this remix...
lafabrock Now that was funny ! Thanks ! Geeker and geeker :) @lwsrc: "i ❤ theremin" (reblip)

Super Mario Bros. on the Theremin!

| play
lafabrock Nice one ! They're from Ehtiopia no ? Somehow related to Mulata Astatke right ?@SlipperyDistortion: "@BarrelhouseBeat: " (reblip)
lafabrock From the 1968 Enio Moricone Movie "C'era una volta il West" (Once upon a time in the west) Thanks@bobscopper: "@OcasoProtal: "@K8H Listen, Harmonica!" (reblip)
lafabrock Is it a warzone ? Is it a freakshow ? Is it a terrordome ? Is it a radio ? No it's another great blip by@yonibeat @JODYGIRL162 (reblip)
lafabrock Thanks@DuG_: "Chão, chão, chão, chão, chão...." (reblip)
lafabrock Good one ! Same here I was OOP really soon ! Awesome playlist !@toobad (reblip)
lafabrock Live ! Are you guys going for a radiohead craze ? @secretsquirrel @djilo
lafabrock The video for the new Feist is really good ! @DuG_: "RB @bkweb" (reblip)
lafabrock Good night to @crowjane Thanks @Greenie for playing some Psapp


| play
lafabrock Must be the 10th reblip from you for today ^_^ vi@tubilino: "thanks @Houston_Horizon :)" (reblip)
lafabrock They hear the bass and they say Whoa ! @ffluxx @didjedoo

A-TrakSay Whoa

| play
lafabrock Of course ! Me too ! I'll gladly reblip this Curtis vi@ffluxx: "Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman --- @fabuleuxfab I'm out of props for you already : )" (reblip)
lafabrock Wow this remix takes the song to a whole new dimension@DJFrankie@cadmium. They're playing Bowery the following weekend. I'll be there! <-- Lucky ! (reblip)
lafabrock Thanks@DJFrankie: "This WILL get stuck in my head now." <---- Yeah it does that greatly ! :) (reblip)
lafabrock @magister418 and this one too, but i'm sure you already know them ;)
lafabrock I'll surely reblip any Diplo stuff you blip on. Especially if it's that bouncy ! How does he do that ?@Ikatron: "beats beats and more beats" (reblip)
lafabrock Ths simple power of strings...@playalongjon: "Nigel Kennedy teams up with Jaz Coleman for this brilliant arrangement of 'Spanish Caravan' )" (reblip)

Nigel Kennedy and Jaz Coleman-Spanish Caravan

| play
lafabrock Indeed ! I do ! thanks@toobad: "#2 dedicated to @fabuleuxfab @GR8FL @Cosmika @SofiaFada and @SarahShoeMe – it's nuts, it's quackers, you'll love it... (reblip)
lafabrock There's everything in that song : Brass, hi-pitched bells, groove ! What a found ->->-> @DubFreakz (reblip)
lafabrock No kidding ?! Brilliant ! @MusicIsMySunshine: "Yes!! Robyn cover of Yelle's 'A Caus Des Garcons'. Definitely SOTD! @daretoeatapeach (reblip)
lafabrock I heard many remixes from them it's the 1st time I actually hear them. It's good ! Thanks@melpimenta: "@VayVay: thanx ;)" (reblip)
lafabrock vi@FiFiKaboom: "Nice Song but with this Remix it's even better =) @MarkX" (reblip)

PNAU- baby (breakbot remix)

| play
lafabrock #2 This is my beautiful-young-women-singing-Kings-of-Leon day Thanks@melodyofyourlife (reblip)
lafabrock Fascinating ! @SoundSystemSDC: "some more electronical fun " (reblip)
ffluxx Brassy – I Can?T Wait . Rob Swift Instrumental ----> RB@Deesound <---- Muchos Graciazzz ... (reblip)
lafabrock Vitalic remixes the song Justicve produced for Birdy Nam Nam. @klitoria @VayVay (Thanks for the reblips and props) @tubilino @chiron08
lafabrock Too bad Aphex Twin doesn't remix more often. Nobukazu Takemura – Let My Fish Loose (Aphex Twin Rmx) @didjedoo @Sook @chiron08 @secretsquirrel @VayVay
tometty [Prztz - Everybody]


| play
lafabrock Thanks@Sook: "ok, this little gold cub is going to bed...grrrrr" (reblip)
tubilino good morning @Atomik: "rb@carolbrota: i think this is one of my favorite tracks off her LP" (reblip)

Fever RaySeven

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lafabrock A spacy, somehow sadder version of Vampire Weekend's Cape Cod Kwassa.
lafabrock Nice to meet you ! Thanks@JaseyRae: "Kap Bambino - Dead Lazers ][ FRESH TO DEATH. ;) @filippocioni @The_Kraken @FiFiKaboom @randyhate @driczz" (reblip)
lafabrock Who's this Patrick Wolf everyone keeps talking about ? Here's sthg new on Got this from @28apple_chic @lwsrc

Who Will (Buffetlibre Remix)

| play
lafabrock Wow I'm almost mad at you for not blipping this any sooner ;) Just kidding ! Great song ! @JaseyRae Espionnage-creep vibe ?! Sounds interesting ! (reblip)
lafabrock I got this today from @JaseyRae and it's pretty unclassifiable. @guybingley @ishibutsu @CucumberMouse @threebears @foxydfox @Inge_FS(hi how are you ?)
lafabrock Again @JaseyRaeyou, made my day with this Micha. He sounds like Daedelus, Flying Lotus and so much more... @Deesound @ffluxx
lafabrock Since you like it let me blip it for you @JaseyRae
ishibutsu RB@SaoRibeiro: "Just love this dream! Thanks for prop @KANL: "@RootsDaughter: "Ella Fitzgerald – Louis Armstrong "Dream a Little Dream of"" (reblip)
lafabrock Actually the orgnl is more bass deep and powerful than Breakbot remix... @ishibutsu
lafabrock Great instrumental, funny lyrics !

Dizzee Rascal Dream

| play
lafabrock Dj Cam feat. Anggun, Summer in Paris. Hi@paulastudio You're in a french mood ? :) (reblip)


| play
tubilino one colour for me! @GR8FL: "better than black & white (aka tunnel vision)" (reblip)
lafabrock Yes it's an exquisite language ! T. Dutronc tells us why he doesn't like Paris anymore with this giypsy jazy tune...@FiFiKaboom @paulastudio @CalMa
lafabrock If you didn't already have a PHD, I'll give you one ;) @Thnikkaman: "Ace-1 and Pharcyde, in the same song???? This is my Thesis. (reblip)
lafabrock I give up. You win. But remind me to ask you newt time I need a brainwash @MusicIsMySunshine Nice meeting you :)
Thnikkaman You are certainly on point today. That and you are delicious on my pancakes. :D @MsButterworth: "~What They Do-The Roots~" (reblip)
lafabrock How did you find it ? Been looking for it for years ! Now you are my sunshine ;) @MusicIsMySunshine: "This remix is awesome! Thanks - downloading it (reblip)
lafabrock I thought "comp" was for compilation... so stupid at times ! Thanks @MusicIsMySunshine (reblip)
lafabrock Pas de problème, c'est un plaisir ! @paulastudio: "@fabuleuxfab pardonnez-moi j'ai oublié :)" (reblip)
lafabrock Modjo - Lady acoustic and rather bossa nova version... This is awesome ! @avivamagnolia @VayVay @LisaWorld @paulastudio @Sook @MusicIsMySunshine
lafabrock Oops ! I guess I was deceived by the pink and the white rabbit :^_^ @ffluxx (reblip)

James Brown-This Is A Mans World

| play
ffluxx Bill Withers – Lovely Day (Full Phatt Remix) ----> RB@pixelreiter <---- Thank you! Love this version : D (reblip)
lafabrock Nasty ! vi@Nymph: "Not really here." (reblip)

Goose vs. Lady Sovereign: Love Mode Hate Mode

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lafabrock Tiga will be there (Park Life) too ! It's gonna be awesome ! @VayVay


| play
santamistura ;o)) even after alllllllllllllll, cold days here @Musing thanks for this great song ;)) (reblip)
lafabrock I'm so lucky cos' I've been there. Great great song ! I'm crazy for cuban music. Glad to know u are too. Thanks@SpinninSara (reblip)
Thnikkaman at the starting of the week, at budget talks you'll hear them speak

DJ Shadow6 Days

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Thnikkaman How are things with you? I love you.
lafabrock There were a couple of good track on RJD2's Since We last spoke Thanks@Thnikkaman
purplesime Saturday is the birthday of @The_Kraken: "[...] going to have my Blipday party tomorrow, everyone's invited." - be sure you give props in celebration! (reblip)
lafabrock Damn you aussies are good ! Any other recommandation as to what is big in the australian indie scene ?@mazeri: "@fabuleuxfab - another Aussie" (reblip)

Daniel Merriweather "Change" (feat. Wale)

| play

Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks"

| play
lafabrock Very good ! You have all my trust - Except for the 30 sec blip - but I'll surely dig it ! Thanks@metaldog (reblip)
lafabrock Not so different but it kicks in well. Good for the dancefloor. thanks@sammatthews: "The dudes on the remix are from Japan. What do you think?" (reblip)

Mgmt- Kid's (80kidz remix)

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lafabrock vi@ffluxx: "Surkin – Next of kin --- RB@seizuresalad: "reblip. this is a good track. // and hey, #ffluxx, nice to meet u :)" <---- Likewise :D" (reblip)

SurkinNext of kin

| play
ffluxx Nikka Costa – Funkier Than A Mosquitoes Tweeter ---> RB@paulastudio RB@Deesound <--- Thank U amigos : ) ||| Today is RB Friday . Time to share :D (reblip)
lafabrock if you like Battles, you like Pivot @Lucalexa @bareknuckleyellow // @melpimenta What's wth the french blips from french bands I never heard of... ? :)
ffluxx Max Berlin – Elle Et Moi (Joakim Remix) ---> RB@fabuleuxfab vi@Karuna vi@envy_audiocide <--- Thanks :D |||| RB FRIDAY (reblip)
lafabrock LOL. Now that's a cover ! Iggy Pop #covers a french classic by Yves Montand. Praise to @burro (reblip)
lafabrock No kidding ! What do these 3 people have in common ? How did they meet ? If you're looking for a needle in a haystack just ask@Nymph (reblip)
lafabrock vi@28apple_chic: "Hello darlin' @astronymous lovely blips :) OK I'll have a listen on summat else! ;) @The_Kraken" (reblip)
LS22 don't know him - but i like it! @fabuleuxfab: "@LS22 I must congratulate you on your exquisite taste in french music... Do you happen to know him ? " (reblip)
lafabrock Yes that's the one ! Best version of the song ! vi@Karuna: "Looked U up @LucyGrace - LOW compat on Last. So what do they know, anyway? ;)" (reblip)
lafabrock rb@ffluxx: "Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks (Fred Falke Remix) --- RB@bduubz: "#ffluxx but is it a grizzly bear?" <---- Fine with me, we can eat it in 2 (reblip)
VayVay that breakbot mix you referred to on myspace gave got me HIGH! @fabuleuxfab
lafabrock He links well with Michna. @lou_wee_sa: "nite nite @ffluxx thanks for the sweet tunes." (reblip)
lafabrock From Ed Banger's roster comes Krazy Baldhead. One of a kind. His mix and playlist here
Sook just dug up this highly electronic instrumental remix of The Knife's "silent shout" - I like it! Check it out @THX3 @fabuleuxfab
DrDisk So these guys lifted somthing from Steely Dan - can't really blame them.
lafabrock Rita Hayworth, Put The Blame On Mame, from the movie Gilda (1946).

Put The Blame On Mame,Rita Hayworth

| play
lafabrock A belgium electronic duo to watch. Very groovy track with a stupid two voice singing... sounds like LCD soundsystem !
lafabrock Elton John classic song remixed ! Found on Danger Danger
lafabrock #sampled by Dr Dre for... ? Can't remember the name of it ! Thanks@VayVay: "love getting freaky @Superfly: "love this and dr dre's sample of this"" (reblip)
lafabrock Chill out version of Nina Simone covering the Beatles. Thanks@ VayVay (reblip)
mindblob @fabuleuxfab this one's for ya. Because I immediately liked your fabuleux name. : )

le jardin extraordinaire - trenet

| play
VayVay Nice, ive already give you 3 props today. @ffluxx: "Thievery Corporation – Coming From the Top" (reblip)
lafabrock Excellent ! rb@Atomik: "good day @Houdinial: "ALL IS FULL OF LOVE ;-)" Hope you are swell. ;)" (reblip)
Atomik @toysrevil - thanks for planting a Tracey seed, happy monday
lafabrock In France, when we play a slow song we say it's "le quart-d'heure américain". In a disco, 'twas that time of the night when girls had 2 invite boyz...
samodiva tnx @fabuleuxfab: "Hi to both of you ! How are you ? Can I recommend this remix ? @samodiva @Sook " Gift appreciated :) (reblip)
lafabrock rb@DJstromer19: "Au Revoir Simone – Shadows (The Teenagers Remix)<><>" (reblip)
lafabrock Tenacious D is hilarious. Just saw the movie yday. Their parody of metal bands is clever ! Big fan of Jack Black.
lafabrock Great orgnl song ! Not the best remix on the album though ! thanks@bunq: "@Glowish "Nothing says sexy like long thinning hair, a leisure suit, [...] (reblip)
lafabrock Any Star Wars fan in here ? You might to check out this hilarious montage... All I'm saying is Star Wars Vs Magnum....
lafabrock Great instrumental ! For brass lovers like me !
lafabrock This is the opening track Of Krazy Baldhead (Ed Banger) free 30min. mix for you
lafabrock Track#2 Is Midfield General - Ricky 39 (not available) and #3 is ATCQ feat. Busta Rhymes - DL Krazy Baldhead mix here
lafabrock An old Prince song ! Seems like it's fashionable to dig old Prince classics... Featured in Krazy Baldhead (Ed Banger) mix
lafabrock Original full studio version. Track 3 from the 1991 Pearl Jam album Ten Thanks@tubilino (reblip)

Pearl JamAlive

| play
lafabrock This call for a big MERCI@klitoria: "hi @G_r_e_g @fabuleuxfab // @anjuscha I see you like them too ;) (reblip)


| play
lafabrock If you wait long enough you'll get to see Dj Mehdi and Thomas Bangalter celebrating Busy P's birthday at Cinespace in LA... They do that by playing...
ishibutsu rb@4Fl: "[ ♫ ] DAMIEN RICE, HERBIE HANCOCK, LISA HANNIGAN - Don't Explain (Billie Holiday cover) " (reblip)
lafabrock Really cool version, full, non-youtube, non-imeem... Thanks@b_s_lynn (reblip)
lafabrock Still it's hard to find their stuff... :( @daretoeatapeach: "For @fabuleuxfab or anyone else that wants to get to know the Twelves." (reblip)
lafabrock Wow all the stats for are here with all your names and all that
lafabrock @DJstromer19 Awesome ! This is the opening track for Yuksek 30 min. mix on Fubiz ! (reblip)
lafabrock Yahoo ! This is my second blipup ! It's a very rare mix from the australian band The Avalanches live @ XFM Enjoy ! @VayVay @SpininSara @Dessound (reblip)
lafabrock Sia, fabulous & creepy cover of Radiohead's Paranoid Android vi@toobad: "yr welcome @doux =) @GR8FL @ffluxx @Dessound @spiraldelight @SceniKK (reblip)

Sia- Paranoid Android (Radiohead Cover)

| play
lafabrock Play this in a disco and watch me jump all over the place !

BlurSong 2

| play
avivajazz Souad Massi – Ya Kelbi (Oh! My Heart)
Deesound (::) ...Rb@ffluxx: "Krazy Baldhead – Apple Juice" <--did you bring some ..? ...:))) ...nice ..(::) (reblip)
lafabrock Handle with care : this is a symphonical version of Daft Punk's Aerodynamic by Tom Hodge.@ffluxx @Sook @VayVay @santamistura @Deesound @Atomik@Inge_FS

Aerodynamic By Tom Hodge/ Hodges

| play
lafabrock George Benson #covers The Beatles live with a piano. This one is worth a thousand ! @VayVay @JaseyRae


| play
lafabrock This is actually the orgnl. It was later covered by Thelma Houston a,d of course The Comunards @VayVay @JaseyRae
lafabrock Awesome ! U're a great player ! ;)@VayVay: "wham cover of careless whisper @fabuleuxfab" (reblip)
ffluxx Dawn Penn – No, No, No, You Dont Love Me
lafabrock Can't believe I hadn't ad U @Stitch_13 yet ! @Atomik: "rb@Stitch_13: Im surprised U dont have over 1k listeners yet, Please listen 2 Stitch!@didjedoo (reblip)
ffluxx Gregory Isaac - Night Nurse

Gregory Isaac: Night Nurse

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lafabrock rb@didjedoo French IDM/Electronica free download" Thought u might like@klitoria @HEARTHEDRUMS @tometty @ishibutsu @evablue @lwsrc (reblip)

La fleur Gravité

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lafabrock French band u really want to know ! Similar too Wax Tailor, Mr Scruff, etc. rb@burro: "no conocia me gusta el video buenisimooo @Chili" for @didjedoo (reblip)

le peuple de l'herbe P.H Theme (rare)

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nuffced Original riddim. Jackie's a genius. @ffluxx Your time to set my mood... Guidance, man.
lafabrock DFA meets WARP : Hot chip remixes Gang Gang Dance's House Jam !
lafabrock I think the real title is "The Fallen (ruined by Justice)" which is so much clever and telling about what they did to the song ! ;)@melodyofyourlife (reblip)
lafabrock A rich and fast piano tune ! rb@yonibeat: "(.....(....(...(..(.( D!SKJ0KK3 ).)..)...).....)" (reblip)


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franfer @thatmanandy: "Possibly the saddest piece of music I ever heard. Coltrane's sax mirrors the flow of Martin Luther-King's speech after the AL bombings" (reblip)
lafabrock @franfer I was really impressed by your blip on Coltrane. My sincere thanks. I love it when blippers take time to comment their blips. Added to my pl
lafabrock Wow, excellent ! French over gipsy jazz guitar by the master Django rb@BlipUp: "Django Reinhardt - (ds)Coucou :" @didjedoo (reblip)
lafabrock Thanks you for that ! Have a good night !@Deesound: "(::) ...this goes @fabuleuxfab @paulastudio ....good night @kzythm ...(::) " (reblip)
lafabrock rb@b_s_lynn: "(Ut) Batman - Tv Theme [Maybe I just watched too much TV as a kid.] @EvilChris @TheArtfulDodger @tubilino" (reblip)


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lafabrock Perfect ! @Deesound: "(::) ...got2go ...ceeyou all later @fabuleuxfab @Blippo @120hippos1girl @paulastudio @mammara and everbody else ofcourse ...(::) (reblip)
CLARITY @fabuleuxfab the rights was a joke silly :) & i went to a free rsvp diplo show at SXSW this year&now they send me all sorts of emails of new releases
LS22 @KGage @johno @BarryJive @megg @fabuleuxfab @kqrpnb @Jennaharg -- lots of celebrating for the rest of the week/weekend - see you kids in a few days!
lafabrock "My mind n spray" ! "Control the mic like FIdel Castro...locked Cuba" @Thnikkaman Who's in for a rap session ?" @DrDisk (reblip)
lafabrock We interrupt this Hip Hop program to hit u with [Pantera – Fucking Hostile] thanks to @bartholomewJstriker. Full version ! Headbanger guaranteed ! ;)
lafabrock Listen to this @ffluxx or better yet watch this I just watched withe my friend @didjedoo and it's serious great dj skills...
lafabrock @ffluxx I know this is obvious but i'm leaving you with this ! Have a good night and a thousand thanks #sampled by Kanye West
lafabrock DJ Mehdi - / Pocket Piano (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix) But who are the Chewy Chocolate Cookies ?
lafabrock Barry Manilow - / Copacabana || If Chocolate Cookies could make mixtapes, it would sound... no, start like this
lafabrock They stopped manufacturing them in the 70's ;) @ExtremeAnnette : Nina Simone~♫My Baby Just Cares For Me♫~I need a Guy like this!x~@adbert @linnetwoods (reblip)
lafabrock I spend last week listening to the original. This remix is so welcome ! Thanks@NobbyUK : Coming from... (reblip)
lafabrock This is my bomb of the day. Dj Gero (DMC winner, french) remixes Lily Allen. This is a rare. @ffluxx @Nymph @Atomik @tometty @SpinninSara @GR8FL (reblip)
lafabrock Paco de Lucia cuando tenia 17 anos... @avivamagnolia

Paco de Lucia Tico Tico

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lafabrock If only I could still give you props... but I'm OOP for you since forever ! You take me back to my early musical emotions with this@SpinninSara (reblip)
lafabrock viva huelva

Lo Grande Que es Perdonar- Vico C y Gilbeto SantaRosa

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lafabrock @SpinninSara Oh u got me shivering... let me pace up the tempo or i'll just sucomb...// @ffluxx @Deesound #sampled by Basement Jaxx - Sa-Sa-Sa-Sabroso


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lafabrock @VayVay Oh then maybe so... #sampled by... I'm not even saying it...


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lafabrock U like tales ? My special treat. And 2 make things a little + dirty : want to find out how Carradine died of masrturbation ?
lafabrock And that was featured in what Tarantino movie ? Oh what a tender trap...
lafabrock Still going through Tarantino soundtracks...

George Baker Selection Little Green Bag

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lafabrock #samples Who Is He & What Is He To You - Bill Withers
DHS outta props for you my man@Thnikkaman: "I think I need some random hot girl dancing by my couch. " (reblip)
lafabrock Back to rippin' off Tarantino's soundtrack // sampled by Jean-jacques smoothie - 2 poeple

Minnie Riperton (Inside My Love)

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lafabrock Motown special !

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles-The Tears Of A Clown

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lafabrock @liminal Don't get me started on Four Tet.... big fan !
lafabrock Here's a trilogy you might enjoy... Lillac Wine #1
lafabrock I'm not ashamed, this will be my 6th lastsong for tonight, but what a song... (reblip)
lafabrock Oh, starving, didn't have breakfast yet...LOL...this is seriously good !@estrogen: "@fabuleuxfab hungry?" (reblip)

Rita Pavone "Viva la pappa col pomodoro"

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lafabrock Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Put a Spell on You ||
lafabrock Erick Sermon - Music (feat Marvin Gaye) ||
lafabrock Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine ||
lafabrock Keziah Jones - Rhythm Is Love(cosmix) || Thanks@Cosmix
lafabrock Wow. Many thanks. Is that new ?@ffluxx: "Bibi Flash - Histoire D'1 Soir (Bye Bye Les Galeres) (DJ Nass Remix) ---- this one is for @fabuleuxfab :D" (reblip)
ffluxx Debussy – Arabesque #1
lafabrock Ray Barretto - The Soul Drummers ))
lafabrock Mulatu Astatke - Yèkèrmo Sèw (A Man of Experience and Wisdom) )) A great ethipioan jazzman. A very cool beat for a nice sunny afternoon
lafabrock Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tezeta )) As featured in the #OST of Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers
lafabrock Phil K - Tiga - Pleasure from Bass (Joakim Remix) )) for @sp
melpimenta @Atomik: "2020 Soundsystem – High (LLorca's Remix)" thanx :) (reblip)
lafabrock Justice - We Are Your Friends (Something Wrong Bass Remix) ))
lafabrock Good to see you too ! Nice track !@djilo Hi back :) @Mtii: "nice to hear from you. @fabuleuxfab just want to say hi to..@stena @djilo" (reblip)
lafabrock Beck - Cellphone's Dead: Ellen Allien Remix )) @Atomik // @djilo do you fancy that sound ?
lafabrock Le Knight Club - A1 Boogie Shell )) @sei
lafabrock Le Knight Club - B1 Rhumba )) This one will make you go Oohhh Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
lafabrock Belle & Sebastian - I'm A Cuckoo (Avalanches Remix) )) with Avalanches of course @
lafabrock - Wolfmother- Woman (Avalanches Remix) )) @

Wolfmother- Woman (Avalanches Remix)

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lafabrock - Badly Drawn Boy/The Shining (The Avalanches Mix) ))

Badly Drawn Boy/The Shining (The Avalanches Mix)

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lafabrock )) I blipped up this song for you but I still owe you. Hope you like it. I got at least 3 listeners from you in 5 minutes ! You know people ;) @Lis (reblip)
BlipUp Interview with Filmmaker Carl French - Monty Pythons (fabuleuxfab) :
brokentv Proving Soulwax can still rock! 'Til my near-inevitable drunken Blips the other side of midnight, I'm off. Stay classy, Blipverse!
Atomik this classic is back in rotation for me right now
steno @fabuleuxfab I love's another Nina Simone remix....gn8 @ladypn4...thx @Nettys @DJJazzyJacq @avivamagnolia ,-) an @all church goers ,-)
lafabrock d^_^b Thanks ! love it too !@MalikX: "@ffluxx: "Atlanta All Stars – Dance Samba ----- RB@fabuleuxfab <---- Nice!!!"" (reblip)
lafabrock The Latin Breed - I Turn You On (fabuleuxfab) (blip.up) d^_^b
lafabrock U-Roy - Stick Together (fabuleuxfab) (blip.up) d^_^b
lafabrock @SpinninSara: "******@fabuleuxfab" It's been sampled for a Hip Hop tune but I don't know which one... I'm so braindead... Thanks (reblip)
lafabrock A-Trak - Infinity +1 Preview d^_^b A nice 8 min mix from A-trak. there are about 20 tunes in there... the man's got magic fingers and a cool twitter !
lafabrock d^_^b @Inge_FS @pinkpolkadots @Cynfulred @pokeken I'm having a fit for that song ! Check out this crazy bass line and catchy ringing.
lafabrock Come on people now, smile on your brother... Everybody get together, try and love one another now...
lafabrock Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra - Entrance Of The Gladiators d^_^b
lafabrock The Hot 8 Brass Band - (Ds)Jisten To Me (Hint Remix) d^_^b
lafabrock The Bollywood Brass Band - (Ds)Gur Nalon Ishk Mita (Sax/Wheland Mix) d^_^b
lafabrock The Andrews Sisters - Rum and Coca Cola d^_^b Drinking Rum and Coca Cola in Trinidad... Who's in ?
lafabrock Thanks rb@burro // Don't stop @SpinninSara ! And meet @burro If not already done ! I can't believe you girl only have 207 listeners... You're so good (reblip)
lafabrock d^_^b Ahora estas blipando canciones franceses ! Me encanto ! rb@burro : delicioso Serge // @VayVay (reblip)
lafabrock I didn't like it at the begining, but now I almost prefer it to the original. Thanks@ffluxx Feist – My Moon My Man (Boyz Noize Classic Mix) (reblip)
lafabrock Gonzales - Working Together (Boys Noize Vox Mix) d^_^b @ffluxx I was listening to A-trak Infinity+1 mix yesterday and he playlisted it !
lafabrock #OST How good it that ? Not the really famous tune, the other one, check it out ! And blow your horns !
lafabrock Ooooh ! Just wait until the middle of the track, B4 second verse is two girls speaking in Japanese... and then the beat comes back ! Real good !
lafabrock Mmmmmm LSD for breakfast ! Thanks to@CamelWalk: "You're all invited. Starts around now. @fabuleuxfab @fffluxx @Deesound @djilo @Jazzhole (reblip)
lafabrock Feist - 1,2,3,4 (Van She Tech remix) d^_^b
lafabrock Classic house stuff from the 90's. This one 1999.

Edsilia Rombley "Second Floor" J&B Classic Mix

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lafabrock "Oh My God, this looks like a giant..." Anyone in for some Austin Powers. Hilarious !

Austin Powers Big.....Thing

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lafabrock Excellent ! Thanks ! @nuffced: "Nice rb @nakatake - better than the original (4 me). " (reblip)
lafabrock Rye Rye - Wassup (Crookers Remix) d^_^b Sorry I haven't been aroun d in a while ! Miss you ! @yellowcheese @ffluxx @Atomik @bdubz @jonnyrockunit