charliegower gimmie shelter is sooo what I need right now
lenise coffee + this tune = me ready for the day
leftywill Swedish happy pop loveliness. Your new favourite band.
dangermain get a trim, grade 2 undercut at the back, feather the fringe
leftywill i'm a good guy for a gal.. i'm gonna break down her pigtails - but i'm not quite a stallion.
glyndot Great track for a sunny evening. Love the moment when the chorus first kicks in.

they might be giants the sun is a mass of incandescent gas

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leftywill This is on blip! Brilliance! The best, most aggressive Nick Cave song.
leftywill Fleetwood Mac + Peter Green = Oh Well.
leftywill Best QOTSA song...also good for research debrief reading..
leftywill More uptempo research brief reading music. With guitar.
russelldavies the only acceptable guitar sound
leftywill My reflection showed that I'm far too critical.
leftywill Great bassline. Mad as fish Herbaliser action.
jackola This is a nice remix! MGMT + Justice = the hot
cooksarah i just noticed i've got dirrty boots
somnambulant Life keeps on passing me by (while I work)
kevin7211 christ in a sidecar this shit is good
clarkowitz Just got off the phone with my mom. Filling her in on the nitty-gritty of my life. And, yes, it's been nitty and gritty lately. But so has hers. Love


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leftywill ah, some connells on a sunday. good stuff.
pristyles @Grumblemouse i'd only heard the instrumental on donuts. ah, rest in peace james yancey


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leftywill best song you've never heard.
iaintait Pounding track with massive Rocky and rave samples. A take-no-prisoners affair. EEK!
purplesime This new PJ Harvey album is exquisite.
leftywill @purplesime I like this 'get over it'. :) and @jasonlonsdale, when the mood takes me, yeah...
leftywill work this morning.


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joan9 dj cam sampled this. beautiful track. it really does make me feel sentimental...
tojulius I am very ignorant when it comes to the Who
Nettys Noch ein Fiona Apple Son. War gestern in Aberystwyth.
Holyshow Dusted this one off ... still sounds solid, nice good weather song as well.
katylindemann more dreamy floatiness

10 - Bent - Swollen

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Grumblemouse woot woot pony up


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katylindemann I'm wearing grey and black but who couldn't use more purple in their life?
purplesime I hope it is bright tomorrow, I'm getting fed up with all this bloody rain. Hope this makes you feel like dancing - it does me.
MemeHuffer a) I'm a Kiwi b) I dig Isaac Hayes & Barry White... so this is a pretty obvious blip...
leftywill best elliott smith song, imo.
purplesime Here he comes... Is he the same man Lou Reed was waiting for?
cooksarah love jenna g: if you don't know maxwell - you're probably single
MemeHuffer time for something noisy...
sosureimparanoid I'm gonna ride fast 2 where I don't care! (let you know once I get there)
calamari Was listening to this little gem on my way to work this morning. Thank you iPod random.
purplesime Right, gotta go write some scripts. It's all falling into place...
leftywill I was at the album launch on Tuesday. Brilliance.
Indietunes remember times when you put me on your shoulders
purplesime @redfiasco We could always go in between both! Any excuse for Louden, I reckon.
leftywill brilliant, brilliant cover. not what you'd expect.
leftywill starry starry night. paint your palette blue and grey.
purplesime Blip'd solely for the line: You tell me that you're unboyfriendable.
leftywill @purplesime thanks for telling me about magnetic fields. loving this song.
RadioTwitter @jamiec good call, I'm sure there'll be time for this baby
leftywill Yep. Great lyrics. 'I seem to have a history...of missing the point at this stuff'.
leftywill great stuff. magnetic fields = happiness.
purplesime If you have control of your volume, turn it up to 11 now...
CanYouDigIt a good hour of some records that i have...night night
Jexxx Keedz - Stand On The World. O novo Justice? a nova D.A.N.C.E.? bom, ambas são boas...
purplesime I love bands that sing with their own accents. Here's one. Gorgeous.
leftywill beautiful song...reflective of the weather.
leftywill best neil young cover i've heard.
FamousRob @sheseesred I love idlewild, probably my fave band ever. Seen them about 7 times. @leftywill Good indie choices
RadioTwitter Amazing to see everyone last night - is it too early for this kind of crunchiness?
leftywill yep. hard hitting and great. cracking video too.
leftywill in danger of proclaiming the magnetic fields my new favourite band.
dangermain new mercury rev album is gooooood (this is, of course, and old song)
Indietunes ho riascoltato i crimea ieri in macchina con joe!
mmemaledicta preparing timecards...desperately avoiding the urge to turn on "cold case files" on A&E, and scare myself before driving 45 min. to school.
mmemaledicta WHOA! I can't believe I am at the 1,000 blip mark. Crazy.
purplesime My mate put out one of their first albums on his label. Saw them live in a tiny club with only 20 others. Good times.
leftywill picking a rose for my rose....would have been better than powerpoint. :)
dangermain it can make you cry

01 Willow Tree

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josiefraser @leftywill this is my favorite Stevie Wonder track. Superstition sullied for me by brand Jamiroquai.
leftywill guess i'm alriiiight.


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nixe My neighbor plays fiddle in the morning.
clarkowitz So the party got really interesting last night when the power went out on the block. Cash bar, and lots of numbskullery. Whiskey!!!
nixe Gah! I am so psyched. Might as well do some homework.
leftywill and this is the real version. that was a (good) cover.
leftywill best cover i've heard in years.
leftywill apt. this is what planning sounds like in my brain.
leftywill more new stuff (nb: it's not 'new', but new on blip). and this song is called 'once in your life'. not if. ;)
leftywill love the new secret machines album. as well as this remix.
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