Squashpants Just love this acid-promoting song by Frankie S's girl daughter...
loopaznavour lets face it , they played like arthritic chimps but after they learnt their instruments they got worse. Go figure! (reblip)

Bad Brains- Pay To Cum single

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osmutante Valerio Cosi – Hoboland

Adina Howard- Freak Like Me

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osmutante Bert Jansch "Black Waterside"

Bert Jansch "Black Waterside"

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auxraus The Pop Group / She's beyond Good and Evil

The Pop Group / She's beyond Good and Evil

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HeadFullOfNoise "I twist the truth, I rule the world, my crown is called deceit/ I am the emperor of lies, you grovel at my feet" Sepultura -"Orgasmatron"


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Swans : Beautiful Child

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EddieEntropy One day the training wheels will come off Ed's new bike...

CoilThe Wheel

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Chrome Zombie Warfare

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Cruzito Motley Crue – Looks That Kill
gimmetinnitus blipping NO JOY re the latest NOT POSTED Mix :: http://goo.gl/ec0I9

No JoyHawaii

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nicklokes Forget your troubles and dance! Forget your sorrows and dance! Forget your sickness and dance! Forget your weakness and dance!
BluJulius it doesn't get anymore genius than this @Haywood
HorseShitWally @letitride2: "betcha haven't heard this in awhile Jimi Hendrix- Peace in Mississippi (reblip)

Jimi Hendrix- Peace in Mississippi

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HorseShitWally The Stooges-Cock In My Pocket @ElDorkoPunkRetro (reblip)

The Stooges-Cock In My Pocket

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Godless_goth Triarii – On Wings of Steel
Godless_goth APHEX TWIN – Windowlicker
Godless_goth Slayer - War Ensamble

Slayer-War Ensamble

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Godless_goth Bauhaus "Stigmata Martyr"

Bauhaus "Stigmata Martyr"

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Godless_goth Electric Hellfire Club - Goat Mass

The Carter Family,The Storms On the Ocean,Original Bristol Recording August 1st 1927

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Oceanna 3 and out...so tired..I'll sleep sound after this one. If your soul could speak, it would manifest as Son House.
Godless_goth Death – Lack of Comprehension
Godless_goth Behind the Crooked Cross – Slayer (Studio Version)
formalhaut rb@kattegat beautiful. both, the music and the video. (reblip)

dom mino' 『seed』

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Boards of Canada- From one Source all Things depend

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formalhaut Throbbing Gristle mix by Scanner @gdrago @Stendhal @QuicksandRangero @allTGaficionados


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LeandroAzevedo Cannibal Corpse – No Remorse (metallica cover)
LeandroAzevedo Slayer my fav band @Sylak /// Slayer – Chemical Warfare
loopaznavour probably, but you will never really know. (reblip)

The Mummies- I'm Bigger Than You

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loopaznavour a freudian nightmare. marvellous.

Alien Sex Fiend-Hee Haw (Here Come The Bone People)

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EddieEntropy More classic industrial. "Everything is soft out focus and there's a sound that disturbs me." Why hasn't this been re-issued?
EddieEntropy Ignore the video, the song speaks true. The love we found inside of shattering youth was a beautiful mosaic.
EddieEntropy 5 iTunes on Random #5: This is fun, do it to your own collection and post! There were many not on blip but every one that was appeared.


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EddieEntropy RB @dronedream Papa Burroughs was always looking out for the kids!Don't like to hear the word vampire around here, trying to improve our public image. (reblip)

Words Of Advice William S. Burroughs

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EddieEntropy rb @chimera Pop song for the nuclear bomb, love the glow it gives the kids! (reblip)
EddieEntropy @Zer0_II Damien is a child prodigy, a sinister receptor of killer thought waves. Plug into transmission, trance mission, and glimmer!
EddieEntropy rb @darlin Last song for morning. Happy Sons & Daughters Day my frenids! (reblip)
EddieEntropy rb @THX3 Invisible Conga People are the sexiest Conga people! (reblip)
EddieEntropy @MsAineseY Time for sleepy night times, let the devil dance with you in my absence!

The Devil Does Drugs

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EddieEntropy @tubilino Your Exterminator remix reminded of this hit. Subvert normality, Kill All Hippies!!
EddieEntropy @MsAineseY Hope head is back in the realm of the painless and joyful! Here's a little wake up song for your ears and soul. Black sun.

Dead Can Dance Black Sun

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EddieEntropy rb @alexblas I had no idea that iTunes had all the old Portion Control stuff up their until I re-blipped your PC track. Nice! (reblip)

SPKPost Mortem

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EddieEntropy OK, back to work. Ciao bella!
EddieEntropy News of the recording machine spread from village to village. The Westerners' head hung high on a pole -a warning shot. Bodies broke but spirit never.

Hunting Lodge tribal warning shot

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EddieEntropy The boss has your best interest in mind, & when she doesn't, it is still fitting that you kneel.
EddieEntropy I'm late for work cause I can't stop watching this video. It's BUG FUCKING AWESOME! I never double blip but make exception here. ALL MUST REBLIP THIS! (reblip)


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EddieEntropy @THX3 Love the CV, here's a great little slice of caustic living wrapped up in a paranoid landscape. Mallinder's voice could out-cold an ice storm.
EddieEntropy Break bones, tear flesh, kiss whiplash and come crashing with us!

Combichrist "Get Your Body Beat" Music Video

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EddieEntropy @missxena Don't forget this classic. My favorite track for many years. The way music was meant to be: ugly, cynical, caustic and slightly cruel.
EddieEntropy @SpacemenChris Great track, great video, thanks! Sleep and scuba divers both count sheep to get over the reef/reep/bleet. Drone your way into exile! (reblip)


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EddieEntropy Let's leave the final word for the post apocalypse set to Boyd.

NonScorched Earth

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EddieEntropy @MsAineseY Excitement day today, I upgrade my laptop computer for new musical device! I hope I can get it so it works as a jetpack too. I wanna fly!
EddieEntropy Cool contact, go all the way!
Alec_Empire we would listen to this song and be in so in love

NicoThese Days

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Alec_Empire it's a motherfucker...don't you know.... if they push that button....
UltraMarin ....cause when I need a friend its still you
UltraMarin is a song about a wooden Indian, Kaw-Liga, who falls in love with an "Indian maid over in the antique store" ...
EddieEntropy Evil moon AZA invader to your dreams. Disquiet will guide your actions and the face that you wear will grow ugly and mean.
EddieEntropy My chemicals are carefully balanced to create the worst possible self-expression. I failed my leadership course.
EddieEntropy rb @dronedream LSD's shimmering quest finds youth in every moment and presents the terror of immortality and finality as very real possibilities. (reblip)
EddieEntropy RB @MsAineseY 3 props/day kills me MsA. This is a nice goodnight track so I joyfully RB, but your Spanish sets rocked house & home. SleepDreæmon. (reblip)


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EddieEntropy One step at a time, body after body, walking in a line. Don't slow down or they'll stab you in the back. They watch you like ravens, like vultures.
EddieEntropy @MsAineseY Ownership is it's own reward and it's own cost. Enjoy with ease and glory the pleasure and the price.

The MisfitsShe

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EddieEntropy When all the numbers swim together, my eyes burn and close - rush to fill. I fall in love with the light.
EddieEntropy @sidharta Well come into Blip.fm world of DJ excitement! He's an original in trade for the cover.
EddieEntropy rb @wahwahwah Work is alien to Eddie, he prefers laziness, but this song (despite it's title) is good! (reblip)
EddieEntropy Goats do dub. They rub-a-dub-dub... Burn your bridges and give it to the man!!


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EddieEntropy Dead? The expiration date says they're good till next Tuesday!

JesuDead Eyes

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EddieEntropy @leaferi: It's quite old I'm afraid. Off the "Now" single from the early 90's. I've given up on them too but the old stuffs great!
EddieEntropy I can't wash these hands off my blood!

the young gods-longue route

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EddieEntropy rb @drinkallsolution: "woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" What he said! (reblip)


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Clock DVA- The Hacker

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HeadFullOfNoise Let's see if we can make it rain again using music. Slayer – "Rain in Blood"

SlayerRain in Blood

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Skinny Puppy Gods Gift Maggot live 1988

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EddieEntropy rb @Ms_AineseY: Volume is like a drug for my ears! These are the times to scream into the sky and laugh like the world's almost coming to an end. (reblip)

Robots In Disguise- Turn It Up

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EddieEntropy Phone call at 4am? It's just Eddie calling to say hi. AGAIN.


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EddieEntropy I'm returning to my coffin now but will be back shortly. Please leave milk and cookies near my headstone.
AninhAForster Your time has come to shine... All your Dreams are on their way See how they shine...!!! Elvis Presley - Bridge Over Troubled Water
EddieEntropy I searched and didn't find anything! Where did I go wrong???
EddieEntropy rb @alexblas: Nice choice! Nothing makes me happier than a joyous kick to the head! (reblip)

Mussolini Headkick Get Out

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fivestarprodj Snoop Dogg ~ Still a G Thang (1998) 98 BPM
pato15 The Stooges -- No Fun

StoogesNo Fun

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The99thFloor @shakeyourmop Iggy Pop - I'm Bored


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k-holes-Native Tongues

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Xyling rb@neomystery_kid: "new to me, very nice, thx! @spineflower: "yes @neomystery_kid, of course i remember you :) hope you are well..."" (reblip)

Permanent Collection-In My Head

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