hotstuffjohn Even after months, this catchy tune still won't let ME go.

Ting tings Shut up and let me go

| play
savvyhamster <3 morbid but my funeral song so beautiful <3

StingFields of Gold

| play
DJFreshyPanda Mazzy Star – Fade Into You (oh man! This is SO old! I used to fall a sleep to this! zzzz)
lilbirdman lovely one-mj and the jacksons

Michael Jackson-Lovely One

| play
AnyIdiot I love this song!

jessie paint a picture (joshua kadison)exellent sound !!!

| play
JRey Warning! A love song! A love song! <3
indiegirl175 This is how my heart behaves... =/
Morricia gotta love a song you can jam to at work & parents look at you weird b/c 2 guards are dancing on opposite sides of the activity pool! love it! :]]
krystynchong Take A Chance is one of my fav old skool jams. :) Guess who sings it...


| play
krystynchong Takin' it back to the mid 80's - 1985 if I'm not mistaken. Funky Little Beat was *the* cruise song (tho I didn't drive then)
krystynchong @QueenSapphyre - This song calls for some 'Patience' as John Mayer forgets the lyrics. The instrumental solo is worth listening to, tho.
krystynchong Natalise - Forever Now (thx @Horizon3) love it (reblip)

NataliseForever Now

| play
krystynchong I listened to Spirit of the West and dig the heavy play on instruments. It's an orchestra orgy...@QueenSapphyre [Thanks @Ponza, you rock]
krystynchong Young Michael Jackson & his bros sing "I'll Be There" acapella this brought tears to my eyes... [thx @ambit] (reblip)

I'll Be There Acapella

| play
lilbirdman DM FeistyKittyKat dedicated to you and your significant other-Smokey Robinson "Quiet Storm"

TRAVIS Love Will Come Through

| play
dwo34 @krystynchong: "Have you heard this one before? :) @webaddict @dwo34 @meteriso @lilbirdman @mannylive @Ponza @Horizon3 @Slash5150 @a1by " No Like it! (reblip)
krystynchong Sometimes When We Touch, the honesty's too much... (reblip)
krystynchong Goodnight, Twitterfriends. Leaving my stream on so I can fall asleep to the sweet sounds you're playin...
krystynchong Hello It's Me - love this song. (wow @ eyebrows!) I Don't remember Todd Rundgren this way...

500 miles with lyrics

| play
krystynchong It's Too Late Turn Back Now (HQ) this is a beautiful video... Cornelius Brothers @webaddict @lilbirdman @mayhemstudios @LouieBaur @Horizon3
belucha Na, na-na, na-na, na-na, this charming man ...
ambit I have always liked this version of Diamonds~Herb Alpert/ Janet Jackson: Hey you: @T_DeBarros @Awannabeangel @1001queen @Bdarealist @broadwayg

Janet Jackson & Herb Alpert Diamonds Cool Summer edit

| play
mteric The Whitest Boy Alive – Done with You
mteric Kings Of Convenience – Know How (featuring Feist)
mteric Dreamy. Experimental Aircraft – Stellar
krystynchong This is going out to all you crazy twitters! TURN IT UP, it's HUMPday & this is the jam! *does that dance*

save ferris come on eileen

| play
FineNGood And all you know and how you speak Countless lovers undercover of the street You know that I could use somebody Someone like you
gitothethe ♪Perfect - Simple Plan - No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls - 2002

Simple PlanPerfect

| play
krystynchong This is probably my favorite song of all time. There is no other song w/better lyrics or arrangement (except Let's Get It On but it's a slow jam)
mteric So relaxing... :) @jennyleepenny: "Where is my Jello ? @OCkracker ... lemon jello, to you! " (reblip)

Lemon JellyCome

| play
mteric Awesome. @nastysurprise72: "@dochugo stop me if you've heard these before. this is new stuff to me." (reblip)
hotstuffjohn Santana featuring Michelle Branch – The Game of Love HQ
Mattmusi64l The Isley Brothers – For The Love Of You
krystynchong Al B. Sure wants a one man's girl. "If I'm Not Your Lover, if I'm not friend, tell me baby, just tell me what I am..." (reblip)

๑۩۩... Deon Estus : Heaven Help Me ...۩۩๑ (1989)

| play
rsmac nooooossa! Esse filme é muuuito antigo! muito boa @CMDoria: "Never ending story - Limahl" (reblip)

Never ending story

| play
krystynchong Madonna's "Music" - Hey Mister DeeJay (Grammy's Live performance) funk it up...I love the way she can dances here.
cipytweet like this remake @Awannabeangel: "RB @dwo34: After 7 – Sara Smile" (reblip)

After 7Sara Smile

| play

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Over The Rainbow

| play

vindicated lyrics by dashboard confessional

| play

Coldplay Yellow Acoustic version

| play

Avril Lavigne "I Will Be"

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Luthor1 Song of the moment.


| play
mediatomorrow long day at work, calls for loud alternative music tonight... strangely it calms me
krystynchong Gotta turn this one way up! "And My Beat Goes Boom" boom boom boom. boom boom boom... (reblip)
Killaya I might like you better if we slept together.
naql And another great song. I think I'll stop spamming blips to my twitter now.

Brenton Wood Gimme A Little Sign

| play
lilbirdman @krystynchong dynasty "i've just begun"

Dynasty-I've Just Begun To Love You(audio only)

| play
lilbirdman @krystynchong everyone get off yo ass and "get on the dance floor" rob base n dj e-z rock danny d remix
KatieKapow @TidyCat Good news is on the way tomodachi. ^____^
KatieKapow @TidyCat @sn0wrose Blipped a thousand times but still soooo good! *dances* ^___^
krystynchong Jason Mraz's "Geek In The Pink" has the BEST lyrics: Don't judge me by the color, confuse it for another...
krystynchong Green Light - "workin your back like it's going out of style..." @webaddict
krystynchong RT rb @dawntrenee: "Thanks @krystynchong never heard this before, love it" *glad you like it, she's good! Go Beth Hart... (reblip)
krystynchong This is a sexy beat right here: Party Ben - Genius of London *Love this remix, thx @coureycat!
krystynchong oooh baby baby baby it's gettin kinda crazy, it feels like oooooh...
krystynchong "When Will I See You Again" The Three Degrees: will I have to suffer & cry the whole night thru...
OfficiallyMissi "i have often walked down this st before bt the pavement stayed beneath my feet before"
krystynchong Good Charlotte's best song, vocally & lyrically: I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)
krystynchong "Forget Me Nots" to help you to remember, was it your charm or your passion? Patrice Rushen
willetgains02 More than a what I get when I with you!
lilbirdman @krystynchong don't know why this one popped into my mind??? don't think you know this one lol-instant funk-i got my mind made up
willetgains02 I all mixed up inside without you...

311All Mixed Up

| play
krystynchong 50 Cent feat Young Buck & Nicole S. "Fire" - Work it, grind it on me, that's perfect...
krystynchong SHAKE Ying Yang style *funky beat here* "buttah buttah buttah" shake shake shake shhake buttah buttah
lilbirdman @krystynchong herbie hancock - "ready or not"

Herbie Hancock Ready or Not

| play
lilbirdman @krystynchong michael henderson - "wide receiver"

Michael Henderson- Wide Receiver

| play
lilbirdman @krystynchong sister sledge - "thinking of you" live

Sister Sledge- Thinking Of You (Live)

| play

Boys Dont Cry : The Cure

| play
krystynchong Get your smile on, this one will make you feel good. "8 Become 1" #musicmonday #mashup #maroon5 #U2

{KH} 8 Become 1 {AMV}

| play
krystynchong who loved OMD simply bc they had the coolest name ever? Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. win.

OMD - If You Leave

| play
webaddict Yello - Oh Yeah @krystynchong Shooo, u know I got the buttah. :) On ur rice, green beans, body, I'm game!

YelloOh Yeah

| play
lilbirdman @krystynchong: "Ai ai ai ai aiiii.... ai ai ai ai aiii all aboard! [Ozzy remix] I don't think this is Madonna, tho. Sounds more like Stefani" (reblip)
krystynchong my fav Party Ben mashup: Beastie Boys vs Chic vs Franz Ferdinand "Good times! Leave your cares behind..." #music (reblip)

Beastie Boys vs CHIC vs Franz Ferdinand (Party Ben mix)

| play
lilbirdman @krystynchong - bell and james - "you never know what you've got"


| play
krystynchong *✶* Turn the volume waaay up & lemme Rock (this funky mashup) With You *✶*
krystynchong Love Is A House - Force MD's | hey, remember this one? @lilbirdman @mejapaneseboy @dwo34 @mark_c @0_0 @Tsauro @ambit #music

Force Md's Love is a house

| play

Elephant Parade: For You

| play
krystynchong mmm mmm mmm ap-ple bot-tom jeans boots w/the spurs NEXT thing ya know she got LOW LOW LOW....

Party BenLow Groove

| play
brunapp Última, "me reblipando"! Nada melhor do q começar e terminar o dia de trabalho com essa música. Sim, nós podemos melhorar as 2as feiras gente! (reblip)
brunapp Será que alguém já enjoou da minha paixão compulsiva por Phoenix? (por favor não respondam) (reblip)
iDandrea The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers-Who's That lady

| play

Elvis Presley- Can't Help Falling in Love (With lyrics)

| play

Return to Sender- Elvis Presley

| play


| play

Justin Timberlake Rock your body lyrics

| play

kool and the gang live new orleans "hollywood swinging"

| play
Alamar9 Welcome to the DJGang & for listening! @jonhylafarm: "Arcade Fire – Haiti.... ^_^" (reblip)

Arcade FireHaiti

| play
valdezign Phoenix – Rome (Live on KCRW)
StonyTunes ~ IF I HAD A $MILLION 'N' U HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR ~ Bare Naked Ladies
RockerMom My 6 yo's blip! LOL! Her choice...


| play

Don't Disturb This Groove

| play
krystynchong RB @DirtyUrine: "~ TOTALLY hangin' out Under The Bridge w/ @krystynchong !!! " *lol :) (reblip)

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Under The Bridge ( LIVE )

| play
DJLOPZ @lilbirdman did someone mention work?


| play
johnraser Jamming to "Where Is My Mind?" by The Pixies #music
johnraser check out this video of @KarisaNowak singing "Paradise" #musicmonday

Paradise by Karisa Nowak and Joe Spann

| play
krystynchong RB @DJLOPZ: I Wonder If I Take You Home - Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam - *loove this! @lilbirdman (reblip)
DJLOPZ @krystynchong silly silly music that freestyle...

Expose- Point Of No Return (1985)

| play
krystynchong Nocera - Let's Go || *toni basil's sister? :) #musicmonday

Nocera "Let's Go"

| play
widawtadawt When I'm with you, it doesn't matter where we are, or what we're doing. I'm with you, that's all that matters.


| play
krystynchong damn, I finally found this. Travis Barker & DJ AM #music video. RIP DJ AM

Travis Barker and DJ AM MUSIC VIDEO!

| play
krystynchong one of my favorite Beck songs: Nicotine and Gravy
DJLOPZ @mixmeistermike Nice cut man. I like your bliplist. I am now listening (reblip)
krystynchong this is remix is badass. "Don't Stop The Music"- bits & pieces
DJLOPZ Going to a show tonight for my bro Jimbo. Everyone have a nice evening.
lilbirdman @krystynchong - DREAM -"rock that thang & beynce" -diva ny edit


| play
LYRIC They didnt have this last week! #LYRIC please enjoi... <---rb@DJLOPZ, fantástico! me encanta... ~gracias, chico :) (reblip)
LYRIC Who are U in the face of disappointment? Where is your character... the one who keeps U going....

Van HuntCharacter

| play
LYRIC Only U, beneath the moon... and under the sun....
OfficiallyMissi "let me love yoooouuuuuuuu down"
lilbirdman @krystynchong -george duke w/patrice rushen -"i want you for myself"

George Duke " I Want You For Myself"

| play
krystynchong more Good Times by Edie Brickell for Will & friends - @_SDO @tldavidson @CateP36 @amys_bus_ticket @webaddict @dwo34 @dawntrenee
krystynchong Ooooh this is hella sweet remix... Teddy's Jam + I Can Make You Dance

GuyTeddy's Jam III

| play
krystynchong The infamous broom dance from the movie "Breakin" - Kraftwerk [video]

Breakin' Turbo Broom Dance

| play
krystynchong GQ - I Do Love You *how about this classic, @Lsjayboogie & @ferraribyzarre? :)

GQ-i do love you

| play
mteric KYTE – Boundaries


| play
krystynchong Love this Storm remix by Just Blaze w/Lenny Kravitz feat Jay-Z.

ELO-Strange Magic

| play
Brownigrl30 happy 2 make u happy!@cribjimbo: "Happy!!!@periferica: @Brownigrl30I lean against the wind, pretend that i am weightless and in this moment i am happy (reblip)
Brownigrl30 Got back a little early lol @DirtyUrine: "~ hey @Brownigrl30 wasn't expecting u 'til December!! " (reblip)
krystynchong The best song never heard. @heykim @mona @sarahlane

Save Me Josh Verdes

| play
DJLOPZ I never heard of the dude until the buzz was Dre signed him. Then this track hit. Only mixtapes that float around out here are local artists

50 CentIn Da Club

| play
KatieKapow Happiness, is so hard to find.

Nu Shooz I Can't Wait

| play
heykim @shawnieora classic.. beautiful...jermaine :)
heykim got to be there.. michael jackson
lilbirdman @krystynchong -hasim-"Al-Naafiyxh(the soul)" time to put a hole in the rug lol

Hasim- Al-Naafiysh (The Soul).

| play
lilbirdman @mariasearth @krystynchong @KatieKapow @terrinakamura @artlinkgallery @theotherAP @vandornbeauty -john legend- "save room"
devobrain Tobacco from Black Moth Super Rainbow doin his thing to LA's HEALTH.
mejapaneseboy Jake Shimabukuro plays the Theme from the amazing movie, "Hula Girls" Beautiful song to a very beautiful and touching movie!

Jake Shimabukuro Plays "Hula Girl" Theme

| play
1001songs another one i missed from to work on labor day
lilbirdman @1001songs-"chick a boom"-daddy dewdrops

Daddy Dewdrops-Chick-a-Boom 1972

| play
lilbirdman @krystynchong -bobby brown- "my perogative/every lil' step" thx for the props:)
krystynchong Put your smile on & get up off yo butt for this one! EW&F do u remember *dancin in September...baa de ahh de ah
TheRealFLUIDITY Burn! Let the $&^#%! burn! @CPCDINIZ: @Time2Burn: "Audioslave~Gasoline" (reblip)

Audioslave Gasoline

| play
terrinakamura I think Rihanna may have really been thinking of Ne-Yo when she sang this! @zaibatsu @krystynchong
JodyGirl162 TY FRIENDS@flinndc@squidbrain @rammerplex: ¯`*♥*´¯¯`*♥*´¯¯`*♥*´¯¯ tell me what it was? Umm, not yet.. (reblip)
IalaIa some girls are bigger than others, some girl's mothers are bigger than other girl's mothers
terrinakamura Seattle girl (hapa) with a sultry jazz voice @krystynchong @lilbirdman

Room Blue / Emi Meyer

| play
lilbirdman @krystynchong @terrinakamura @mariasearth -another chill tune on a mellow Sunday afternoon...
lilbirdman @terrinakamura -warren hill

Tell Me All Your Secrets-Warren Hill

| play
terrinakamura RB I love this! @lilbirdman: "@terrinakamura -warren hill" (reblip)

Tell Me All Your Secrets-Warren Hill

| play
terrinakamura These PPL are "So Amazing" and nice: @TheALReza @krystynchong @gravyontherice @lilbirdman @jazgar
krystynchong @DirtyUrine aka @kbstewartjr I'm thinkin you want me on your list of FAV dj's bc I rock people silly, regardless of genre. ;p #musicmonday

GHP "Mick n' Carly" Rolling Stones-Carly Simon

| play
krystynchong Linkin Park get funky w/the @beastieboys. *Turn it up... #musicmonday

linkin park v beastie boys mash up

| play
lilbirdman @krystynchong @terrinakamura @amys_bus_ticket @vandornbeauty @theotherAP @infamousladyt @c0c0abutt3r @girlluvsgirls-quick blip b4 gettn ready 4 dinnr
blu_belle "Every time I try to walk away Something makes me turn around and stay. We make it harder than it has to be And I can't tell you why..."
krystynchong Clockin' Out w/Culture Club's: Ooh in time It could have been so much more, The time is precious I know...
krystynchong I can see travolta strutting down the street w/50 cent feelin his flow...Get your buzz on. I have 10 min. dance!
terrinakamura Cool stop-motion video & song: Her Morning Elegance: Oren Lavie @krystynchong @lilbirdman @Bekker65 @xSDOx @MarcusDeSouza

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

| play
GinaDunc Anthr gr8 1, ty @RustyB: "rb@scotlandlover - Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes" (reblip)
krystynchong Color Me Baddass - I Wanna Sex You Up by request. @webaddict :)
krystynchong I wish RockBand or GH would put some funk on their songlist w/a jam like "Sing a Song" by EW&F.
honeygirl it's always the same, out of props for you! this is REALLY nice ;) @CargoCulte: "So damn good... " (reblip)
GinaDunc The Rolling Stone – Start Me Up
GinaDunc AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
augustday1962 meme miss you hope school is going well
GinaDunc The Doobie Brothers – China Grove
schau [The Wallflowers – One Headlight (Acoustic)]
WoofAir @jet333: "Diana Krall - "Dancing in the Dark"" What a great song choice! (reblip)
lilbirdman @krystynchong @terrinakamura @amys_bus_ticket @GinaDunc @r62a73s @theotherAP @vandornbeauty -styx-"crystal ball"

StyxCrystal Ball

| play
lilbirdman @GinaDunc -heart-"straight on" thx for the props and reblips:) <3 yr music taste too:)

HeartStraight On

| play
lilbirdman @krystynchong @terrinakamura @amys_bus_ticket @GinaDunc -toto-"georgy porgy"

Toto Georgy porgy

| play
terrinakamura Have a great weekend @zaibatsu @krystynchong @TheALReza "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf
lilbirdman DM girlluvsgirls what you think of this one?


| play
lilbirdman @krystynchong @terrinakamura @amys_bus_ticket -janet jackson & herb albert-"making love in the rain" @mariasearth-congratulations and best wishes!

Janet Jackson & Herb Alpert Making Love In The Rain

| play
THEORDEROFEARTH Thx ~ lovely idea & notion @andrew025: "white stripes......lovely song." (reblip)

we are going to be friends

| play
Flying_Roundhouse The Plimsouls – A Million Miles Away (Live 2007) (From "Valley Girl" 1983) ~ Hello & Welcome @gypsygirl Cheers @bendrix @Dr_Wes @vidabatine @hell4boy

The Plimsouls-Million Miles Away San Francisco CA 4-20-07

| play
Flying_Roundhouse Rotary Connection & Minnie Ripperton – I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun ~ RB @kimberry2009 ~ AWESOME (reblip)
krystynchong Requested by @mejapaneseboy. "Now I'm That Chick" - Livvi Franc feat Pitbull. Here ya go, Stan. Never heard b 4.
Berrypunny More Shalamar. Lovedn that Howard and Jody...oh, & Jeffrey too! :-D @1980s @broadwayg @Per_Iscritto @crowjane @djyamix @chickenkatsu @hawaiibuzz
MyMichelle Keep your eyes on the sky...
krystynchong 4 P.M. - "Sukiyaki" - This is a badass cover. Nice harmonizing. Where are my local boys at tonight? watchin NFL?@mejapaneseboy @seanoshiro

4 P.M.Sukiyaki

| play
terrinakamura It's fall, but listening to Spring High / Ramsey Lewis @lilbirdman @xSDOx (@krystynchong-I don't think u like jazz very much?)
GinaDunc @Reiver_Iron How 'bout this 1! ;) "Soft Cell – Tainted Love"
GinaDunc Crowded House – Don't Dream It's Over
lilbirdman rt-ty for your rb's and props:) @GinaDunc: "Debbie Gibson – Only in My Dreams" (@MyMichelle) (reblip)
Jazzzyone Remember this one? Had a cool beat w/ dancehall cameo. Kriss Kross – Alright #hiphop #music

Kriss KrossAlright

| play
Jazzzyone Shannon - Let The Music Play (Does this qualify as "R&B"? Who cares? Good music! @fureousangel)
MyMichelle ...and if it's real, only then will you be on a roll. #MusicMonday

George Duke "Say That You Will" 1979

| play
babris And in this crazy life, and through this crazy times... it's you, it's you...

michael buble~everything

| play
GinaDunc Nice, ty! :) @ROSIEOLIVEIRA: "@Gioca: "a last dance for this night"" (reblip)

Have you ever DJ Sid aka Monnamogolo

| play
nicklokes @larinthesky: "@CMDoria: "Aww, TY sweetie :o) I know someone who plays a mean one!! RB @keskenja: "for you @CMDoria :)"""Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (reblip)
krystynchong DJ C (feat. Chris Isaak, The Supremes, Switch & Stereotype) Set Me Free From This Wicked Game - #griffin #krys
krystynchong you got my beat yet, fellas? find it here w/DJ Taz "Cut Tonight" #krys #griffin
krystynchong Forever Now by Natalise. *try this one, @Lotay

NataliseForever Now

| play
krystynchong Healing Time - by @joshcharles was written for Katrina victims. #griffin #krys This song gives me goose bumps. (reblip)
krystynchong "A car this fine don't pass your way everyday, don't you wanna ride, baby?" #griffin #krys (reblip)
krystynchong Goodnight - Shivaree *sleep softly @lilbirdman. Thanks for all your wonderful blips. You rock! :)

Friendly Fires "Paris" Directed by Price James

| play
MyMichelle I felt the earth beneath my feet. Sat by the river and it made me complete. Oh simple thing where have you gone?
GinaDunc Bread - Make It With You