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Flying LotusGNG BNG

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Stay19 July Skies – The Softest Kisses<><>
TrainWreckRadio this just might be it for the nite blipsters! thanks for all the props, great blips & good company! c'ya (reblip)
ShiaoMei iMOgEn hEap >>>> Glittering clouds >> Hi ~ @dj_kwame ... @organicsue ...@Radiobread ~ eNJoY :D:D
fabuleuxfab If you're on a terrace overlooking a beautiful lake, it's definitely time to play this... and if you want to be as well. from@Deesound // @MeeJong ;) (reblip)
sokratees @omeuladoazul - classy DJ: "so many beautiful things you have! gotta listen them all!@liminal: "Daby Touré (Mauritania) // Yafodé"" (reblip)

Daby ToureYafodé

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Indian Ocean : Maa Rewa

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cosmosponge ハマクラ&伊集加代子

Shungo Sawada 沢田駿吾 - Driving Love ドライヴィング・ラヴ

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cosmosponge 歌唱レベルがアイドルの域を飛び越えちゃってます。

フォーリーブス - PEACE OF MIND

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pbailey modular improvisation (2005) for p.k. dick; POSI is three sections of five melodic/ostinato gestures that can be performed in endless variety
pbailey blipping my favorite 2009 tracks
dreamofthewildhorses /////////////////////////////////////////////
rgolightly My heart is like an artichoke

Cibo MattoArtichoke

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jazzlounge Immer wieder schaurig schön ...
richardwiles My all time hero, the glorious Andy Sheppard, with Dancing Man and Woman... pure bliss, like anything this man does...

Andy Sheppard: Dancing man and women

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richardwiles The weather report is.... birdland.... tweet tweet
richardwiles The sublime Wayne Shorter with Juju...meltingly delicious

Wayne ShorterJuju

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richardwiles Hungarian folk band Vujicsics with the incredible Mihály Borbély on the tárogató, a kind of Hungarian saxophone make of wood.

Vujicsics Budakalászon

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richardwiles One last tune from Vujicsics and I'll go quietly... most likely to the pub. Hope you enjoyed my Hungarian-fest...

VujicsicsAdana Oro

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richardwiles @richardwiles: "Pure opulence from Afro-Cuban jazz master Omar Sosa..." (reblip)
richardwiles @richardwiles: "A little touch of Hungary from Horvath and Lantos..." (reblip)
richardwiles Sadly no longer with us, the glorious Bkeki Mseleku lives on in his sublime music...

Bheki Mseleku "Mamelodi"

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richardwiles Devi Durga, adapted by Barbara Petrok-Lovy and Zoltan Lantos

Robert Wyatt performing "Gharbadzegi"

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alaingabriel @novarajazz: "NovaraJazz on let's get started with our guests Hazmat Modine" (reblip)

Hazmat ModineBahamut

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zioburp Canzoni mie coetanee. Un'ottima annata. #2
zioburp Canzoni mie coetanee. Un'ottima annata. #4
zioburp Canzoni mie coetanee. Un'ottima annata. #5
fgresslin Kenny Garrett playing the Sax - cool live performance #jazz
BigEars10 How could one not be moved?

Dave Douglas : Charms Of The Night Sky

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fgresslin Indian Sitar goes #electronica - (I think I have to dig out my Ravi Shankar Albums again some time)
fgresslin And here he is - Ravi Shankar. Without the 'becoming part'. Only being. Quite a transition to the Thievery Corp. which is next. #indian

Ravi ShankarRaga Jog

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zioburp Maria / Say it loud and there's music playing / Say it soft and it's almost like praying

Dave Brubeck-Maria

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zioburp There's a time for us, Some day a time for us, Time together with time spare, Time to learn, time to care, Some day!

Dave BrubeckSomewhere

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zioburp There's a place for us, A time and place for us. Somehow, Some day, Somewhere!


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katarinax Toše Proeski ♥♥♥ JOVANO, JOVANKE

Toše Proeski ♥♥♥ JOVANO, JOVANKE (HQ)

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katarinax Jovano Jovanke – Carpathian Music Ensemble @ Pitt
katarinax Jovano Jovanke 2009 ( new version ) – vamosbabe & waitswatcher
katarinax Balkan Warehouse בלקן במחסן אורקסטרא Jovano Jovano

Balkan Warehouse בלקן במחסן אורקסטרא Jovano Jovano

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katarinax “Ganka's dance”, is a Bulgarian folk dance written in 11 = 2+2+3+2+2 time (typically 11/16 or 11/8) similar to kopanitsa or krivo horo.

Luna Kalamata plays Gankino at Kings Cross

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zioburp Selvas, pampas y montañas / patria o muerte su destino.
yohanp @Diordan compare with 'Why don't yo just drop in' you've just heard ) || lyrics by Peter Sinfield this time

Laurie Spiegel: Appalachian Grove 1 edit (1974 electronic ambient minimal avant-garde)

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hajoni Esperanza Spalding - Inútil Paisagem | from her new record Chamber Music Society ?
hajoni rb me to say g'bye blipsters thx for listening and for your music! John Surman, Dave Holland, Anouar Brahem – Kashf (reblip)
hajoni The Books – Vogt Dig For Kloppervok
hajoni Burhan Öcal & Jamaaladeen Tacuma – Katibim
hajoni Sibylle Baier – Colour Green
hajoni after having blipped Nina Simone's one, have to blip the version I knew before... Pentangle – When I Was In My Prime
JamesJoyes23 @formalhaut yes it is :-) how are you doing bro. good news i got by the lady. i´ll call ya soon, rokka
hajoni some more of RIO....> Slapp Happy & Henry Cow – Bad Alchemy
hajoni Etron Fou Leloublan – La Java Des Bombes Atomiques

Anton Zap-It's Your Wave Too

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hajoni The Budos Band – Origin Of Man
f22radio inhabiting eternity...


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Agotthelf rb @scholt: "drucke mir jetzt Bilder von Sonnenschein aus und beklebe damit die Fenster" (reblip)

Sascha Funke We are facing the sun

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Agotthelf rb @inadaequat: "prfect title +++ Dub Inside Of Us ( Waveform , re-edit ) +++ @Mysterymix" (reblip)
changosvoladores Bucovina Club

Shantel & Amsterdam Klezmer Band & Bucovina Club Orchester

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Smilinsteve Wooden Ships....Such Good 70's style Jammin'

Crosby Stills Nash Wooden Ships

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dankitti Here's one for anyone who likes tuned percussion! It's Pierre Moerlen's Gong with Second Wind.
Mas_Humor Easily best drummer ive seen live! He sat on a milk crate, played broken cymbals, a snare, floor tom, and kick and it was mesmerizing@indoorsoccershoe (reblip)

DeerhoofGiga Dance

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inadaequat children's delight @rittinergomez @ZONE +++ Auditory Canvas – Let's Go Stomp In The Mud +++
inadaequat watch the video ... and your step @Schlu @b_age @quantic +++ Minilogue – Animals +++


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inadaequat @Mysterymix +++ Axs - North Pole +++

AxsNorth Pole

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humbert15 hadn't heard this inspired partnership
inadaequat rhythm cont'd @Schlu @b_age @quantic @coloured +++ Adam Beyer – China Girl +++

Adam BeyerChina Girl

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inadaequat enlightened moments @rittinergomez @thelema2009 @xigli +++ Auditory Canvas – Journey Home +++
Smilinsteve How cool is he holds his guitar to the left?....and what a surreal performance set up this is with the small group watching..
Smilinsteve Such a tragic loss, such a gifted ambassador to the world, 3 albums while alive, over 300 after he exploited !

Castles Made of Sand- jimi hendrix

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chiron08 ✪ freu mich.. @coloured: "schick mir mal deine adresse aufm anderen kanal, dann schick ich dir ne ansichtskarte ausm urlaub ;)) #chiron08" (reblip)
chiron08 ✪ klaro.. mach ich.. @Chekkov: "Viel Spass jedenfalls #chiron08 & Grüsse an die ich kenne // @coloured ich mach mich noch ne Leckerei ;-)" (reblip)
chiron08 ✪ da bin ich gleich wieder auf der 3000grad party @amphore: ":-)))) @coloured: :) (reblip)


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f22radio I should'a been a doctor by now...TOMORROW IS HUGE IN SF... THE FARMERS BLOCKTOBER THIRD
Mas_Humor rv@ThisIsMyBoomstick: "This is a day without a trace of reason. #shinjamouse" (reblip)

Broken BellsCitizen

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Mas_Humor Tonight wuz fun. Santa Fe your cute... tyrb@EFR56: "Susumu Yokota – Don't Go To Sleep / But I must... (reblip)

Budapest Bár: Szívemben bomba van

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fedaksari Dear @SabineWe, thanks for props. Gotta go now. Have a nice day.

Barabás Lőrinc Eklektric feat. Sena: Strange Night

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chaacattac thx & rb @fedaksari : Calypso Mama – Gin and coconut water (reblip)
eli_m0 TY TY @dnya: "You might like this track with a classical touch @eli_m0 :)"... yes indeed ! I felt tense but relax now:) (reblip)

Nitin SawhneyNadia

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House Music / Minimal House

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Rollerballrocco Free Moral Agents – Aravand...from the new album 'control this'
djilo Lovely. Thanks bro RB@chiron08: "✪" (reblip)


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ShiaoMei xie xie! @ambit: "Simply marvelous>>>rb"@ShiaoMei: "Enrico Pieranunzi .. for: @ambit @sooze27 and @russasis :-)"" (reblip)
diskgrinder tributaries in the uncanny valley @amphore (reblip)

Walt Whitman "Space and Time" Poem animation

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Smilinsteve @bellbtmblues @avivao: "Jim Hall (guitar) | Two's Blues _Time to say Good Night Everybody, to lay it down and watch the Pats beat the Dolphins.... (reblip)

JIM HALL, Two's Blues

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gdrago rb@vajracutter: "Nacional Electrónica - 100% - Cuban electro-acoustical music" (reblip)


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Hellofacey One of my new recommendations. I likey.

TimesboldBone Song

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Louis19 Trilok Gurtu – Seven Notes To Heaven
changosvoladores lasser moderna

lasser moderna,dormir-nuevos ricos

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gopalo Si te deja plantao' - Castígala – Willy Chirino
Orgambient777 @HaLaN: "KLUtCh – fidget point" sweet track. thanks (reblip)

KLUtChfidget point

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amphore good night blipsters :)) thank you as always .......... :-))
ayogafriend oops4u yet happy to introduce and (rb) @ja_net: "@inlighted @petronax @prescottscott @neuron @TheJohnC இ welcome @Rocketron" (reblip)

Venetian Snares- Holló Utca 5

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zigzagphil Oh clock that plastic mac and the trousers!!
GR8FL she sounds a lot like Suzanne Vega :) @prescottscott: "that worked well @GR8FL thanks much for your assistance" (reblip)
gwensutton William Parker Trio – First Dance
Louis19 Tangerine Dream -- Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares

Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares

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zigzagphil No problems with his sound David...goodnight! @DavidL1313
luna1124 @procphil: "RB~ Good night all!! >Joe Bonamassa – so many roads (reblip)
HaLaN Abfahrt Hinwil – Sonic surface | rb@jarnokeim: "good for chill moods :-) @Sensa111 @HaLaN @plotek" (reblip)
scotlandlover yvw...ty @hellokitty3173: "wow, thank you scotlandlover! big smiles! @scotlandlover: "hi bubbles :) rb @BubblesToGo: "Ain't no sunshine today.""" (reblip)

Ain't No Sunshine When She Is Gone (Original, Bill Withers)

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Mas_Humor thats some good music, id like to check that out live rb@DJCoquette: "lush orchestrations!@plotek (reblip)
markmac rb@neo_akboy: "Magnetic Fields – Heroes" (reblip)

Magnetic fieldsHeroes

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Feldman: "For Franz Kline"

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Ajakseat Thank you @TheJohnC: "Ry Cooder-Vigilante man". I have to go. Have a good day everyone. (reblip)
bytera No hard feelings (2). I thought you might like this one too @Ajakseat ...capisce?
ayogafriend The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Higher Than The Stars (Saint Etienne Remix) Higher Than The Stars (Slumberland Records, 2009) ..MdM

Son House, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, & Mike Bloomfield

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De_Ann ~Jimi Hendrix - Valleys of Neptune~ rb@tlwinslow (reblip)
dankitti Here are Jon Anderson and Evangelos Papathanassiou, better known as Jon & Vangelis with Curious Electric.
bytera Janis Joplin — Turtle Blues | a #gem !!
Hellofacey @Naestopaz: "they make me cry, the whole album makes me cry in a good way" TY RB. Good stuff :) (reblip)
everythingispop Howdy @badtemperedzombie The theme song for an extended run of superb weather. Hello to to you as well @theotherlondon

New OrderTrue Faith

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liminal david solid gould | four questions | feast of the passover | jewish reggae, recorded by john zorn's tzadik label (radical jewish culture)
liminal robert wyatt :::gharbadzegi ::: ::TY!RB@RADIOMARTINET (reblip)

Robert Wyatt performing "Gharbadzegi"

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ladypn Yes, I agree!! rb@prescottscott: "k.d lang is well suited for this cover" (reblip)
arthurpeter @liminal: really slowly! "tristan perich :::slowly next to her ::: (reblip)
koiheart rb@TheJohnC: vi@leffi333: "•"" Many warm smiles, much happiness and tusen takk and thank you for this! (reblip)

Room to move John Mayall (Bedoeling)

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Everything Must Change- Marcus Simeone- Bernard Ighner

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SabineWe John Cage – In The Name Of The Holocaust (1942)
spl884 listening to Nitin Sawhney – London Undersound
fun4lilli Björk has a meditative quality to her lovely music. Thank you so much :)) RB @Naestopaz "@Versh (reblip)

BjörkHarm of Will

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pratinsky about beautiful eyes @CalMa insp...

"Ojos bonitos"huayno

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SabineWe Guillaume Cantillon - On aimerait bien. J'aime beaucoup son style. Merci@MissLalala_: " @ SabineWe... Juste envie de partager cette belle chanson :)" (reblip)
bendrix This is the sound of a sea of blip DJ's looking up into the blip stratosphere with gaping mouths whispering in unison... "WTF is THIS!!!" (reblip)
pbriggsiam Thanks to @mammara for intro'ing me to this group. A little quirky, but I like 'em.
Alvaroxx The Mars Volta – Televators...
HobbeLink Brian Eno – Under

brian enounder

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djilo Ciao familia! // Montefiori Cocktail - Sofisticata (Nicola Conte Soft Samba Strings Remix)
4UbyMoBo rb @Bluestormer: "Mesmerizing" Café del Mar - Bombay Theme Music by Rahman & Afterlife by Blue Bar (Wonderful Chill Out Music) (reblip)
JANUS Cream – I Feel Free

CreamI Feel Free

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milkfish Some exotica from the age of the LP
TheJohnC indeed it is, much thanks :) @ja_net: "needs more props for @prescottscott ㋡ thank you!!! … this is great too! (reblip)

Venetian SnaresHajnal

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Mamer - Mountain Wind (DesertLily)

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Radiobread Jerry Garcia,David Crosby and Jorma Kaukonen - 10.28.69

Jerry Garcia,David Crosby and Jorma Kaukonen- 10.28.69

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eraser Guillaume de Machaut – Hoquetus David
celaborelle tyvm@DonkeyRide: "Tx @joseph_hedary, new listener. Here's a bit of Natacha Atlas for you.." (reblip)
Apple_chic ok couldn't do the man a disservice now could I?! Glitchity skippity mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Apple_chic Ooohhh. I had forgotten just. how. addictive blippityskip was! Watching the mist rising over the moors first thing on an autumnal day...
Bluestormer Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the birds (taken from movie 'The Crimson Wing')

cinematic orchestra arrival of the birds

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koiheart Hector Zazou – Symphony of Ghosts
tenderlee McCoy Tyner – Cosmos

McCoy TynerCosmos

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tenderlee Freddie Hubbard "First Light"

Freddie Hubbard "First Light" (1971)

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sunyata soul minority – mozambique
koiheart Gary Louris – Vagabonds
SabineWe Frida Boccara - Ne me quitte pas @prescottscott. Sa version de la chanson de jacques Brel est très belle.

Legendary Tiger Man "Life Aint Enough For You"

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SabineWe Need to listen to more of that so nice pianist. Bonsoir @ginhollow: ": "Like that cool and soft register. Brilliant game on piano,beautiful crescendo" (reblip)
killahtunz Dylan being Zimmerman.

Bob DylanPo' Boy

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ayogafriend I have choir paradox issue: unwilling to join choir that would have me as a singer! @:^) @SabineWe: "In France soprane2 is higher than mezzo..." (reblip)
olivertwisty मेरे भागने
sunyata Martin Patino — Sunrise in La Serena (Florian Meindl Rmx)

Martin Patino — Sunrise in La Serena (Florian Meindl Rmx) (FLASH 022)

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tenderlee White Rabbit George Benson [Hubert Laws~sideman]

White Rabbit George Benson

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intinet Namami Nanda- Nandana

Namami Nanda- Nandana

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Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, original piano duet version. Part 1

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BleakMouse ...two...

Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, original piano duet version. Part 2

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BleakMouse ...three...

Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, original piano duet version. Part 3

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BleakMouse ...four.

Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring, original piano duet version. Part 4

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ParadiseInside Tibetan Singing Bowls & Accompanying Instrumentation by Sonic Meditationist Devavrata Sthakur of India 9:38


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FOGGIELOANER maybe my favourite album of the decade...@Coffeenuts may enjoy...
Coffeenuts Poet Wind

"Poet Wind" by David Munyon

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Alturn8tive (Flying Lotus – And The World Laughs With You Feat. Thom York}
Bluestormer ::: Good morning Blipsters! :::

Zero 7-Pop Art Blue

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eraser Chimes Of Freedom (Live at Newport 1964)<Bob Dylan> ░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉

Bob Dylan -- Chimes Of Freedom (Live at Newport 1964)

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www_StroumDesign_com @eraser: "Chimes Of Freedom (Live at Newport 1964)<Bob Dylan> ░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉░▒▓▉" (reblip)

Bob Dylan -- Chimes Of Freedom (Live at Newport 1964)

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monikavincent ab mit ihnen :) RB@QuicksandRangero: "Suicide Birds"! - die find ich toll. (reblip)

coletone -- suicide birds

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koiheart Bium Bium Bambalo...Sigur Ros

Bium Bium Bambalo

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harmony60 Bella!! Check this out.. Nice to see you. :-) .. I am good ... @dANGELofLOVE .. Enjoy .. Thx... x Hugs x
GGDANCE @DeckHead: "RB@ladypn: "Good morning rb@gmadewiesn!!: "Hello Everybody!""" (reblip)
GGDANCE "@VinylVenus: "rb@Tuneaholic: "...Your Skin.........@TkBeeatch @VinylVenus @hippiechick @lillianwong @lady and Natalie Merchant." (reblip)

Natalie Merchant- My skin (with lyrics)

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ja_net @kirkill Thank you for following, welcome and more Venetian Snares for you, slightly different this time, have a listen!! ㋡
koiheart Mountain Jewish (Juhuri Music) Ayan – Nigaranam (Çal-Çağır ATV LİVE)
koiheart rb@sooze27: "ty/vi@mammara - Fredo Viola - The Sad Song" New to me and I *really* like it. Even tho it sounds far from sad to me. Many thanks! (reblip)
holo_holo 今これ聴いてる〜♪ Spoonful - Cream ( #cream


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Annimallover Such a great version of this song~ 2 parents & family everywhere- I wanna hold your hand- Glee
mark_till Junip - The Ghost Of Tom Joad

Cancion de Cuna 'Afro-Cuban Lullaby' by Leo Brouwer

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just_a_gigolo Its an alternate morning

Paint It Black by Sixth Finger

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TheJohnC think i should call it a night. and i think i'm in love with Silje really

Silje Nergaard- Two Sleepy People

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GaiaMix Thanks for props,blips&rbs! It´s too late here 2:45 AM and I need to wake up early to finish a translation job! Great Friday! Nite@All &SweetDreams...
kundunphei Lorn & Notorious B.I.G. – Suicidal Thoughts Remix ≽≽≽≽≽∬≬∬≼≼≼≼≼ #heytoughguy you keep good company
pappwixe @DaSun moin moin,da bist Du ja...


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kapri For my SF Giants and pitcher Timmy Lincecum who struck out 14 in a complete game gem tonight! (reblip)
NewOrleansKat Leo Kottke – Saginaw, Michigan
gdrago HOOVERPHONIC - One Way Ride (Blue Wonder Power Milk) rb@chiron08: "✪" (reblip)
chiron08 ✪ noch nen kaffee...

AkmusiqueCafé Noir

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czybulski rb @twtendrils: "hear the newest wiggly tendrils release "SPOOKY TENDRILS" at ... The Wiggly Tendrils – Galena Alaska" (reblip)