by_starla Such a beautiful song. Layered vocals, gorgeous and delicate instrumentation. Listen and float along.
crispast ..with open arms and open eyes..


| play
De_Ann closing time my friends....I'll see y'all back tomorrow :-))
ARDELLd too tired tonight...bowing out while playing my theme song...You're so fine you blow my mind...Hey Mickey!


| play
RockItRadio Here it is ...another chance...wide awake the dream is over ...or has it just begun?... (reblip)
lipsync From Resevoir Dogs...class cool movie.Just discovered this site now, keeping me company while I stay on my own in a hotel tonight:)
adbert [Eric Clapton - Cocaine]


| play
lipsync The wind is really blowing outside, made me think of this haunting song
by_starla thanks @EddieCurrent--a great choice, much appreciated. :) (reblip)
De_Ann it's hottt!!! thx@suzesinc DeAnn think this is very INXS (reblip)
darrylheron Since I've Been Loving You from No Quarter, anyone?
lipsync This is a mad Irish band, the lead singer has no teeth left:)
lipsync one of the first songs I thought I could sing (badly!)
scuv Pixies – Where Is My Mind?
arefsum Fantastic rendition of Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley @anjRulz @scound (reblip)
Metal_Rocks Soundgarden – Fell on Black Days. Awesome tune from the 'Superunknown' album!
T_DeBarros The White Stripes.Seven Nation Army. vi @shortygal ~just what the doctor ordered ! THX !! need to feel these drums n bass !! ☺ (reblip)
lipsync "I would rather drink muddy water" Classic
lipsync Heard this on the radio today...memories
lipsync Love Nazareth version thanx @adbert, here is the version I know
adbert [Metallica – Nothing Else Matters]
sandraew As she turned the corner, I called out your name, I felt so ashamed When it wasn't you...
sandraew @Tamoli Put me in, Coach - I'm ready to play today; Look at me, I can be Centerfield! (reblip)


| play
T_DeBarros Toni Braxton. Spanish Guitar. ~good evening My Blip Familia !!! So glad the days is winding down. You? ☺ ☺ ☺
lipsync Was out for a long drive earlier, this came on the radio and I blasted it out...moon and stars in the sky, perfection!
lipsync May we always be.....

Forever Young-Rod Stewart

| play
T_DeBarros Jennifer Lopez. If U Had My ♥.~if u had my luv,n i gave u all my trust would u comfort me~ hi @GR8FL @CherryBlossom @CallinInSic @RadioFreeIllinois


| play
lipsync @T_DeBarros, I just sometimes do as this song says...this is a VERY CRAZY song for you :)
lipsync I shall...oiche mhaith(that means goodnight in the Irish language)

Roxette - She's Got the Look

| play
lipsync Im just back from holidays and this song makes me feel like Im still there
lipsync Found this site one week ago and lovin it!!This song is dedicated to all the new dj`s and to you @Bluespanther :)
lipsync Remember this video...?get your lipstick and vacum cleaner out!
lipsync Im with you @sandraew..tired of the recession this one is for all of you!!
lipsync @Iasnara long love affair.Thanx
sandraew chris_tv :p I won't tear the sack up, punk you'd better back up... (reblip)
lipsync hello @antenaweb...I seem to be on the movie theme tonight, this is from Romeo and Juliet
adbert [Transvision Vamp – Baby I Don't Care]
adbert [INXS – Devil's Party] "If we're all right then tell me who's wrong / The love in a war, where do we belong?"
lipsync You gotta go where you wanna go and do what you wanna do.....
evablue @adbert i'm sorry. that was mean of me. we don't need a picture. obviously, you're a gentleman and i'm a poptart without filling.
evablue going to clean up the inbox prop everyone properly and BBL
lipsync Hope I have one of these some day
lipsync What does "bang a gong" even mean?????
lipsync I have just had my dinner so Im ready to roll with the blips, I didn`t have pork and beans though as this song says...hi everyone!
lipsync glad to help, hope you dig this too@NeedBlues2Live..perfect Friday,good food, beer later YUM..hope the same for you
lipsync Heartbroken girl anthem
lipsync @Figgywithit..another piece of your heart


| play


| play
deej "It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart - without saying a word you can light up the dark." (reblip)
Buzzz @glueandglitter Yeah !!! Always believing !!! @Buzzz this should be my themesong (reblip)
lipsync hi@organicsue..think Im gonna get on the Jeff buzz
pavolo (I wanna be kissed by you, just you and nobody else but you. I wanna be kissed by you alone). I know, baby, I can't help it.... :)@abarbosa (reblip)
lipsync @HEARTHEDRUMS..just home from a night out,perfect:-) (reblip)
lipsync This is the only song that will ever pull at my heart strings
lipsync Ok Ok yes this is SO the last one, brushed my teeth and ready for bed,Oiche mhaith(goodnight in Irish)XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Shania Twain- I Can Feel You Breath

| play
lipsync Nearly finished painting my appartment now,done for the day, tired of it!Not even really sure I picked the right colour..ah who cares.......
lipsync For anyone who may be looking forward to a rockin saturday night
deej @suzesinc - I hate it when I run out of props - hope this helps. :) (reblip)
lipsync Wish I had a multi print jumpsuit to dance around in to this
maals cabou de passar na tv...


| play
lipsync @ATG OMG OMG thank you thank you I used to LOVE this song (reblip)
lipsync Just checkin in quickly because this song came into my head so wanted to play it for you,goodnight to you all
organicsue Ain't no use to sit around & wonder why babe.......

Laura Brannigan- Ti amo (English version)

| play
lipsync Yes I like a bit of Babs, you either love or hate her, kinda like Woody Allen
dickadcock This is on my playlist, but I just love to hear it. Thx RB @SgLight (reblip)
lipsync I just had deja vu but Im now Im in the place where I belong
lipsync I see you made a milestone@organicsue As the song says.....CONGRATULATIONS!!
lipsync You know this boogie is for real...KOOL GUY
lipsync I say a little prayer for you @Irish_siobhan..thanx,hey another Irish person,you`re the first I have come across,hello (reblip)
lipsync thank you thank you@paulasilva, this song is from a Christian Slater movie Pump Up The Volume,not heard it in years (reblip)
lipsync Did you ever see john cusack in Say Anything... this was on the OST. Major crush... then , not anymore, haha tnx thanx@AnitaBreakSoon (reblip)

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
gracieriots @twinklelilkatie Nice! Tried to find the original awhile ago but couldn't. Thanks for this. :) (reblip)
lipsync these are 2 songs which can easily stand alone, but this sound good to me vi@thanx@Cosmix..really like!!! (reblip)
lipsync Been looking for this one,YAHOOOOOO
lipsync THANK U ALL for the props,u know who u are@iridescentsun@DeAnn@storylet@Cosmix @DownLow@organicsue@soundmangroupie etc,goodnight to u all XXXXXXX
lipsync Definitely the last...this will send me to sleep,your baby love,sleep tight XXXXX

kate havnevik - grace(2)

| play
deej "I'm sure, sure as stars are shining, one day you will find me again, it wont be long - one of these days, our love will lead you back..."
ugogirl Had to be the first song I Blipped!
lipsync I seem to back on track, all working again hi@iarmaana@evgenyrahman@DownLow...nice dinner??!!
RockItRadio This makes me cry EVERY time.....get out your kleenex
RockItRadio You're such a Hard Habit to Break
lipsync Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?
lipsync Our love changed, I dont know why..we`ll never bloom again
lipsync One of my favorite Jack Johnson songs... Ok, they're all my fav, but its a good one. "Its All Understood-Live" vi@Candice_Jo thanx XX (reblip)
lipsync @MCbooshsoup..original I love,your version I had never heard before thanx
lipsync Summertime my ass....its pouring out of the heavans, I play this track under protest!!!thanx@CattyGirl for listening,much appreciated
lipsync This is great!!I have a broken gutter outside my window, driving me insane with water dropping down, any handymen out there??much XX to you@aloudhendo
lipsync And Im not who are handy are often hard to find LOL LOL :-)@aloudhendo thanx
lipsync ehy there..i'm coming back to you;) vi@crispast,LOVE IT!! (reblip)
lipsync Opportunity knocks knocks..but I think she saw through it


| play
lipsync Its the wrong kind of place to be cheating on that alright with you?

01_Damien Rice - 9 Crimes

| play
lipsync I`ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end
lipsync Don`t shrug your shoulders

Paulo Nutini - Last Request

| play
lipsync To put me in the mood for the long weekend YAHOOOooooooo!!!!All day and all of the night..I wanna be by yur side
lipsync Must go and get ready for an evening out,dinner and drinks.Ill be back later but as the song says...I think you are all swell!! XXXXX
lipsync [Funkadelic – Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts]vi@Bluespanther, great track and much XXX for the props (reblip)
lipsync Raging Bull movie theme song, one of my favouite pieces..hi@crispast@iridescentsun@patita @ayroso@DownLow@DeAnn@Bluespanther


| play
lipsync Super dooper delighted and excited bout the next 4 days off and I have a big date YAHOOOoooooo!!!
lipsync Pat Benatar – We Belong To The Night (blip.up) ;-)vi @nicolevsanchez...hey thanx for listening XXX (reblip)
lipsync [Nina Simone – Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix)] you go @suzesinc vi@Bluespanther,no props left so will give thanx by rebl (reblip)
lipsync My best friends address is actually Strawberry Field Road and yes she is surrounded by Strawberry Fields!!!...great mix,enjoy my bop friends XXX

Strawberry Fields Forever (Mojo Jones Remix)

| play
lipsync alright, this site must be pretty sweet if they have this guy on here. i can get behind this. vi@everydayballoons,yes its sweetness divine!!thanx XX (reblip)
lipsync I aint in no lonesome town...with thanx for props,new listeners. OSCAR WINNING SPEECH..(to be cotinued...)(aka Gwyneth Palthrow)..seriously THANK U X
lipsync smack my bitch uppp ! i can't WAIT to see these Im with u, seeing them June 18th..ROLL ON!! (reblip)
lipsync I had lots of brie in my sandwich today so maybe thats where the cheese is coming from??
lipsync "Not always said I would be the chosen one..woke up this mornin and got myself a gun".....much XXX@organicsue,happy near Friday day


| play
lipsync Apologies@NeedBlues2Live for mis-spell....."but she smiled at you boy"
lipsync vi@BohemianChick, you are listener no.40,THANK YOU!!seems small but big to me,all appreciated!!Thanx for the props XXXX (reblip)
lipsync I never left need to go back
lipsync I LOVE Maltesers,having a big bag now, I would give u all one if I could or maybe not??(Joey doesn`t share food!!!!!)LOL LOL LOL XXX
PauloFurtado REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling

REO Speedwagon - Can_t_Fight_This_Feeling

| play
lipsync A favourite piece of music and what a great movie too...
lipsync YAHOOO @Bluespanther,you are in great form tonight!!!XXX..@iridescentsun,rockin as always XXX
lipsync His world is built on punctuality....much XXX@SingingButler for the props and to all for props XX
lipsync Intro to this is fairly long.. wait it out, its a beautiful,I agree,really nice!!Thanx (reblip)
lipsync Having my first Easter Egg,YUM..will love it over and over....under and under
lipsync I love this song but more so for the name..If Love Is A Red Dress Then Hang Me In Rags...fab!!


| play
lipsync Thanx@soundmangroupie...very excited,cant sleep so luckily I have all of you to keep me company..are you well? XXX
lipsync It wasn`t easy gettin outta morning anthem YAWN...
lipsync We want to multiply,are ya gonna do it??Feel the heat....some like it hot!!!
lipsync YEAHHHHH The Only way is UP!!!!!HAPPY DAYS..hey@T_DeBarros..@DJCoffers thanx for listening and props,nice one!!

0977 - Yazz - The Only Way Is Up

| play
lipsync Dont leave on that midnight train to Georgia@indygirlie I didn`t mean to mis-spell your name :-(


| play
lipsync And the feelin is laid back.....O Ill sing my heart out to this one...hi@crispast@AnnieLicious@nicolevsanchez, Happy Egg Season
lipsync 1970s mellow please-don't-leave-me thanx (reblip)
lipsync Its another year for me and you...
crispast sorry i have to scream it looooouuuuuuuuuuud..........tonight, a silent night, when all i'd want is to let myself go, with this music..
lipsync Back at ya@crispast..shout it loud "I like to dance all night some of the day...I SAYYY"
lipsync this is for @suzesinc hope you like it :) thats fab thank you (no props left to give u):-( (reblip)
lipsync "I know the night is fading"...thanx for listening@bwmson much XXX
2fast4u Gotta go help dye easter eggs, see you later tonight, and if I don't, May your Easter be spiritual and reflective! MWAH!@Edainsmom Congrats on #250:-) (reblip)
lipsync YAHOOO its Saturday, need to boogie to Diana
lipsync I dont read the newspapers coz they all have ugly print.....hey@klitoria@crispast.. thanx@radio_3_ how are u today?Enjoying the blipping?
lipsync Look sharp!!!...yeah yeah yeah!!!...Love the beat on this..
lipsync O no so sorry to hear that@Flying_Roundhouse,was it old age?I have a cat Castro who I love so I understand..this ones for you XXX
lipsync I was looking for something else by this group, but this will do. Don't mean a thing.. vi@pkhuntz57 much XX for props and smooth tune (reblip)
lipsync Mama said there`d be days like this...good day@Iasnara,you`re looking well:-) (reblip)
lipsync Something like The Orb meets My Bloody never heard this before..we and co like!!(co being my party friends here tonight):-) (reblip)
lipsync What does sussudio mean???>> studio????hey@BohemianChick,great tracks!!..@gracieriots Im always swell!!Any news for me,good day? XX
lipsync @BohemianChick... :-) :-)Good advice???Bad advice??...@gracieriots@Flying_Roundhouse


| play
lipsync Well hey good to hear you@T_DeBarros,are u well?XXX..time to rock your socks off...@Flying_Roundhouse,lovely cat,unusual colouring,hope you`re ok XXX
lipsync Thank you all for the amazing tunes tonight....hello@ATG,been a while
lipsync Sirens outside my window...maaaad world
lipsync @suzesinc vi@gracieriots,I hope so,meeting again tomorrow,I find him fascinating!!How is the beer going down,are u staying in for the night?XX (reblip)

10 Satan(Echoed down to Earth RMX).MP3

| play
gracieriots @suzesinc The beer is mighty fine - on my second now. :) I'll be in and out. Sometimes I get the bug to sing music I know well when I been a'drankin'.
lipsync From twist to heart..yes think I will but hope I dont break it!!!******
lipsync @organicsue,I cant hear you,are you singing???sing louder!!!!...@radio_3_ cant hear you either..@irmaana@gracieriots rockin tunes as always XXXX
lipsync vi@duhgirly..thanx! my secret songs,makes no sense but love it...oh no I just told a secret...(to be continued...) (reblip)
lipsync Positive..some like wine,some like scotch..@gracieriots,I have just opened a bottle of wine so CHEERS XXX how are u doing?
lipsync @gracieriots,laughing is the key!!But cant laugh to this one,hope its ok XXXX (reblip)
lipsync Love this mix...good to have you here@SingingButler,missed you XXXX great music tonight from all
lipsync Yes its Babs again@2fast4u,took me a long time to find this on my playlist but its dedicated to you XXXXXX (reblip)
lipsync Coldplay are one of my favourites@crispast so many XXXXXX (reblip)


| play
lipsync one more time all time love affair@duhgirly XXX (reblip)
lipsync vi@DownLow..Im lazy now coz its nearly 6am here in good ole green Ireland XXX (reblip)
lipsync Had to put this one on for you all before I leave..hope it gets your juices flowing!!!XXXX
lipsync Feeling it all begin to slide???..dont worry!!@T_DeBarros@organicsue@duhgirly@pkhuntz57 @Bluespanther@storylet@radio_3_..wish you all feeling moments
lipsync To be yourself is all that you can do XXXX
lipsync A cheap f**k for me to lay! vi@accdias,new one for me thanx,really like this sound (reblip)
lipsync Listen and chill. The Mission (Gabriel's Oboe) - Ennio Morricone vi@Punched..I will certainly chill to this thanx,love the whole album (reblip)
lipsync Touch me! Hold me! AHAH... vi@Punched,had to let you know that I have your playlist playing while I cook,much XXX (reblip)
lipsync I love the musical intro to this...
lipsync I gave up coffee and cigarettes,I hate to say it hasn`t helped me yet...sweet song,hope you all like it XXXX
lipsync Thanx@GR8FL for reminding me of this with your Silence theme,hope you enjoy--TURN IT UP!!!..@DeAnn,thanx for The Doors XXX
lipsync It aint no lonely world really..hey@accdias@ICEGIRL152,thanx for the support XXX hi@Iasnara,
lipsync I've been walkin these streets so long....get your boots on cowboy!!!
lipsync I'm a good citizen and friendly neighbour...I'm a nice guy!!!XX
lipsync Karen Lovely..has a lovely bluesy voice..mmm
lipsync I know what you mean@2fast4u,I have it on most of the day in the background while TRYING my best to do chores Grrrr,save yourselves cowboys!!!XXX
lipsync Blue skies to all,see you later XXXX
lipsync I blipped this earlier today but needed to hear it again to get me juiced up coz I love it XXX (reblip)
lipsync Changes aint so bad really.. vi@rereali thanx for listening XX (reblip)


| play
lipsync I'm the same,was really sunny here,was at the beach this morning so sunburnt my nose and added about 50 more freckles to my face LOL@gracieriots
lipsync This is the non-Pink Floyd song..hello@Figgywithit,feelin good? XX
lipsync Imagine that..a pub with no beer,about as useful as an ash tray on a motorbike!!!..XXX
lipsync I've been loving you a long at your funny little ways XXX
lipsync Had to,I'm feeling in that kind of mood..sedated!!!XX
lipsync If this world is wearing thin and you're thinking of escape...XX
lipsync Darling, honest you,love this and much XXX for listening...hi@dickadcock,did't see you there,bit worn out after weekend XX (reblip)
lipsync Something to keep me awake..ciao@johnrod@irmaana@Bluespanther @Flying_Roundhouse,hope you enjoy this are all sweeter than fever XX
lipsync Must be feeling awake now,gettin more in the mood for da beats (I just can't pull off the down with it talk can I???!!,no no no)XXX
lipsync Ever heard of Black Betty?..I have vi@RNRSteve,used to dance to this all the time years ago,too many to remember LOL LOL (reblip)
lipsync @Gypsylyn vi@Krimzen,had to smile when I found this on your playlist,yes it has been known for my clothes to fall off after Tequila LOL LOL thanx (reblip)
lipsync I love this cover!!!vi@ladykarl92,I like thanx!!!hey@adbert,how are you doing?XX @CrescentMoonglow,nice to see you XX (reblip)
lipsync I can live without you if it makes you thanx,love this (reblip)
lipsync Fabulous day here,went for surfing lessons again today,loving it,really suck at it but dont care!!hi@sandraew@Flying_Roundhouse@nicolevsanchez XX
lipsync I'm not a fan of Craig David but this song reminds me of a time when I packed my bags and walked away from trouble....hey@BohemianChick XXX
lipsync I'm not afraid of anything in this world...I'm just trying to find a decent melody....
lipsync Here comes the,thanx I'm with you!!!!I'm ready!!!.. (reblip)
lipsync Leotard is still it work it,own it...@soundmangroupie,Im excellent,off today!!..@organicsue@Figgywithit@Bluespanther..hear the silence
lipsync Wave the red flag someone might see you and save you from the affliction that is blipping@iridescentsun..Id come get you but think Im too far away!!


| play
lipsync Psychosomatic - a perfect song for Monday #mondaymusic - Prodigy,,perfect!!! (reblip)
lipsync I was just about to say goodbye to you and then you returned@radio_3_ ..go now before you see me cry....XXX
lipsync NO COME BACK!!!...Margaret??no come back soon@radio_3_ XX
lipsync I hesitate, I am. with thanx vi@angela8223...hey ho@DeAnn@Charitouss,feelin good?XX (reblip)
lipsync Awesome Marvin Gaye cover by a full brass band from New Orleans. vi@DJFrankie,not heard this before thanx and also much XX for listening (reblip)
RockItRadio Very beautiful song...don't miss this one...
lipsync Cheese alert!!!!...Nobody knows it but me
lipsync Your Lifehouse blip@iridescentsun reminded me of this band Lighthouse Family,don't know if you have heard of them XXX
lipsync I love Matchbox 20@evgenyrahman thanx..I bet you're hard to get over XXX


| play
lipsync This is such a fab get you going summer tune...beachball get ready!!!cool beats...XX..glad you enjoyed the Lighthouse Family@iridescentsun XX
lipsync And now I will leave you with this advice song,may u take it or leave it,enjoy!!@iridescentsun@Bluespanther@DeAnn+all thank u,c u all later XX


| play
lipsync Something to ease your back later,just had to play this little beauty for you all,relax......


| play
RockItRadio Give A Little Bit remake by Goo Goo Dolls
lipsync It didn't last too long till I passed out.......
lipsync 3 of my favourites together on one tune,life is good.....

Deep Forest & Enigma & Art of Noise - My Beloved

| play
lipsync gonna take my socks & shoes off and dance barefoot in the fuckin' rain...I'm with you@GR8FL :-))))) (reblip)
lipsync Its only been a day but may feel like one week@sandraew since I've seen you,is the foot all better now?XX (reblip)
lipsync We don't care about the young I thought that many times,they drove me crrrazyyyy but love them really (reblip)
lipsync Yes it was back to it today....for service and devotion...
lipsync Not the Beatles,tres bien...As this is in your blip name here you go@jennmichelletx,nice to see you XXX


| play
lipsync The name Blondie was taken from comments from truck drivers who called "Hey, Blondie" to Harry as they drove by.. vi@stockmanmarc (reblip)
lipsync I miss juke boxes,don't have them over here anymore..o to play a game of pool in a bar with a juke box again....happy days!!
lipsync I fight with my brain to believe my eyes...hey ho@Charitouss XXX
gracieriots Had this one in my head all day. It's a rainy Dylan day.
lipsync @suzesinc, so you know i'm the fatty, i bet youre a hottie! thank you!!!LOL LOL (reblip)
lipsync Props appreciated@FourEyes and to show it I will reblip from you... (reblip)


| play
lipsync Time To Roll another one,hey sweetie@soundmangroupie,you look great!!!LOL..hi@irmaana,best wishes XX
lipsync Leap of faith...just do it(this is not a Nike ad)...just a relaxing tune@by_starla@organicsue@GR8FL@onesanz @nicolevsanchez@rOg1@Flying_Roundhouse
lipsync We will all be here anyway when you return XX@Bluespanther..bop to this in the meantime..@rOg1,thanx for listening and to all new listeners,much XXX
lipsync Apologies for will be my last mistake
lipsync Still listening while in bed but thought you might like this@rubikoO,thanks for Pavarotti


| play
Gaz50 Glass Tiger - Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone
lipsync Remember this...could I rely on your faith to be strong?..remember the promise you made..
lipsync Here in some strangers room late in the afternoon.....aint no doubt about it I'm losing you
lipsync The one and only Nancy Griffith...
2fast4u I can't look at you, while I'm lying next to her