litlfrog he's very good at trying a little Freddy
litlfrog we need to hear more from these guys
litlfrog believe it or not, these whippersnappers weren't born until the 80s
litlfrog somebody really likes his sound board
litlfrog old bop purists should really bite me
litlfrog who else could write a pretty song about low-tech abortion?
litlfrog she could wrestle Cole Porter and Lorenz Hart AT THE SAME TIME
litlfrog bubbly, intricate pop

Andrea Perry - AP - SMSS - 08 - Saturn Lights My Way

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litlfrog music for English majors and theater queens. Their words, not mine.
litlfrog They're heavy. No, heavier than that.
litlfrog the Japanese are getting far ahead of us. In ROCKING.


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litlfrog this track alone justifies the invention of recorded music
litlfrog great song, but an absolute bear to sing
litlfrog the world needs more French ska. Or maybe that's just me.


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litlfrog hey, kids still form hardcore bands. who knew.
litlfrog Native American chant as interpreted by a goth bluegrass/mystical Christian band. I love this country.
litlfrog so inappropriate, so irresistible
litlfrog he's white and nonwhite at the same time (reblip)
litlfrog their singer doesn't look like I thought he would
litlfrog great band from the Carolinas
litlfrog I've been looking for this song for 19 years. No lie.
litlfrog voices are more versatile than we usually think
litlfrog there's so much going on here


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litlfrog not enough people remember this band
litlfrog we miss Mr. Sandman

Morphine Sheila

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litlfrog sheer brilliance, even if they did nearly deafen me
litlfrog try to get it out of your head. I dare you
litlfrog MOAR guitar interestingness
litlfrog just in a folky mood this morning
litlfrog there should be more songs about fingering girls
litlfrog I can ride your mom with no handlebars, no handlebars, no handlebars
litlfrog actual title: "It Is Pitch Dark"
litlfrog getcha bowl 'cuz we cookin' up stew
litlfrog kickin' it 80s style up in here
litlfrog kickin' it FAKE 80s style up in here

How I met your mother - Robin Sparkles - Let's go to the mall

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litlfrog she's not just a brilliant songwriter, she shows great taste in covers
litlfrog Dan Zanes, you're my hero. And Angelique Kidjo, you're one of pop's great living singers.
christinamcc I do not wear a patriotic jumpsuit. (why you say you are not in love with me?)


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vantowers the rarest talent is often shrouded is a cloak of self destruction
litlfrog and now a message from the distaff
litlfrog Christmas 2008--pour a champagne flute on the curb for the lady Orson Welles called "the most exciting woman in the world"
litlfrog why are these folks not better-remembered?
litlfrog go ahead, try to not bounce. I dare you.
litlfrog THICK-ass stout? or thick ASS-stout? they really should use hyphens
grumbla their last record was great too.
litlfrog dah de dah dah dah dah dah dah DAHHHH da da da da da da da da
litlfrog biggest midget in the game
litlfrog Mainstream country is outside of my usual tastes, I know, but I went to high school with him and he was cool. And be honest, that's a good chorus!
litlfrog Can only see John Turturro dancing when listening to these lyrics, but it's still a great song
litlfrog beautiful, indescribable; I think they're one of the most important acts working today
litlfrog Singer, physician, songwriter--she's like Buckaroo Banzai!
litlfrog A, Paris! Baguettes, cafe, bordeaux, the Louvre. And who's that? *swoon* Belle du Berry!
Miss_Bella my bf's annoying ringtone that I haven't heard in a while.
Miss_Bella saw this band not so long ago at The Warfield. hella fun.
DownLow @truk77, here is one of my favorite J-POP tunes. the ddr blip kinda reminded me of this one.
litlfrog Docteur . . . Qui! Davros est demi-Dalek, et demi-homme!
litlfrog my favorite Doors cover band? Crystal Shit.
evablue @davidwatts1978 we'll pretend it's a flickr-up and then we can all be freaks. ;)
litlfrog chamber pop goodness

Burst - Shelleyan Orphan

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litlfrog those cool boys bit the dust
litlfrog an underrated song from the Killers
litlfrog saw them live. This guy SO wants to be Rod Stewart.
litlfrog let's get angry and Germanic
litlfrog from the giant pool of talent that is the New Pornographers
flickie i'm hooked. have been ever since i got the reminder :)

FeistSo Sorry

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flickie i'm just a walkin' my dog, singin' my song, strollin' along...
flickie wait! they don't love you like i do.
flickie we are a jigsaw falling into place...feel like a rocket about ready for liftoff. (reblip)
flickie i'm always wrapped up in things i cannot win. {god this song rocks.}


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flickie This song is so HER. And HER makes me almost cry with crazy lyrics and high notes.
litlfrog So long, Blossom. You were gentle and impish, and one of the last of your generation.
Atomik falling in love again – Klaus Nomi
phatdaddio but Im happy sitting on the shelf...ain't misbehavin' savin' my love for you
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