ShyTrbleMaker I think I'll miss you for a while, but I see no reason to push where I'm not wanted. And I'll get over it and move on. Too bad though.
melodyofurlife @MetaJonas Thanks for the kind words. You have been putting down some great tunes yourself! Enjoy :)
melodyofurlife Joey! Acoustic

Concrete Blonde Joey (Better Accoustic)

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melodyofurlife Whatever happen to Song 1?

BlurSong 2

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clarkowitz Just gonna walk it down to the corner shop for some smokes. And an attitude adjustment. ;)
SarahWV Catching teardrops in my hand
MrThompsonR (From Chicago) "Wade In The Water" Ramsey Lewis
clarkowitz I love it when the listeners think twice. You don't want any part of this, Dewie Cox.
MrThompsonR As good/ or better than the original by(the wicked)Mr. Wilson Pickett...!


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sudaca70 inspirada por @elojosalvaje; una vez más digo: de mi disco preferido de este dúo francés para el mundo

AirBrakes On

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Carla Bruni Raphaël

| play
FernandaW good night blipners, i have to go ;)
JRex 'evenin blipers ... thanks for all the replies (esp @sheryonstone, @Crystalclear, @ladypn, @ GypsyOwl & @bruno__ ;)) and great music! ;)
notgoth007 Greatest Rolling Stones song ever. Haunting.
DJTxIDoInStyleGirl Oooh..its Rush. ;)..No Its his opening song: The Pretenders-My City Is Gone
procopy How about Steve Winwood? He and Clapton Can't find their way home.
avivajazz Carla Bruni, Italian singer-songwriter; First Lady of France (married President Sarkozy, 2008). Husky, warm, intimate, uncomplicated voice. (reblip)
mlsamuelson listen for where she almost cracks up. I love that part.
sproutdr "The originals are still the greatest" @Olga @TheMostReverendJim (reblip)

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

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Epicrates just needed to hear some Stranglers and then I'm out...
theclockworkbox Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime. Well, how did I get here?
MrThompsonR Good afternoon, Fam... Going to catch a matinee. Blip ya's later!!
theclockworkbox @KCZEN The Champs – Tequila. Here ya go, champ.
theclockworkbox Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing. Sultans...repeated in my head til it was just an abstract idea just now.
driczz thx rb@raolbaletco I♥ Adele! ~To make you feel my love~ (reblip)
loupnoir Coming to the River Rock Casino in Vancouver this month (March 2009)It's snowing now...
loupnoir One way to sail the St. Lawrence seaway
threebears @exoticat & all the Amazing Women on Twitter. Voodoo Child..#IWD ...part quoting and re-blipping @WaterBears ^_^ thanks! great bear name! (reblip)
loupnoir A product not often displayed by the fish and meat mongers of Granville Market.
threebears kind of you @formalhaut! @formalhaut ^_^ love the Spidey track - thanks - not heard it before: Shock! Horror! - could replace my fave! ;D (reblip)
loupnoir It was fresh like everything else in the Market,which was certainly fact.It was a rare variety indeed.
DJRodneyKing !Classic! "If I Could Reach The Dtars I'd` Pull One Down For You..."
theclockworkbox Interpol – Heinrich Maneuver. How are things on the west coast?
loupnoir Thanx @snowbear ice cream drips; tears flow; when you show some emotion
loupnoir Thanx @DJRodneyKing Once their belongings are out on the street, we leave Green Onions
loupnoir Welcome @albertovianna Distinguishable marks: Black Panther head tattooed on left forearm.
loupnoir Thanx @DJRodneyKing Heritage: Mix of North European and First Nations.


| play
loupnoir Occupation: 50% shareholder in a yacht outfitter's retail outlet on Granville Island.
loupnoir Condition: Head battered by a heavy metal object, possibly crowbar or similar.
loupnoir Thanx @DJRodneyKing Four stab wounds present. Wound delivered to heart possibly fatal.
loupnoir Thanx @albertovianna Faces blurred into one face. That tiresome face haunts every crime scene.
loupnoir Thanx @BlueJeanBaby Matt looked back at the crowd and sighed at the staring mass of faces.
MrThompsonR Vi@NeedBlues2Live "BRVsVault It's by the ocean, yes you know it well.....smooooooth" Thanks!! (reblip)
loupnoir Welcome @mammara Matt glanced beyond this constant of his profession to the yachts moored in the marina.
MrThompsonR Vi@LostSound "What a guitarist... Barney Kessel not only played jazz but also worked as studio guitarist in Los Angeles." >@Babuxoxoxo (reblip)
loupnoir Thanx @theclockworkbox He studied the seagulls scouting the decks of the ships for tasty treats left unattended.
loupnoir welcome @johnnysmooth I first heard this on NPR; they are a jug band from circa 1920s


| play
loupnoir welcome @patricia_coelho The pungent smell of the ocean mixed with the acrid smell of diesel oil, restaurant trash, tourist aftershave, and cologne.
theclockworkbox Harry Nilsson – Everybody's Talkin'. reblip @DJ_Sleestack (reblip)
evoland Una guitarra muy expresiva, sí señor, un blues tremendo
loupnoir Thanx @patricia_coelhoand ran his left hand's fingers through the back of his blonde hair left slightly long
loupnoir Thanx @mammara Matt raised an eyebrow on his hard chiseled features
loupnoir Thanx @Debsails It's snowing in Vancouver BC right now (Another sign of AZTEC 2012?)
loupnoir Thanx @mammara He observed the sunlight as it bounced off the ocean water,
loupnoir following its stream to Granville Island Bridge
theclockworkbox REM – Orange Crush. Follow me, don't follow me...
miguesme Nana Mouskouri – Yalo Yalo, buenas noches a tod@s
loupnoir Thanx @mammara The bridge spanned the ocean in the role of an umbilical cord

ACDC - She Shook Me All Night Long(Remix featuring Bon Jovi, Metallica, Nirvana, Def Leppard, Van Halen, and Guns N' Roses)

| play
DJRodneyKing Um dos sons que mais gosto na Vida! "...And so castles made of sand slips into the sea, eventually..."
loupnoir Thanx @Clark_Griswold Today's main event lay on the ground in front of Matt.
loupnoir Thanx @mammara However, Granville Island had outdone Vancouver's famous West End
loupnoir Thanx @Clark_Griswold John Victor Boorman...the murder victim prepared for inspection.
cabrochette a filha do buddy rich roubou a cena. debulhou minha querida cher (hein, hein) assoviando.

Buddy Rich Big Band - The Beat Goes On

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lausen Last blip goes to Stan Getz: I remember when
loupnoir Thanks for the kind words @SunrisesNSmiles 2009 JUNO Awards in Vancouver March 29th!
loupnoir Checked out Nearly Neil at the River Rock Casino last nite: did nice Gimme Shelter
loupnoir Thanx @mammara However, Granville Island had outdone Vancouver's famous West End
loupnoir Thanx @mammara Matt always felt uncomfortable about the first thing he always thought of
loupnoir whenever he had just finished inspection of a homicide scene
carmencitab Favorite song today : Your Protector Fleet Foxes riding into the glorious sun!
stickylicks b-b-b-baaaaybee u just ain't seen n-n-nuthin' yet! (Bach.Man.Turn.Err.Over.D-d-d-Drive)
loupnoir Thanx @mammara It was of how the victim or victims would have looked like
loupnoir Caught The Dynamics at the River Rock last nite: nice Ain't no mountain high enuff


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miguesme Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone,año1965
miguesme Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water, año 1970
miguesme Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds, año 1969
threebears One of the less promoted things in the world of Blip is the Poem this recital is a thing to hear on this Mummy Day. ...reblip@mikethebee ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
snowbear I love mashups. :-D --> Michael Jackson vs Blackstreet - No Billie Jean Diggity (reblip)
snowbear Can't help but sing along whenever this one plays. --> The Eagles – Hotel California (Unplugged) (reblip)
theclockworkbox Pink Floyd – Wish you were here. ...running over the same old ground...
theclockworkbox CW McCall – Convoy. Kris Kristofferson didn't sing it, but he starred in it...
sudaca70 reblipping @theD I totally agree... The best band in Quebec (reblip)


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threebears Anna Nalick – Breathe (2 AM) ...reblipping @photogurrl ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
loupnoir Thanx @mammara Not what he really wanted to bring up with the forensic psychiatrists.
loupnoir Thanx @albertovianna It was the nascent symbol of all human life...conception.

Mason Williams - Classical Gas

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loupnoir Thanx @Boogiepod I saw Honeyboy Edwards at the Yale (Vancouver) two years ago or so
threebears ok, back to the future - bedtime for me ;) thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/morning/day in any order. sweet day/night dreams
loupnoir Thanx @toasterfuk The reality that he did not see in the crowd
loupnoir Thanx @ MixMasterMikeyMike He worshipped death.
loupnoir welcome @MixMasterEddie Death was his life.

santana - Evil ways (Better Version)

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loupnoir Thanx @albertovianna Death, so powerful, so absolute in its ability to silence life
loupnoir welcome @TimbrePitch to balance the death so near to him.
loupnoir Thanx @mammara The very symbol that he needed so desperately


| play
loupnoir At Doolin's after workout. Bobby White does a nice cover of Ruby Tuesday
loupnoir Bienvenu @carmencitab William Shatner for Prime Minister
threebears your nose is longer than a telephone wire! quote'n'reblip @rebolado ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
clarkowitz Been thinking about ghosts a lot lately. What's up with that?


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miguesme Nina Simone – Backlash Blues
miguesme LAS MEJORES BALADAS: Linda Ronstadt – Blue Bayou
miguesme LAS MEJORES BALADAS: Anita Kerr – Moon river
DanceDog Best goth song ever composed -- too bad I don't have a clue what it's about
theclockworkbox Modest Mouse – Missed The Boat. ... we've listened to more of life's end gong than the sound of life's sweet bells...
DJRodneyKing Peter Tosh e Mick Jagger (corrigindo o nome da música) Parceria Incrível! @ric @ekman @rico
DJRodneyKing Essa versão do Bill Withers é demaisssssss! @Carlin @Lecuos @drkk
cabrochette confesso que prefiro a carreira solo de skeeter. triste é como foi o "rockabye" de sua irmã betty.
enrique_ ela que me faz un navegagor - rb @medina thxs! (reblip)
miguesme Joaquin Sabina – El blues de lo que pasa en mi escalera
miguesme Pasión Vega – La Cancion De Las Noches Perdidas
DanceDog @cheesy80s @annadynamite This was on the soundtrack of the movie that ruled my prepubescent world (House, with William Katt)
DanceDog And now the cool cover.
DanceDog And now the cool cover. + @catmac1 @djkf2000 @gorester @TheProbizbuilder @SnuffyMcSheisterton @ anyone I've missed, thanks for the props this evening
BlueJeanBaby Hava Nagila -- I have NO idea why I'm playing this . . .
BlueJeanBaby @JeffAustin Actually, Kokomo is in Indiana. The Beach Boys used the word because they thought it "sounded tropical." NOW I'm leaving for my appt.! (reblip)
loupnoir Thanx @patita something about "Blues For The Lost Days"
DanceDog It's yeye time! Fleurant is a Quebec singer.
DanceDog It's yeye time! Mareva is spearheading the yeye revival with her album Ukuyeye.
theclockworkbox Sam Cooke – Wonderful World. ...don't know much about the French I took...
loupnoir Reblip @DJRodneyKing off to Festival of life for past president of Pacific Ski Club. Keep up the GR8 work at all! (reblip)
MrThompsonR Vi@patita "RonnieBebop, i think this file is better than the one you sent me.... keep this 4 u" Show off!! LOL Thanks!! (reblip)
cabrochette depois de doze tentativas fracassadas, henry mancini.
enrique_ [this one's for you and your dancing theme] r/b @GR8FL - thank you! (let´s dance behind the desk) (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Papas Fritas – Way You Walk ~ Blipped it earlier, but have to do it again, cuz it's on the compilation! ;-) @thepetshopboy @danibarzy @djblackwhite
Flying_Roundhouse Nara Leão – Telefon ~ The compilation continues ~ Boi noite meu povo brasileiro &@paulastudio @by_starla @soundmangroupie @marigoldsky @sergiovds
kveebee I know you're out there @loupnoir Je vous ai à l'oeil ;-)
onepotcookeryschool ////////////////////////////////////////////
toasterfuk i recall central park in fall... how you tore your dress, what a mess, I confess... Thats not all
gigia touche! touche! touche!!! ahaahahahahaha abafa.
Flying_Roundhouse Stan Getz / Joao Gilberto – So Danço Samba ~ aqui é um feliz aniversário Brasil sintonizar ...! Hey @stevetuf ~ e todo o meu povo no Brasil!
avivajazz Middle-Eastern Dance Rhythms | Drums and Percussion // You're welcome, @DesertLily! // "This is AWESOME. Thanks @avivamagnolia" (reblip)
avivajazz Elis Regina & Antonio Carlos Jobim | Aguas de Março
avivajazz Deolinda | Mal por Mal | Ensemble from Portugal
Flying_Roundhouse Hey @suzesinc, you are most welcome ..RB vi@Flying_Roundhouse (would not RB direct for me BOO) fab piece of music..absolutely love it!!!much XXX (reblip)
threebears Yes, I was torn should I supply this link? or one that was malformed ... (ha! did and unblipped)
De_Ann sooo unexpected! thx@kbuech Yepper! So fine. And Fever Ray? @nervioso oh! the YYY, I love her voice (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby "Slower the better when dancing." @RunningRealtor So you run fast but dance slow? (reblip)
De_Ann @daihard does age make the clip any less funny? :-) vi@ djLop @Oldies You are always on My Mind... @ladypn @aapstermaan, DeAnn
avivajazz Question Mark and the Mysterians | 96 Tears (1966) // My favorite dance number in 9th grade; shades of weird events in the high school gym. rb@Jeffie (reblip)
avivajazz ♫ Mac Wiseman | Jimmie Brown the Newsboy
avivajazz ♫ Ralph Stanley | Little Maggie
driczz #oldfashionedway très beau!

Dalida- Alain Delon - parole paroles

| play
avivajazz I really DO need some help (bigtime) learning Greek music, both popular and traditional. I'm very curious about rebetiko (rembetika), too, @fsimits! (reblip)
avivajazz ◄ Angélique Kidjo | Voodoo Child // She workin' some good voodoo with that mojo-magical-kidjo voice of hers... (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Video trailer for "Blue Jean Baby" will be at Amazon and You Tube in two weeks; book's there now! Re-visit the sixties. (reblip)
serendipitynz @jamidwyer @daihard @loupnoir @toosweet4rnr @Mekasidnipuatier @KSTV goodnight, leaving u with Queen, cause the Hurricanes (Rugby Super 14) won tonight
deepbluesealove Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California *waving hi to* @manicdistress
onesanz @onesanz: "good nighteveningafternoonmorning" (reblip)


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melodyofurlife RB --> @threebears: your right there as well. Congrats to you as well. Have a great Mothers Day. Do they celebrate Mothers day is the UK? (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Quartetto Cetra – Un Bacio a Mezzanotte (A kiss at midnight) ;-) Hey @RnBE @Rella @DOCSTIMULAS ~ "Wanky" means "screwed up or messed up, not right."
mammara @DOCSTIMULAS if you haven't follow the discussions about imeem here some link: blog ➤
avivajazz @onesanz, I have felt that non-imeem tracks are being converted to imeem tracks. GR8FL strongly believes they are not. I was doing a spot test to see. (reblip)
avivajazz @GR8FL, I will publish a blogpost stating that my sense that non-imeem tracks are being converted to imeem tracks is an "impression," not a fact.


| play
avivajazz @GR8FL, I posted new comments to the blog, as promised, stating that my "opinions" about track conversion were not "fact." I hope you read it! (reblip)
threebears Use Firefox->Add-on->Adblock plus -> on blacklist- result: no imeem, no playing, look at search all Imeems greyed out ☚quote'n'rb@hajoni thnx (reblip)
threebears @daBlueManedBlackMagicWitchWoman: "Morning! Not sure what you mean - I am getting plenty of imeem tracks" ok, then read updates on (reblip)
kbuech Phish–"Free" Hey @RustyB , and @all, download Blipster app to easily find and avoid imeem tracks, and cue tunes line a pro here:


| play
threebears FYI comedy on twitter (via @MitchBenn) (incidentally ♡ genuine 100% pure blip ... contains no imeem!)
threebears feels good? feels good? (♡genuine 100% pure blip - contains no imeem!)
avivajazz Can't hear full tracks on,, or Pandora because you're in Spain? Now you can hear full tracks! (reblip)

Bert Jansch & John Renbourn play Anne Briggs

| play
clarkowitz @evablue You are a work of art. :-) When did blip get the video tip? I'm so out of it...

Scorpions- Dust In The Wind (Acoustic version)

| play
Flying_Roundhouse U2 – I Will Follow {Live Milan} ~ Gives me GOOSEBUMPS. The best part? All those wonderful Italians going crazy, singing every word....(had to RB me) (reblip)
kbuech Cotton Mather - "Camp Hill Rail Operator" (imeem-free, NOT video) rb@Mattynabib Thanks for props and reblips!! (reblip)
kbuech Thomas Dolby - "Radio Silence" (imeem-free, NOT video) rb@NikkiPixel via@ladypn G'nite Nancy, thanks for the blips!! (reblip)

Rooney- When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

| play
teelanovela @saikodelia @volcoment @tironovo @Malchut @To_The_Moon When you believe in things you don't understand...

Stevie Wonder ~ Superstition

| play
Flying_Roundhouse ROXY MUSIC – Love Is The Drug (1975) ~ 1975??? Good GOD. Hey @loupnoir @Diordan @lovemusic @StonyTunes @deepbluesealove check the girls in the video!

Teenage Head: Picture My Face

| play
deepbluesealove *Sipping a drink & thinking about ordering some food* (reblip)
De_Ann best new track of the week - check it out!
deepbluesealove Smash Mouth - Whole Lotta Love Good Morning @star45
Annimallover "the world is too dangerous for anything but truth &too small for anything but love" W. Coffin That's a strange way to tell me you love me!
Annimallover "the secret is to turn pain into purpose" Fran Drescher

FastballThe Way

| play
onesanz buonanotte @ALL thx it's always a <Sweet Thing> blippin' with U
BlaveFlopata It's 1:12am, and I'm thinking Dr. Pants.
kbuech "Love this, new 2me, thx Lori Ann!" rb@PS1968 India Arie - "Beautiful Surprise" [" via@sheryonstone --Thank you (many) -- enjoy!"] (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Todd Rundgren – Love Is The Answer ~ Just like @kbuech likes 'em - non-imeem/no vids ~ I'm on a Todd kick ~ "Name your price...a ticket to paradise"
mistamariob @Anime81 That's why we blip - To jog those memories that people have when a song is heard. . .
Punched :: Goodbye – Secondhand Serenade ::
eraser cielitos azules de la Dinah Washington (reblip)
De_Ann ja ja ja!!! :)))))@TGDude: "another one of my favorites during a music era that was called "Neue Deutsche Welle" or the "New German Wave"" (reblip)

FalcoDer Kommissar

| play
threebears grey sky in berlin ..reblipping @anjuscha ^_^ couldn't resist this - thanks! (reblip)
driczz yeaAH rockers٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ @chiron08@tranceatlantico@klitoria @tanzbunny@derhatnerven - so envy!!enjoy d-show&take pics 2send me, ok!! (reblip)
serendipitynz Well I'm on a Monty Python jag now
threebears Any help from others to breathe me is most appreciated. Have a great day."quote'n'rb @GR8FL ^(^ thanks - what's up? Having trouble breathing? :( (reblip)
Annimallover @Awannabeangel You are the only other person I know that does this saying!I complained because I didn't have shoes until I saw someone without feet.

SUZY BOGGUSS: Someday Soon (Ian Tyson)

| play
kbuech The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist (official video) This country shrink digs this ("I'm just a country doctor, Jim!") rb@Cala_Lily (reblip)

frontier psychiatrist

| play
DJDreamy Thank you 4 rb@Dr_Wes: "Codine ~ Gram Parsons" {NO:imeem/video} (reblip)

Gram ParsonsCodine

| play
poochiesan24 @TakeFive: - Play with your own Poodle - humph, I have a Yo hua hua, part Yorkie, part chihuahua - He's fun to play with too (reblip)

Marcia Ball: Play with your Poodle

| play
StaroftheNorth1 @loupnoir thanks for the shout - I was given For the Beauty of Wynona back in 1993 & hooked ever since
DJDreamy Sweet Child of Mine ~ Carrie Underwood {video-live} in Farwell, MI

Carrie sings "SCOM" in Farwell, MI

| play
threebears Okay well work is over and time for the weekend I'm out of here ..for whoever was listening :) ...quote'n'reblip @Lastmilkwar ^(^ thanks! (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Time After Time Eva Cassidy ~ RB @Nymph: "WATCH THIS KID!!!! click this link. blown away." (reblip)

Time After Time Eva Cassidy

| play
esterk Why I Am, the latest song from Dave Matthews Band.

Natalie Merchant Carnival

| play
poochiesan24 Kenny can make me feel wonderful any night
mumicimo hope this cheers you up @Skydiver42 ...have a chill evening in sunny AK :) JOHNNY CASH "Ring Of Fire"" (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Radiohead – Subterranean Homesick Alien ~ RB @CargoCulte: "This is so damn good!" I have to agree ~Ciao @crispast @beatnoir @krismad @doublek @digitpt (reblip)
snowbear Fall Out Boy – Beat It feat. John Mayer (reblip)
lifeisaboutajoke Placebo - Happy You're Gone ... i love this typical placebo sound
gpharley @Jimmylad: "Straight to my playlist thnx vi.@AngelGab: "show em walk we are talkin about girls"" (reblip)
miguesme Tina Turner – Simply The Best
crowjane @joechapman: "Thx.My step-dad is a great guy!~may his recovery be speedy and pain free Joe~the best to you and yours pal (reblip)
Annimallover or be rough about it! @KathysArt: "@musecrossing: "Gently."" (reblip)

Barenaked Ladies-Pinch Me

| play
Flying_Roundhouse Robert Cray – Right Next Door (Because Of Me) ~ RB @juliewright: "I've loved this song by Robert Cray for 20 yrs." Me too, girlfriend! (reblip)
reecespieces @pinkpolkadots: "LMAO!! ur nutters!!! rb@1980s: "Charlie Brown, you BLOCKHEAD!!! :p @AtheDJ @pinkpolkadots @beatnoir @Flying_Roundhouse "" (reblip)

The Peanuts Theme

| play
AndreaUrbanFox The Weakerthans have surprised me...they`re really good (reblip)
AnitaBreakSoon RB@lipsync Awesome! I am here now, but where are u?? LOL I hope you are resting and somewhere safe! Thanks for the shout outs and rbs (reblip)
StrippersMusic greath new discovery metal industrial Neon Synthesis - Solitude and Fear
finchbeak @djwttw:"truly, one of the perfectly constructed, perfectly performed and perfectly produced songs -- even has some tinges of Beatle/Harrison guitar!" (reblip)
crowjane @GeryDiMarco: "You've got good taste crowjane~I'm wild about me too! ~hee hee~ Hey babe~sure been missN U~~bro got jokes~love dat' in a bro~ (reblip)
gunsnnoses Uh Huh...Of Course.@toosweet4rnr: "[Boys Don't Cry - I Wanna Be A Cowboy] @graphic_lucidity I've got my saddle on my horse" (reblip)
DJDreamy I Want You Back ~ N'Sync {video} A very young Justin Timberlake...
crowjane Paul Schaffer actually had a comb over~lol~hey everybody~I am sewing and shaking my tail feather~U will be too after this~enjoy~Keith loves to boogie
DJRodneyKing Radio X / Alternative rock, Alternative Metal, Heavy metal, Grunge #11

Kora ola ola!- Nim zakwitnie tysiąc róż

| play
DoanDoDat Surfing Film 1977 FREE RIDE pablo cruise

Surfing Film 1977 FREE RIDE pablo cruise

| play
Mtii ..." ELVIS PRESLEY.....don't think twice,'s all right

Elvis Presley ~ Don't Think Twice, It's All right

| play
Mtii STEVIE NICKS.....Leather and lace.....

Stevie Nicks "Leather and Lace"

| play
eraser @Potachov en realidá no soy tan malo... es to pose torera ... como nuestros diri-gentes ;-) malo pomalo

KarmaMalo Pomalo

| play
samodiva tnx @Dutchtown: "On the train to NYC for Lady Gaga's Fame Ball! " (reblip)
MrsASoprano Oh! I had no idea they owned them before. @Sandman5 Are they a good organization?
HollyJohnson 1960's England produced great pop moments.
klitoria good day to dear @Cosmika @melpimenta...@lwsrc...ja war toll...danke..gut zuhause gelandet...freu mich aufs wiedersehen...einen schönen tag euch
Tia_Singh Solstice Intention: true love.
DJDreamy When is the Reunion? Saw Ted, Cat Scratch Fever 1st came out, Cobo Hall, Detroit rb@TrainWreckRadio: "@DJDreamy so dreamy...we going or what? :-) ?" (reblip)

Rolf Harris -- Sun Arise

| play
AndreaUrbanFox I like this song very much, Blur – Out Of Time
AndreaUrbanFox After I saw last night`s performance @ Glastonbury I`m having a Blur morning...and loving it! -