lundy quasars are the most distant objects yet detected in the universe.
lundy this one goes out to Hayden and his little bro Cal.
lundy It's a place I'd like to be.

Galaxie 500Tugboat

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lundy i love how this track refuses to end after 3:40.

Grizzly BearKnife

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hayleylovesyou If this doesn't take me back to a dorm room ... I would put it on a loop and stare out my window into the rain like a beautiful english major cliche.

Yeah Yeah YeahsMaps

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lundy behold the genius of john mcentire


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candybulletsandmoon most amazing guitar solo from this side of the pond
lundy over 10 minutes of rock brilliance
TheMostReverendJim hey @ladypn you got me started now! vi@VtownLee damn what a song! (reblip)

soundgardenmy wave

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craigz I just can't helping the reblipping of this one more @by_starla. (reblip)
lundy I could listen to this on a continuous loop and never get bored.
adrianomendonca when i discover the best band of the 80's (reblip)
Linith Shuffle just resurfaced an oldie but a goodie. Guided By Voices "Glad Girls"
jspace3 1988 --> from a note perfect album
warhorus Great tune off of Neon Bible, courtesy of @Babuxoxoxo and @xmx! Thanks! (reblip)
lundy goin' out to Hayd and his little bro Cal

The Beach Boys409

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lundy Happy Already (1998, Matador) is/was a great album.


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lundy i didn't know music this good could come out of atlanta.
lundy a relatively unknown and underappreciated band from nyc.
lundy one of my favorite music videos too


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by_starla @bendrix--i do love this song so, and you are one of the few to reblip it. thanks!!!! :) (reblip)

LunaFuzzy Wuzzy

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by_starla @bendrix--you might like this--and it always makes me think of @nick_sorg--how are you doing tonight? :)
magyang NyQuil my love, save me (in the meantime, sedate me). always, your consumptive margaret.
lundy Midnight Oil

03 Dream World.MP3

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klitoria for you dear @bendrix...i hope you are going to enjoy it...I`m off for sleep...
lundy one of the greatest rocks song ever written. period.
lundy excellent cover of an already excellent song

M. WardTo Go Home

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2liveis2fly Yeah, I pulled into Nazareth, folks. Deal with it.

The BandThe Weight

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mmemaledicta the use of 'ma'am' versus 'madam': discuss amongst yourselves. I am hittin' the road, off to another day of discussing languages of the Amazon
mammara Billy Childish whitout moustaches!
the_glendon Floating in and out of my head all day.

zZz is playing: Grip

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interpol-obstacle 1

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lundy Best band ever to come out of Syracuse, NY. Maybe the only.
by_starla [Atlas Sound - Quarantined] me=idiot. just stood over two cats (staring blankly at me), saying "there is no fighting in this house." that'll work.
by_starla [Oxford Collapse - Grasses Of Anne]
wmediatws Mr. Oizo Flat Beat <8-)

Mr. Oizo Flat Beat

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Tony Allen's 'Secret Agent'

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madbunz @LordS - still think this song isn't very good?
mammara @lalagator: "My iPod is on fire with these guys. " thanks, this is perfect. (reblip)

Brian Jonestown Massacre- Prozac vs. Heroin

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Sonic Youth-100%

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craigz Well that was cut awful short. Let's see how this fairs.
mmemaledicta I swear, this song never gets old to me - not that I've had a lot of time to judge that; but I have played it 20K times
rock2monster @MiaCarla: "Malcolm McLaren – Double Dutch ♥ RB @DJFrankie "~what a cool vid!~YOU are rocking the planet as we know it today~rock2themonster~ (reblip)
Cortez Woman – Wolfmother


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maurilao See you after lunch

The Pogues-Bottle Of Smoke

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The Black Keys "Your Touch"

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Cornershop "England's Dreaming"

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Maserati "Inventions"

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Harvestman- Amongst the Heather

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melodyofurlife Record Club ~ Guns In The Sky

Record Club ~ Guns In The Sky (INXS Cover)

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DownLow a worthy re-blip! thx @ABoyNamedSue: "Brilliant tune of the new Broken Social Scene album." (reblip)
the_glendon The new MIA track is hot. So is this Suicide track.

SuicideGhost Rider

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jspace3 This track is a great blend of Spacemen 3 and The Jesus & The Mary Chain - huge and buzzing
craigz bradford cox (deerhunter) just posted a collection of home demos recorded over the past month or so. get 'yers here:
craigz @JonnyDeeper: "The Warlocks / "Come Save Us"" / yes! hiya @JonnyDeeper (reblip)
craigz @humming_bird: "hiya craigz" / hi hi @humming_bird; i missed this one while eating dinner! (reblip)
craigz @ViralStyles good luck with the search. i'm in the same boat as of late and have been doing some really good and interesting freelance work.

Woods - To Clean

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