BillytheCat Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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Shyone44 Easy come, easy go, will you let me go....
Shyone44 Sometimes you just can't give an ish.....

PinkSo What

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italianstallionette I'm hooked on that Butt. Skinny chicks can suck it!
Tobie2 Turn the base way up....Move it shake it...groove me!!!

Lady GagaPoker Face

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italianstallionette Gotta show props to my girl Leisha. I'd commit a crime to be your prison bitch!
Shyone44 That's right I'm the last one standing, another one bites the dust...
Tobie2 This is my fav SM song.....

Sarah McLachlanAdia

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Shyone44 It starts in my soul and I lose all control When you kiss my nose, the feeling shows... Baby just take your time now.... Holding me tight....
EmmeRogers With thanks to @saabir for starting my afternoon off right with this. (reblip)


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EmmeRogers A little Beattles never hurt anyone ...
italianstallionette Woke up, fell out of bed, Dragged my comb across my head Found my way downstairs and drank a cup, And looking up I noticed I was late. (reblip)

A Day In The Life

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lyzbian we met these girls at pride a couple years ago :) they freaking rock!
ICEGIRL152 I may be crazy, but I love this song. @rogue_fm

JewelFoolish Games

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ICEGIRL152 @rogue_fm, some bullshit for you :) Have a good nite!! Take care!
lyzbian this brings back high i think i still have this cd..
Voxetta @patbone "and she was lying in the grass...and she could hear the highway breathing" (reblip)
Shyone44 This is for Lyz(Lays).... I believe in you and your gonna find an amazing opportunity that you deserve... Love ya!!!
Shyone44 For my Pynkies....... I Adore, Admire & Love you guys!!!!
Tobie2 Its time for this one....Maybe it will bring Shy to us....PynkPanther theme song.... (reblip)

Lily AllenFuck You

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lyzbian and now children, a little happy music! :)


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Lizador This shit will get stuck in your head. It will also make you eat popcorn. And put on a tube top. And dance naked in front of your pets.

Hot ButterPopcorn

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wintergreen143 I wanna....

I Wanna Fuck You Dirty

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lyzbian its a new eminem song! woot woot!

EminemWe Made You

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GreatGig1 Im sick and tired of hearing things, from uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocritics, all I want is the truth...
GreatGig1 Janis' Summertime is one of my favs from her! :-)
lyzbian missin my panthers :(

Lily AllenFuck You

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wintergreen143 Far away....

Nickelback Far Away Lyrics

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New Found Glory "Kiss Me" music video

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Tobie2 @lyzbian this is a fav too!!


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lyzbian havent heard this in awhile


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wintergreen143 A new song i found last night! Loving it! (reblip)
lyzbian a black cat..crosses my path...
Tobie2 This goes out to all my Pynk Panthers....Turn it up and dance with me!!!
lyzbian @wintergreen143 lol this brings back memories from panther palooza :) hehehehehe (reblip)
lyzbian when you come you slip into a dream

Pink- Fingers

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lyzbian dorene says this is my theme song :) heheheh
lyzbian toucha toucha touch me...

Toucha toucha toucha touch me

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lyzbian OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (reblip)

Rob Zombie BrickHouse

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wintergreen143 Just in this kind of this song..... sad but beautiful
lyzbian omg watch the vid to this..

Disney Villains Bringing Sexy Back

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lyzbian shiver

Shiver- Natalie Imbruglia lyrics

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Shyone44 @lyzbian: "ive always liked this song.." OMG I Adore this song! (reblip)
lyzbian @justforfun2112 here ya go hon
wintergreen143 @wintergreen143: "Just in this kind of this song..... sad but beautiful " (reblip)
wintergreen143 "If i cant love u i dont want to love you If i cant hold you I dont want to be thinking of you and If you dont want me, I dont want to want you" (reblip)
lyzbian hold me tight and dont let go..
lyzbian no matter how old or young we are..

Age doesn't matter

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Lizador This song is intelegent, clever and sooo sweet!
ICEGIRL152 love this @Liberality, thx for blippin!! (reblip)

Drew Carey Time Warp

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Feeling Boobies

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lyzbian we are all happy lezzas...
wintergreen143 Pour real life down on me....... Am I good Enough.. for you to love me too? (reblip)
wintergreen143 My body's longing to hold you... so bad its hurts inside...

pink nobody knows video

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wintergreen143 Don't you need...don't you want...can't you taste it when you are alone

Nine Inch Nails- Something I Can Never Have

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Alicia Keys Tell you Something (Nana's Reprise) with LYRICS

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lyzbian ooooo damn! she can sing!

Best Version of SON OF A PREACHER MAN singing by Joss Stone

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lyzbian okies.. im gonna go to sleep now..night!!!


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Tobie2 Been in my head all day......TURN IT UP!
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