maddin @estrogen @Andresa @rogue_fm @santamistura @crowjane u might like this one "beautiful song, well done, and a great video, enjoy!" (reblip)

Song to the Siren

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threebears saying 'hi' back & reblipping @thrak ^_^ thanks sweetie! couldn't decide which of your blips to rb, this or Quantic Soul Orchestra's terrapin? (reblip)
Mmmmmmmmmm Love at first listen.

01 Honey & the Moon

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Will_the_bloke Catchy Rufus Wainwright from Big Daddy soundtrack, of all places ... Rufus Wainwright – Instant Pleasure .. hello blippers!
Flying_Roundhouse Eurythmics – This City Never Sleeps ~ While we're on the topic of the Eurythmics.... Hey @Oldprog @HuMBush @LYRIC @melbrehl (goodnight, and thanks!)
tjmackster I never felt my heartstrings until I nearly went insane...Tom Waits – San Diego Serenade (reblip)
estrogen happy sunday evening :) would you share some memory of my party years?
Minds "Do not miss the chance.."
maddin dream with me my love


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circepear one of my favorite Bjork's song... @siri_he do u like Bjork?
maddin to and fro 'tween shame and desire


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mammara @jojofm yes, as usual the hot weather has arrived too early, after the rainy season (very last one, bye)
estrogen @randyhate: "for those outside the states, do all imeem songs only last 30 secs?] you have to check every track before you blip... nerve-racking... (reblip)
Lemon p-p-p-p-p-p-p-praise you
Lemon 1 Oasis 4 @erwblo Cheers!


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MsBiddyBytes I Scare Myself....♫ ♫ ♫
Maferusca "Lost for you I'm so lost for you You come crash into me And I come into you"
multifacetsflux um.. ok.. gotta warm up this ride theme.. jem should do it :)

JemJust a Ride

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multifacetsflux off to class, enjoy your day m'loves x0
terri24601 @Becomedizzy: "Back at the Brooks" <<<oh yeah! and at that bar, right? (reblip)
maddin working on a harbour = working in a coalmine?
you999 The Nazz - Lemming Song
chiron08 together we can boycotting imeem. THIS Friday 15th. Read here.
chiron08 cool @28apple_chic: "thinks we should all play this as our last track tomorrow night before we boycott imeem on Friday. Read here" (reblip)
Apple_chic This is the only time I might blip a guilty pleasure. STOP. #boycottimeem - no blips 15/05 why?


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santamistura my last blip today! i´m sad not to receive the credits of the props that U have send to me for me to send back, sorry!hope blip fix soon everything
maddin good mornin fellow blippers, get up!
maddin together we're strong: let's fight the 30 sec blips!
maddin jazz'n'groove what could possibly beat that
maddin I like those lurkin' ones
maddin wow

Elvis Presley - Fever

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maddin fundamental again this time from a different standpoint
jub2609 Qu'est-ce que tu ne ferais pas pour la peau?
Chise R.E.M. – Orange Crush

R.E.M.Orange Crush

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alessi17 dr.everthing'llbealright
maddin badly in need of some monday remedy? get some sunshine soul!
maddin are you?

Pearl Jam - Better Man

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klitoria @thrak.....yes you can if you like...thank you my dear..... (reblip)
maddin relaxed and lurkin' my favorite way

zero 7Crosses

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maddin live is hard enough!

ZoeLove (blip.up)

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maddin who's that standing up talkin' 'bout freedom?
judi Breaking Benjamin – The Diary Of Jane (reblip)
maddin pow, really got off on that one, can't work nomore

"Two Silver Trees" by Calexico

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MusicIsMySunshine @lorinewton: Not sure where in Canada you are but Fever Ray will be playing in Montreal and Toronto in Oct! Will be a great show! (reblip)

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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RoasterBoy /// Winter's walking up the avenue; I ain't seen the sun since the 6th of June... (reblip)

A3Too Sick To Pray

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Aphex Twin- Piano Tuners

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dubstarr @minmae i saw the sugarcubes at Reading Festival (cant remember which year) the Fall were great..Mark E. is a 'character'
maddin tambien, tambien thanx to @fluffyboots: "@boamorte-mi amo Soda Stereo.. :)" (reblip)
maddin completely agree, thanks @air: "Jan and Mari Boine. Sublime." (reblip)

8. Mari Boine / Jan Garbarek - Boadan nuppi bealde (Norwegia)

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air @maddin: I once saw her at the Festival Hall in London and swear I saw her fly! (reblip)
sheryonstone Thank you @SevenTenths for introducing me to Andy. The website is SO excellent. There is so much talent available to discover there :)
save_the_wolves @RoasterBoy: "@DJBrandrede: ""...then we take Berlin""" (reblip)

Jennifer Warnes & Leonard Cohen: First We Take Manhattan

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CalebBooker a candidate for this summer's "ultimate hit". It's great, but will we hear better?

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

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TaxiBob Two of my favorite and nature!
eliott_is_dead Tem música q não precisa de distorção porradaria ou toda aquela ejaculação adolescente punk pra ser destruidoramente poderosa...
lmortimer y con esto y un bizcocho, hasta mañana a las ocho
dojodub memories of last nights post disco party

Iggy Pop - Never Met A Girl Like You Before

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tigeladakawaii Good night, blipers and twitters! :)
tigeladakawaii Dinosaurs on the quilt I wore with a girl. (reblip)
KANL @djwttw: james taylor – Mexico - Live (reblip)
2HandedJam *** Zero 7 – When It Falls * Goodbye Blip-Nation! Take care of yourselevs and each other! Much Love 2U All !! 2HJ ;)

Zero 7When It Falls

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maddin heroic folky tune, nice vid and a COOOL beard, but why do they have to be surrounded by flames???


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secretagentmama You seek up an emotion/ And our cup is overflowing/ You seek up an emotion/ Sometimes your well is dry

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds- Seek Up (Live-Acoustic)

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mystwitch RB@CarolannB: thanks for this blip-such a groovey song ;0) (reblip)
mystwitch RB@BigBlend: "Here's to South Africa! #mystwitch: Thanks, this is such a favorite-its my traveling music! (reblip)
CaryB reeeeal nice instrumental - particularly like the drunken bluster of the trombone
thrak WATCHA CLAN repetition Qoulou

WATCHA CLAN repetition Qoulou (very rare,rehearsal!!!)

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maddin get some fun tonite mates
maddin yeah yeah yeah the boss has a novia!
lizthebiz What a tune ;)

Sugar Sugar by The Archies

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KetzerMusic @ktlee317: "Just discovered her, a little infatuated" ...this is GOOD stuff (reblip)

Leela James "It's A Man's Man's Man's World"

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AgustinaMB Chill and soda... buenìsimo para empezar la mañana...

Chill n Soda "Cancion Animal" Soda Stereo

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squidbrain Street Sweeper Social Club is Tom Morello's new band, with Boots Riley of The Coup laying down verse.
Stay19 Silversun Pickups – Catch & Release<><>
maddin need aspirine fast

Stereo MC'sFever

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SOcaM "This wheel spins letting me off, It's not the lack of trying, Can't put my finger on it."
rico ☠♬

The Specials Little Bitch Jools Holland 11/04/09

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revvvs @DJJazzyJacq Thx a lot! Finally a different tune stuck in my head :D (reblip)
elementguy For the cat that just in to pester me
estrogen very good morning, dear @thrak - sun's out here - hope you are fine
air @Houdinial oh Dulcet tones I can see the real you now and how much better looking than those old sepiad men you are!

Can You See the Real Me?

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maddin I'd walk over anything to get back 2 u
maddin sometimes u find rare gems by sheer luck. monday's brightening up folks.
Inge_FS @dochugo: "@Inge_FS some alphawezen for you" thanks!! i love this song, but never knew the name of the band. :) (reblip)

Alphawezen "Speed of Light"

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air My village. At last on Blip..............
LYRIC "Give yourself a break... Let your imagination run away..." lovely morning :) @lenchen @The_Kraken @Telekon @s0ak
Atomik funkier than what?!? @ffluxx: "Nina Simone – Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter" (reblip)
Atomik okay, gonna iron some clothes real quick, enjoy this great looooong blip
estrogen ooh-oh-oh-oh... I found a new looove.... beautiful.... thank you for inspiration my @Blippo :)
onegoodnaysayer RT @chrisfurniss: "Shugo Tokumaru fits my mood this morning. He's like the Japanese Sufjan Stevens." (reblip)
maddin real soul

El Hadj Ndiaye BoorYi

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Jeffie Gilbert O'Sullivan - "Alone Again (Naturally)" (reblip)
LYRIC And my big secret... Gonna win you over... Slow like honey, heavy with mood....
tranceatlantico ☯ ok blipp☆s I´m out now : CU later | found some mushrooms for @threebears & @maddin ,-)))
you999 Susan Christie - Yesterday, Where's My Mind?

Messer Chups "Hexe Chips"

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nathyvianna neném beatle

Eleanor Rigby Cover

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rovaz listening to = Maná Labios Compartidos..
maddin it's too hot, let's chill
melpimenta @liv pronto agora lembrei da musica nao sai da minha cabeça mais. luv u. (F)
Chise Neil Young w/ Cat Power – Fortunate Son
maddin @rerkaizen that was a great blip giving us ann's unplugged version of her fabulous rain song. have fun with that one.
nakatake yep thx! 21:30 Tokyo I'm fun with nice tracks, with nice blippers @nuffced: "@nakatake & @ffluxx dis one's 4 U & all the others who dig..." (reblip)
maddin dear @VelvetGarage, here comes the entire song....
avivajazz Susheela Raman | Save Me
wandersrum ...ich fühl mich wie ein luftballon-gleich flieg ich davon ;-) (reblip)
77ozzie song - I want my pain back...better off as a picture on the wall

StabiloRain Awhile

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wandersrum in der Kirche wird gesungen und im Wirtshaus wird gerauft....
avivajazz Karan Casey | She is Like the Swallow
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ 'Genius' But Unheard Artist ~ : Pop Levi - "Hades Lady"

Pop LeviHades Lady

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adbert #VideoClip [Paramore- crushcrushcrush] Olá @LeandroAzevedo @RobertoFendler!!! Congrats on the Brazilian Championship on Volleyball World League!!!

paramore- crush crush crush

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santamistura @cyktrussell ;o) thanksssssssssss (reblip)

Burning Disaster [G.A. mix]

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rogue_fm Hey @paulastudio Haven't felt like blipping so much lately. Summer, I guess. Draws me out the door. How are you?
randymatheson I know you'll be a sun in someone else's sky, why can't it be mine

Pearl JamBlack

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seattle98122 @Atomik Hahaha...K, CRAP almost 4AM, I need a BEER! (reblip)

VNV NationDarkangel

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lilyetc sufjan stevens ~ the lord god bird @Fated

Sufjan Stevens

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seattle98122 R.L.Burnside – it's bad you know Night all been fun! See ya later, Thxs for da props & uder stuff!
crowjane Our featured dj @MsButterzworth loves to mix em up~here's a old school mix for my sis
crowjane @Alex44: "Celso - Street life hip hop tuga @DJLOPZ@crowjane@CrankItUpshow"~~oh Hell to da' Hizzzzy yes Alex~good LQQking out boo~~ (reblip)

CelsoppStreet Life

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rogue_fm rb @hotnote: What's with you and all the freakin' Canadian music? You some kind of Canadian music freak? ;) (reblip)

Big SugarThe Scene

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mammara inspired by @spacespencer

Dolores O'Riordan and Angelo Badalamenti "The Butterfly"

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maddin hi @LEM_40 @mairsplaylist such a great song, pleeeeeze give us the entire one!

BEN HARPER "Please Bleed"

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avivajazz Desert Blues | Habib Koité + Afel Bocoum + Tartit from Timbuktu (reblip)


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DrDebs Thanks to @space_cadet, @mammara. Love Bats for Lashes. [Mmm, nice. @mammara: "ciao @ space_cadet:)] (reblip)
maddin exactly what I needed: thx @elfgirl: "i know what the palace knows..." (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie Current Fav Tracks : Blitzen Trapper -> "The Man Who Would Speak True"
LYRIC {{{fluffy-huggz}}} to my sweet Z's, the mama and the baby :) *woofwoof* @ZOEBOE ...rb@Mysterymix, bonsoir et merci~ (reblip)
futurebiblehero @nocheinuser: sehr gut, die bewegungsabläufe von vor 14 stunden kommen sofort zurück (reblip)

Nina Simone: Four Women

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santamistura @hajoni wonderful ;o)) thanks and happy new year for you!! (reblip)


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maddin the ultimate 'it makes me happy' rhythm
HobbeLink Glasser – Mirrorage


| play
ZONE Power to the world.....
LoopZilla Rachid Taha – Rock El Casbah
avivajazz Ray Charles + Count Basie | Oh, What a Beautiful Morning! | Thank you! RB @russasis (reblip)
maddin hello my little cats out there!
FOGGIELOANER great song rb@DonWha: "#NP James McMurtry – "Choctaw Bingo" Live in Europe" @BobOstwald (reblip)
hajoni After meal. Having siesta or just the opposite? The Flaming Lips – Seven Nation Army (covering The White Stripes)
toosweet4rnr [Devo – Girl U Want]

DevoGirl U Want

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hajoni The Juju Orchestra – Funky Nassau
hajoni just back from a 4 days/night nonstop traveling & meetings...thinking what I could blip to illustrate ;)

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons

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NINA SIMONE Plain gold ring

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by_starla [Fujiya & Miyagi - Yoyo] hello and congrats on 500+ listeners @jfgill :)
ABoyNamedSue It´s a rainy & gray day here in Copenhagen. Good thing I can stay indoors with a good conscious.

Wye OakCivilian

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squidbrain @Shukitty here's that thing I was telling you about.


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maddin guess who played bass on that one: tal wilkenfeld

Macy GrayThat Man

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elocio ty, hun :) @DJAlliMelodi: "for @elocio: Scissor Sisters - Laura" (reblip)
santamistura thanksssssssss @steno enjoy your weekend 2 :o) (reblip)

LaineSan't Ar Livet

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dickadcock … . . Delta Moon – Blue Highway … from "Howlin'"
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