BunnyHoney rb @shiner: "rB@Paris49: "David Bowie – Fame,everybody wants to fame,but just rare ppl have it winkwink:)"" (reblip)
mandymusic for those who did not know.. i've a little crush on #Anouk;-)


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mandymusic ..last track (11) from their 11th studio-album "Rumours"...
mandymusic get the groove, get funked! ..the riff reminds me of Johnny "Guitar" Watson's a Real Mother For Ya... #fusion_jazzrock
mandymusic ..I love these sweet little lies, just spare me the great bitter lies i hear from politicians... (reblip)
mandymusic Fleetwood Mac.. Mmm I'm lovin'it...
mandymusic from their 11th studio-album "Rumours", one of the best (selling) releases ever (over 40 million copies sold(!) ..sad but true, i don't own one...
mandymusic ..another great song from their 11th studio-album "Rumours" ...
mandymusic ..Hey lady, you got the love I need..(sings Robert Plant in 1973) ..Hey @rubikoO you blip the music I need (says Mandy in 2010) (reblip)
Ajakseat Ty @eleniap for all the props. I will return them. Marvin Gaye for you: 'Inner City Blues'. Are you ok?

Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (G.)

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mandymusic ..Love his sonore voice... Tagged on MandyMusicTuner:-) #mandy_mixemotion ! (reblip)
mandymusic Commemorating the 14 victims who were slain cowardly on January 30, 1972 in Derry, Northern Ireland. Pleaded guilty on June 15, 2010 by UK Government
mandymusic ..out of admiration, out of respect, whatever... today continuing with U2... You too?
mandymusic Now listen to this '63 twelve-bar blues-standard by Williamson/Dixon, which was based again on the instrumental hit Green Onions from Booker T & MG's
mandymusic Tagged as #Traffic_(Steve Winwood) (reblip)

Steve Winwood - Bring Me A Higher Love

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mandymusic TY4blips&props@pendulem: "Bread Guitar Man" is now tagged & listed as #MandY_60s&70s (reblip)

Bread Guitar Man

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mandymusic ..with love from Mandy.. (reblip)

REM - This one goes out to the one I love

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mandymusic Welcoming new listener@left2chance: this is a groovy R&B track; never heard before of T!T!T! Thanks for blips, props & listening! (reblip)

07 - Jaco Pastorius - Liberty City

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mandymusic Time 4 some jazz@blue_buddha: ..legendary late #Jaco_Pastorius... #Mandy_Jazzy (reblip)

07 - Jaco Pastorius - Liberty City

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mandymusic TY4 props & blips @vmishep: "If you wanna SAX, call Candy!" (reblip)
mandymusic A swinging version of this wellknown #Traffic_ (Dave Mason) song by Paul Weller!
mandymusic Tag this as #Traffic_(band) because their unique sound
mandymusic ..weird, intriguing sound...Tag this as #Traffic_(band) because their unique sound.
mandymusic fancy some instrumental #fusion_jazzrock ? ..frome iceland with love...
mandymusic this #Traffic_(member) is also tagged as a #MandY_Alltime_Favo, do we have an agree? (reblip)

Dave Mason-We Just Disagree

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mandymusic This great covered song (original by Sam Cooke,1962) brought to you by MandyMusic! #MandY_Alltime_Favo
mandymusic Thanks2 @blue_buddha @ BLIP.fm i discovered this Canadian bluesinger!
mandymusic Well, i'm willing to take this overload!
mandymusic @LisaWorldTY4 props; don't speak, do listen, no doubt!-) (reblip)
mandymusic You've never heard of Jan Akkerman? Shame on You, listen! #guitarrockheroes
mandymusic ..dedicated to the love of my life.. you know who you are M(`Y`) LOVE #MandY_Alltime_Favo
mandymusic ..day or night, a good advice when you on the road.. #guitarrockheroes
mandymusic ..Singin’, come out if things aren’t said.. Singing, yooooooooooooo ohhhhhh ( listening without siging is also ok :-) (reblip)
mandymusic Goodday Blippers; I woke up this morning with this song from Genesis in my head:-) #MandY_progrock, #MandY_Alltime_Favo
mandymusic after my last blip somewhat militant sounding song "the Knife"(?) a slightly more peaceful song...does anyone know some background-info of this song?
mandymusic ..this song is another "Dream of Peace", i think even more beautiful... what about the other Dream of Peace sung by the Dream of Peace Team?
Hupwij @Mumbling_Genius: "I really feel I'm losing my best friend..." (reblip)
mandymusic (ok it's friday today, so what?) # #fusion_jazzrock
mandymusic ..let's shift into a more jazzy listening mode.. #guitarrockheroes #fusion_jazzrock mandy_jazzy
rubikoO If our eyes should meet then so be it
mandymusic @BunnyHoney: (TY4 leading me to the Black Keys!-)
mandymusic ..indeed... this is MandyMusic in Holland (Netherlands)
mandymusic @Ineluctable: ..former frontman of Led Zeppelin has left his wild hair/years behind him... nice duet! (reblip)
mandymusic welcoming new listener @jazzguide & with a wink to @Ajakseat (DJ with avatar of LesPaul guitar) enjoy this! #mandy_curious
mandymusic @Ajakseat: "Indeed a great song by Johnny Cash. ♥ Alle Goeds van MandyMusic, Thanks 4 Blips! #country_folk #mandy_bluesrock #mandy_rocklegends (reblip)
mandymusic This 1 Goes Out to All the BlipStars..♥ #famous_americans: See also my other Tags: #famous_britpop #famous_dutch #famous_germans ♫•♫
mandymusic .!!.!!!.!!.!!!.!!.!!!.!!.!!!.!!.!!!.!!.!!!.!!.!!!. #piano

Porcupine tree- Piano Lessons

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fxp123 Bill Withers - Lovely Day (Original Version) Good Morning Sunshine hope you have a great day
mandymusic on the occasion of Alain Delon's 75th Anniversary ..Caramel, Bonbons & Chocolat..." (now tagged #famous_french) (reblip)
renaud_favier Sort Of ... ;-) @Cicciapasticcia: "la blippo e riblippo e ribplippo questa volta: rb @drfeelgood2403" (reblip)
mandymusic Listen to this mix of 80's Blondie and 70'sThe Doors! ..Debbie meets Jim... #mandy_mixemotion
mandymusic Well it works well; thanks to blip.fm/session i got acquainted to.. @JayTrainerBand! ..keep playing, keep listening..
mandymusic @Elske63: "Morning Mist..MM..Mooi! Suits my day! (reblip)
mandymusic @Ajakseat & all other listeners, got to go, offline now, last-but-not-least check this piano recital! Till Next Bliptime! #mandy_curious
Ajakseat Didn't hear this version before: "Joe Cocker + Carlos Santana - Little Wing". @backtoback. Tx and see you soon. (reblip)
Ajakseat A bit more spice @Marsel_Garsone & @CaughtThe Caty: "@Me: ""FUNK? "Billy Cobham, Brian Auger & Novecento (from the Meters?). (reblip)
mandymusic ..the well known twelve-bar blues-standard-instrumental 1962 hit.. TY4 props @mark_till, you're quite a megablipper (> 32000b/55000p) !
mandymusic ..hold on to the Stones for a while... ("Tattoo You" album 1981 ) #mandy_80s-90s #mandy_alltime_favo
mandymusic @Ajakseat Hi Ajakseat, I should have known by your name you'r from A'dam !-) I'm more into music then soccer..
mandymusic Happy birthday 2 Mick Fleetwood (rb Ineluctable) (reblip)
mandymusic @Jazzhole great combining of piano & organ! TY4 (re)blip! (reblip)
mandymusic Happy Birthday 2day 2 Arthur Brown! ..if his name does not ring a bell, his # 1 hit (1968) will still do: Fire oh yeah! #mandy_60s-70s
mandymusic ..the most sultry and simmering song I know so far... (1987) #mandy_80s-90s (reblip)
mandymusic ..i feel at my most beautiful... beautiful day 2U all! (from album "Up", 1998) #mandy_80s-90s (reblip)
mandymusic ..Rhythm as well Melody... ( "Black and Blue", 1976 ) #mandy_60s-70s #mandy_alltime_favo
mandymusic ..from Angie Stone to Stones' Angie.., that's what called a free association.. love it..
mandymusic Can you believe this young pale dude (born 1981) sings the blues..?! #mandy_bluesrock #mandy_21thcentury
mandymusic ..Originally published in 1937... many many times covered by various artists.. #mandy_bluesrock, #mandy_60s-70s
mandymusic Original by Willy Dixon, 1st recorded by Howlin'Wolf. Covered a.o. by the Stones #mandy_bluesrock, #mandy_60s-70s
mandymusic Really, i have this band discovered via blip.. now i'm one of their fans..! #mandy_21thcentury
mandymusic ..from their 3rd album "Because of the Times" (2007) #mandy_21thcentury
mandymusic ..on a sentimental journey... powerrock of the late 70's... enjoy this! #mandy_60s-70s #hammonday #mandy_rocklegends
mandymusic Yeah finally I found this song 4 re-blipping: this is so awesome! #mandy_60s-70s #hammonday #mandy_rocklegends #mandy_alltime_favo

Golden Country by REO Speedwagon

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mandymusic Happy 59th Birthday to master bassplayer Stanley Clarke! #fusion_jazzrock #mandy_jazzy mandy_60s-70s
mandymusic ..dual language duet; Adam Duritz (in English) and Paskal Jakobsen (in Dutch)... (2004) Mandy Tags: #mandy_21thcentury #mandy_alltime_favo #hammondday (reblip)
mandymusic "..so come dance this silence down through the morning, sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la yeah.." #mandy_80s-90s #mandy_alltime_favo
mandymusic ..duet between singer Adam Duritz (in English) & Paskal Jakobsen (in Dutch)... (2004) #mandy_21thcentury
mandymusic ..their most known (downloaded) song...(from 4th studio-album "Only by the Night", 2008) #mandy_21thcentury
mandymusic ..this one was awarded in USA... (Grammy Record of the Year, 2010) #mandy_21thcentury
mandymusic @seaux: ..on the contrary, i'm looking forwards till next bliptime...;-) (reblip)
mandymusic TY All 4 listening & re-blipping and such, have to go! #mandy_21thcentury #mandy_party
mandymusic Please Note: Mandy has reset her clock to European Timezone (Amsterdam :-)
mandymusic @rubikoO: ..same sort of style and atmosphere as previous blip, nice to hear one after another..love the organ on this! #mandy_jazzy (reblip)
readmylipstick rb @BBASE: "one grandmaster of the blues Buddy Guy – She's Nineteen Years Old" (reblip)
mandymusic These guys were my first introduction to symphonic rock early 70s!!!!
mandymusic Evry1 sees the light hearing this blues combination (reblip)
mandymusic Umstritten, laut und ungeschliffen! Controversial, loud and unpolished metal punk rock! Enjoy it! #MandY_Heavy
mandymusic Progressive rockmusic from the seventies (1975) from Germany.
mandymusic Get inspired by the progessive rockbands of the seventies! do you remember..
mandymusic @Southlaren leuke lijst dit, ik voeg je bij m'n favorite djs! (reblip)


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mandymusic Brings back good memories; ...1st slowdance summer-puppy-love, butterflies in my belly, tender warm summer of 1973...
mandymusic @readmylipstick: it's nice to be addicted to the good things of life. I reckon Blip is one of those things;-) (reblip)
mandymusic Dutch pride from the sixties (and Cuby nowadays still plays the blues) proves that the blues never dies!
mandymusic @readmylipstick: "Joe Bonamassa – Taking The Hit... I'm having a Joe kinda day." Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! (reblip)
mandymusic Beware, this blip is contagious!-)
mandymusic From my alltime favourite Genesis album, the titlesong. #MandY_Alltime_Favo
mandymusic This is the original recorded version... NB: the song was written about an Amsterdam music and cultural venue called Melkweg (Dutch for “Milky Way”)
mandymusic 5 may: Celebrating National Liberation Day in the Netherlands!
mandymusic Hopelijk geldt dat niet voor jou @twanvanelk: "Pat Travers – Born Under A Bad Sign" is in elk geval een teken van goede smaak voor goede gitaarmuziek! (reblip)
mandymusic @DeAnn: ""The only one, who could ever reach me...." - Dusty has one of the sexiest voices ever" -i can only agree on that (reblip)
mandymusic TY @twanvanelk: "Dream Theater – Perfect Strangers" ( does that apply to us?-) Great sound, the organ reminds me of Jon Lord. (reblip)
moniquekoster Something's wrong, shut the light, heavy thoughts tonight and they aren't snow white..... Enter Sandman ~ Metallica
TJim - Traffic "Glad" .... very cool .....
mandymusic @ART_JULIANI i like the song as well as your artwork, keep up the good work! (reblip)
mandymusic Eels - Godomme Tis idd een prachtige dag! @Hermine and all other listeners: Dankje voor props en de (re)blips! (reblip)
mandymusic @readmylipstick: "rb @vanbytheriver: "Clapton & Beck ....Driftin' (Live and true blue....b*tches...)"" (reblip)
ANOUK4US Could I belong to you? - You? - You?
mandymusic @twanvanelk Thnx 4 listening! another one from Mothers Finest, their ironic song from the 1976 debut-album.
irishlass129 #anouk - more than you deserve - powerhouse voice
mandymusic 1. My First Blip:) One of the best songs from one of the greatest rockbands. I listen. U2 can do that.


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mandymusic Rory may then no longer exist, he's still alive, as you can hear!
TodaysT0Msawyer Rod Argent's Hammond work made this song for the Zombies. An all time 60's favorite. "Time of the Season." Enjoy.
mandymusic the title speaks for itself; an uptempo drive makes that you cannot sit still while this song is playing

Thomas Dolby Hyperactive

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mandymusic @inkiemolletje: thnx 4listening! this blip-thing is new 4 me, but i figure it out in time. I love this song performed by Jimi. #MandY_Alltime_Favo! (reblip)
mandymusic This guitarist is a phenomena, listen to it! (reblip)
briangreene and Colin Blunstone was lead vocals with the zombies. before i was born, but i'm always learning :)

Anouk woman

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BlueRoute RB @FreakinFrog: "Thx... @slave_to_the_rhythm: "This is so good! Thx rb@FreakinFrog""<<love this CD "Shootout" GR8 stuff (reblip)

Albert Collins-Robert Cray-Johnny Copeland (Albert's Alley)

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SpinninSara Gotta go... Maybe I'll catch y'all later... have a great Wednesday!!! ☺☺☺

YesLeave It

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mandymusic @Wishbone: "A classic from the pioneers of the twin lead guitar format, from their Argus album." (reblip)
mandymusic @blue_buddha: this song heals indeed. listen repeatedly, as a mantra, it'll heal you (reblip)
mandymusic "Listen repeatedly, as a mantra, it'll heal you". Never ever get enough of this #blues by John Lee Hooker and master of sustain Carlos Santanta. (reblip)
mandymusic Title song from the 3rd studio concept-album released in 1998. This British symphonic band rocks!

ARENA V14 the visitor

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mandymusic Wow that was a long time ago that I heard mothers finest funk'n funk !
mandymusic 1st released in 1977 by Mothers Finest Funkrockin' funkrock
mandymusic Rory - Edged in blue: a bit of a crazy number with strange tempo changes, sounds almost cheerful.. anyway listen!
mandymusic The Zombies – Time of the Season "Winter, spring, summer and fall are the best season of the year" (reblip)
mandymusic The Zombies – She's Not There. Also successfully covered by Carlos Santana.
mandymusic @pendulem: "Wishbone Ash-Errors of my Way". Speaking 'bout errors, this song is temporally unavailable? (reblip)

Wishbone Ash-Errors of my Way

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mandymusic Rufus and Chaka Kahn: an excellent mix of soul, funk and (jazz)rock.
mandymusic .."House on the hill" from the 1973 Marjory Razorblade-album..
reiji0 ♪Staring At The Sun - U2
mandymusic Lazy? Just stay in bed! ..you don't want no money you don't want no bread..
mandymusic ..na nahnah na, nahnah na nahnah na.. Hush! #Hammonday (with Jon Lord on Hammond organ)
mandymusic ..this week is going fast... already tuesday..
mandymusic ..didn't know this song till now.. anyone who knows more about these New Shoes? BTW @akacarol, I love your red stiletto's!
mandymusic .. I admit I've a little shoe fetish.. brings me to this kind of songs..
mandymusic _reblipped;-) because it gives me a #hammonday feeling... (reblip)
mandymusic ..want to know more from this man? http://www.kevincoyne.de (I hope this time link will do) (^-^)" (reblip)
mandymusic @briangreene: Awsome guitar-lick in this song! and such a neat piano ending..! One for the Road! (reblip)
mandymusic ..now here I go again, I see the crustal visions... ..dreams... ! (reblip)
Jalapeno 1976 Billboard Number One Hits... Manfred Mann's Earth Band – Blinded By The Light
mandymusic ..not just a white guy singin' the blues, this is Tony Joe White..! (reblip)
mandymusic Oops, nearly slide away from my high heeled shoes.. (reblip)
mandymusic ..just now heard this beautiful song for the first time.. where new shoes one can bring.. high-pitched on heels..hope you all enjoy this...
mandymusic just discovered this singer-songwriter...i stick for a while with David if you don't mind;-)... listen!
mandymusic ..If... I'm not mistaken you will like this too @Jumbojetje & @akacarol

Joe SatrianiIf

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mandymusic Stop searching, don't look any further, it's here! #guitarrockheroes (reblip)
mandymusic Wanna hear a wah-wah pedal? Just listen to this! #guitarrockheroes
mandymusic ..make music, not war...@WTHC420FM: "Bob Marley -"Iron Lion Zion" #nowplaying" (reblip)
mandymusic Tag this as #Traffic_(band) because their unique sound.
mandymusic Tag this as #Traffic_(band) because their unique sound
mandymusic @rubikoO : après le printemps ... L'été ! Wish you a nice warm summertime!
mandymusic This makes me Happy @rubikoO: "Ah, le Printemps!" (reblip)
mandymusic ..David leads me to Tracy, the same kind of tone and atmosphere... & welcoming @ChristienGB (this the 1 4 U 2 i hope;-)
reiji0 ♪The Masterplan - Oasis
mandymusic ..unfortunately I'm currently ss-u-ffering from a s-l-o-w- network connection.. blip you later!
mandymusic TY4 blip&listening @reiji0: ..very nice song; the intro reminds me of Portishead.. (reblip)
mandymusic Do not forget to put on sunglasses!-) @reiji0: regards from the Netherlands to the land of the Rising Sun (reblip)
mandymusic Oh yeah this song, how could I forget.. put the weight on now.. (reblip)
mandymusic Actually I have to catch a train.. thanks 4 listening & till next blip-time!
mandymusic Tag this as #Traffic_(band) because their unique sound
mandymusic ..from the Marjory Razorblade album (double-LP) track 10 "Cheat Me" (released 1973)
mandymusic Hi folks, I'm in a groovy state of mind, so listen to this! (reblip)
mandymusic This is a timeless song for sheer beauty is timeless. ( C'est une chanson intemporelle parce que de beauté est intemporelle)
mandymusic and another song from versatile Sharleen, what a wonderful woman!
mandymusic I (You) have to admit: I am charmed by Sharleen Spiteri, don't you? She's a melody!
mandymusic I cannot think of anyone else than Sharleen from now on... Love this 1!
BunnyHoney Always with son of a preacher man in my head.. I can't hear one without the other..
mandymusic @BunnyHoney: i don't get the connection between Dusty / Allman Bros; i was not so familiar with this, but it's a great song! (reblip)
mandymusic Acoustic version broadcasted on Dutch radio
mandymusic @pendulem: nice to hear this 1 after a long time ago! (reblip)
mandymusic Still in a gypsy swing mood (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Django_Reinhardt)
mandymusic @FernandaW: "gracias!" Master on the guitar Django Reinhardt himself! (reblip)
mandymusic . . . h o w f r a g i l e w e a r e . . .


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mandymusic .. time 4 some fingerpickin' guitar playing.. 4 a long time not heard this 1...
mandymusic @seaux: "Jack Johnson – We're Going To Be Friends" (I had you already listed as a favorite DJ, and still you are among them..;-) (reblip)
mandymusic Van Morrison "She 's Sweet as Tupelo Honey " .. timeless classic... (reblip)
mandymusic TY4 blip@FernandaW : ..i don't understand about what story she sings.. it sounds like Portuguese fado music, very delicate and beautiful song... (reblip)
mandymusic @briangreene: "But it's written in the starlight And every line on your palm We're fools to make war On our brothers in arms" #MandY_Alltime_Favo !-D (reblip)
briangreene "But it's written in the starlight And every line on your palm We're fools to make war On our brothers in arms"
mandymusic Easy as always, Jack Johnson.. don't mistake him with Joe Jackson, that's quiet another guy;-)

Talk of the Town by Jack Johnson with lyrics

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mandymusic typo correction: "Joe started ever in the punk/new-wave time early 80's, don't mistake him with Jack Johnson, that's quiet another guy;-)" (reblip)
mandymusic @ANOUK4US: TY4 this 4 non blondes! I keep it mind!-) (reblip)
mandymusic (It's #Hammonday:-) The Hammond organ sound of Chick Churchill from Ten Years After - better late than never! #MandY_Rocklegends
mandymusic (It's #Hammonday:-) ..this is Hammond organ-player James Taylor... not to be confused with the similar named singer-songwriter, that's another guy..!
mandymusic From their 6th album "incognito" 1982 ..smooth listening everyone..!
mandymusic ..some airplay for this inimitable performing artist, painter and singer, the late Kevin Coyne... enjoy!
mandymusic 2 all followers, fellow blipstars, music-lovers, etc.. Thanks for re-blipping, props and nice words!

Coldplay-Magic (Lyrics) 2014

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