the flaming lips fight test

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i'm only sleeping- the vines

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The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School

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"Down With The Sickness" (dawn of the dead version)

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This Is Not A Test-She & Him

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KOL Slow Night So Long

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Fiona Apple- On the Bound

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Tom Waits cold water

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mar2009 i will love this band forever and ever amen.
mar2009 this song makes me jump around my living room like a crazed bunny on speed.
mar2009 you keep saying the past is not dead...stop and smell the smoke.

Smoke- Ben Folds Five

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mar2009 once i had a love and it was divine...
mar2009 beautiful chaos. listen...
mar2009 let's get this tuesday started!

Jawbreaker into you like a train

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mar2009 you ain't no lover. you're just a pusher.
mar2009 we've got a file on you! we've got a file on you!

We've Got A File On You/Blur

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The Go-Betweens Finding you

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mar2009 good song for a rainy monday.
mar2009 coffee, and a good comfort song to start my friday.
mar2009 buried at sea

Mc 900 ft Jesus -- Buried at sea

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mar2009 a little chocolate jesus w/my coffee this a.m.
mar2009 she ionizes and atomizes

Modest Mouse "She Ionizes & Atomizes"

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mar2009 harder, faster, better, stronger
mar2009 we are biding our time for these myths to unwind.
mar2009 a little vintage love for your ears

The Beatles Lady Madonna

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mar2009 when you go out.

When You Go Out I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness

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mar2009 ok just for old time's sake: damn it feels good to be a gangsta!
mar2009 what if i knew

Dinosaur Jr.-What If I Knew

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mar2009 if i oh i

Nolan Strong & The Diablos : "If I (oh I)" , Fortune Records , 1959

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mar2009 need some order this morning.
mar2009 monday all. together.

The Raconteurs Together

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mar2009 fell in love with a girl

white stripes fell in love with a girl with lyrics

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mar2009 for the windows in paradise

sufjian stevens//for the windows in paradise

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mar2009 evenin' on the ground


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mar2009 samuel markus- jitterbug


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mar2009 easy eats or dirty doctor galapagos- good morning!
mar2009 o'children


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mar2009 oh darling!

Oh! Darling / The Beatles [ 2009 Stereo Remastered ]

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mar2009 i wanna kiss you then punch you in the face

King of Brooklyn-Devil Doll

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mar2009 sinister kid

The Black Keys- Sinister Kid

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mar2009 you're so great and i love you
mar2009 strange love

Depeche Mode - Strange Love

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mar2009 wakey wakey!! *helicopter*
mar2009 good morning! ~ the new year~ almost here!
mar2009 think i'm coming down with something too..
mar2009 thanks!@randyhate-- only you

zebraville only you

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mar2009 trouble

rupa and the april fishes trouble

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mar2009 hi back! @mamara-- in a manner of speaking- nouvelle vague
mar2009 on the bound -- i'm out guys!
mar2009 rise and shine, all you gold diggin' mothers
mar2009 blast from the past! roam

B-52´s Roam

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mar2009 barbed wire love!

SLF Barbed Wire Love Stiff Little Fingers.avi

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mar2009 we looked like giants -- happy friday all!!
mar2009 karma police (i just love this song so much)
mar2009 a mistake

Fiona Apple-A Mistake

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mar2009 i love you

"I Love You" The Dandy Warhols

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mar2009 morning all. song for you/
mar2009 ok, i'm awake now! - paloma
mar2009 now mary

The White Stripes Now Mary

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mar2009 tainted love! really? really.
mar2009 you shut your mouth. how soon is now?
mar2009 you don't really wanna get me all fired up-- black magic
mar2009 there's no home for you here (just go away)

The White Stripes There's No Home for You Here

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mar2009 covertime! orange crush


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mar2009 give it up for me, please. polite dance song.
mar2009 morning! march on! march on! march on!
mar2009 buried alive

Buried Alive

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mar2009 happy new year to all! ~blue veins~
mar2009 morning all! i do believe that this will be our year.
mar2009 the way i feel inside (sleepy!). night guys x
mar2009 bublitschki

Everything Is Illuminated Soundtrack-Bublitschki-Gogol Bordello

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mar2009 morning all! hope everyone's warm and safe today - salute your solution.
mar2009 top of the morning! and top yourself

Top Yourself: The Raconteurs

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mar2009 morning all! don't forget about the thing


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mar2009 perfect day (and almost friday!)
mar2009 ten cent pistol

The Black Keys-Ten Cent Pistol

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mar2009 this song reminds me of something -
mar2009 this will be our year.. night guys, i'm out like nph! (reblip)
mar2009 buddy guy- what kind of woman is this?
mar2009 love you madly (i wanna)
mar2009 bon voyage mon cheri. bon my mon.
mar2009 if i (oh i)

Nolan Strong & The Diablos : "If I (oh I)" , Fortune Records , 1959

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mar2009 woke up this morning with this song in my head
mar2009 i'm getting married in one month, but i still think this song rocks.

steady as she goes- lyrics

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mar2009 i'll dance with you if you dance with me
mar2009 morning all, long time no see!


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mar2009 haven't heard this in ages..
mar2009 morning guys! ~ weightless

Old 97's Weightless (Original)

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mar2009 the words that maketh murder

PJ Harvey- The Words That Maketh Murder

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mar2009 this song makes me wish my name was julie
mar2009 optimistic (sometimes yes)
mar2009 and so am i. night guys!
mar2009 i'm going home (i'm actually going out to dinner but: sushi! kinda like going home)
mar2009 good morning ohio! here's a little mozza to go with your cuppa.
mar2009 the air near my fingers

The White Stripes The air near my fingers

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mar2009 oh the night here comes again....nite all.
mar2009 "his & hers songs", this is hers.
mar2009 5 de Mayo homage: tijuana no!

Pobre De Tí Tijuana No!

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mar2009 store bought bones

The Raconteurs Store bought bones

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mar2009 i'm on fire (actually i'm just tired). night night.
mar2009 ain't nobody gonna love me like...
mar2009 good morning! ~ i died so i could haunt you
mar2009 (let me tell you about) ~ the darker days of me & him
mar2009 so much beauty it could make you cry
mar2009 oh yeah. we're going in this direction today.
mar2009 Happy Yesterday Birthday to me! ~ and U2
mar2009 when someone tells me they don't know the b-boys, i wanna punch them in the face. is that wrong?
mar2009 thnx @ SoulCoolJay ~ i think i like you
mar2009 this too shall pass (like a kidney stone)
mar2009 happy friday all, this is ~ the saddest of all keys.
mar2009 only you, solo tu

zebraville only you

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mar2009 morning all! here's winter.
mar2009 what's that you say?

Put A Lid On It-Squirrel Nut Zippers

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mar2009 hi all! this is jellybones.
mar2009 rise and shine, all you gold diggin' mothers
mar2009 modern guilt (or "milt")
mar2009 Lovesong, and good morning.
mar2009 western

Super Elegantes // Western

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mar2009 the last good bye (for now). g'nite! @truk @djsurfer
mar2009 warsaw. good friday all!
mar2009 sunshine in a bag