the flaming lips fight test

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i'm only sleeping- the vines

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The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School

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"Down With The Sickness" (dawn of the dead version)

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This Is Not A Test-She & Him

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KOL Slow Night So Long

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Fiona Apple- On the Bound

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Tom Waits cold water

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mar2009 i will love this band forever and ever amen.
mar2009 this song makes me jump around my living room like a crazed bunny on speed.

Bloc PartyHelicopter

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mar2009 you keep saying the past is not dead...stop and smell the smoke.

Smoke- Ben Folds Five

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mar2009 once i had a love and it was divine...
mar2009 beautiful chaos. listen...

ClarkNight Knuckles

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mar2009 let's get this tuesday started!

Jawbreaker into you like a train

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mar2009 you ain't no lover. you're just a pusher.
mar2009 we've got a file on you! we've got a file on you!

We've Got A File On You/Blur

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The Go-Betweens Finding you

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mar2009 good song for a rainy monday.
mar2009 coffee, and a good comfort song to start my friday.
mar2009 buried at sea

Mc 900 ft Jesus -- Buried at sea

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mar2009 a little chocolate jesus w/my coffee this a.m.
mar2009 she ionizes and atomizes

Modest Mouse "She Ionizes & Atomizes"

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mar2009 harder, faster, better, stronger

Bloc PartyVersion 2.0

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mar2009 we are biding our time for these myths to unwind.

Xavier RuddMessages

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mar2009 a little vintage love for your ears

The Beatles Lady Madonna

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mar2009 when you go out.

When You Go Out I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness

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mar2009 ok just for old time's sake: damn it feels good to be a gangsta!
mar2009 what if i knew

Dinosaur Jr.-What If I Knew

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mar2009 if i oh i

Nolan Strong & The Diablos : "If I (oh I)" , Fortune Records , 1959

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mar2009 need some order this morning.

New OrderTrue Faith

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mar2009 monday all. together.

The Raconteurs Together

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mar2009 fell in love with a girl

white stripes fell in love with a girl with lyrics

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mar2009 for the windows in paradise

sufjian stevens//for the windows in paradise

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mar2009 evenin' on the ground


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mar2009 samuel markus- jitterbug


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mar2009 easy eats or dirty doctor galapagos- good morning!
mar2009 o'children


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mar2009 oh darling!

Oh! Darling / The Beatles [ 2009 Stereo Remastered ]

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mar2009 i wanna kiss you then punch you in the face

King of Brooklyn-Devil Doll

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mar2009 sinister kid

The Black Keys- Sinister Kid

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mar2009 you're so great and i love you
mar2009 strange love

Depeche Mode - Strange Love

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mar2009 wakey wakey!! *helicopter*
mar2009 good morning! ~ the new year~ almost here!
mar2009 think i'm coming down with something too..
mar2009 thanks!@randyhate-- only you

zebraville only you

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mar2009 trouble

rupa and the april fishes trouble

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mar2009 hi back! @mamara-- in a manner of speaking- nouvelle vague
mar2009 on the bound -- i'm out guys!
mar2009 rise and shine, all you gold diggin' mothers
mar2009 blast from the past! roam

B-52´s Roam

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mar2009 barbed wire love!

SLF Barbed Wire Love Stiff Little Fingers.avi

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mar2009 we looked like giants -- happy friday all!!
mar2009 karma police (i just love this song so much)
mar2009 hey man (now you're really living)
mar2009 a mistake

Fiona Apple-A Mistake

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mar2009 i love you

"I Love You" The Dandy Warhols

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mar2009 morning all. song for you/
mar2009 ok, i'm awake now! - paloma

We Are WolvesPaloma

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mar2009 now mary

The White Stripes Now Mary

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mar2009 tainted love! really? really.
mar2009 you shut your mouth. how soon is now?
mar2009 allright. i'm out.

PJ HarveyShame

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mar2009 you don't really wanna get me all fired up-- black magic
mar2009 there's no home for you here (just go away)

The White Stripes There's No Home for You Here

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mar2009 cover time! human behaviour
mar2009 covertime! orange crush


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mar2009 give it up for me, please. polite dance song.
mar2009 morning! march on! march on! march on!
mar2009 buried alive

Buried Alive

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mar2009 happy new year to all! ~blue veins~
mar2009 thanks! @pacha17 - you got yr cherry bomb
mar2009 morning all! i do believe that this will be our year.
mar2009 the way i feel inside (sleepy!). night guys x
mar2009 bublitschki

Everything Is Illuminated Soundtrack-Bublitschki-Gogol Bordello

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mar2009 morning to all the young folks!
mar2009 morning all! hope everyone's warm and safe today - salute your solution.
mar2009 top of the morning! and top yourself

Top Yourself: The Raconteurs

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mar2009 morning all! don't forget about the thing


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mar2009 to the one i love.

RemThe one i love

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mar2009 perfect day (and almost friday!)

Lou ReedPerfect Day

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mar2009 ten cent pistol

The Black Keys-Ten Cent Pistol

| play
mar2009 this song reminds me of something -
mar2009 this will be our year.. night guys, i'm out like nph! (reblip)
mar2009 buddy guy- what kind of woman is this?
mar2009 love you madly (i wanna)

CakeLove You Madly

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mar2009 bon voyage mon cheri. bon my mon.
mar2009 if i (oh i)

Nolan Strong & The Diablos : "If I (oh I)" , Fortune Records , 1959

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mar2009 woke up this morning with this song in my head
mar2009 i'm getting married in one month, but i still think this song rocks.

steady as she goes- lyrics

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mar2009 i'll dance with you if you dance with me
mar2009 morning all, long time no see!


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mar2009 haven't heard this in ages..
mar2009 morning guys! ~ weightless

Old 97's Weightless (Original)

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mar2009 the words that maketh murder

PJ Harvey- The Words That Maketh Murder

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mar2009 this song makes me wish my name was julie
mar2009 optimistic (sometimes yes)


| play
mar2009 je suis bien for the most part
mar2009 and so am i. night guys!

BlurOut Of Time

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mar2009 i'm going home (i'm actually going out to dinner but: sushi! kinda like going home)
mar2009 good morning ohio! here's a little mozza to go with your cuppa.
mar2009 the air near my fingers

The White Stripes The air near my fingers

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mar2009 oh the night here comes again....nite all.
mar2009 "his & hers songs", this is hers.

PortisheadGlory Box

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mar2009 you've been nighttiming baby
mar2009 5 de Mayo homage: tijuana no!

Pobre De Tí Tijuana No!

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mar2009 store bought bones

The Raconteurs Store bought bones

| play
mar2009 i'm on fire (actually i'm just tired). night night.
mar2009 ain't nobody gonna love me like...
mar2009 good morning! ~ i died so i could haunt you
mar2009 (let me tell you about) ~ the darker days of me & him
mar2009 so much beauty it could make you cry
mar2009 oh yeah. we're going in this direction today.
mar2009 flashback! a minha menina
mar2009 nausea, right on


| play
mar2009 Happy Yesterday Birthday to me! ~ and U2
mar2009 when someone tells me they don't know the b-boys, i wanna punch them in the face. is that wrong?
mar2009 thnx @ SoulCoolJay ~ i think i like you
mar2009 this too shall pass (like a kidney stone)
mar2009 happy friday all, this is ~ the saddest of all keys.
mar2009 only you, solo tu

zebraville only you

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mar2009 morning all! here's winter.

The DodosWinter

| play
mar2009 what's that you say?

Put A Lid On It-Squirrel Nut Zippers

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mar2009 hi all! this is jellybones.
mar2009 rise and shine, all you gold diggin' mothers
mar2009 los angeles (i wish i was in)
mar2009 modern guilt (or "milt")

BeckModern Guilt

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mar2009 Lovesong, and good morning.

The CureLovesong

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mar2009 happy alone (no no no)
mar2009 western

Super Elegantes // Western

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mar2009 the last good bye (for now). g'nite! @truk @djsurfer
mar2009 warsaw. good friday all!

Joy DivisionWarsaw

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mar2009 mykonos - and morning, all.

Fleet FoxesMykonos

| play
mar2009 because we all need a snarly flashback sometimes...
mar2009 LES artistes

Santigold | LES Artistes

| play
mar2009 this one goes out to you philistines. i'm off. nite!