marieinmusicland @Mishana_Din....I can't stop thinkin' Thinking 'bout.....drinkin'.....drinkin'.....lemonade ;)

Guns N' Roses-Bad Obsession

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painted on my heart by the cult

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marieinmusicland Thanks!!!:)

Guns N' Roses-Ain't It Fun

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Lynyrd Skynyrd- Sweet Home Alabama

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marieinmusicland @Mishana_Din: "I want to stay but I've been denied".......just stop denied......:) (reblip)

Starsailor Tie Up My Hands

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marieinmusicland @MIshana _Din :))))))))))))))))))))
marieinmusicland @Mishana_Din :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
marieinmusicland @zakksama: "rb@kitt_pupp Queen I Was Born To Love You [High Definition] HD" (reblip)

Queen I Was Born To Love You [High Definition] HD

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marieinmusicland @fishdixie2123 maybe all you need is just a little patience :)
marieinmusicland @Mishana_Din: "said I loved you but I lied.... coz this is more than love I feel inside. For all of you who are in love with somebody! <3" (reblip)

Ten Years After I d Love To Change The World

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How Can You Mend A Broken Heart- Al Green

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Van Halen-Can't Stop Loving You (Official Music Video)

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marieinmusicland @Fortharrison, you're right!I like very much!Also thanks about the props!:))))))))))))))) (reblip)
marieinmusicland @Gaz50 i like this song almost "how can you mend a broken heart" :))))))))) (reblip)

Al GreenSha La La

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Jaded Heart-Let it rain.wmv

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marieinmusicland @Fortharrison,no problem!!! :)Enjoy with this, i hope you like it!
marieinmusicland Had not heard that! Fantastic! I set it in my playlist! Thanks so much! Greeting!And btw gamle is all life!:)))) @Fortharrison (reblip)
marieinmusicland @Fortharrison: "I like this... thanks for the turn on....Mia....." (reblip)

Dan BlackYours

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marieinmusicland Maybe you mean that :)......yes i'm agree, not good like you! @Mishana_Din

Guns N Roses One In A Million tribute video

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marieinmusicland RB @Schoork: ""Rolling Stones – Anybody Seen My Baby"" I was forgot this song!Thank you very much!:) (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @Fortharrison: "Dan Black~U + Me ...this whole album is very good, thank you very much..☺" (reblip)
marieinmusicland @klynnDemar We hope.........Have a nice day, today!~smiles~!:))))))
marieinmusicland RB @Gaz50: "DON'T SHED A TEAR-Paul Carrack" (reblip)

Paul Carrack "Don't Shed A Tear"

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marieinmusicland Not good as you ..........but..... :) @Mishana_Din

phil collins - true colors

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marieinmusicland RB @Buzzz: ";) @marieinmusicland" Slash.......... when i was child, I loved him ;) Thank you @Buzzz! As you say :"agin and again and again!:) (reblip)

bleedin' izzy stradlin

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marieinmusicland RB @Gaz50: "Gnarls Barkley v Elton John – Your song / Crazy" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @TrainWreckRadio: "@LindyLuv did I ever tell you I met Elliot Easton? (tis true) I got a great pic somewhere aroung here........." (reblip)
marieinmusicland @Buzzz: "OOP4U ! @marieinmusicland ;)" I have no words!:)) Tnx, tnx, tnx :)))))))Right now in my fav!:))))) (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @Gaz50: "Marillion – Sugar Mice"Very very nice :) (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @NataSalvan: "The Commitments - Loucos Pela Fama... The Commitments - Same Old Me" (reblip)
marieinmusicland @Gaz50: "Shinning Star - Earth,Wind & Fire" (reblip)

Earth Wind and Fire: Shining Star

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marieinmusicland RB @Buzzz I listen with pleasure again and again :))))) Good morning! (reblip)

Gilby Clarke "Cure Me or Kill Me" video 1994

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marieinmusicland RB @klynnDemar: "@LockednRocked i can pretend to hate you i suppose! rofl....~hanging head~ sorry, i know you're serious" (reblip)

Seether-Fuck me like you hate me

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sir_edward_ross Gary Moore – All Time Low RB @marieinmusicland: "RB @Buzzz: "Hi !!! @BarbieRay Miss you !!!!! ;)"" (reblip)
marieinmusicland I'm so glad to you!Be always like that!~happy smiles~ @Buzzz
marieinmusicland RB @TrainWreckRadio: "hey @girlpiper , hows that geetar of yours sound these days? send me sumptin.....will ya?" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @bytera: "some gold for @marieinmusicland" TY I've not heard before!Put it right now in my play list! :)))))) (reblip)
marieinmusicland :)))))))))))))))) you know that this is for u


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Long As I Can See The Light cover CCR

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marieinmusicland RB @Fortharrison: "Live~Selling The Dream ... to right the wrong...." (reblip)
marieinmusicland @harmony60: "To All My Friends on Blip.Thanks for The Friendship,Music,Love,Kindness!Happy Mother's Day To All Moms.Peace&Harmony To All (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @bytera: "such a powerful song..ty@sooze27: "Love it! Yes, turn it up! ty/rb@bytera: "some gem I have played in my 6k+ blips... (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB@sooze27: "Me too! : ) ty/rb@mrrodd: "GMTY @sooze27 ~~> So Excited"" (reblip)

Stevie Ray Vaughan-So Excited

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innoutwindows Life usta be sooo hard, but now everything is easy cause of you!@marieinmusicland: "RB@M_Din: "another house"" (reblip)

GANGgajang Gimme some loving

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On Call Kings of Leon Live @Reading 2009

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marieinmusicland RB@sir_edward_ross: "Just 1 more Listener needed ---> @nawlinswoman: <--- Only Logical to add her for her 5K Badge!" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @bytera: "I know you like Al Green. This crafted song is for you @marieinmusicland ~ a real talent! =)" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @Awannabeangel: "GM Will ! :-) @TropicsZ4: "Creedence Clearwater Revival – I Heard It Through The Grapevine"" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB@bytera: "Hi and thanks! rb @marieinmusicland: "Neil Young – Rockin in the Free World"" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @SpicaSeven: "@Blipdjj ~ Love Gun (KISS Remake) – Tommy Shaw (STYX) & Steve Lukather (TOTO)" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @Schoork: " i'm distracted, but i listen now@DirtyUrine: "Did you catch the the LA Guns cover I played of this earlier?? rb@Schoork: (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @bytera: "Stevie Ray Vaughan — Willie the Wimp || ...from the movie 'From Dusk Till Dawn'" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB@Elske63: "Hey great! @CMDoria: "TY :o) RB@chapmanj63: @CMDoria (Cookie Monster) meet @Elske63 (Elmo). Enjoy the muppet video w/ Alice Cooper...""" (reblip)

Jeff Scott Soto I Guess I'm Still in Love

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marieinmusicland RB @Awannabeangel: "rb !@SarahABQ: "Cya later, have fun in the sun;-) neat tune thx rb@jimi_bullington: "diggin' this tune. I need to cut out... (reblip)

One DropShe's Gone

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marieinmusicland RB @Buzzz :) I think i feel good!Better than yesterday :))))) (reblip)

Pete Townshend A Friend is a Friend

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ~ Andrew Strong

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marieinmusicland RB @NataSalvan: "500 mais Kiss FM... Faith No More – Falling To Pieces" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @sir_edward_ross: "RB @PazzoRagazzo: "A-Lil'-Mystery's-A-Good-Thang RB: @softnblue: "Carlos Santana - Black Magic Woman""" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @Lisa_Michele: "Watch out here I come! :)@mark_till: "Darlin.Open up your loving arms / "Some Dope for my ammo packing, 10K Mark. :-)" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @TrainWreckRadio: "@YourDJ oooh, you like this one too! Robt Hart vocals, Ralph's on geetar, Wills on bass, and Simon Kirk on the kit. (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @sir_edward_ross: "Long live Zevon RB @DJDANGERRANGER: "AHHHWOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!Werewolves Of London"" (reblip)

Werewolves Of London

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marieinmusicland RB @Lothlorien: "Thanks, @marieinmusicland!!! I have the feeling you like Ozzy... ;) ;)"Mhm you guess, i really like Ozzy :)And thank you very much!:) (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @LockednRocked: "Don't wanna lose your love @klynnDemar: "@LockednRocked"" (reblip)

Carlos Santana & Los Lonely Boys- Don't Wanna Lose Your Love

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marieinmusicland RB @Buzzz: "Hello !!!! @marieinmusicland TY4 props !! ;)" Hello!Thank you very very much!!!!!And many smiles for you! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) (reblip)

Type O Negative-Cinnamon Girl

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marieinmusicland RB @harmony60: "Styx – Babe" thanks a lot for this :) (reblip)


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marieinmusicland RB @Schoork: "Hey girl:)@donnadontplay: "Very nice! Hi hun! @Schoork: "Journey – Faithfully""" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @sir_edward_ross: "RB @azandiaMJBB: "songs sent to me by all the Fabulous DJ's in replies since May 09 that I love # 131"" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB @NataSalvan: "Obriado @yumikazi... Joe Satriani – Always with me, always with you" (reblip)

blues brothers ft. ray charles - shake a tail feather

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marieinmusicland RB @bytera: "It's Probably Me ...." (reblip)

Sting & Eric Clapton- Its Probably me

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marieinmusicland RB @Buzzz:Hello & have a nice day!!! :)))) (reblip)

StyxCome Sail Away

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marieinmusicland RB @edurrosa: "Beautiful Girls """ @MSBloom: "Van Halen ~Beautiful Girls~ ...Trying to motivate!!"" (reblip)
marieinmusicland Thank you!!! @KrisOConnor :)))))

Eddie Van Halen it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train

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wilson pickett- land of 1000 dances

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Bad Company If You Needed Somebody

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the mission uk like a child again

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marieinmusicland RB@bytera: "a song from the middle age ;) ....dedicated to all the girls...." (reblip)

Tom Petty- I'm In Love (Live)

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marieinmusicland RB@bytera: "rb @LuvGunn: "Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then! classic line and so true @bytera: "Bob Seger – Against The Wind // #live""" (reblip)
marieinmusicland RB@bytera: "For @marieinmusicland Glad to see you around! All the best for you, Marie! =)" (reblip)

Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale- Danger

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marieinmusicland RB@bytera: "*****Hey Folks***** This fine DJ need ONLY 3 (Three) Listeners to get a New Badge! Please ADD/listen/help @RicSanti Thanks everybuddy! (reblip)

Al Green-Take Me To The River.

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marieinmusicland rb@ducks2007: "well, that last one sucked - hopefully this one plays thru..." (reblip)

The Misfits-London Dungeon

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marieinmusicland I did't know this one,but I loved it at first time! Tnx:)@bytera: "I'm sure you already know and love this on! How's your day so far, dear Marie?" (reblip)
Schoork yep, still hoarse too!@ankita_gaur: "my throat hs gone bad aftr all the shouts n cheers, waiting for the big one wid Argentina!!!#MotleyMonday \m/"""" (reblip)
marieinmusicland ;)))))) never let you go .....angel eyes
marieinmusicland pillow fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;))))))))))))))))