didib em homenagem à laranjinha mecânica aqui do meu lado que insiste em pisar no meu teclado...
didib em homenagem ao raio que acabou de cair aqui perto e me deu um baita susto.
verticalhouse My favorite She & Him song....although I think the whole album needs more cowbell, I mean, m. ward. Maybe on volume 2?
felizardo When you need to remember that person who makes you feel so stupid...
Winnerdrew Don't fix it if it ain't broken...

Norah JonesBroken

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leroy77 @marieiris that is a great song, here's my fave Cure song!

The CureLullaby

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Atomik Do That To Me One More Time – Captain & Tennille
leroy77 kinda in a shoegaze mood, to start off some Cocteau Twins!
leroy77 I couldn't remember the artist that did this song for awhile, just got it now. such a beautiful voice!
schizophonic AWESOME! Just found out I could listen to NME radio online and this song was playing right now...


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DJMelly Bob Marley...

Bob Marley - Redemption Song

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tonydarue Violent Femmes – All I Want
ariherzog In the process of shutting down for the night, blipping a 5-series of #ari80s, to echo on twitter. Here's to youth.
Mr_Head Pogues – Haunted (w Sinead O'Connor)
TheMostReverendJim A quick one before I'm out to thank all my listeners, longtime and new. <Blip> says it all - I'll be a combo of Otto from "Repo Man"& Spicoli forever.
DrMarlo This reminds me of New Orleans for some reason
whatsinmyheadphones At the end of the day I feel like this...
DrMarlo Had to add this one


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Jimmie Tell me that Prince isn't channeling Hendrix in this song. Yeah, he could have done this one back in the day.
geekthing Rocking the Old School... can it be my De La Clothes..? How many samples can you pick up?
outinc Bet you forgot this one existed
glenncase [NSFW?] Had heard a few songs, but just started really checking into Lily Allen's back catalog last night. She's a fairly brilliant songwriter.

Lily AllenAlfie

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therichbrooks Good music for a quiet Sat morn while working. "When you're walking downtown / Do you wish I was there / Do you wish it was me?"
mihom09 緊張感のある音がイイ!

Depeche ModeHalo

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Cate757 If I lay here. If I just lay here. Would you lie with me and, just forget the world.
lonemat I want this song played at my funeral. So yeah.
PandaDementia This one goes out to my girl @marieiris, too! Play on, playa!
Jeffie Breathe - "How Can I Fall" (1988)
schau ahhhhhhhhh It's really beautiful
tresatresa yeah Cassie...Me and U

CassieMe and U

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randymatheson every little thing the reflex does leaves you answered with a question mark
Punched :: Musical Youth - Pass the Dutchie ::
marieiris #Texasbluesrock The Fabulous Thunderbirds are my favorite Texas-Blues band.
BruceC The Commitments ~ Mustang Sally
GeryDiMarco Kick off your shoes start losin' the blues. This old house ain't got nothin' to lose... Don't bother knockin'. Come on in!

Audrey Hepburn - Moonriver

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marieiris For real? this song is called "Sweet Marie". hehe. yeah, i rock.
RapRadar should be played loud EVERY Saturday. And you can go with just the promo, too, if the whole song is too damn bouncy.
Downersgrove77 YESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE LIVE VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric ClaptonCocaine

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GeneBrady don't you break my heart. pleeeease..... (reblip)

The BandDon`t Do It

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krypton33 Pack it up, pack it in Let me begin I came to win Battle me that's a sin
star45 Led Zeppelin – Over The Hills And Far Away – . . . g morning / evening everyone!
CodyBs I can't put my remote control back together again either!


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beatmenace A talent so great, and a life far too short.
dracjr yeeeeeah, this probably didn't creep Diana Ross out at all
Titter Superstition aint the way

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

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DJLK Am so reBlippin this. (reblip)

Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

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nitrox Spandau Ballet - True............................say it isn't so.

Spandau BalletTrue

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sarymclary This guy deserves to make it big - he's a Londoner, singer-songwriter with more talent than you can shake a stick at! Beautiful song!

Tom BaxterBetter

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aphalloides @marieiris @tjonsek a live version of a BRMC song I think is the shit
aphalloides @marieiris I blipped this before but think you would enjoy as well ;) (reblip)
sandraew Seem to blipping ballads. (Nobody's Fool - Cinderella)
steveking Last one i put up started jumping sorry about that.
DeanPiccirillo These seconds when I'm shaking leave me shuddering for days, she says and I'm not really ready for this sort of thing...

Counting Crows - Anna Begins

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jencvs I used to listen to this CD over and over during 2003...wow, so long ago! (reblip)
Tequila_Kitty one more time around... (reblip)

DMX - Up Un Here.mp3

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messinwiththekid @rogue_fm I think this one is an extremely ripe brie :) His voice always was fingernails on a blackboard


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T_DeBarros Madness. Our House ~our house in the middle of our street~{hey T, what's going on??:-)}*PRETTY CRAZY !!..YOU? LOL..btw i like "T" @TheLenzyme

MadnessOur House

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gerasoy The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make? (reblip)
Bellachicken my dad's friend was in the music video. he played a detective.


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MLWebb Al Green "Ain't No Sunshine"
Mangia This is probably the best TV theme ever written (reblip)
stormclaudi This movie broke my heart, was beautiful. From "Once"... I don't know you, but I want you all the more for that... :)
aphalloides @marieiris perhaps you haven't listened to the whole soundtrack after Falling Slowly is this one. An amazing song too I think.
BrewsCues Hoobastank...Good thing their music sounds better than their name.
ellegrooves If I had you than I could give you your dreams


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yourface Sleep time. :) Have a good night/evening/morning/day.. whatever happens to be going on in your part of the world


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marieiris Haven't heard this song in forever!! (reblip)
crowjane To all the ladies out there WARNING the man protrayed in this song is a myth..he does not exist....gggggggg (me giggling) and all the men say AMEN
seancarmody Can't find the original, this will do
star45 In Flames – Come Clarity – . . . hi @kilwar its been a while! - hello @MaddyTheSongWhore @xelavee thx!
OMGhada This brings me back to 20th anniversary De La Soul concert in Montreal June09 *sigh* good times
brandmyhre I knew the disco ball I installed in my room would come in handy. And my therapist said I was nuts. Whatever.

ChicLe Freak

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RedwoodRed This goes out to @marieiris, cuz she's Hella Good!

No DoubtHella Good

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jstolle Who remembers this?


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saharabloom @marieiris you are such a pretty woman... (reblip)
sharonhayes Wild Thang @JeffGignac @ValkryieX @KCinWPB @_wigs @sarisam @octabird @cynthiayoung @rdnewman @sambroberg
XavierOnassis A Herb Alpert tune with a James Bond connection. That means I'm not gay. Right? Not that there's anything wrong with that.
JasonJames I love this song! Remember the movie "Mannequin" ? from 1987!!
imaginebttrfly i'm not like the girls that you've known, but i believe i'm worth coming home to (studio version)
redangel The Brand New Heavies – I Don't Know Why (I Love You)
Cairnmont A thank you to FakerParis for introducing me to Jesse Cook.

Jesse CookVirtue

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doodlebird my money is no good when I'm up to no good No good comes from it honest.

Ryan AdamsTwo

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c_greengrass Foo Fighters – 'On The Mend' is another good song for tonight. Think I'll take a listen now.
reesesmonkey I could use some Pee Wee this morning to perk up this mood (reblip)
DJDOOMSTER I have a mad crush on this woman!
DJDOOMSTER Another "must listen"! No kidding.
DJDOOMSTER I've never even been to Texas.......that's right, I'm not from Texas!
shibari heard this the other day and was diggin it . (reblip)
danssweetpea dancing happily, shakes bootie, feels glorious
murrmx @RavenNightDream ~ Woo hoo! Adsjhfdkauewr! Woo hoo!

Blur - Woo Hoo

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Diggin the songs screams post grundge nineties
CaboCrazy AC DC - For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
leroy77 thanks @marieiris might I suggest some Jenny Lewis as well!
orisasson Baby, I’m a Star (Prince)
quanyin This was another favorite song from Alan Parsons. I like the sound of this live version. Talented band... hey guys, give us some fresh stuff! (reblip)
synaesthetic we drink boxed wine, and we listen to weezer!
therealbigjon this was the jam back in the day!

fugies - fugees - ready or not

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cjh Van Morrison - Have I Told You Lately
SarahShoeMe Can I please go home? It has been a weird, weird day for me.
digitpt R.E.M. - (All I Have To Do Is) Dream.mp -
leroy77 this one goes out to @marieiris

New OrderRegret

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leroy77 @marieiris reminded me of my fave psychedelic furs song. Almost sounds very Bowie-ish.
prih_xx "And the longing that you feel... You know none of this real. We will find a better a place... In this twilight..."
migz That you don't know what you got till it's gone | Great remake
girlsflyingsolo wow...this guy was HEAT in the 70s...

Leo SayerSad Eyes

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DJSizzyLizzy you will believe in love just until the fish start to smell and you're struck down by a hammer. wondering if there's clouds and stuff in hell.
leroy77 some Costello ~ dedicated to @marieiris cause the angels wanna wear her red shoes!
didib the memory of my angel could never cause me pain.
blocSonic Some cheesy goodness from 1990…

KyperTic Tac Toe

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bytera Stevie Ray Vaughan – Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) - 'Cause I'm a voodoo chile, Lord knows I'm a voodoo chile..
therichbrooks Wow, it's been a long time since I heard this song. via @twenty3x (reblip)
leroy77 Another Elliot Smith rainy day here in the greater Portland area. Maine that is!
toreo the cures "lullaby" plus just jack? hellllllo sweet. shoutout to @primatage, i think i remember him being a fan of the cure.
leroy77 Can't wait for the Wilco show with @marieiris in a few weeks! Hopefully they play my fave song of the new album!

WilcoOne Wing

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Barceno I scream,I dream.Ashes scattered,heart battered (reblip)


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DeadCabbage Fight Like Apes – Tie Me Up With Jackets
4Sins "I've never met a girl like you before." That's all a girl wants to hear, guys. (reblip)
crowjane now a man's view on the subject of love and comittment
annamartins @misslazarou this one, babe... this version rules!!! Anthony Quinn smells like FREEDOM!!

Zorba The Greek

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Songbird_ Cool lyrics universal feeling...Reaching Out for YOU~
evan324 everyone NEEDS to listen to this song, it's amazing. especially @musicsGF and @scottmcalister cause you love music a lot like i do.
bendrix Exactly what I was thinking hahah U read my mind. btw i dig U're avatar=> rb@HoneiiStylez: "@bendrix . . . here you go" (reblip)
paleofuture Emiliana Torrini "Jungle Drum"
detroitfan @AJLaDiva: "Theory Of A Deadman ~ Heaven (Little By Little) ***Beautiful Song, Listen to the Lyrics, You'll LOVE It TOO!!*** AJ" (reblip)
tlazz One of the greatest guitar lines ever written
DJAceOfSpades Korn – Falling Away From Me
joaoAfonso feeling completely out of place...

Song of the Day 10-8-09: Train Song by Feist and Ben Gibbard

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ear1zgarage "where she'll teach you how to F like an acrobat"
scotlandlover don't say u r leaving so soon! :-( rb @TheLenzyme: ""..you knew I couldn't stay.."" (reblip)

Sad Eyes-Robert John 1979

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inappropriatewriting Oh reckless abandon, like no-one's watching you.
LeeSGreenberg yes, you'll have to listen.

More Today Than Yesterday by Spiral Staircase

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MaxVelocity Hi! How R U? I have seen Pavaroti live...not recently though..lol @Dancer12: "You are my first, my last, my everything. . ." (reblip)

Montrose- Rock Candy

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LeeSGreenberg for you. Electric Light Orchestra – Waterfall
DJMaBoCrapptacular I know you're out there baby,I wish you were here with me.
LeeSGreenberg always, so right. I know you agree. The Raspberries – Go All The Way
LeeSGreenberg just one note. Pure and Easy, like a breath, rippling by.... The Who – Pure And Easy

The WhoPure And Easy

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LeeSGreenberg and another. ah pop sounds. Todd Rundgren – Couldn't I Just Tell You - 45 rpm
LeeSGreenberg like this could ever happen. perhaps its a metaphor? Bus Stop- The Hollies
LeeSGreenberg Jorma sears, but its still a love song. Jefferson Airplane – We Can Be Together
LeeSGreenberg more guitars. more emotion. UFO – Love to Love
LeeSGreenberg and back to the 80s The Loving by XTC

The Loving by XTC

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DJMaBoCrapptacular For my baby,because I <3 you :-*
scotlandlover I'm here if you should call to me...and words are what I have to take your "pain" away .......... :-)

Bee Gees, TheWords

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DrPants @kcclifford's new album #Orchid, track 4. Blue Bonnets. #musicmonday. Album avail. Tuesday!!
DrPants @kcclifford's new album #Orchid, track 5. Loud & Clear. #musicmonday Album avail Tues, 3/2!
DrPants @kcclifford's new album #Orchid, track 8. Voice Of An Angel. #musicmonday Album avail Tuesday, 3/2!
DrPants @kcclifford's new album #Orchid, track 9. Story Of Our Own. #musicmonday Album avail Tuesday, 3/2!
DrPants Atta Girl. Track 6 from @kcclifford's new album #Orchid. Out Tomorrow! #musicmonday
LeeSGreenberg more sappy love songs The Association – Never My Love
DJMaBoCrapptacular For my own soul sister...this is for you baby.
LeeSGreenberg Chicago Ballet for A Girl From Buchannon Part 1 1977 - She's not from buchannon, but she always makes me smile

Chicago Rockpalast Ballet for A Girl From Buchannon Part 1 1977

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LeeSGreenberg yes, you do. always. even when you think you don't. Chicago – Make Me Smile (1977)
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