marielectric From The Virgin Suicides... You're my playground love

airplayground love

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marielectric Will you remember me ?


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marielectric Días en Santa Clara, helados gratis, el mejor de los amigos y Maquiavelo

Bloc PartyBanquet

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marielectric Ganas de tontear y bailar. Perfecta canción para dar de brincos y felizmente rockear
marielectric Esa noche donde bailamos y cantamos en el parque del árbol caído.
marielectric Cherished dreams forever asleep.

Muse12. Endlessly

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marielectric Do you wanna come over and kill some time? Throw your arms around me
marielectric Wind is in, the wind is in my heart


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marielectric Esta noche quisiera creer que no hemos cambiado...
marielectric Fiestas donde siempre estaba esta canción. Un depa lleno de humo, alcohol y rosas secas en botellas de vino
marielectric Sending my thoughts to far off destinations, where they're far more suited than here
marielectric Tu cara entre canciones y noches lluviosas

Hey Jude - paul and john

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marielectric nothing will ever stay the same
marielectric Absolutely love Sigur Ros


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marielectric @Emperormau Thanks! It was :) Goodnight!! Have a good day tomorrow!
Emperormau @MariaMaria Home the family gathering was great!! I got an intense day tomorrow, so I'm packing it in. Have a great night, and equally great tomorrow.

Michael BubleHome

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marielectric @migueloz Gracias, me acordé de esta canción que me fascina :D

MewAm I Wry? No

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gabasanch fav fav fav


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jonasryan Riding a bike downhill at max speed... no helmet, no brakes no teeth...


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marielectric Wild horses...luv this one...
Stay19 Mirador – Efterklang<><> Sigur Ros fans


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briangreene ok inboxes cleared - im gonna bolt. go horiz. PSP, listen back to the best of today and sleep. you were great. no yes i mean you. NN.
MiguelOz Que les puedo yo decir, NUNCA habrá alguien mejor que ellos, NUNCA, mejor ya ni lo intenten.
MiguelOz Justo hoy me recomendaron esta versión, me latió mucho.
medinadv Im going crazy, Im losing sleep. Im in too far, Im in way too deep over youuuu
raeioul love will come through... It's just waiting for you
leinergroove A Beatles song!! and one of their finest... @MariaMaria
leinergroove @MariaMaria But you can put as many McCartney/Ringo/George songs... as a solo artists, hahaha... (not Lennon, damn)
medinadv [Hawai'i 78 - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole]
medinadv [Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes] (reblip)

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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Stay19 Sigur Ros -Glosoli <><> a tearjerker live or anytime if I let it. careful with this one. one of my top songs EVER. I have to be careful these days.

Sigur RosGlosoli

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Stay19 <><>This is as quiet as it gets hush down now, go to sleep. we were once perfect, me and you. <><> feel it. feel . feel. heart. lots of heart.
gmexico @MariaMaria esta me recuerda a ti demasiado! i luv this song!

MGMTElectric Feel

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gmexico @MariaMaria yeah so my msn sucks and i can't send you messages anymore but I'm sending you this song cause it reminds me of being a teen, sigh ;D
gmexico @MariaMaria this one always reminds me of you and the time we went to the concert. good times!
medinadv Relax mode on... [Chasing Pavements - Adele] (reblip)
Alania Midnight Radio by Hedwig & The Angry Inch
Stay19 Sigur_Ros-All_Alright<><> one thought provoking tune to say the least. Any Sigur Ros fan would understand the heart these guys put into their music


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Stay19 This Is Twice Now – Lydia<><> One of my favorite bands. NO question.
Stay19 Snow Dream – Lucid Picnic<><> vi@fulana (reblip)
Stay19 Morphine – In Spite Of Me<><> vi@jerrycurl (reblip)
Peugamatic "I used to beeeee a little boooy..." (reblip)
tac umm, is this real? it seems too good to be true. <-- pretty sure it's real, @gorester, they've been playing it on KEXP a lot lately. (reblip)
marielectric The East means so many things but it could be home
marielectric I want to give you a dream that no one has given you
marielectric we are stars colliding, now we crash
Rainoverlima Canción para la medianoche de un día de verano.


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Take3DVD listening to Along The Way by DeVotchKa.....About: for eels blip. Thought you might like this
Atomik this is the last time i believe in any pretty words
threebears dawn broken (yeah, careless of us) car alarm gone off outside .. eyes closing ... thanks for your company blip friends! Good night/day/morning *_~
De_Ann you don't have to be beautiful to turn me on....
Rainoverlima @MariaMaria Recuerdo q me gustaban las cajitas chinas satinadas pero no los chocolates q habían dentro. Frunas, buscaba frunas de limón :)
marilovisky \o\\ Hi, dear @crispast! I'm grand! You? Hope you're fine! Beautiful pic, cherry! Hey, @mellomatic, where are you? Show your face to the world! :)
marielectric If we freeze I want to freeze next to you
Take3DVD Listening to Love Like We're Lovers by The Guilty Hands formerly known as GLYFAL .About:
Stay19 Bad day today. Nice to have this cathartic outlet through the wires. Feelin the BlipLove ! Cheers to the raddest peeps on the planet <><>
Stay19 Melotron – Der anfang<><> vi@sybil Cheers ! (reblip)

MelotronDer anfang

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Stay19 The Paper Raincoat – Motion Sickness<<><> @MariaMaria stellar! all the love . (reblip)
kasaa there'd be sand in your pockets and nothing on your mind...

Josh PykeThe Summer

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kasaa is it time to let it fly?

EskobarSomeone New

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marilovisky Just stopping by to say a traditional *Hi, people*! o/
cabron We like the same things and I like your style.
marielectric Apartment story

The National- "Apartment Story"

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Stay19 8 mm – Yann Tiersen<><>

Yann Tiersen8 mm

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Hamletmaschine @LaMusique Flap your wings | Trophy – Bat For Lashes
marielectric Another chance

Roger Sanchez - Another Chance

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Rainoverlima Éramos simples. Las niñas de la soledad. En ese tiempo, comenzó ese amor por Ludwing Van.

Moonlight Sonata

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Rainoverlima Final de la madrugada con The Dresden Dolls. Pasito a paso el sueño llega.
marielectric We'll paint the town blue 'cuz red is so passé
marielectric Love this.

Kasper Bjørke: Doesnt Matter (Featuring The Pierces)

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marielectric Y quiero ser tu último dolor

Cafe tacuba- quiero ver

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Flower very nice dear @DJstromer19: "Goldmund – In A Notebook<><>" (reblip)
Rainoverlima Su fiebre, nuestra fiebre, vuestra fiebre. Y los días que pasan y se incendian @Hamletmaschine .

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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xIzzy_x And then We kiss..My song for me and him.
Rainoverlima Más allá de todas esas evocaciones del dolor. Rocíate de esta canción.

andrew birdwhy?

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marielectric The city lights

Umbrellas: The City Lights

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Stay19 get well soon – born slippy nuxx<><>
Rainoverlima La esencia de tu film. Querrías filmar aquellos ojos.


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kasaa and not all of it you can see

Kate NashMouthwash

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StudyChemistry Aaah, secrets. What they mean and who we share them with. Such is life.
mteric @MariaMaria sweet, I gave you your 1000th prop! :) (reblip)
marielectric you got me feeling lovesick, in your arms
melodyofurlife This tune is a bit creepy for me, I always think of horror movies when I listen to it.
DownLow another late night Al Green blip (w/ Corrinne Bailey Rae) for @lilwldchld~~~enjoy!
Rainoverlima De juguetes, osos y bosques. [Otra vez, y por Jessica].


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marielectric Things are gonna change, and not for better ~~
marielectric Help I'm alive

Help I'm Alive by Metric

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Beirut- Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)

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indieearcandyforeveryone ths is my fv sng by them. it's a litle slwer and more sentimental i gues. lead singer told us that it's basicaly abt tht u r nvr alone.. @headshaker
indieearcandyforeveryone takes a bit to load. last one was only a partial it seemed.
indieearcandyforeveryone seeing these guys in a few hours. can't wait to hear this live.

Vines-Get Free

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marielectric Take it to the limit

Etta James: Take It To The Limit (w/ Kal David)

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Versh "If you won't/ Then you won't/ And I will/ Then I will/ Yeah, and I will consider you..."

Ben FoldsGone

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samodiva tnx @dochugo: "❀❀❀ // @teffymae also fightin something here :(" (reblip)
indieearcandyforeveryone was thinking "super" was an appropriate send off for the night. hopefully all of yours are.. happy late friday..
poochiesan24 like his stuff a lot, plus sea and cake

Sam PrekopSomething

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Stay19 Sigur Rós – Illgresi ( Them Jeans Dance Remix )<><>
briangreene so do i (love at first byte) rb@mmemaledicta: "I love this song" (reblip)
kasaa Should listen to this one a lot more often (via @haraya) (reblip)


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kasaa Bonjour @randyhate

La patère rose || PaceMaker || vidéoclip

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kasaa Me too! @randyhate: "i am going to be blipping this every #frenchpopfriday for the foreseeable future. so good... (reblip)

Ma cafetiere clip 2008 zen k

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Versh ⟠More Pogo, [Volume 3]: More from the genius in Perth, Australia ⟠


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kasaa needs some hot chocolate. It's so cold back home.
Soffici NOTWIST + GRIZZLY BEAR / the notwist - boneless (grizzly bear remix)


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AndYuki The End Has No End - Metric fazendo cover de Strokes... show!!!
marielectric who got the only sweetest thing in the world


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Margotosleep The White Stripes - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
indieearcandyforeveryone got this one from @midnightwalker earlier in the week. great indie pop band. this one's probably my fav. @paraboschi @starrynight

Big CoatWiretree

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nycsongs Jenny Owen Youngs – Fuck Was I
threebears somewhere on the planet the moon is setting. Thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/day/sunshine/moonshine - in any order ^_~

shivaree - goodnight moon

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marielectric now there's that fear again

The Virgin Suicides- Now there's that fear again- Múm

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Stay19 Radiohead – Nude Remix (Three Leaves and a Head remix)<><>
DareToEatAPeach rb@GarlandGrey: "This girl is pretty amazing. She's been playing music since she was very young, been on Prairie Home Companion, very talented." (reblip)

Sarah Jarosz ~Shankill Butchers~

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marielectric it's friday night and i aint got nobody
DareToEatAPeach Me too! =P @muzicmajic: "who me?? <said as innocently as possible!> hehe rb@orangekittypie: "*your* fault now I am addicted to CVC myself!!" (reblip)
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