mark_till Radiohead Daft Punk Blur Beastie Boys The Dandy Warhols Depeche Mode Milton Nascimento Talking Heads David Guetta Gomez Arcade Fire Grizzly Bear (reblip)
RoxUranus well... and have a great afternoon! @mettee: "Night @RoxUranus - sweet dreams ;)" (reblip)

PJ HarveyGoodnight

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Shaman777 Awsome cover of the original
WunDaGround sharing the good feelns with fellow bleeps @DJstromer19 @Atomik @LS22 @Modster @pollinatewildly @tuatara @TPJK @2dailystendhal @mark_till xoxox

Little Birdy-Summarize

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elland666 Green day - Boulevard of broken dreams

Green day boulevard of broken dreams live

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FineNGood This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite songs by Soundgarden and that is hard to do...
DJRosaNava Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday-Good Morning Heartache (Live)

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motorcityguvnor Led Zeppelin: When The Levee Breaks; drums beating out the sound of armageddon on steroids: uberbonhamtastic!

kings of leon red morning light live t in the park 2003

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DJJazzyMua777 Too cool! Had almost forgotten him! :-( @docstimulas: "Bruce Hornsby – The Way It Is - had too hear this one..............thanks @DJJazzyMua777" (reblip)
lily_gomez ♪♫♪Come closer....And I just can't pull my self away, Under her spell I can't break, I just can't stop...♪♫♪ (reblip)


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Jeffie Rick Derringer - "Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo" (spring, 1974)
adversary1 I can believe that. Uncle Fester lookin' Mofo. ;) @carissaz: "cool beat but billy is such an ass live..he pissed me off heh..:) (reblip)
threebears And if you don't hear me through the tears you've shed ...the dream world that you've found will someday drag you down or you'll discover ;D
briteburningblu @mark_till - You've got me in the mood to revisit the soundtrack to my high school career. :-P
GinnyRose sorry but this is a fab song

hey baby dj otzi

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paraboschi @kellywarhola: "ok i need to get over my kooks obsession" i know your pain :) (reblip)
Fortharrison ◘◘◘ nice tune◘◘◘@arcadianhermit: "Looking for the mother lode..." (reblip)
midnightbeadery @BBlanca: "Foreigner - I Want to Know What Love Is" (reblip)

Foreigner-I Want to Know What Love Is

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TrainWreckRadio @jaymon if we're gonna rb then might as well get this in motion Jen, NOW THAT you've pounded this into my skull, all I can say is BADD-AzZZ!! :-) (reblip)
KristyRNinAZ OutFrickenStanding! @DirtyUrine: "La Grange - G3 (live in tokyo w/ Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci And Billy Sheehan) !!!" (reblip)

La Grange G3 live in tokyo with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci And Billy Sheehan

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TabooTiki F#%K yeah! Pennywise – "Punch Drunk"
vanbytheriver Uh Huh @hipEchik ...I need a doctor for something, just not sure what...?
DChain Great film...great music...great Eddie Vedder!
LYRIC "That night I crossed the bridge of sighs and I surrendered..." @ladypn, we have been neglecting our DAVID SYLVIAN ...must remedy :)
ladypn Oh so beautiful, @Chopinforte! I'm adding to my playlist! (reblip)
dhcarrara The Killers – All The Pretty Faces
MusicIsMySoul3 I can't stand this indecision Married with a lack of vision Everybody wants to rule the world
GR8FL 20 October 1882 – 16 August 1956 RIP

bauhaus - bela lugosi's dead

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Rella just thought it...wuzzzzzzzzzz time...
tbell @cachita: "Many thanks for listening @jet333. Love to blip this one.... @YogaGeek,@tbell.... Namaste ya'll!!!" (reblip)
doubledrat Pale Saints – A Thousand Stars Burst Open ...4adlectable... man, i butchered the spelling of delicious... in4adfensible...
gpharley @The101HiWay: "Robbie Robertson~Somewhere Down the Crazy River |Mergence of "Contemporary" meets an old world "Traditional"(Native Amer.) (reblip)
Kittysafe For Natasha Richardson, my prayers are with you.
DragonMoonTunes @storylet: "Led Zeppelin - When The Levy Breaks" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin - When The Levy Breaks

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WunDaGround reblippn' you again! DJ @mark_till -keep up the good work ;) (reblip)


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WunDaGround love it! via @mark_till reblippd ya! (reblip)

The Offspring Come Out And Play (Keep Em Seperated)

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WunDaGround via @mark_till: "@mark_till: "Joints & Jams [Full Version] – The Black Eyed Peas"" ffffunky ;) (reblip)
WunDaGround rebleebn DJ @mark_till: "All I needed was the love you gave.. Yazoo – Only You" SNAP Was just thinking about Yazoo last night! (reblip)

YazooOnly You

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DJprops4U @mark_till: "SUPERDRAG : Sucked Out" (reblip)

SUPERDRAG : "Sucked Out"

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WunDaGround rebleepn @mark_till: "Jenny Jenkins thank you! " Ha! Love it ;) (reblip)

Jenny Jenkins

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ANAM @mark_till: "dm @Taynted_lyfe Swati – 2 O' Clock In The A.M." (reblip)
422___PUMA____422 @mark_till: "No disrespect Disconnect from intellect. Thinking is for dead men -Paris Freed Black Eyed Peas – Let's Get Retarted" (reblip)
WunDaGround via @mark_till: "Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" bleepd! (reblip)
ucana422 @mark_till: "Don't Bogart that joint my friend pass it over to me... The Fraternity Of Man - Don't Bogart Me @AngelaGunn @ucana422" (reblip)
Hello_Nurse @mark_till This is just pure awesome from that time. (reblip)


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samodiva tnx @mark_till: "@caryseen: "a pretty awesome heart cover...."" (reblip)

The Decemberists "Crazy On You" Cover

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333ccd333 RB @FreakinFrog: "Thank you.... @DJDolceVita: "One of my favorite songs ever ~ Tks! @FreakinFrog ~ RB via @mark_till"" (reblip)

Nature's Way by Spirit

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PyschedelicPatti @mark_till: "Well I wont back down, no I wont back down You can stand me up at the gates of hell But I wont back down" (reblip)
WunDaGround gives props to @mark_till for jogging my memory about this track - how could it've slipped my mind ;) [Jesus Jones - Right Here, Right Now]
Crimmie @LeeTonSao @jennyleepenny @mark_till @RHYTHMjunkie @mellomatic @judi Amazing Blips 2nite all :)Blue October ~ Amazing

Blue October- Amazing

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pudinzin @mark_till: "Getting my freak on with Jenny Jenkins" (reblip)

Jenny Jenkins

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tweet4kaash @mark_till: "Devil Inside - INXS look at the woman makes u wonder..." (reblip)

Devil InsideINXS

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essszeeeeye @mark_till: "@mariankelly: "AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long" the zeppelin one also oh yeah " resending to @ RckStarDaddy hey, Mark, Mk (reblip)
SgtMac @mark_till: "Listen to the man in black(not depreche mode sillly) Jonny Cash" (reblip)
spacespencer This ain't no holiday!


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Roflwaffle Nirvana – live Westwood CA 1989
briteburningblu @mark_till - This was actually the first version I heard when I was 13 or so. Realized about 5 years later that it was a cover. LOL
briteburningblu He said "Well bartender, it's plain to see, I'm that bad motherfucker called Stagger Lee, Mr. Stagger Lee"... ♥ Been stuck in my head for weeks!
briteburningblu You realize that life goes fast, It's hard to make the good things last... ♥
briteburningblu I thought I was above you, I hate that I love you... ♥
DirtyUrine ~ check out this U2 version! ~ one of my fav vids! (reblip)
ramboswife Thank you DJ for my kudos! Glad you are here ;-) RB@angiece: "Back on computer earlier than expected . . . "Woo Hoo" - Blur" (reblip)

BlurWoo Hoo

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acanuckfan ~ ïτ'ṡ ṉøøṉ...вαɾlεÿ ṡαṉḋώhïсh τïṃε ṃ8ṡ
DJJazzyMua777 But you're NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER there....

Never ThereCake

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ladypn "This is what it feels like coming down" rb& Hi@mark_till: " @ladypn THORNLEY – MAKE BELIEVE" (reblip)
AmyIsImaginary <shhhh>@mark_till: Van Halen-You Really Got Me (reblip)

Van Halen-You Really Got Me (Official Music Video)

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DirtyUrine ~ I can almost taste that King Ranch Chicken!! ~ @Schoork: "G3 live in tokyo - La Grange" (reblip)

La Grange G3 live in tokyo with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci And Billy Sheehan

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DirtyUrine great cover! ~ @marijaanadj: "Dope – You Spin Me Round" (reblip)
AshJames007 RB...nice dreams 4 me ...:o)...nite....@HannahShaya: "♫•*¨`*✶ San Fran is distracted........." take off ur party dress....""" (reblip)
spacespencer you must know: I've been tired...

pixies | i've been tired

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Wolfgirl_Leah Nice cover, and thank you! :) @Schoork: "HammerFall – My Sharona" (reblip)
briteburningblu See the months they don't matter it's the days I can't take, When the hours move to minutes and I'm seconds away... ♥
ChadThomas Love this one!! rb@Gen22: "Eddie Vedder sings You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" (reblip)

eddie vedder sings You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

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rguimaslima Ty friends! Vi@Cranphi: "Greatest cover ever. Hands down. This is not up for discussion" (reblip)


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harmony60 Just let me go to "Owl City" for a minute~~Visit with the "Fireflies"~~enjoy~~thanks~
WunDaGround Glasvegas – Come As You Are (Nirvana cover) ...having a mini cover fixxx
FineNGood @NikkiPixel:"Ooh U said the F word on Humpday no less! @CooperHarris" That's how I roll. F this. F that. I forget there are other letters some days :) (reblip)
ladypn Hysterical@b_s_lynn! The perils of internet love! ;) "(mp3) Bob Ricci-Internet Luv Song (She blocked Me) [parody of Puddle of Mudd's She Hates Me]" (reblip)


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ktp107 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
threebears I tremble ...they're gonna eat me alive ... if I stumble ... can you hear my heart beating like a hammer?
Gen22 rb.@DJFyL_TeXera Love this one:D beware- once you hear it it'll be in your head ALL DAY!! [Nirvana - Love Buzz] (reblip)

NirvanaLove Buzz

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thegoddess [The Breeders - Happiness Is A Warm Gun]
ChadThomas Hey Gen!!@Gen22: "rb.@ElaineOlimpia: "TY:) @Gen22 [It's the end of the world as we know it - REM (Cover)]"" (reblip)

Its the end of the world as we know it Cover (REM), ...and I feel fine

| play
briteburningblu Now it's over, These are the scars you never show, There was a warning sign you know, One day your near and then you go... ♥
briteburningblu I keep thinking in a moment that, Time will take them away, But these feelings won't go away... ♥
Atomik Hi @joiezabel , its off their LP called Others Peoples Songs, a cover album (so clever of them!), Ive uploaded the LP if you'd like to sample first
briteburningblu How could I know that she never done blow before? She shouted, fuck Dick Cheney, And then she puked on the Franklin's floor... ♥
MALARA very nice@CPCDINIZ: ": r/b @Gen22: "The Kooks - 'Violet Hill (Coldplay Cover)'"" (reblip)
detroitfan @Gen22: "rb.@vanbytheriver: "Great!! RB @LEM_40: "Eddie's rendition." Love Eddie, always a good idea! Thx! [Eddie Vedder - Let My Love Open The Door]" (reblip)

No Doubt (with Hayley Williams of Paramore and Janelle Monae)- "Stand and Deliver" live

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briteburningblu Phenobarbital and alcohol these two surely will do,To knock me out, keep me down at least a day or two... ♥
DirtyUrine Thanks for all the great muzik! ~ I gotta see who's at the door (again) !!! ~ Have a great day and weekend! \m/ (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Look at me Oh look at me is this the way I long to be?
threebears who mistook the steak for chicken (a veggie?) me and my friends are so smart we invented this new kind or art ... sitting on the couch ..
jachee Continuing the "Songs You Thought You Knew" theme: a great take on the Kaiser Chiefs' original.
fitwriter RB @sarahcarina: "LOVE this !! @olgaduarte: "Radiohead - Creep"" (reblip)


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briteburningblu But I can't understand what you meant to me, Made me wild, then you tied my hands... ♥ ~Great choice! This is my favorite song by them~ @SinisterTony (reblip)
Pink_Viper Nice~ rb@mark_till: "Wilco - You and I (featuring Feist)" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel ♥ LIKEWISE! *Big Hugs!* :) RB@mark_till: "Always ready to celebrate a little irony w/U RB@SuperSpaceAngel: "♥ ... Yeah!"" (reblip)

R.E.M. King of Birds

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ted nugent cat scratch fever

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harmony60 @mark_till ~Just enjoy~Thanks~ =]

B-52'S dance this mess around

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pcsketch ya all gangin up on me… @JimmyStagger @DJTIMMY @mark_till not sayin any more music I loathe Abba is at the Top ears bleedin…

The Pretenders-Back on the Chain Gang

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TMA7 The Beatles' fan club record, & actually a song for once:)

Christmas Time Is Here Again (1967)

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DjDiddlesSkittle you're welcome :) @CaptainCrash: "never heard this cover. awesome, ty! @DjDiddlesSkittle: "Nonpoint~"In The Air Tonight""" (reblip)
DirtyUrine Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK Studio Version !! (reblip)
TMA7 Blipping a few from the Paper Bag free compilation:
mark_till Evergreen Terrace - Enjoy The Silence
Gen22 Discovery - Orange Shirt
Gen22 @mark_till [Pearl Jam - No Woman, No Cry/Betterman (Arnhem '06)]
hollycleary @Bimbler One of your faves...~Generation X - Dancing With Myself~
ericsvonk Another one for my friend who is new to blip @jenniferann [Mike Doughty – 27 Jennifers]
KristyRNinAZ O little town of Bethlehem – Robin Trower -- Last one, I'm out. Goodnight!
DjDiddlesSkittle Atreyu~"Epic" Faith No More Cover For UTC W/ @Angie74 & @Louden


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Flying_Roundhouse Elvis Costello ~ Alison ~ 1st TV Appearance ~ Here ya go, @mark_till ---> @broadwayg, you'll love this one too

Elvis Costello 1st TV Appearance

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GR8FL friends tell me I am crazy...
cpcdiniz rb***@Dawnrazor: "Queensryche – Scarborough Fair. Brilliant version from a band you wouldn't believe could pull it off " (reblip)
spacespencer @DChain Auch dir einen guten Rrrrrrutsch ins neue Jahrzehnt! Weiterhin erfolgreiches Gebumfidel und Spaß für uns 2. :)
DamnTheMan Friggen beautiful cover to one of my all time fav songs......

HolyHellDream On

| play
briangreene [[ no animals were hurt in the making of the video ]]
iNAViSiON All Of My Love [livecover]

Ween Plays Zep (All Of My Love)

| play

The Script-The End Where I begin

| play
kirkill REO - Golden Country

Golden Country by REO Speedwagon

| play
Gidyean Electric Light Orchestra- Ma-Ma-Ma Belle

Electric Light Orchestra- Ma-Ma-Ma Belle

| play
Coffeenuts nu,version,2me,thx "Mad World" @OneAndOnlyZel: Sara Hickman (reblip)
powerlevel ok @mark_till, we got to let the party roll . .
DirtyUrine Candlebox – Far Behind (acoustic)!!! ~ ROCK IT!
RoxP @Atomik @CPCDINIZ more GNR for you.... where do we go now?

Guns.N.Roses-Sweet Child O'Mine

| play
paola1311 The Gossip – Careless Whisper - Excelente Cover!!!!
zx10r07 That is awesome! @StAngelS "Really great! @zx10r07: "great, how r u? @StAngelS "u r way too kind, how the bloody hell are u? Havent blipped u in ages" (reblip)
craigz @mark_till @zx10r07 @AtheDJ "Set aside a legal substance to feed 'em. For now get 'em high off this dialect drug".
DJHowieC Superb cover of an REM classic ;0) (reblip)
SophieBerges @mark_till To live life in Monotone... Not really for me.

Carbon Leaf - On Any Given Day

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xGriffx Hmm @TriggerHappyJack I like the song a lot, they should sing it.. they should sing them ALL. <3


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ladypn Goodnight neighbor @chickenkatsu! Pleasant dreams! : "Good night @ladypn & all! TY all 4 Ps/Rs/RBs!" (reblip)
robbhawk @GlennWalker: "Still one of the best covers of all time inmo. #musicmonday" (reblip)
pcsketch @TinaDee we may have to look for a Jukebox Hero!
Faddic I'll pass few songs to u to advertise since u're doin good sale with the covers :) @mark_till
Gen22 The Stills - Still In Love Song
mark_till very nice.@Sinaminika Pain – Eleanor Rigby (reblip)

PainEleanor Rigby

| play
mark_till doanwanna fall in love again.@shiverspt: ""HIM - Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)" what a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you..." (reblip)

HIM-Wicked Game Music Video (2000 Version)

| play
mark_till Voice Of the Beehive - I Think I Love You
mark_till oh yeah!!! @Sinaminika Devil Inside – Electric Hellfire Club (reblip)
mark_till @EllenaGilbert Santana ft Rob Thomas – Smooth (fixed)
mark_till @EllenaGilbert @ mark_till Feeling Good – Muse (fixed)
mark_till @DJBego The Cranberries – Go Your Own Way (Live In Paris - 1999)
DJJazzyJacq when you gonna ring? hi @zoso418 @mark_till

The White Stripes My Door Bell video Clip

| play
mark_till The Veronicas - Uprising (muse cover acoustic)
mark_till Death Cab for Cutie - Earth Angel (penguins cover)
mark_till Vampire Diaries 112 - My Boyfriend's Back ( The Raveonettes )
mark_till The White Stripes - I Just Don´t Know What To Do With Myself (Dusty Springfield)
mark_till The Polyphonic Spree - Lithium (Nirvana Cover)
mark_till Gillian Welch - Black Star (Radiohead)
mark_till She & Him - You Really Got a Hold on Me
mark_till My Chemical Romance - "Desolation Row" (Official Video)
mark_till Nice to be this close to you.@jennyleepenny: "vi@mark_till: "@jennyleepenny Magnapop – Slowly Slowly"" (reblip)


| play
Getsuga wow! my fav! thanks honey! @mark_till "@EllenaGilbert Koяn – Coming Undone" (reblip)
mark_till @jencat9 Lollipop Vs Whatever You Like Vs Love In This Club - DJ KOH
mark_till I called you so many times today...The Police - I Can't Stand Losing You
mark_till Like Rabbits baby, Like Fibonacci Rabbits. Tool - Lateralus / Fibonacci Spiral ITA @threebears
mark_till Paramore Misery Business - MySpace Secret Show
mark_till The Veronicas - Untouched acoustic
MissLalala @mark_till Bcause there's nothing else to do... Every me = every you...
mark_till Don't Call Me Baby (Single Version) - Voice Of The Beehive *Audio*
BluJulius me thinks it's gonna be hard to sleep with @StrawberryToast: on my mind (reblip)

The Flies 'Walking On The Sand'

| play
mark_till Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts
mark_till The Samples - Little Silver Ring
annabanana_25 always with u :) @mark_till: "so nice to commiserate with you! @annabanana_25: "nice one #mark_till: @annabanana_25 Blink 182 - All The Small Things" (reblip)
Gen22 Incubus - Wish You Were Here
mark_till Magnetic Fields - Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits
mark_till девочка - Как это заканчивается (DeVotchka – How it Ends)
Unaturalsoul @westham999: "Thanks :-) rb @SweetChildofMine: "very sweet indeed...@westham999: "Stereophonics – Gimme Shelter""" (reblip)
mark_till the prodigy - ghost town (the specials) @Wolfgirl_Leah
mark_till You Me At Six – Sugar We're Goin' Down + Lyrics
WithOutMakeUp @mark_till try this one, I bet you can do it as well... :) no kidding Droovy Didgery Doo Nylon Guitar Solo 1

Droovy Didgery Doo Nylon Guitar Solo 1

| play
Louden Glad you like. Yes, my weekend was good too, thx! :) rb@dawnie22: "Oh My Freakin' Gosh, This is sooo A+ TY RB@Louden: "Exilia – In The Air Tonight (reblip)
mark_till You oughta know.. @NikkiPixel: "Oooh oooh oooh oooh! | Walter Egan – Magnet and Steel" (reblip)
Unaturalsoul @santamistura: "uma delícia de vocal por rockapella!!!" (reblip)
mark_till Foals - Red Socks Pugie
WithOutMakeUp @mark_till Enjoy! Alison Krauss – When You Say Nothing At All
mark_till Vice Grip - Touch (If U Wanna)
mark_till When I want you... In my arms... All your charms... R.E.M. - (All I Have To Do Is)
Louden Thanks Ang!! :D @Angie74: "THAT sounds FUN hun!! Enjoy!! @Louden" (reblip)
mark_till The Fray - "You Found Me" - Acoustic Fox All Access Exclusive!
Indie_Tunes It cuts deep. Tugs on yer insides :) So good. Thanks @Dolittle: "this cuts to the bone @winggirl @Indie_Tunes @mark_till" (reblip)
BunnyHoney This group will cover anything and make it sound good...
DirtyUrine Godsmack – Good Times, Bad Times !! ~ Helluva Zep cover !! ~ TURN IT UP OR TURN IT OFF !! \m/
mark_till Hawthorne Heights - Nervous Breakdown with lyrics
DirtyUrine great cover! rb@ankita_gaur: "3 Doors Down – That Smell" (reblip)
mark_till @Zanna: "rb@patita: "like it :) thx rb@Time2Burn: "Good morning! @desyslava: ""Incubus - Love hurts" .....'Cause without love I won't survive!"""" (reblip)

Incubus "Love Hurts"

| play
mark_till Samuel Ventura - Strawberry Soda (new pop songs 2009)
mark_till Wildcard - - The Sunstreak
mark_till Julia Nunes - Into the Sunshine
shadowofnight @mark_till - The kombucha mushroom people, Sitting around all day! (reblip)
mark_till Psapp — Hi

Psapp — Hi

| play
mark_till @agogab Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Discovery Remix) / Audio Only
mark_till The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang
mark_till The Classic Crime - Solar Powered Life + Lyrics [NEW SONG]
mark_till In Case Of Fire - The Cleansing
mark_till Garbage - A Stroke Of Luck
mark_till Buckcherry - Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)[@Metal_Rocks] ( Dramarama )
mark_till P.O.D. - Bullet the Blue Sky (U2)
mark_till Pennywise - Land Down Under (Men At Work)
mark_till @WithOutMakeUp Samiam - Here Comes Your Man (Pixies Cover)
mark_till Thousand Foot Krutch - Unbelievable @Wolfgirl_Leah (EMF cover)
mark_till Howard Jones "What is Love"

Howard Jones "What is Love"

| play
mark_till Avail – Pink Houses ( John Cougar )
ShedMySkin @mark_till: "I gotta see it again! "Fun Lovin Criminals - Scooby Snacks ..T in the Park"" (reblip)
DirtyUrine Well done! @La_Vera_Mahshid: "And playlisted! @La_Vera_Mahshid: "RB!!! @DirtyUrine: "Godsmack – Good Times, Bad Times !! ~ Awesome Zep cover " (reblip)
mark_till come partake with us! @Leslie_Basden What an amazing website. It's a community of music fanatics sharing and learning. I may never sleep again. (reblip)

The KooksSway

| play
Louden Tegan And Sara doing a totally awesome acoustic cover of Bruce Springsteen.
mark_till Like it. nice!! TY!!@Lonravalex: "Read Your Mind... TY #mark_till" (reblip)
golfnovels @cjh: "REM - Shiny Happy People" (reblip)

Rem Shiny Happy People Music Video

| play
tuatara I'd pay to see that. :) @CarlosTropicana: "will run naked through the woods this weekend@tuatara" (reblip)
mark_till Runner Runner - So Obvious
mark_till @Angie74 01 MTV Unplugged - Paramore - Ignornace Thanks Hayley....
mark_till Modest Mouse - History Sticks To Your Feet
Indie_Tunes Dig this redux of the Alphaville hit. I like the change in tempo and tone as the song progresses. Insp by @djangielaine thanks :)
mark_till The Charlatans - The Only One I Know
mark_till Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum
WithOutMakeUp Cool song! TYVM "But if time was right then I would be with you again .."@mark_till: "@WithOutMakeUp Idlewild - Live in a Hiding Place" (reblip)
mark_till Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated
mark_till Kick drum heart-The Avett brothers

Kick drum heart-The Avett brothers

| play
mark_till New Politics - Yeah Yeah Yeah (more great music from @SpinningDiscs)
mark_till The Cure - A Night Like This
mark_till Zeromancer - Send Me an Angel rb @Totengraeber: "rb@BBlanca: ";) @zoja01: "rb@ifkdup""" (reblip)
mark_till Midnight Youth - The Letter *FULL SONG*
mark_till Tracy Chapman - The Promise
mark_till Here you go way too fast Don’t slow down, you're gonna crash You should watch, watch your step Don't look out, gonna break your neck shebang - crash


| play
mark_till The Vapors - Trains - 1980
mark_till RB @darknessdisgrace Counting Crows – Einstein on the Beach (For an | play (reblip)
mark_till Counting Crows❥Hanginaround

Counting Crows❥Hanginaround

| play
angiece "My Favorite Things" - Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
MONIKKA Rb vi@eroni: "Amazing reinvention of the Beatles/Zeppelin classics." Thanks !! :) (reblip)
mark_till Hey Marseilles - To Travels & Trunks
mark_till Eclipse (All Yours) - Metric (With Lyrics On Screen)
mark_till I'm so involved in everything you do... The Church - Metropolis
mark_till Vanguard Records - Stacy Clark - White Lies
mark_till Up to here with the ache of it The Trash Can Sinatras - Only Tongue Can Tell
mark_till BBL thanks for all the goodies... Soul Asylum – Somebody to shove
mark_till The Gaslight Anthem - Great Expectations
mark_till nuffin!! RB@pacoblue: ""...what's wrong with that?" 'Silly Little Love Song' ~ Tool (Paul McCartney cover) via @KittyMuncie" (reblip)
mark_till A Perfect Circle - Weak And Powerless

The Hives-See Through Head

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mark_till Arctic Monkeys - Take It or Leave It (The Strokes cover)
mark_till Dexy-s Midnight Runners - Come on Eilleen (HQ) impossible 2 find thank you!! RB @PaulCwalina: "TY, Jeanne..@bellbtmblues: "RB! ;) @PaulCwalina"" (reblip)
mark_till Sonic Youth – Bull In The Heather RB @jennyleepenny: "Tell me. That you need to. Slowly." (reblip)
lacarita I saw that ;) @mark_till: "check you out later! @lacarita: "Kate Nash ~~ Merry Happy // out for a bit, see ya later"" (reblip)
mark_till Stay Too Long - Plan B (Pendulum Remix)
mark_till ty! @ElDorkoPunkRetro: "@ mark_till - Killdozer - I Am, I Said ... #coversthatdontsuck and make the originals seem almost cool..." (reblip)
mark_till ~ ~ Fleetwood Mac-Hypnotized (High Quality) 1973

Fleetwood Mac-Hypnotized (High Quality) 1973

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mark_till The Didjits - Fix Some Food Bitch was looking all over 4 this. ty RB @KXLUMichaelB: "@ElDorkoPunkRetro (reblip)
mark_till @WithOutMakeUp so now you know it's no surprise I'm working on my 1,000,000 listeners badge Love's Not a Competition – Paramore [Live Cover] - Lyrics
mark_till The Tra La La Song Music Video – Full Version Liz Phair
80smax @Sly_dog: "I'm Outta Here ~~ sweet dreams"Shania Twain – If You're Not in It for Love I'm Outta Here I miss seeing her on stage:) (reblip)
WithOutMakeUp very sweetTY@mark_till: "There is no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard Jack Johnson - Better Together @WithOutMakeUp always" (reblip)
mark_till Guster - Careful You walked out when I asked you to stay. @binarysolo @playalongjon @BeccaB67 @RJPtheB @jojobr @en1 @Analuz


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mark_till Badly Drawn Boy - You Were Right
mark_till Bigod 20 plays Madonna @FaerieBik: "*Singing for @EvilBells...*" (reblip)

Bigod 20 plays Madonna

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mark_till RB @sabragirl: "Puscifer - World Up My Ass (7 Inch Mix)" (reblip)

10 World Up My Ass (7 Inch Mix)

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mark_till Makin' it easy... to reblip... RB @yellowstar2000: "funky friday! Clean Up Woman - Betty Wright" (reblip)
mark_till My 170,000th prop was given to me by@MrsASoprano gave props on May 12 at 12:16 pm: "Erasure – A Little Respect RB @jedi2horse: ""A Little Respect" (reblip)
mark_till RB ty @antenaweb: "Cold War Kids – We Used To Vacation" (reblip)
Kayo gotta go...see you all☆ rb @Alvaroxx: "Royal Wood – Pumped up Kicks ( Foster the People Cover)..." gracias! (reblip)
mark_till Hurricane Bells - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" 12.2.09
dANGELofLOVE ♥♥ I Put A Spell On Y♥u... Because Y♥u're Mine... ♥♥ #Joss #Stone ♥♥ #Bella's #Fav ♥♥ (reblip)
mark_till All about the Woodrows, baby.@DJJazzyMua777 It's all about the $$, Huh?click here 9 more and you will be a millionaire ~ ~
toosweet4rnr Hey mama, you can't get too much Humpty ;) @Aluciel: "@toosweet4rnr You tweeted it, and now I need to blip it. Love this song! For @suziemama! ^_^" (reblip)

Digital Undergound "Humpty Dance"

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mark_till @hollywoodrecords - Redlight King - Old Man
mark_till My 171,000th prop! @BeNine gave props on May 14 at 4:39 pm: "Red Hot Chili Peppers – Hump De Bump (reblip)
mark_till The Jam - The Modern World
mark_till Morrissey - the more you ignore me, the closer i get
mark_till The Joy Formidable - Whirring
mark_till Stereophonics - Don't Let Me Down
mark_till Taking Back Sunday – New American Classic Say you won't care, say you won't care
mark_till Moodswings - Spiritual High
mark_till We Are Scientists – Be My Baby (The Ronettes cover)
Tropicsz4 Santana – Whole Lotta Love (feat. Chris Cornell)
mark_till The Strokes – You Only Live Once TY RB @patita: "i love this beat :)" (reblip)
mark_till Foo Fighters - I'll Stick Around
mark_till The Postal Service - Against All Odds
mark_till The Killers - Somebody Told Me (Redial Goes Oldschool Remix)
mark_till Re- Flex - The Politics Of Dancing
mark_till Riceboy Sleeps - Boy 1904 Laterzzzzzzzzzzz
mark_till BBL Bon Iver - Calgary
mark_till School's Out - The Donnas
mark_till Longwave- Life is Wrong

Longwave- Life is Wrong

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mark_till "Long Gone" OFFICIAL Chris Cornell HD Music Video! Skee.TV

"Long Gone" OFFICIAL Chris Cornell HD Music Video! Skee.TV

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mark_till RB @steppinheavy: "a tribe called quest ~ can i kick it ? (extended boilerhouse mix)" (reblip)
mark_till Fall Out Boy - Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying
mark_till RB! Hey Bro! @DirtyUrine: "Skid Row - Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix cover) !! #BHT \m/" (reblip)

Skid Row -- Little Wing -- Jimi Hendrix Cover

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mark_till Kings of Leon - Taper Jean Girl
mark_till incubus - Promises, Promises
mark_till apropos of name. @WithOutMakeUp The Kooks - Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)
mark_till What You Deserve - Theory Of A Deadman
mark_till @auticomics Disturbed-Land of Confusion with lyrics

Disturbed-Land of Confusion with lyrics

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mark_till Aztec Two-Step - Prisoner //This showed up. I frickin love this.
mark_till You Don't Know Me Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor

You Don't Know Me Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor

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mark_till What a great pull!!! RB!!! @The101HiWay: "The Moody Blues - For My Lady" FWD: @InstantX (reblip)

For My Lady

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mark_till Staind-Its Been Awhile

Staind-Its Been Awhile

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nicaprincess thnx babe @IRockerman: "Neon Trees Animal , this one plays #nicaprincess" (reblip)
mark_till No problem!! Lord Huron - The Problem With Your Daughter

Baby One More Time-August Burns Red-(Brittney Spears)-Punk Goes Pop 2

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mark_till David Bowie Kate Bush Dr. John Coldplay Interpol Ice Cube Gorillaz LCD Soundsystem Kylie Minogue Bob Mould Diana Ross The Sex Pistols Sparklehorse
crispast ciao e rb@mark_till:) "Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic Version)K" (reblip)
mark_till @GR8FL Aztec Two-Step - Prisoner Good Morning.
NatalieCA Hi yourself :) how are you?@mark_till: "Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock LiveK" (reblip)

Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock Live

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mark_till assert((we==human) || (we==dancers)); RB @zoja01: "rb@lackadaisical: neither one nor the other" (reblip)

The killers "Human" [HD]

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mark_till The Black Keys- Tighten up (lyrics)

The Black Keys- Tighten up (lyrics)

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mark_till The Vaccines - Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
mark_till Frank Zappa Dirty Love

Frank Zappa Dirty Love

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mark_till It Will All End In Tears - The Drums
mark_till and then some rb @AmberLily: "32 Flavors - Ani DiFranco (reblip via @AutumnPerception)" (reblip)
mark_till Just can't stop fiddling with the knobs! Scissor Sisters - Tits on the Radio
mark_till "One Of Us" by Wire

"One Of Us" by Wire

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mark_till Deep Purple - Pictures of Home I'm alone here.
mark_till @prescottscott X- 4th of July Demo Version

X- 4th of July Demo Version

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mark_till inspired by @StellarBlue Burning Sensations - Belly Of The Whale