meithu Un coup de pied dans le caillou et la poussière monte...
meithu Cold England and hot hearts...
meithu Mes fringues ne m'atteignent même pas...comme un vent que souffle !
meithu Jadis, un sentiment de légèreté immense...
meithu C'était plutôt les amies des autres...sans honte !
meithu And about Europe, then ?
meithu Mes os se electrifient, bbzzzz !
meithu Electro italo afghan suisse, oouuuf !

MirwaisNaive Song

| play
meithu A couteaux tirées, Lisbonne ville blanche, lumières et reflets !

A NaifaMonotone

| play
meithu It's a hard stuff to create, like God dit it ! And for what ? For the fun ?
meithu Funky tremolos, ass up, ass down...
meithu I want to be a Bass, I don't want bones...

ChicLe Freak

| play
meithu teu rou teu rou turou turou pay and pay hey joe the soul food, all right !
meithu Tip toe, tip toe, tip toe...
meithu Pop'o'pop

Shut up and let me go-The Ting Things

| play
meithu Feelin'creepy like a feather...


| play
meithu Ich heiße Bourne, Jason Bourne...

Jason Bourne Theme

| play
meithu Top remix de MadreDeus, avante Lusitanos !
meithu Sam Brown & Pink Floyd, the great big voice in the sky...

Pink Floyd Sam Brown The great gig in the sky

| play
meithu Demo me, demo me just to the end of good sense...
meithu Smile, you're being filmed...
meithu Moisty, South of France ! Need this !

MGMTElectric Feel

| play
meithu @Rue_d_Albert: "More! Props! @Voguequeen: "@Rue_d_Albert You haven't given me NEARLY enough props today!!!! ;~) xo"" LA PECHE ! (reblip)


| play
meithu nothing's unfair !

wear and tear-Scarlett Johanson and pete yorn.wmv

| play
meithu Cherry cola, Lola !

The KinksLola

| play
meithu No surprises, just fair...


| play
meithu @Meruska ZiTop @Meruska: "uhuhuuh :) @jmscavaleiro: "Cee Lo Green - Fuck You ; lol"" (reblip)
meithu @meithu: "C'est une maladie, Docteur ?" Cee Lo Green (reblip)
meithu sunday morning france and feel good...
meithu Searching for the sky...!
meithu Just kicking, having sun, having fun...
meithu Trash in the Garbage Can...


| play
meithu Full addicted an' can' get enough...
meithu @shawnystar: "Moby Ft Gwen Stefani - Southside - Original Video - HD!" et libertad con fuerza... (reblip)

Moby Southside Ft Gwen Stefani

| play
meithu @meithu Também a mim me dà lembranças@KellyCastro: "me fez lembrar de dias muito legais...adolescência sem preocupações :) (reblip)

Tracy ChapmanFast Car

| play
meithu D'ont forget after school is over !


| play
meithu Raphael divin...pour Bashung !

Raphael (Osez josephine Bashung Gala de l'Union des Artistes 2010)

| play
meithu ............................
meithu Devil came to town !

TrickyTricky Kid

| play
meithu ILuv@Ice_Ice_Baby: "Yw~~@fxp123: "ty @Ice_Ice_Baby: "rb@fxp123: "rb @ankita_gaur: "Hoobastank – The Reason""""" (reblip)
meithu Lost so fine@Ice_Ice_Baby: "Losing My Religion ❤ R.E.M." (reblip)
meithu Ladies !@Flying_Roundhouse: "Billie Holiday – Autumn In New York ~ I'm off to bed wonderful Blippers ;-) Thanks for everything & Happy Friday" (reblip)

duhast -Rammestein

| play
meithu MIxeuR LouRd !

Remix Rammestein-Amerika avec Virtual DJ 6

| play
meithu Top @ZaraA: "On enchaîne, pour retrouver force et courage, mais là faut franchement mettre fort !" (reblip)
meithu Ages @JaneEyre: "@goodlife: "who else could pull off rhyming "heroes" with "shakespere-os"?" --Indeed! Mad props 4 that." (reblip)
meithu Luv'it @Ice_Ice_Baby: ";)) Luv this too!! ty@SGMan: "Collective Soul ~ Lighten Up"" (reblip)

Camille _ Music Hole _ Home is where it hurts

| play
meithu your body shakes... :) @Flying_Roundhouse: "Florence And The Machine –Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer cover) Ok, let's see what all the fuss is about" (reblip)
meithu Good Test @shawnystar: "The Chemical Brothers - The Test - Original Video - HQ!" (reblip)
meithu tough job @RoughMac: "@VihFreitas: ""I'm a little bit of everything, all roled into one"" Meredith Brooks – I'm a bitch, I'm a lover" (reblip)
meithu ol'dixie land...

Dixie Chicks: Voice Inside My Head (Video)

| play
meithu melancholic @YvesSatellite: "Band Of Horses – The Funeral" (reblip)
meithu Out of nowhere !

Out of Space

| play
meithu My, my s...@Meruska: "rb @Lollyblop: "The Knack – My Sharona"" (reblip)

The KnackMy Sharona

| play
meithu Nice beat !

LaYtitiA BEAT IT (cover)

| play
meithu I'm not, maybe a little !

The RiTch Kids "Jealousy"

| play
meithu top top @zSNXY1nevertheLessme: "YESS That's2 :)) @blipstarz: "nice one sista! RD @Angie74: "She's Dangerous----->@blipstarz :) x2" (reblip)
meithu Como Heroes@zSNXY1nevertheLessme: "@Retori: "La chispa adecuada - Heroes del silencio (live) Con un publico maravilloso el publico mexicana"" (reblip)
meithu so beat@musicallyone: "vi@ronnieron get off your arses, it's time for some #MorningCardio dancing, get that blood flowing...from the tower (reblip)
meithu winner 500@Nascar24Fan: "Alter Bridge ~ Rise Today (Acoustic)" (reblip)
meithu Cole Porter @shawnystar: "Good Morning ! Bom Dia ! U2 - Night and Day - original Video - HQ!" (reblip)

U2 Night and Day

| play
meithu jumping @mark_till: "The Chemical Brothers - Das Spiegel" (reblip)
meithu Great @mark_till: "Sarah Harmer-'Basement Apartment' Music Video" (reblip)

Sarah Harmer-'Basement Apartment' Music Video

| play
meithu always @mark_till: "Sarah Harmer-'Basement Apartment' Music Video" (reblip)

Sarah Harmer-'Basement Apartment' Music Video

| play
meithu @retrechera for violent sex'n'roll !
meithu from ages @mark_till: "Joe Jackson – Fools In Love rb @AxelFM: "♫♫"" (reblip)
meithu really love @YvesSatellite: "Source ft. Candy Station // You've Got The Love" (reblip)

Source ft. Candy Station You've Got The Love .wmv

| play
meithu going @Ice_Ice_Baby: "YvW!! Cheers!! @Hotyoungmom: "TYSM-Cheers!@Ice_Ice_Baby: "RB!! "@Djfunkysounds: "I am not your carpet ride, I am the sky.""""" (reblip)
meithu surrender...@Ice_Ice_Baby: "Nice ;)) TY! rb@mxel: "Don't Let Me Down – Stereophonics"" (reblip)
meithu truth... @Ice_Ice_Baby: "Hinder – Bed of Roses" (reblip)

HinderBed of Roses

| play
meithu j'aime...@YvesSatellite: "wanna share this with u guys ... // thx to @radio_waves ;D" (reblip)
meithu smashed...@brysull: "|The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore|" (reblip)
meithu we've come a long way, baby !
meithu Le gout du jour, opportunisme...
meithu marchons loin, prenons le vent...@YvesSatellite: "Keane – Somewhere Only We Know" (reblip)
meithu @KellyCastro som de fim de semana, cool !

O Som à Letra saiu à rua neste fim de semana.wmv

| play
meithu Always !

Hello Again_The Cars.wmv

| play
meithu enjoy the moments of silence !

Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence original (not live)

| play
meithu waving @KellyCastro: "rb@teri76: "@royp: "Early to bed tonight, leaving on this new one by Warpaint, love it.""" (reblip)
meithu zen zen ploufff @Douryeh: "Zero 7 – Zero 7 - Destiny" (reblip)
meithu women in chains still @YvesSatellite: "Alice In Chains – Down In A Hole" (reblip)
meithu absolutely waving~~~~@Douryeh: "love it @geekette57: "@TheJohnC: "Badi Assad – Waves""" (reblip)
meithu memories from a old country...

Fado BailadoRão Kiao

| play
meithu monotone...tellement !

A NaifaMonotone

| play
meithu la vielle dame en l'accompagne !
meithu todos em coro, abraçados pelo ventre...
meithu growing...@mark_till: "Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek Gotta Go. Had a great time. CU guys later. "Be Excellent to each other." -Bill And Ted" (reblip)
meithu @TheJohnC: "ty both @djaces29: "Thx RB @abarbosa: "Les étoiles, les étoiles, les étoiles, dites-moi étoile, pourquoi je vous regarde?""" (reblip)
meithu wooving...@TheJohnC: "Masada String Trio – Meholalot" (reblip)
meithu The way I see it - The PhotoBlog of Gareth Glynn Ash
meithu The Way is good !@naneen1: "rb@mooingkitten: "i'm not religious, but i feel so moved."" (reblip)
meithu pump it...@YvesSatellite: "ZZ Top – La Grange" (reblip)

ZZ TopLa Grange

| play
meithu blue sea...@mark_till: "Moby - Porcelain" (reblip)


| play
meithu Good flow advised by @VaucherSylvaine
meithu lion's boy ! @spoiledveruca: "rb @aprildax: "never was a cornflake girl"" (reblip)
meithu crises what crises... @aprildax: "a little discipline for my pet genius..." (reblip)
meithu tango me in

Nevoeiro | As 3 Marias

| play
meithu @aprildax it's really the day, keep clapping...
meithu live in massala world !

TERRAKOTA World Massala 2010 Official- feat Mahesh Vinayakram and Rajasthan Roots

| play
meithu feelin'good :) @YvesSatellite: "good night JD ;D @JonathanDune: "G'nite...until next time....."Here With Me" @AmyisImaginary@lillianwong@awriterchick (reblip)

DidoHere with me

| play
meithu feeling good in my shoes...@Douryeh: "Rufus & Chaka Khan – Ain't Nobody (Hallucinogenic Version) @JendeMen:" (reblip)
meithu crunch with your ol'boots...
meithu happy, a big kiss for you---->>Douryeh: "@DJvanG: "One of my favorites!@ShiaoMei: "Jean Michel Jarre ~ @ladypn @Djruca @rocket1206 @russasis (reblip)
meithu délire pure...PiLÖT

SIGGRAPH 2010 Computer Animation Festival Trailer

| play
meithu so beautiful...@myrine: "@hippiechick: "Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody"" (reblip)
meithu WonderWorld passing away...

The Beatles;A Day In The Life

| play
meithu going to the world of dreams...@spoiledveruca: "rb @NickSteel: "Lenny Kravitz - I'll Be Waiting"...As long as I´m breathing, I´ll be there... ;)""" (reblip)

Lenny Kravitz- I'll Be Waiting (Lyrics in english)

| play
meithu calm down...@Ice_Ice_Baby: "RbTy! @r212stevens: "Good Night all, thank you for listening "I Love You" - Sarah Mc Lachlan"" (reblip)
meithu pinky pinky...@aprildax: "@StellaBears: "TY4sharing no doubt hava G'day!! :))@pixeloso: "N**O D**O**U**B**T It's***My***Life @LailaZuch"" (reblip)

No DoubtIt's My Life

| play
meithu big eyes wide open! @aprildax:"Have I been blind Have I been lost Inside myself and My own mind Hypnotized Mesmerized By what my eyes have seen? (reblip)
meithu no, it's a super song...
meithu Jodi Sandler top clip...---->>

Uh Huh HerExplode

| play
meithu GREAT...@grebbo: "yes, the acoustic.. & this feels so good @grebbo?! (JB has such wonderful energy. thanks): "would luv to perform in such a venue.." (reblip)
meithu get it up...@JaneEyre: "let me feel the funk y'all @TulayC: "@hippiechick: "Kool and the Gang – Jungle Boogie""" (reblip)
meithu Friday already and well awake !

The xx: 'VCR' [Matthew Dear Remix]

| play
meithu hips moving...@hippiechick: "rb @jimbonz: "Gnarls Barkley – Crazy"" (reblip)

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

| play
meithu e continua bonito... @Louizeline
meithu meu riso é tão feliz contigo...
meithu thanks god it's friday night...@musicallyone:"rb@Dancer12: "Tysm,Hugs#BFF♥Rb@alexparr TGIF 4 my blip family #FF @dangel@gpharle@DJNickPapa@LynnSunshin (reblip)
meithu I love to take photographs !

Paul SimonKodachrome

| play
meithu The Knight has come !


| play
meithu people made life complex @tassaura: "Life's not really that complex" (reblip)

PJ HarveyThis is love

| play
meithu boinga boinga... @musicallyone: "@shiloh62: "Hallowen party tonight. Anyone else?"" (reblip)
meithu nothing seems complete...
meithu Gotcha, Bang Bang...

Melanie Fiona (Attacca Pesante Remix) Bang Bang

| play
meithu never tired to listen @aprildax: @me:Have I been blind Have I been lost Inside myself and My own mind Hypnotized Mesmerized By what my eyes have seen? (reblip)
meithu "I've crossed oceans of time just to find you..." @deviantwetz: "@aprildax @zoja01 @tenderlee: love it~perfect for All Hallows Eve~thanks rb @nbztunes (reblip)

Nouvelle Vague~ Bela Lugosi's Dead

| play
meithu for the chiling pleasure @VaucherSylvaine
meithu just for you @VaucherSylvaine Thanks !


| play
meithu Nusrat The Maestro of Sufi...

Nusrat fateh ali khan"Dam mast Qalandar"Massive attack mix

| play
meithu Luv'it...@tassaura: "om nom nom :D RB @Chow322: "@nylahe"" (reblip)

Lenny Kravitz- Are you Going My Way?

| play
meithu in my ol' boots...@mark_till: "@Fortharrison Bruce Springsteen - The Ghost of Tom Joad" (reblip)
meithu trying to find it out...

Jodymoon-Time To See

| play
meithu Trentemoller - Evil Dub-Moan

TrentemollerEvil Dub

| play
meithu she'll be weak, she'll be strong...
meithu hecho en cuba – mirala provocandome
meithu don't let us ourselves go... @mark_till: "R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts" (reblip)
meithu her name was Billie Jean...

Billie Jean by Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme

| play
meithu Great ! @dANGELofLOVE: "OK! How About A Good Day! LOL! @rachidkas: "By "Terrific day"!@dANGELofLOVE: "Scared?? @dANGELofLOVE:GM!Terrific Tuesday 2U! (reblip)
meithu ReGreat ! @dANGELofLOVE: "First Time Hearing This And It's A Nice One! Thanks! RB @bringUjoy: "thank you and same to you lady love. you're the one! (reblip)

Bohannon You're The One

| play
meithu OOWWWCHH... @dANGELofLOVE: "Hi My Sweet Friend! Wishing You A Wonderful Day!! @MONIKKA" (reblip)
meithu super morning listening in France @dANGELofLOVE: "♥♥~♥♥ [Beautiful Video]♥♥~♥♥ {[Shine For Me]} I'll Shine For You @kobiswim ♥♥~♥♥ #Jon And #Vangelis" (reblip)
meithu and it continues...@dANGELofLOVE: "Thanks Again! Appreciate RB @ChuckCandle: "@dANGELofLOVE: "Hi! Hope Your Day Is Great! Thanks So Much For RB (reblip)
meithu Raise your hopeful voice and... @dANGELofLOVE: "♥♥~♥♥ {[Falling Slowly]} ♥♥~♥♥ #The #Frames" (reblip)

The Frames Falling Slowly (With Lyrics)

| play
meithu Guitar walking...@dANGELofLOVE: "Another Song That I'm Hearing For The First Time! Nice!! Thanks So Much! RB @kobiswim (reblip)
meithu really bittersweet... @Douryeh: "@seb098: "@Lady_Lindsay: "RB @Tia_: "The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony""" that's life... true thinking:!:" (reblip)
meithu Going Hungry... @mark_till: "@SpinningDiscs thank you copiously for all the great uploads....Temple OTD - Hunger Strike" (reblip)
meithu always good... @qvigear: "Oye Coma Va ... Tito Puente & Santana" (reblip)
meithu TERMINATOR...


| play
meithu suicide boy... @aprildax: "get me.@lvfreedom: "got suicide blonde? i got mine ; ) @aprildax:"" (reblip)

INXSSuicide Blonde

| play
meithu Super Tiger Man et Maria de Medeiros @Louizeline
meithu It's so good to be true... @mark_till: "cool! rb@NicoleVSanchez: "Muse – Can't Take My Eyes Off You~"" (reblip)
meithu Your mind and your experience call to me...
meithu Grandmother of all gothic girls...Theda Bara brings the rain !
meithu Great...High Tone – Bass Temperature
meithu Beat Level to...High Tone- Bass Température

High Tone- Bass Température (Roodbwoy's Heavy Dubplate Selection!)

| play
meithu give me peace of mind and shut up ! @musicallyone: "inspired by @TropicsZ4 but also going out to @sefrond" (reblip)
meithu just follow your eyes... @Flying_Roundhouse: "The Cure – The Forest Since I want to save trees, I have a few rolls at home I can give you ;-) (reblip)
meithu First we'll run... @Flying_Roundhouse: "New Radicals – You Get What You Give ~ Hi @fabfab!! RB Train o' love: @LindyLuv @Savannah_Banana @enricchi (reblip)
meithu who do I turn to...? @ForeverInYourSmile: "@ForeverInYourSmile #SMILE India Arie – Beautiful Flower" (reblip)
meithu so smooth, really waving... @Douryeh: "@edurrosa: "Just The Way You Are" Diana Krall so nice" (reblip)
meithu CELEBRATION MOVE TO IT... @ForeverInYourSmile: "rb @ECLECTICIAN: "Kool and the Gang – Celebration" @ForeverInYourSmile #SMILE" (reblip)
meithu ...les larmes aux yeux... @agressiv: ": Saez – "Fils de France"; SOUNDTRACK 4 A REVOLUTION... TRUE STORY!!!!" (reblip)

SaezFils de France

| play
meithu YEAH... @agressiv: ": Motley Crue - "Kickstart My Heart"; INSANE!!!" (reblip)
meithu I watch hope come over me...@mark_till: "Moby ft. Gwen Stefani - Southside" (reblip)
meithu Love of my Life... @littlewing420: "@Oneangel: "@PabloM: "Carlos Santana & Dave Matthews – Love of My Life""" (reblip)
meithu The she-crow in the wind...@r212stevens: ""Frozen" - Madonna" (reblip)


| play
meithu mais comment on t'atteint...? M - Onde Sensuelle

Onde sensuelleM

| play
meithu I'm starting to fade to grey...
meithu green to green in the deep forest...
meithu that's what you get for Waking Up In Vegas, Katy !
meithu Undercoat back to bass... @TheJohnC: "i do, ty much@me thought you might like this; she plays with Frisell & brings Erik F.'s music to mind" (reblip)
meithu On est tous de clandestins dans ce monde... @Louizeline


| play
meithu des lapins et leurs écho... @mark_till: "@mchangesq Echo and the Bunnymen - Bring On The Dancing Horses @pumpkinsoup @jennyleepenny" (reblip)
meithu such a mysterious way... @AngelBenson54: "Probably my favorite U2. Love the video.Bono is quite sexy. @russellmichael @DensOnAir" (reblip)

U2Mysterious Ways

| play
meithu no sleeping, acting ! @mark_till: "Faith No More – Epic RB@BreanaBik in a word:Epic" (reblip)

Faith No MoreEpic

| play
meithu white flag, soft wind... (reblip)

didowhite flag

| play
meithu the Bee & the Blues... @mark_till: "@awriterchick Blue Man Group - I Feel Love(High Quality)" (reblip)
meithu uno especial por @retrechera

Pink ass Live in Tel aviv AE

| play
meithu bOy mEets K iN the EnD...

Mademoiselle KFinal

| play
meithu damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead ! @Douryeh: "Khan Manuel – Space Travel" (reblip)
meithu you were just a face in the crowd coming into my heart...
meithu when the living it's easy... @CaughtTheKaty: "rb @vixenvoice: "Jill Scott & George Benson - Summertime."" (reblip)

Jill Scott & George Benson- "Summertime"

| play
meithu Beautiful...really waves... @Flying_Roundhouse: "Nouvelle Vague – Love Will Tear Us Apart ~ Welcome to Blip! @doubletruth" (reblip)