melodyofurlife Shock me like an Electric...

MGMTElectric Feel

| play
melodyofurlife Move upside and let the man go through …
melodyofurlife Hot as a hair dryer in your face

U2New York

| play
melodyofurlife I am not about to give thanks
Geo8 Yet again Ziggy, another Ziggy. When is this "tomorrow"? How long...?
melodyofurlife where do you think I got this guitar that your hearing today
melodyofurlife I love the shouts in this tune
melodyofurlife find a cure for, find a cure for pain
melodyofurlife I spent an evening with the sun once! it was hot as F#*@!

LiveLakini's Juice

| play
melodyofurlife heard this on a CSI ad last night
melodyofurlife Craig Finn is a great song writer
ratbreath Here's the guy that would come runner up in my 'if you could have someone else's singing voice" competition.
GiorgioP ogni volta che la sento mi viene da prendere la macchina tipo Elizabethtown. Tanto prima o poi lo fo
davidwatts1978 worst haircut ever, saw them support U2 or maybe other way round in Manchester

The AlarmThe Stand

| play
mmemaledicta @clarkowitz: Thanks, and also to you! In other news, isn't it a shame that we can't just hijack Sarcoszy and make him president here???
melodyofurlife johnny rebb whats the price of …
clarkowitz It's great finding stuff in the Blip crates you didn't know you were looking for.
melodyofurlife I love the CD cover! It makes me think of a guy with a mouth stuffed with smokes.
melodyofurlife Gomez needs more props


| play
melodyofurlife I get up around 7, get out of bed around 9
melodyofurlife Eddie Brickell and Paul Simon, son are the Heavy Circles
melodyofurlife Ten thousand dancing girls, kickin' cans across the sky …
melodyofurlife They really need to get back together.
melodyofurlife spooky tune that sucks you in

The PiercesSecret

| play
melodyofurlife another great newer artist

Priscilla AhnDream

| play
melodyofurlife There is a constant buzzing in my ear …
melodyofurlife The green plastic watering can…
melodyofurlife I want to paint all red doors black
melodyofurlife Brian Ferry rocked back in the day.
melodyofurlife Slapping them down 100, 200! and I can see those fighter planes…

U2 - Bullet The Blue Sky

| play
melodyofurlife Could I have been, anyone other than me …
melodyofurlife worn out places, worn out faces … I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad.

Gary JulesMad World

| play
melodyofurlife … came dancing across the water, cortez, cortez
melodyofurlife since the REM love fest is going on give Mike Mills some props
melodyofurlife put a little something in our lemonade
melodyofurlife I gave you your props back @calamari

REM - I Am Superman

| play
melodyofurlife nothing to do here, going to bed now. but I am not in the hospital, thank god
melodyofurlife leave some change behind, cuz she wore a funky bret in her hair


| play
melodyofurlife there is a place where no cars go, or boats, or planes, or anything really!
melodyofurlife looks like another GREAT weekend! :-(

CCR - Have You Ever Seen The Rain

| play
melodyofurlife simply a look can break your heart …

A.F.IMiss Murder

| play
melodyofurlife I wish I could find arms of woman on blip. It is a great tune
melodyofurlife Take me to another place … Take me to another land …
melodyofurlife back to 1993, I don't care what the people say… the dog don't come around here anymore.
melodyofurlife I did it like this, I did it like that, I did it with a baseball bat!
melodyofurlife just a penny on a train track waiting for my judgment day can I see those legs!
melodyofurlife there is no mention of you, there is no mention of me…
melodyofurlife put your make-up on, fix your hair up pretty… meet me tonight in Atlantic City
melodyofurlife these are some strange times with all these hurricanes
melodyofurlife I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You. when I should be dancing with you!
melodyofurlife kick me!


| play
melodyofurlife till I heard my mother shouting …

Blitzen TrapperFurr

| play
melodyofurlife cuz it going to them hangin around …

SpoonDon't You Evah

| play
melodyofurlife I am pretending to work as well @calamari

MGMTTime to Pretend

| play
melodyofurlife This one is for my friends in Texas!
melodyofurlife This is a great new disc.

02 Lost Coastlines

| play
melodyofurlife @raphaelstrada we are scientists made me think of this tune
melodyofurlife Ryan Adams does this tune on Trinity Revisited I wish they had it on blip;-(
melodyofurlife Hurry up and make me those pancakes Honest Abe!
melodyofurlife Move upside and let the man go through!
melodyofurlife Well It is Friday Night! and it's allright!
melodyofurlife Bjork wears the coolest outfits!
melodyofurlife Wish this was the Blanche version, I guess it will have to do.
melodyofurlife Hope Bush reacts a bit quicker this time!
melodyofurlife It is all survival in Tex!

CakeI will survive

| play
melodyofurlife This Tune makes me want to kick some ones ass.
melodyofurlife just a slight jingle of pocket change pull …

Why?The Hollows

| play
melodyofurlife Lets kill the morning

11 Bruce Wayne Campbell Interviewed On The Roof Of The Chelsea Hotel, 1979

| play
melodyofurlife Did someone say Once?

Once,twice,three times a ladyLionel Ritchie

| play
melodyofurlife There is an Okkervil River song about this guy!

JobriathBlow Away

| play
melodyofurlife and here it is!

11 Bruce Wayne Campbell Interviewed On The Roof Of The Chelsea Hotel, 1979

| play
melodyofurlife and another


| play
melodyofurlife man I love Kenny! but Why the face Kenny! WTF
melodyofurlife One of the best song intros ever!

The WhoBaba O'Riley

| play
medienkompakt @melodyofyourlife what about these guys?


| play
melodyofurlife From the I am Sam soundtrack! Which is the best covers album EVER!
WindyVieira hahahhaa, it's so much fun!

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

| play
melodyofurlife Great New tune, with an old sound! give a listen
melodyofurlife @bitter_ NO harm No foul! give this tune a listen you might enjoy it!
melodyofurlife @bitter_ here is another, You might heard of this one I hope
melodyofurlife @bitter_ going to see her in a few weeks

Neko CaseFavorite

| play
NicLizD You come to me with excuses Decked out out in a robe You wear me out

remcountry feedback

| play
bitter_ You're sure, there's a cure and you have finally found it.

Aimee MannWise Up

| play
melodyofurlife @megan_d You want amazing Lyrics, Here you go!
melodyofurlife Good luck boys tonight! your going to need it!
bitter_ "Yeah, intelligent input, darling, why don't you just have another beer then?"
bitter_ @melodyofyourlife I can't avoid her songs. Kate's accent is so cute that I could listen to her all day long.

Kate NashMouthwash

| play
bitter_ @melodyofyourlife This man is my soulmate, I know it.

Damien RiceElephant

| play
Holycow Mornin' Blippers - just a couple before another full day here on the hil!

austin powers - theme song

| play
melodyofurlife Blue black ink etched into her lower back that says …
melodyofurlife I was just wondering when you'd come around …
melodyofurlife here is some Live Coldplay for you @Quepasa


| play
melodyofurlife @Lucsessions here a ok tune. too bad Chris Cornell is a tool


| play

Body Count - Cop Killer

| play
melodyofurlife Tijuana Lady by Gomez live great song


| play
melodyofurlife @shoegazer76 Sun Kil Moon is a great bad give his one a try!
melodyofurlife @shoegazer76 Here is another one from Jason Molina and Magnolia Electric Co.

03 Lonesome Valley

| play
melodyofurlife @Duke_Fleed You said rock to D. Roth? how bout some motorhead? Now were rockin!
melodyofurlife @kencollapse How about Beruit with this Neutral Milk Hotel sounding tune.

BeirutElephant Gun

| play
melodyofurlife in the mix


| play
melodyofurlife @RealtorLefebvre here is a great parody tune about classic Dio which I laugh at every time I listen
melodyofurlife how about some of this, The Band
melodyofurlife @finestsuit how bout this 80's Bob Dylan ripoff


| play
melodyofurlife @finestsuit this 80's tune changed a generation of music
melodyofurlife @finestsuit @paledancer @newwaveclassicsone of my favorite 80's tunes
melodyofurlife classic 80's by the best band in the land
melodyofurlife Here is one from the worlds best didgeridoo player! Well when I think about it He is the only didgeridoo player I know, So he the best by default!

Xavier RuddG.B.A.

| play
melodyofurlife @calamari this one is for you! hope it helps you wake up.
sonesu A ver si nos centramos, cojones!

UnkleIn A State

| play
melodyofurlife We are North American, beck sound here!
melodyofurlife how about some Alabama 3, got my self a gun

Sopranos Theme Song Woke up This Morning

| play
melodyofurlife hay, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya …
melodyofurlife got to bust out some work! Later, Blippers!
melodyofurlife They were all in love with Dying … they were doing it in Texas
melodyofurlife I just flipped off president George! I am going to Dizz Knee Land

Dizz Knee LandDada

| play
melodyofurlife Amy, I heard a lot of things through the Grapevine about yoou!
melodyofurlife She waters the garden, maybe she just likes the hoses …
melodyofurlife The Greenhornes are now part of The Raconteurs
melodyofurlife Rob Base and Prince! Hit it - Kiss, I wanna rock Right NOW!
melodyofurlife some home town love! the most depressing town I know

04 Youngstown.MP3

| play
melodyofurlife @SuperstarDJ back a you! We are trashing this Site! LOL
melodyofurlife Dumb, dumb, dumb, Dumb … Mike Doughty is a master
melodyofurlife This is how my work day has been going!
melodyofurlife I loved this song back in the day!
melodyofurlife Anybody Watch True Blood? Great Show and Great Tune!
melodyofurlife adding to my mix and I love Jason Molina and Magnolia Electric Co.
melodyofurlife for your jazz mix sort-of @calamari,

38.BSIDE.SOUL COUGHING - Sugar free jazz

| play
melodyofurlife I searched and searched but only the river stared back
melodyofurlife Style Profile, I run the marathon to the very last mile …

Beastie Boys Intergalatic

| play
melodyofurlife They were put there by a man in a factory downtown …

06 Peaches

| play
melodyofurlife I could not resist this blip as I leave you blip'er for a bit! I love some cake, thanks Kenny but some doctor stole your face!
melodyofurlife Mott Kicked Ass back in the day. Ian Hunter still is one of my favorites
melodyofurlife Always a bad day when you get yourself arrested


| play
melodyofurlife @aneldecaveira Love George Bush Sr. sample in this tune! Not a fan of the bush family!


| play
melodyofurlife @LaniAR ever listen to Girl talk? out of Pittsburgh, PA. If not give him a try!

Girl TalkOnce Again

| play
melodyofurlife I like The National a ton, and this is a great remake.
melodyofurlife This was in Juno, but it was originally from the "If I was a Carpenter" Tribute album
melodyofurlife Love the heavy breathing intro

Depeche Mode - I Want You Now

| play
melodyofurlife @gridlockd Time to sober up! Here have some cream soda!
WindyVieira Party ON Wayne...Party on Garth.

Dream Weaver (1976)

| play
melodyofurlife @WindyVieira this kinda goes with your dream weaver tune in my mind, enjoy
melodyofurlife What's your name? Who's your Daddy?
melodyofurlife Larry this is a shout out! You rock at On Tap! Cheers!

Wyclef Jean Ft, Akon Lil Wayne Nia Sweetest Girl

| play
melodyofurlife I Believe In Anything, You Believe In Anything!
melodyofurlife To the woman I love! Will you walk right up, with the smile on your face … I wish you would! …
melodyofurlife Oh, don't call me out, don't let your silly dreams fall in between …
melodyofurlife Is this what everyone needs? I think tumbleweed just blew over my screen!

Motel MotelCoffee

| play
melodyofurlife Or is it a case of morningwood?
melodyofurlife you said you loved me and thats a fact…
melodyofurlife start turning the grain in the ground, roll a new leaf over… … somewhere in middle America

Counting CrowsOmaha

| play
melodyofurlife She's got a bottle of tequila, a bottle of gin, and if I bring a little music I can fit right in …
melodyofurlife Is that alright…

01_Damien Rice - 9 Crimes

| play
melodyofurlife Dave Matthews plays this tune in concert a lot, but here is the original from a great song writer/producer
melodyofurlife speaking of DMB, Still missing Leroi Moore! R.I.P my friend!
melodyofurlife … and let the tears fall all over you!
melodyofurlife got to bust out to work Blip'ers. If there is anyone out there!
melodyofurlife Running late to work from blipping and was getting chased by Johnny law. got off the highway to escape a ticket for doing 78 in a 55!
melodyofurlife my ode to upper management!

Magnetic Fields - Smoke and Mirrors (Live@KVRX)

| play
melodyofurlife could I have been, anyone other than me … 23 and so tired of life…
melodyofurlife @RadioTwitter Tic Tic Tic Tic Toc … Rock Rock Rock Rocks
melodyofurlife It's cold! I need some Covers :-) I know, bad joke!
melodyofurlife @LaniAR for me, My Brightest Diamonds voice is the best of late! Jem is also up there!
melodyofurlife Just heard this … Alicia Keys with Jack White - Another Way To Die Theme
melodyofurlife This is the tune form Donnie Darko! Creepy! @FestaMagica good call, for a great soundtrack

Gary Julesmad world

| play
melodyofurlife With a little Dave Matthews! @lezzymom and if work was cool would you be blipping the day away!
melodyofurlife @dzzl Great blip with STISIA! Love that tune!
LaniAR anything elvis makes me think of Marlow Harris!!! :)
melodyofurlife two armfuls of magazines for you…

The NationalGospel

| play
melodyofurlife another one! Abel come on Give me the keys, man everything has gone down wrong…

The NationalAbel

| play
LaniAR seriously, someone took the time to put this on blip...... awesome.
melodyofurlife ok, last one I promise! they were voted the best band for 2007 for a reason!
melodyofurlife @LaniAR Ok, so how about that in English! WTF!

KajagoogooToo Shy

| play
melodyofurlife Ok, So why is this song so fucking good! Cuz it just is!! give a listen
melodyofurlife Somebody cut Nigel a break, and take him to a movie or get the poor bastard drunk!
melodyofurlife @deadcowaroma dude just write what you feel! a line from the song you like or something that makes your blip funny or draw some kind of attention!

FeistI Feel It All

| play
melodyofurlife candy candy candy I love you so


| play
melodyofurlife Wiiiiiillllllllllllddddddddddd Niiiiigggghhhtttttttsssss…
melodyofurlife I like when this song gets rockin


| play
melodyofurlife girl talk is a great DJ


| play
melodyofurlife its all or nothing, I am not overly concerned… send her off to a coconut island

Counting Crows - Anna Begins

| play
melodyofurlife I woke up humming this in bed! Weird, I know

Neil DiamondAmerica

| play
melodyofurlife Still missing Leroi Moore, the sax/flute player for DMB! He brought the house down at many shows, He will be missed forever!!!!
melodyofurlife for my sweets Shock me like an electric eel!!!!

MgmtElectric Feel

| play
melodyofurlife @stickylicks don"y know where you are but this one is for you! enjoy it from REM
melodyofurlife The New James Bond tune Has Landed! Jack White and Alicia Keys. Enjoy
melodyofurlife @clarkowitz here is some G-love courtesy of Interstate 76

G LoveI-76

| play
melodyofurlife heard this tune when walking the Streets of DC on vacation today!
melodyofurlife I know this is a stretch but here we go anyway @calamari @clarkwitz
melodyofurlife I got to run! away that is. check back later blip'ers


| play
melodyofurlife Ok @calamari Sigur Ros makes Great music, can't understand a word of it but it is beautiful to listen to

Sigur RosStaralfur

| play
melodyofurlife This song reminds me of old Prince! Way to go Jim James!
calamari Seems to me, you lived your life like a candle in the wind.
melodyofurlife haunting, @DJVee I think most Decemberists tunes have a creapy sound to them.
melodyofurlife @calamari candle in the wind to me is also haunting in a way! I will add it to my haunting mix! How about some Killing moon!
melodyofurlife @DJVee how about this Haunting DC4C tune! I Will Posses your Heart! Staring out your window! Now that is weird!
calamari I Love (with a capital "L") this band right now.
melodyofurlife Robert Randolph and the Family Band can bring down the house! One of the best shows I have ever seen
clarkowitz @melodyofyourlife There's something to what you say. But, let's not forget about the culpability of the banks pushing all that crack money.
melodyofurlife @clarkowitz I totally agree with! Time to rise up, and listen to this!
melodyofurlife @DJVee where there is smoke there is fire!
melodyofurlife @DJVee I blipped this yesterday! but this one is for you! I totally agree with you!
melodyofurlife @LaniAR this is also in a Dexter ad! A home town band that rocks
melodyofurlife @frankenspock well enjoy your trip to the doctors and go out and look at the trees outside
melodyofurlife @clarkowitz a great tune! we need serious change to this fine land!

Neil YoungOhio

| play
melodyofurlife To close out the night! Good night blippers, till next time
melodyofurlife @clarkowitz creepy song about where the world is today

Gary JulesMad World

| play
melodyofurlife @Girlfriend love the garbage truck line


| play
melodyofurlife @cocacolby male! and I would tell him face to face! I just went through this this same thing with a buddy!
melodyofurlife a great cover. What ever happen to AAF?
melodyofurlife another great cover of a great tune

Lauryn Hill Ft Ziggy Marley Redemption Song (Mtv Unplugged)

| play
melodyofurlife A good song to get the day started
melodyofurlife I live on the second floor

Suzanne VegaLuka

| play
melodyofurlife @Chrysti give Okkervil River a try, you might like them
melodyofurlife @kencollapse Thanks for the tunes, ever here of Jason Molina or his band Magnolia Electric Co.? One of my favorites! Give them a try
melodyofurlife You don't have to pay your bills anymore, you just got to eat your welfare bread…
melodyofurlife this song was on a Paste CD Sample, now I cant get it out of my head!!!!!

Josh Rousesad eyes

| play
melodyofurlife I feel like blipping songs that are well traveled. Tunes that you grew up with and still hum today!
Diordan @melodyofyourlife this is one of them, in my opinion

Don McLeanVincent

| play
melodyofurlife well-traveled entry ten, I don't know why but I will still here this song while shopping and end up humming it all damn day!

SadeSmooth Operator

| play
melodyofurlife well-traveled entry 11, I know this is a cover, but i love it more than the original
melodyofurlife well-traveled entry 13! running out of steam here!

Devo - Whip It

| play
melodyofurlife well-traveled entry 19


| play
melodyofurlife well-traveled entry 23 and its not the lead singer on vocals

The CarsDrive

| play
melodyofurlife well-traveled entry 25! really running out of gas with this, I am calling it at 25. ________._______. dead!
melodyofurlife I long the days they used to say mam and yes sir …
melodyofurlife the heart will always go one step too far!
melodyofurlife More Halloween tracks, Wolf Like Me, TV on the Radio
melodyofurlife another Halloween track kind of, Furr, Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen TrapperFurr

| play
melodyofurlife haunting: Down by the river, Neil young
RealtorLefebvre @melodyofyourlife Ditto. Again, too lazy to go back a page or two on your "haunting" theme. "Can you scare me up a little bit of love?..."
melodyofurlife @RealtorLefebvre No, I had not added either of them, work got nuts today, stuck in meeting Hell! Great ads to the mix
melodyofurlife haunting: A Great cover of The Stones Classic Sympathy For The Devil, Perry brings everything on this tune
melodyofurlife I can not get enough of this new Beck tune, a faint Cat Power can be heard in the distance backing up the Beckster.


| play
melodyofurlife @evablue say hello to my friends, Pedro and his 9 brothers and sisters while your in town, OK.

Lou ReedDirty Blvd.

| play
melodyofurlife Another current tune covered that I simply enjoy.
melodyofurlife @evablue Great video! thanks, I am done for the night Blip'ers! And for you @evablue, this tune instantly pop in my head after watching.

ABCThe Look Of Love

| play
clarkowitz If I've said it once, I've Blipped it a million times. Much peace!
melodyofurlife Who ever played Electric – Madrugada I love it great tune. once I find you, you get mad props.
calamari Congrats to Mr. Springsteen on winning an award for this song last night. It's a beautiful song.
burgerbaroness This song can always calm me down.

Damien JuradoOhio

| play
melodyofurlife this tune is covered a ton but this version is quite unique.
melodyofurlife This is P.O.S. with Craig Finn from The Hold Steady! and it is a bad-ass track! @RealtorLefebvre (reblipping cuz I f-ed up my boys dj name) (reblip)
melodyofurlife Is This Really What It's Come To? I think so! poor cars, high gas prices, huge homes that people cant keep.
teequu first part of a series


| play
jnaylor01 ahhh yes gotta love american girls.
melodyofurlife Yeah! I made it home! 10 days in FL was grand, but back to business!
DJHULK This song was played on the bobby friction and nihal show on bbc radio 1
melodyofurlife FINALLY somebody put this this tune on Blip! Great PJ Tune!
DareToEatAPeach The net giveth, the net taketh away @mmemaledicta: "WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? ...fave mahognay song and it's almost never available, but HERE IT IS!" (reblip)
melodyofurlife Taken by Trees – To Lose Someone: love the sound of this tune.
Alvaroxx Bloc Party – Positive Tension...
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