merddln333 @desirousgoddess: Studio open. ~my heart and I share, a light~ Santo and Johnny-"Sleepwalk" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 System of a Down-"Holy Mountains" [via: @efraim] (reblip)
merddln333 Studio open. Stone Temple Pilots-"Sour Girl" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 MKMandGBX-"MKM & GBX - Space Mint Delicious" [via: @merddln333] (reblip)
merddln333 Studio open. #entrancemusic: "Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" #studiomusic #studio737

Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon

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zoso418 Fiona Apple – 04 Criminal
merddln333 Elbow-"Teardrop (Massive Attack cover)" [via: @katost] (reblip)
merddln333 Cotton Jones-"Blood Red Sentimental Blues" [via: @jennyleepenny] (reblip)
djpuggie Bush – The Chemicals Between Us (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ Yet Again, Songs, When Blipped, Almost ALWAYS Get You A 'RB/Props' ^^ : Guns N' Roses -> "November Rain"
merddln333 choke you, now.~ A Perfect Circle-"The Noose" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 Studio open. ~...when I put a spike into my vein~ The Velvet Underground-"Heroin" #studiomusic #studio737
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ Good Demos...Awesome Demos...& More Grand Demos! ^^ : Radiohead -> "Nice Dream" (Demo)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ Good Demos...Awesome Demos...& More Grand Demos! ^^ : Jimi Hendrix -> "Angel" (Home Demo)
merddln333 Snailhouse-"Oh My God (live at Maps)" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 "Pretty Lights-I Can See It In Your Face" [via: @shallock] (reblip)

Pretty Lights-I Can See It In Your Face

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merddln333 ~WAKE UP MAGGIE!!!~ Rod Stewart-"Maggie May" #studiomusic #studio737
DJJuxtaposedJunkie $ Simple & Tender Music $ : Coldplay -> "High Speed"

ColdplayHigh Speed

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie $$ Yeah, I Am Conscious, Just RAVIN'!!! $$ : Fatboy Slim -> "Push The Tempo"
desirousgoddess "The Octopus Project – "Malaria Codes" (reblip)
merddln333 Studio open. #entrancemusic: ~when he catches his reflection, on accident.~ Death Cab For Cutie-"Brothers On A Hotel Bed" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 Studio opne. @desirousgoddess: The Mars Volta-"Since We've Been Wrong" (Live) #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 The Mars Volta-"Asilos Magdalena" #studiomusic #studio737

Track 5

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zoso418 rb@22Crystal22: "@Alfea: "→ rb@lenaphrodite: Well, catching a cold IN BETWEEN DAYS is not good so I need this CURE :) Good day everyone!!! ☀" (reblip)
merddln333 @desirousgoddess: ~...if I didn't care...~ The Inkspots-"If I Didn't Care" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 Patsy Cline-"I Fall To Pieces" [via: @akgmke] (reblip)
merddln333 ~Yeah!~ The Rolling Stones-"Can't You Hear Me Knocking" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 Pete Tong & Deadmau5-"Essential Mix Live From The Warehouse Project, Manchester 11-10-2008" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~...and when I see you, Happy! As! A! Girl!~ The cure-"The Cure / 02 - high" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 Dirty Little Rabbits/(Franimal)-"Happy" [via: @Franimal] (reblip)
merddln333 ~...I never, lost control.~ Nirvana-"The Man Who Sold The World" [via: @DJRosaNava] (reblip)
merddln333 ~...days go by and still I dream of you...~ Dirty Vegas-"Days Go By" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~...i just want, back in your head~ Tegan and Sara-"Back in Your Head" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~...just to see "what if"~ Thom Yorke-"Lotus Flower" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~Looking for some happiness, but there is only loneliness to find!!!~ George Baker Selection-"Little Green Bag" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~stop right there, cuz' you're not taking hold of me!~ Naked Hearts-"Mass Hysteria" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 Stone Temple Pilots-"Creep" [via: @Gen22] (reblip)
merddln333 -"03. Talk show on mute (live at 99x) (by nkesmeping)" #studiomusic #studio737

03. Talk show on mute (live at 99x) (by nkesmeping)

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merddln333 ~can you wait...LONG!!!?~ Buckcherry - "Lit Up live" #studiomusic #studio737

BuckcherryLit Up live

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merddln333 The Inkspots - "If I Didn't Care" (via @merddln333) (reblip)
merddln333 Chemical Brothers-"Don't Think (Black Swan Nina Sayers Edit)" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 In The Air Tonight-"Phil Collins Original 1980 Music Video (Re-Upload)" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 Led Zeppelin-"What Is & What Should Never Be" [via: @bloondie001] (reblip)
merddln333 PJ Harvey feat. Thom Yorke - "This Mess We're In" (via @katost) (reblip)
merddln333 - "Imagine Dragons- Radioactive (Continued Silence EP 2012)" (via @BeNine) (reblip)

Imagine Dragons- Radioactive (Continued Silence EP 2012)

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merddln333 Bill Janovitz - "Little Mascara (Replacements)" (via @merddln333) (reblip)


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merddln333 The Platters – Twilight Time
merddln333 -"Terence Mckenna: Psychedelic advice." [via: @bloondie001] (reblip)

Terence Mckenna: Psychedelic advice.

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merddln333 No Age - "My Life's Alright Without You" (via @DJRosaNava) (reblip)
merddln333 Elton John - "Mona Lisa And Mad Hatters" (via @DJRosaNava) (reblip)
merddln333 Fuck Yeah!!!!! - Bob Marley - "Could You Be Loved" (via @DJRosaNava) (reblip)
merddln333 ~Love me! Hate me! Kill Me! Just let me know "you're" there!!!!~ Paul Newman - "Plastic Jesus" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 For Helen, Dot and Darby ~ Buddy Holly - "Everyday" #studiomusic #studio737

Buddy HollyEveryday

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merddln333 Studio open. || The Kinks - "Lola" (via @ForeverInYourSmile) (reblip)

The KinksLola

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merddln333 Johnny Mathis – Chances Are
merddln333 Andrew Bird (LocoStavos)-"Meet Me Here At Dawn (Cass McCombs Cover) (Fingerlings 4)" [via: @tuatara] (reblip)
merddln333 -"GTA IV LOADING SCREEN SONG REMAKE/REMIX BY SGF" #studiomusic #studio737


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merddln333 A Place To Bury Strangers-"I Know I'll See You" [via: @jennyleepenny] (reblip)
merddln333 -"Dragonette - Galore - Gold Rush [af]" [via: @aquaflush] (reblip)

Dragonette - Galore - Gold Rush [af]

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merddln333 @effectua: ~I'm in Los Angeles, today~ Death Cab For Cutie-"Why you'd Want To Live Here" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 Tom Waits-"You Can Never Hold Back Spring" [via: @comicmama] (reblip)
merddln333 Santogold-"L.E.S Artistes" [via: @Gen22] (reblip)
TBFKA No doubt some of the Blip babes were homecoming queen@Louden: "Hinder – Homecoming Queen" (reblip)
SHERRYBABY65 :):):):) ~~~In the Next Room.......... (reblip)
merddln333 ||My tribute to Cinco de Mayo || gaviota-"corazon tirano" #studiomusic #studio737

gaviotacorazon tirano

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iMickeyD and that would be you! rb@DarkLady: "David Bowie – The Prettiest Star" (reblip)
merddln333 Neil Young-"My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)" [via: @Greenfields47] (reblip)
MusicIsMySunshine Will be a top remix of 2010 for me, I am SURE! Helsinki 78-82 can do no wrong!
Lunaladee this may be my newest obsession :D @Naestopaz: "ty! ditto@Lunaladee: "ntm, awesome! thanx! rb @Naestopaz: "OOP ty! """" (reblip)
Franimal I'm super thanks @jmikeh. :) Hope you are too!
merddln333 Studio open. #entrancemusic: Winter Gloves-"Someone Great (LCD Soundsystem cover)" [via @mellomatic] (reblip)
merddln333 -"kayne west - stronger" [via @RadioFreeIllinois] (reblip)

kayne west - stronger

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rkmonkey just look around this place??? @GR8FL Neko Case – Runnin' Out of Fools
merddln333 ~They don't love you like I love you~ Ada-"Maps (Thomas/Mayer Remix) - Atomik" [via @wahwahwah] (reblip)
desirousgoddess "And you treated my woman to a flake of your life. And when she came back she was nobody's wife."
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ...Time For Jamiroquai... -> "Runaway"


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DJJuxtaposedJunkie ...Time For Jamiroquai... -> "Radio"


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Franimal I didn't even know they covered this one! Woo hoo! @struggleville (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ Music Perfect For Blindly Punching/Beating Up The Italiano Idiots Of 'Jersey Shore' ^^


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DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ Music Perfect For Blindly Punching/Beating Up The Italiano Idiots Of 'Jersey Shore' ^^
Lunaladee RB@HiddenSanctuary: "The band that permanently changed the sound of the goth underground." (love your picks!) (reblip)

VNV NationChrome

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ 'First Albums' From Indie Bands You Probably Didn't Even Know About ^^ : Nirvana 'Bleach' -> "Blew"


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DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ 'First Albums' From Indie Bands You Probably Didn't Even Know About ^^ : The Doves 'Lost Souls' -> "Catch The Sun"

DovesCatch the Sun

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie Current Fav Tracks : Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground -> "Birds (On A Day Like Today)"
fragilemuse you moved like honey in my dream last night

Fiona Apple - Slow Like Honey

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Gen22 rb.@jocega One of my CP favs- thx:) [Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head] (reblip)
adversary1 Love this song, though I was annoyed to hear it used on a J.C. Penney commercial the other night.@orangekittypie: "hehehe you still there?? O:) (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ *Gives A Sweat-Drenched Sigh, Wipes Forehead With Brim Of Cowboy Hat And Exclaims* "Wooo Doggie! Indie Trailmix!" ^^
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ *Gives A Sweat-Drenched Sigh, Wipes Forehead With Brim Of Cowboy Hat And Exclaims* "Wooo Doggie! Indie Trailmix!" ^^
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ^^ *Gives A Sweat-Drenched Sigh, Wipes Forehead With Brim Of Cowboy Hat And Exclaims* "Wooo Doggie! Indie Trailmix!" ^^
merddln333 ~Awake again...I can't pretend...and I know I'm alone...and close to the end~ Jackson Browne-"Late For The Sky" #studiomusic
merddln333 Studio Closed. Death Cab For Cutie-"Title and Registration" #studiomusic
merddln333 ~It's a world wide suicide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ Pearl Jam-"World Wide Suicide" [via @lalunajade] (reblip)
lilyetc camera obscura ~ books written for girls ( one of my favorite songs) for obvious reasons *_*
merddln333 Neon Indian-"Mind, drips (Mirror People Remix)" [via @Nymph] (reblip)
mellomatic @marilovisky @godninja - it's been too long since our last muse-a-palooza guys. miss you. xoxo

MusePlug in Baby

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mellomatic g'night all. thanks again for all the ♥.
merddln333 ~...saw horses growing out the lawn~ Eisley-"Marvelous Things" #studiomusic
merddln333 ~Did they tell grow up...when you dream?~ Metric-"Twilight Galaxy" [via @aquaflush] (reblip)
merddln333 @desirousgoddess: ~The nervous system is down...I know...~ Marilyn Manson-"Disassociative" #studiomusic
merddln333 Los Campesinos!-"The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future" [via @tuatara] (reblip)
merddln333 ~One of us is of us is wrong~ Coconut Records-"Microphone" #studiomusic
merddln333 Tiësto (Feat. Tegan and Sara)-"Feel It In My Bones" #studiomusic
merddln333 Bonobo-"If You Stayed Over (ft. Fink)" [via @Nymph] (reblip)
rkmonkey She scratches a letter into a wall made of stone.... @djwttw another one!! "She seems to be stronger, but what they want her to be is weak"

Pearl JamWhy Go

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merddln333 beatmassa-"Get Out Of My Life Woman" [via @Sensa111] (reblip)
merddln333 Tegan & Sara-"Walking With A Ghost" [via @ilklovn] (reblip)
merddln333 Ladyhawke-"My Delirium (Chateau Marmont Remix)" [via @Nymph] (reblip)
merddln333 Loney, Dear-"Ignorant Boy, Beautiful Girl" [via @Nymph] (reblip)
ilklovn @Doggonahogg: thank you very much :D listened to all of them :) (reblip)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie % The 'Holy Shit Biscuits! I Haven't Heard This In Years!' Playlist % : Eminem -> "My Name Is"

Eminem04 My Name Is

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merddln333 ~...and the hands on my clock...are starting to shake~ Marilyn Manson-"Are You the Rabbit?" #studiomusic #studio737
DJJuxtaposedJunkie # Songs That Pretty Much Guarantee You At Least A 'Prop'/'Reblip' # : Local Natives -> "World News"
DJJuxtaposedJunkie # Songs That Pretty Much Guarantee You At Least A 'Prop'/'Reblip' # : Amy Winehouse -> "Rehab"

Amy WinehouseRehab

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merddln333 ~I'm scared when I'm at my apartment on my own~ The Radio Dept-"Lost and Found" #studiomusic #studio737
sandyriverside @CLARITY I wish I could, but I am at work and we have no aim whatsoever. I mean, we have goals, just no AOL Instant Messenger.
merddln333 ~oh no...I've said too much. I haven't said enough~ R.E.M.-"Losing My Religion" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~I awake up everyday...the wrong side of the bed~ Marilyn Manson-"Vodevil" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~I crack my xeroxed hands~ Marilyn Manson-"The last day on earth" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~...we used to love, one another~ Marilyn Manson-"Great Big White World" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~...we're all god's people~ Marilyn Manson-"Slutgarden" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~...should things go poorly. And I not, return. Remember the good things, I've done.~ Bill Callahan-"Jim Cain" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333's in two pieces. I lost it on the side, of somewhere~ Very Truly Yours-"1 2 3 4" #studiomusic #studio737
Lunaladee rb @rakula: "The Black Keys - I'm Not the One" - oh, but you are ;) (reblip)
merddln333 ~...and refused to fall~ Death Cab for Cutie-"Crooked Teeth" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~I...will come, right away~ Pattern Is Movement-"Right Away" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~...never thought to question, "Why?"~ A Perfect Circle-"Judith" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~...yeah, dancing on my grave!!!~ Ghostland Observatory-"Dancing On My Grave" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~gotta....cut away!~ A Perfect Circle-"Orestes" [via @] #studiomusic #studio737 (reblip)
merddln333 ~the monkey...the man...and the gun~ Marilyn Manson-"Cruci-Fiction In Space" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~...and that's what tortures me~ Johnny Cash-"Folsom Prison Blues" [via @ilklovn] #studiomusic #studio737 (reblip)
merddln333 ~bathed in, Brena~ A Perfect Circle-"Brena" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~...this only a game.~ Marilyn Manson-"Eat Me Drink Me" #studiomusic #studio737
shallock Funkify Your Life

Meters - Sophisticated Cissy

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Sylak ‡‡Haunted Garage – "Theme"‡‡ (reblip)
barulhobom !!!!!!! listen !!!!!! Tegan & Sara - Alligator (RAC Mix)
DJJuxtaposedJunkie * 'Obviously Unfairly Missed Out On' New Artist * : Ganglians -> "Blood On The Sand"
STEVENDOES RB@Chixx2Sixx: "TY RB via: @elojosalvaje: "rb@Chixx2Sixx: "Telefon Tel Aviv - Sound In A Dark Room""" (reblip)
Sylak ‡‡Sepultura – "Roots Bloody Roots"‡‡ (reblip)
merddln333 Studio Open. ~...a silencing...that still walks the streeets~ At The Drive-In-"Invalid Litter Dept." #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 Que Tal!? Y muchos gracias para ti!~ Bauhaus-"Bela Lugosi's Dead <gr8fl>" [via @RadioFreeIllinois] #studiomusic #studio737 (reblip)
merddln333 Add @shallock to your list! he's a badass!!! Mickey Avalon-"Jane Fonda" [via @shallock] #studiomusic #studio737 (reblip)
merddln333 ~she'll never cover up what we did with a Marilyn Manson-"heart shaped glasses (album version)" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~for Micheal Conner R.I.P ~ R.E.M.-"Man on the moon" #studiomusic #studio737
Wattyz the sky isn't purple, it's gray from the fires, but...there were people running everywhere. :( Prince – 1999" (reblip)


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merddln333 ~...I won't hurt you...~ Prince-"1999" [via @Wattyz] #studiomusic #studio737 (reblip)


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merddln333 ~ill flavored! I got mood must be something that I hate!~ Marilyn Manson-"You And Me And The Devil Makes 3" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 ~...should've picked a photograph that lasted longer than you~ Marilyn Manson-"Putting Holes in Happiness" #studiomusic #studio737
merddln333 @shallock: ~...that isn't your cell phone's just Girl Talk in yo head~ Girl Talk-"Still Here" #studiomusic #studio737

Girl TalkStill Here

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merddln333 Studio open. For the vodka... #entrancemusic: The National-"Anyone's Ghost" [via @katost] #studiomusic #studio737 (reblip)
merddln333 ~...that's me in the corner...~ R.E.M.-"Losing my religion" #studiomusic #studio737
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