michelle_528 but this was my favorite...gotta rent this movie.
ladypn The night starts here, well technically, the morning, but lets not split hairs. ;)
chiron08 @pappwixe - guten morgen.. groovy monday
magister418 this was just the right thing at the right moment almost 20 years ago - still is sometimes!! #nostalgia (reblip)
magister418 peter murphy: one of the most reliably wonderful artists on the planet! cuts you up! (reblip)
magister418 ask my friends, most music i like has no words. this is one of those exceptions to the rule. "i'm on it" #livingyourdream
Cindy79 some 70s blue... linda ronstadt - blue bayou
ladypn You moved like honey, in my dream last night.
michelle_528 can someone explain why i can't find any of their songs on here? this is all i came up with. want breathless.

Nelly Furtado with K'naan: "Going Away"

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magister418 it's all bittersweet when you are a lover

Deee Lite Bittersweet Loving

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magister418 this one repays any time spent on it (reblip)
magister418 @michelle_528: nice one! thanks for introducing me to good music! (reblip)

DidoLife for Rent

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Cindy79 i am waiting at the counter for the man to pour my coffee
elland666 Green Day - Whatsername live

Green Day Whatsername Live

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The Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning

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oliboni @purplesime do like I do. Enjoy the music and don´t bother with the video. You have to see Youtube as expansion of blips. I really like
by_starla [Maria Taylor - Time Lapse Lifeline]
michelle_528 how i feel in my house right now lol...kids, husband. ;)
michelle_528 yeah i found it.. you're much too much. you have left me

Clash City Rockers ~ The Clash ~ Live 1978

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michelle_528 @OCkracker i swear i am not some crazy stalker. i just found out that they only allow 3 props/person a day. ill come back 2morrow. nice music 2day. (reblip)

Matthew Sweet- Sick of Myself

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michelle_528 nice@photogurrl: "[The Go-Betweens – Quiet Heart]" (reblip)
michelle_528 starting my morning, easy to listen to before my coffee is ready @oliboni: (reblip)

Led Zeppelin- Fool In The Rain

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michelle_528 my classic rocker girl coming out in me tonight
michelle_528 id fly above the trees and over the seas
michelle_528 don't let it go away, this feeling has to stay.

No DoubtNew

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Cindy79 yeah and hopefully she's breaking the dishes over his head -lol @mcee_D: I just blipped Chris Brown.. so I had to give Rihanna a chance to speak up" (reblip)
djstarellecullen i had to....got it in my head somehow....
ladypn @allmyfaves "@ladypn some will never let u go" That could prove intimidating! ;) (reblip)

YazooDon't Go

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FernandaW Won't let nobody hurt you, i'll stand by you
magister418 @michelle_528: thinkin of u: hope u are well! (reblip)

Jamiroquai, Cosmic Girl

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Cindy79 more thanks @Blippo (who does this remind me of? a bit of bitter:sweet some bjork a pinch of koop... nice & laid back) (reblip)
Cindy79 another from flunk (thx @Blippo ) and @michelle_528 don't know if singer is bitter:sweet but sure reminds me - I'm definitely liking what i hear! (reblip)

FlunkKemikal Girl

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Cindy79 love it! thx @Blippo: "Flunk – Syrupsniph @Cindy79 Listen to this one, I think it's amazing! " (reblip)


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kbuech Lovage - Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By - 15 - Strok. Ah, a lover by any other name...lol! rb@threebears (reblip)

Lovage - Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By - 15 - Strok

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kbuech Raconteurs - "Steady As She Goes". Also for Kara at Pepe's Restaurant, Key West FL.
magister418 such a good song!! the other one i blipped was hard to hear. for: @michelle_528
michelle_528 you read my mind on this song...i'm a bit freaked out! (reblip)
Cattycake NICE@Cindy79: "take 2 blue (get it? my last blip was blue -lol!)" (reblip)
michelle_528 guess i am too obvious :) but more specific 1989...it was a good year for me. @Cindy79 @magister418 (reblip)

Til Tuesday "Voices Carry"

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michelle_528 @CJCat dang i can only give u 3 props a day! lol (reblip)

The Waitresses- I Know What Boys Like

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by_starla [My Latest Novel - Sister Sneaker Sister Soul]
michelle_528 just mentioning to a friend I was listening to silence. @elojosalvaje (reblip)

INXS Afterglow

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michelle_528 @OCkracker I'm just gonna tag along with you! lol (reblip)

X-Los Angeles

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michelle_528 perfect music for my mood today...thanks (reblip)
michelle_528 if you believe in dreams

Bjork-I Miss You (remix)

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joharper the stone roses - i am the resurrection.....it doesn't get any better than that!!
ladypn The dawn is breaking, a light shining through, you're barely waking & I'm tangled up in you.I'd better say goodnight! Have to get up early! Thx all!

The Beatles vs. Nine Inch nails Come Closer Together

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Cattycake Top Of The World - The Sugarcubes (Carpenters Cover)

"In Time" by Zero 7

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michelle_528 rob thomas' song of the day on twitter...i like it.
evablue i need me some slit my wrists music

Missy Higgins Where i stood

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michelle_528 @QueenofDazzle another night of good choices! makes me think of someone...im still here...remember how you used to say i'd be the one to runaway. (reblip)
Cattycake @michelle_528: Until Next Time - Rosebleed "LOL"

Rosebleed -Until next time

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wetfootblues @michelle_528, listen to her voice! it's so diffrent from 'Back to Black'. It's young. It's pure, untouched. (reblip)
melodyofurlife Music Is My Hot Hot Sex!

CSS-Music Is My Hot Hot Sex

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michelle_528 do you remember when we met, that's a day i'll never forget. come with me my love.
mdf111 Back to the people who have always been proud of me... Tift Merritt, "Write My Ticket"

La Ti Da by The Icicles

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michelle_528 omg i used to love this band. i completely forgot about them!
rosecryst I'm feelin' butterfiles,ur my joy,i'm ur dream,i'm made for u, ur made for me, I love how u make me smile,u find calm in me,i love how we love♥♥love

Joss Stone "Tell Me What Were Gonna Do Now"

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michelle_528 you know i do. always a place 4 u. :)
michelle_528 do you know what you want? do you know how to get it?
michelle_528 @magister418 this is one of my favorite songs now. another intro by you. ;)

Friendly Fires "Paris" Directed by Price James

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Figgywithit If I could only blip one song...
michelle_528 "my lungs are out of air and yours are full of smoke"
michelle_528 actually i am a big fan of i told you so ;)
SarahABQ CU Later! love this tune:-) vi@dawoollyman: "tha outdoors is calling~will B thinking about my kind friends in a box (my laptop )Later! peace~love" (reblip)
Joleesa ★ Stepping Stone ★

Sex Pistols-Stepping Stone

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michelle_528 @Cindy79 here ya gooo!

Coldplay Lips like Sugar

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yuuhi_hajime iTunes play ♪Imogen Heap "The Moment I Said It" #nowplaying
JonathanDune @michelle_528 Last INXS video footage with Michael... too bad for this loss...RIP Michael
DJRosaNava Listen my Favorites: @bytera ЯB! @beingartha: "John Mayer & Buddy Guy - Feels Like Rain"" (reblip)
mark_till Metric – Satellite Mind
ladypn hello & rb@DJCA4u: "Hello, Loveys... Nouvelle Vague - Melt With You" (reblip)
77ozzie yeah, that's what I said...let's lie down and draw the shades.. rest your lovely bones and just stay home..turn off the telephone...yeah "" (reblip)
MandyPenn Incredibly catchy song --- Lacuna Coil – Unspoken
magister418 for you, michelle_528!!
michelle_528 the one where i stayed with you.
michelle_528 the magic numbers...mornings eleven

Mornings Eleven

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encite So sorry to hear this! rb@ladypn: "Every day I love you less & less..." (reblip)
muzicmajic been wanting to check these guys out...
mark_till The Big Pink – a brief history of love
Gen22 Laterzzz o/ [Radiohead - You (acoustic)]

Radiohead-- "You" (Thom and Jonny acoustic)

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sheryonstone i got a bit today through the sunroof :) @ladypn: "Let sunshine fall on me! (reblip)
beyon10deon Venus: Remember...There's No Ex-Zues!

Venus by Shocking Blue

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darthbender These guys knew how to handle a Hammond organ.
michelle_528 so cool! we need a mashup monday or maybe there already is one???

Snow Patrol vs. The Police (Partyben mash-up)

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77ozzie song...she was dancing in the neon cave...like the light at the edge of nite beside her... (reblip)
michelle_528 Norah Jones - Those Sweet Words means the night is done for me.
michelle_528 What would you do? I'd bow and get in.
ladypn We are exactly what we are, lets disregard the talk of where we're at & where we're going...

Mozella- Let's Stop Calling it Love

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cruzanhallie so hotttt.


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Awannabeangel TY dear ! -->>>rb @moolan: Sarah McLachlan – I Will Remember You (Original Version) (reblip)
magister418 lee ssang is good

Hyori ft. Ryu Seung Beom The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave (Lee Ssang MV)

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Muse: I belong to you (lyrics in sidebar)

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