DJ1470West I'm an OLD club DJ who has seem a lot in the past 30+ years. Last month I am the Granddaddy dj. Her name is Lilly. Very awesome

Daddy djDaddy dj

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milanrule mmmm Amy Winehouse - Back to Black babycakes
HmB ☛7 Year Bitch – Kiss My Ass Goodbye☚ "It don't make no difference 2 me"... cuz I'm gonna listen 2what *I* want. Thanx & Bye... =P
ramrod_newell Ah now ... can't be many people able to listen to this without going "I'll take your brain to another dimension"?
bradheintz You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge...
tometty Great great remix. Fun to hear she used the music from Ain't No Mountain High Enough.
JDorDavid Another wake up song

Pink FloydTime

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2fast4u I like the way you spank my ass (!) (reblip)
lefthandwave best dream ever - i scared away a mugger by singing this song at them and dancing. fuck you, knife man.

StyxCome Sail Away

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2fast4u @milanrule don't get Brain Damage over this. I'll See you on the darkside of the moon :-)
2fast4u I want to live in your house. Ragee con't
TechJunkie And I'd give up forever to touch you... (reblip)

Goo Goo DollsIris

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LEGION_OF_DUB_RADIO I've caned this all over - prime prime roots, an absolute killer.
PeachyTracy @bennehton your theme song for today...*slo-mo-wink*
ugogirl Ahhhhhhh!! This is one of my absolute faves - tks @djdotcom! :) (reblip)
GenuineIndianGuru This song kicks serious ASSets. From their great, great album "Navy Blues". Enjoy!
infernoenigma All Time Low- Weightless

All Time Low - Weightless (clean)

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Joleesa open up your mind and see like me open up your plans and damn your free... (reblip)

Jason MrazI'm Yours

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TheEcoist I have a vision: Césaria Évora comes on stage at Town Hall, barefoot and smoking a cigarette, then sings ....
DJMees Journey – Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
bigdawg1032 Biz Markie - This is Something 4 the Radio.

Biz Markie-This Is Something For The Radio

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Mya ft. Ciara My Love is Like Whoa

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Family Force 5 "Love Addict" video

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TheFriarTuck Very much into Indian-inspired downtempo right now

Butterfly Talvin Singh

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2fast4u Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath
aquaflush nothin' like a hot, crazy, bald chick am i right, fellas? ...fellas? ...anyone? :D
EricAmerica @IAmLegend1623: "This is a song I use to listen to at the beginning of a night of heavy drinking." I listened to it when rising on dirt. So sweet... (reblip)

Alice in ChainsWould

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sneekysneeky NIN - Closer......

NIN - Closer

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The Dandy Warhols "We Used to be Friends".

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J2ad I'm not drunk I wanna go home, officer, and that's all, that's all, that's all

Kate EarlOfficer

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PMA276F 3 Doors Down - Here without You "Sending it out to Tasty and Tracy!!" (reblip)
kulturhack Lucinda is best when not using name-checks for "authenticity." Here, there's no beer brand or bar name or meticulous locale--just exquisite heartbreak

Lucinda WilliamsBlue

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Jason Mraz -I'm Yours (live)

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mkdiv so gorgeous it always makes me cry
yoyesno @Zahgon: "Classical break. Here's one that even if you don't know it by name, you'll be familiar with it when you hear it." (reblip)
Jazzyjones "This jam here is our show stoppa, we didn't want to use it but I guess we got'ta."
KrystleFever all this time i was wasting hoping u would come around.i've been giving out chances every time & all u did was let me down. i loooooove this song.
koolkat222 Always an peppy song. The video with the Charlie Brown gang dancing always makes me smile.

OutKastHey Ya!

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2fast4u Duran Duran – (Reach Up For The) Sunrise
Skiznot good evening, this is your captain, we are about to attempt a crash landing.
maryangie El Ringtone de Mi Cel "Have you seen her all in gold? Like a queen in days of old" She's a Rainbow - The Rolling Stones
musecrossing IOW, the alpha and the omega, baby.

You Are The First, My Last, My Everything (Barry White)

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Gamera Almost worked them out of my system. I had to throw this one in for my lil' bro, @Spindangerously! WAKE UP!

flcl system of a down

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iReignMusic Not like you'd give a f**k about me!

HurtTen Ton Brick

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rogeritoo Oh, how we'd kneel down

sunday morning by the bolshoi

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terrene an awesome, sustained 4½ minutes of angry lecturing - there is no way i can ever listen to this without ranting along. shut up and buy my new record
MJMusicSidelinePass One of the sexiest/most soulful/smoothest love songs EVAH! "There is a reason for the things that I say...I'll be good to you."
JamSamCreative ((The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize??))
Jungstir Pretty hard to find the right music sometimes

Billy JoelPressure

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OutdoorLori On the flip side, this would also be me. Don't ever mess with my kids. You WILL see the ANIMAL side of me....
fejaum I Miss Ya... I Miss Ya... I Really Wanna Kiss You But I Can't...
kfilippini My eternal theme song... and they lived happily ever after : ) (reblip)
smugglersmoon WOW. This is just odd. A Bjork and PJ Havey duet covering the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction".
PAgent You promised me everything. You promised me thick and thin. Now you just say, "Oh Romeo, yeah, you know I used to have a scene with him..."
Bohica give me some of that hardcore female aggression shit!!!
girlpiper Yeah, looks I have to pass on my trip to Dallas, I'm checking your blog for other locations You got a sofa I can crash on? LOL RB: @TrainWreckRadio: (reblip)

Monte Montgomery NAMM 2007 Romeo and Juliet Part 2

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dorian06 Never really been down with someone Everyone of us would wish to be. Someday, not too far away we'll be facing. We would share what we hide after all


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greyeyesgabriel ...what if we said we're not like the others>>>
DJJazzyJazza Play this in your car, and see if you don't thank me later. Otherwise, you already know!


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m2ederson @SugarDoggy: "SJN! Crist Botti – Ever Since We Met. One. Sexy. Tune. @djwttw@mystwitch @drubloomfield ['zilla] @ShiaoMei @cagey2519" I agree! (reblip)
Audnumber Madonna – "Future Lovers / I Feel Love" (Confessions Tour)
UPriedMyEyesOpen take a bath and get high through an apple. wanted to cry but u can't when you're laughing. nobody knows where u are living. nobody knows where u are.
grahamdavis Little bit of Sly (sans Family Stone)
djjazz1 Fugees - Vocab...

Fugees Vocab

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tygerbaby From the rooftops shout it out - Ready To Go
BuzzEnwell @1980s: "I never thought anyone could do a decent cover for this Carl Douglas original, but this one is FANTASTIC! ★★★ Props to the Fatboy!" (reblip)

Memory Cassette Last One Awake (Friend Version)

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DJMees rb@ZONE: "In the mood for a belly dance?............ : )" (reblip)


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Intriguingds ((Twitter Stretch)) Anyone up 4 THE Mambo Nr 5 ?? (reblip)

Mambo Nr 5

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Greek4Honeybee this is the last one and i'm out. love you all.
Ryuichi Listening Ramones - Spider-Man


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spookygrl @la_nights: "To my one and only Princess!...You know who you are..."I love the song but....I love YOU the most! {{spookylicious kisses}} (reblip)
catcat Supergirls don't cry.......

Reamon supergirl

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hellasweet green aint only money you know it's science, business, and things that grow. smile and the world will smile with you
neo_merlin Ryan Adams – Sylvia Plath .I wish everyone knew who she was...
Rev_E The prettiest version of Straight Out of Compton that you'll hear all day.
jaredt879 ...been there. "I forgot that I might need to find out what life could bring... beautiful things." Love this track.
garzuela Zelda: Twilight Princess Music – Hyrule Field Main Theme (Full) @meekakitty i'm DJ'ing video game music
iReignMusic cool! rb@Nilloc: "This is our last dance, This is ourselves, Under pressure" (reblip)

Celtic Woman-O Holy Night

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horrorvacui my heart is empty, but I'm free.....

Devil's Rodeo- Diamanda Galás with John Paul Jones

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horrorvacui once your ASS is on the ground...
mayaREguru Wow! Power Mashup! Lady Gaga/Shakira/Pitbull/Madonna/Guetta/Akon...

Mega MashUp Lady Gaga Shakira Pitbull Madonna David Guetta Akon MaNuMixx Remix Version MUSIC VIDEO

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Village_Works Good Evening Twitterverse ~ Bill Withers – Ain't No Sunshine
zeon "In the rain... In the evening... In the garden... I will come"

Sun Ra Space is The Place

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99 Problems DJ Dangermouse Jay Z Beatles Helter Skelter Remix

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RCACO We drove down the road...The lights were dancing...Everything fell into place...Welcome to Tropicana


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billyfisher On the motorway, on a coach, in the snow on the way to Newcastle - the perfect mix of girl and boy music! Heard it on Disco Discharge: Euro Disco comp
indiefriendly I AGREE!!! @doyler29: "One of the hardest rocking songs ever recorded" (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE Bazz Twister "ANGEL IN THE NIGHT" TY MY BF @Dancer12...Wishing you a FABULOUS DAY! ((HUGS))
brianxfm rb @arcticarab: "♫ {cat power/karen elson ~ i love you (me either) (je t'aime mon non plus)}" - always reminds me of Chan in ATL and college *sigh* (reblip)
BlancCondor This is the full song with lyrics! Her voice is so beautiful....and what effects.....mesmerizing and timeless..
faithlesshaze @obz "indeed followed by feeding of bacon on a silver platter." haha Like a Vulcan would eat said pork product. Puhhhhleeeease. (reblip)
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