mindblob Good slooOOoow mellooOOoow morning booster + coffee... and let's go!
mindblob Are you a lonely soul?

UNKLELonely soul

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gigia getting slow down.... easy...

MorcheebaSlow Down

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gigia Hi @quozza... I didnt saw your reply ... I'll check it out. peace.
Clicquot Today, today, is gonna be a better one! There's nothing more to take in going wrong...
mindblob "I dreamt that I was dreaming, I was wired to a clock ...just a flight of fantasy zoom zoom zoom"
Evelyn @mindblob YES, precisely. Jim Noir is bloody awesome. Love it. Very cool. Thank you ;-)
mindblob "I spent all day dreaming of the way I'd like to hold you... - ...How beautiful you are tonight Just like a movie star"
mindblob "They say everything happens for a reason Not all of it is needed"

IllinoisAlone Again

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mindblob Well, this will be mio lil' lullaby for tonight... reaching the Moon. Blip you all tomorrow! : )
mindblob This one I've listened to 1000000 times on my ipod - "Who knows what tomorrow will be...?"
mindblob @vdarkbloom I wish I could give you 3000 props for this. ;D @mindblob ;) right back at ya! >< @cammy : YES! WE WANT MORE PROPS TO GIVE OUT ! ! ! 8 ) (reblip)
vdarkbloom Mare Nectaris, bring that sangiovese & a cheese slicer
vdarkbloom voz del marrón oscuro


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Daren140 Could this be applied to twitter ? :) (reblip)

Yael NaïmToxic

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mindblob is today in a "secret agent mood" & has fantastic Brazilian friends => so happy Blip had this GEM in stock! This song = my good ol' iPod buddy .mp3
mindblob Hey Larry - dig that chick... - "Right!... wow! she is groovy!" (reblip)

AKASHAShe's Groovy

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mindblob @rogiansante - Hello there! - "Come on baby blue Shake up your tired eyes, The world is waiting for you, May all your dreaming fill the empty sky"
mindblob Will you stop calling me "tu"?

Il GenioPop porno

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mindblob ... rather towards bed. Nite nite ya all. @pafurada : you simply blew me away tonight... not enough props. Thank you.
mindblob @ladypn @abarbosa @GR8FL @mindblob @alicebates @NicoleL --- "...i stared straight at the sun and imagined the beams realigned" - Sending ya all +++
mindblob ありがとう Bye for now! - ReBlip--- I'm glad to meet you too! Here are somethings I feel for your tunning, famillia, beautiful, thanks! ;-D @mind (reblip)

Take On Me (With A Martini)

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mindblob @gigia : Hello dear lovely masked angel! - Did I tell ya I love your blips? Was about to go to sleep... and look... you still make me Blip! ; )))

SpoonStay Don't Go

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mindblob I love the taste of honeyyyyy... ; )
mindblob I close my eyes... & see something nice.
mindblob @cosita : Here a little boosta for ya day. ; )
mindblob Hello @driczz, hi @GR8FL, yo @gigia (miss ya!), heyyy folks ! ! ! Here comes the Blob ! ; )
mindblob Blip Blip! I'm back... how are you all? (reblip)

The MoveDo Ya

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vinny2jays @sandyisyouragent sometimes too many of your cohorts drive me back into my cave...where I put on headphones and listen to this song...
mindblob 1.21 gigawatts... OOooOOOoooh yeaaaah! Here I am. I'm back, yo blippa friends... back to the Future ! : )
chiron08 ✪ i am hoping for a dancing with me at the fusion festival..
thrak Peace Orchestra – Who Am I
mindblob Aaaaaarggggh ! ! ! - Just found that one song I was lookin' for. You might like it as well. -- "Who knows!"
mindblob "Cinematic'O let me sing caus' I'm in the Mood for Love" kinda song.
mindblob "Are you really a girl... or are you from some other world?" - Hi @Barbarellalala ; ) Have a great alien day.

Barbarellas song

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mindblob Sending you to my playlist... Mista Big Slippa Ratatat supa mix.
mindblob Bye for now... on this beautiful song from Eels. - "...and you seem like someone... who could appreciate..."
mindblob 12:59 Lullaby... well, 00:59, actually. For those of you (still) working late... then going to sleep. Wishing you all sweet dreams. : )
120hippos1girl Emiliana Torrini – White Rabbit -- i want to go chasing rabbits! @ffluxx (reblip)
mindblob Dreamin' I'd have one! - "Awayyyyyyy in my time machine"
mindblob Makes big smile pop on my face to imagine someone could make a mix like that.


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mindblob Love this. Love this. Love this. Brilliantly made with soul on the wild side.

DJ ZEBRA New walk on the soul side

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mindblob "Mais où est Billie? On ne sait pas..."

DJ ZEBRA Rock your Billie

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mindblob @abarbosa : Auroraaaaa... you're here! : ) Hope U're fine. Have a great day!

DJ ZEBRA Back to beg

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claudinho Song of the day

Amar feat Jim Beanz & D O E Masala Prod by Timbaland 2009

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mindblob "...we build up castles in the sky and in the sand. Design our own world, ain't nobody understand." (reblip)
mindblob Planning to buy a motorcycle... electric it should be.

BRUNO NICOLAI -"Coffee Time" (1972)

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mindblob Maaaa naaaa... never troppo, never troppo.

ENNIO MORRICONE/EDDA DELL'ORSO-"Ma Non Troppo Erotico"(1971)

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mindblob "Wadoosa daadee..."

DE LUCA/ DELL'ORSO -"The Man With Icy Eyes" (1971)

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mindblob Wish my daughter will find... and sing this one... one day. O )

HELEN HUMES -"Jet Propelled Papa" (1949)

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mindblob Ooowww owww kewl little white Bat.

Kap BambinoBatcaves

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mindblob Heyyyy @klitoria how are you my friend? Yeah yeah... long time no Blip O ) ) )

VISMETS Cheap Sex on Acid

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mindblob All lights off... watching the skyline. How are you dear Blippaz?
threebears "PART 2: I posted this earlier today. In case anyone missed it, NEW, unreleased b-side from Metric." ..quote'n'rb @nastysurprise72 it's great, thanks! (reblip)

MetricThe Gates

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mindblob Hey Blippaz! Woohooo... I had forgotten this tune out of the OST of one of my fav movies. Thanks to @KitDakota (reblip)

Edward Scissorhands OST Introduction (Main Titles)

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mindblob Teach me Tiger... wa wa wa waaa waaah!
mindblob So, eeerrr... what do you want again? O )
mindblob Ooooh yeah! - This makes me wonder why I've been away from blip for such a long time! - Hello fellow Blippaz how are ya?
120hippos1girl Kraak en Smaak – Squeeze me -- one for @mindblob ^_^
mindblob Introducing : SBBUW - Smack back blown Ur way... a totally @120hippos1girl special.
120hippos1girl Pretty Lights – I Can See It In Your Face
mindblob @PoumPoumPidoum I found youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ! ! ! O ) ) )
mindblob Fascinating mood... play it loud... no arm.
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